+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The Elder Scrolls: 3 _ _ /\/\ ___ _ __ _ __ _____ _(_)_ __ __| | / \ / _ \| '__| '__/ _ \ \ /\ / / | '_ \ / _` | / /\/\ \ (_) | | | | | (_) \ V V /| | | | | (_| | \/ \/\___/|_| |_| \___/ \_/\_/ |_|_| |_|\__,_| GAME OF THE YEAR EDITION Daedra Shrine Quest Guide. Christopher Long aka LtCmdData April, 2005 ***Updated July 24th 2005*** 1. Overview 2. Shrine walkthroughs 2a. Shrine of Sheogorath 2b. Shrine of Malacath 2c. Shrine of Clavicus Vile 2d. Shrine of Azura 2e. Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon 2f.Shrine of Mephala 2g.Shrine of Molag Bal 2h. Shrine of Boethiah 3. Legal Stuff, Contact and Thanks 1. Overview Hopefully this guide will help you find and complete the sometimes hard to stumble upon Daedra Shrine Quest. I will also show you the rewards for completing them along with some other general information. All of these quests give real good rewards useful to low level characters. With a little luck it is possible to secure these items before making a dent in the other quests with your new character. 2a. Shrine of Sheogorath Location: Ihinipalit Shrine, Vivec St. Delyn canton underworks. Probably the most fun of all the Daedra shrine quests; this mission has you attacking a large Netch with a fork….. yes I said fork. Travel to the shrine and activate it to learn from that the Daedra Sheogorath would like you to recover a old relic of his from a crazy loon and destroy a giant bull netch with it. The relic is the Fork of Horripilation located on a small island northwest of the largest island directily north of Ald Redaynia… whew. On this island is Big Heads Shack. While Sheogorath warns you that this loon is “mad” and “dangerous” giving you the suggestion that you might have to kill him this isn’t the case at all. Simply ask about the fork and he hands it over to you….sort of. It’s actually on the table to his right. Hey, Sheogorath did warn you he was crazy. Nearby the shack you’ll find the giant netch. He was to the northeast for me but it might be random, don’t worry you can’t miss it. Now there are two ways of destroying this netch. First, you can attack him straight out with the fork to complete the quest or you can weaken him with your normal weapon and just land the finishing blow with the fork. If you are a higher level character I suggest going with the fork as it is very easy to accidentally kill the netch while using your weapons. After killing your enemy return to the Shrine at Vivec and speak to Sheogorath again to receive your reward; the Spear of Bitter Mercy. A ok spear if you use those weapons otherwise I suggest selling it. You can bring in 130k easily. Spear of Bitter Mercy Type: Spear, Two Handed Chop 1-15 Slash 1-15 Thrust 15-60 Reflect 20~30 points for 20 seconds on self Summon Storm Atronach for 30 seconds 2b. Shrine of Malacath Location: Assurdirapal, largest island west of Dragon Fel In this shrine you’ll encounter the ancient Malacath who tells you a tale of a elven hero that went by the name Bearclaw. Turns out this sneaky little elf was a liar and coward who stole the thunder of a once orc friend of his. In true diety fashion Malacath wants you to steal this honor back by destroying the last of Bearclaws bloodline. Old Testament for sure! Malacath suggest starting your search around the area of Vivec but that’s a waste of time. We’re heading to Gnaar Mok Ask around town and you’ll eventually be pointed in the right direction; south of town. You’ll run into Bearclaws relative, Farvyn Oreyn, south of town with two bodyguards. Farvyn is a pushover but his bodyguards can be tough for a low level character but you should be fine. Once you finish these cowards off head back to Assurdirapal and talk to Malacath to receive your reward; the Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw himself. This is a good reward especially for low level characters so if you can stand up the guards then do this quest as soon as possible but it can also pull in a nice 125k so decide how you want to use it. Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw Type: Helmet, Heavy Armor Weight: 10.0 Armor rating: 260 Fortify Agility for 40 points on self Fortify Endurance for 40 points on self 2c. Shrine of Clavicus Vile Location: Sarkvilds Tower, due east of Dragon Fel NOTE: This is actually the last mission for the Imperial Legion so it’s best to hold off on this one until you go the Legion quests. Easy quest here. Head into the tower and fight some Dwarven Mace wielding enemies then head to the main room of the tower and finally up a ladder to a small upper level where you’ll encounter a mage. You can either kill him or calm him and steal the artifact form his pocket bypassing a tough fight. For you troubles you’ll receive the Masque of Clavicus Vile. Features a nice boost to personality but at the lack of some armor on your head. You can get a cool 15k if you decide to sell it. Masque of Clavicus Vile Type: Helmet, heavy armor Weight: 15.0 Armor rating: 266 Constant Effect: +30 personality. 2d.Shrine of Azura Location: Giant statue on southeast most corner of Vardenfall, almost due west of Molag Mar. Head inside the shrine underneath the large statue and talk to the statue of Azura, you’ll learn that someone is messing with her apprentice in the Sheogorath region. Wonder who it might be? Hmm! Azura will tell you her apprentice is on a island due north of Dragon Fel but she lies; it’s actually just west of it. Search around the islands to the west and you’ll run into the ruins marked by the Daedra that Sheogorath sent lead by the Golden Saint Staada. You only have to kill Staada but kill all of them for the experience remembering to search Staadas body for a ring that proves Sheogorath has been a bad deity. Don’t bother talking to Azura’s apprentice but rather head on back to Azura to receive your prize; the Azura’s Star which is a reuseable sould gem. Neat. 2e.Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon Location: Yasammidan, North of Gnisis Talk to the statue of Dagon and learn pretty quick that he is one of the bad guys. To probe your worth to him he wants you to go get Mehrune's Razor which is a rusty old dagger you can find on a body in Alas Ancestral Tomb. To get to the tomb travel to Molag Mar and travel directly north, you can’t miss it. If you hit the Ashlander camp to the north you’ve gone too far. Nothing of importance inside the Tomb except the dagger on the body which you return to Dagon and he changes it into the Mehrunes Razor which is worth a small 5k. Nice weapon for small bladed users. Mehrunes Razor Type: Short, one handed Chop:12-15 Slash:12-15 Thrust:12-17 Weight:6.0 Disintegrate Armor 6to25 points Weakness to Poison 5% for 20 seconds Poison 6to20 points 2f.Shrine of Mephala Location: inside Morag Tong headquarters, Storage area Arena Canton Vivec NOTE: Must be part of Morong Tong for this quests. Speak to Dral inside about secret matters and you’ll learn that Mephala has an assignment for you. He wants you to kill Balyn Omarel who is a assassin working freelance. He is trouble and must be stopped. Choice of death has been selected as poisoning, Dral will supply you with the ample amount of poison to put in his food. Head to Balmora and sneak into the first house from the north in the middle row using the door on the roof. Once inside speak to the cauldron and the poison will do it’s thing. Be careful when entering and leaving the house. Omarel himself is patrolling out front and if he sees you it’s game over. Return to Dral in Arena Canton and receive your reward, the Ring of Khajiit. Nice ring for thief characters but I sold mine for a nice 18k. For an added bonus you can head back to Balmora and loot Omarel’s house. Ring of Khajitt Weight: 0.2 Invisibility for 30 seconds on self Fortify Speed 0to20 points for 30 seconds on self 2g.Shrine of Molag Bal Location: Yansirramus, island west of Tel Aruhn. First of if you are a new character then refrain from exploring around the shine, just stick to the room with the evil Bal in it. Speak to Bal to find out that a Daedra has been getting lazy on them and embarrassing the rest it seems. Bal wants you to travel to Kora-Dur which is due east of the castle at Kogoruhn and kill Menta Na, the lazy bastard. He gives you a key and sends you on your way. Locate this cave and head on in with the help of your trusty key. Menta is in the middle back room and is a tough battle but you can handle it. Kill Menta and then head back to Bal to receive your reward, The Mace of Molag Bal. Let’s face it. Maces are worthless so just sell this one, it brings in 25k to the right person *cough mudcrab cough* Mace of Molag Bal Type:Blunt, One Hand Chop: 3-30 Slash: 3-35 Thrust: 1-3 Weight: 45.1 Absorb Strength 1to15 points for 30 seconds Absorb Magicka 1to20 points for 30 seconds 2h.Shrine of Boethiah Location: Underwater, just northwest of Hla Oad. Finally we get to my favorite quest and the longest one to boot. Travel by boot or foot to Hla Oad and head out of town north until you run into some ruins, just a tad northwest of these under the water is a destroyed Daedra ruin with a statue in that is in shambles in the courtyard. Swim below and talk to the head of the statue to start the quest. You’ll learn that Boethiah is pissed that his shrine has gone to the dogs and wants you to do something about it. You help him and he will give you a prized weapon, the Goldbrand. As you part he gives you a riddle that mentions someone who is underappreciated in Caldera. So he wants you to be a foreman huh? Sounds easy enough. Head on over to Caldera. You can ask around for a sculpture or you can cut to the chase and go into the Ghorak manor and head upstairs. Talk to the orc at the very top and he will agree to build your statue for a small price of 2000 gold but first he needs a plan that shows how the statue looked before it was knocked down. Hmm? Well the best place to find rare plans would probably be at a rare bookstore. Vivec is your place. Head over to Jobasha's rare books in the Foreign quarter of Vivec. Ask the Khajiit about the plans and he will tell you he has a certain book but you have to buy it from him. Damn greedy cat but oh well, pay for the book and head on back to our Leonardo DiOrc in Caldera. Give him the plans and the gold and he tells he will get to work right away and it will take a few weeks to complete. Head outside and rest or sleep for 14 full days then head back to Hla Oad. The new statue is directly north of the ruins we used as a mark in the first step. You can’t miss the giant statue of a warrior directly north of Hla Oad. Talk to the statue to get thanks and the legendary blade Goldbrand. Keep this weapon as it’s not only a good weapon for a new character but is also a prominent piece in a future quest but if you are greedy you can get 150k out of it. Hey, it is called the GOLDbrand. Goldbrand Type:Long Blade,One Hand Chop:10-50 Slash:10-45 Thrust:10-25 Weight: 40 Fire Damage 10to30 points. 2. Thanks, Legal Crap and Contact Yea, thanks for reading my guide and I hope it helps. I wrote it as I went through the quests myself so updates may be needed in the future. If you see this guide anywhere but www.gamefaqs.com drop me a line and let me know. Thanks to www.gamefaqs.com for hosting this. Also I would like to thank DragonisDrakon for pointing out a small error. Thanks, bro. 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