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Table of Contents CHAPTER [1] Introduction *1-1* Foreword and Introduction [1-2] About the Unofficial TA Strategy FAQ [1-3] Getting the FAQ [1-3-1] Usenet [1-3-2] WWW [1-3-3] BBS [1-3-4] Via Email [1-4] Contributing to the FAQ [1-5] Acknowledgements [1-6] Accuracy of Information -SECTION ONE- GENERAL INFORMATION CHAPTER [2] Unit Commentary [2-1] CORE Kbots [2-1-1] Construction Kbot [2-1-2] A.K. *2-1-3* Storm [2-1-4] Thud [2-1-5] Crasher [2-1-6] Advanced Construction Kbot [2-1-7] Pyro [2-1-8] The Can [2-1-9] Roach [2-1-10] Spectre [2-2] CORE Vehicles [2-2-1] Construction Vehicle [2-2-2] Weasel *2-2-3* Instigator [2-2-4] Raider [2-2-5] Slasher [2-2-6] Advanced Construction Vehicle [2-2-7] Crock [2-2-8] Reaper [2-2-9] Deleter [2-2-10] Pillager [2-2-11] Goliath [2-2-12] Informer [2-2-13] Diplomat [2-3] CORE Aircraft [2-3-1] Construction Aircraft [2-3-2] Fink [2-3-3] Avenger [2-3-4] Shadow [2-3-5] Valkyrie [2-3-6] Advanced Construction Aircraft *2-3-7* Rapier [2-3-8] Hurricane [2-3-9] Titan [2-3-10] Vamp [2-4] CORE Ships [2-4-1] Construction Ship [2-4-2] Searcher [2-4-3] Enforcer [2-4-4] Envoy [2-4-5] Snake [2-4-6] Hive [2-4-7] Shark [2-4-8] Hydra [2-4-9] Executioner [2-4-10] Warlord [2-5] ARM Kbots [2-5-1] Construction Kbot [2-5-2] Peewee [2-5-3] Rocko *2-5-4* Hammer [2-5-5] Jethro [2-5-6] Advanced Construction Kbot [2-5-7] Zipper [2-5-8] Fido [2-5-9] Zeus [2-5-10] Invader [2-5-11] Eraser [2-6] ARM Vehicles [2-6-1] Construction Vehicle [2-6-2] Jeffy [2-6-3] Flash [2-6-4] Samson *2-6-5* Stumpy [2-6-6] Advanced Construction Vehicle [2-6-7] Bulldog [2-6-8] Triton [2-6-9] Jammer [2-6-10] Luger [2-6-11] Merl [2-6-12] Spider [2-6-13] Seer [2-7] ARM Aircraft [2-7-1] Construction Aircraft [2-7-2] Peeper *2-7-3* Freedom Fighter [2-7-4] Thunder [2-7-5] Atlas [2-7-6] Advanced Construction Aircraft [2-7-7] Brawler [2-7-8] Hawk [2-7-9] Phoenix [2-7-10] Lancet [2-8] ARM Ships [2-8-1] Construction Ship [2-8-2] Skeeter [2-8-3] Crusader [2-8-4] Lurker [2-8-5] Hulk [2-8-6] Piranha [2-8-7] Ranger [2-8-8] Conqueror [2-8-9] Millenium [2-8-10] Colossus [2-9] The Commander [2-9-1] Armaments [2-9-2] Capturing Buildings and Units [2-9-3] Regeneration [2-9-4] Cloaking [2-10] New Units [2-10-1] Where can I get the new units? [2-10-2] What do I need to use the new units? [2-11] New CORE Units and Buildings [2-11-1] Toaster [2-11-2] Dominator [2-11-3] Cobra *2-11-4* Thunderbolt *2-11-5* Voyeur *2-11-6* Floating Metal Maker *2-11-7* Leveler Riot Tank [2-12] New ARM Units and Buildings *2-12-1* Flakker [2-12-2] Defender - NS [2-12-3] Floating Metal Maker *2-12-4* Cloakable Fusion Plant *2-12-5* Eagle Radar Plane *2-12-6* Fortification Wall *2-12-7* Warrior *2-12-8* Moho Metal Maker CHAPTER [3] Building Commentary [3-1] Defensive Buildings Analysis [3-1-1] Light Laser Tower *3-1-2* Pulverizer/Defender [3-1-3] Punisher/Guardian [3-1-4] Gaat Gun/Sentinel [3-1-5] Torpedo Tube *3-1-6* Dragon's Teeth [3-1-7] LLTs Vs HLTs [3-2] Offensive Buildings Analysis [3-2-1] Intimidator/Big Bertha [3-2-2] Silencer/Retaliator [3-2-3] Doomsday Machine *3-2-4* Annihilator [3-3] How do I take out... [3-3-1] Big Bertha/Intimidator [3-4] Buildings that take less damage when inactive [3-4-1] Solar collectors [3-4-2] Missile Defense Systems [3-4-3] Annihilator/Doomsday Machine CHAPTER [4] Other Information [4-1] Keyboard Commands [4-2] Cheat Codes [4-2-1] In-game cheat codes [4-2-2] Cheat codes used elsewhere [4-3] How do I play the music outside of the game? [4-4] What is Veteran status, and what does it do? [4-4-1] How can I get Veteran units quickly? [4-5] Explosions [4-5-1] Self-Destruct [4-6] Capturing units [4-6-1] Determining how long it takes to capture something -SECTION TWO- TIPS CHAPTER [5] How Do I... [5-1] Load planes onto a carrier? [5-2] Launch planes from a carrier? [5-3] Use the air repair pad? [5-4] Use an air transport? [5-5] Get the air transport to land while carrying a unit? [5-6] Use the sea transport? [5-7] Assign an exit point for new units? [5-8] Assign default behaviour to new units? [5-9] Build a nuclear missile/anti-nuke missile? [5-10] Tell how much of my base is protected by the anti-nuke system? [5-11] Get rid of dragon's teeth? CHAPTER [6] Construction Tips [6-1] How do I build stuff faster? *6-2* What's a good way to start a base? [6-2-1] Graeme's Build Order [6-3] Spacing out the base CHAPTER [7] Resources: Metal and Energy [7-1] Sources of metal [7-2] Sources of energy [7-3] A more efficient method of reclamation [7-4] Balancing the resources [7-5] How to determine resource expenditure [7-6] Weapons that use energy [7-7] Metal extractors and moho mines CHAPTER [8] Less Micromanagement [8-1] What are some nice uses for Guard? [8-2] What are some nice uses for Patrol? [8-3] Automatically repairing aircraft CHAPTER [9] The Minimap [9-1] The minimap - the road to success [9-2] Countering the minimap advantage [9-3] Gaining that minimap advantage [9-4] The items of the minimap [9-4-1] Green circle [9-4-2] Red circle [9-4-3] Red blip [9-4-4] Blue blip [9-4-5] Blue cross [9-4-6] White dot [9-4-7] White circle -SECTION THREE- MISSION STRATEGIES CHAPTER [10] Specific Mission Strategies [10-1] Special Notes [10-1-1] Special note on the missions on CORE PRIME [10-1-2] Note on the different difficulty levels [10-1-3] Skipping missions [10-2] CORE Missions [10-2-1] 1. The Commander Reactivated... [10-2-2] 2. Vermin [10-2-3] 3. Ambush! [10-2-4] 4. Enough is Enough [10-2-5] 5. Barathrum! [10-2-6] 6. The Cleansing Begins [10-2-7] 7. Pulling the Noose Tight [10-2-8] 8. The Gate to Aqueous Minor [10-2-9] 9. The Purgation of Aqueous Minor [10-2-10] 10. The Gauntlet [10-2-11] 11. Isle Parche [10-2-12] 12. A Traitor Leads The Way [10-2-13] 13. Rougpelt [10-2-14] 14. Scouring Rougpelt [10-2-15] 15. Xantippe's Abyss [10-2-16] 16. Departing Rougpelt [10-2-17] 17. The Lost Isle [10-2-18] 18. Slolam Pilago [10-2-19] 19. The Vebreen Fleet [10-2-20] 20. The Gate To Aegus [10-2-21] 21. Aegus...Empyrrean's Guardian [10-2-22] 22. A Big Empyrrean Welcome [10-2-23] 23. The Fortress Falls [10-2-24] 24. Surrounded and Pounded *10-2-25* 25. Empyrrean's Final Stand [10-3] ARM Missions [10-3-1] 1. A Hero Returns [10-3-2] 2. CORE Kbot Base, Destroy It! [10-3-3] 3. Spider Technology [10-3-4] 4. CORE Contamination Spreads... [10-3-5] 5. The Gate to Thalassean [10-3-6] 6. Beachhead on Thalassean [10-3-7] 7. The Defense of Larab Harbor [10-3-8] 8. The Gate to Tergiverse IV [10-3-9] 9. The Hydration Plant [10-3-10] 10. The Bromid Maze [10-3-11] 11. The Gate to Barathrum [10-3-12] 12. Barathrum! [10-3-13] 13. Landown's Interface [10-3-14] 14. The Heat Increases [10-3-15] 15. Rougpelt [10-3-16] 16. Stockpile at the Abutment [10-3-17] 17. Fortress at Brooban's Isle [10-3-18] 18. Vengence! [10-3-19] 19. The Motien Ramp [10-3-20] 20. Dump [10-3-21] 21. Welcome to CORE PRIME [10-3-22] 22. Battle for Coordinate 6551:447 [10-3-23] 23. Crossing Aqueous Body 397 [10-3-24] 24. Breakthrough to Central Consciousness [10-3-25] 25. CORE PRIME Apocalypse. Free at Last! CHAPTER [11] Strategies [11-1] Evil Strategies [11-1-1] Commander Snatch [11-1-2] Commander Bomb [11-2] Normal Strategies [11-2-1] The use of skirmishers [11-2-2] Naval radar jammers [11-2-3] Bugs as underwater mines [11-2-4] They shoot Berthas don't they? [11-2-5] Flying Bomb [11-2-6] Help! I'm being swarmed by 50... [11-2-7] Commander bombing [11-2-8] Hulks of death [11-2-9] Death to Brawler swarms [11-2-10] Allen's Strategies [11-2-11] Prism's Psychological Warfare [11-2-12] The Lazarus Effect [11-2-13] The Way of the `Bot [11-3] Little bunny tank rushers [11-3-1] Warning signs of a tank rusher [11-3-2] Some strategies to defeat the tank rush -SECTION FOUR- MISCELLANEOUS CHAPTER [12] Data Tables [12-1] Unit Statistics *12-1-1* CORE Units *12-1-2* ARM Units *12-1-3* CORE Unit Advanced Statistics *12-1-4* ARM Unit Advanced Statistics [12-2] Building Statistics *12-2-1* CORE Buildings *12-2-2* ARM Buildings *12-2-5* CORE Building Advanced Statistics *12-2-6* ARM Building Advanced Statistics *12-3* Weapon Statistics [12-4] Building speeds, and an explanation CHAPTER [13] Internet Resources [13-1] World Wide Web sites [13-2] Finding multiplayer opponents [13-2-1] Kali Server [13-2-2] On IRC [13-2-3] What is my IP address? *13-2-4* ICQ List CHAPTER [14] Cheating [14-1] Does the AI cheat? CHAPTER *15* Revision History End Contents ------------------------- CHAPTER [1] Introduction ------------------------- *1-1* Foreword and Introduction ================================ Welcome to version 2.02 of the Unofficial Total Annihilation Strategy FAQ. This minor update is just to give you the statistics of the new units that have been released so far, up to and including all new units and buildings that have been released as of 22 February 1998. I'd like to thank those people who have contributed to this FAQ both in actually additions and well wishing. Both are appreciated. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think and please feel free to email me your additions. [1-2] About the Unofficial TA Strategy FAQ =========================================== This FAQ is meant to help you with the game Total Annihilation, both through walkthroughs for specific missions, and general discussion of strategies that you can use in multiplayer games. This work is not assocaited with the recently released Strategy Guide, and is not meant to compete with it. Notice the word 'unofficial' in the title? That means that this FAQ is not supported by Cavedog Entertainment. FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions. [1-3] Getting the FAQ ====================== [1-3-1] Usenet --------------- At each major update to this FAQ, it will be posted to the following newgroups: (1) At each minor update to the FAQ, I will post a pointer to the webpage in the same newsgroup rather than the entire FAQ. A pointer to the FAQ will be posted in this newsgroup on the first of every month. [1-3-2] WWW ------------ New releases of the Unofficial TA Strategy FAQ can be found at the following World Wide Web site: [1-3-3] BBS ------------ I am not responsible for uploading new releases of the Unofficial TA Internet Strategy FAQ to bulletin board systems. I have control over neither them nor their naming conventions, and can not guarantee that a given BBS will hold a copy of the FAQ in their files section. ATTENTION: ALL BBSes, CompuServe, America Online, and all other information services. PLEASE conform to the naming convention standard of the Unofficial Total Annihilation Internet Strategy FAQ when placing this file on your system. The file name should be 'tafaq??' where the '??' is the revision number of the FAQ or 'tafaq??.txt' is the FAQ is a text file instead of PKZIPped. [1-3-4] Via Email ------------------ Please do not ask me to send you this FAQ via email as rejection often offends. [1-4] Contributing to the FAQ ============================== If you have something to add to the FAQ (I hope you do!), please send an email to me at '' (without the quotes, obviously). Please explain what your submission is and I will then review it and add it to the next version of the FAQ if it is accepted. In this email, please supply your name and email address. Please note that all submissions to the FAQ become the property of the author (Andrew Griffin) and that they may or may not be acknowledged. By submitting to the FAQ, you grant permission for use of your submission in any future publications of the FAQ in any media. The author reserves the right to omit information from a submission or delete the submission entirely. [1-5] Acknowledgements ======================= Cavedog for making such a wild game. Thanks to both Charles Bartley and Michael Wyatt for sending me the files with the unit stats in them - on the same day! :) [1-6] Accuracy of Information ============================== Well, I hope that eveything in here is accurate. In any case, I've tried to make this FAQ as accurate as I can. However, some information, especially mission walkthroughs may simply not work for you. Naturally, future updates to TA may cause some or all of this FAQ to become obsolete. ================================== -SECTION ONE- GENERAL INFORMATION ================================== ----------------------------- CHAPTER [2] Unit Commentary ----------------------------- [2-1] CORE Kbots ================== [2-1-1] Construction Kbot --------------------------- ADD HERE: analysis of unit [2-1-2] A.K. -------------- Clint Oakley - 'Ender' ( Cheap and plentiful, this is the cannon fodder of the CORE army. Armed with a small laser, it really can't hold up to the ARM PeeWee and it's dual EMGs. They are really only useful for quick, cheap early game rushes of about 10 or so, decoys, probes to test enemy ground defenses, or just a general annoyance. If the enemy has anything more than a light laser tower to defend it, don't expect to do much damage. ARM equivalent = PeeWee (I wish!) *2-1-3* Storm --------------- Ted Lambert ( Rocket KBots have a nice range and are an awesome anti-Commander tool - they are faster than, and can stay out of range of the Commander. Decent power if used in groups of 8+. Used as a main weapon in cramped quarters, eg. Pincusion, heavily treed maps, etc. [2-1-4] Thud -------------- Clint Oakley - 'Ender' ( The basic CORE artillery, it is pretty close to the ARM Hammer. Useful against slower Kbots, though it has a hard time hitting faster moving units, such as PeeWees or Jeffys. ARM equivalent = Hammer. [2-1-5] Crasher ----------------- Clint Oakley - 'Ender' ( A pretty good multipurpose unit, it can shoot down slower aircraft, but don't expect to hit anything faster than a basic fighter. They are also good against ground target, they deal OK damage, but are kinda slow. Good for all around defense and a mixed attack force. [2-1-6] Advanced Construction Kbot ------------------------------------ Clint Oakley - 'Ender' ( Not bad, pretty cheap, basically used to guard factories and help out projects. It doesn't have the maneouverability of the Adv. Construction Aircraft or the speed of the Adv. Construction Vehicle. Really only needed for advanced Kbots. [2-1-7] Pyro -------------- Clint Oakley - 'Ender' ( A pretty good unit, though I don't see many people using them. They are quite good against buildings and slower Kbots. Their flamethrowers are good, though they can't hit faster targets. The ARM's closest equivalent is the Zeus, which I generally regard as being a little better. The Pyro is faster, but doesn't inflict as much damage, making it better for hit-and-fade attacks. Andrew's note: This unit seems to be mainly useful when it comes to attacking buildings, as it does a fair amount of damage. Probably best for attacking the weaker structures like power and metal collectors, in a quick raid. Graeme Miller ( Now the Pyro is a nice unit, it isn't a great unit, but it is a nice one. This guy can easily cook a squad of level 1 Kbots, if he survives to get in amongst them. In teams they will decimate the squad of Kbots because of their area effect. Of course, if they manage to keep out of the Pyro's way and pick it off from a distance, the Pyro doesn't stand a chance. The main use I have for the Pyro is simply running them around frying weak structures. The Pyro destroys a metal extractor, radar tower and wind generator in about one burn, so you can do some nasty damage to unprotected bases (just charge them in and see what you can find). The Pyro is also quite capable of picking off Defenders if there aren't too many of them and they aren't being spotted for. Just run the Pyro over (try and catch more than one structure in the burn, because the effect isn't lessened if you catch more in the flame), and fire the Defender pops nicely. [2-1-8] The Can ----------------- The CORE seems to like heavy, power-hungry lasers. When The Can fires its massive laser, it drains 75 power to do so. However, if you don't have 75 power to spare, The Can can't fire! If you are keen to use Cans, make sure you never run out of power for these waddling kbots can't escape. I'm pretty sure that, despite what the manual says, The Can is armed with a laser, not a plasma cannon. Clint Oakley - 'Ender' ( A good heavy assault unit, though you must always remember to have enough power and ALWAYS back them up with some anti-air support and possibly some tanks. You will probably need to set their backup to Guard one of them to make sure they get there at the same time. Sending a radar jammer with them is a good idea, as if anyone sees a bunch of Cans waddling towards them will instantly throw up everything they have into a heavy defense. [2-1-9] Roach --------------- Clint Oakley - 'Ender' ( These little bugs pack a BIG punch. They are too slow to attack heavilly defended areas, so normally the best way to use them is to use a Valkyrie to pick it up, fly it above where you need it, and self-destruct (CTRL-D) the Valkyrie. The Valkyrie is easilly show down, so avoid about anything that can shoot at aircraft. BTW, they can crawl underwater, making sneak amphibious assaults very effective :). The plast is comparitive to about 1/2 of a nuke. ARM equivalent = Invader. [2-1-10] Spectre ------------------ Clint Oakley - 'Ender' ( These radar jammers are your best bet for blacking out your base, since they cast the biggest jamming field. Their speed is fair, put one or two in your ground invasion force to ensure a minimal resistance. If you put a Spectre and Informer together out near their base, you can have a good radar area without the enemy knowing. Of course, they are unarmed, so if they get attacked, kiss em goodbye. [2-2] CORE Vehicles ===================== [2-2-1] Construction Vehicle ------------------------------ ADD HERE: analysis of unit [2-2-2] Weasel ---------------- ADD HERE: analysis of unit *2-2-3* Instigator -------------------- Ted Lambert ( Fast, excellent in groups, fair armour. They can survive more than a hit, so they can take most anything out if used properly. Send in no less than 8 to do any small strikework, but keep away from heavy laser towers ... they tend to eat tanks up. [2-2-4] Raider ---------------- ADD HERE: analysis of unit [2-2-5] Slasher ----------------- ADD HERE: analysis of unit [2-2-6] Advanced Construction Vehicle --------------------------------------- ADD HERE: analysis of unit [2-2-7] Crock --------------- ADD HERE: analysis of unit [2-2-8] Reaper ---------------- ADD HERE: analysis of unit [2-2-9] Deleter ----------------- ADD HERE: analysis of unit [2-2-10] Pillager ------------------- ADD HERE: analysis of unit [2-2-11] Goliath ------------------ ADD HERE: analysis of unit [2-2-12] Informer ------------------- ADD HERE: analysis of unit [2-2-13] Diplomat ------------------- ADD HERE: analysis of unit [2-3] CORE Aircraft ===================== [2-3-1] Construction Aircraft ------------------------------- ADD HERE: analysis of unit [2-3-2] Fink -------------- Graeme Miller ( (Also applies to the Peeper) A nice, cheap, fast moving plane, it's one use is scouting/spotting. You should be able to send this over most AA units without it being destroyed simply because it is so fast. It will outrun most missiles, so unless you tell it to turn around sharply (hence losing airspeed), it won't die very easily. I usually build a few of these and assign them to guard my squads, because it increases the distance that they can see. Unless a squad actually sees the enemy (rather than just appearing on the radar), they won't fire, so even if you have really long range, it is wasted without a spotter. So use it as a spotter or scout, a few flying over your base's AA will also help them shoot down invaders. I would probably build fighters for spotting near my base because they will intercept any threat unlike the unarmed peeper/fink. [2-3-3] Avenger ----------------- ADD HERE: analysis of unit [2-3-4] Shadow ---------------- ADD HERE: analysis of unit [2-3-5] Valkyrie ------------------ ADD HERE: analysis of unit [2-3-6] Advanced Construction Aircraft ---------------------------------------- ADD HERE: analysis of unit *2-3-7* Rapier ---------------- I'm finding that the missiles the Rapier fires are fairly inaccurate, so against the smaller targets it isn't as effective. Against slow moving targets or larger buildings, however, it is quite useful although I would prefer the Hurricane for the lower metal cost Ted Lambert ( Use them like Brawlers, except against buildings. They will eat a base in 2/3 of the time. No less than 4 or 5 in a group, guard them with and AA that can be spared. If used correctly, they are half again as good as Brawlers. Try em, learn em, like em. [2-3-8] Hurricane ------------------- The Hurricane is really beginning to grow on me because of its turreted laser. The laser may not be exceptionally powerful (it looks to be the same as the AK's or thereabouts), but it is quite quick and rarely misses. The laser will start shooting at enemy units before it reaches its target, while it is bombing its target, and while it is flying away from its target. Each little bit of damage helps. This laser can target both air and land/sea enemies. Naturally, as the advanced bomber type for the CORE, it carries quite a large payload. [2-3-9] Titan --------------- ADD HERE: analysis of unit [2-3-10] Vamp --------------- ADD HERE: analysis of unit [2-4] CORE Ships ================== [2-4-1] Construction Ship --------------------------- ADD HERE: analysis of unit [2-4-2] Searcher ------------------ ADD HERE: analysis of unit [2-4-3] Enforcer ------------------ ADD HERE: analysis of unit [2-4-4] Envoy --------------- Graeme Miller ( (Also applies to the Hulk) And putting your expensive units in a floating death trap strikes you as a good idea? I wouldn't risk it unless it was very, very well protected and it was making a landing at an unprotected shore. It takes about 20 hits (less if something decent is firing at you), and your army sinks to the bottom of the sea, not good odds really, considering the time it takes to load/unload. I definitely wouldn't put more than 6 units in. The best use for this is to load it up with crawling bombs and self destructing it near enemy ships. The effect of the bombs is cumulative so the explosions can be very serious. [2-4-5] Snake --------------- ADD HERE: analysis of unit [2-4-6] Hive -------------- ADD HERE: analysis of unit [2-4-7] Shark --------------- ADD HERE: analysis of unit [2-4-8] Hydra --------------- ADD HERE: analysis of unit [2-4-9] Executioner --------------------- ADD HERE: analysis of unit [2-4-10] Warlord ------------------ This massive battleship is strange in that not only does it use energy when moving, but it uses additional energy to fire its laser. This means that if the Warlord is moving and firing at the same time that its total power drain is 44+75 = 119 energy units, of which only 46 are supplied by its own reactor. So, without surplus energy, Warlords can become crippled. [2-5] ARM Kbots ================= [2-5-1] Construction Kbot --------------------------- Prism ( This construction bot isn't quick but it can follow any units around and fit through the gaps that vehicle bots cannot. It has uses but to be honest I only build one to get the advanced Kbot lab. It is fairly well armoured and harder to hit than its other counterparts, so don't overlook it. [2-5-2] Peewee ---------------- The dual energy machine guns that the Peewee packs may be slightly inaccurate, but it its target isn't moving, the Peewee can really pack a punch. Against (non-defensive) structures they are especially useful because of this very high rate of fire and can pick of metal extractors and solar collectors before a response can be mounted. In comparison to the CORE A.K, the Peewee comes out way ahead. Kris Lillestol ( A little known fact about Peewees is that they can not only attack ground units, but air units as well! A group of Peewees mixed in with your attacking force can do an excellent job against air defenses. [2-5-3] Rocko --------------- Jake ( These babies have quite a firing distance with their rockets and are great to plant in forests to ambush enemy convoys or on any flat terrain. *2-5-4* Hammer ---------------- Jake ( The artillery cannons on this little K-bot can be very useful as a static defense against a large attacking force, or to fire over a ridgeline or hill at enemy units that have LOS (line of sight) weapons. The Dwarfer ( I love these units, quite powerful and for me the best level 1 Kbot there is. Build about 5-7 of these and attack early on and you will take quite a few buildings. I cannot express how much I love these units. [2-5-5] Jethro ---------------- Jake ( A little K-bot with dual AA missle launchers that will take out most aircraft if they blunder into its range. [2-5-6] Advanced Construction Kbot ------------------------------------ Prism ( Not much more than the construction Kbot, this bot has the usual upgraded from a Level 1 construction unit, ie. more to build and is faster at building. [2-5-7] Zipper ---------------- Prism ( This bot is really quite good. It is very quick but looses armour because of this. Although it doesn't have a powerful weapon, it's medium laser is able to pack a punch. Use in groups to hit and run, or as part of a combined attack as a faint. They can also take out most tanks if you keep them moving around the tank to prevent a direct hit. Cruise ( Only really useful if you start with them at the beginning of a level for early scouting. Once you have an airfield, use the peepers. They do, however, make a good fast response team. Don't tell them to attack directly though, or they'll just stand and shoot, and moving is their best defense. Let them start attacking automatically, and they'll run around the target, making them harder to hit. [2-5-8] Fido -------------- Prism ( This is my favourite bot. I know a lot of gamers who don't use Fido because he's slow and hard to move, but he is very well armed. He has a short-barrelled gauss cannon, and high velocity shells which when used together can really do some damage. I find their best used in defense along with lasers or as support for other units. They are too slow to use on their own. [2-5-9] Zeus -------------- Prism ( The mighty Zeus has a very nice little lightning gun, which has a limited range, but does a fair amount of damage. He's not that slow either. I don't use Zeus that much because I only use fast bots for raids, but if you do like using bots on the front lines, make sure you have a Zeus with you; he's good at his job. [2-5-10] Invader ------------------ Notnus ( This unit will give a huge explosion, and take many surrounding units with it. One tactic is to have a transporter load it and flying it towards the enemy line of defense (to weaken it so you can attack with aircraft), against a group of heavy tanks, or damage key buildings and even their Commander. [2-5-11] Eraser ----------------- Notnus ( If you're willing to risk it, cloak your Commander, and bring him and a jammer near the enemy line of defense, with the jammer out of sight. Then bring the Commander to the end of the jammer's field and you can see his/her base! (Keep and eye on your energy, jammer and(!) Commander!). Prism ( The Eraser is a vital unit. Anything that can hide your units from radar has obvious tactical advantages and I like to use the eraser with 'hit squads' of PeeWees so the enemy can only see the attack when it is too late. Cruise ( Doesn't seem to have that much use against the computer, as it seems to know where your units are anyway, but against other people, they are very useful. Scatter them around your base, and none of your buildings will appear on the radar! Send them to accompany ground units to keep squads hidden until you attack, or load one onto an atlas to keep your air units hidden. An excellent use for them is in tandem with spiders, put an eraser together with a spider, when the spider stuns somebody, send in two atlases, one with an eraser on to keep them hidden. Pick up the stunned unit, take it back to your base and capture it. Your very own Bermuda Triangle! [2-6] ARM Vehicles ==================== [2-6-1] Construction Vehicle ------------------------------ Prism ( It's bigger, bulkier and better than the Kbot construction unit, but it is cumbersome, and can't always fit through gaps you need it to fit through. [2-6-2] Jeffy --------------- Prism ( Jeffy is a quick light tank with a decent visual range. Because they're so cheap I place them at my perimeter to use as early warning devices for enemy units using radar jammers for coverage, and also to let my heavy guns have a chance to fire at full range. [2-6-3] Flash --------------- Basically a Peewee in vehicle form, a Flash is also armed with dual energy machine guns so everything that applies to the Peewee applies to the Flash as well. [2-6-4] Samson ---------------- Jake ( This vehicle has an AA missle launcher that is a little better than the Jethro's. Place these in a static line intermixed with Hammer K-bots and Stumpys. Build 2-4 of these as soon as you finish that all-important Construction Vehicle, and spread them in a tight preimeter around your base. *2-6-5* Stumpy ---------------- Jake ( A great little tank with a cannon. I also build at least 2-4 of these guys after my Construction Vehicle so I have a quick ground defense if needed. The Dwarfer ( These little tanks are great. Build about 10 at the start and you are laughing. Quite cheap and they pack quite a punch. Very good in small groups that are spread out. One of the best units in the game. Three cheers for the stumpy. [2-6-6] Advanced Construction Vehicle --------------------------------------- Prism ( The same as the advanced Kbot, but again, bigger, bulkier and IMO better. [2-6-7] Bulldog ----------------- Jake ( A larger Stumpy with 2 cannon and a great unit to disperse between Defender towers. [2-6-8] Triton ---------------- Jake ( I used these once and I won't again on most maps. These guys are way too slow under water and if there are subs or destroyers lurking about, don't even bother sending them on an attack. It's basically a Stumpy with an aqua-lung. :) Prism ( I just wanted to add to what Jake said about this one, they are junk (Andrew: *grin*). In most cases, leave well enough alone and build a transport for proper tanks. Maybe if they could put up some defense whilst under water, or it there was a naval jammer unit to cover them. [2-6-9] Jammer ---------------- See Eraser (2-5-11). Prism ( This is an essential unit. When you use ground attacks, make sure two or three of these are coupled with your attack squad. Their ability to blank out your units on the enemy radar (note they have a small blocking area, click to see how much), can give you a decisive advantage. Use these units well and you can turn a battle. [2-6-10] Luger ---------------- Prism ( Why some people don't use these units is beyond me. The Luger, or light mobile artillery, is like a mobile Guardian, but with less power, range, and accuracy. I ALWAYS place these at the back of my attack force and watch them send their arced shells onto my enemy. They act as an extra attack force and although they are weak, can take out most defenses while your other units worry about getting the enemy's metal and energy. [2-6-11] Merl --------------- Prism ( The Merl, or ground bases missile launcher :), is highly useful in small doses. It is slow to fire and the rockets can miss their target, hitting friendly units, especially when attacking mobile foes. This is why it's not used a great deal. I prefer to put Lugers behind my troops not these units. If you want an air defense, get Jethros or Samsons. [2-6-12] Spider ----------------- Mr. Pink ( If you ever notice that the enemy construction units will travil away from their base to build metal mines. well if you have noticed you can do this, use your bombers to destroy an enemy mine so that the computer will go and replace it. if there is heavy fortification or no mine really away from the base use a nuke. then when they send a construction vehicle to build the mine use a spider that you have setup close to the metal to paralize the constuct, and pick it up with your air transport. then take it to a place away from your base because its still an enemy so you base defences will fire at it... have your commander there and capture it. Then you don't have to worry about which sides better, you will be able to build both... Cool eh. Jake ( Wow! If you play any map with large, seemingly unscalable mountains, this is the unit for you! These guys can crawl over ANY type of elevation. Their only problem is their weak weaponry which supposedly stuns the enemy... [2-6-13] Seer --------------- Notnus ( A mobile radar, use it with a radar jammer to spy on enemy moves. Prism ( This little mobile radar is a must. Use him with your attack force and you should be able to increase the range of most of your units, and also keep an eye out for ambushes and other such nasties. [2-7] ARM Aircraft ==================== [2-7-1] Construction Aircraft ------------------------------- Prism ( This construction vehicle has weak armour, but can move around easily and is good at placing buildings near the enemy's base. Because they are aircraft, they can quickly construct your solid foundation of mines which are dotted around the map. [2-7-2] Peeper ---------------- Prism ( The Peeper is a scout plane that moves very quickly to avoid being shot down. They are very useful to see what the enemy are up to, and are useful to patrol areas of your land. I like to put them on guard with attack forces to increase their line of sight, and because of their speed, they are less likely to be shot down. They have NO weapons. Cruise ( The best scouting unit. Once you have an air base, build them, and send them out. They are unlikely to get hit because of their speed, and they can cover huge amounts of area very quickly. They are also useful as spotters for longer range weapons. A useful trick for this is to tell the peeper to land somewhere it can't, like water. It will then start circling the area, and it will not get hit for a long time, if at all. All the while, your artillery can pound away. *2-7-3* Freedom Fighter ------------------------- Prism ( A Freedom Fighter is good at retaliating to enemy bombing raids by finishing off planes that your air defenses didn't kill, or as a quick solution to guarding a distant object before defenses have gone up. They only have missiles which are weak, and are little use in attacking any ground structures except metal mines. I only use Freedom Fighters in their other role, as escorts to bombers to draw fire and engage other fighters. Kris Lillestol ( While they can attack both air to air and air to ground, I have found that they are most effective air to air. I always make sure to have these guys patrolling my base to thin out Brawler attacks. The Dwarfer ( Very good fighters once they get to veteran status. Build a few of these and patrol your metal extractors and solar generators and you should be alright if someone decides to start to bomb your metal extractors and collectors. [2-7-4] Thunder ----------------- Jake ( A fun unit if you can make 2-4 and CTRL+# them as one group. One will take out a Metal Extractor easily, and 2-4 can take out Solar Collectors and other buildings. They only drop bombs, so if you can get a level 2 aircraft lab, build that and Phoenix instead. [2-7-5] Atlas --------------- Prism ( This unit has no defensive abilities but is very nifty for carrying single units around the map. I won't go into it many, well, unpleasant uses. [2-7-6] Advanced Construction Aircraft ---------------------------------------- Prism ( Much the same as the above level 1 construction aircraft, but with a quicker build time, and a greater selection of units. [2-7-7] Brawler ----------------- Prism ( I love the Brawler (Andrew: apparently so does everyone else *grin*). It uses a dual energy gun like the Peewee or the Flash, is more powerful, and acts more like a helicopter. Unlike other planes, it can 'hover' around the target it is attacking, and so is good for attacks where you need a quick result. They are powerful, but because they hover over their target, are easier to shoot down. However, I find them more useful than the Phoenix, but I know Jake won't agree :) Cruise ( Excellent ground attack craft, especially against laser towers. A squad of five should demolish most base defenses pretty quickly. They are vulnerable to missile fire, however, as these seek, and negate the brawler's dodging ability. They are also vulnerable to fighters because of this, and the fighters' high speed means the brawlers are very unlikely to get a return shot in. But for taking out most ground and sea targets, they are excellent. [2-7-8] Hawk -------------- Prism ( The Hawk is a Stealth fighter. It is quick and invisible to the enemy radar. It is armed with long-range missiles. Use the Hawk where you need a stealth unit, otherwise I use them for defending mines, which are out of my ground units range, or for surprise attacks on enemy bombers coming at my base. That can be fun :) [2-7-9] Phoenix ----------------- Jake ( Talk about a great aircraft: Light lasers to fend off fighters or hit ground targets when not on a bombing run, and also bombs! Guard them well because they take a while to build. 4 of these can really wreak havoc on the enemy. It's counterpart is the Core's Hurricane. [2-7-10] Lancet ----------------- Prism ( The Lancet is an anti-naval plane that is slow and not that well defended as a unit, but can hit enemy subs and ships with it's powerful torpedos. Because the torpedos are dropped before their target, it is hard to use these bombers against land targets. :) To attack subs, another unit must spot them first (Andrew: or appear on sonar). Some people love them, other don't. Personally, I like variation so I always have a few on a map with some water. Cruise ( Attacking ships from the air is an excellent method, as very few ships have air defenses, and those that do don't have sub defenses (hint, hint). Send a squad of these, and the ships will be nothing more than metal at the bottom of the sea after a few passes. [2-8] ARM Ships ================= [2-8-1] Construction Ship --------------------------- Prism ( Unlike the construction vehicles, there is no advanced construction ship YET (wait for the new units, apparently one will appear some time). It can build a laser tower on coastal land, but is otherwise limited to it's naval uses such as shipyards and sonar stations, etc. It is not well armoured, and like other construction units has no defenses, so look after it. [2-8-2] Skeeter ----------------- Prism ( I like the Skeeter a lot. It has a good range for spotting the enemy, is fast so it can tear past enemy boats and outrun torpedos, but most of all it has a missile launcher as a weapon, and so is good at defending large ships from enemy aircraft. Cruise ( Like most of the scout craft, pretty redundant for scouting once you have air scouts. They are very useful anti-air defence for your seagoing craft however. Not as powerful as the missile boats, but you can build lots more of them quicker and cheaper. And more missiles means more chance of hitting. [2-8-3] Crusader ------------------ Prism ( The Crusader is mainly for use against subs. It is well armed with an array of smart depth-charges, and also has a good sonar range. I personally like it as a fast attack ship which is cheap and good for both naval battles and also sub hunting. I use them a lot as a basic combined attack unit. [2-8-4] Lurker ---------------- Notnus ( A submarine which can fire at subs, ships and ground targets! The ground targets have to be close to the shore, though, but ground units with lasers/rockets won't be able to hit it, so it can kill them while they stand on the shore. The only useful unit you can produce from the Basic Shipyard when you have a 'good' sea-force with advanced units. Prism ( Lurkers are nice little submarines that are good at taking out enemy ships and moving around without being seen for surprise attacks, but are no good on their own. Always use in packs of 5 or more. They also can't attack ground based units which is a bit of a pain, but which makes the game fair. (Andrew: actually they can attack ground units, but only when said units have ventured into the shallow water of the coastline) Cruise ( These are very useful for taking out the battleships, as these can't see or attack them. Also good for sneaky scouting, as they won't be spotted that easily. [2-8-5] Hulk -------------- Prism ( The Hulk can carry up to 20 units in it, and is fairly slow and without defense or decent armour, but was never intended for combat. Use carefully, or one full Hulk which is caught and destroyed could be very expensive. [2-8-6] Piranha ----------------- Prism ( The Piranha is like it's aquarian relative. I like them a lot. They're violent little units that have a huge sonar range and kill normal subs with two shots. Although their torpedos are weaker than those of the Lurker, against ships, it can fire more at an enemy because of it's extended range. I use these to guard my large ships from enemy attacks. [2-8-7] Ranger ---------------- Notnus ( The sea equivalent of the ARM Merl (although with a much longer range!), it protects your ships from aircraft (to some extent), and provides additional firepower against static ground defenses. It is helpless against long range ships and the subs. Prism ( The Ranger has both a pair of heavy rockets for surface combat, and an anti-air missile grid. Rangers have a long range and are powerful, but has no anti-submarine defense and a slow rate of fire, so are useless on their own. If I use them it is for long range attacks on enemy ships, but keep them hanging back with an escort of 2 to 4 Lurkers. [2-8-8] Conqueror ------------------- Notnus ( This is the reason you have a navy in the first place. It can hit enemy targets both at sea and ground from a great distance, as it has the longest ranged weapon at sea. It will also protect your fleet from subs at the same time! Prism ( This cruiser has a truely HUGE firing range and powerful shells, with depth-charges to take out any submarines. When you start using this ship you'll wonder why it took you so long to discover it. I use them with all coastal maps to hit inland targets such as long range cannons, which planes or ground attacks can't reach. [2-8-9] Millenium ------------------- Notnus ( Although not as tough as the CORE Warlord, this unit is required to protect your fleet from it (the Warlord). It can also destroy other surface ships easily. The ARM battleship doesn't require extra energy as the CORE Warlord does, so this will still protect your base and fleet if the enemy blows up your energy generators. Prism ( This is the second best naval unit in TA; the strongest naval unit ARM has. It has got two batteries of three huge guns, and has a massive amount of armour to withstand enemy attacks. What makes this unit special is it's ability to fire at two targets at the same time. It is expensive and lacks sub/air defenses, so add Skeeters and Piranhas to keep it afloat. [2-8-10] Colossus ------------------- Notnus ( The ARM Aircraft Carrier is NEEDED on almost all water maps! It provides energy, repairs damaged aircraft and it has the important radar. This ship is self-protected if you assign some (stealth) fighters, torpedo bombers and one construction ship to guard it. Keep it away from the shore line and battles. If you want to destroy targets with aircraft, they won't have to go back to base to get repaired, and this is actually the main function for the Colossus. Prism ( The Colossus is a naval aircraft carrier. It can repair two aircraft at the same time, and has a large radar range for the planes, along with a small fusion reactor to help pay for the energy it drains when repairing damaged craft. The Colossus doesn't have any truely defensive weapons, but can launch aircraft against the enemy and is a VERY useful tool on the battlefield. [2-9] The Commander ===================== The big fella himself. He is the fastest of all the construction units, being about 5 times as fast as the level 1 construction units and 2 or 3 times as fast as the advanced construction units. He can only build the basic structures by himself, but a trick is to start an advanced building with another construction unit, bring over the Commander to work on it, and then have the construction unit go and do something else. [2-9-1] Armaments ------------------- The Commander is armed with 2 weapons - a small laser and the disintegration gun. Laser: Your basic light laser, it looks to be similar to the one the A.K kbot carries - ie it isn't very good. Disintegration Gun: The ultimate weapon, the D-Gun. Kills anything it hits, but needs 400 power to fire. It doesn't leave any wreckage for you to reclaim though. Press 'd' to enable the D-Gun for the commander. The Commander is fairly slow at tracking units, so unless a unit has stopped for some reason, the Commander may never actually fire at it. To prevent this, you can try and lead the D-gun by shooting it at where you think the unit is going to be in a short time. Because the D-Gun not only affects the impact site but also a small section behind it, even if you are slightly out you will still get your target. This area affect means that you have to be somewhat careful when using the D-Gun in areas where there are things you don't want disintegrated. [2-9-2] Capturing Buildings and Units --------------------------------------- Before you try and capture an enemy building or unit, it is advisable to put the commander onto 'Hold Fire' or 'Return Fire' as he is likely to open up with his laser pop gun on the very building you want to capture. Click on the Capture button in the orders screen (to be able to use the 'c' key to enable the capture you need to be in the Orders screen) then on the building or unit you want to capture. It may take a while for the Commander to capture the unit. Now, most enemy units don't take too kindly to the attempt to capture them, so will feel free to shoot your commander up a bit. You might like to accompany the Commander with another construction unit to heal him. You cannot capture the enemy Commander. The Commander is able to capture ships whilst underwater (meaning that if it attempting to capture a ship without depth charges/torpedos that the ship cannot retaliate against the Commander) [2-9-3] Regeneration ---------------------- The Commander slowly regenerates damage done to him over time. However, this seems to use up a small amount of his energy (about 30 energy units it looked like, although it may vary with the amount of damage he has sustained). [2-9-4] Cloaking ------------------ In the Orders tab, you can click on the Visible button to make the Commander invisible. This has a constant energy cost of 200 units, but this increases to 1000 energy units if the commander is moving. If there is not enough energy, the Commander will decloak. [2-10] New Units ================= [2-10-1] Where can I get the new units? ---------------------------------------- The new units for Total Annihilation are on Cavedog's Total Annihilation homepage ( They are also mirrored at [2-10-2] What do I need to use the new units? ---------------------------------------------- To use these new units, you need to be using the 1.2 patch. This is also available off the sites listed above. At the time of writing, this patch is currently in beta. The new units can only be used in multiplayer and skirmish modes. You cannot use them in single player games. Only those units that both you and your opponent have downloaded will be available in your multiplayer game. [2-11] New CORE Units and Buildings ==================================== [2-11-1] Toaster ----------------- The Toaster takes very little damage when 'down' - only 15% of what it would normally take. It is a level 3 building and hence requires the advanced construction units. However, if you look at the statistics for this building, you will notice that it is inferior to the Punisher in every aspect - significantly shorter range, less damage per hit, slower rate of fire, yet costs significantly more metal and energy and is weaker. When in the open position, the Toaster is the weaker brother of the Punisher, and it is probably better just to use the Punisher. [2-11-2] Dominator ------------------- The Dominator is a heavy rocket Kbot that requires the advanced Kbot plant to build. The rocket it fires is a two-stage rocket (like the Merl/Diplomat). [2-11-3] Cobra --------------- The CORE version of the anti-aircraft flakker. It is a level 3 building and can only be built by the advanced construction units. Other than a few minor changes to some stats, it is the same as the ARM version. *2-11-4* Thunderbolt --------------------- Essentially a Gaat Gun on water. The Thunderbolt is built by construction ships. The heavy laser mounted on the Thunderbolt has a slightly longer range than the Gaat Gun (although still less than the Sentinel heavy laser), and does slightly more damage, although firing just a bit slower. However, it is outranged by nearly all of the ship-based weapons that ARM possess, to such an extent that, given time, a Skeeter should be able to destroy a Thunderbolt with it's missile attack. *2-11-5* Voyeur ---------------- A small Kbot that has a fairly large radar mounted on the back. The range of the radar is slightly less than that of the CORE radar tower, but larger than that provided by the Informer. Voyeurs are built from the advanced Kbot lab. *2-11-6* Floating Metal Maker ------------------------------ The CORE version of the floating metal maker, it operates as all the other metal makers, converting 60 energy to 1 metal. It is built by the construction ship. *2-11-7* Leveler Riot Tank --------------------------- A level 1 vehicle (needing only a vehicle plant to be built), the Leveler has very weak armour and a short weapon range, but the cannon it is armed with does a lot of damage to anything that does come within range. The amount of damage each shot does is very large - larger than that done by nearly all of the level 2 vehicles (only the Goliath does more damage, for a vehicle, with a single cannon shot), and it backs this up with a decent reload rate. It has 2 major drawbacks, however - the relatively short range of the cannon, and the light armour of the tank. [2-12] New ARM Units and Buildings =================================== *2-12-1* Flakker ----------------- A level 3 building meant for anti-air defense. It is very good against large groups of slow moving aircraft (such as a Rapier or Brawler pack). Prism ( This gun is brilliant. It gives ARM a definite air advantage (Andrew: lost now that CORE has the Cobra). It is basically a rapid firing shell gun, it fires the shells into the air and they blow up. It can't get planes while they are moving, but if they stop to turn or circle (ie if they are Brawlers or Rapiers), then it can remove clumps in a couple of shots. If you want a solid air defence, use 2 Defenders with one Flakker, or if the enemy uses lots of jets, just sprinkle them around the base. [2-12-2] Defender - NS ----------------------- Essentially a water-based Defender. It can only be built by a construction ship. [2-12-3] Floating Metal Maker ------------------------------ A metal maker that can be build on water. Very useful for maps where landspace is at a premium. It can only be built by a construction ship. *2-12-4* Cloakable Fusion Plant -------------------------------- A fusion plant that has the additional ability of being able to cloak. It uses 450 power when cloacked. When you run out of power, the plant will decloak, until such a time as you have enough power to cloak it again. At that time, it will recloak, and will continue in this on/off cycle until you either shut off the cloaking ability, or get enough power through other sources. This fusion plant creates 1000 units of power. It can only be built by the advanced construction units. *2-12-5* Eagle Radar Plane --------------------------- An aircraft with a large radar area. It is built from the advanced aircraft plant. The Eagle is a very weak plane, being only slightly tougher than the Peeper. *2-12-6* Fortification Wall ---------------------------- Defensive obstruction structure like the Dragon's Teeth, the Fortification Wall is even tougher. Fortification Walls can be built by the advanced construction units. *2-12-7* Warrior ----------------- A level 1 Kbot (meaning it only needs the Kbot lab to be built), the Warrior sports two weapons - an EMG and a light cannon. It usually only fires one of these (although very rarely it will fire both at the same target). The EMG is slightly different from that sported by the Peewee and Brawler is that it fires bursts of 2 shots, rather than bursts of 4 - although it does do marginally more damage with each shot. The Warrior has very heavy armour (almost as much as a Zeus). *2-12-8* Moho Metal Maker -------------------------- The Moho Metal maker is a real boon for the Arm commander. Yes, you need to dedicate a fusion power plant to operate one of these, but considering that a single plant gives you an income of 16 metal, just one of these metal makers can give Arm a significant metal production edge. The moho metal maker is a level 2 building, and thus requires advanced construction units to build it. If you do the sums and compare 1 of these buildings against 16 normal metal makers, it costs less energy (9350 compared to 10992 for the 16 metal makers), although it has a small metal cost. The build time is 34980 compared to 41680 for the 16 makers (even longer if you take into consideration the time it takes for the construction units to move to all 16 build sites). And it even uses less power - 800 compared to 960. Plus, because it is only 1 building rather than 16, you get the following benefits: You are only dedicating 1 unit spot for the building rather than 16 - meaning you aren't filling up all the unit spots with metal makers, leaving all the more for actual units; You can build a much more compact base - defending a single building is a lot easier than having to defend 16 relatively weak buildings. The moho metal maker is also a bonus because of the opportunity cost that converting a metal extractor to a moho mine represents. Take the case that you are converting a 2.0 metal extractor to a moho mine - you must first reclaim the extractor, and then start building the moho mine. During this construction period, you are without that 2.0 metal income. If you are using 2 advanced construction vehicles and the commander (for a combined construction speed of 700), building the moho mine takes (35750/700 = 510.7 ticks). This is over 1000 metal lost in potential income because you no longer had the 2.0 metal extractor working. The build time for a moho metal maker is roughly the same as for a moho mine - so in effect you are getting an extra 1000 metal in income during this perdio, because you didn't have to remove a metal extractor. --------------------------------- CHAPTER [3] Building Commentary --------------------------------- [3-1] Defensive Buildings Analysis ==================================== [3-1-1] Light Laser Tower --------------------------- ADD HERE: analysis of building *3-1-2* Pulverizer/Defender ----------------------------- Jake ( The Defender is my favorite structure to build. It's quick on contruction time and it is a very effective anti-air missle launcher, as well as a decent anti-ground weapon. The Dwarfer ( Build a few of these and you are sorted defensive wise. Add a couple of HLT and a few LLTs as backup, with a couple of Guardians, as these give you the 'reach out and touch me' capability. Pretty cheap with a fast build time, they could become your best friend if you give them a chance. These are my favourite defensive structure in the game. [3-1-3] Punisher/Guardian --------------------------- Jake ( The Guardian is a Dual Heavy Plasma Turret which has a long range and destroys most structures with ease. It takes a while to build, and protect it well because it can be very good on offense, although not too effective at hitting fast units. [3-1-4] Gaat Gun/Sentinel --------------------------- ADD HERE: analysis of building [3-1-5] Torpedo Tube ---------------------- ADD HERE: analysis of building *3-1-6* Dragon's Teeth ------------------------ While you are building a Dragon's Tooth, TA counts it as a unit towards the 200 unit limit. However, after you have finished construction, the newly build Tooth is no longer considered to be a unit. This means that you use Teeth heavilly in TA without worrying about the 200 unit limit. Dragon's Teeth need to be reclaimed to be destroyed, and are an excellent method of funnelling enemy units towards a kill zone. Dragon's Teeth can be blown up, but they are very hardy, and this can take a long time. A fast way to clear Dragon's Teeth is to use the Commander's D-gun. All Dragon's Teeth in the path of the D-gun will be destroyed. You should be aware that Dragon's Teeth are visible on the map, even if you don't currently have LOS there (you have to be able to see the terrain, naturally). This can give away your position, and invite a Bertha strike at that position. The Dwarfer ( I know a bloke called Ambler who builds loads of these on the perimeter of his base with Defenders and HLTs behind them. It is very, very hard to get through to his base. I lost half my force because I had to get rid of the dragon teeth. I think a lot of people don't use these because they think they are rubbish. I think this is a mistake - these babies can make the difference between losing your base and keeping it. Very cheap and VERY hard to get rid of (unless you reclaim them). I do like these a lot. [3-1-7] LLTs Vs HLTs --------------------- Jeff Turkel ( Overall, I would say that the HLTs (heavy laser tower) are slightly better than the LLTs, but only because of their increased range. HLT LLT - Has almost twice as many HP - Half the metal and energy to build - Takes more than 3x as much - Slightly more accurate energy to fire - Shoots twice as fast - Has a longer range - Causes 3x as much damage per hit The cheap price of the LLTs counts for a lot (as does their short build time), because you can simply have more of them trained on a target at once (and not be too worried about the power drain). But, overall, the HLTs are better because they can hit from a longer range - the LLTs aren't worth anything if they can't hit their foes! [3-2] Offensive Buildings Analysis ==================================== [3-2-1] Intimidator/Big Bertha -------------------------------- Jake ( The Big Bertha takes a while to build and uses around 1500-2000 energy each time it fires, but if you can support 2-3 of these with Fusion Power Plants, you can win most games. The range on these guys is incredible and they can usually hit part of the enemy base from inside yours. [3-2-2] Silencer/Retaliator ----------------------------- ADD HERE: analysis of building [3-2-3] Doomsday Machine -------------------------- Michael Wyatt ( The Doomsday Device is the most deadly defensive unit bar none. Armed with an incredibly powerful Doomsday laser, an extremely fast tracking light laser and a double barreled heavy laser, all of which can aim and fire independently, it is able to reap massive carnage among enemy invaders. Requiring only a single square of flat ground to build (the space required by a light laser), it is also the most efficient use of limited defensive space. While much more energy efficient than the Annihilator (800/8 + 10/0.5 + 75/1 = 195 income), it is limited by it's firing range, which is only half that of the Annihilator, allowing plasma batteries to be brought to bear on it from outside its firing range if the owner is not vigilant. In terms of raw damage, the Doomsday Device has the stopping power of 18 goliath tanks. *3-2-4* Annihilator -------------------- Michael Wyatt ( The Annihilator is an incredibly powerful and accurate laser weapon with the same range as a plasma battery. It can fire at air units, but the barrel tracks too slowly to hit anything except for gunships with any degree of confidence. It's energy requirements are staggering (2000 energy per shot) and a constant drain during attacks (a reload rate of 5, needing an income of 400 per time unit to keep it running) but it is able to destroy any ground vehicle with one blast and requires only 3 shots to destroy the mighty Core battleship. In a strategic location it can turn a huge area into a no-man's land but it is unable to prevent rushes of fast units, and requires extensive air support to maintain it's line of vision. The Dwarfer ( These are the best defensive and offensive weapon around. Good range and very powerful make them very lethal. Build one of these near your enemy's base with a radar jammer, and BOOM, no more enemy base. These do take a lot of power, so make sure you have a couple of fusion power places on hand. Mis a couple of these with Defenders, HLTs and Punishers and you will be invincible. Stick these behind your main defense line so you can fall back on these. There is only one problem with this great structure, they cannot handle lots of fast units rushing it. So it needs constant air support. [3-3] How do I take out... =========================== [3-3-1] Big Bertha/Intimidator ------------------------------- Aaron Anderson ( Another good anti bertha strategy: Build a few atlases, a radar jammer, and an advanced vehicle factory. Then produce some mobile rocket launchers (merls for arm) . Scout out an area near your oponents base in the merls range (pretty far) with a(n) aircraft. Pickup the the merls, a radar jammer, and any other forces if you want to. keep the atlases in close formation as to keep them in the radar jammers range (not hard to do) put them down , and attack the bertha with the merls. You should be able to hurt it bad or even take it out before they get to you. if you want to take the atlas's back to your base before you attack, make sure you bring two radar jammers, one to leave and the other to escort them back. This is good for taking out can's too. I'd also like to add that Merls can also defeat berthas by either taking out their energy generators, metal mines, and air defense (Defenders) opening up their defenses for air strikes. Each only takes one merl rocket to destroy. 3-4 Merls will pretty much take out any structure in the game. I think Merls have been greatly overlooked by many TA commanders and they can give you the edge in a close battle. Andrew Cruse ( Its not so much a matter of specifically countering Big Bertha's effect, as accepting that this weapon is an intrinsic part of the battlefield. As a standalone weapon Big Bertha is nothing! - think of it this way, the Big Bertha Cannon is a fixed, slowly rotating turret, with no close in defence, no radar, average sighting, and a slow reload time. The power of Big Bertha is in its support infrastructure, i.e. power generation, target scounting, and overall positioning. To be effective the Big Bertha cannon must have access to 1000 energy a shot, be close enough to the soft targets on the enemy side, and have target and terrain information. In opposing Big Bertha cannons the following tactics can be employed: 1) early air defense - stop scouts from discovering your terrain, make and hold an iron curtain to deny intelliegence to the enemy. By denying target and terrain information you will force Big Bertha to fire blind. 2) counter energy - use scouts of your own to discover energy generators on your opponents side. Destroy these as a priority and you will eliminate the energy Big Bertha needs to fire. 3) build soft installations (i.e power/storage/nukes/ etc) as far back from the enemy lines as is possible to achieve. It is likely that on an average sized map you could be outside even Bertha's impressive range. 4) counter battery fire - build your own Big Bertha's and use them to eliminate the opponent's weapons. Use scouts to discover the positions (or watch for the shell origination point on the mini map) fix the target map position with CTRL F5 (or F6-7), select your own Bertha cannon - select attack - call up the pre-set map position (F5 - F7), click to target and fire. This strategy works best with a small group of Bertha cannons as counter battery fire, when grouped and firing at a map point they don't need a radar trace and shell scattering will likely accont for a least one direct hit! (Stealth fighters make extremely good Big Bertha hunters because they give no radar trace to the enemy - set them to "hold fire" and steer them manually through the opposing lines - as long as you avoid coming too close to missile nests you should be pretty safe. Find the opponents Bertha cannons and land the stealth fighters on the edge of spotting range - behind radar towers under trees are the best places. You will then be able to see where to shoot.) Once you have eliminated the opposing Big Bertha's have some fun of your own. The one thing to bare in mind is that TA is very much a simulation of abstract warfare rather than a simple paper/scissors/stone style affair. Combined attacks and defences are vital, there is no one answer to any problem. The chances are that everyone will use Bertha cannons, the skill is in using them effectively. [3-4] Buildings that take less damage when inactive ==================================================== There are a few buildings in Total Annihilation that sustain less damage from each attack when they are 'closed'. The most common of these is the solar collector, which you have no doubt seen close up when under attack. [3-4-1] Solar collectors ------------------------- When the solar panels have been closed, the solar collectors take only one third of normal damage. [3-4-2] Missile Defense Systems -------------------------------- When they are not firing their missiles, the missile defense systems take half damage from any attack. [3-4-3] Annihilator/Doomsday Machine ------------------------------------- When the Annihilator or Doomsday Machine is in its closed state (ie it has retracted all of its guns and looks like a block), it takes only half damage from all attacks. ------------------------------- CHAPTER [4] Other Information ------------------------------- [4-1] Keyboard Commands ========================= a Attack. If the unit/building has a weapon, you will get a targetting cursor. This enables you to force-fire at something. b Build. This switches to the Build tab. c Capture. Commander only, it selects the capture option. You then click on the building or unit you want to capture. Only works with the Orders tab open. d Commander only, it selects the D-gun. Select your target and fire. e Reclaim. This selects the reclaim option for construction units. Target whatever you want to reclaim (even your own troops and buildings). Only works with the Orders tab open. g Guard. The cursor changes into the guard cursor, so click on the unit or building you want this unit to guard. h Lets you give some resources to another player. l Load. Only works for for the transport units, it changes the cursor to the load cursor. Click on the unit you want to load into the transport. m Move. Changes the cursor to give a move order. n Scrolls to the next unit. o Orders. Brings up the orders tab. p Patrol. The cursor changes to the patrol cursor, letting you lay down patrol waypoints. r Repair. This selects the repair option, for construction units only. Then you target the item you want to repair. Only works with the Orders tab open. s Stop. Cancels any oders the unit already has. t Track. Centers the screen on the currently selected unit and will attempt to track its movements. u Unload. Only works for the transport units. Changes the cursor to the unload cursor. Click on the part of the map where you want to unload the unit. + Speed up the game by 1 step. - Slow down the game by 1 step. ~ Shows health for your units. Also shows their squad number. This is a toggle, so hit the ~ again to get rid of this information. shift Allows you to queue up nearly anything. The most useful key of all. shift If you have a unit or building already selected and you hold down + the shift key and click on another unit or building, both will click now be selected. This makes it easy to add another unit to an already selected group. space Hold it down and you will see how many units you have and how long the mission has taken. pause Pauses the game. You can still give orders when paused. CTRL-a Selects all units, including the Commander. CTRL-b Select all construction units except the commander. CTRL-c Centers the screen on the commander and selects him. CTRL-d Self-destructs the selected units. Click again to turn this off. CTRL-s Selects everything on the screen. CTRL-v Select all aircraft. CTRL-z Select all units of the currently selected type. CTRL-1 to Creates a squad out of the currently selected units or buildings. CTRL-9 CTRL-F5 to Applies a map bookmark to this location. CTRL-F7 CTRL-F9 Performs a screen capture ALT-1 to Selects the previously created squad. Does not center on them. ALT-9 F1 Shows information for the unit the mouse is currently over. F2 Brings up the Options menu. F3 Go to unit that last reported to you. F4 Shows you the number of kills and losses each player has. F5-F7 Jump to the previously laid bookmark. F12 Clears the screen of messages [4-2] Cheat Codes ================== [4-2-1] In-game cheat codes ---------------------------- To use these cheat codes during the game, they have to be entered into the message bar. Hit Enter to bring up the message bar, then type the name of the cheat code, and hit Enter again. Some cheat codes can be turned off by entering them again (although ones that give you resources can naturally not be reversed). Most of these codes do not work in single player games. The codes that do work in single player games will be marked by a -SP-. +ATM Gives you 1,000 metal and energy. +CONTOUR # (#=1-5) Shows elevation contour. +CLOCK Gives you a clock showing how long you have played the mission. -SP- +DITHER Grey line of sight is now dithered. -SP- +DOUBLESHOT Your units do double damage with each shot. +KILL Removes all units and buildings (even your own and including the Commanders) from the map but does not end the game. +NOSHAKE Stops the screen from shaking from large explosions. -SP- +NOWISEE Reveals the map and turns off line of sight. +RADAR Shows all enemy buildings and units (including subs) on the minimap. Does not identify them, however. -SP- +SING Instead of the whirs and clicks you hear when you select a unit, the unit will sing to you instead. -SP- The following code was introduced in the v1.1 patch (available from the website). +SWITCHALT Changes the way unit grouping are recalled. Instead of using ATL-# to recall the group, you can just use their #. -SP- Apparently most of the above cheat codes are switched off in the v1.1 patch (they were left enabled by accident). [4-2-2] Cheat codes used elsewhere ----------------------------------- DRDEATH Click on Total Annihilation's Single Player icon. When the Single Player Game page appears type DRDEATH (it is not case sensitive). This will cause a Cavedog Entertainment bone to appear between the Load Game and Previous Menu icons on the right side of the screen. Clicking on the bone will take players to a special Play Any Game screen where they can play any Total Annihilation mission, even if they have not earned their way to that level yet. This can be toggled off by re-entering the code. It is permanent so that you only have to enter it once (when you load TA again it will remember that you used this code and automatically show the Cavedog bone. [4-3] How do I play the music outside of the game? =================================================== You can play the music as you would any normal audio cdrom. Simply put the cdrom into the player, and then go to track number 2. Hit play and you can listen to the soundtrack to your heart's content. [4-4] What is Veteran status, and what does it do? =================================================== When a unit or building gets 5 kills against it's name, that unit or building gains Veteran status. When veteran status is gained, the following happen: accuracy increases, weapons become more effective, and the armour goes up. There may be some more results from becomming Veteran but I cannot confirm this. I have also noticed that the weapon's firing speed is slightly increased in Veteran units. [4-4-1] How can I get Veteran units quickly? --------------------------------------------- Eric "Scoop" Eckstein: Train your troops by building weak structures (like radar towers) and having your big guns blow 'em up. Kill 5 and that unit becomse a veteran (better accuracy) and for every 5 it kills, that unit gets that much more powerful. Needless to say, use this on the primo guys (as it's a bit of pain to spend your time building and destroying) but it pays off when your defenses kick tail (especially Big Bertha -- an accurate Bertha? Say it ain't so!)" For quickly getting sea units to Veteran status, you would build sonar stations as your targets because of their very low cost. Oh, and if you are going to train Bertha cannons in this method, don't build your targets inside of your base :) [4-5] Explosions ================= When a unit or building is killed, it explodes, sometimes very violently. When anything explodes, it does damage to anything surrounding it. The amount of damage varies between what gets killed, for example an exploding fusion plant does a lot more damage than an exploding Kbot lab. Things that store energy do more damage when exploding. The amount of damage being done drops off radially, so that a unit very close to the explosion will take more damage than a unit a little further away. [4-5-1] Self-Destruct ---------------------- When you use CRTL-d to cause a building or unit to self destruct, the damage that the self-destruct explosion causes is actually greater than that which would be done if the building were to explode through being killed. This opens up a whole new range of opportunities, especially when your base is being run over. [4-6] Capturing units ====================== [4-6-1] Determining how long it takes to capture something ----------------------------------------------------------- The only thing that determines how long a unit or structure takes to capture is the energy and metal cost of that item. The higher the metal and energy cost, the longer it will take to capture. =================== -SECTION TWO- TIPS =================== ------------------------- CHAPTER [5] How Do I... ------------------------- [5-1] Load planes onto a carrier? =================================== Select the plane to load, click on Move (or press 'm') and click on the carrier. The plane will fly over and load itself onto the carrier. [5-2] Launch planes from a carrier? ===================================== The planes being carried on the carrier are still separate entities, so just click on the plane you want and use it as normal. [5-3] Use the air repair pad? =============================== Its just like loading a plane onto a carrier. Select the plane, click on Move and then click on the repair pad. There is a slight bug in the game in that if you have turned off the repair pad then landed a plane on it, and then turned the repair bay on, the plane will not get repaired until you move it off and then back on to the pad. [5-4] Use an air transport? ============================= To pick up a unit with the air transport, you need to click on Load and (or press 'l') then click on the unit you want to pick up (notice that the cursor changed after you selected Load). To unload the unit, you click on Unload (or press 'u') and then the location on the map where you want to unload the unit. The transport cannot carry ships, but can carry every other type of unit - including the enemy's units! [5-5] Get the air transport to land while carrying a unit? ============================================================ Pressing Stop while you have the air transport selected, it will now settle to the ground. However, before you can use the Unload function, you have to get it back into the air (Move it somewhere). No, you can't pick up a loaded transport with another transport (either air or sea) :) Trying to do this with the sea transport causes it to freak out a bit as it will continually try and pick up the transport and fail. [5-6] Use the sea transport? ============================== It is similar to the air transport in that you click on Load and then on the unit you want to pick up. To unload the transport, click on Unload and then on the section of shore where you want the unit unloaded. If there is no room for that unit being unloaded at the destination, the hulk will continue to try and unload at the same place until that section clears or you pick a new unloading point. Forget what the manual says, the hulk can carry more than 6 units. Hulks can hold 20 units while Envoys can hold 24. The sea transport work on the principle of first in, last out, which means that the first unit loaded into the transport will be the last unloaded, and the last one loaded will be the first unloaded. [5-7] Assign an exit point for new units? =========================================== Select the building that will be producing the units and click on the Orders tab (or hit 'o'). Then you can give the appropriate commands such as have the new units move to a certain place. You can also do more advanced things such as setting up patrol routes that the new units will immediately start patrolling (yep, you can queue up these commands as well). [5-8] Assign default behaviour to new units? ============================================== Select the building that will be producing the units and click on the Orders tab. Then select the desired firing and movement option and all new units from that plant will have those orders (so you can have the units come out set to 'Fire At Will' and 'Roam' for example). [5-9] Build a nuclear missile/anti-nuke missile? ================================================== Once you have built the appropriate structure, select it and you will see a missile icon in the Build tab. Click on the missile icon and a new missile will start to be built. You can click multiple times so that many missiles will be built one after the other (you can stockpile your nukes). Its probably a bad idea to have only one anti-nuke missile on hand :) The number of missiles you currently have stockpiled is in the icon. So if it looked like 3 + 2 it would mean you have 3 ready and another 2 queued for construction. [5-10] Tell how much of my base is protected by the anti-nuke system? ======================================================================= Select your anti-nuke missile system building and look at the minimap. The white circle shows the area of protection the device is giving you. The missile defense systems provide a coverage area of 2000 (which is less than the radar range of an advanced radar tower). [5-11] Get rid of dragon's teeth? ================================== The only way to get rid of them is to reclaim them with a construction unit. They seem invulnerable to weapon fire (actually, they just have a really huge number of hit points so can be blown up, but it takes a really long time). ------------------------------- CHAPTER [6] Construction Tips ------------------------------- [6-1] How do I build stuff faster? ==================================== You can assign multiple construction units to a single job. Select the construction unit you want to add to the work and click on the construction you want them to help with. The cursor will change appropriately. *6-2* What's a good way to start a base? ========================================== Play a game of skirmish and set the conditions so you can see the whole map right from the start. Then watch how the computer builds up its own base - it is very good at it. Prism ( When you start the level, get either an aircraft or vehicle bay down and build two or three construction vehicles straight away. Get the first one made to help the production of the second and third. Whilst doing this, get your Commander to grab metal mines and build solar panels near by. Some players like to build Freedom Fighters or their CORE equivalent and attack their enemy early on to hit their mines, but I don't, because any experience gamer will have done this next bit ... BUILD AIR DEFENSES. 2 or 3 missile towers around your perimeter should do. It is to stop early attacks and Commander abductions. After that you have two choices. If you don't think the enemy will attack straight away, mark out an area and grab as many ore mines as you can. Remember that in this game, the resources are vital. I like to then build two construction aircraft and get them to build two Defenders by each mine to stop them being bombed. It surprises me how few people actually take all of the metal they can, but you must be expansive. Now start building up your base and bring your three construction units into defense. Put up four or five Guardians around your base, but leave space to expand into the gap. I also litter my base with Defenders in case the enemy is an aircraft freak. The Defenders are good at both ground and air attacks, so use them a lot. That is your basic structure setup. From there on, people either build more units such as Samsons or Jethros or Stumpys to defend their base. Personally, I like to get a fusion reactor going ASAP. Make sure you have (advanced) radar towers up as your eyes and ears. Hang Cheng ( (mainly for skirmish mode) My suggestion for a good way to start a base is to build 2 metal extractors, then a solar collector, then a metal extractor, etc. Keep building until you have about 5 extractors and 4 collectors. Then go and build a factory. If on mainly flat land, I recommend a vehicle factory. Otherwise build a Kbot plant or shipyard. After the factory build one more collector. Then start producing 2 construction vehicles (3 if not really rushed). If playing against more than one opponent, start building about 6 Flashes. Send them out to hunt for the enemy Commander. The Commander is usually low on energy after building and he can't decide who to attack if more than one Flash attacks him. If you don't do this sick strategy against multiple opponents (allied), you'll often finding yourself having a war on two fronts. Not fun! After destroying one of the enemy Commanders, leaving the other alive for an interesting game. (do the following if opponent is computer) However, if the opponent whose Commander you have just destroyed has extractors in a conflict area, I suggest leaving them there. The other opponent will not destroy them, so their growth will slow down. The idea is not perfect but seems to work against two computer opponents allied against me. [6-2-1] Graeme's Build Order ----------------------------- Graeme Miller ( My prefered Build Oder. This build order assumes that the setting are: - map: any largely land based map (non metal) - Commander: either - mapped - LOS: true 1. Build 2 solar panels (if the map is high wind you can build one panel and 2 wind generators). 2. Build metal extractor 3. Solar panel 4. Two metal extractors as long as the patches of metal aren't more than 2 screens away from home base. 5. Ask yourself "Am I going to attack early? or is my enemy going to attack me early?" If the answer to either of these questions is "yes", build a Kbot lab. If it is "no", try to build another 1 or 2 metal extractors and one more solar panel. 6. Build Kbot lab and either 2 Peewees or 2 Rockos (you could always build the pooosite ie. Peewee and Rocko, but I always build my units in even numbers). Assign these 2 to squad 1. 7. Build construction Kbot. 8. Commander runs around claiming metal patches, placing radars and possibly LLTs, as long as they aren't too far from home base (unless they are protected by squad 1). The Commander should reclaim any rocks he comes across; try to travel routes that bring the Commander into contact with rocks. 9. Kbot concentrates on building power and storage and Defenders (these rock - they have long range and are AA), also reclaiming any rocks and debris that are near the base. 10. Build more units, probably 4 Kbots, construction, 6 Kbots, constructor, 8 Kbots, constructor and then just build Kbots. Assign them all to squad 1. Use the Kbots in your base, then when your base is equipped, retreat the COmmander back and use the Kbots to claim metal across the map. Build Defenders in various places. If there are lots of metal patches in one place, build a radar and a few Defenders and some lasers to hold it. Back at your base, build 4 metal makers or so and assign them all to group 9. When you have spare power, switch to group 9 and turn them on; when power gets low, turn them off. This way you don't waste metal. 11. When you have enough metal, build 2nd Kbot lab or vehicle factory (I'd go with vehicles if you have a decent metal supply). Build 4 units and a constructor, and then churn out units. Assign the units to squad 4, or if they are Kbots, you can assign them to squad 1 and just have 1 large Kbot squad (it makes it easier to control, though I laugh at those who send large squads of Kbots in a big group from one direction at any enemy). 12. Right now you have to build an advanced lab or vehicle plant. This depends on what your plan is really, and what your enemy is up to. If they have a heavily defended base, then Kbots, even level 2, will probably get eaten for breakfast and the wreckage as desert (basically a serious failed attack will spell death because not only do you lose your units, you give the enemy all the metal you had - d`oh! how stupid are you? Now you are going to get wiped out). The first unit you should build is an advanced construction vehicle, then build a long range radar. 13. Anyway, if they are heavily defended, build Bulldogs (also known as the target the enemy will fire a D-gun at), then build a radar jammer, radar vehicles and either Merls or mobile artillery. Group all of these with your Stumpies, Flashes etc. You now have a formidible group of units for attacking hardened defense positions. The radar jammer is about the same speed as your units - just watch that the Flashes don't get ahead of the radar jammer. 14. Back at the base, examine all the metal extractors that are within 2 or 3 screens of your main base. All of them that are producing 1.5 metal or more should be reclaimed and replaced with moho mines. Build at least 2 Defenders next to all moho mines. 15. Keep track of your energy and concentrate on expanding at all costs. If you stop expanding and your enemy doesn't, you will lose simply because your enemy will have far more units. Well, I guess that's it. Stick to that and you can't go far wrong. The best tip is just get all the metal income you can and don't run out of energy. He with the most resources shall be king. [6-3] Spacing out the base =========================== Max Monahan ( Don't build your vehicle plant above or to the North of another structure (probably North and South). I built my vehicle plant at the Northernmost point in the 5th level just above my metal extractor and ordered 5 tanks. My first tank got built and stayed within the confines of the plant. I tried all manner of ways of moving it out to use it, to no avail. In the end I had to get rid of my metal extractor. So my point is: allow for room for the vehicles to get out. ----------------------------------------- CHAPTER [7] Resources: Metal and Energy ----------------------------------------- [7-1] Sources of metal ======================== There are two different sources of metal - metal that is dug up (or created), and metal that is scavenged. While metal extractors and moho mines can be placed anywhere, placing them anywhere but over a metal deposit is pretty much a waste of time as you will get a very low rate of extraction (about 0.1 or so). You can get an idea of what the rate of extraction for a particular metal despoit will be by its size. The larger the size of the deposit, the greater the extraction rate. If you can't find anywhere to place metal extractors, you can always use metal makers to create your metal, but then you need a huge energy industry (three solar panels to each metal extractor!). The other source of metal is from scavenged metal. Rocks that litter the landscape can be reclaimed by a construction bot (or commander). Move the cursor over them and you will see how much metal they are worth. Select the reclaim option and click on the rock. There are also other terrain objects that you can reclaim for metal, not just rocks. Just move your mouse cursor over an object and see if it has a metal value. The value of the object will look something like 'M:50'. You can also reclaim the battlefield wreckage brought about by the battles. Again, select the reclaim option and click on the section of wreckage you want to reclaim. The larger the wreckage (ie the more metal in it) the longer it takes to reclaim. Unless there is some scavengable metal getting in the way of your units (ie they can't shoot over it), then you should try and leave it on the battlefield until you are depleting your metal stocks. Scavenging battlefield wreckage gains you nothing in terms of metal if your metal reserves are already full. [7-2] Sources of energy ========================= There are two sources of energy - that produced by power generators and that scavenged from terrain objects. There are a number of power generators, ranging from solar collectors to the fusion reactor. There are a lot of units that can boost your energy by a slight amount if they aren't doing anything (look at the data tables towards the end of this guide for more information). These give you a steady source of power from which to draw upon. The second source of energy comes from reclaiming parts of the terrain. This is done in exactly the same manner as reclaiming metal from the landscape. Things that give you energy include plant matter (trees and foliage etc) and the energy nodes from the volcanic worlds. As above, you can move your cursor over the item and see its energy worth. This will look something like 'E:75'. [7-3] A more efficient method of reclamation ============================================== When there are large patches of terrain objects that you can reclaim for metal or energy, selecting them all one by one can be very tiresome. However, there is a much faster way to do this. Select the construction bot that you want to do the reclaiming (an construction aircraft is best), then set it a patrol route that encompasses the items you want to reclaim. For a forest of trees, for example, this might just consist of three patrol destinations - the aircraft would fly around these reclaiming all the trees. This makes reclaiming lots of wreckage very easy. The best thing about using this method is that the construction bot won't reclaim these objects until your power/metal levels are lower than the value of the item, so that no resources are wasted! [7-4] Balancing the resources =============================== Metal will always be the hardest of the two resources to come across because (with the exception of missions taking place on CORE Prime) there are only a few places where placing a metal extractor/moho mine will reap good rewards. You can get energy from anywhere, and can always fall back to solar panels if you can't build a geothermal or fusion plant. Because of the difficulty with getting a large, steady metal income, which is necessary when creating large forces, you should keep in mind the characteristics of these buildings. Both the metal extractors and moho mines require energy to run. If they can't get that energy, then they don't supply you with any metal! This gives you double the reason to never let your resource levels approach 0 during construction. Normally this isn't a problem, but if you are speeding up construction by using multiple construction bots, your rate of resource use may be so high as to completely deplete your stocks. Metal makers are a fairly good choice on low metal worlds but with a huge power drain they can be tricky to manage. Remember that you can turn them off, however, so putting all (or a section) of your metal makers on a hot key (ctrl-#) would enable you to turn them all on/off quickly for a quick burst of power. [7-5] How to determine resource expenditure ============================================= Along the top of the screen are bars to show how much metal and energy you have. Next to each of these bars are two numbers, one in green and one in red. The green number is your income of that resource, the red your expenditure. If you are quick-building a unit of structure with multiple construction bots, you can find out how many resources each of the bots is using by moving the mouse cursor over the unit. At the bottom of the screen you will see in red letters how much of each resource type this bot is using. The numbers on the left are for metal, those on the right for energy. If you notice that your resource expenditure is significantly greater than your income, then you might like to stop one construction project or take a construction bot off a project where there are multiples working, for the reason mentioned above. [7-6] Weapons that use energy =============================== The more powerful weapons need a lot of energy to fire, and if you don't have that energy, they won't fire. The CORE has the only units that require energy to fire. All other weapons that require energy to fire are attached to buildings. If you have enough energy to enable these weapons to fire, each time they fire that amount of energy will be subtracted from your energy reserve. If you have a lot of these weapons firing at once, it is possible that your energy reserves will be completely depleted, leaving these weapons unable to fire! You should always take care to plan ahead when building defenses/units that need an external energy source to operate. [7-7] Metal extractors and moho mines ===================================== Metal extractors extract metal from the ground at a rate of 0.001. Moho mines extract metal from the ground at a rate of 0.003. The actual amount of metal being extracted from a metal deposit varies depending on the size of the metal deposit (which acts as a multiplier for this value). So, a moho mine is three times more efficient at extracting metal than a metal extractor. ---------------------------------- CHAPTER [8] Less Micromanagement ---------------------------------- [8-1] What are some nice uses for Guard? ========================================== If you give a construction unit the order to guard a building, not only will it heal that building if it gets damaged, but if it is one of the buildings that can produce units, it will automatically help in the construction of that unit, reducing the build time. If a construction unit is given the order to guard a unit, then it will automatically heal that unit if it gets damaged. If a construction unit is given the order to guard another construction unit, and that other construction unit begins the construction of a new building, the guarding bot will lend a hand, speeding things up. [8-2] What are some nice uses for Patrol? =========================================== If you give a construction unit a patrol route, as it goes about that route, it will heal any damaged units it comes across, will reclaim and wreckage it finds (but only if you need it) and will help any construction (be it of new buildings or new units) that are going on in the area. [8-3] Automatically repairing aircraft ======================================= Once you build an aircraft repair pad or a light carrier, your aircraft will use it to heal themselves when they get seriously damaged. Once they have healed themself, they will return to what they were previously doing. This is both a blessing and a curse when you are making an assault using aircraft, for while it is useful to have the aircraft return to be healed automatically, it does mean that they will break off an engagement. If you have to kill that buildings *NOW* (eg a Bertha cannon shelling your base), it can be incredibly annoying having your planes continually break off. Even retargetting them only causes the planes to fly back, attack for a very short time and then go and get repaired. Only planes that are attacking a target or are on patrol seem to use the repair bays. Planes that have simply been moved to a point do not automatically go and repair themselves. When a planes is making its way back to the repair pad, that pad is considered to be occupied (even if the unit isn't there yet), so other damaged aircraft will not use that pad until the occupying aircraft has been repaired and has left. After I tested it out, I found that turning an aircraft repair pad 'Off' would stop aircraft from returning to it. However, those that were already making their way towards it will continue towards it. If you have some damaged aircraft that you have manually returned from a fight, and they are sitting on the ground and you want them to repair themselves, set up a 1 point Patrol route (where they are), and those planes that are heavilly damaged will go off and get repaired. ------------------------- CHAPTER [9] The Minimap ------------------------- [9-1] The minimap - the road to success ========================================= The minimap is useful for a number of things apart from giving you an idea of where your opponent is located. You can use the minimap to target your long range weapons - you don't even need line of sight! This is especially useful when you have build the very long range weapons such as the heavy plasma towers or some of the ships. Each red blip on the minimap represents either an opposition unit or building. By selecting your units or defensive structure, you can click on the minimap to target the weapon. If the chosen target is within range of the weapon, the cursor will change appropriately into the targetting cursor. If the target is currently out of range, you will get the appropriate cursor. However, if the target is out of range and you still select it, the weapon will start to track it. This is very useful for destroying enemy units (especially ships) that you know will come into range of the weapon sometime soon. Also remember that you can use the shift key to queue up targets. So, you can give the heavy plasma turret three different targets and forget about it, knowing that it will slowly target each of them. Or, give your bomber force a large target queue and let them go about their business. You should be aware that the computer can also use this trick - it is why the computer's units often attack yours from outside of their visual range. Naturaly, you can reciprocate. [9-2] Countering the minimap advantage ======================================== There are two ways to stop the minimap advantage. The first is just to go out and kill your opponent. The second is to utilise one of the units in the game that counter the radar. These include the Eraser and Jammer for ARM, or the Spectre and Deleter for CORE. These units stop your troops that are within the range of the radar jammer from appearing on the minimap. Hence, they cannot be attacked unless the enemy units are within visual range. [9-3] Gaining that minimap advantage ====================================== Its unlikely that you will want to build radar towers everywhere you go, especially if you are making a foray into enemy territory. For this reason, you should become acquainted with the various radar-toting units that you have at your disposal. Each side has a radar equipped vehicle (the Seer for ARM and Informer for CORE). By getting one of these units into enemy territory, you may be able to target your long range guns (or bomber fleets) at targets that you would not normally be able to spot. Here's something to think about: pairing a mobile radar unit with a radar jamming unit - the only way you will be spotted is if you blunder into your enemy's vision. [9-4] The items of the minimap ================================ [9-4-1] Green circle ---------------------- When you select a unit or building and a green circle appear on the minimap, this is to show you the size of the area that is being covered by this unit's radar (or sonar). Some units (such as the Hive carrier) have such huge radar ranges that all of the map may be covered. [9-4-2] Red circle -------------------- A red circle appears on the minimap when you select one of the radar jamming units. This circle represents the area that is currently being protected by the jammer. [9-4-3] Red blip ------------------ The red blips are either enemy units or enemy buildings. When you hold your cursor over one, the item will be identified (although only if they are currently in the line of sight of one of your units - you get an 'unidentified object' message if the blip is from radar rather than vision). [9-4-4] Blue blip ------------------- Your buildings and units are represented by the blue blips. Naturally, in multiplayer games this changes depending on the colour you choose. [9-4-5] Blue cross -------------------- When you launch a nuclear missile, it appear on the minimap as a cross. [9-4-6] White dot ------------------- White dots represent weapon fire, such as missiles, shells and laser fire travelling to their targets. [9-4-7] White circle ---------------------- When you select the nuclear missile defense structure a white circle will appear on the minimap. This shows you the area of coverage given by the structure. =================================== -SECTION THREE- MISSION STRATEGIES =================================== ----------------------------------------- CHAPTER [10] Specific Mission Strategies ----------------------------------------- [10-1] Special Notes ===================== [10-1-1] Special note on the missions on CORE PRIME ---------------------------------------------------- There are no metal deposits on these maps because the entire surface of the planet is made out of metal. You can build your metal extractors anywhere and still get a good extraction rate - about +2.5 for each metal extractor. [10-1-2] Note on the different difficulty levels ------------------------------------------------- Easy is very easy - on a lot of levels you will not even be attacked (this is especially true for the CORE missions). The initial units/buildings the enemy starts with is changed according to which difficulty level you are playing. The difficulty level also changes how aggressive the AI is towards you. Although easy is easy, there are some missions where it is still very challenging on this setting. [10-1-3] Skipping missions --------------------------- One very nice feature of Total Annihilation is that you don't have to win a mission in order to progress. If you are finding one mission to be simply impossible, then you can skip if after failing it. On the screen where you see your score, there is a list of the missions with the mission you are about to play highlighter. You are able to click on the next mission (ie the one you would have played if you had just won the level you lost) and hit the start button. There isn't an easy way to do this from a savegame, but here is how to do it. Start the mission, select your commanded and hit shift-d (self destruct). You will lose the mission, see the scorecard and be able to select the mission you really wanted to play. [10-2] CORE Missions ===================== [10-2-1] 1. The Commander Reactivated... ------------------------------------------ First, kill the Jeffys. Then group all your forces together and move up the right side. Try and keep them all together so you can bring overwhelming firepower to bear. You'll be attacked by more Jeffys and some Peewees. Keep your forces moving when engaging the Peewees. Go up the ramp, kill the assault tanks and then the stumpy. If you've got any Storm Kbots left, you can set up an ambush that will kill the Peewees that are patrolling the ramp. Move the Storms into range of the ramp, and when the Peewee comes down, it'll get hit. This saves you from actually having to engage the Peewee. Move your force up the ramp and kill the remaining Kbots. [10-2-2] 2. Vermin ------------------- To establish a fairly safe base, move all of your units to the south (past the wall) and build your base along the southern edge of the map. There are only 3 ways into this area of the map, so it can easilly be defended by light laser towers. You will get attacked fairly early by a group of peewees that will enter this region of the map through the middle entrance. Getting an early laser tower up would really help. Build 2 light laser towers at each entrance (at least) as this will keep away further assaults. You can build lots of metal extractors here, so do so and build up a big army of vehicles. [10-2-3] 3. Ambush! -------------------- There is only 1 entrance to the area you start in, which means you can establish heavy defenses around it. As fast as possible, establish a light laser tower near the entrance (but still within the enclosed area) as you will get a visit from some peeweesquite early. Don't try and establish yourself out of the starting area just yet. If your two starting Storms get killed before you can get the laser tower up, D-gun the attackers. Build up your metal and power income and produce some kbots. You will probably have noticed that there are some kbots on the left wall that can shell you - Storm kbots work well in taking them out. Put the Storms onto 'hold position' about 5 or so body lengths away from the wall. A line of 5 Storms will soon clear the wall of any intruders. Beef up your defenses a bit with another laser tower. You can slowly creep out of the starting area and establish a laser tower outside. Once you have done this, its really all over. A group of three light laser towers can stop all the attacks this mission throws at you. Produce Storms like mad and go on a rampage. Storms are particularly useful in this mission because their missiles can hit from a distance (get rid of those pesky peewees) and can also shoot units that are standing on walls. [10-2-4] 4. Enough is Enough ----------------------------- Yuan Liu ( After a couple of failed starts, I moved my Commander to the top of the high plateau to the right of the starting position. D-gunned the LLTs guarding the on-ramp near the right edge of this high ground. Then I was able to build up my base pretty much unmolested. (Just make sure to set up some defenses at the on-ramp). After this, there are many possible ways to end this mission. I set up some missile towers just a couple of "squares" from the edges of the plateau so that they are less prone to be hit from below, and killed all the patrolling "red blips" on the mini-map - never seen the "faces" of any of them. :) And then just send a mixture of AKs and missile bots to clean up the ARM base and capture the gate. Very effective, but somewhat boring. [10-2-5] 5. Barathrum! ----------------------- Yuan Liu ( Again, this comes down to a question of choosing the right place to set up a defensive perimeter. I set up mine to form a line of alternating missile towers and LLTs, starting from the hill top where the gate is, all the way to the right where there is some hilly terrain. After the defense line is complete, the mission is as good as over. I was able to build at leasure, and try out different units. I ended up using a couple of plasma cannons (the Punishers) to take out most of the red blips on the map, and then sent in my bots to clean up the rest. [10-2-6] 6. The Cleansing Begins --------------------------------- Yuan Liu ( This one, for me, is the first challenging one. The tactic of "build, set up defense line, build some more, and win" doesn't seem to work because the map is so big. In the beginning, I can only set up my defense line to about 1/5-1/4 from the bottom of the map. I don't know whether I should be more aggressive early on and set it up higher or not, but I doubt I could've pulled it off because the attacks come pretty early and quite frequent. Also, this is the first mission that the computer seems to show some "intelligence" in their attacks. They would keep probing my defense line at different locations for weaknesses. I had to put some thought into the building of the line by putting dragon teeth intermixing with LLTs, missile towers and heavy lasers. I also had to keep a sizable army of bots (mostly rocket and missiles) as roving defenses inside the line to take care of the occasional breakage in the line. But eventually, I was able to fend off the attacks pretty readily, and I thought to myself, ok, now comes the boring part. Was I wrong!! Turns out the computer has quite a build-up in the middle of the map, and when it built a Guardian, my defense line and most of the base was in danger. Fortunately, my first bombers were ready and I was able to take out the Guardian. It is during this bombing run that I discovered how "passive defense" almost killed me by allowing the computer the time to build up. Fortunately, the computer didn't put up any air defense in this middle portion of the map (yet), and I was able to use my bombers to destroy all the buildings outside of its starting base to the north. Aside from that, it is a question of controlling the mid section of the map. For a while there, it seemed to be a deadlock. The computer was building as fast as I was, so my ground units would not gain a foothold, while it's base was quite well defended, and my airstrikes couldn't get anywhere. The think that broke the tie, I think, was that the computer kept sending out c-Kbots and c-vehicles to try and rebuild those mines and power generators that I destroyed. So I just kept sending my bombers to destroy them. And it kept producing these (relatively expensive) c-units and sent them out, which slowed down it's production of other units (and the loss of those mines probably didn't help, which is probably why it kept trying to rebuild them, which is why ... :) Once teh deadlock was broken, I was able to set up a could of plasma cannons in the mid section to pick off some of its defenses, and a final, coordinated rush of my ground and air units did the job. In hindsight, I'd say that I probably should have used a more aggressive defense scheme, eg. regularly sending out units to make sure that the middle remains a no-mans land until I'm ready to take it. [10-2-7] 7. Pulling the Noose Tight ------------------------------------ The ARM is limited in this mission in that they do not have any construcion plants, so it is merely a case of wearing them down. You will come under earyly attack (very early) by some Zippers - if your initial units cannot handle these, D-gun them with your Commander. The Peeper scout plane that continually flies overhead is really little more than an annoyance - a single Crasher can destroy it. There are lots of geothermal vents around the bottom section of the map, so build on them and build 8 or 10 metal makers to give your metal income a boost. On the radar you will notice that there are some ARM aircraft patrolling the 'Noose' - a group of 5 Crashers or Slashers will ensure that only you have an air force. You can easilly destroy the ARM base with bombers, and if you use this method, you should target the Defender towers first. There are only a few of these, however. About the only other units the ARM has on this mission are some Fidos, and whilst they will cause you some trouble in a ground assault, they are useless against aerial attacks. You will win the mission when you have captured 1 moho mine and have destroyed all the other ARM units and buildings (including the other moho mines). Yuan Liu ( This one is pretty straight forward. Although your starting point is scouted pretty early by a Peeper, the computer attacks are pretty pathetic compared to mission 6. Almost no ground attacks, and only a couple of half-hearted air attacks (on 'normal' difficulty). But the early encounter with the Peeper should have alerted you to build more missile defenses (towers plus bots and/or trucks), so their air attacks shouldn't pose any problem. Besides, you can see those planes patrolling their base on the radar, and I was able to pick some off using a couple of missile trucks. After the missile defense is up, you can build you army (didn't have to build any planes for this one), and send them off. Again, I used a couple of Punishers to soften up the enemy before the final assault, but this time I used them to hit the moving targets and not the fixed ones because I didn't want to hit any moho mines by mistake. I guess a Fink would be useful to scout these beforehand, but I was just too lazy to bother with it :) [10-2-8] 8. The Gate to Aqueous Minor -------------------------------------- There are two pathways into the northern section of the map, both guarded by dual ARM Sentinel towers. There will be very few attacks, and certainly nothing very serious, so you can take your time establishing your base. Although the ARM base contains construction plants, it does not use them very much - but it is still best if you destroy them as soon as possible. If you use a bombing run to destroy these plants, you should make sure that the bomber force is large enough to destroy the target before they are in turn destroyed, because ARM does have a construction unit, and it will repair damaged buildings. About the only attacks worth noting are the aerial attacks - ARM will use bombers against you, so you should have aerial defenses scattered throughout your base. ARM cannot rebuild their airforce, so once you have destroyed it, you will dominate the skies. Yuan Liu ( This is another big map. But either I learnt my lessons in mission 6, or the computer is just not that tough on this one. I scouted out the lower 2/3 of the map using the starting units. And after a small-scale build-up near the starting position, I was able to find a perfect defense position. About right in the middle of the map, there is a big boulder next to a small hill, so I set up my plants behind the boulder, some of my defense towers on the two high grounds, and some defenses choking the passages on either side of the boulder. Then when I got my advanced radar set up and "making sure" there were no straying red blips on the screen, using a c-plane (with the help of a couple of air-liften advanced c-bots), I was able to quickly set up a couple of Punishers and another advanced radar tower near the edge of the range of the first. Then I used the Punisher to soften up the enemy base for my bomber squadron. The rest is, again "boring" :) [10-2-9] 9. The Purgation of Aqueous Minor ------------------------------------------- Yuan Liu ( This mission is just a practice for using the sea units. The lessions I learnt were: 1. The sequence to build ships is: 2-3 Searchers, c-ship, at least a sonar. Then depending on the assessment of the immediate threats, either some tidal generators or a destroyer first. The searchers are good missile defense, and the destroyer is needed against the occasional subs. 2. Don't send out the Searchers too early. You'll just provoke some early attacks which you may have trouble fending off (the destroyer's guns have almost as good a range as the missile tower's, but they are much more devastating and quite accurate, and if a sub should come along and you don't have a destroyer of your own yet, your shipyard it toast). The torpedo launchers are next to useless by themselves because of their short range. The first time I played this mission, the computer used it's destroyers to make chump change of my torpedo launchers, and then sent in the subs. 3. You may be able to get away with the ordinary metal extractors before, but for the ship missions, you definitely need those moho mines. Fortunately, you have those tidal generators, so energy should be no concern. The mission itself is pretty basic. An advanced radar on the starting island can cover the whole map, so after you figure out the correct ship/sequence to build, just send them out to seek-and-destroy (actually, if you build a couple more sonars to detect those subs, there's not much seeking necessary). [10-2-10] 10. The Gauntlet --------------------------- You have a lot of time to establish yourself on the starting island before anyone comes to look for you, so take your time. The air attacks, when they come, are pretty pitiful and can be easilly destroyed. There will be some amphibious tank attacks, but these can be easilly repulsed with a Shark or two, or come Roaches placed in the water. If an enemy Lurker is stupid enough to attack a Roach that is underwater, that Lurker will die. When you build an advanced construciton unit, replace all of the metal extractors with moho mines, and build one or two fusion reactors so that you can power a lot of metal makers. You should be able to get a metal income of 40+ doing this. Build an advanced radar tower on your island, and use a missile frigate to destroy all the red blips that you see. Now you are left with the remaining ships near the Gauntlet and the defenses on top of the Gauntlet itself. You can use Sharks in large packs to slowly pick apart the ships, and then use them to scout close to the shoreline of the cliffs to see where the defenses are. Once spotted, they can easilly be destroyed by missile frigates. Alternatively, you can try the explosive method. Have an advanced Kbot lab continually churning out Roaches, and a shipyard continually building Envoys. As each Envoy is built, load it with 4 or 5 Roaches, and drive it in a direct line for the mouth of the Gauntlet. If it gets destroyed, the explosion will take out most ships and submarines on the screen. Or you can just drive them into the pack of ships you see, and self-destruct it - not many ships left after that! After a couple of these, you will be able to get a transport ship through the Gauntlet pretty easilly. Yuan Liu ( I did it somewhat differently that above. I didn't use Shark swarms or any subs (in fact, I didn't even notice that I could build Sharks). Again, this is a big map, so my radar didn't have full coverage. I built a fleet consisting of 3 cruisers, 2 missile frigates, some destroyers and searchers as escorts. I thought this was overkill, considering the firepower of the cruisers and frigates, but it turns out to be necessary because the enemy has a battleship waiting. Oh, and don't forget those guarding c-ships for battlefield repairs. The basic tactic is to follow the fleet with a transport ship loaded with c-bots, the commander and some missile bots - you gotta love that loading/unloading crane :). Send the fleet out to destroy the defenses on the small islands, and then set up radars on those isles as you move from south to north, until you can finally see the whole map. By this time, all of the roaming bad guys should just be so much wreckage to be salvaged. After first picking off the defenses on the two cliffs, send the fleet through the opening for the final battle. When the debris stop flying, send the transport through. This may take a while, because it's murder to navigate through all that wreckage. [10-2-11] 11. Isle Parche -------------------------- Yuan Liu ( In this one, the computer is much better at attacking. It uses combined naval forces quite well, and I actually learned something from it. It sends in the destroyers to draw your attention and as spotters for its warship, then the subs sneak up on your shipyard, all the while another lone cruiser is harassing you on the other end of the island. Fortunately, at this time, I already had two cruisers and some destroyers and searchers. So I was able to fend them off, although the lone cruiser was able to destroy a couple of my missile towers, and the subs actually destroyed by advanced shipyard. All because I underestimated the usefulness of the subs. Fortunately, this seems to be the only coordinated attack from the computer. After this, I rebuilt my advanced shipyard to churn out some more capital ships (probably unnecessary, in hindsight), and went on the old search-and-destroy. The final bombardment of the big island had to wait until I could get some fighters over it as spotters because we musn't touch that itt-bitty Zeus :). The only real threat to my fleet was that lone Guardian cannon combined with those Merls. Since the Guardian is near the center of the island, my ships had to get in close to get at it, which gives the Merls a chance to reach my capital ships. But the repairing c-ships made sure nothing unpleasant happened. And the Brawlers were scary to see the first time, but they were no match for the missile boats (searchers). [10-2-12] 12. A Traitor Leads The Way -------------------------------------- A fairly easy mission that gives you a chance to build up quite a lot before you come under attack. On the northern end of the island you start on, you should build at least 2 Punishers - you will need these later in the mission when the battleships, cruisers and destroyers venture south. There isn't much space on your starting island, and nowhere else to go, so build a compact base. After building metal extractors on all the metal deposits and solar collectors, build a Kbot lab and a construction Kbot, and put that thermal vent to good use. As soon as you can, build an advanced Kbot lab and two or three advanced construction Kbots. Then set about converting the metal extractors to moho mines, and building two fusion plants. The first attack won't come for a long time (nearly 20 minutes), so you should be able to do all of this before the cruisers arrive. The bulk of the ARM forces won't attack you until you start attacking them. ARM has only one construction plant - a shipyard - so destroying that (it is in the upper right corner) will make this a battle of attrition. You can use either air power (you can only build the basic aircraft plant) and destroy ARM with bombers and fighters, or you can dominate the seas, in which case you have access to all of the CORE ships. Have some missile towers in your base to protect yourself from the few aircraft ARM possesses. You should have no trouble destroying the ARM forces, although you may like to build some flying bombs for anti-submarine duty. To win, capture the galactic gate with your commander, and move the Zeus next to it. You may have to move the Zeus around the gate a little for it to register. [10-2-13] 13. Rougpelt ----------------------- A very quick mission. First, D-gun the Zeus bot. Capture the windmill for additional power for the D-gun. Travel south and capture both the Fink and Atlas. Load the commander into the Atlas and fly both straight south to the botth of the map. Move the Fink to the right until you spot the shore and unload the commander as close to the shore as you can. You might like to put the Fink into a patrol route that flies around the island you just landed on in an attemp to draw some of the fire. However, don't let the Atlas get killed - you will lose the mission if it gets killed! There is a light laser tower just a short distance inland - D-gun this and any units in the area. Move the commander along the bottom of the map until you come to the advanced radar tower. If you are coming under heavy fire from the missile Kbots, you might like to D-gun them, but make sure they aren't too close to the tower or it will get caught in the blast. Capture the tower, and you're done. [10-2-14] 14. Scouring Rougpelt -------------------------------- The depression in which the ARM base is located is both a blessing and a curse when you are defending. It is a blessing because of the limited avenues of approach that the ARM forces use - they only attack from the south and east, meaning you can set up defensive forts to defend the paths through the cliffs. It is a curse because the cliff faces mean that a lot of your defensive fire will hit the walls instead of the ARM troops if you are careless with the placement of your defensive structures. The ARM forces come at you in waves, and you should get a radar tower (ideally an advanced radar tower) built as soon as possible. Multiple missile towers backed up with a light laser tower and one or two heavy laser towers will be useful at each of the avenues of approach. If you are running low on power, use the two thermal vents, and once you have, build some metal makers for that extra metal income. At the start of the mission, the depression is surrounded with Invaders - destroy them before they start to move. The waves of ARM forces that come at you include Fidos, Zippers, Bulldogs, Rockos, Samsons and more. Also, a few Brawlers will attack your Commander, but your missile towers will make short work of them. Notice that you can build an advanced aircraft plant in this mission - try and do so, and build five or six strategic bombers (or more if you can). These planes will be very useful, for when you see a column of enemy troops coming towards you, send the bomber out to engage them. With luck, the ARM forces will be in single file, and your bombers will inflict serious damage. Plus, their lasers will continually fire upon the helpless foes, adding to the carnage. When there are no forces threatening your base, send out the bombers to the corners to find the forces that have not been activated yet, and attack them. There are a few radar jammers hiding the enemy forces, so if the mission is not ending and you think that you have killed everything, send out planes to look for them. The final wave of ARM troops is a pretty serious affair, coming from three corners at once, but can be held off with judicious use of the D-gun. [10-2-15] 15. Xantippe's Abyss ------------------------------- The Big Bertha gun is located about half way up the right side of the map. It is protected by two laser towers and a single construction Kbot. Depending on your level of difficulty the type of laser towers change, and on hard level, there may be a few extra Kbots around. The laser towers are far enough away from the Bertha to be safely D-gunned. On Hard difficulty, there are 2 Bertha cannons that you could capture. There is no opposition in the southern three-quarters of the map, so feel free to grab as many metal deposits as you can. Build a lot of power generators, as the Bertha uses a heck of a lot of power each shot (over 1000 units of power). Build an aircraft plant and a couple of finks and do suicide runs along the northern section of the map until you locate the Annihilator. When you have spotted it, pause the game, and target the Annihilator with the Bertha. Eventually it will hit it, and you will win the mission. The path across the Abyss is at the far right of the abyss, and there are some good spots for placing Gaat Guns and Pulverisers just in case an enemy comes down to greet you. On Easy you don't have to worry about this, but on hard you get attacked by a fairly large column of heavy armour so this may be necessary. A large group of rocket and artillery Kbots was able to handle this column however. [10-2-16] 16. Departing Rougpelt --------------------------------- This is a nightmare mission, and deserves the Bad-Doggie award for mission design. The problem here is that the meteor showers will awaken ARM units that should not wake up yet. If you are unlucky with the meteor showers, this could mean that five Brawlers pay your base a visit a minute into the game. You have to get some defenses up ASAP - definitely anti-air in case of a bad meteor shower. Your Commander can probably take care of any land attacks, provided that you have set up a few solar collectors. ARM has no construction plants, so if you can survive an initial rush (or are lucky enough to not have this happen), you are likely to win. The galactic gate is located on the top of the 'pyramid'. [10-2-17] 17. The Lost Isle ---------------------------- Dan Morris ( The simple key to this mission is building a string ship defensive arsenal. The idea is, sooner or later the computer will start shelling the hell out of the tiny island you start on, and no Kbot or tank will be able to stop a Millenium's incredible firing distance. If this happens, you are one dead duck, as there is no defense. So in order to make a strong defensive ship base, start off the mission with some basic tactics. First, clear away the trees (have the Thud light them up, or if you don't feel like clearing all the foliage, use the D-gun), then build some basic land defense units. I start off by building a Kbot lab, then have my Commander plant solar collectors and metal collectors around the island, while the Kbot lab produces a construction Kbot to build more complex structures. A few missile towers, on each side of the island will do. Crank out some Crashers and Thuds, and you are all set to fend off the few Triton invasions that come your way in the beginning of the mission. Next, build a shipyard, I like to build a couple of Snakes and then 2 or 3 Enforcers for every Searcher. In and of themselves, the Searchers are weak, but they can be a nice complement to a force of Enforcers. By this time your Commander should be done planting 4 or so solar collectors and metal collectors, so I have him guard the shipyard to increase production. Note that an advanced Kbot lab, or a vehicle plant is almost useless. The Kbots that an advanced Kbot lab produces are all units that need to be in close range to have any benefit, which makes them ineffective. Tanks are nice for land defense, but they still can't reach the ARM ships' range, so they aren't a wise move either. An airport would be a much better thing to build at this time (as you're cranking out ships). Setting some Shadows on patrol can help your Enforcers immensely, and if you have time to build a construction aircraft, head to the small island directly to the south east of your starting island, clear the few trees, and build a metal collector on the metal deposit. There is also a metal deposit at the island to the northwest, but it is in much riskier territory, as a heavy ARM ship assault soon comes from the west. [10-2-18] 18. Slolam Pilago ---------------------------- When you use your Finks to scout around the map, you will notice that there are four small islands populated with Sentinel lasers. The path that the briefing mentions is going right through the middle of the islands (ie your planes will have two islands on either side of them). Run a fink on a suicide mission from the bottom of the map to the top along this path, and you will see where the fusion reactor is located. The only things you should build are solar collectors, metal extractors and an aircraft plant. Build a single construction aircraft and put it into a patrol over the trees (you will need the extra energy). Then queue up about 7 Shadow bombers and another Fink (if you don't have any left). Put the speed up to maximum and wait until everything is built. To speed this up, have the commander help with the production, but never let your energy reserves reach such a point that the metal extractors stop working - just use the commander in spurts. Once you have your airforce, move them so that they are in a direct line with where you know the fusion plant is situated. Send your Fink ahead to draw some fire, and have the Shadows target the area slightly behind the fusion reactor (otherwise a lot of their bombs will hit the volcano wall on the way up). Once the Shadows have made their first pass, retarget them onto the reactor itself. 6 Shadows should *just* be able to take out the reactor. Be careful not to mess this up, as once the assault is launched, your own base (and commander) comes under attack by aircraft. You won't get a second chance. [10-2-19] 19. The Vebreen Fleet -------------------------------- Building a lot of small ships (Searchers) is useful here as it will stop the faster enemy ships from simply sailing past your defenses. Use your two construction ships to build a couple of torpedo tubes at each of the channels to the left and right of the main island. Use the construction kbot to build a few pulverizers and a gaat gun at the southern tip of the left and right side of the main island. These have a long enough range to be able to lend their firepower to the coming battles. Set up your ships so that they form a line across the water on each of the channels. The massed firepower of 8 or 10 Searchers is deadly to all but a battleship. Build some Enforcers when you have time. With the construction ships, build a few light laser towers on the small islands as these will also help. use the commander to build a few metal storage buildings and use the construction ships to scavenge destroyed ships. Doing this will also mean that your torpedo tubes always get a clear shot. When you see en enemy coming, try and target it with either your Warlord or Hydra (keep one on either side of the map). If they start to move, stop them and keep trying until the ship is in rage. The multiple Searchers will be able to take out most things. However, when the Milleniums start arriving three at a time, use your Commander to D-gun them if they come too close to the shore. You should be able to build up large forces on either side of the map which can deal with the ships. Don't let your Warlord die. Keep the construction ships on patrol so they will automatically repair your damaged ships. Once the airstrikes start you may have to use the commander or another of the construction units to repair your punishers. These airstrikes are coming from a Colossus light carrier, so send out some fast ships to take it out. This carrier will repair damaged planes, so taking it out is very useful. [10-2-20] 20. The Gate To Aegus -------------------------------- ARM has no construction capability on this mission, so it is simply a matter of attrition. You can concentrate purely on aircraft on this mission, or branch out into ships if you want. Don't bother about building a Kbot or vehicle plant as it just takes up space that you can use for something else. You don't come under attack for a fairly long period of time, so feel free to build. Use construction aircraft to build metal extractors on the two small islands to the north. When you can, convert metal extractors to moho mines. With a few metal makers built early on, you should be able to construct an advanced aircraft plant and get moho mines and fusion plants up fairly soon. A force of torpedo bombers can be used to destroy the ARM ships. Strategic bombers should be used to destroy the Defenders on the main northern island so that your torpedo bombers don't suffer heavy losses. If you have two or three Finks on patrol across the middle of the map, they will warn you of the approach of the amphibious tanks - use your torpedo bombers to destroy them. Any that reach land can be easilly D-gunned. [10-2-21] 21. Aegus...Empyrrean's Guardian ------------------------------------------- Despite what you may infer from the mission briefing, there doesn't appear to be a time limit on this mission. Use Diplomats supported by an Informer and Deleter to take out buildings from afar. The galactic gate is in a large crater just north of the center of the map. Also in the crater is a fusion reactor - taking this out may reduce the effectiveness of the Annihilator (if you encounter one on the difficulty level). Capture the buildings along the eastern side of the map, especially the moho. Don't be too fussed about protecting the radar to the north if you capture it. The computer will use Erasers to hide some of its troops so having some fast units around to search for them may be of help. You can build an Intimidator here, but be careful when you aim it as you don't want to destroy the gate. At the bottom left of the map are a number of metal mines in close proximity. Getting these (either capturing the existing mines or destroying them and building your own) will greatly increase your metal income. Protect them with a Doomsday Machine (after building a fusion reactor or two), some troops and a Deleter. You apparently don't have to kill all of the enemy to win, just capture the galactic gate. There only seems to be one way down into the valley along the eastern side of the map, so protecting this with a Doomsday Machine or other toys will prove helpful as it is a fairly good place to build your base. Dan Morris ( "There only seems to be one way down into the valley." This is untrue. It appears that there is a way up or down a little below halfway down the map in addition to the entrance to the north. However, due to the incline apparently only the Commander is able to pass through. I tried with some heavy tanks and Instigators and they couldn't do it. Not sure if Kbots can make it through. Also, if in the beginning, when you send your tanks down to clear out the valley, make sure that they are on return-fire, so that they do not accidentally take out the ARM construction unit down there. Let the tanks destroy the Bulldog, Eraser and the laser tower, and then the ARM construction unit is helpless. You can then bring the Commander down and capture the vehicle, and the have access to a full line of ARM structures. [10-2-22] 22. A Big Empyrrean Welcome -------------------------------------- Urk. You start with your commander, a couple of pyros and a construction Kbot and can only build solar collectors. This basically means that you will be D-gunning everything in sight. Set the construction Kbot to Guard the Commander. Hopefully the Pyros will be able to kill a few of the peewees before getting killed. Build one or two solar collectors in the depression in which you start - they will most likely get destroyed, but they will give you a nice energy boost until that happens. Start moving the Commander directly south. If you are doing some D-gunning and are running low on energy, reclaim some trees for more energy. The Commander can survive a direct Bertha cannon hit, but not by much. Always keep himat full health. The Bertha cannon cannot hit you when you are standing right next to it, so once you get close enough to capture it, you are safe. [10-2-23] 23. The Fortress Falls --------------------------------- The computer player has numerous construction units on this map, and will use them to replace destroyed buildings, especially fusion plants and moho mines. You will want to establish one large defensive fort that can cover both the main valley to the north that the computer uses, but also the area to the east where some units will also be sent. This fort should include at least 2 Punishers, and at least 3 Gaat Guns and Pulverizers. It will come under attack by Fidos and Bulldogs, so you need planes on patrol in that area to give advanced warning. Use Avengers rather than Finks for this patrol duty, as they will lend a hand. Keep at least one construction unit on patrol over these defensive structures, as the Pulverizers don't last long if they are getting pounded. Use the Punishers you built to destroy the ARM static defenses near the northern valley, and also to destroy any Spiders on the cliff walls (the Spiders can paralyze your planes). You don't have to expand all the way across the map for metal as you can easilly get a 20+ income in the area you start in after you convert your metal extractors to moho mines. An Intimidator cannon can reach most parts of the map, so use that to target fusion reactors, moho mines and construction plants. ARM has a Bertha cannon of its own in the north east corner, so you should take that out, either with your own cannon, strategic bombers or Rapiers. You will definitely need to build a small force of Vamps, because ARM will use Brawlers, Hawks and Thunder bombers against you. If you have good radar coverage you can intercept any enemy planes with your Vamps outside of your base. If your Hawks are having a hard time, and you have some Hurricane bombers, launch them into the air so that they will start using their air-to-air lasers against the attackers. Once you have crippled the ARM economy and destroyed all their construction units, kill the rest of them with your units of choice (there are a fair few Sentinel towers around, so take care). Albert Macias ( This mission took me six tries to get right, and I only beat it on easy. Now that I have a plan that works, I will try again on hard. You start off in the southwest corner. To the north is every conceivable ARM unit in the game. The ARM will not be long before attacking you from the ground and air. You need to set up a quick defensive line. Don't send any units north and don't build a radar tower. I think that if the ARM knows you're there, they will come after you. I started out building five solar collectors and five metal mines. There is a metal vein in the southeast corner that you can get to. Next I built a Kbot lab and two construction Kbots. Now build a radar tower and at least one power and metal storage unit. You will see a group of ARM units patrolling just north of you. Your first objective is to build a wall of Dragon's teeth to stop the ARM rushes. Send a construction Kbot to the west edge as far north as you can without attracting the attention of the ARM units. Build a line of Dragon's teeth from west to east, just out of sight of the ARM units. When you get halfway across the map, turn the line south and leave a small opening at the southern end. You should use both construction Kbots to build this wall. Without the wall, there is nothing to slow down the ARM units. While the wall is being built, have the Kbot lab build as many missile and artillery Kbots as you can without slowing down the construction of the wall. For the rest of the mission, the ARM will be sending air and ground units at you. Have one of the construction units patrol the wall and repair the units that are guarding the base. Use the other to start building missile towers just back from the wall. Have the Kbot lab build an advanced construction unit. Build an advanced radar tower. Take a moment to realize just how hopeless the situation is. Change the metal mines over the moho mines. This will take some time, but it needs to be done. Replace any destroyed Kbots on your defensive line as needed. Once the Moho mines are built, build a fusion power plant. You are now ready to go on the offensive. I built three intimidators, linked them together and just started pounding the crap out of everything up north. This is not what I consider a fun way to win, so let's build some more units. I built an advanced Kbot lab and advanced aircraft plant. Start pumping out the Cans and Valkyries. Form up groups of eight and send them north. The group will not last long, so you will have to keep making more. This is a long slow war of attrition. Keep the Intimidators active and don't forget to repair damaged structures in your base ASAP. I lost my fusion power plant and had to rebuild it. There is nothing worse than having three Intimidators sitting there idle for want of power. I just wish every mission had been as challenging as this one. Note: I don't like to use nukes, and this is one of the few missions where you need to use a Big Bertha/Intimidator. I never did build a vehicle plant. The Kbots are a must for the early part. You need a lot to stop the advanced units coming at you. The level one CORE vehicles just don't cut it. Late in the mission, you could use the level two artillery and missile vehicles. [10-2-24] 24. Surrounded and Pounded ------------------------------------- A fairly challenging mission. You should attempt to build some laser towers as fast as you can (actually, have your Commander build one at the start of the mission and have the construction kbot harvest some trees for metal). The attacks come in waves, mostly from the north and east sides. Brawlers will attack from the south and north, so establish some air defenses there. You should have at least 2 laser towers at the spots that you think the attacks will come from. Some Cans to back these up are useful. I would recommend having fomr flying bombs already made for when you start to get attacked by Merls. You can stay on the mountain top if you want, but to get a good metal income you will need to convert the metal extractors to moho mines and add a couple of metal makers after building a fusion power plant. Remember to harvest the trees if you are running low on energy. Build your defenses so that you can withstand the attacks - light laser towers on their own will not do. You will come under attack by Fidos in number, and you need something heavier than light laser towers to stop these doggies. The computer doesn't have any construction facilities on this map, so it is only a matter of attrition. If you can build some Rapiers you can dominate the map (although watch out for the clump of Samsons as they can really cause you some strife). If, at the end of the mission you think that you have killed everything and the mission is not ending, there is likely to be a radar jammer or stealth fighter that you have missed. Search around the map until you find it. *10-2-25* 25. Empyrrean's Final Stand -------------------------------------- Probably the hardest mission in the whole game, and orders of magnitude harder than the final ARM mission. There are no real hills that you can hide behind or any real areas that form natural kill zones. That means that you are going to have a very large front to defend. ARM will hit you very hard, and very often. You might like to flee into one of the corners at the start of the mission, and build yourself in, and try and weather the storm until you are in a position to take the offensive. No specific strategy for this mission (although gaining air superiority will be a high priority) as it can be played out a number of ways. Very, very difficult. John Allensworth ( It was a bit easier than I thought it would be (only took me 3 or 4 tries) but that's probably because I played it on Medium. I grabbed a metal spot or two, and a few solar collectors. Next a Kbot lab and a few construction bots. Two I sent north to construct a wall of dragon's teeth about a third of the way up (this was probably a bit too conservative, but it worked). I had one or two others go around and grab every metal spot south of the line. Meanwhile the Commander built a vehicle plant, and a construction vehicle. It immediately built an adv. vehicle plant, and as soon as one was free, one of the bots built an adv. Kbot lab. The vehicle plant was then set to produce Raiders until hell froze over, and the Kbot lab to produce Crashers. The Crashers worked fine as air defense until late into the mission. The adv. vehicle plant went straight to pumping out Goliaths, while the adv. Kbot lab made a level 2 construction bot, and then went to 3 pyros to 1 can for eternity. During this time, I periodically sent the current force of attack units north to do some opression, while the adv. construction bot converted extractors to mohos. I almost lost it after a failed raid, when the enemy came south with a bunch of strategic bombers and destroyed every one of my mohos and most of my construction vehicles. I'm not sure how I survived that one. As the commander restored metal production, I had the surviving construction bots (plus some new ones to cover the losses) build about 18 missile towers around key buildings. I also built an aircraft plant and started producing fighters like mad. Soon after, I had an acceptable horde of units, and sent them north to do as much damage as they could. When it started moving, the effective game speed dropped to -5 (I usually try to run at +10) on my P133. The enemy seemed to concentrate mostly on spiders, with a small number of bulldogs, tritons, merls, fidos, zippers, zeuses, rockos and jethros. There wasn't much static defenses, just a scattering of sentinels and defenders, with about 4 guardians total. This might have been the result of the oppression raids, since I of course made it a point to hit the undefended mohos. There was a bertha near the top center, with the commander and unit plants in the northwest. There were several fusion plants which helped clean up the area. I never actually saw the ARM commander, apparently he was taken out automagically by the horde. I still can't believe I survived the bomb run. [10-3] ARM Missions ==================== [10-3-1] 1. A Hero Returns --------------------------- This is a very easy mission, as all you have to do is get one of your units to the base of the galactic gate (the structure that is visible to the north). Simply group all of your units together and click on the patch of ground just below the gate. As your units move up they will be engaged by CORE troops, but ignore them. If one or more of your units get stopped by an enemy unit, click again just below the gate and they will start moving again. Most likely it will be a peewee that gets to the gate first, simply because they are the fastest. [10-3-2] 2. CORE Kbot Base, Destroy It! ---------------------------------------- There are three paths across the water into the secion of the map that you start off in (although the southern two are so close together that they can be considered to be one), and placing two light laser towers at each of these is a good way to stop most of the CORE attacks. However, you may need to attack some Storm kbots as their missiles can hit the laser towers without needing to get into the lasers' firing range. Build your defenses and build up your units for the assault. Alternately, for a quicker game, build one or two solar collectors, take your commander south and D-gun your way into the base and D-gun the kbot lab as soon as you spot it. The AK's you'll encounter can either be D-gunned or shot with the laser. [10-3-3] 3. Spider Technology ------------------------------ It may be a good idea to move the spider bots back from the edge slightly and put them on 'Hold Position'. Moving them back makes them that much more difficult to hit. Try and keep an eye on the minimap at all times in case the spider bots get attacked and make sure they are firing their paralyser at their attackers. There are three ways across the river that the computer uses, so protect them with light laser towers, again watching out for any Storms. Try and clear the right side of the map of all CORE units before attempting to bring the spiders south. There is a way across the river just below the mountain they are on, so the spiders never needs to travel along the left side of the map. You need to get at least one spider bot into your base. This means below the line of the dragon's teeth. If you don't get the victory notice, move them around a bit until you get it. [10-3-4] 4. CORE Contamination Spreads... ------------------------------------------ Always keep your base well defended by light laser towers as this is the first mission that you will face some tough opposition. Back this up with appropriate units and kbots. As you expand your base, build additional radar towers for extended spotting range. Use your Samsons and Rockos (the Samsons are probably slightly better) to target enemy buildings (use the minimap to target them while outside of their visual range). Using this method you should be able to destroy most of the CORE laser towers without losing too many units. Depending on the level of difficulty you are playing, you may come across some Reapers which can cause some serious trouble (try and D-gun them if possible). If you decide to build some Zippers, remember to keep them constantly on the move, as their speed makes them very difficult for the CORE units to track. A group of Zippers makes a nice strategic strike force as they can get anywhere very quickly. When attacking the CORE base, try and take out their construction labs as a first priority so they don't keep making new bots. [10-3-5] 5. The Gate to Thalassean ----------------------------------- (From Andrew: this is the mission that really sold me on TA. At the end of a massive battle that had resulted in the destruction of the computer's base, there were my 6 remaining units from the assault standing amidst all of this wreckage. They could hardly move from all the wreckage. Probably my favourite mission if only because of sentimentality. Allen Roller: The key to this mission is to take and hold the choke point located south of your position by the ocean side. You will know this choke point by the classic two hills with a narrow pass in between them. You will need to especially hold the left hill. The computer loves that hill and will take it if he can since it is a direct route from his base and offers him a great firing position. Also there is a small opening on the left side of this hill. It is like a small sea shore where there is enough room for a big tank to pass through. Blast a few that try to pass through and that will plug up the gap. There are some low hills in front of the larger 2 hills. Use these to help you gain cover and ground as you move forward. The gate is located to the southwest corner of the map on an island. You can take your squad of aqua tanks there but there are a few turrets and thuds that will be waiting for you. You will need your commander to capture the gate himself. I found that 6 tanks + the commander works pretty well. The walls are too steep for good fire support from your subs. But on the other main land mass, you can harass the enemy by using the skeeter's radar to spot. Once spotted, use the sub to shoot the units standing on the shore. It is a real rush shooting away at the enemy when he has no idea were you are underwater. Subs work great on land units on the shoreline and ships that can't shoot into the water. Every so often I find a stray unit too close to the shore and I happily tell the sub to target that radar blip. There will be some small forces and emplacements to the east of you. A squad of 8 - 10 peewees will be able to take them out. You might consider some rockos added to the squad to give them some fire support if you wish to minimize your losses. How did I do it: I used my fidos as fire support when the computer tries to rush me. I built a 10 unit squad of peewees plus 5 rockos. I sent them over to the east to play cleanup and secure that area of the map. While the kbots were sent to find the bad guys I queued up my kbot factory and built a few builder kbots and then some hammers - 5 and some rockos - 8. I moved the big tanks over to the west directly south of my base. I kept all my base stuff clumped together in the general area and set up about 6 Light Laser turrets for a perimeter. Only in certain areas would I recycle metal. I left the rest to serve as free dragon teeth. This tactic is especially important at the choke point later. If you don't, it will leave the computer a free path to roll right up to your front door. I used the scouts to give me early warning and set up a radar in the middle of my base behind that screen of laser turrets. Radar is crucial to give you some forewarning of that nasty rush. I used the commander to either build windmills on the shoreline and solar panels a short distance behind them. Now for hamburger hill. This is a very bloody battle location but you must hold that hill. I started working my way towards it by rushing in with some light tanks, kbots and rockos. You will have to rush and work on cleaning off the units on the north facing of the hill. Once you have broken their line and they are regrouping, run about your builder kbot and repair any units by queuing him up. Send in the commander to build light laser turrets to bolster your position. I placed the turrets on the small hills just north of the two big hills with the choke point. In total I built four turrets and a radar to give me forewarning. In the mean time I kept a steady supply of indirect fire units mixed with some medium tanks. I made sure to use the build queues so I would not be overrun and be too busy to remember to keep producing. I met several rushes of units in about three to four waves. Oh man, the carnage! Without the LLT turrents and the build kbots, and the commander repairing them, even with my troops I don't think I could have held my front line. Combined arms again won the day. About that debris. All those dead units serve as wonderful road blocks of unit rushes. Remember about the making of indirect fire units? Now they have paid off. While the computer is trying to sift though the mess, I shoot him up and make more wreckage. A samson is a must here and having two or more works best. I used them later to pick off crasher kbots off the side of the mountain wall. Once it has quieted down a bit, I sent another rush of units to take the hill. I concentrated on the left mountain because that is the one the computer seems to want the most. If figured there had to be a reason. Later It made sense because once you had dug in, it was a tough hill to take. I sent a mix of fidos, rockos, both zesuses and a few other units like peewees. Now the next level of carnage begins. It got so bad at certain points I had to move my commander up and fire D cannon rounds down the mountain face to get rid of the thud units and tanks. Whew! There were piles and piles of those guys building up on the southern facing of the mountain side. Perfect. Now the mountain was even harder to charge for the computer. What ever you do, hold that hill. I sustained heavy loses and it takes awhile to get units to climb up the side of the mountain. I supported this with a smason and some fidos on the other mountain facing the west side. This gave them reasonable protection plus the elevation bonus plus increased my killing field by catching the units in a cross fire. The losses were heavy (in consideration, at the ending the computer lost 3:1 units to me) but it worked and the hill was mine. I then used the take and hold tactic by advancing my commander and builder bots to build three LLT's on this hill. Once the turrets were up, I only had to deal with every so often the pesky incoming rocket shells. The computer sent a few small waves of tanks plus fire support but after repelling that I could tell he was hurting, or I had hoped. I kept the commander and a builder bot on the hill to repair the LLT's. I built ten light tanks and rushed them down with a few fidos and two samsons for fire support to start taking out the enemy buildings. As I worked my way down I ran into a gatling laser and other enemy defenses. When all were taken out then I destroyed his storage facilities. I had to build some more light tanks and support units but I kept my advancing units a short distance from were they most recently attacked. I did this to simply hold the ground so the computer would not be able to place extractors, etc then build his resources up. After reinforcements arrived, while I was waiting, I repaired the front line units I again charged forward. I guesstimated by the remainig map that I almost had him. After charging forward I prioritized my attacks by threat level: 1. Who can shoot back, 2. Who is making more units, then destroy the remaining. I later captured enemy buildings to the northeast and due east with my commander just for fun while I looked for the Galactic Gate. I found the gate on the lower left corner of the map on an island. I took the island with 5 aqua tanks and the commander. I destroyed the LLT and a few thuds on the island then had the commander capture the gate. Victory! In hindsite: it is very frustrating that until mission 7 you can't store resources. I thought I was doing something wrong even after looking at the research tree. Until mission 7 and the selections became available, I did not feel so confused. The computer kept charging north and pretty much ignored the right side of the map. It doggedly attacked the hill and pressed between the mountains like a wall of ants. In one way I am glad he did not redirect his attack or I may have been hard pressed trying to defend such a wide border. When it is over I looked at all the wreckage laying around. I really love this effect because it leaves a sense of a great battle took place there. For this mission if felt more like an epic battle. [10-3-6] 6. Beachhead on Thalassean ------------------------------------ Allen Roller: What a mess, you teleport in on a little island and the fun begins. Basically the computer is playing "shooting fish in a barrel, except you are the fish". Why? His destroyers are 80% of the time in range of anything you have on the island. Laser turrets just don't have the range and you will find your metal extractors and windmills being blasted off the island. TIP: the commander is key to this mission. He will be doing a LOT of leg work to keep your base alive. Lure in destroyers by walking to the edge of the shore into D cannon range then let them have it. Some times you will even have to wade out there to get their attention then quickly run back to get on the surface. Make sure that you have sufficient power to support this type of tactic. Counting the captured enemy resources on the screen add a windmill and a solar building or two to keep the power level up. Metal is the scarce in Mission 6. If necessary risk your commander by reclaiming ship wrecks in the water. If you are low on metal he will extract but if you are full he will stop extracting and just sit there. The really annoying part is that you don't get storage buildings until mission 7. So saving for a rainy day won't work here. Also custom guide your ships. Do group them for those emergency command instructions but otherwise I had individually move each ship in order to get good placement. The ship movement AI is pretty weak. During this mission, the destroyers bounced around like it was a bumper boat festival. One time I saw two of my destroyers turn at each other, built up speed and then BOING! They hit each other dead on nose to nose. I sat there laughing away but stopped when I realized that they were not getting to the target. I still snicker when thinking about that scene. The bouncing boats were caused by an order to attack some local targets. What to do: First blast the little AK's then capture all the enemy installations on the map. Be ready for the forest fire on the island caused by enemy fire from the destoryers. You can stand just outside the forest and you will not sustain any damage. Press alt + ~ to turn on unit health/assignment numbers. This is handy to see which building needs to be repaired first or is in trouble. A scout boat showed up and engaged my skeeter. I figured that if I could capture enemy buildings and that the scout boat could not shoot into the water. Well it worked and it was a riot to watch. I sent the commander into the water and he walked under the boat and proceeded to capture it. Cool! My skeeter took some damange so I repaired both boats for later to try to prevent any ships that would inevitably arrive. I built some solar collecters and windmills to get the energy needed later to D cannon away those evil destoryers. After the fire has burned away the leaves on the trees you are left with burnt dead tree branches that are still in the way of buildings. Occasionally when I needed room in a hurry, I D cannoned the trees right out of the way. Damn its fun watching that D cannon in action. I repaired the damaged buildings to 100% and repaired the Galactic Gate to 90% but never finished it. I assumed that the gate is crucial to the mission even though it did not say so. I would have finished the repair to 100% but I needed to spend the effort on other problems. Laser turrets are pretty much useless in this mission unless the ship get dumb and gets too close. Don't bank on the ships getting close very often during this mission unless you lure them in with a certain somebody who is really important. After exploring the island with my peewees I found 2 ore locations. I built a constructor bot and queued him to build ore extractors on the two locations. Then the fight began. As soon as the two ore extractors were in place the destroyers would pass by and say hello by wiping out my extractors. I did not bother trying to make a plasma turret because of the shortage of metal and the fear of it getting shot up before it was built. I also figured that if it did get it built, it would have to deal with multiple targets dumping shells on it and I did not know how well the turret tracked ships. Also I noticed that (this may not be true) but I believe that the ships radar (similar to real radar) will only see structures taller than the surrounding trees - like windmills and extractors. Only on the center of the island were they safe but every so often you had to rebuild one. While admiring the remarkable detail of an exploding windmill, suddenly I realized, Hey thats my windmill! As soon as I had fought off the nearby destroyers with my commanders D gun I had the builder bots make a vehicle plant and also have a builder bot make a ship harbor. It is key to get this done as early as possible. Also when the commander was not assisting the builder bots with construction I had him run over and build a radar tower on the south side of the hill on the top right part of the island. I did this because I did not want the destroyers shelling away at the radar tower. It worked. That was my longest standing tower in the game. It helped tremendously by warning me when some pesky destroyer was cruising for my guys. The radar did not seem effected much by the hill beside it. After the radar went active I had a build bot make a ship construction unit. I built laser turrets - 2 nearby on the shore but they did little good. After the ship constructor was built, I had lost both my skeeters in defense of the harbor. I built a constructor ship and built two torpedo launchers and a submarine. They did later help in the defence of the harbor but I wished they had longer range, especially the sub. I placed a sonar station in the middle and later added another at the mouth of the harbor. I had hoped with sonar assistance the torps would be able to fire at greater distances but that did not work. The key with the torp launchers is to place them on the edges (bumps) in the shore line. Meaning, place them far enough forward in the harbor to support the mouth of the harbor. Place your ships a the front and if things go bad fall back into the waiting torp launchers. Usually if I am at 50% I pull the ship back into the bay. Destroyers are just too expensive to get killed at this stage of the mission. In hindsight and if the computer provided an opening I would have build 4 or more torp launchers (about 6 total) to really sock it to the destroyers. Instead I concentrated on building destroyers as soon as possible figuring I had to go assault some enemy position. I quit making subs after the first because when a destoryer came into the harbor it blew away my sub by pelting it to death with those darn homing mines. Again my commander stepped in and saved the day with his D cannon. Also earlier the sub was wounded due to a hunter killer sub entering the harbor and trading blows with my sub. After building two destroyers and a third was on it was on its way I destroyed an incoming ship. I quickly repaired them while making more destroyers. I kept this up until I wiped out all of his ships. The ending was weird. After blowing up a several boats the victory drums sounded and that was it. I was really worried because right before that I had incoming cruse missiles hitting my buildings and ships. After a few missile hits I begrudgingly sent out my commander. Only to not find any ships. I did not walk out far past the shore being afraid of destroyer depth charges. So I had him mosey back and finish repairing the struck buildings. In the end I produced about six destroyers and had four left after the battle. Getting a toe hold in the water is key. Once you take an area, hold it until your units must fall back for repairs. I use the torpedo nest in the harbor to pin them in with my destroyers. That way it ends in a quick and dirty fight. When I was hurting I would fall back into the harbor to the inside shore. Notes: I may not be doing it right but I think the D cannon does not work in the water. Bummer but after reading the description of the cannon it makes sense. I tired capturing a destroyer but after taking quite a bit of damage and the destroyer would not cooperate by staying still, I bailed for the shoreline. He followed me in (mistake) and I turned and D gunned him. Be careful with the commander in the water. He is tough but enough mines on him and he may not make it back to shore. I always keep a repair bot nearby for the command to fix his wounds. Later, the only time I let him in the water was when the harbor had 5 of my destoryers and two torp launchers with a sonar station. I sent him in because I needed the metal of the sunken wrecks. When a destroyer start pounding the shore I send out the commander and _lure_ the ship back to the shore where he could stand out of the water and blast them. Fortunately, the computer did not figure out that he did not need his ships close to do the job. I think Cavedog is simulating that if a blip suddenly shows up on visual as the commander, the computer makes a bee line toward him because the commander probably takes top priority on the list of people they really need to kill. Ships that are real close use both their shells and mines on the shore. Ouch. [10-3-7] 7. The Defense of Larab Harbor ---------------------------------------- Time to be really sneaky. Build a construction ship (to repair your damaged ships and some Lurkers). Send the lurkers and your Commander (yep, that's right) all the way south. Near the bottom of the map you will come across some enemy units all nice and parked ready for their assault. Start destroying the Crocks (there isn't much use for them in this mission) with your Lurkers. Continue moving your commander south, past the lines of Crocks. Stop him just before the small island at the middle of the bottom of the map. On either side of this island are a group of Warlord. You can use your Commander, while he is in the water, to capture these Warlords. Be aware, however, that further along each side are some units that do have torpedos and mines, so use your Lurkers to take them out. Then also use your Lurkers to start taking out the Warlords. Capturing a Warlord isn't really what you are doing. What you are doing is having the Warlords destroy each other. When you capture one, the remaining ships will open fire on it. Target your Warlord on the next Warlord and it will do some damage before it is killed. Continue doing this on both sides of the island - soon all the big ships will be clear. With any luck you should be able to wind up with a Warlord of your own at the end of all this - use this ship to destroy the inhabitants of the islands. While you are doing this, continue to build Skeeters, Crusaders and more Lurkers (send any Lurkers you build down south). You will If the mission isn't finishing, that most likely means that there are some more Crocks or Sharks lurking about. Use Crusaders or Lurkers to find them and destroy them. [10-3-8] 8. The Gate to Tergiverse IV -------------------------------------- (Albert Macias Jr.): How I beat ARM Mission 8 Phase 1: Commander - Build a Metal Extractor and Radar Shipyard - Build Construction Ship Phase 2: Commander - Build 6 Metal Makers Shipyard - Build 5 Lurkers and 5 Crusaders Construction Ship - Build 10 Tidal Generators Build the tidal generators south and west of the shipyard. Alternate building lurkers and crusaders. Set these up in a line north of the start island to intercept anything coming south. As you build the metal makers, click on them and turn them off until you have the energy to run them. The rest of your units should carefully take out any enemy units the radar can see. Click on the Ranger and tell it to hold position. Now target enemy blips on the mini map. Some of them will be underwater and need to be handled by lurkers and crusaders. Phase 3: Turn on the metal makers! Commander - Move to the island to the north of the starting island and just to the right of center of the map. The island has a metal vein that you can tap. Build a radar and metal extractor. Shipyard - Keep pumping out the lurkers and crusaders as needed. You want 10 of each. Construction ship - Build an advanced shipyard. Use the crusaders to defend your position. Use the lurkers in packs of five to scout north. As soon as you get in range of a new target, FIRE! When you build the new radar, you will see a lot of units on an island in the center of the map. Don't go near the island! Just pound it with missiles from the Ranger. Phase 4: Commander - Repair, scavenge, and guard. Shipyard - Build as needed, but hold off to save metal for the advanced shipyard. Construction Ship - Repair ships, scavenge and guard advanced shipyard. Advanced Shipyard - Build 3 Colossus and 3 Piranha. Now comes the boring part. Use the Piranha to take out the enemy's subs that have been killing your lurkers. Use the Colossus to pound the enemy targets on the island to the north. Don't forget to tell them to hold position. Only get them in range, but not too close. The only problem I have was the occasional air attack. I find that killing units from long range by radar to by realistic, but not very satisfying. When the center island is clear of units. Phase 5: Commander - Move to the center island and build a KBOT Lab and radar KBOT Lab - Build a Construction KBOT Construction KBOT - Build an Advanced KBOT Lab Advanced KBOT Lab - Build an Advanced Construction KBOT Advanced Construction KBOT - Build an Advanced Radar Shipyard - Stop building here to save metal Construction Ship - Repair ships, scavenge and guard advanced shipyard Advanced Shipyard - Replace the Piranha as needed and build a Hulk Transport. Until you get the advanced radar built, you can use the normal radar to target the enemy forces on the big island to the north where your objective is. Keep the Colossus' and Ranger as far south as you can. Move the Crusaders and Lurkers up north of them to intercept all sea units. The computer will send a wave of air units and a wave of Crock underwater tanks at you. Finally, the Warlord Battleships will come down from north of the big island. Kill these with the Crusaders, Lurkers and Piranhas. Use the Construction ship to repair your big ships. Be careful about targeting objects on the big island. One of them is your objective and you don't want to kill it by mistake. Phase 6: Crank out KBOTs. Load them into the Hulk. Invade big island. Win. If you have the metal, you can build a Millenium Battleship just for fun. I don't think you could build one fast enough to get in a battle with a Warlord. [10-3-9] 9. The Hydration Plant -------------------------------- You want to try and fit as many buildings on the small section of land you start on. This should include an aircraft plant and the two metal extractors. Capture the CORE buildings after D-gunning the troops, and build as many solar collectors as you can. Also build a metal maker as that extra metal income will be welcome. Build a light laser tower to give some basic defense against air attacks (which will be fairly continuous throughout the mission). Start building a lot of Freedom Fighters - you don't need anything else for the moment, and have them target any enemy aircraft you find. Don't wory about the ground forces too much. To the north there is another mountain top like the one on which you started. You can either use your planes to destroy its defenses (leave the other buildings intact), or you can D-gun the defenses when you transport your Commander over. Move him over and after getting rid of the defenses, capture the other buildings. Build some more solar collectors there and maybe another metal maker or two. Build another aircraft plant and churn out more fighters. To the north you will see some CORE Kbots patrolling - take them out with the fighters you have. Once you have located the Hydration Plant (almost directly north of this second plateau), you can simply walk your Commander down the side of the cliff and capture the plant. If you took out the patrols earlier, you shouldn't be attacked. [10-3-10] 10. The Bromid Maze ------------------------------ Leave the Zippers in the upper left corner as moving them out of that area seems to trigger an airstrike. Ths map is excellent to establish kill zones for your defensive structures. You should focus on Defenders as they will provide you with excellent air defense as well as good ground defenses. If you look at the map, you should only need to build two sets of defenses as you can build your base so that there are only two entrances. You want to build an advanced plant to get an advanced construction unit so that you can build mohole mines to replace your metal extractors. Just grab those mines that are in the southern section of the map. Don't try and expand too far north, as when you have converted to all mohole mines, you will have an ample metal income. You will need to build a lot of solar collectors as you cannot build a fusion reactor or geothermal plant. Use construction aircraft to build Defenders on top of the ridges your other construction bots can't reach. You will get your first chance to see a Brawler pack in action on this map. Build up 7 or 8 Brawlers and start targetting red dots on the map. For an even better coverage, set a patrol point in the midst of a collection of red blips. The Brawlers will make short work of most things. If you come across a defensive structure (the CORE has a Punisher and a number of Gaat Guns), target it immediately. Send the Brawlers home is they get damaged - it is best to have one or more construction aircraft on patrol in a section of your base as you can then land the Brawlers there and they will get automatically repaired. Your defenses and Brawler pack will mean that you shouldn't have any trouble with CORE forces. If you see a column on the move towards your base, intercept them with the Brawlers and see how effective they are against ground forces. [10-3-11] 11. The Gate to Barathrum ------------------------------------ The canyon in which the Galactic Gate is situated is heavilly guarded by CORE Gaat Guns and Pulverizers, the later of which will cause your aircraft serious problems in that area until you destroy these defences. Try and get another construction craft built as soon as you can and start building your own missile towers in strategic points. You will face some CORE aircraft, but building enough Defenders should leave you safe. Build up your metal extractors around the site where you started, and continue expanding your mining operation to the right of the map, building defenses as you go. When you have your force of Brawlers established, have then take out the defenses in the canyon, and then all of the canyon's defending units. Put the Brawlers onto 'Return Fire' rather than 'Fire at Will' because you don't want them to attack the Galactic Gate by mistake. Destroy everything on the map and walk your Commander to the Gate and have him capture it (remember to put him on 'Hold Fire' so that he doesn't attack the Gate with his laser). [10-3-12] 12. Barathrum! ------------------------- The moho mine that you need to capture is in the upper right hand corner, so when you send your units there, be careful what you destroy. Also in this section are a number of windmills and metal extractors. Instead of getting rid of the computer's production capabilities piecemeal, you should wait until you have a squad of about 7 Brawlers and then raid the upper right hand corner and destroy everything (except the moho mine!), and then head directly south into the lower right hand corner. This corner holds nearly all of the other metal extractors that the computer owns - destroying these will halt the computer in its tracks. There are a couple of Gaat guns and Pulverizers and Crusher Kbots in this area, so you should target them as a priority, but your Brawlers should make short work of them. You can claim all of the upper left hand side as your own, as you can establish four small packets of defensive structures that will cover all the four land paths into that section of the map. Again, Defenders are a good choice here, but always back them up with at least 1 Sentinel laser as a rush of fast units may get past the Defenders (they have a long range but don't do a great deal of damage). Set up patrol paths for multiple scout planes so that the Defenders have a chance of firing at their extended range. Putting a construction plane on patrol in each of these four areas will reduce the chance of you losing a defensive structure. Any air assaults the computer makes will be dealt with by the Defenders. When you have the opportunity, upgrade some of your metal extractors to moho mines. Don't bother trying to establish a geothermal powerplant, as you will have to do that outside of your fortified area. It is much easier to build a vast array of solar collectors - the upper left hand corner makes a good place. When you start, build metal extractors and solar collectors as your Commander makes his way down the pathway in the lava. D-gun the laser tower that will attack him. Once out of the lava, you should have him build a light laser tower and then an aircraft plant. From there it is just a matter of following the adive above. [10-3-13] 13. Landown's Interface ---------------------------------- You will only be attacked by CORE air troops in this mission, but there will be a lot of them. Defenses will be a heavy line of Defenders at the top of your base, with a few more scattered throughout your base (as it is likely that a few planes will make it through your first line of defense). You should build your Defenders close enough to the cliff face (scout it with the Zippers you start out with) so that they can just reach the units on top of the cliff, but are out of range of units on the cliff, and are far enough away so they aren't continually attacked by aircraft. CORE will build a huge number of ground units and pile them against the cliff edge. You can forget about them for the most part, but be aware that they contain a number of missile-firing troops, so your aerial forays to the top of the cliff should avoid the group of unit. Build at least 2 advanced aircraft plants and have them constantly churn out Brawlers and Hawks. You will need the Hawks to take out the CORE fighters, as they are a serious problem to your Brawlers. Assign numerous construction units to each advanced aircraft plant to speed up production (through the Guard function). When attacking the cliff top, you should have your aircraft move up from the far left or far right, and then sweep along the top. Your priority targets should be the aircraft plants, then the other plants. It you see a construction unit, destroy it! You don't want the CORE base being rebuilt. Metal and energy should not be a problem in this mission after you establish two or three moho mines and two geothermal plants. Where ever you build one of these advanced structures, you shuld protect it with a ring or four Defenders. Albert Macias ( In this engagement you start at the south end of the map. There is a cliff across the center of the map that prevents enemy land units from attacking you. The Core will send air power down to harass you, but your starting defenses and the aircraft you build should be able to handle the attacks. If your units get too close to the cliff, the Core units will fire at you, so watch out. This one starts out slow. You really have all the time you need to build up. The Core does have factories and will build units, but you should be able to out build him. Start out by sending the Kbots you start with to scout the map. Once you know where all the metal is and where the cliff is you can go to work. I had the commander build four solar panels and then put him to work building metal mines. The construction unit should be sent to one of the thermal vents to start building a geothermal power plant. While you are wondering around building metal mines build two radar near the cliff, one on the left and one on the right. Just make sure they are out of attack range. Once that is done you can start work on you forces. Build an aircraft plant. Build a construction aircraft. Build an advanced aircraft plant. I also built metal and energy storage units. Build five Atlas Transports and five Freedom Fighters with the aircraft plant. Build five Hawk fighters and five Brawler gunships with the advanced aircraft plant. Use the fighters to kill anything that flies south of the cliff. Don't send them near or over the cliff. The Core has great air defense waiting to greet them. Now comes the invasion. Have the transports pick up your commander and the Fido Kbots. Move the transports, the gunships and fighters to the left side of the map. Fly up the left side of the map to the top corner. Unload the transports and have them fly back south. Use the gunships and Kbots to attack whatever Core units come near you. Have the fighters engage the Core fighters. Most of them will not survive long in the north. You are just trying to buy enough time for your commander to build a vehicle lab and start pumping out Samson missile launchers. I built five and sent them out to help provide air defense. Keep building gunships in the south. Keep building Kbots in the north. The Core buildings are along the north edge of the map. Most of the Core units should be along the cliff. You have to be careful about the mass of Core units at the cliff. Once you get set up in the north, it is just a matter of time. The end of this mission was a blast. All the Core Kbots, about 30 mixed units, had gathered near the cliff. I built up a force of ground and air units and sent them all in together. This is the first time my machine slowed down as death and destruction was dealt out on a massive scale. [10-3-14] 14. The Heat Increases --------------------------------- The Roach bombs come fast and frequently on this level, so you will need to establish a fairly large visual range around your base so that you can pick them off before they get close enough to do you any damage. You shuld aim to get another construction unit build as fast as you can so that you can start setting up Defenders. At the start of the mission, use the Zippers you are given to patrol the outskirts of your base, giving your other troops a chance to target the Roaches from a distance. There aren't many large hills or lava lakes in the area of the map where you start, which means that you will have to establish a large perimeter rather than concentrating on a few spots. Your static defenses should focus on Defenders because you will be hit with a lot of air attacks. However, you shouldn't rely on these for all of your anti-air capabilities, as the CORE force will attack with Rapiers, which can cause your base serious damage if they get past your initial row of defenses. Some Jethros or Samsons scattered throughout your base (usually in groups of 2 or 3) should be able to destroy any aircraft that make it through the screen of Defenders. When building the Defenders, you should build them in groups of 3 or 4 to make them that much more effective. The CORE base is defended with a lot of Gaat guns and is staffed by many Can Kbots, so expect heavy laser resistance. There is a fusion plant in the base which makes an excellent target for your Brawlers. The large number of thermal vents in the area where you start means that power is never going to be a problem, and you will have such a huge power surplus that you should build 7 or 8 metal makers. You should be able to get a metal income of 30 after upgrading one or two metal extractors to moho mines. Have an advanced aircraft plant build a Brawler swarm and start taking apart the CORE base. If they are engaged by enemy planes, return them to base and hopefully the CORE planes will follow and be destroyed by your defenses. Once you have eliminated all of the CORE forces, capture the Galactic Gate. [10-3-15] 15. Rougpelt ----------------------- It is probably easiest to not attempt to capture any enemy units with the Commander, although it is possible to do so. Having additional units on this map means that you have to micromanage them to some extent to stop them from blowing up the advanced radar tower when they come across it. The Commander is able to destroy any CORE forces on the map with his D-gun. You may feel like building a couple of radar towers of your own as you move down the map, so that you can get some idea of the movements of the CORE troops. Reclaim the plants if your energy gets too low, but this shouldn't really be a problem. Capture the CORE solar collectors that you find, although you should set up a radar tower here so that you can determine whether there are any CORE troops in the area that will come along and destroy them. The advanced radar tower that you have to capture is defended by laser towers, but you should be able to D-gun them without taking too much damage. Remember to put the Commander on 'Hold Fire' or 'Return Fire' so that he doesn't destroy the advanced radar tower by mistake. [10-3-16] 16. Stockpile at the Abutment ---------------------------------------- You will come under air attack very early in this mission, so you should try and build some anti-air capabilities as soon as possible. Your third building (after a metal extractor and solar collector) should be either a vehicle or kbot plant. Build a few Jethros or Samsons, and then a construction vehicle. When this construction vehicle has been finished, have it build a Defender if the CORE planes are still harassing your forces. There are so many thermal vents on this map that you will be able to get a massive power surplus. Build 10 or 12 metal makers after you have placed the geothermal power plants, as this will give a real boost to your metal income. You will notice that you can build a fusion power plant in this mission, along with a Big Bertha cannon. The best place on the map to build the Bertha cannon would be on top of the rocky outcrop near the center of the map. This will let the cannon fire onto the top of the Abutment. An advanced radar tower placed near the Abutment will give you radar coverage over most of the top (although some sections will be hidden by radar jammers). Use the Bertha to start shelling any red blips (you don't have to capture anything, so just destroy it all). You should build some heavy defenses as a few columns of tanks will attack you. Placing a ring of Sentinels and Defenders around the path down the Abutment will be able to stop any ground offensives the CORE launches at you. Place these structures back a bit from the cliff face, to give them the best firing solution. Put some scout planes on patrol over the pathway. You should build a small strikeforce of Brawlers to help defend these defensive structures, as they are likely to come under fire from mobile artillery, and possibly Diplomats. Don't neglect your anti-air defenses towards the latter stages of the mission, as air strikes will continue throughout the mission, although not on the same scale as what you faced at the beginning. After your Bertha cannon has taken out all visible targets, use scout planes to search for any other units that were hidden by a radar jammer. Make the radar jammer your priority target as destroying this will then reveal all the previously hidden target. [10-3-17] 17. Fortress at Brooban's Isle ----------------------------------------- There are three islands along the botom of this map, and you should try and expand to all of them as quickly as you can. The leftmost island contains a thermal vent that you should build a geothermal powerplant on. There are only a few metal deposits available to you, so try and upgrade them to moho mines when you have build an advanced construction unit (most likely this will be an advanced construction aircraft). The starting Jethros will most likely be able to take care of the early air attacks, and your starting ships should be able to dispatch the few Searchers and occasional Enforcer that attack you. You may want to build an early metal storage building as you don't want to waste any salvagable metal early in this mission. The CORE sea attacks don't hold back in this mission. Expect to face fleets of 4 Warlords attacking you at once, backed up with subs and sub-killers. The heavy lasers of the Warlods can take out a Defender with one hit and outrange Defenders, so they are of no use against these fleets. After this attack, you can expect a fairly large convoy of Crocks to rumble towards your shores. You can actually D-gun Crocks just as they are coming out of the water but before they can fire. Try and build up a group of torpedo bombers to help destroy the Warlords when they come, or a large force of submarines and sub-killers, although the latter method must first engage the Warlords' submarine defenders before engaging the Warlords themselves. There are a couple of advanced shipyards that will be producing various ships, namely Warlords and Hives. When you locate CORE construction ships, destroy them as they will repair other CORE ships. CORE has access to numerous Titan torpedo bombers and Rapiers. If you take an aggressive stance and use a squad of your own torpedo bombers to cause some damage amongst the fleet of Warlords and Hives, expect the Titans to come south and attack you. Use Hawks to destroy Rapiers. In the top left and top right corners are moho mines, which you should try and take out to reduce the computer's metal income. When attacking the center island, be especially careful as your units will treat the Silencer (the building that you have to capture) as an enemy weapon, and hence attack it automatically if set to 'Fire at Will'. Similarly, you should not let them attack the fusion power plant that is right next to the Silencer, as its explodosion may destroy the Silencer. If you build a Bertha cannon on the middle island on the bottom of the map, you will be able to shell the defensive structures on the southern side of the main island without having to worry too much about hitting the Silencer. You will need to build a fusion plant of your own as there is only the single thermal vent, and there isn't enough land available to build lots of solar collectors. Tidal generators are fairly flimsy, and can be destroyed quite easilly by a meteor shower. [10-3-18] 18. Vengence! ------------------------ A fairly easy and very short mission. Your peewees will be killed fairly quickly, but if you concentrate their firepower, you should be able to cause some damage to the currounsing units. Heed the briefing and don't bother building anything, as the CORE troops will head north after killing the peewees. However, you may like to build another solar collector to power the D-gun. Your Spiders can be very useful when the CORE units are approaching, for they will stop the CORE units from beign able to attack or move, making them perfect targets for the rest of your troops. You should be able to destroy the CORE troops without too much of a problem, especially with a few sprays of the D-gun. [10-3-19] 19. The Motien Ramp ------------------------------ Surprisingly easy. The CORE base has an Intimidator gun and uses it througout the mission, but I didn't lose a single unit to this cannon. The hill to your north provides good protection from it, so try and build your critical buildings behind this hill. You will need some air defenses and also a few laser towers to turn away the few ground attacks that will be launched. Using massed Rapiers, you can destroy the CORE base piece by piece. Start by destroying the vehicle plants, then working your way through the rest of the base. [10-3-20] 20. Dump ------------------- There is a way to get access to aircraft on this mission - capture the CORE Kbot that is wondering around near where you start. Not only can you build aircraft after capturing this Kbot, but using it to build an advanced construction unit allows to you build all of the high tech level buildings - including the nuclear missile silo! There are quite a few 4,000+ metal wreckages on this map, and you don't want to waste them so you should build enough metal storage buildings until you have a maximum metal reserve of something approaching 6,000 units. Your only opposition will be some ground units, so you can forget about building missile towers and concentrate on Gaat Guns. Three Gaat Guns next to each other can stop most of the advances, but you should watch out for attacks by Diplomats, which will strike from beyond your range. There will be some Goliaths and Reapers that you need to deal with, so choose your weaponry well. Energy will be a bit of a problem as you will have to rely on solar collectors for a lot of energy. Again, build one or two energy storage buildings so that you don't waste excess energy. When choosing which piece of wreckage to reclaim, you should never choose one with a metal value that is not enough to fill up your metal reserves. You don't really want to waste any metal on this level. If you do capture the construction Kbot and use it to build aircraft, it is interesting to note how far a bomber's payload travels - gravity is very low on this moon. [10-3-21] 21. Welcome to CORE PRIME ------------------------------------ There are two pathways into the area of the map that you start in, but the CORE forces only seem to use the middle one. At the start of the game, build 2 light laser towers at the top of the ramp after building a couple of solar collectors and metal extractors near the galactic gate. These will hold off the first wave of attacks. Build a vehicle plant and then an advanced vehicle plant and a Spider. Use the Spider to paralyze the Pyros so your Commander can capture them, then send it to paralyze the CORE construction KBot that is patrolling the top area of the map. Capture that with the Commander as well, and then have the Commander capture the solar collectors and metal extractors that are along the top area of the map. Build some Sentinel towers and a few missile towers to further protect the middle ramp, and also one or two Guardians. When you have built at least 1 fusion plant, start construction of an Annihilator at the top of this ramp as well - when this comes on line, no enemy units are going to get anywhere near your base. Use Peepers to patrol the area of the map at the bottom of the middle ramp, so that your defenses will fire at their longest range. You have access to the Bertha cannon in this mission, although the presence of the high walls mean that it cannon attack many areas of the CORE base, but it is still a good option to build one to attack the areas of the map that it can reach. The middle ramp will be used a fair bit by the CORE troops during this mission - your static defenses will quickly rack up the kills. You Annihilator may reach a triple digit kill count. You should build three fusion reactors on this map, to make sure the Annihilator always have enough power to fire. Metal is not a problem, naturally. Use either Brawlers or Phoenix strategic bombers to soften up the CORE base. If using the Phoenix aircraft, keep them together and in numbers - their massed lasers will destroy all the CORE aircraft with relative ease. Then clean up the rest of the CORE base with whatever you feel like building. There are a number of vehicle, Kbot and aircraft plants that you should make your first priority in attacks. [10-3-22] 22. Battle for Coordinate 6551:447 --------------------------------------------- You have the bottom of the map all to yourself, and do not get attacked by land units in this mission. You will notice that there are two rows of 5 square hills in the bottom section of the map - on the middle hill in the top row build a Guardian cannon and a radar tower and start shelling the ships in the first section of water. Then shell any ground units that are in range. Don't target the solar collectors yet. You should build some missile towers around this hill, as it will come under air attacks later on. Build one or two fusion plants and moho mines to give you a good income, and build a Bertha cannon on the same hill that you built the Guardian cannon. The Bertha can hit all of the map. Also build an advanced radar tower here. Now, start shelling everything else on the map with the Bertha cannon - make sure that you have set up your anti-air defenses beforehand because Rapiers can take out a Bertha cannon quickly. To get your Commander on top of one of these hills, you will have to use an Atlas. To speed up the destruction of everything, build some strategic bombers and start bombing the numerous fusion plants that line the top of the map. If you think that you have killed everything but the mission hasn't ended, chances are that you missed the submarines. There is a sub in each of the waterways. Use a Peeper to find where they are and use an Atlas+Invader combo to destroy them (detonate the Atlas above the sub, and the sub will get blown up). [10-3-23] 23. Crossing Aqueous Body 397 ---------------------------------------- You will see some large columns of Crock amphibious tanks attack you in this mission. However, there are only a couple of ramps on the southern section of the map that they are able to move up, so blocking these with Dragon's Teeth will vastly reduce their effectiveness. An Annihilator or some heavy lasers will destroy those Crocks that do wander out of the depths. The computer doesn't have a shipyard on this level, so is limited to the ships it starts with. However, this includes a couple of Warlords, so you will need some long range weapons to combat these beasts. Two Guardian cannons built on the middle 'pier' will let you engage them from afar. You should have 6 or 7 torpedo bombers ready to attack the Warlords as soon as you have spotted them. If you are having difficulty with the Warlords, build an Annihilator on this pier as well - not even a Warlord can survive more than a few shots from this laser. Have some Peepers constantly patrolling the ocean, as this will give you the location of any submarines that are near your base. The computer can use these subs as spotter units for their Warlords. These subs usually arrive in numbers, making them costly to attack with ships. A couple of Atlas+Invader combos will sink them without a trace, however. Build a Bertha cannon on the middle 'pier' as well, and start shelling everything on the radar. Use suicide scout planes to try and locate any large ships that are currently 'parked', and target them. Then go after the construction plants. At the beginning of the mission, you will come under attack by a few Avengers. However, they are really just a nuisance. Jethros don't seem to be too effective against Avengers, so you may not want to bother building them and just ignore these attacks until you can build some Defenders. If the mission isn't ending and you think that you have killed everything, most likely there is a Crock or submarine that you haven't killed. Use your Peepers to sweep the water looking the the remainding units. [10-3-24] 24. Breakthrough to Central Consciousness ---------------------------------------------------- You don't come under attack for quite a while on this level, so take your time to build up. The bottom section of the map is more than enough space for your base, so don't expand beyond the southern 'walls'. Block off all but one or two of the entrances to this section of the base with Dragon's Teeth, and build an Annihilator at the entrances you have left open. Backed with a heavy laser tower, and even when The Cans come after you, nothing will get close. Peepers patrolling the area will give these big guns enough warning of an approaching enemy column. Either build a good fighting force of Hawks or a lot of Guardians (Hawks are better in this mission) as you will get attacked by Vamps and Rapiers after you start demolishing the CORE base. You do this demolition job with a Big Bertha - build it on top of one of the walls, and you can hit anything on the map. You'll need an advanced construction aircraft to do this. The computer doesn't have any factories on this level, so all you have to do is gradually wear its forces into the ground. After you have destroyed the CORE airforce with your Hawks, you own the skies - and this means death to the CORE. Your Bertha, Brawlers or bombers can now get about the task of killing the last of the CORE vermin. There are numerous Doomsday machines protecting the dome which would make a ground-based attack suicidal. Combined with The Cans on patrol around the base, air superiority becomes vital. Once you have killed all the CORE units and structures, move your Commander into the center of the dome and you will win. [10-3-25] 25. CORE PRIME Apocalypse. Free at Last! --------------------------------------------------- Unless you are unlucky or very stupid, your troops should be able to destroy the Roaches by themselves. The layout of this map makes setting up kill zones very easy. You don't need to extend your base beyond the lowest level (the one you start one). Set up your defensive structures so that they have line-of-fire on the two ramps down into your section (you will need to construct two clumps of defenses). These should include at least 2 Sentinels, 4 Defenders and at least 1 Guardian. Patrol the first step with scout planes so that these defenses will automatically fire. Build some Dragon's Teeth at the bottom of the ramp, leaving a small hole for units to pass through. Metal is no problem here, naturally, so you should be able to get to the advanced buildings and units fairly quickly. However, you shouldn't forget about the low tech units, especially Jethros, which will be especially useful in numbers to protect your base from Rapiers and Vamps. An advanced radar tower will provide coverage for most of the map, giving you warning of when another attack is about to begin. Put each of your defensive clumps onto a hotkey and when you see an enemy convoy approaching, target it for destruction. Building Brawlers and having them patrol the first step is also a good way of dealing with attacks (your static defenses will also start to fire after the Brawlers engage the enemy). Build some air repair pads, and your planes will automatically go to them when damaged. Once you have built a Bertha cannon (try and do so early), start shelling everything on the map. If you build 2 fusion power plants, you will never have power problems. CORE rebuilds their base, and more, in this mission so expect to destroy a lot of buildings. If you are going to use ground attacks, take out the multiple Doomsday Machines with the Bertha cannon. CORE will have an Intimidator cannon, which should be taken out as well. You could also use Merls to take out any static targets on the radar map (although always keep your eyes on those little red blips, and get your Merls to safety if you see some coming your way). A swarm of 6 or 7 Brawlers should be able to destroy the CORE Commander (although they will be killed as a result of the explosion). If you can destroy all of the CORE construction units (there are quite a few), then you will simply be able to Bertha them into oblivion. To win this mission after destroying the CORE forces, move your Commander onto the CORE symbol on the Command Dome. ------------------------ CHAPTER [11] Strategies ------------------------ [11-1] Evil Strategies ======================= [11-1-1] Commander Snatch -------------------------- Welcome to the super-cheese munchkin award for the worst strategy in TA (in terms of retaining your friends). You are able to load an enemy commander into an air transport unit (Atlas/Valkyrie) which should give you an idea of what this strategy is all about. You should have a rough idea of where your enemy will appear on the map when you start (especially on certain water maps). If you start with a lot of resources, the first thing that you build is an aircraft plant. Queue up a scout and transport plane, and have your commander go about building up the rest of the base. When the scout is built, send it out looking for your enemy. When the transport is built, send it to the area in which you found your enemy. Most likely they are busy setting up metal extractors and power plants and may be building a kbot/vehicle/ship/aircraft plant when your transport arrives. Tell the transport to pick up the commander. If the player is not actively controlling the commander, this will be a fairly easy job if the commander is currently nanolathing a new building. This will be slightly harder if the enemy is controlling their commander and trying to shoot down your transport. If you manage to pick up the commander, there is no way that they can regain control of it. If this is your only opponent, have the transport self destruct - this also causes the commander to explode, taking out most of their base. If you have another opponent on the map, take your captured commander over to their base and detonate the transport, taking out the third commander as well. The way to get around this strategy is to set up defenses (a light laser tower) early or start with low enough resources that setting up an aircraft plant before establishing metal extractors and power plants is not feasible. If starting resources are high, build a Kbot lab and churn out one or two missile Kbots and put them on guard around the Commander. This will most likely only work once or twice against your opponent before they wise up to your strategy. However, be prepared to lose a few friends if this is the strategy you always try and start with. [11-1-2] Commander Bomb ------------------------ This is only a valid strategy if you are playing with the game set to continue after the Commander has been killed. It can be used early in the game for a crippling blow, or late in the game when there are heavy defenses established. However, you do lose your own Commander from this strategy so must have at least one plant build so that you can build new construction units. Build yourself am aircraft plant and construct a transport plane. Load up your Commander into the plane - this now becomes your mega-bomb. If used at an early stage in the game, you should attempt to get both your enemy's Commander and any plants they have built in the blast area (basically they should both be on the screen at the same time to be caught in the blast). Set the plane to self-destruct, and watch the explosions :) I recommend that you never use this strategy as you will become incredibly unpopular, very quickly. If used at a later stage in the game where defensive lines are pretty well established, using your Commander in a suicide run may be just what you need to weaken a flank. In this case, you would want to bring the Commander up under the cover of a radar jammer so that you can D-gun anything you come across. If you can D-gun away the defenses, then you have saved your Commander for another time, and if you are destroyed whilst doing this D-gunning, then you haven'y lost anything. When using the Commander in a suicide run like this, you must make sure that you can follow it up with a massive push into the enemy's territory through this hole in the defenses. This should definitely be a combined arms rush with a lot of air support. Hopefully you can do enough damage to your enemy so that they cannot recover fast enough to re-establish their defenses. This is actually a fairly legitimate strategy when the games have come to a stalemate where the battle is being waged across a small section of land as neither foes can penetrate into the other's base. [11-2] Normal Strategies ========================= [11-2-1] The use of skirmishers -------------------------------- Bruce Rennie ( When playing single player, I like to take my time, build an impenetrable defense, experiment with units, etc. Generally make the computer suffer. :^} Here's what I've found. In the later missions (as Core) you CANNOT build a defensive line that can stand against ARM attacks. Their Fido bots and long range missile launchers will make you miserable and keep your construction bots frantically running around. My personal defense of choice is a line of Pulverizer missile towers, backed by a couple of Punisher plasma gun turrets and a bunch of mobile artillery units. The missile towers have good rates of fire, and provide almost total immunity to air attacks. The Punishers give you a reach out and touch someone capability, and the arty has good range and damage potential. However, I've found that the ARM is tricky. They can defeat this defense by running a few PeeWees in close then beginning a long range bombardment with the Fido's and long range missile launchers. Those missile can take out a pulverizer in one shot. A couple of those and your line has a breach. They then generally follow up with a few super heavy tanks. The problem is that while your defenses have the range to return fire, the will not automatically engage anything beyond visual range (must be some strict Rules of Engagement :^}). Here's where skirmishers come in. I generally have my kbot factory crank out a constant stream of AK and Storm bots. These take up position in front of the defensive line under any cover they can find. This has two benefits: first, it extends your visual range by quite a bit, as the AK's see real good. :^} Second, the AI attack forces usually gun for the skirmishers first, giving your defense time to crush them. While a wetware opponent may ignore your skirmishers, you still benefit from the extended visual range and your defenses will engage at maximum range. I've found that as long as I keep replacing my skirmishers, my defensive line is usually untouched. I have plenty of time to build my attack forces and I'm not frantically repairing my line between attacks. [11-2-2] Naval radar jammers ----------------------------- Once really large problem with launching large fleets of ships is that as they approach your enemy, they will start to appear on your enemy's radar screen. Most likely this will quickly result in shelling from shore batteries and a wave of air attacks. What you really need is some way of hiding your naval fleet from radar detection. But, there isn't a radar jamming ship. So you have to improvise. Load up one of the radar jamming units into an air transport and have assign it to patrol one of the ships (preferably the largest and slowest one in your fleet). This will hide your navy from radar view as makes its way to the enemy shore. Check the radar to see just how much of your fleet is being hidden - you may need to have two jamming units on patrol. If you need multiple jamming units, have them patrol different units, so that the radar jamming area is not the same. [11-2-3] Bugs as underwater mines ---------------------------------- An interesting feature of Roaches and Invaders is that they are quite happy crawling along the bottom of the ocean. Because of the strength of naval vessels overall, they cannot destroy one all by themselves (although they don come close with the light Skeeters/Searchers), they are able to do a fair amount of damage which means that your shore defenses have all the less to do. They would make an excellent defense againt Tritons or Crocks, and would also be useful in making wandering Commanders think twice about walking to your base. Using them as a wide screen around you ship yards, backed up with subs would provide you with fairly good defenses (or at least a good early warning system). You should make sure to self-destruct them rather than letting them get killed, as this does more damage. [11-2-4] They shoot Berthas don't they? ---------------------------------------- If your opponent has built a Big Bertha/Intimidator, then you are in serious trouble. You need to take it out, and take it out now. Your enemy only needs a rough idea of where you are to start shelling (even if they shell blindly into the are of the map where you are located they are likely to hit something). You should make the destruction of this cannon your number one priority, because the longer he has it operational, the longer he can cause you grief from afar. Most likely the Bertha will be heavilly guarded (especially from air attacks), but you will have to wear the losses. Remember, when you get your Bertha cannon up and running, your opponent will have to suffer these losses as well, so everything evens up in the end. If you haven't already got a Bertha/Intimidator in production, you should start on one immediately - but make sure it is within range of his base :) Don't put off taking out the cannon, for not only will it be continually shelling you, your enemy is also likely to be continually beefing up the defenses around it. The usual suicide scout planes will be needed if you don't know where the cannon is located. Build your Brawlers/Rapiers, and back them up with some fighters as your opponent should have some fighters of his own patrolling the cannon. You must ensure that you have enough gunships to last through the onslaught that will occur and still be able to destroy the cannon. Don't be tempted to attack with a small force, as falling wreckage doesn't do a lot of damage. Change the Brawlers/Rapiers to ground based units depending on the map and your personal preference. [11-2-5] Flying Bomb --------------------- Invaders and Roaches are quite slow, so slow in fact that you may not feel like building them. However, loading them into a transport plane turns them into flying bombs. If the transport plane gets killed, the Invader/Roach also explodes, and unless you are very unlucky and the flying bomb is destroyed by a long range attack, this explosion should do serious damage to the plane's killer. You can also tell the transport to self destruct when over the target point - while the bomb is in the air it still does damage to ground units. The area of effect of this flying bomb is quite large, and the explosion is quite powerful, so this is a very effective tactic for destroying numerous buildings that have been built close together. This is especially good if there are a couple of metal extractors close together. [11-2-6] Help! I'm being swarmed by 50... ------------------------------------------ The question has to be asked: what the hell were you doing while your enemy was building up this horde? If you let them build 25 Brawlers, expect to get clobbered. Sheesh! This isn't the sandpit where the competition is to build the prettiest base, this is WAR! Harass, harass, and harass some more! Sitting back in your base is the surest way to lose the game that I know of - your human opponent will find a way through your defenses, this you can bet on. Never let up the pressure on your opponent. Having them slumped over their keyboard weeping for you to give them some slack is just a sign to push them even more. You don't want your enemy to have time to think, let alone coordinate a massive attack. Force them out of their favourite strategy and make them think on their feet. Try building some fighters early on and have them patrol the edges of his base. Most likely they'll attack any planes that get built. Take out metal and energy storage buildings to lower the amount of resources they can stockpile. Take out metal extractors to slow down their metal income. Target construction units to slow down his base building. Try building some fast kbots or vehicles and have them on a wide patrol that takes in a lot of the map (only works on maps that are mostly land). Use radar jammers throughout your base so your enemy can't simply target you on the radar - make them get line of sight. Always try and have good scouting yourself to give you advanced warning of an attack. Naturally, your enemy will be trying to do this as well, but you just have to be better. [11-2-7] Commander bombing --------------------------- This strategy would be categorised as a 'partially evil' strategy to use. Harass your enemy's Commander with continual bombing runs - this will make it much harder for your enemy to use the Commander to build stuff. This will also annoy your enemy quite a bit :) There is a fairly easy way to defeat this strategy, however, and it is simply to build a number of fighters and put set them to guard the Commander. These fighters will engage any air units sent to harass your Commander. You should also assign a construction Kbot (as a construction vehicle is too large and a construction aircraft too weak) to Guard to Commander so that the Kbot will repair the Commander from any damage that is inflicted (waiting for the Commander to naturally repair itself takes too long). Naturally, this bot will also help the Commander with any construction work. [11-2-8] Hulks of death ------------------------ Crawling bombs just get better and better. Consider this: sea transports can hold 20 units (or 24, depending on which side you play). Self destructing a unit causes it to explode in a very violent matter. An exploding crawling bomb (either a Roach or Invader) self-destructs with the force of nearly half a nuclear missile. Put this all together and what do you get? Death on water. From a few tests, 6 Invaders loaded onto a Hulk and told to self-destruct can destroy any Battleship that is near it. So, run your Hulk right into the side of the Battleship and tell it to self-destruct - BAMMO! No more Battleship. Even the mighty Warlord cannot stand this type of blast, although its heavy laser makes it less likely that the Hulk would be able to get too close. The best part is that crawling bombs cost so little metal (as it is always metal that is the problem - you should never have a problem with energy). The total energy cost of this floating bomb will be more than an individual battleship, but the metal cost will be a tiny fraction (roughly a quarter of the metal cost). The damage the crawling bombs are doing when they self destruct while they are in the Hulk is cumulative. Anything near the epicenter of this blast is going to be destroyed. And even if the floating ball of death is killed before it finishes its self-destruct sequence, the hulk of death will still do half damage (which is still 7,500 points for 6 crawling bombs). [11-2-9] Death to Brawler swarms --------------------------------- Brawler and Rapier swarms can be a real pain. But there is a cheap and easy way to give your opposition second thoughts. The gunships are fairly expensive beasts to build, but are excellent in swarms. They also have a high strength rating, giving them time to absorb damage before they get killed. So what you need is something that flies and does a lot of damage quickly - yep, the flying bomb mentioned above (Section 11-2-5)! You should have a couple of these combos built and waiting at various sections of your base. It would probably be best to hide them from radar with a radar jammer so the player doesn't become aware of them until they are seen - and by then, it is too late. Use self-destruct on the flying bomb, and even if it doesn't explode in the midst of the swarm, those enemy planes are going to suffer serious damage. The beauty of this is how cost effective it is - both the air transports and crawling bombs are very metal inexpensive, so you can afford to have multiple flying bombs protecting all of your base. However, your base will suffer some collateral damage from the explosion so either try and detonate them in an empty area or make sure that you are doing more damage to the swarm than to yourself. [11-2-10] Allen's Strategies ----------------------------- Allen Roller: General Tips: use cover whenever possible. This is the first real game where using cover actually counts and the game rewards you for it. If you are caught of position, and the computer has high ground, you will have your units shot up in short order. Combined arms is also key in this game. Move your armor up and let them take the pounding. That is what they are for but make sure that they get fire support from longer ranged guns like fidos, hammers, etc. Be careful not to match up big tanks with kbots with rockets or more maneuverable units. That can be a mess. If the rocket bots keep moving your tanks will get chewed up. Throw in some peewees in squads of 5 to tag team up on a few of those guys. This will slow down the enemy kbots movement (because he is now getting shot up) and now your tanks can draw a bead on them. Boom! Rushing: Tank, peewee, vehicles, etc. rushes will work in a relatively clear field. But if the computer is dug in, and you have little cover, expect 3:1 losses until you have overrun his position. Note also the level of debris that gets created every time a unit dies. If you have direct fire weapons and you are charging into the enemy, you could loose your forces and your army momentum trying to drive through that mess. Notice how your direct fire guns keep hitting that darn debris? Use it to your advantage like the computer does. Use indirect fire weapons - rockets to shoot at the enemy from behind all the debris. It is very handy to hide behind that nasty tank that is now dead. Now it is a good dead tank because it provides wonderful cover for your rockos and other friends. Scouting Pays: Scout forward with units with good radar and visibility range. This will pay off because it will keep you from walking into an ambush. Also if there is an ambush ahead, the scout can find another possible attack angle that will give you a terrain bonus. Have samsons and other long range indirect fire units in the area of your scout. Once you have a radar blip, you can usually target that and never sustain a return fire from the enemy. Use the ships at sea to shell inland units. This is very nice because if the computer comes after your ship with land units, pull the ships back farther until the enemy units are on the shore edge, then start shelling them. Artillery is expensive but if used right it will save a lot of time and resources on your side while pressing the computer to invest in producing more units that were just lost. In short, anytime you can waste an enemy unit at no cost to your own is always the best option to choose. Unit dispersal: Don't bunch up! I can't tell you how many times I have lost squads of hard earned units due to bunching. Notice how the computer spreads out his units? He does this quite well unless terrain causes him to bunch up. Also when you finally take out one of his, when the unit explodes, it usually will not hurt any of his. Keep your units spread out an inch or so whenever possible. The bigger the unit, then the more room they need away from each other. After seeing your third chain reaction explosion due to bunching, you will quit doing it after awhile. Spreading units out also provides the computer less of a target to shoot at. If he misses, it may hit another adjacent unit if it is too close. To repair or charge forward? This is a judgment call. The computer usually picks the most expensive unit in range, plus with the most damage and fire away at it until it is gone. If you break for it: That may be the key fire support that will hold the line against his rush of units. If you stay, you risk loosing that unit and possibly hurting your fellow unit due to the proximity of the explosion. Lastly, you could split it down the middle. If you can hold the front line long enough, you can pull back the unit to be far enough away to have a repair bot fix it back up. Note: As far as I can tell, repairing is almost or is free. I don't notice an energy or metal drain while I am repairing a unit. This is a good thing for two reasons: experience is added to the surviving unit making it better, and you will not loose time or resources trying to replace that unit and get all the way to the front line to do some good. Unless you build a kbot building nearby. I have charged forward at certain key times that I knew my unit could not escape. When this happens, I get at point blank range and keep shooting until it blows up. I get the free shots, keep that unit occupied so he *usually* will not shoot at other units and I get to damage him some more from the explosion. You can also do this on purpose by pressing control + D. This is expensive but if timed right between units that are already critically weak, it could do the trick. Be careful though that you pick the correct unit. Capturing vs destroying: Whenever possible, capture! Think of the time and resource savings you will get by capturing all that free stuff. As a rule I capture mostly non aggressive units. There have been times though where the enemy unit could not damage me, so I captured it. Like a ship with my commander sitting below it, capturing it. If the ship cannot attack underwater, it was hilarious to watch the unit get converted. [11-2-11] Prism's Psychological Warfare ---------------------------------------- Prism ( My personal favourite are the terror tactics. Spread your Peewees out using TWO radar jammers. Place them near the enemy lines and for a few seconds turn off the jammers and move the Peewees towards the enemy. Then retreat the units back to safety, turning the jammers on. If you do this with three or four packs, it will keep your opponent worried about attacks because he doesn't know what the units are, and will think you have a huge army outside his base. NEVER underestimate the Bots! [11-2-12] The Lazarus Effect ----------------------------- Graeme Miller ( Situation: both sides have been pretty mush wiped out, probably due to a Commander disagreeing with the other's base. You have a few metal extractors, construction units, one or two combat units, and some debris. Now, because you have lost your Commander early, the chances are that you have no metal or energy storage, you can probably store very little (probably about 300 metal, 500 energy). Gather all of your units togerher and send them to a place that can be easily defended (don't try and protect your remaining base unless there is a lot left and it is already in a good position to defend). Construction solar power, or wind generators if it is a windy planet. You will need at least 60 energy coming in. Construct one or two metal extractors that are very near your new home base (you don't need much metal coming ine, 3-4 is easily enough). Now build a radar tower, and 2 Defenders - this will ensure that you can blast any Kbots to bits that come anywhere near your new base. What usually happens is the other player is going to try to build a small number of units and rush you with 5-10 Kbots, this is the norm, I find. Of course, you are just going to sit tight and let your Defenders and the remaining Kbots take care of them (try to let the Defenders handle it, as it doesn't take them long to become veterans, which makes them well `ard). Then collect the metal and build a Kbot lab. Make sure that you are repairing everything, including your Defenders and remaining Kbots (especially the construction Kbots). Concentrate on building Peewees and Rockos, and for about every 6-8 Kbot attack units you build, build another construction Kbot. Build more solar panels and a few more Defenders, generally the other player will attack again and again with Kbots, hoping to knock you out fast. Don't send your Kbots charging after him, just let him throw his Kbots at your defenses and taketake his metal (each attack should give you about 200 metal). With a construction Kbot guarded by 4-6 Kbots, claim metal patches and build Defenders at every one you claim. Then concentrate on building Kbots back at your own base. When you have enough (20-30), simply run around destroying every single metal extractor the enemy has. Then move in on their base, and concentrate on killing the construction Kbots and Kbot lab. The aim is not to win, but rather to stop their production. Then continue to build Kbots - once you have all you need to wipe them out, simply charge in. [11-2-13] The Way of the `Bot ------------------------------ Graeme Miller ( General Arm Kbot Usage 1. Basic Squads Kbots as a general rule should not be grouped with non Kbot units, as this wastes their special properties of speed and rapid movement. There is little reason to group them with anything else anyway, ie. why group Jethros with Stumpies when you could be grouping Stumpies with Samsons? Unless you have a specific role in mind for your Kbot group, trying to keep a mix of the various Kbots is generally a good idea. This stops you from getting into a combat situation where you do not have some form of attack. I find a mix of 6 Peewees to 4 Rockos to 2 Hammers to 2 Jethros is about right. This gives you the right base for fighting off most units. If you expect to suffer high losses, then try adding more Peewees, they usually end up in front of the other units and give the enemy something to fire at. Unless the Peewees get in close anyway, they aren't going to do much, so accept that you may lose them if you are throwing them at anything significant. When you have access to Level 2 Kbots, the first Kbot you want to build is the Eraser. You can never underestimate the value of being invisible to radar. So build an Eraser and group it with your basic Kbot squad, this gives your basic hit and run attacks the advantage of surprise, which with the Kbots is very important. They aren't going to survive somebody firing a Guardian at them as they charge towards the enemy. So keep them protected by the Eraser, and make sure that they don't move outside it's jamming field. If your Eraser keeps getting left behind, select all the other units in your Kbot squad and tell them to guard it, and then simply move the Eraser to the location you want the squad to move to. 2. Attacking Structures Kbots are fast and pretty flexible, they have a rapid turret turn rate, but they are pretty weak and in small numbers don't cause much damage. The best way to use Kbots is in hit and run attacks against undefended structures. Kbots are fast and can easily get to most parts of the map. The classic Kbot usage is simply to take out the enemy's metal extractors, not particularly complex, but effective. For every 2 metal extractors you destroy, you basically decrease your enemy's ability to produce a Kbot by 1 (ie. generally each metal extractor produces about 1.3 metal per tick, and if you destroy 2, that is 2.6 metal per tick, which is roughly the amount the Kbot lab uses to build a Kbot). Kbots can also be very good at charging into the enemy base past his units (especially if he is a large tank pack building type), and taking out storage devices. It doesn't take very long for a Kbot squad to destroy a metal or energy storage device. Also, as lots of people build metal and energy storage devices next to each other, it should be relatively easy to get both. Always fire the Kbots at energy devices because when they explode it does more damage (if they have defenses that require energy it also limits their ability to return fire). So take out the energy storage and then the metal. This can put a serious dent in the enemy's metal and energy reserves. If the base is defended, try to keep the Kbots moving. Sadly they will not auto target enemy buildings (unless the building is the firing type), so you have to move, then target, move, then target. If you just leave the Kbots, they won't fire at buildings. Also, if the base is defended with Sentinels or a large number of Defenders, you can't afford to ignore them - they will tear your Kbots apart. Defenders should be fairly easily taken out (if there aren't too many) by a large number of Kbots (that's why you have Peewees - to soak up the damage). If, however, there are Sentinels, you may want to consider if you have enough Kbots to survive and do any real damage. 2 Sentinels are more than capable of stopping about 8 Kbots each, especially if the Sentinels are supported. Of course, Kbots do auto-target defenses so instead of clicking on the defenses and telling the Kbots to fire, simply shift click lots of move points around the defense and the Kbots will run around the defense, and keep firing at it. 3. Attacking Units Kbots are far better at attacking other units than most people realise. Most people will just get their Kbots and run them up to whatever it is they want to attack. This is fine if it is another evenly matched Kbot squad - they will trade shots and roughly cancel each other. However, this is not the best way to use your Kbots. Simply standing toe-to-track isn't what you want to do. If you get into combat with an equal number of Kbots, you can come out on top easily, instead of targeting the individual Kbots, just press shift and click move all around the enemy Kbots squad, and your Kbots will auto-target the enemy. You will generally hit them with no more difficulty than if you were standing still, and as you are moving, you will be far harder to hit. It also spreads that damage across your Kbots instead of losing one Kbots because they concentrated fire. As everyone knows, a Kbot with one health point left is just as powerful as a Kbot that is at 100% health. So it doesn't take long for this advantage to build up. Example situation that starts with you each having exactly equal squads of 10 Kbots, one static, one moving: 10 of yours to 9 9 of yours to 8 8 to 6 7 to 3 6 to 0 When the combat was finished, most of the Kbots were in the top part of yellow damage, so they lost 10 and you lost 4, simply becase you were moving. This tactic is very effective when used against large targets like Stumpies or Bulldogs, as there will generally be less of them than you, the fire will be concentrated, and their turrets will spend more time tracking than firing. The tanks are far more prone to missing rapidly moving targets because of the weapons they fire, and their large sizes makes an easier target for the Kbots to hit. So Kbots vs. tanks is a good way to fight if you moving. If you combine 2 separate groups of Kbots, both moving around the target in opposite directions, it is even more effective because the tank squad will split it's fire between the 2 squads, resulting in less kills. Also, usually one side of the tank pack will pick one squad of Kbots to attack, and the other side will pick the other squad, so when the squads swap to the opposite side of the tank pack, the tanks often shoot each other so your Kbots take less hits. [11-3] Little bunny tank rushers ================================= Occasionally you will run into someone who really doesn't care about about having an interesting game. They only care about winning as fast as they possibly can. Usually this happens on ladders where wins are 'important'. Here are some tips to spot these little bunnies from a distance and how to defeat their early rushes - most likely you can whip them if you beat their initial rush. Note that I do not consider a large wave of tanks to be a tank rush. A tank rush is where the person concentrates on sending a large number of tanks (or kbots in this game) from nearly the start of the game. The only way this can be done is on small maps with starting credits set quite high - high enough that they can immediately build multiple vehicle/kbot plants and churn out a lot of light tanks with what is left. [11-3-1] Warning signs of a tank rusher ---------------------------------------- If your opponent wants to play on a small map and set the resources to high, your bunny-o-meter should start nearing the red zone. If you are playing a ladder game where tank rushes are not outlawed, the bunny-o-meter should be going crazy. Ask them to play with fewer initial resources - remember, you don't have to play with these people. Hopefully if you do have to start a game like this, your opponent won't rush you and simply likes to play with high resources. Remember, no one likes a rusher. [11-3-2] Some strategies to defeat the tank rush ------------------------------------------------- So, you know that your opponent is about to rush you and want to counter it. Here are some tips: 1. Return the favour and build your own two vehicle plants and start churning out the units. When his force arrives at your base, your force will be larger as you will have had longer to build it. 2. If he is concentrating on building tanks, he won't have any anti-air capabilitites. Build an early aircraft plant then an air transport, and go and pick up his Commander! Then detonate it over his base after sending him a 'This is what happens to tank rushing bunnies' message. :) 3. Instead of using the early aircraft plant to build an air transport, build a steam of fighters (or bombers), and have them all go to the rusher's base as they are built. Have them on a patrol in his base (give the aircraft plant a Move and Patrol order), and he will HAVE to do something about it. 4. Don't forget the power of the D-gun! A couple of solar collectors built early will let you power the D-gun long enough to wipe out most tank rushes (or at least put a serious enough dent in them for your own forces to take the remainder out). If you practice with the D-gun's run-on effect, you should be able to take out multiple units with a single blast. 5. Also never forget the stopping power that 2 or 3 light lasers can have against the weaker units. Group the lasers together and build a radar near them. When you see enemy blips approaching, select the lasers and have them start firing from their maximum distance. Not only will the lasers destroy his forces, but the wreckage from this destruction will break up the unit groups and force them to maneouver about, making it that much harder for the bunny to focus their fire on a single target. Death to all tank rushing bunnies! ============================= -SECTION FOUR- MISCELLANEOUS ============================= ------------------------- CHAPTER [12] Data Tables ------------------------- [12-1] Unit Statistics ======================= Legend M = used when moving, unused at other times A = used when attacking, unused at other times J = used for Radar Jammer, unused at other times R = used for Radar, unused at other times ** = used for construction only If a unit has either MJ or MR for their energy usage, this means that their energy store is utilised when they are moving or when they are activated. If they are doing both there is no double-dipping (ie their power requirements aren't doubled). They need to be both stationary and have their special ability turned off to produce a power surplus. *12-1-1* CORE Units -------------------- Unit Cost Metal Energy Name Metal Energy Prod Use Store Prod Use Store ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Commander N/A N/A 1 ** spec 25 ** spec C-Kbot 130 2540 .3 ** 50 9 ** 50 A.K. 56 696 - - - - - - Storm 118 985 - - - 1 1M - Thud 147 1161 - - - 1 1M - Crasher 129 1224 - - - 1 1M - Adv. C-Kbot 325 6096 .5 ** 100 19 ** 100 Pyro 260 2200 - - - 1 1M - The Can 420 3500 - - - 1 1M,75A - Roach 65 5471 - - - - - - Spectre 70 1453 - - - 10 10MJ - C-Vehicle 175 2145 .3 ** 50 9 1M 50 Weasel 38 575 - - - - - - Instigator 110 887 - - - 1 1M - Raider 169 1241 - - - 1 1M - Slasher 116 947 - - - 1 1M - Adv. C-Vehicle 455 4504 .5 ** 100 1 1M 100 Crock 295 2310 - - - 1 1M - Reaper 473 3048 - - - 1 1M - Deleter 100 1757 - - - 14 14MJ - Pilager 251 1535 - - - 1 1M - Goliath 697 3906 - - - 1 1M - Informer 86 1209 - - - 11 11MR - Diplomat 427 2470 - - - 1 1M - C-Ship 260 2375 .3 ** 50 7 ** 50 Searcher 95 917 - - - - - - Enforcer 887 4505 - - - 2 2 - Envoy 887 4786 - - - - - - Snake 1199 3902 - - - - - - Hive 1379 11715 - - - 380 45MR - Shark 1356 5245 - - - 1 1 - Hydra 2283 7628 - - - 1 1M - Executioner 1724 8551 - - - 2 2 - Warlord 4181 19741 - - - 46 44M + 75A - C-Aircraft 110 4580 .2 ** 50 10 ** 50 Fink 36 1369 - - - - - - Avenger 101 3181 - - - - 1M - Shadow 131 5691 - - - 1 1M - Valkyrie 115 2695 - - - 1 1M - Adv. C-Aircraft 231 12824 .5 - 100 22 ** 100 Rapier 294 5778 - - - 1 1M - Hurricane 220 8050 - - - 1 1M - Titan 364 6588 - - - 1 1M - Vamp 257 6973 - - - 15 15M - Added units: Dominator 388 2107 - - - - 1M - Voyeur 93 1283 - - - 16 16R - Leveler 292 1887 - - - 1 1M - *12-1-2* ARM Units ------------------- Unit Cost Metal Energy Name Metal Energy Prod Use Store Prod Use Store ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Commander N/A N/A 1 ** spec 25 ** spec C-Kbot 120 2410 .3 ** 50 8 ** 50 Peewee 53 697 - - - - - - Rocko 117 964 - - - 1 1M - Hammer 151 1187 - - - 1 1M - Jethro 128 1219 - - - - - - Adv. C-Kbot 300 5784 .5 ** 100 17 ** 100 Zipper 151 2221 - - - - - - Fido 398 3556 - - - 1 1M - Zeus 267 2228 - - - 1 1M - Invader 61 5473 - - - - - - Eraser 73 1326 - - - 10 10MJ - C-Vehicle 185 2030 .3 ** 50 9 ** 50 Jeffy 37 564 - - - - - - Flash 106 870 - - - 1 1M - Samson 119 1027 - - - 1 1M - Stumpy 165 1246 - - - 1 1M - Adv. C-Vehicle 481 4263 .5 ** 100 21 ** 100 Bulldog 467 2994 - - - 1 1M - Triton 298 2300 - - - 1 1M - Jammer 97 1621 - - - 16 16MJ - Luger 264 2140 - - - 1 1M - Merl 462 2746 - - - 1 1M - Spider 230 2200 - - - 1 1M - Seer 85 941 - - - 8 8MR - C-Ship 255 2130 .3 ** 50 7 ** 50 Skeeter 100 985 - - - - - - Crusader 898 4537 - - - 2 2 - Lurker 1151 3724 - - - - - - Hulk 919 4639 - - - - - - Piranha 1448 5481 - - - 1 1 - Ranger 2348 7804 - - - 1 1M - Conqueror 1719 8608 - - - 3 3 - Millenium 4404 20731 - - - 50 48M - Colossus 1372 11257 - - - 370 40MR - C-Aircraft 105 4320 .2 ** 50 11 ** 50 Peeper 40 1475 - - - - - - Freedom Fighter 99 3234 - - - 1 1M - Thunder 130 5496 - - - 1 1M - Atlas 107 2479 - - - 1 1M - Adv. C-Aircraft 220 12096 .5 ** 100 24 ** 100 Brawler 314 6249 - - - 1 1M - Hawk 254 6893 - - - 20 20M - Phoenix 209 7624 - - - 2 2M - Lancet 378 6438 - - - 2 2M - Added units: Eagle Radar Plane 165 8062 - - - 23 23 - Warrior 196 2236 - - - 1 1M - The Commander's metal and energy storage is special in that his capacity is the starting amount for that mission. So, if you play a skirmish with 10000 starting metal and energy, the Commander's storage capacity is set to 10000 each. If you start with 200/200, the Commander's storage is to 200 each, etc. *12-1-3* CORE Unit Advanced Statistics --------------------------------------- Unit Distance Weapon Construction Name Health Sight Radar Sonar Jammer ID Time ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Commander 3000 290 400 400 0 21 or 23 97852 C-Kbot 710 230 0 0 0 - 5818 A.K. 265 275 0 0 0 88 1523 Storm 620 265 0 0 0 121 1969 Thud 800 245 0 0 0 55 2171 Crasher 480 292 0 0 0 101 2636 Adv. C-Kbot 1070 245 0 0 0 - 13963 Pyro 700 245 0 0 0 1 3750 The Can 2800 200 0 0 0 94 7500 Roach 195 100 0 0 0 (214 or 215) 7899 Spectre 310 200 0 0 490 - 5439 C-Vehicle 825 200 0 0 0 - 5146 Weasel 84 310 0 0 0 88 1515 Instigator 653 210 0 0 0 85 1737 Raider 1058 250 0 0 0 51 2376 Slasher 655 230 0 0 0 105 1820 Adv. C-Vehicle 1220 227 0 0 0 - 10806 Crock 1144 230 0 0 0 53 6119 Reaper 2014 240 0 0 0 57 8730 Deleter 520 230 0 0 420 - 6404 Pilager 600 230 0 0 0 59 4523 Goliath 2845 210 0 0 0 62 7058 Informer 510 210 1120 0 0 - 4223 Diplomat 602 230 0 0 0 126 9002 C-Ship 1150 220 0 0 0 - 5537 Searcher 570 280 0 0 0 90+101 1877 Enforcer 3150 330 0 305 0 65+34 13368 Envoy 2120 250 0 0 0 - 13663 Snake 590 112 0 400 0 11 9729 Hive 3500 350 1780 0 0 - 25271 Shark 276 150 0 450 0 13 17529 Hydra 1250 245 1250 0 0 130+102 22126 Executioner 4170 210 0 420 0 67+34 17050 Warlord 6140 350 0 0 0 93+69 40640 C-Aircraft 290 270 0 0 0 - 9286 Fink 90 350 650 0 0 - 2156 Avenger 202 350 0 0 0 109 9196 Shadow 315 350 0 0 0 5 10750 Valkyrie 160 245 0 0 0 - 5889 Adv. C-Aircraft 370 295 0 0 0 - 26001 Rapier 940 350 0 0 0 135+136 13294 Hurricane 480 350 0 0 0 6+87 16269 Titan 375 350 0 0 0 15 13722 Vamp 490 350 0 0 0 113+114 15924 Added units: Dominator 620 285 0 0 0 45 5191 Voyeur 350 240 1200 0 0 - 3945 Leveler 375 220 0 0 0 172 4209 *12-1-4* ARM Unit Advanced Statistics -------------------------------------- Unit Distance Weapon Construction Name Health Sight Radar Sonar Jammer ID Time ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Commander 3000 290 400 400 0 20 or 22 95897 C-Kbot 700 235 0 0 0 - 5597 Peewee 250 280 0 0 0 16 1452 Rocko 610 260 0 0 0 120 1946 Hammer 800 250 0 0 0 54 2340 Jethro 470 290 0 0 0 100 2631 Adv. C-Kbot 1040 249 0 0 0 - 13432 Zipper 550 263 0 0 0 83 6768 Fido 1000 245 0 0 0 60 10827 Zeus 875 255 0 0 0 26 5478 Invader 185 101 0 0 0 (214 or 215) 7901 Eraser 305 200 0 0 500 - 4937 C-Vehicle 870 195 0 0 0 - 4951 Jeffy 79 310 0 0 0 82 1465 Flash 625 225 0 0 0 16 1676 Samson 650 235 0 0 0 104 1941 Stumpy 992 250 0 0 0 50 2404 Adv. C-Vehicle 1205 223 0 0 0 - 10397 Bulldog 2102 260 0 0 0 56 8675 Triton 1230 240 0 0 0 53 6112 Jammer 460 240 0 0 400 - 5933 Luger 525 220 0 0 0 58 4530 Merl 540 230 0 0 0 124 8592 Spider 450 210 0 0 0 29 6075 Seer 480 320 1120 0 0 - 3186 C-Ship 1105 224 0 0 0 - 5121 Skeeter 560 280 0 0 0 89+100 2062 Crusader 2870 330 0 305 0 63+35 13391 Lurker 610 112 0 405 0 10 9894 Hulk 2000 250 0 0 0 - 14538 Piranha 290 150 0 489 0 12 17767 Ranger 1200 245 0 0 0 128+103 22317 Conqueror 4050 210 0 425 0 66+35 17789 Millenium 5720 350 0 0 0 68+68 42730 Colossus 3390 350 1800 0 0 - 25394 C-Aircraft 280 280 0 0 0 - 8844 Peeper 80 350 700 0 0 - 2585 Freedom Fighter 196 350 0 0 0 108 9182 Thunder 320 350 0 0 0 3 10155 Atlas 150 245 0 0 0 - 5500 Adv. C-Aircraft 360 295 0 0 0 - 24763 Brawler 920 350 0 0 0 18 14385 Hawk 510 350 0 0 0 112+115 15285 Phoenix 470 350 0 0 0 4+86 16064 Lancet 370 350 0 0 0 14 14096 Added units: Eagle Radar Pl. 110 350 1650 0 0 - 12819 Warrior 850 250 0 0 0 171, 176 5709 Roaches and Invaders do not have weapons as such, but rather are Kamikaze units. If they self-destruct, their explosion uses the first weapon mentioned. If they are killed, they use the second weapon. [12-2] Building Statistics =========================== Legend W = needs this to work (these buildings can be turned Off and On) A = uses this when attacking and won't fire unless there is this much or more available B = uses this when building a missile only (amount is constant over the construction period) R = uses this when repairing (this is the maximum constant amount used over the repair period) C = uses this when cloaked. *12-2-1* CORE Buildings ------------------------ Building Cost Metal Energy Name Metal Energy Prod Use Store Prod Use Store ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Solar Collector 141 790 - - - 20 - - Wind Generator 55 523 - - - var - - Energy Storage 250 2490 - - - - - 3000 Metal Storage 320 550 - - 1000 - - - Metal Extractor 51 514 var - - - 3W - Metal Maker 0 700 1 - - - 60W - Light Laser Tower 268 2608 - - - - 20A 100 Radar Tower 50 800 - - - 6 6R - Kbot Lab 680 1250 - - 100 - - 100 Vehicle Plant 600 1100 - - 100 - - 100 Aircraft Plant 830 1340 - - 100 - - 100 Shipyard 600 750 .5 - 100 - - 100 Gaat Gun 589 5443 - - - - 75A 200 Pulverizer 76 805 - - - - - - Punisher 1887 7585 - - - - - 200 Dragon's Teeth 11 300 - - - - - - Geo. Power Plant 505 9375 - - - 250 - - Adv. Kbot Lab 1972 3625 - - 200 - - 200 Adv. Vehicle Plant 1947 3520 - - 200 - - 200 Adv. Aircraft Plant 2191 4422 - - 200 - - 200 Adv. Shipyard 2460 2325 1 - 200 - - 200 Adv. Radar Tower 122 1920 - - - 17 17W - Fusion Reactor 5004 37865 - - - 1050 - - Moho Mine 1450 9121 var - - - 12W - Intimidator 4328 62520 - - - - 2000A - Silencer 975 48768 - 11B - - 1000B - Doomsday Machine 2140 14245 - - - - spec - Fortitude M. D. 1508 92321 - 2B - - 84B - Air Repair Pad 430 8540 - - - 11 30R 100 Tidal Generator 81 752 - - - 15 - - Sonar Station 20 399 - - - 8 8R - Torpedo Launcher 831 3058 - - - - - - Added buildings: Toaster 2146 12687 - - - - - - Cobra 1092 18995 - - - - - - Thunderbolt 558 5812 - - - - 75A 200 Floating Metal Maker 0 1530 1 - - - 60W - *12-2-2* ARM Buildings ----------------------- Building Cost Metal Energy Name Metal Energy Prod Use Store Prod Use Store ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Solar Collector 145 760 - - - 20 - - Wind Generator 52 509 - - - var - - Energy Storage 240 2430 - - - - - 3000 Metal Storage 305 535 - - 1000 - - - Metal Extractor 50 521 var - - - 3W - Metal Maker 0 687 1 - - - 60W - Light Laser Tower 262 2546 - - - - 25A 100 Radar Tower 49 750 - - - 5 5W - Kbot Lab 750 1130 - - 100 - - 100 Vehicle Plant 620 1000 - - 100 - - 100 Aircraft Plant 850 1370 - - 100 - - 100 Shipyard 615 775 .5 - 100 - - 100 Sentinel 584 5398 - - - - 75A 200 Defender 79 843 - - - - - - Guardian 1946 7687 - - - - - 200 Dragon's Teeth 10 250 - - - - - - Geo. Power Plant 520 9568 - - - 250 - - Adv. Kbot Lab 2007 3277 - - 200 - - 200 Adv. Vehicle Plant 1984 3200 - - 200 - - 200 Adv. Aircraft Plant 2210 4521 - - 200 - - 200 Adv. Shipyard 2524 2402 1 - 200 - - 200 Adv. Radar Tower 125 1830 - - - 18 18W - Fusion Reactor 5130 36058 - - - 1000 - - Moho Mine 1508 8700 var - - - 15W - Big Bertha 4184 64680 - - - - 1500A - Retaliator 1010 52134 - 11B - - 1000B - Annihilator 3985 25025 - - - - 2000A - Protector 1437 88000 - 2B - - 84B - Air Repair Pad 425 8510 - - - 10 30R 100 Tidal Generator 82 768 - - - 15 - - Sonar Station 20 403 - - - 9 9R - Torpedo Launcher 804 2658 - - - - - - Added buildings: Flakker 1069 17425 - - - - - 200 Defender - NS 71 987 - - - - - - Floating Metal Maker 0 1480 1 - - - 60W - Cloak. Fusion Plant 5420 42058 - - - 1000 450C - Fortification Wall 27 675 - - - - - - Moho Metal Maker 58 9350 16 - - - 800W - The energy requirements of the Doomsday Machine are slightly different because of its multiple laser system. The fast firing laser sucks up 20 units of energy each time it fires. The slower (blue) laser sucks up 800 units of energy each time it fires (it has a shorter range than the faster laser). Additionally, Annihilators and DoomsDay machines take half damage when they are 'closed'. The Toaster takes only 15% damage when closed. *12-2-5* CORE Building Advanced Statistics ------------------------------------------- Building Distance Weapon Construction Name Health Sight Radar Sonar ID Time ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Solar Collector 320 210 0 0 - 2416 Wind Generator 179 210 0 0 - 1687 Energy Storage 1070 210 0 0 - 12750 Metal Storage 1306 210 0 0 - 2925 Metal Extractor 175 210 0 0 - 1874 Metal Maker 150 210 0 0 - 2682 Light Laser Tower 710 350 0 0 81 4724 Radar Tower 51 350 1440 0 - 1137 Kbot Lab 2600 221 0 0 - 7000 Vehicle Plant 2550 215 0 0 - 6700 Aircraft Plant 1925 210 510 0 - 7180 Shipyard 2490 213 0 0 - 6000 Gaat Gun 1200 350 0 0 92 9622 Pulverizer 300 350 0 0 107 1749 Punisher 2540 350 0 0 71 13268 Dragon's Teeth 3600 100 0 0 - 565 Geo. Power Plant 930 210 0 0 - 12875 Adv. Kbot Lab 3170 222 0 0 - 14000 Adv. Vehicle Plant 2580 220 0 0 - 15410 Adv. Aircraft Plant 2200 235 1150 0 - 17232 Adv. Shipyard 2760 232 0 0 - 13080 Adv. Radar Tower 130 350 2880 0 - 4960 Fusion Reactor 3000 210 0 0 - 94281 Moho Mine 1465 210 0 0 - 32500 Intimidator 1900 210 0 0 73 93237 Silencer 2560 350 0 0 123 181243 Doomsday Machine 3140 380 0 0 25+81+92 39276 Fortitude M. D. 780 150 0 0 30 96450 Air Repair Pad 690 175 0 0 - 21587 Tidal Generator 253 100 0 0 - 2094 Sonar Station 52 175 0 1223 - 900 Torpedo Launcher 1520 150 0 440 9 4233 Added buildings: Toaster 1877 370 0 0 44 18377 Cobra 1655 340 0 0 43 40223 Thunderbolt 1385 360 0 0 49 12651 Floating Metal Maker 120 210 0 0 - 2682 *12-2-6* ARM Building Advanced Statistics ------------------------------------------ Building Distance Weapon Construction Name Health Sight Radar Sonar ID Time ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Solar Collector 326 210 0 0 - 2495 Wind Generator 176 210 0 0 - 1603 Energy Storage 1000 210 0 0 - 12710 Metal Storage 1329 210 0 0 - 2925 Metal Extractor 170 210 0 0 - 1800 Metal Maker 144 210 0 0 - 2605 Light Laser Tower 750 380 0 0 80 4662 Radar Tower 51 350 1440 0 - 1137 Kbot Lab 2690 223 0 0 - 6760 Vehicle Plant 2580 210 0 0 - 6500 Aircraft Plant 1850 225 500 0 - 7240 Shipyard 2490 212 0 0 - 6050 Sentinel 1230 380 0 0 91 9575 Defender 295 350 0 0 106 1843 Guardian 2477 350 0 0 70 13377 Dragon's Teeth 3500 100 0 0 - 520 Geo. Power Plant 880 210 0 0 - 13078 Adv. Kbot Lab 3005 220 0 0 - 13520 Adv. Vehicle Plant 2435 218 0 0 - 14950 Adv. Aircraft Plant 2100 240 1200 0 - 17376 Adv. Shipyard 2820 230 0 0 - 13310 Adv. Radar Tower 120 350 2880 0 - 4800 Fusion Reactor 3100 210 0 0 - 93768 Moho Mine 1573 210 0 0 - 35750 Big Bertha 1800 210 0 0 72 85185 Retaliator 2300 350 0 0 122 178453 Annihilator 1410 380 1200 0 24 75071 Protector 780 155 0 0 30 95678 Air Repair Pad 680 175 0 0 - 21953 Tidal Generator 256 100 0 0 - 2188 Sonar Station 50 175 0 1180 - 912 Torpedo Launcher 1450 150 0 450 9 4120 Added buildings: Flakker 1524 350 0 0 42 38010 Defender - NS 252 360 0 0 106 2163 Floating Metal Maker 110 210 0 0 - 2958 Cloak. Fusion Plant 2200 210 0 0 - 105487 Fortification Wall 2000 100 0 0 - 965 Moho Metal Maker 400 210 0 0 - 34980 *12-3* Weapon Statistics ========================= Legend: L = line of sight B = ballistic D = dropped Weapon Area of Cost Reload ID Name Range Damage Effect Metal Energy Path Time ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 FLAMETHROWER 160 10(2) 32 - - B 1.2 3 ARMBOMB 1280 158 48 - - D .18 4 ARMADVBOMB 1280 195 59 - - D .15 5 CORBOMB 1280 150 56 - - D .19 6 CORADVBOMB 1280 187 64 - - D .16 9 COAX_TORPEDO 400 400 16 - - L 2.6 10 ARM_TORPEDO 400 350(115) 16 - - L 2.7 11 CORE_TORPEDO 400 370(130) 16 - - L 2.71 12 ARMSMART_TORPEDO 375 200(580) 16 - - L 2.3 13 CORSMART_TORPEDO 375 210(600) 16 - - L 2.28 14 ARMAIR_TORPEDO 400 750 16 - - L 8.5 15 CORAIR_TORPEDO 400 780 16 - - L 9 16 EMG 180 8 8 - - L .4 18 VTOL_EMG 370 11 8 - - L .6 20 ARMCOMLASER 200 60 16 - - L .85 21 CORCOMLASER 200 70 16 - - L 1.0 22 ARM_DISINTEGRATOR 240 5500 48 - 400 L 1.2 23 CORE_DISINTEGRATOR 240 5500 48 - 400 L 1.2 24 ARM_TOTAL_ANNIHILATOR 1200 2500 8 - 2000 L 5 25 CORE_DOOMSDAY 600 2500 8 - 800 L 8 26 LIGHTNING 180 180 8 - - L 1.45 29 ARM_PARALYZER 220 15sec 8 - - L 1.2 30 AMD_ROCKET 32000 500 96 200 10000 L 120 34 COREDEPTHCHARGE 400 80 16 - - L 2.6 35 ARMDEPTHCHARGE 410 70 16 - - L 2.8 50 ARM_LIGHTCANNON 240 50 32 - - B 1.53 51 CORE_LIGHTCANNON 240 50 32 - - B 1.53 52 ARM_MEDIUMCANNON 320 112 48 - - B 1.8 53 CORE_MEDIUMCANNON 320 127 48 - - B 1.9 54 ARM_HAM 320 85 48 - - B 1.95 55 CORE_THUD 320 80 48 - - B 1.9 56 ARM_BULL 320 147 48 - - B 1.4 57 CORE_REAP 320 143 48 - - B 1.3 58 ARM_ARTILLERY 620 130 48 - - B 2.75 59 CORE_ARTILLERY 620 140 48 - - B 2.95 60 GAUSS 480 120 8 - - L 2.6 62 COR_GOL 400 196 64 - - B 1.5 63 ARM_ROY 660 165 48 - - B 2 65 CORE_ROY 660 180 48 - - B 2.4 66 ARM_CRUS 1300 208 64 - - B 2.9 67 COR_CRUS 1300 220 64 - - B 3 68 ARM_BATS 1250 260 64 - - B 2.2 69 COR_BATS 1250 270 64 - - B 2.46 70 ARMFIXED_GUN 1250 360 64 - - B 3 71 CORFIXED_GUN 1200 320 85 - - B 2.8 72 ARM_BERTHACANNON 4096 2000 80 - 1500 B 7 73 CORE_INTIMIDATOR 5120 2400 100 - 2000 B 8 80 ARM_LIGHTLASER 300 60 8 - 10 L .52 81 CORE_LIGHTLASER 300 60 8 - 10 L .52 82 ARM_LASER 180 30 8 - - L .865 83 ARM_FAST 210 40 8 - - L .8 85 GATOR_LASER 180 44 8 - - L 1 86 ARMAIR2AIRLASER 600 6(32) 8 - - L .4 87 CORAIR2AIRLASER 600 5(30) 8 - - L .39 88 CORE_LASER 180 30 8 - - L .865 89 ARMPT_LASER 180 13 8 - - L 1 90 COREPT_LASER 180 10 8 - - L .95 91 ARM_LASERH1 430 180 8 - 75 L .965 92 CORE_LASERH1 400 180 8 - 75 L .965 93 CORE_BATSLASER 810 180 8 - 75 L 1.1 94 CORE_CANLASER 200 220 8 - 75 L .95 100 ARMKBOT_MISSILE 604 31(83) 48 - - L 2.4 101 CORKBOT_MISSILE 590 32(80) 48 - - L 2.5 102 CORSHIP_MISSILE 700 62(111) 48 - - L 2 103 ARMSHIP_MISSILE 710 57(108) 48 - - L 2 104 ARMTRUCK_MISSILE 600 40(90) 48 - - L 2.5 105 CORTRUCK_MISSILE 600 41(92) 48 - - L 2.5 106 ARMRL_MISSILE 700 46(97) 48 - - L 2 107 CORRL_MISSILE 700 45(95) 48 - - L 2 108 ARMVTOL_MISSILE 510 44(130) 48 - - L 3 109 CORVTOL_MISSILE 502 46(136) 48 - - L 3 112 ARMVTOL_ADVMISSILE 659 70(150) 48 - - L 3 113 CORVTOL_ADVMISSILE 650 68(155) 48 - - L 3 114 CORVTOL_ADVMISSILE2 650 68(155) 48 - - L 3 115 ARMVTOL_ADVMISSILE2 659 70(150) 48 - - L 3 120 KBOT_ROCKET 400 105 48 - - L 4 121 CORKBOT_ROCKET 400 100 48 - - L 3.7 122 NUCLEAR_MISSILE 32000 5500(2900) 512 2000 180000 L 180 123 CRBLMSSL 32000 5500(2900) 512 2000 180000 L 180 124 ARMTRUCK_ROCKET 800 500 96 - - L 12 126 CORTRUCK_ROCKET 800 500 96 - - L 13 128 ARMMSHIP_ROCKET 1300 500 96 - - L 12 130 CORMSHIP_ROCKET 1300 500 96 - - L 9 135 VTOL_ROCKET 450 125 48 - - L 2 136 VTOL_ROCKET2 450 125 48 - - L 2 214 CRAWL_BLAST 480 2500 556 - - B 3.6 215 CRAWL_BLASTSML 480 1200 275 - - B 3.6 Added weapons: 42 ARMFLAK_GUN 700 130 120 - - B .6 43 CORFLAK_GUN 750 146 125 - - B .7 44 CORTOAST_GUN 885 295 105 - - B 3.2 45 CORHRK_ROCKET 600 240 60 - - L 8 49 CORFHLT_LASER 410 195 8 - 75 L 1 171 ARMWAR_EMG 180 12 8 - - L .4 172 CORLEVLR_WEAPON 260 180 84 - - B 1.83 176 ARMWAR_LCANNON 240 60 32 - - B 2.3 FLAMETHROWER only does 2 damage against other Pyro units. ARM_TORPEDO only does 115 damage againt Piranha/Shark sub killers. CORE_TORPEDO only does 130 damage against Piranha/Shark sub killers. ARMSMART_TORPEDO does 580 damage against Lurker/Snake subs. CORSMART_TORPEDO does 600 damage against Lurker/Snake subs. EMG fires in bursts of 3 shots. VTOL_EMG fires in bursts of 4 shots. ARMWAR_EMG fires in bursts of 2 shots. ARMAIR2AIRLASER does 32 damage against all aircraft types. CORAIR2AIRLASER does 30 damage against all aircraft types. ARMKBOT_MISSILE does 83 damage against all aircraft types. CORKBOT_MISSILE does 80 damage against all aircraft types. CORSHIP_MISSILE does 111 damage against all aircraft types. ARMSHIP_MISSILE does 108 damage against all aircraft types. ARMTRUCK_MISSILE does 90 damage against all aircraft types. CORTRUCK_MISSILE does 92 damage against all aircraft types. ARMRL_MISSILE does 97 damage against all aircraft types. CORRL_MISSILE does 95 damage against all aircraft types. ARMVTOL_MISSILE does 130 damage against all aircraft types. CORVTOL_MISSILE does 136 damage against all aircraft types. ARMVTOL_ADVMISSILE does 150 damage against all aircraft types. CORVTOL_ADVMISSILE does 155 damage against all aircraft types. CORVTOL_ADVMISSILE2 does 136 damage against all aircraft types. ARMVTOL_ADVMISSILE2 does 136 damage against all aircraft types. NUCLEAR_MISSILE does 2900 damage to Commanders. [12-4] Building speeds, and an explanation =========================================== Name Build speed -------------------------------------- Commander 300 Construction Kbot 80 Adv. Construction Kbot 160 Construction Vehicle 100 Adv. Construction Vehicle 200 Construction Aircraft 50 Adv. Construction Aircraft 100 Construction Ship 125 Basic plant 100 Advanced plant 200 All forms of construction plants (Kbot, vehicle, aircraft and ship) have the same build speed. The build speed for both sides is the same. Now, as to what this all means: all construction projects have 3 things that influence how long they take - their energy costs, their metal costs and the construction time. If energy and metal are never in shortage, then the time it takes to create something is based purely on the construction time. Each game tick (which is roughly 1 second on Normal speed), the construction time for the current project is reduced by the combined build speeds of everything working on it. So, if you had the Commander helping out an advanced construction vehicle, there would be a combined build speed of 400. So, if these two units were building a Doomsday Machine (time cost of 39,276), it would take approximately 98 game ticks (a minute and a half, roughly) to create. However, if there were two davanced construction aircraft also helping for a total build speed of 600, the Doomsday Machine would be built in roughly 65 game ticks. Furthermore, the build speed of each unit and the construction time of each project determines the level of metal and energy that that construction unit will be using. So, when building a solar collector, the Commander uses less energy and metal each game tick than when building a moho mine. To determine how much each energy and metal each unit will use, simply divide the total metal or energy cost by that unit's build speed. -------------------------------- CHAPTER [13] Internet Resources -------------------------------- [13-1] World Wide Web sites ============================ Cavedog's Total Annihilation Website This is the official site for Total Annihilation. Has a webboard that you can use. All the new units and patches for TA are available from here. Cavedog Entertainment's home page. Blackmane's Academy The official home of the Unofficial TA Strategy FAQ Probably the best TA web site around. Has a good webboard. Kali's homepage. [13-2] Finding multiplayer opponents ===================================== [13-2-1] Kali Server --------------------- Cavedog have set up a Kali server for TA. The server's name is "-> Total An. <-" (no quotes), and if you are displaying the names in alphabetical order, it should appear near the top of the server list. Double click on the name to enter the server. Kali also have a page for TA. The URL is: [13-2-2] On IRC ---------------- Try #TOTALA on EFNet. [13-2-3] What is my IP address? -------------------------------- To determine what your IP address is, simply run the WINIPCFG program that comes with Windows 95. Simply hit the Windows 'Start' button and click on 'Run'. There, type in 'winipcfg' (no quotes), and the program will run and give you your IP address. Note that each time you log on to your ISP you may not be given the same IP address (if they are using dynamic IPs), so you should re-run this program to determine your IP address. Cavedog have also set up a webpage on their Total Annihilation website that will tell you your current IP address. Go to and click on the 'Play' menu choice. *13-2-4* ICQ List ------------------ There is an ICQ list with a large number (many hundreds) of people who are always looking for games. The URL is: ---------------------- CHAPTER [14] Cheating ---------------------- [14-1] Does the AI cheat? ========================== In a word: yes! In the single player game, the computer knows where your buildings are at all times. Whether this is because it can see the whole of the map or has 100% radar coverage of all the map, I don't know. What I do know is that radar jammers don't work. The number of times I've been hit by a Merl's rocket that landed directly on my building and knowing that there is absolutely NO WAY that building could have been spotted/apeared on radar, is beyond count. I'd say that it cheats in skirmish mode as well. When the computer builds it's initial rush, it manages to make a beeline straight for your base. Strange, no? ------------------------------ CHAPTER *15* Revision History ------------------------------ v0.5: First release of the Unofficial Total Annihilation Strategy Strategy FAQ. (October 5, 1997) v1.0: Big update. The FAQ doubled in size. Added many new mission strategies. New tables for everything - unit and building hit points and visual ranges, weapon ranges and damages. Added new strategies and cheat codes. (October 15, 1997) v1.5: Another large increase in size. The ARM mission walkthroughs are now complete, and it is time to finish the CORE mission walkthroughs. One more important table - that to work out how fast the construction units and buildings work. (October 21, 1997) v2.0 A large increase in size (about 70K or so). The CORE mission walkthroughs are complete, and lots of unit comments have been added. The new units are starting to appear, so the unit data for the Flakker and Toaster has been added. The last major update to the FAQ (that I forsee anyway). v2.01 Added stats for Defender - NS, Dominator, Floating Metal Maker and the Cobra. v2.02 Added stats for Thunderbolt, Voyeur, Cloakable Fusion Plant, CORE floating metal maker, Eagle radar plane, and the Fortification Wall. Mission description for CORE 25 (I didn't really have a proper one before, and some other unit descriptions. Added Warrior, Leveler and Moho Metal Maker stats. (February 22, 1998)</p>