Ghost Master Walkthrough Version 1.0 Author KittyKitty ( This guide may be freely distributed, but please do so only in its complete and unaltered form. First off, this is my first walkthrough guide, so don't be too hard on it please. If you have any suggestions, you can email them to, but please don't email stuff like "But I don't like Buck", or "Well I think you should use so-and so on the such and such mission" UNLESS the information makes a significant difference to the overall scare score or time on difficult missions). Use search (CTRL-F) and type in what you're looking for, the sections are indexed by name in the format of "[level name]". So if you want help for Sleepy hollow, you can search for "[sleepy hollow]" and go right to the relevant section. You can also search based on the section number, but be sure to the full x.x format. listed in the index. [INDEX] 0.0 Notes 1.0 Initial Ghosts (Act I) 1.1 Haunting 101 1.2 Weird Seance 1.3 The Calamityville Horror 1.4 Summoners Not Included 2.0 New Recruits (Act II) 2.1 Deadfellas 2.2 The Unusual Suspects 2.3 Facepacks & Broomsticks 2.4 Poultrygeist - 1,674,660 2.5 Phantom of the Operating Room 2.6 The Blair Wisp Project 3.0 New Recruits (Act III) 3.1 Spooky Hollow 3.2 Ghostbreakers 3.3 Full Mortal Jacket 3.4 What Lies over the Cuckoo's Nest? 0.0 [notes] Please note that the solutions presented here are NOT necessarily "the best" way to do things, they are one possible way that WILL work, and if you follow them you'll manage to achieve a pretty decent score. All but "The Unusual Suspects", "Phantom of the Operating Room", and "Full Mortal Jacket" I have achieved a 5x (3 pumpkins) time on, while those 3 remain at 3x (2 pumpkins). However also note that in MOST cases, it's VERY unlikely to get 3 pumpkins until you revisit later with better scare powers (and sometimes different ghosts). Additionally, Info is provided on how to release every ghost in the game. Finally, I am presenting MY recommendations as to which ghosts to bring along. These aren't a hard and fast rule, but rather what I've found useful for my style of play. I'm sure there are infinite possible combinations and may very well be a lot of other ways to do things. This is intended to be what help it can for those having a great deal of trouble and feeling lost trying to beat certain levels of the game, so take it all with a grain of salt. Most of my recommendations are simply based on factors such as how many missions a ghost can be used for, and their overall contribution value, which makes certain ghosts more valued in my opinion so they naturally get more plasm spent on them. (For example, the Darkling cannot be used at all (except in 2 of the 3 levels he appears in by default), so I see no point to wasting plasm to train his couple remaining powers even though you can once you win the game. Likewise, Wisakejek isn't freed until Full Mortal Jacket, so therefore his usefulness is rather limited considering you free Harriet much sooner, and she is essentially the same (with minor power differences and possibilities). Levels are listed as they are ordered in the high scare listing) as "Act.subact [name] - Final Score - Time (max time for 5x) - Rating. Times and scores listed are to represent what I have achieved by using the methods given here, note that some scores may not be possible without re-visiting the level, and in some cases, I have not been able to achieve a 5x rating AND free all ghosts in a level in the same attempt (Which only means a reduction in the ultimate final score for the level). Ghosts will be listed where they are received with type and fetter. Powers will be listed with those you cannot choose as single entries. If it is because the ghost comes with the power automatically, the power will be in parentheses. Where there is a choice, both powers will be listed, separated by a /. Plasm costs for powers depend on its level. 1=50, 2=75, 3=100, 4=250, 5=500, 6=750, 7=1000, 8=1500, 9=2000, and 10=2500. My recommendations, when I have them will be marked by a *. Lastly, thanks for reading, and feel free to inform me if I've made some glaring errors, or you have suggestions on some of the things still giving me problems. 1.0 [Initial Ghosts] (Act I) [Aether] - Air Elemental (Air, Outside) 1. Footsteps/Moan 2. (Gather Winds) 3. Howl/Laughter 4. (Piping) 5. Shriek/Thunderclap* 6. Wail 7. Whisper 8. (Shattering Song) [Clatterclaws] - Horde (Inside) 1. Flower Power* 2. (Scattered Swarm) 3. (Creepers) 4. (Hide & Seek) 5. (Swarm Strike) 6. Arboreal Prison/Legion* [Boo] - Spook (Inside) 1. Fool's Errand*/Moan 2. (Rattle Chains) 3. (Leak) 4. (Hide & Seek) 5. Jinx/Thunderclap* 6. (Kinesis) [Cogjammer] 1. Fool's Errand*/Cut Lights 2. (Spark) 3. Blow Fuse/Wild Geese* 4. (Strange Behavior) 5. (Jinx) 6. Blackout*/Sparkstorm 7. (Wild & Crazy) 8. Luckstorm/Surge* [Ghastly] - Spectre (Violence) 1. (Bitter Cold) 2. Fright 3. Strange Vision 4. (Dread) 5. (Dominate) 6. Spooky Surprise/Terrorise* 7. (Paralyse) 8. (Terror Incarnate) 9. Danse Macabre [Shivers] - Phantom (Emotional) 1. Fluster/Lingering Smell 2. (Fright) 3. Suspicious Stench 4. (Taste Aura) 5. (Numb) 6. Aura Reading/Terrorise* 7. Paralyse/Spooky Stack 8. Twister/Scared to Death 9. (TK Storm) [Stonewall] - Earth Elemental (Earth) 1. Flower Power 2. (Tremor) 3. Leak/Creepers 4. Twisted Vines 5. (Slow) 6. Arboreal Prison/Trap 7. Quake 8. (Swallow) [Whirlweird] - Poltergeist (Child) 1. (Fool's Errand) 2. Tremor 3. (Blow Fuse) 4. Ice Breath 5. (Jinx) 6. (Kinesis) 7. Spooky Stack/Wild & Crazy 8. Flood/Twister 9. (TK Storm) 1.1 [Haunting 101] - 337,600 - 00:03:28 (05:00) - 5x (3) Intro 1: "You are ready for your field training, young Ghost Master. We are taking you to the Kappa Lambda sorority house in Gravenville University. Only a small number of sorority girls are in residence at the moment, but scaring them all away should be a sufficient test of your abilities." Intro 2: "Drive the Kappa Lambda girls from their sorority house." My rundown: Pretty straight forward. Grab whatever haunters you like and scare the crap out of everyone. Make sure to take an electrical ghost (Cogjammer) who can use wild & crazy to free Weatherwitch. My Original Recommended Team: Boo, Cogjammer, Clatterclaws, Shivers My Strategy: Drop Boo in the main downstairs room and set him to work with rattle chains and leak. while he's doing that a few times to gather people, bind in Shivers and use fright once you have a large group. Then bind clatterclaws and have her start scaring people as well. If you're quick, you can get her in with a group power already set and hit the entire group twice in a row. When you have a free moment, bind cogjammer to a fetter near weatherwitch and use only wild and crazy. Once that's done, move him to the main room. From this point on, it's just a matter of chasing people out of the upstairs or basement as needed, and trying to keep them generally corralled in the main level so your haunters can do the job. If need be, move ghosts around a bit to chase stragglers. I generally bind weatherwitch outside near the front door, but sometimes she's handy in hallways inside. Just depends where everyone decides to run to etc. Trapped Ghosts: 1 [Weatherwitch] - Banshee (Thoroughfare) 1. Fog 2. Fright/Distant Thunder 3. Rain 4. (Gusts) 5. (Thunderclap) 6. Aura Reading/Wail 7. Ghostly Apparition/Haunted Hail 8. Siren Song 9. Cacophony/Typhoon Where: Bound to vacuum cleaner near the bathroom. How: Use Wild & Crazy in the same room and she's all yours. My Revisit Recommended Team: Same team, but fully trained. These ghosts are valuable to train well since you can use them everywhere. Revisit notes: Nothing really notable, with well trained haunters, this level should be a breeze. Just go about it the same way as before only better. :) 1.2 [Weird Seance] - 959,165 - 00:05:53 (07:30) - 5x (3) Intro 1: "The smug and irritating youths of the Alpha Tau fraternity mock the supernatural and do not respect the dead. One desires that they be made to experience the full power of the spirit world, and now an opportunity has arisen. As the young mortals gather for a party, three socially maladjusted individuals are attempting a sÈance in the basement. The members of the fraternity believe they are tuning up their generator, not calling upon the spirit world. They are opening the door - you must not disappoint them. Everyone must be driven away in terror. Then, they will know the true power of the supernatural." Intro 2: "Drive the Alpha Tau fraternity from their frat house." My Rundown: Again, straight forward objective of scare everyone half out of their skin in as short a time as possible. The only things to really note are to free Lucky immediately if you're going to rely on her luckstorm power to do so. Once people are getting scared, no one much plays pinball. Also, I've had a few things mess up freeing Terroreyes before which all involved the jar being moved. As near as I've been able to determine, it seems to (sometimes) happen if he uses fascination and someone gets REAL curious about his jar, and possibly with certain telekinetic powers (like TK storm). Note that while it is listed before it in the scare table (and so listed here) I actually prefer to do this AFTER Calamityville Horror so I have Static. My Original Recommended Team: Boo, Aether, Shivers, Static, Clatterclaws My Strategy: Use Boo with leak/rattle to get the main downstairs room as full as possible. bind in clatter followed right after by shivers and get a good double bang scare on the whole room. keep luring/scaring as many as possible to this room, and when possible, cut loose with sparkstorm from static, bound to the moose head. Bind Lucky to the radio in the other room and just continue to get everyone's powers worked up the ladder as plasm is available. when the upper room is more or less clear, bind static to the downstairs furnace, shivers to the little doohickey by the kids doing the seance. Have them scare them until they flee upstairs (where boo, clatter, and in the next room lucky and Terroreyes are still scaring full tilt). Once the kids run up, move static to the pinball upstairs, shivers back to the couch. when you can, use aether's shatter song next to the window where terroreyes is stuck to break his jar, then move her to the front of the house and bind terroreyes to the moose head. Now just move ghosts around as needed and scare everyone off, working mainly from the main room of the house. Sometimes it's handy to wake the guy up who Wendel needs scared away so he can get in on the fun earlier, but I don't generally find it necessarily, and sometimes it can make a few people linger around upstairs, which divides your attention and scare potential. Trapped Ghosts: 3 [Lucky] - Gremlin (Electrical) 1. (Cut Lights) 2. Spark 3. Blow Fuse/Wild Geese* 4. (Strange Behavior) 5. Jinx 6. (Charm) 7. Wild & Crazy 8. (Luckstorm) Where: Sitting on the pinball machine on the main floor of the house. How: Make the machine spark. Either by using Lucky's own luckstorm (or charm if timed well) and having someone get a good score on the machine, or the more assured way, just whip a sparkstorm or wild & crazy on it from someone bound in the room. [Terroreyes] - Apparition (Murder) 1. Bitter Cold 2. Intrigue* 3. Hidden Maze/Strange Vision 4. (Ice Breath) 5. (Fascinate) 6. (Icy Touch) 7. (Ghostly Apparition) 8. Terror Incarnate/Frozen Stiff! Where: Stuck in his jar, next to the window on the main floor of the house. How: Break the jar. Have Aether use shattering song right outside the window. [Wendel] - Spook (Inside) 1. (Footsteps) 2. (Brief Scare) 3. (Laughter) 4. Hide & Seek/Insane Invitation 5. Jinx/Thunderclap* 6. (Chase) Where: Upstairs in the head jock's room. How: Scare off the head jock and Wendel is free'd, which you'll be working on doing anyway. My Revisit Recommended Team: Boo, Aether, Shivers, Static, Clatterclaws Revisit Notes: Nothing special to note here, just go in loaded for bear and start scaring the crud out of everything that moves as before. 1.3 [The Calamityville Horror] - 875,115 - 00:06:11 (07:30) - 5x (3) Intro 1: "A sweet little old lady used to dwell within these walls, but her mind was fading and her sanity fleeting. She loved receiving visitors, and hated to see them go. So she administered arsenic in their tea, and made certain they would stay a while... stay forever. The house itself has become unsettled by these events, and although it is not truly sentient we still have a duty to protect the interests of the unseen world. Let the events that have until now been hidden become known to the mortals - reveal the corpses to them and your goal shall be fulfilled, but beware, for one cadaver may not suffice to convince the sceptical police that something sinister is afoot." Intro 2: "Reveal the hidden corpses to the mortals." My Rundown: Simple enough. Show corpses to mortals, and in turn to the cops. You need to show them at least 2 corpses. The only real tricky part to this level is trying to free all three ghosts in the same attempt, especially with a decent time. The reason being that the method to freeing them also reveals them to mortals, and as soon as the cops have seen 2 bodies, the level ends. You MAY scare people if you wish for some plasm, though it's not really necessary, and be careful. Once you scare all mortals away you lose, and the more on edge the entire household is, the harder it gets to make the mortals do what you need. My Original Recommended Team: Boo, Ghastly, Stonewall, Weatherwitch, Clatterclaws My Strategy: Right off the bat, get ghastly bound in the living room (piano room) and have him continuously use bitter cold. This will eventually result in someone making a fire, which in turn makes a room upstairs fill with smoke. Next bind Stonewall in the basement, right next to the wall hiding Arclight, and use tremor. This knocks a brick loose from the wall. Next step is to bind Boo upstairs, and using his leak and rattle chains, get someone to go look at the smoke filled room and call a repairman. As soon as that's done, work on (with the same technique) getting a male to investigate the sealed up door upstairs, and afterwards, the broken wall downstairs. Once you get the sealed door open, use intrigue, rattle chains, fool's errand, leak, whatever you can to get a female (any female) to go look at the makeup kit on the dresser (the fetter Maxine is bound to.) Once the repairman cleans the chimney, he'll find the body of static (releasing him in the process). As soon as a female uses the makeup after a male opens the door), Maxine will be free. As soon a male goes and busts open the wall (the handyman can work for this also) in the basement and looks inside, Arclight will be free. The level itself ends as soon as the cops see 2 bodies with their own eyes, regardless of how many ghosts have been freed. One reason it's worth doing this level before Weird Seance is that Static makes freeing lucky guaranteed, while the other method using luckstorm can be iffy. If you're doing a lot of scaring, getting people to play pinball is irritating if not impossible. Trapped Ghosts: 3 [Arclight] - Mane (Corpse) 1. Lingering Smell/Sweat 2. Fright*/Stink 3. (Roast) 4. Dread* 5. (Bonfire) 6. (Human Torch) 7. (Possess) 8. Great Balls of Fire*/Scared to Death 9. Danse Macabre/Nausea Where: Bound to his corpse which has been bricked up in the basement along with the old boiler. How: Just use the tremor power with Stonewall, bound right next to the wall hiding the corpse. Once that's done, lure a mortal there. Men will usually bust the wall open and look, women will generally call a repairman who will then do the same. In either case, as soon as someone looks in, arclight is freed. [Maxine Factor] - Apparition (Murder) 1. (Bitter COld) 2. (Intrigue) 3. (Strange Vision) 4. Ice Breath 5. Fascinate 6. (Spooky Surprise) 7. Ghostly Apparition/Obsession 8. Terror Incarnate/Frozen Stiff! Where: Bound to the makeup kit in the sealed (boarded up) room in the upper level of the house. How: Make a disturbance in the room until a male rips the boards off, and then use obsession and/or mild disturbances like rattle chains to get a female up there to use the makeup. [Static] - Wraith (Electrical, Murder) 1. Bitter Cold/Cut Lights 2. (Spark) 3. (Strange Vision) 4. Dread/Strange Behavior 5. (Numb) 6. (Sparkstorm) 7. (Ghostly Apparition) 8. Scared To Death/Terror Incarnate Where: Bound to his corpse, which is stuck in the very top of one of the chimneys. How: Bind Ghastly to the piano and use bitter cold. Once someone builds a fire, keep the cold going and lure someone to the upstairs room that's full of smoke. Let them call the repairman, who'll come to check it out. Once they call, you can bench Ghastly. As soon as the repairman cleans the bones out of the chimney, Static will be freed. Alternatively, just use Tremor from the roof, then Telekinesis from the piano room to free his bones yourself. My Revisit Recommended Team: Stonewall, Boo, Terrorreyes, Cogjammer, Ghastly Revisit Notes: If you teach Stonewall his quake power, it can speed this level up a lot. Use it in the basement and it'll do a lot of stuff in one hit -completely opens static's wall, knocks the boards down on Maxine's door, and also knocks Static's bones half way free. From there, I recommend trying to get someone female into Maxine's room using Maxine, Boo, and Terroreyes. Once she's freed, lure someone to the basement with Boo. Once Arclight is free, go ahead and quake again or use telekinesis in the piano room to free Static. You've now got 3 skeletons, and people should see them soon if they haven't already. Then just wait for the cops to find 'em. 1.4 [Summoners Not Included] - 880,665 - 00:05:54 (07:30) - 5x (3) Intro 1: "Your task is to summon the Darkling, an ancient spirit that was imprisoned in the woods centuries ago. However, we haunters cannot cast the rites of summoning; you will require mortals to carry out our bidding. A rash professor of the occult recently took a powerful tome to the woods with the goal of summoning an ancient spirit known as the Darkling. Fleeing his cabin after disastrous initial experiments, he renewed his research at the University. Three of his students, rapt with dreams of power, have stolen his notes and journeyed to the cabin intending to locate the arcane book for their own nefarious purposes. Aid them in performing the summoning so we may recruit the Darkling for ourselves." Intro 2: "Trick the mortals into summoning the Darkling by using the ancient tome." My Rundown: As the intro implies, get the mortals to do the summoning ritual. Easy enough, but there's a few obstacles (what else is new) along the way. Just be sure to have tremor, kinesis, and shatter song along. Quake can also come in real handy, but I wouldn't waste the plasm training it to Stonewall for this since you'll pick up Banzai fairly soon anyway. My Original Recommended Team: Clatterclaws, Boo, Arclight, Aether, Stonewall My Strategy: Set Stonewall to tremor and bind him by the outhouse, which knocks down the wasp nest. Bind Aether with shatter song inside on the bike to free Whisperwind, and then bench both. Bind Whisperwind on tempest next to the cellar doors to clear the leaves, and Boo downstairs with kineses (near the book) so it floats to the middle of the room. Bench both again and wait. The mortals have to figure out to get the key and go down now. Once they do, they'll eventually start the ritual, but the professor will interrupt. Wait for the students to go back outside, and then scare the crap out of the professor, trying to be sure he gets a look at Moonscream using her strange vision power. Once he runs away, the students will eventually come back, resume the ritual, and free the darkling. Be careful through the whole level not to scare the students much if at all, and note that to actually free Raindancer, you need to get someone to use the outhouse (not just go there looking for or to get the key). That requires a bit of luck, especially for it to happen still within the time limit for the score multiplier. If anyone's found a reliable method to get someone to need to go to the bathroom, feel free to let me know. Until then, all I can suggest is keep trying and hope for the best. Note. Do NOT scare the professor off completely when it's likely he'll get stuck trying to go up the stairs, if he does, he'll come back downstairs, disappear about a minute later, but for some reason, that breaks the script and the students won't continue the ritual (or if they do, it must not be for a LONG time, I waited at least 10 minutes once before restarting). Trapped Ghosts: 3 [Moonscream] - Banshee (Thoroughfare) 1. (Fluster) 2. Gather Winds/Shattered Nerves 3. (Strange Vision) 4. Dread/Insane Invitation 5. (Shriek) 6. (Spooky Surprise) 7. Ghostly Apparition/Paralyse 8. Scared to Death/Shattering Song 9. (Cacophony) Where: In the basement of the cabin haunting her grave. How: Just let someone see her (Use Strange Vision or Spooky Surprise). I prefer to use it on the doc, as he's the one you need to scare, but anyone seeing her will work. [Raindancer] - Water Elemental (Water) 1. Fog 2. (Distant Thunder) 3. (Rain) 4. Hailstones 5. Thunderclap 6. Gore 7. (Haunted Hail) 8. (Flood) Where: In the outhouse, stuck to the toilet. How: First destroy the wasp nest on the outhouse with tremor nearby, quake will also work as can severe storms. After that's done, once someone uses the toilet (they need to flush it), she'll be freed. As far as I've found, it's just the mercy of the scripting as to when someone decides to use it. [Whisperwind] - Air Elemental (Air, Outside) 1. Footsteps/Moan 2. (Distant Thunder) 3. Howl/Laughter 4. (Insane Invitation) 5. (Tempest) 6. Wail 7. (Whisper) 8. Shattering Song/Siren Song Where: Stuck in a dream catcher inside the cabin next to a bicycle. How: Break the catcher. Shattering Song in the room (bound to bike) or a Quake bound outside both work, but tremor does not. My Revisit Recommended Team: Boo, Stonewall, Cogjammer or static (whichever you've got better scare powers on-I have both maxed out by this point), Weatherwitch, Aether. Revisit Notes: One quake near the shed is sweet here. It frees Whisperwind, knocks down the hornet nest, and demolishes the cellar doors, which speeds things up considerably since they won't need the key or the axe to get down there. Then just move the book with kinesis and start hitting people with fool's errand to motivate them to go have a look outside the house. Once they go down, wait for the professor and scare him off as per usual. The hardest part is again, making sure not to scare him with the kids in the way of the stairs, and hoping someone frees Raindancer -though since this is a re-visit, it's only lost points if they don't, not a missed ghost. 2.0 [New Recruits] (Act II) [Buck] Horde (Inside, Outside) 1. Flower Power* 2. (Scattered Swarm) 3. Creepers* 4. (Dense Swarm) 5. Swarm Strike* 6. (Chase) [Hypnos] - Sandman (Sleeping) 1. (Uncover Fear) 2. Shattered Nerves 3. Dreamthief 4. (Delusion) 5. (Sleep) 6. Aura Reading 7. (Sleepwalk) 8. (Dream Demon) 9. Psychotic Rage 10. Expose Fears [Quiver] - Spook (Inside) 1. (Fool's Errand) 2. (Tremor) 3. Strange Vision/Wild Geese 4. (Insane Invitation) 5. (Jinx) 6. Gore/Spooky Surprise 2.1 [Deadfellas] - 875,895 - 00:05:08 (7:30) - 5x (3) Intro 1: "Mortals are such pathetic, amusing creatures that we of the dead rarely feel the need to involve ourselves in their poorly justified beliefs - unless, of course those beliefs pertain to our existence. Don bartholomew, a criminal mortal of some self-importance, has been badmouthing the dead, claiming that 'there ain't such ting as ghosts'. We ask that you persuade him to change his mind." Intro 2: "Don Bartholomew believes there are no ghosts - prove him wrong... make him believe." My Rundown: Ok, so the point of this one is to make the Don believe in ghosts. He begins with ZERO belief. You can succeed by scaring him away or by simply getting his belief high enough (about 80% or so). The real trick is freeing all the ghosts within the allotted time. In fact, to be honest, I've never freed all four in the same attempt as making the time cut yet. Note that I generally do Unusual Suspects BEFORE this mission, even though they don't line up that way in the scores. It's not really a big difference though, but the quake from Banzai can be a nice time saver in some cases. My Original Recommended Team: Weatherwitch, Raindancer, Boo, Buck, Lucky, Clatterclaws or Banzai (See below) My Strategy: For Wavemaster Bind Boo in the bottom of the ship, down where Wavemaster is trapped. Use rattle chains to lure someone down, and as they use the stairs, cast leak. When they see the water leaking, they'll go turn on the bilge. Wait for the cutscenes to go past, and it does seem to glitch sometimes. They turn on the pump, but nothing happens. If so, I just restart, but then I'm impatient when things SHOULD have worked. Drop Lucky in up at the roulette table and have him ONLY cast luckstorm, then avoid the area for a while (If you care about freeing Knuckles this attempt). If you want to free Fingers, go cast a fool's errand on Jude Klous (The cook) - we need to get him to the music room, which is one of about 6 places fool's errand makes him run. Now, start focusing on the Don. Personally, I find it best to chase him around and make it rain on him using haunted hail as often as possible. Just standing in the rain gradually makes his belief go up, since it's indoors. Now, if you've trained Raindancer Hailstones, you can watch for the Don to be in his bedroom (where Flash Jordan is). If you cast hailstones in there, the urn breaks. If the Don is there, Flash will "possess" him almost certainly, though you could set her orders to pick on him if you wish to be sure. Alternatively, you can destroy the urn with a quake, and I believe it CAN also be done by combining tremor and haunted hail. In any event, it's BEST to do it when the Don is there, because doing this gives a rather nice jump in his belief. If you have none of the listed powers with you, you can use Wavemaster's hailstones once you free him. One way or the other, continue working on the Don's belief. You can scare him if you want, but take caution, as once he starts running, he's a pain to corner. If you are trying to free Fingers, remember to fool's errand the cook whenever you can. Later, once Knuckles is free (or if you don't care) you can follow up a fool's errand with a well timed rattle chains / leak IN the music room to lure the cook there, but he needs to be in the large red carpeted room upstairs or at the roulette wheel for him to notice. Once you've gotten the stuff done that requires people (that you care about) you can go nuts scaring everyone else on the ship for some plasm and points as you see fit. The important thing of course is the Don, by whichever method you deem to use, personally I find belief only powers best. Just bear in mind that you have to do everything you plan to by the time the Don either runs away or believes. Trapped Ghosts: 4 [Fingers] - Phantom (Emotional) 1. Lingering Smell/Fluster 2. (Tremor) 3. Suspicious Stench 4. (Dread) 5. Numb/Queasy 6. (Aura Reading) 7. (Spooky Stack) 8. (Unearthly Calm) 9. Nausea/TK Storm Where: Chained to the piano in the music room on the next to top level of the ship. How: You need Jude Klous (The cook - all in white) to go up to the music room, enter, and whistle his tune. Once he does, you get one of the most annoyingly long cutscenes in the game (that you can't exit at least). Ways to do it are Fool's Errand/Wild Geese, and sometimes Rattle Chains/Leak if he's right near the room. [Flash Jordan] - Mane (Corpse) 1. (Sweat) 2. Fright/Stink 3. (Suspicious Stench) 4. Dread 5. (Queasy) 6. (Terrorise) 7. (Possess) 8. Flood/Scared to Death 9. Gushing Blood/Nausea Where: Chained to an urn of ashes in the Don's Bedroom. How: Break the urn using quake, hailstones, or tremor+haunted hail (iffy) and wait for someone to pass by. She'll "possess" the person and be free. Best done to the Don for the nice belief boost. [Knuckles] - Spectre (Violence) 1. Bitter Cold 2. Fright 3. (Strange Vision) 4. (Ice Breath) 5. Dominate/Numb 6. (Terrorize) 7. (Possess) 8. (Scared to Death) 9. Danse Macabre Where: In the game room bound to the roulette table. How: Bind Lucky to the electric fetter there on the table, and cast his Luckstorm (and ONLY Luckstorm), and then wait for someone to come play. They need to win 3 times (little coin stacks) before it will be complete, and if you're not careful, other acts nearby will disrupt the game. So if you want him, you just have to wait for it to play out and avoid the area until it does. You CAN also do it with Jinx on the dealer, but only if done just before someone steps up to play. Likewise, charm on any individual who goes to play if done beforehand will work too, but it's hard to get it on them as you need to set an order to pick on whoever it is or you'll just charm the dealer. [Wavemaster] - Water Elemental (Water) 1. (Fog) 2. (Distant Thunder) 3. Leak/Rain 4. (Hailstones) 5. (Thunderclap) 6. Gore 7. Seeping Blood/Haunted Hail 8. Flood Where: In the ship's bilge/engine room (Bottom level.) How: You need to get someone to turn on the pump. Lure someone down there (rattle chains is good) and when they're almost in the room, cast leak or flood and wait for them to switch the pump on. My Revisit Recommended Team: Weatherwitch, Lucky, Raindancer, Boo, Cogjammer, Aether (not used normally) Revisit Notes: What I do is, quickly bind boo in the bottom of the boat where wavemaster is. Immediately use leak before the woman walks up the stairs, OR use rattle chains to get someone back there and THEN use leak. If someone uses the bilge and frees Wavemaster, cool. If not, restart. Now, move quickly and use rattle chains again to lure Don to his bedroom (with Flash Jordan). When he's there, drop in Wavemaster on Hailstones. As soon as Flash is free (might want to set her to Pick on Don just in case before you use hailstones if you have time), bench Wavemaster, and bring in Raindancer on Haunted Hail (this is a good belief power). As soon as it affects him, turn it off, then put it on rain. Now, if he moves to leave right away, chase him down with Weatherwitch and hit him with another haunted hail / rain combo. Remember to leave rain going for as long as he stays in one room, since it constantly builds small amounts of belief. When he holds still for a couple seconds, bind Lucky to the roulette table and hit it with a luckstorm when the dealer IS present. Then bench him and have Cogjammer Jinx him for fun (it seems to help increase the chance someone will go play). Ignore that area, and be careful not to use rattle chains or you might lure the dealer away. Keep working the Don using haunted hail and rain mostly, it'll only take maybe 3-4 haunted hail's plus Flash Jordan being released in front of him before he gives up and believes. With luck, you'll free 3 ghosts in under 7:30 with this approach. If you want, you can TRY to catch the chef when you have a moment and land Fool's Errand or Wild Geese on him whenever possible. He MAY go in the piano room and free the 4th. So far, I've either just missed the required time (8:15 or so), OR, he just doesn't make it in that room before I get everything else done. The reasons I choose that ghost to not free is he's a bit harder than the others, plus... his getting freed animation takes a while.. a good 20 - 30 seconds I think before you can click out of it, which wastes time. I'm still working on it, and I'm sure I'll get it, just haven't quite yet. 2.2 [The Unusual Suspects] - 1,271,073 - 00:12:13 (10:00) - 3x (2) Intro 1: "The mortals of Gravenville are sorely shaken by your victories; now you must capitalize on your successes by taking away their sense of security. Hell Street precinct station serves much of the city, and is a bastion of order and civic duty... the perfect target. Empty it of all mortal presence and you cannot fail to spread fear into the heart of the city." Intro 2: "Empty Hell Street precinct station of all mortal presence." My Rundown: As implied by the intro, scare everyone away. If you're worried about freeing Blue Murder, don't scare Detective Norman Franz any more than you can help for a while, but DO scare the crap out of Officer Andrew Haid or get him to go into the back of the room he's guarding (evidence room) just before Detective Franz tries to go down there (sorta tricky). And if you want to free Banzai (Hidden) you MUST bring Stonewall. My Original Recommended Team: Boo, Buck, Raindancer, Arclight, Clatterclaws, Stonewall My Strategy: Generally, I start by dropping a flower power/legion combo on the front lobby to build some plasm with Buck & Clatter. If you haven't bought those powers yet, just substitute whatever else you want. The point is to scare as large a group as possible early on, which may be augmented by rattle chains and leak to draw some in, but watch out for scaring Franz too much if you're trying to free Blue Murder. Now a lot of people are of the opinion that it's best to open the cells early, but personally, I prefer them more contained for a while. I can always go put some scares in them, especially the cell with 4 in it for some plasm. Plus, if you scare them completely even in cells, they'll either vanish (but count for a scare off), or they'll run like hell later when the doors do open. As for which is "best", I really can't say since I haven't gotten a 5x on this level yet. In any case, the idea now is to start scaring people off, while you try to free whichever ghosts you want to as outlined below. The only person who's "needed" for that is Detective Norman Franz. Everyone else is fair game. Basic strategy of find large concentrations of people and scare them as much as you can as fast as you can, introducing more of your team and increasing their powers as possible. Other than freeing the ghosts, you also have to drive off the professor in the far side cell. You can drive him mad, or you can scare him, it really makes no difference. Soon as you do, open his cell door either using quake (warning-this opens ALL cells AND destroys almost all the computers and delicate equipment in the building) or you can also open just his door using wild & crazy or strange behavior on the door control panel, which is an electrical fetter. Once he's scared and his door is open, there's some cutscenes as the doc's helper comes to get him and he's out of the way. You can just let her come get him on her own, but it's always worked faster for me to get him to where he wants to run first. Whenever you decide you're ready, don't forget to open the other cells also by the same methods. Trapped Ghosts: 3 (One hidden) [Banzai] - Earth Elemental (Earth) -- HIDDEN 1. Flower Power 2. Tremor 3. (Creepers) 4. (Twisted Vines) 5. Slow 6. (Trap) 7. (Quake) 8. Swallow Where: Trapped and hidden in the potted banzai tree in the lobby. How: Just bind Stonewall to the plant and Banzai is freed. [Blue Murder] - Apparition (Murder) 1. (Bitter Cold) 2. Intrigue 3. (Hidden Maze) 4. Ice Breath 5. Fascinate 6. (Spooky Surprise) 7. (Obsession) 8. (Terror Incarnate) Where: In the morgue, stuck to her body. How: Bit tricky. By some means (either moving him out of the way, or just scaring him off) you need to get rid of the evidence room guard. Once he's out of the way, lure Detective Norman Franz into the evidence room. You can bring Terroreyes to use intrigue if you wish, but I generally just use rattle chains and leak and/or fool's errand to get him down there. It takes a bit of practice and timing, but it's not impossible. However, if you're going for time, it's generally considered best to ignore freeing her and just use her powers from where she's trapped as you need. [Electroplasm] - Wraith (Electrical, Murder) 1. Bitter Cold/Cut Lights 2. (Spark) 3. Blow Fuse/Strange Vision 4. (Strange Behavior) 5. Numb 6. (Spooky Surprise) 7. Paralyse/Wild & Crazy 8, (Surge) Where: In something of a storage room, still strapped to the old electric chair he died in. How: Flood the room with Raindancer and then cast his spark power at the same time. Or you can use another ghost's strange behavior when bound to the power switch near the chair. Supposedly you can use his surge and if it hits a mortal it will also free him, but I've lacked the patience to verify this. My Revisit Recommended Team: Buck, Clatterclaws, Stonewall, Cogjammer, Raindancer, Static. Revisit Notes: Frankly, I'm still working on this one. I haven't managed to bust the 10 minute mark yet, and even to get the 3x multiplier, I'm forced to ignore getting Blue Murder. I'll keep working on a better solution, but in general I just go in there and go nuts on everyone as I have the plasm to do so. I avoid using quake for a little while however, so as to be able to bind an electrical ghost in the center upper room. Surge and the like can be really nice in there when it's still crowded. Once people thin out a bit though, I move them elsewhere and go ahead and use quakes. 2.3 [Facepacks & Broomsticks] - 2,810,310 - 00:07:46 (10:00) - 5x (3) Intro 1: "The perky antics of the insufferable Kappa Lambda sorority house are excruciating at best. Ordinarily they would be beneath our attention, but since your recent success terrifying the Alpha Tau fraternity, they have become strangely cautious. The sorority house recently accepted three new pledges as part of a plan to protect themselves against any future attacks from the spirit world, a coven of student witches. The mortals must not be encouraged to invite protection against us - swift and decisive action is required. Drive the witches away from the sorority house." Intro 2: "Drive the witches away from the sorority house." My Rundown: Like the man says, scare off the witches. You can terrorize everyone else for extra points or kicks, but they don't actually matter. The biggest issue with this level is the witches banish ability, which can be dealt with in 2 ways. 1, you can corrupt their circle to your own use (see below) or 2, you can use a lot of hit and run, which is a bit annoying, but works -meaning you pull ghosts out immediately upon getting warnings. My Original Recommended Team: Air elemental, earth elemental, water elemental, Boo, Clatterclaws, Buck (the elementals don't typically matter, which ones, so go with ones you like) My Strategy: Bind the three elementals to the fetters in the basement. Once done, your ghosts cannot be banished. Focus on fool's errand powers to try to get Blair Whelchel to the upstairs bathroom, you can also use rattle chains / leak if she goes upstairs to draw her. Also have Tricia make an ethereal gift to increase the odds of getting an electric fetter on the porch. Once that's done, just mind the spells you cast in the basement, as a lot of them will break the circle entirely, meaning your ghosts are once again vulnerable to banishment. Not a huge problem, but worth noting. My first time through I then concentrate on getting Blair to the upstairs mirror, and Tony (walkman guy) or someone with a gift out to the porch. Once those are done, I just go nuts scaring the crap out of anything moving, especially concentrating on the witches. You can set your ghosts orders to "Pick on Type - Enemy" to help this a bit. Trapped Ghosts: 3 (4 for re-visits) [Firetail] - Fire Elemental (Electrical, Fire) 1. Sweat/Cut Lights 2. Spark 3. (Roast) 4. Strange Behavior 5. (Bonfire) 6. (Human Torch) 7. Inferno/Wild & Crazy 8. Great Balls of Fire/Surge Where: In the basement, bound to the fire fetish among the summoning circle items. How: Either bind the 3 other types of elementals to the circle to complete it, OR, break the circle by using rain, quake, hail, etc from one of the other fetters there. [Hogwash] - Gremlin (Electrical) 1. Fool's Errand*/Cut Lights 2. Spark 3. (Blow Fuse) 4. Strange Behavior 5. Jinx 6. (Blackout) 7. Wild & Crazy 8. (Surge) Where: In the Jack-O-Lantern on the back porch. How: Get any electric device (walkman guy or an ethereal gift) out on the porch. It can walk, run, whatever. Just so long as it passes him AND there's no ghost bound to the item. [Tricia] - Fetch (Mirror) 1. Fluster 2. Shattered Nerves 3. (Twist Reflection) 4. (Ethereal Gift) 5. Mania 6. (Macabre Reflection) 7. (Clone) 8. Loathsome Aspect 9. Trojan Gift/Psychotic Rage Where: Bound to the mirror in the upstairs bathroom. How: Get Blair Whelchel to enter the bathroom and look in the mirror (or at least get real close to it). Fool's Errand/Wild Geese can be useful, as well as Rattle Chains/Leak. (Weatherwitch - Only present in a re-visit: See her entry in Haunting 101) My Revisit Recommended Team: Aether, Banzai, Raindancer, Cogjammer, Shivers, Boo Bind the 3 elementals to the circle in the basement as before. Use any powers you know won't break the circle down there while they're nearby if you wish after doing a rattle chains. From that point on, get shivers and cogjammer busy making a general panic, but be careful of where Blair Whelchel is. You need to hit her with fool's Errand / Wild Geese as often as possible, and the earlier you start the better. Once she frees Tricia, bind her to the bottom floor mirror and start making gifts whenever she can. Don't forget to turn her power off though if you're low on plasm. As long as you keep the circle "stolen", you don't need to fear banishment, even if you get an alarm. If it ever breaks though, this is no longer the case. When you get a moment, have Cogjammer free weatherwitch, giving you a little extra ammo to use, and remember to focus attacks on your 3 enemies whenever possible. Also, remember to try to lure (not scare) anyone with a gift in their hands out back, or the headphone guy. You can use fool's errand for this, or siren song, rattle, etc. If you focus on the witches and were quick enough getting your ghosts freed, you'll have a 4 freed ghost 5x score. :) 2.4 [Poultrygeist] - 1,674,660 - 00:09:38 (10:00) - 5x (3) Intro 1: "It seems that sinister events transpire around a certain family house in a certain suburb of Gravenville. Your previous success brought to light the grisly antics of an unhinged old lady, but the grim history of this house stretches further into the past... It seems that the house was built on the site of an ancient chicken burial ground - the pit for the Calamityville Poultry Slaughterhouse. So many turkeys and chickens were slain and thrown into the earth, their troubled essences await retribution. The troubled mind of one Carol-Anne Hutz, a child who has already witnessed your terrible powers once, has become home for Hardboiled, a gestalt of the headless necks and ruffled feathers of the departed. Aid this poltergeist in emptying the house of the taint of rational human presence and you will acquire a valuable new ally." Intro 2: "Lay the chicken-spirit to rest by emptying the house of sane mortals." My Rundown: So, we need to drive off all the mortals, or drive them mad. No biggie, we're used to the drill. Couple tricks however. One, they'll eventually call a medium (usually soon), two, when only the little girl is left, they'll also call an actual ghostbreaker. Finally, the girl herself can't be scared until you get rid of everyone else. Not a big deal, but it helps to be aware of it. My Original Recommended Team: Buck, Clatterclaws, Blue Murder, Knuckles, Moonscream, Boo My Strategy: Straight forward. Scare the crud out of everything alive, I tend to set up in the piano room for a good combination of fetters. When the medium and/or ghostbreaker show up, be sure to concentrate on them. Otherwise, just scare whoever you can as much as possible, remembering the little girl can't be scared really while she's got Hardboiled bound to her. In general, I just use obsession and rattle/leak to get people to the main room, then scare the crap out of 'em with buck, clatter, and moonscream, then the others as plasm comes up. Not really a lot of strategy to this one other than simply increasing your effectiveness of clearing the house, but there's so many ways to go about it, I'll leave that to the reader. Remember that you can prevent the medium from showing up by scaring anyone who uses the phone, but the ghostbreaker will show up no matter what when just Carol-anne is left. Trapped Ghosts: 1 (4 for re-visits) [Hard Boiled] - Poltergeist (Child) 1. (Bitter Cold) 2. tremor 3. (Wild Geese) 4. Ice Breath 5. Jinx 6. (Gore) 7. (Seeping Blood) 8. Twister/Frozen Stiff! 9. Gushing Blood Where: Bound to Carol-Anne (Little girl) How: Scare or drive mad everyone else but her and the ghostbreaker who'll arrive the same time everyone else leaves. (Arclight - Only present in a re-visit: See his entry in Calamityville Horror) (Maxine Factor - Only present in a re-visit: See her entry in Calamityville Horror) (Static - Only present in a re-visit: See his entry in Calamityville Horror) My Revisit Recommended Team: Cogjammer, Boo, Stonewall if you gave him quake-otherwise Banzai, Weatherwitch, Shivers, Knuckles Though really, other than Boo and your Quake ghost, you should take the ones who have been well trained and you can use effectively. I've done it with Boo, cogjammer, clatterclaws, Buck, weatherwitch, and Stonewall pretty easily, and also Boo, Buck, Clatterclaws, Stonewall, Knuckles, and Shivers. So it really just depends on style. Revisit Notes: Because of the way re-visits work, you can't take Arclight, Static, or Maxine with you. This isn't such a bad thing though, because if you can set them free, that's like getting 3 free ghosts for the level, and it can really help speed up the scare-fest. Concentrate initially on freeing all of them. I use a quake in the basement off the bat, then work on the other portions of the freeing solutions as people are in the right places. Once they're all free, simply go completely nuts scaring everyone as much as you can as fast as you can. If you can set up a few good group scares, and then chase people down and/or attract them and nail them good, you should have little trouble getting another 4 ghost freed, 5x score, and this one with lots of scares. 2.5 [Phantom of the Operating Room] - 2,528,463 - 00:19:33 (15:00) - 3x (2) Intro 1: "It is time to erode another bastion of mortal security, Ghost Master. Turn your attention to the already overtaxed Gravenville General Hospital, where souls are stitched back into impermanent bodies without thought being given to the value of such a gesture. You need only remove the senior practitioners of the healing arts to be successful here - though additional mayhem is always appreciated." Intro 2: "Scare the doctors from their hospital, and send them screaming into the night." My Rundown: Pretty much like it says, scare off the hospital staff, everyone else is optional. Of course, the reason that's a pain is because first, several of them have very very low belief, and second, the first person you scare completely off will be replaced by 3 ghostbreakers, which is of course, just plain annoying. Complicating matters further is that one of the easier docs to scare off (as they go) is needed if you intend to free Brigit in the basement. My Original Recommended Team: Buck, Clatterclaws, Electroplasm, Arclight, Moonscream, Boo, Firetail. My Strategy: Another pretty straight forward one. In general, I concentrate on freeing the ghosts (as usual) for the first run, and worry about time in subsequent runs while still freeing as many as are reasonably possible. Due to the time required and sheer size of this level, it can start to get on your nerves though. Basic idea is to scare off the kid to get the bunny toy back (not the kid with the rabbit ghost bound to him, the other one), and try to get Doctor Seth Greenwood to go look at Brigit. After that, just drive everyone off, focusing on the doctors and minding the ghostbreakers when they inevitably arrive. Don't forget to bench anything you get an alert on, and generally speaking, a ghost that's simply bound but not using any powers won't be detected, but if one IS detected, simply shutting their powers off isn't enough to save them from banishment. Trapped Ghosts: 3 [Brigit] - Banshee (Thoroughfare) 1. Fog/Fluster 2. (Gather Winds) 3. (Strange Vision) 4. (Insane Invitation) 5. Numb/Thunderclap 6. (Wail) 7. (Phobia) 8. Terror Incarnate/Scared to Death 9. (Voice on the Wind) Where: In the basement lamenting her remains. How: You have to get Dr. Seth Greenwood to see her (Via Spooky Surprise or similar power). The trick is getting him in there. He seems to be damn near immune to obsession-type power, therefore, several people have done it several ways. Wild Geese/Fool's Errand CAN do it, but the timing has to be perfect, as he turns around right at the door. It's also possible to do if you can scare off all the nurses in the building, leaving only the lady doctor in the basement at which time he goes down to make a pass at her, and sometimes even if she's gone this method will still work. I'd say it's the most sure fire way to handle it that I've yet found. It's also possible to do with hidden maze, but of course that takes even more random luck than the wild geese method. Occasionally, he does wander down near the area, and in such a case, he can be lured in by chains/leak as well, but no matter which way you go, it's totally annoying. [Harriet] - Trickster (Child, Outside) 1. (Flower Power) 2. Intrigue 3. Wild Geese/Creepers 4. (Ethereal Gift) 5. Fascinate*/Jinx 6. (Charm) 7. (Shapeshifter) 8. Loathsome Aspect*/Luckstorm 9. Trojan Gift 10. (Abhorrent Aspect) Where: Bound to the kid who does nothing but stand and cry on the second floor. How: Get his bunny toy back. Basically scare the other mean kid off so he drops the toy and leaves it alone. Best to do up on the second floor, but you can do it anywhere someone's likely to pick it up. They'll drop it off where the kid who owns it can find it and he'll go pick it up. [Daydreamer] - Sandman (Sleeping) 1. Fluster/Uncover Fear* 2. Shattered Nerves 3. (Dreamthief) 4. Delusion/Taste Aura 5. (Sleep) 6. Aura Reading 7. (Sleepwalk) 8. (Unearthly Calm) 9. Psychotic Rage 10. (Expose Fears) Where: Sleeping on an operating table on the second floor. How: Make some noise. Either use Cacophony with Moonscream bound in the closest room near him you can, or drum up some thunder or a storm. My Revisit Recommended Team: Buck, Clatterclaws, Static, Arclight, Moonscream, Boo, Cogjammer. Revisit Notes: If you can pull it off, it's sometimes worth trying deliberately to possess Seth Greenwood. Makes it a bit easier to scare off all the nurses and have him stay around. If it works, you can leave Brigit set to her strange vision power, and there's a pretty fair chance he'll wind up down there to see her. The kid with the bunny isn't too terribly hard to deal with either, so long as you're careful about scaring anyone else who picks the thing up if he doesn't drop it in the right place. The point of course is, if you want to even have a prayer of making the time limit on this one, you really can't worry much about lengthy ghost-freeings. Daydreamer is short and simple, but the other two pretty much either you get lucky or not. Then just scare everyone to death, build plasm, and try to concentrate on the doctors as much as possible. With a bit of luck, it's not too bad, though I still barely miss the time, mostly because of having to bother with the ghostbreakers when they arrive. 2.6 The Blair Wisp Project - 4,010,300 - 00:08:42 (10:00) - 5x (3) Intro 1: "The Darkling requires more lost souls in order to be freed. On a commission from the University, three foolish film makers have entered the forest, in search of a legend, driven by greed. Lead them to the cabin, and get them to perform the summoning ritual again - the Darkling will soon be ours to command." Intro 2: "Lead the film makers to the cabin and get them to repeat the ritual." My Rundown: There's numerous ways to deal with this one, so I'll simply present what I feel is about as straight forward as it gets. Only things to really mind is don't scare the students. If you scare 'em off, you're done. Objective, feed the Darkling some soul energy. My Original Recommended Team: Banzai, Terroreyes, Knuckles, Blue Murder, Harriet, Firetail, Weatherwitch, Whisperwind My Strategy: It's a lot more simple than it sounds. Bind Whisperwind on the island and use tempest to clear the haze. I usually add Weatherwitch on gusts just to be sure, but either way. Once clear, and when the students are headed toward the island, anywhere just past the corner basically, cast siren song and set her to ONLY cast that. When they feel the tug (color over their heads) have Blair wisp use hypnotic image. They'll go in and out of the water at least once probably from siren song, but hopefully in doing that, at least one will see hypnotic image. As soon as one begins to cross the water and not run out, bench Weatherwitch, and switch to strange vision on Blair Wisp as soon as the first person's feet hit the island. The kiddies will run back to the first shore now, but ignore them. Bind Terroreyes and Knuckles to the traps closest to the students, and bind Blue Murder to the one across the river to the west (past broken bridge). If the students are moving that way, freeze the river with both Terroreyes and Knuckles using ice breath at the same time. When they hit the spot near the bridge, have Blue Murder do obsession ONLY. Once all three cross the river and stand by her like idiots, bench Terroreyes and Knuckles. Now, bind Harriet near the bonfire and cast a gift. Bind Firetail to this and cast bonfire. Bench both. Somewhere in all of this, bind Banzai near the large tree (near the gorge before the cabin) and cast quake. Then just use siren song + hypnotic image + obsession + fascination etc as needed to get them over the 2 tress (one crosses river one crosses gorge) to the cabin. You can bind Weatherwitch along the path, Blair Wisp anywhere out there where they'll see the image, and if you train it, you can even use attraction powers from Harriet, but you shouldn't need them. You can also bind Terroreyes and/or Blue Murder to the stuffed head in the cabin. Once at least one of them steps on the second tree (the one you knock down), have Darkling ONLY use obsession and bench everyone else. Should be home free now, as all that needs happen is one of 'em go downstairs and then wait for the cutscene to start. And no, there is NO way to actually free the Darkling in this level. The professor messes it up no matter what you do. Trapped Ghosts: 3 (But you can't free Darkling, and there is a 4th (Moonscream on re-visits) [Blair Wisp] - Wisp (Outside) 1. (Fluster) 2. Intrigue/Shattered Nerves 3. (Strange Vision) 4. Delusion 5. (Hypnotic Image) Where: Island in center area of map. How: Clear green fog, and lure mortals onto the island then use Strange Vision to show them the wisp. (Outlined above). [Sparkle] - Fire Elemental (Fire, Electrical) 1. (Cut Lights) 2. Spark 3. (Blow Fuse) 4. (Strange Behavior) 5. Bonfire 6. Human Torch/Sparkstorm 7. (Inferno) 8. Great Balls of Fire/Surge Where: Stuck to the campfire, which has gone out to the right side of the map. How: Light the fire, you can lure the students there by making it cold and waiting and they'll light it, but I find it simpler to just use Harriet's gift and bind firetail. (Moonscream - Revisit only, see her entry in the Summoners Not Included level) ((Darkling - He's here, but again, you can't free him yet. But, at least you can use him in this level.. sorta =p)) My Revisit Recommended Team: Banzai, Terroreyes, Knuckles, Blue Murder, Harriet, Firetail, Weatherwitch, Whisperwind Revisit Notes: Do it just like before, and try to get the kids to catch a peek of Moonscream when they get to the house. It slows things down, but not enough to be a problem, so it's worth doing for the extra points you can pick up. Outside of that, this is one of the levels I wouldn't even revisit otherwise since it's easy to get a 5x right off once you have the hang of it. 3.0 [New Recruits] (Act III) [Carter] - Spectre (Violence) 1. Bitter Cold 2. Fright 3. (Strange Vision) 4. (Dread) 5. Dominate/Numb 6. (Terrorise) 7. Phobia/Possess 8. (Frozen Stiff!) 9. (Danse Macabre) [Lady Rose] - Fetch (Mirror) 1. Fluster 2. Shattered Nerves 3. (Twist Reflection) 4. (Thing in the Mirror) 5. Mania 6. Macabre Reflection 7. (Clone) 8. Loathsome Aspect 9. (Trojan Gift) [The Painter] - Phantom (Emotional) 1. Lingering Smell/Fluster 2. (Stink) 3. Suspicious Stench 4. (Taste Aura) 5. Numb/Queasy 6. Choking Odour/Kinesis 7. Phobia/Spooky Stack 8. (Twister) 9. (Nausea) 3.1 [Spooky Hollow] - 5,544,660 - 00:11:28 (15:00) - 5x (3) Intro 1: "We are always seeking spirits to add to our forces, and Headless Horsemen are one of the rarest of haunters (after all, how often does a person on a horse lose their headÖ). We have discovered that there is a conspiracy afoot to develop Spooky Hollow, one involving the summoning of a headless horseman known as the Dragoon. Your task is to find the conspirator, expose them to their fellow mortals, and find a way to recruit the Dragoon, so that we may use it to punish the mortals who foolishly believe they can dabble in our affairs without fear of the consequences." Intro 2: "Identify the Dragoon`s master, then reveal their identity to the other mortals!" My Rundown: Ok, so our goal is to free the Dragoon. Sounds easy enough. And really, once you get the hang of it, it is. Make sure whoever you bring, you have the ability to create storms. This means some rain, a lot of wind, and maybe some thunder for kicks. Also, be aware that the whole level is outdoors. There are buildings, but you can't get inside any of them, and if the people do, they're temporarily not considered in the level. (Can't be scared, you'll loose possessions of them, etc). My Original Recommended Team: Hard Boiled, Harriet, Buck, Blue Murder, Blair Wisp, Weatherwitch, Whisperwind, Raindancer My Strategy: First I free scarecrow (see below). Once that's done, I bench those guys and bind Whisperwind by the mill and get a tempest going. As I have the plasm, I add in rain from Raindancer and gusts from Weatherwitch. As you make things worse, you spook the guy inside the mill a bit to build some plasm, plus the Dragoon scares townsfolk (let him, the plasm is handy and its credited to you even though he's not free and you can't control him at all yet). Watch the guy inside the mill while you try to build up an insanely high wind storm. You need both "Storm" and "high wind" effects, but for the level objective, it's the wind. You should see the mill-stone begin to turn, and knock over the skull that the little whelp is using for his dark ritual. Once it does, you may if you like back things down, however if you haven't yet freed Stormtalon and Black Crow, you may want to keep the storm effects building. It's generally not too hard to do though. In any case, once all that's done, back your storm down to where you're using maybe just gusts and rain. Really severe storms make the guy inside the mill SO scared, he won't continue a lot of the times and just stands there shaking. Once you back it down, he should go pull a manual brake lever, and continue with his ritual. Once he does so, bind Blue Murder at the bear trap by the mill using only obsession and get ready with Black Crow. You'll want him using Posession only, and you want to bind him in the path of the first awake adult headed towards the mill. Once you've got him, and he gets to the mill, you can ditch obsession, but leave Black crow possessing him. He'll watch in the window, then get mad and head back to town. When he goes inside to tell the others, you'll probably lose your posession. Watch for the same person to come back outside so you can re-possess him right away. He'll then go back to the mill, and "call out" the guy inside, at which time they argue a bit, and the possessed person goes off to bury the skull. Once he does, you're free to scare the guy from inside the mill half to death, and in fact, you need to. Use anything you can bind in his path with scare ability (Scarecrow, Buck, Black Crow, whoever), and relentlessly scare him at every step. Once the head is buried, the Dragoon is freed, and you can add him to the fun. The mission will end when the guy you're working on flees in fear, but feel free to scare off anyone else you want as well. Once the skull is buried, you don't need the rest of the mortals anymore. Trapped Ghosts: 4 [Black Crow] - Wight (Corpse, Earth) 1. (Fog) 2. Stink/Tremor 3. (Rain) 4. (Dread) 5. Queasy/Slow 6. (Choking Odor) 7. (Possess) 8. Scared to Death/Swallow 9. Nausea/Danse Macabre 10. (Buried Alive) Where: In one small shack, next to the river. It's one of the buildings you can see inside if you zoom down to ground level. How: Massive winds. Once there's enough wind, the place will topple like a card house. Tempest x 2 and gusts is almost certain to do it. You may also use quake if you brought one. [Dragoon] - Headless Horseman (Thoroughfare) 1. Fluster/Sweat 2. (Brief Scare) 3. Roast/Strange Vision 4. (Dread) 5. Bonfire/Mania 6. (Chase) 7. (Phobia) 8. Terror Incarnate/Great Balls of Fire 9. Psychotic Rage 10. (Deadly Pursuit) Where: Running randomly around the level scaring people along any of the roads and paths. How: As outlined above, get the skull away from the bad cousin in the mill, and have someone go bury it. [Scarecrow] - Horde (Outside) 1. Flower Power 2. (Brief Scare) 3. Creepers 4. Dense Swarm/Twisted Vines 5. (Swarm Strike) 6. (Legion) Where: Over towards the edge of the level in a field, standing all alone :sniff: How: Basically, you have to produce blood. The simplest way is using Harriet's gift and Hard Boiled's seeping blood powers, but it can also be done with any combination of water and gore. So long as he gets some blood, you free him. [Stormtalon] - Thunder Spirit (Electrical, Outside) -- HIDDEN 1. Fog/Cut Lights 2. Distant Thunder 3. (Rain) 4. Hailstones 5. (Tempest) 6. (Blackout) 7. Haunted Hail/Wild & Crazy 8. (Surge) 9. (Typhoon) Where: Hidden in the large old tree on the little island. How: He needs a storm. For this one, it's not wind, but the traditional storm that does the trick. For me, Gusts + Rain + Thunder has always seemed to work after a short time, but feel free to stack up as much as you wish, more won't hurt so long as the basic elements are present. Once lightning hits the tree, he's out. My Revisit Recommended Team: Hard Boiled, Harriet, Buck, Blue Murder, Blair Wisp, Weatherwitch, Whisperwind, Raindancer Revisit Notes: This is another level I don't revisit. Never really need to, but if you just can't get the scaring part done quick enough, it might be worth the effort to go back when your ghosts are a bit more trained, or just for fun. But basically, it plays just alike no matter how many times you go back unless you just feel like changing things. 2.2 [Ghostbreakers] - 4,804,450 - 00:10:27 (15:00) - 5x (3) Intro 1: "These Ghostbreakers have been causing trouble across the city and must be dealt with. They have taken up residence in the precinct station, and have prepared for a siege. Beware their defenses - many wards and alarms will conspire to restrict your access - and to draw the enemy to your activities. Once you penetrate the outer ward, you will only be able to lie unnoticed where the flow of plasm is muted. Your primary goal is the Ectoplasmic Storage Device - their ghost prison. This machine is sizeable, and requires a cold environment for proper function. It is doubtless installed within a large, cold room. Destroy it to free - and recruit - the ghosts within. Cunning and valour will bring victory over these upstart mortals - all must be driven out of the building, or out of their minds. We are counting upon your success." Intro 2: "Disable the Astral Security System, free the ghosts trapped in the ESD and leave no sane mortal within the building." My Rundown: Lots to do here. Disrupt their ESD so you can free what they have in "Storage", and either scare off or drive mad EVERYONE in the building. Complicating this, is 3 separately controlled wards, which don't allow you to cross with a bind or bench. Meaning if a ghost is inside the ward, it can change it's fetter to anything else inside the SAME ward, but it cannot be benched and it cannot bind outside that ward or in any other ward. Further complications arise in the form of an alarm system (Protected by the blue ward), and a whole lot of Ghostbreakers trying to banish all your ghosts. Also of special note, the first time you play this level you can free Windwalker, but... it's rumored he does NOT show up unless you freed at least one of the ghosts in the Unusual Suspects level, which I can believe, since when you re-visit this level, Windwalker isn't there, but instead, the cells are filled with Banzai, Blue Murder, and Electroplasm, which are the 3 ghosts from Unusual Suspects. This means you can get a nicer score on re-visits since there's more ghosts to free (and it takes the same amount of time anyway since they all go at once), but you only get the one shot at freeing Windwalker. Which is of course, if you haven't used the code/special disc/registry hack to get Windwalker at the beginning of the game too. ;) My Original Recommended Team: Bring several electric ghosts, and some heat and wind, then fill up on scares. I use - Hogwash, Sparkle, Stormtalon, Static, Dragoon, Clatterclaws, Buck, Scarecrow My Strategy: Begin by binding Hogwash to the van outside and use Blackout. Then move him to the control unit for the green ward since it'll be temporarily down. (It's in the office on the lower left if you haven't rotated the map on the upper floor). Surge that. Then bench him, and grab Static. Have him use Sparkstorm in what used to be the evidence room on the generator there. Now bench him, and bring in Stormtalon for a surge on the equipment in what used to be the blue ward room. We've now disabled 2 wards and an alarm in about 30 seconds or so. ;) Now begin causing havoc. Scare some people as you wait to recharge everyone's surge powers. Once ready, set Stormtalon outside, next to the AC vents with Tempest, then have anyone Surge the AC control panel in the stairwell (lower level), and then have Sparkle do an Inferno on the van outside. Had a minor hangup with this working, but when I re-did it in that specific order, it worked almost immediately. Once that's done, move Stormtalon into the old red ward and surge to drop the ESD, freeing any prisoners. Now all that's left is to hunt down and scare the crap out of any mortals left. Happy haunting. ;) Trapped Ghosts: 1 (3 on re-visits or if you didn't free any in Unusual Suspects - or possibly if you had Windwalker to begin with) [Windwalker] - Wendigo (Outside) 1. (Bitter Cold) 2. (Gather Winds) 3. (Howl) 4. Delusion/Gusts 5. Mania/Numb 6. (Icy Touch) 7. Paralyse/Whisper 8. Frozen Stiff!/Scared to Death 9. Cacophony/Voice on the Wind 10. (Frostbite) Where: Locked in the jail cell, which has been converted to store and trap ghosts. How: Destroy the ESD in the red ward as outlined above. (Banzai - Special case, see entry in Unusual Suspects) (Blue Murder - Special case, see entry in Unusual Suspects) (Electroplasm - Special case, see entry in Unusual Suspects) My Revisit Recommended Team: Bring several electric ghosts, and some heat and wind, then fill up on scares. I use - Hogwash, Sparkle, Stormtalon, Static, Dragoon, Clatterclaws, Buck, Scarecrow Notes: This level goes pretty much like it did the first time, cept you can scare a bit faster now (probably). Shouldn't be too hard to get the 5x if you follow the guide. 2.3 [Full Mortal Jacket] - 2,035,565 - (15:00) - 3x (2) Intro 1: "Your campaign of terror proceeds apace. It is now only a matter of time before chaos breaks out on the streets of Gravenville, at which point the armed forces will surely be brought to bear to maintain peace. It is wise, therefore, to consider a pre-emptive strike against the military. Success can only serve to further undermine the unrest of the mortals. You must leave no mortal fit for military service within the grounds of the accursed base." Intro 2: "Ensure that no mortal fit for military service remains at the base." My Rundown: So scare off everyone at the base... or drive them nuts. Sounds easy? Just wait till you see how many there are, not to mention low belief scores and large area. ;p My Original Recommended Team: 2/3 outdoor bindable. My Strategy: Being totally honest here. I haven't yet found a good way for this one. I've tried madness, I've tried plain terror, and just can't get what I would like out of it. Best suggestion is to take a couple indoor, lots of outdoor ghosts, and try hard to nail 'em at every turn. But there has to be something I'm missing on this level somewhere. But then again, no one I know has gotten a 5x on this yet, so eh. :) I can pull a 3x on a revisit, but until I figure it out a bit better, my strategy isn't particularly valuable. Trapped Ghosts: [Wisakejak] - Trickster (Child, Outside) 1. Fool's Errand/Flower Power 2. (Intrigue) 3. Wild Geese/Creepers 4. Ethereal Gift/Twisted Vines 5. Fascinate/Jinx 6. (Arboreal Prison) 7. (Shapeshifter) 8. (Loathsome Aspect) 9. (Trojan Gift) 10. Abhorrent Aspect Where: Stuck in the staff room, he can't seem to get rid of the "Tree" he's chained to, which was turned into a totem pole ages ago. How: Set fire to his pole. Bonfire or the like works well. To get a fetter there, just go nuts on mortals for a while until he can use his Trojan gift and bind to that. Works wonders. 2.4 [What Lies over the Cockoo's Nest?] - 8,244,760 - 00:19:43 - 5x (3) Intro 1: "It is time to turn our attention to the captured Darkling. This proud spirit is imprisoned within the asylum floors of the Gravenville hospital. We detect astral wards about the asylum - once you have penetrated them, you must determine the exact nature of the Darkling's prison and find a way to disrupt it. After that, you may feel free to take revenge on the mortals as you see fit." Intro 2: "Penetrate the asylum, free the Darkling and empty the hospital building." My Rundown: So.. free Darkling, scare everyone off. Ok.. no biggie, right? Well not so quick. First off, the top 2 floors are in a red ward that to date, no one has found a way to disable. Beyond that, there's a lot of people here. So... My Original Recommended Team: Make sure to bring a sandman, also a gift maker just in case. I generally go with: Clatterclaws, Wisakejak, Daydreamer, Arclight, Boo, Brigit, Moonscream, and Stormtalon. My Strategy: First have Darkling hit the professor with Psychotic Rage. It'll drive him insane in one shot. Then turn his powers back off and using the Trojan gifts or possibly sleepwalk (if you can manage to put one of the people asleep who go upstairs a lot), move Daydreamer and Stormtalon up to the red ward by binding them to it and then, when one of the orderlies or doctors who goes upstairs a lot picks it up, let the Darkling use Obsession, which usually gets them right back up there. If the wrong people are picking up the gift (Some of the patients won't go upstairs even when you use obsession), just have someone bound to the gift use any power you like and they'll drop it so someone else can pick it up. Once you get them in the ward, as fast as possible, bind daydreamer to Bruce Elm (Sleeping nutcase), and bind Stormtalon to the center room between all the cells. Have him use surge, then once the doors are open, bind him Back to the gift right away. Now have Daydreamer use sleepwalk, which will allow Bruce to leave his cell. This should free the darkling, which is half our objectives met. From that point on, just choose the best bind points you can, trying to get groups of people together and hitting them with legion etc to build plasm. As able, use the powers of the sandman to expose people's fears so that when you have the plasm you can make good use of voice on the wind and similar powers. Just work your haunters powers up as you go along, adding more in whenever possible and scare everyone away and/or drive them nuts. It can sometimes take a bit of doing because the crazy people will cause your haunters to use powers since they never leave, and when people go into the red ward you basically just have to wait. You COULD originally bind some other ghost to the gift with the intend of leaving them up in the red ward area, but I generally find that something of a waste since normally, not many people linger up there for too long, and you can generally call them down with obsession-like powers. Once everyone's nuts or gone, you'll get your endgame cutscene and can get ready to go back and improve some times and earn more plasm if you wish. Trapped Ghosts: (Daydreamer - Only on re-visits, see his entry in Phantom of the Operating room) [Darkling] - Shadow (Murder) 1. Bitter Cold/Fluster 2. (Shattered Nerves) 3. Hidden Maze 4. (Ice Breath) 5. (Mania) 6. (Terrorise) 7. (Obsession) 8. (Frozen Stiff!) 9. Psychotic Rage) 10. Frostbite/Expose Fears Where: Top floor of the hospital trapped in the professor's containment field. How: Open the cell doors and help Bruce Elm walk out as outlined above. Note: I wouldn't bother training any of his missing powers, since he'll never have access to using them anyway unless a future expansion allows his use in further missions. Revisit Notes: Can do this one just like before, with the exception that you can't bring in Daydreamer, and his powers will be as if you never trained him, so it's not a bad idea to take Hypnos, and someone who can wake Daydreamer for you if you want to double up. Otherwise, just someone to wake Daydreamer is good enough. For whatever reason, this revisit differs a bit though in that the other two ghosts who would normally be on the map don't appear (Brigit and Harriet), so you can take them along if you'd like, though I don't find a lot of purpose for them here. Outside the aspect of having been able to spend some plasm on better powers by the time you revisit, and the extra ghost to lay to rest (for point value only), this level is otherwise unremarkable from visiting previously.</p>