~~~~~~~~~~~~Complete Logbook/Inventory Descriptions Guide~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ By Deathborn 668 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~Test~ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- As a note to myself, this is 79 characters. If you can read this, your fine: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~Version History~ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Final-All Scans, including the info in the Inventory stuff is all inputted. Nothing else left to do here. 1.7-Finished with the enitre Logbook. 1.5-Finished all Lore scans. 1.2-Almost done with Lore, first atrempt at getting this posted on GameFAQ's. 1.0-Finished Aether and Dark Aether sections of Creatures .5-Started the FAQ, got down with some Scans. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~Introduction~ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello there! I'm Deathborn 668 on the message boards, and this is my FAQ for Metroid Prime 2:Echoes. This game kicks so much major ass, I had to write an FAQ for it. This FAQ simply contains all of the Logbook Scans, their Logbook descriptions, what the enemy looks like, its attacks, and how to kill it. So basically, this is much more than just an ordinary Logbook FAQ. Its a combo of several different FAQ's mashed into 1 really for your own use. Do's and Don'ts of my FAQ: DO: -Use this for refrence -Print it out -Give this to other people FOR NO CHARGE DON'T: -Plagirize with no credit -Call this your won work -Sell this for profit ONLY the following sites are allowed to use my FAQ. Other sites need my permission first: -www.gamefaqs.com -www.gamespot.com -www.cheatcc.com Also, if you want to ask me something, or have a question, my E-Mail is deathborn668@yahoo.com Thanks. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~Table of Contents~ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ================================ Part I-Intro to the FAQ ================================ Section I-Logbook Scans Subsection I-Creature Scans Subsection II-Lore Scans Subsection III-Research Scans Subsection IV-One-Time Only Scans! ================================ Section II-Inventory Subsection I-Items ================================ Section III-Credits ================================ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~Part I-Intro to the FAQ~ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This FAQ is basically just refrence for anyone who wishes to use it. I include everything in the Logbook, with descriptions on what they look like and tips on how to beat them, and especially where they are found. The second section of my FAQ contains all of the items in the game, and their descriptions on where they are found and what they do (Like Boost Ball, etc.) I don't do the Missile Expansions coverage. That's not what this FAQ is for. Hope you enjoy it :) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~Section I-Logbook Scans~ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally! The moment has finally come to go into precise detail about literally everything in the Logbook! Yes, the amount of crap you need to Scan to reach 100% is appalling, but it isn't THAT bad.... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~Subsection I-Creature Scans~ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Creature scans make up the majority of the Logbook. Actually, around 65% of it. That's a lotta scans all put into 1 little package don't you think? I'll list the Enemies, where they are found, the Scan info, and how they can be defeated. Enemies are pretty much..anything that moves. If it can actually cause at least 1 damage, its an enemy (Except stuff like falling off of ledges...that's not an enemy). ================================ Aether-Aquatic-Small Aquatic ================================ Hydlings Found:Various rooms underwater, travel in large groups. Found in Hydrochamber Access and a few other locations. How to Defeat:1 simple Power Beam kills them. I use them with Dark and Light Beams to quickly get back a ton of Ammo. they are useful enemies really. Appearence:Hydlings appear in large groups underwater, like small tiny brown floating objects. Scan Info:Hydlings are small water dwellers. They travel in packs for safety, roaming the water in search of bits of food. Their only defense is a bite, which with their sharp teeth can also pierce metal. Bloggling Found:In Hydrodynamo Station after releasing the first lock. Also in Training Chamber until all locks have been released. How to Defeat:Unlike other Bloggs, they won't try to ram you often. Even so, its pretty weak. About 5 Power Beam shots on their tail (Their mouth is invulnerable) will kill them. Appearence:They are small Blogg's, green in color Scan Info:Young Bloggs are weaker than their parents, but still violent. Their powerful jaws have yet to form, and they lack the defense abilities found in adult Bloggs. They rely on speed and agility for protection if attacked. Without the protection of their elders, they are still vulnerable. ================================ Aether-Aquatic-Large Aquatic ================================ Blogg Found:Hydrodynamo Station before activating any of the locks. Transport to Sanctuary in Torvus Bog also has 1 Blogg. The farther you go in the game the less Bloggs appear. How to Defeat:Wait for it to charge at you, and stand still and face it. Right before hitting you it will open its mouth. Pop a Missile into it to kill the Blogg. Appearence:Big and black, with a large mouth cavity area. Pretty obvious underwater. Scan Info:The Blogg uses speed and agility to close in on prey. It will batter foes with a ramming attack, then use its 3 tooth-filled maws to finish the job. Bloggs have a weak spot inside their mouth:the rest of their bodies are covered with a thick damage-resitant hide. Alpha Blogg Found:Main Hydrochamber Access-he can be scanned inside his "cage". Lastly in Main Hydrochamber during the actual fight with him. He's a 1-time scan, so be sure to get him! How to Defeat:Same as all Bloggs. He attacks the same as all Bloggs. He also uses a Sonic Bubble attack too. Use Super Missiles for maximum damage. Release them as he is moving back before ramming you so they will hurt him. He damage you a lot too, so have the 5 max Energy Tanks at that time for the easiest possible time. Appearence:Simply a huge Blogg. Impossible to miss really because its a Boss battle with a health bar.... Scan Info:The Alpha Blogg is the largest and strongest of its pack. It can fire potent sonic stun blasts in battlee. The blasts will disrupt your Visor and weapon systems if they hit you. Its 3 titanic maws are potent weapons. Target the creature's mouth area to inflict damage upon to it. ================================ Aether-Flying-Small Flyers ================================ Sandbats Found:All over Agon Wastes, but can really only be scanned in Mining Station A. How to Defeat:Several Power Beam shots Appearence:Small, tan colored bats flying around in swarms above ground Scan Info:Sandbats are small flyers. They travel in packs for safety, though they are predators in nature. Failing to find food as a group, Sandbats will often enter a feeding frenzy and attack one another in search of sustenance. Lightflyer Found:Forgotten Bridge, and in Transport to Temple Grounds A. How to Defeat:1 Charge Beam shot kills them. Appearnce:Mainly a small ball of yellow light energy, shooting electricty at you. Scan Info:The Lightflyer is an aggressive flying drone. Once loyal to the Luminoth, it will now fire a burst of energy at any living thing within range. It generates light at all times, making it somewhat easy to target. Lumite Found:Transport Access to Temple Ground within Agon Wastes, and in various locations in Dark Agon Wastes. (They are invisible unless flying in Dark Agon Wastes however) How to Defeat:Several Power Beam shots when visible. Appearence:Small brown creatures that usually cling to walls, shooting purple goop at you. Scan Info:The Lumite thrives on light, and can render itself invisible to most predators while within it. When out of the light, the creature is relatively harmless, relying on a crudely spat chunk of biomatter to defend itself. Once in the light, it can channel large amounts of solar energy into a deadly blast. War Wasp Found:Many rooms in Temple Grounds. How to Defeat:Several Power Beam shots, or 1 shot from any other beam Appearence:A small blue wasp, comes out of an orange War Wasp Hive nearby, also makes easily distinguished buzzing noises. Scan Info:The War Wasp rarely strays away from its hive while it is pursuing an immediate threat. It attacks with no regard for its own survival, dive bombing into its enemy with stinger extended. Fast working toxins from the stinger can incapcitate most small organisms. If it battles foes at range, it will fire blasts of potent energy. ================================ Aether-Flying-Large Flyers ================================ Shriekers Found:In Torvus Bog. You'll fist meet them at Great Bridge, but they dissappear after a while. they can then be found at Torvus Temple How to Defeat:2 Missiles, or 2 Charge Beam shots Appearence:A small green bat. It is invisible, except when attacking. The Echo Visor can locate it. Scan Info:A cousin to the Shredder, the Shrieker waits for prey half-buried in the earth. When it detects a target, it erupts from the ground and takes flight. It releases a sonic blast to stun its target, then sweeps in to feast. Shriekers can generate a stealth field that disrupts most Visors, making them difficult to attack. Shriekbat Found:Many hallways around Torvus Bog How to Defeat:Several Power Beam attacks, or let them hit a wall where they self implode Appearence:Small white-purple bats hanging on ceilings Scan Info:Shriekbats have high internal temperatures, leading them to seek cool climates to dwell in. They prefer caverns, roosting on ceilings while hunting for small prey. Fiercely terratorial, they dive-bomb anything that wanders near. This attack is fatal for the Shriekbat, as the impact sets off a discharge of thermal energy. Shredder Found:Torvus Lagoon first time around, then they dissappear (WARNING:I think these are 1 time scans. I haven't located them anywhere else once they dissappear. Its best to scan them ASAP just to be sure.) How to Defeat:Several Missiles or Charge Beam shots Appearence:Small purple sack with propellers on head. Sack inflates when approaching target Scan Info:The Shredder spends most of its life in the earth. When agitated, it will spring from the ground, then begin to fly towards its foe. Should it reach its target, the Shredder will explode with considerable force, releasing a cloud of thorns as it does. Shredders are resiliant, but can be eliminated with concentrated weapon fire. ================================ Aether-Ground-Tunnel Prowlers ================================ Pillbug Found:Can only be scanned in Portal Terminal in Agon Wastes BEFORE first activating the portal there. If you miss it, you can scan one on the right side of Dynamo Access, after you beat the Spider Guardian. How to Defeat:Place a Bomb. When it explodes, if the Pillbug is within its radius, the Pillbug will fall to the ground. Place 3 Bombs on its belly to kill it. Appearence:Small, short blue bug with big whiskers. Turns into a rolling ball when enemies nearby. Scan Info:Pillbugs prefer to dwell in dark caverns, though they can exist in lit areas. Navigating with a series of sensitive antennae, they roam through caves in search of moss and fungus. Pillbugs can move rapidly, and will ram unwary targets to clear their paths as they search for food. A Pillbug cam be jarred loose from a surface with a concussive blast:doing so reveals its vulnerable belly. Worker Splinter Found:Very first few rooms past the Landing Site. They are always there. How to Defeat:A whopping 1 Power Beam shot! Appearence:A translucent white Splinter Scan Info:The Worker Splinter is bred for service, not for combat. It spends its time collecting foodstuffs and raw material for the Hive. A layer of mucus helps to protect the creature from the toxins and chemicals it works with. They can generate a sturdy pliable webbling useful in travel throughout the Hive. ================================ Aether-Ground-Surface Prowlers ================================ Green Kralee Found:Transport to Agon Wastes Access, and other various rooms around Temple Ground How to Defeat:Several Power Beam shots Appearence:A small beatle with a green crystal on its back Scan Info:A cousin to the dimensional shifting Kralee, the Green Kralee spends most of its days roaming in search of food. A generic defect prevents its back crystal from harnessing energy and opening warp portals. It is doubtful the Green Kralee misses this ability. Brizgee Found:Mining Station A in Agon Wastes How to Defeat:Use a Missile to make it angry, then a Charge Beam Appearence:A thin, small red shelled crap pacing around in circles Scan Info:The Brizgee's tail ends in a venomous barb, which it conceals underneath a hard-packed layer of fused sand. A series of sharpened ridges along its body discouages most predators:those foolish enough to harass the Brizgee are quickly introduced to its deadly stinger. Kralee Found:Mining Station B in Agon Wastes How to Defeat:Several Power Beam shots Appearence:Just like a Green Kralee, only with a red crystal Scan Info:The Kralee phases between dimensions as a defense mechanism. A crystal in its carapace gathers energy to fuel the creation of a warp portal. The process is uncontrollable, keeping the Kralee in constant dimensional flux. Seedburster Found:Training Chamber Access How to Defeat:Either 1 Power Beam shot, or wait for them to suicide Appearence:Small purple plants moving rapidly in groups upon ceilings Scan Info:Seedbursters are moving plants, capable of traveling great distances in search of fertile soil to deposit their seeds in. When provoked by predators, the Seedburster will explode, turning the precious seed inside into a dangerous projectile. These seeds do not live to fruitation, but help protect the Seedburster pack from attacks. Krocuss Found:Torvus Grove Access How to Defeat:Get behind it and wait for its back flaps to open, then pop a Charge Beam shot into it to kill him Appearence:Small green things with several claws infront of them, and flaps on their backs Scan Info:The Krocuss thrives on toxins it extracts from its surroundings. It secretes an acidic trail in its wake as it roams in search of nourishment. The durable mollusk can be damaged when it exposes its toxic-absorbing gills: few weapons can penetrate the creature's shell. Lightbringer Found:1 room before facing the Jump Guardian. Its said he's a 1 time Scan only, but his scan desciption kinda makes you think otherwise. How to Defeat:1 Annihalator Beam shot. This is un-confirmed, but his Scan suggests that. Appearence:A small white crystal that can move Scan Info:Lightbringers were created by the Luminoth for use in their war with the Ing. The crystalline creature generates a field of life-giving energy at all times, and they can be energized like a Safe Zone Crystal. They are immune to most weapon fire:only a burst of matter-antimatter can destroy them. ================================ Aether-Ground-Predators ================================ Sandigger Found:Mining Station A How to Defeat:1 Charge Beam to each of its heads Appearence:Simply a purple colored worm with 2 heads Scan Info:Scans indicate that the Sandigger has a dual-brain nervous system. Both of its heads are capable of attacking, disabling, and digesting prey. It fires globs of acidic digestive fluid at prey to cripple them and begin the digestive process. Its hide is very durable and resistant to weapon fire: only its exposed eyes can be damaged. Alpha Splinter Found:Great Temple (1 time scan!!!) How to Defeat:Can't be defeated, after enough damage the Ing posses him. In order to activate that, around 20 missiles, or 15 Charge Beam shots Appearence:An oversized brown Splinter Scan Info:Splinter war packs are dominated by the largest male. Alpha Splinters use their tremendous strength, size, and speed to subdue and kill prey, paving the way for their smaller broodlings. Grenchlers Found:Forgotten Bridge in Torvus Bog How to Defeat:Blast their tails with several Super Missiles to destroy it, leaving a vulnerable skin section. A few Missiles in there kills the beast. Appearence:A kinda large creature (Size of a Baby Sheegoth, remember?) with huge teeth, and a mighty roar Scan Info:The amiphibious Grenchler lurks in marsh areas in search of prey. Fearless, it will spring from hiding and attack anything that moves. If it is unable to fell its prey with its powerful jaws, it will fire a potent burst of energy at them. Grenchlers have one weak spot-a generic defect makes the shell on their back susceptable to explosive blasts. Remove the shell to expose a vulnerable nerve center, then target it to eliminate the creature. Alpha Sandigger Found:Agon Temple (1 time scan!!!) How to Defeat:Wait 5 seconds for the Ing to posses it >_> Appearence:Looks EXACTLY like a normal Sandigger. Quickly scan it before it gets possesed into the Bomb Guardian! Scan Info:This appears to be a Sandigger pack leader, larger and stronger than the normal members of its kind. Target both of its heads to damage it. Sporb Found:Torvus Plaza and Underground Tunnel, both in Torvus Bog How to Defeat:Lure the actual head of the plant out by getting in its view in Morph Ball form, then unleash several Charge Beam shots upon it. Appearence:A strange sack attached to some walls. The actual head is nothing but a stem and 4 leaves. Scan Info:The hanging Sporb sits patiently until a potential meal is detected. A burst of poisoned needles is the Sporb's primamry means of attack. It can also extend its body over short distances, gripping small targets with its powerful jaws. Sporbs wither when exposed to dark energy, making them vulnerable to other weapon systems. Splinter Found:All over Temple Grounds How to Defeat:1 Charge Beam shot Appearence:A small tan colored bug that enjoys ramming you! Scan Info:When it isn't hunting, a Splinter will secrete a protecture cocoon around itself and enter a state of hybernation. Localized seimic disturbences will awake the Splinter, triggering a state of blood frenzy in the process. While in this state, a Splinter emits phermones that triggers frenzy in all nearby Splinters. Disturbing a pack of sleeping Splinter is not advisable. ================================ Aether-Mechanoids-Small ================================ Harmony Class Drone Found:Transport Access C in Great Temple How to Defeat:1 Charge Beam Appearence:Small spheres of blue energy with several yellow bombs on the outside of it. It is attracted to your Charge Beam. Scan Info:The Luminoth desgined the Harmony units to be free-roaming, independant cleaning units. They use focused energy beams and kinetic pulses to perform their duties. Unfortunately, they now consider all living things filth that must be cleansed from the world. Mechlops Found:1 room past Dynamo Access, under the floor in that room How to Defeat:Lay a Bomb near one, and it'll suck it up, then it'll explode Appearence:A small black moving unit with 3 claws infront of it Scan Info:The Luminoth tried to domesticate and train a number of Triclops for use in the war, but failed. Undaunted, they created mechanical versions of the hurdy creatures to use in battle. The few Mechlops that remain now serve the mechanoids, turning their potent jaws and earthmoving power against their former masters. Diligence Class Drone Found:Many, many rooms over Sanctuary Fortress How to Defeat:1 Dark Beam shot Appearence:Exactly like a Harmony Class Drone unit, only pink with blue colored bombs on the side. It shoots 3 lasers at different directions at all times. He simply moves back and forth in tunnels they reside, and move super fast when a Charge Beam is active. Scan Info:The Diligence drones were the first cleaning units designed by the Luminoth. They were modified for combat duty once the war began, but were outshined by the newer Harmony class units. A Diligence uses focused energy beams to perform their duty. Their energy construct nature makes them invulnerable to most attacks, but dark energy can disrupt them. Serenity Class Drone Found:Fortress Entrance Hall, amoung the right wall, are thousands of these How to Defeat:1 Power Beam shot, although they aren't a threat Appearence:Small red robots moving with a group of hundreds of these amoung the aforementioned wall Scan Info:The Serenity drones have not gone rouge. The units are defenseless, have no weapons, and cannot be eaten. These qualities make them useless to the Ing. The small drones are assigned simple maintenance tasks upon creation and perform them without hesitation until reassigned or destroyed. Rezbit Found:VERY often through Sanctuary Fortress, easily found in Reactor Core How to Defeat:Either the long way, which is many Super Missiles, or 1 Charge Dark Beam shot, followed by a Missile when he's frozen makes him dead Appearence:3 small black spiked balls revolving around many orange rectangles Scan Info:The Rezbit, through small, is a tough opponent. Its weapon system is potent, capable of firing bursts or beams at targets. A barrier sheild blocks oncoming attacks, It can even shift into an energy state to evade enemies:while in this state it can transmit a powerful virus into mechanoids and armor systems. The virus can cripple your systems for a time, leaving you vulnerable. Additional Notes:The Rezbit becomes impossible to Lock-on when all of the orange rectangles dissappear, leaving it in its "energy state". At this point, run like hell away from it. It will, several seconds later, send a virus to you if your within its radius, that being around 20 feet. If this virus hits you, you need to immideately push R+L+B to re-boot your Power Suit, otherwise, your visor will be extremly distorted, and you see everything frame by frame per second, and tons of alien text rise up your screen. If your in Morph Ball Mode when the virus hits, you can't go back to normal form, lay Bombs, or use the Spider Ball until you clear the virus. Also, suiciding by jumping/rolling off a nearby ledge instantly clears the virus (Although its a stupid way of clearing it.). Lastly, you can't attack if the virus hits. Octopede Found:Transport to Torvus Bog Access in Sanctuary Fortress How to Defeat:Several Power Beam shots knock off its seprate pieces, which will proceed to roll around a little then self-destruct. Avoid that. Appearence:4 small spiky orange circles all connected circling around walls. If another Octopede is nearby, they form an electrical field that cannot be passed unless they are destroyed. Scan Info:The Octopede were created to deilever messages to Luminoth citizens. They now fellow their routes in the service of other rouge mechanoids. The units were designed to self-destruct if attacked, and will explode with enough force to cause damage. ================================ Aether-Mechanoids-Stationary ================================ Viligence Class Turret Found:Central Mining Station (1 Time Scan!!). This can ONLY be scanned when the 2 Space Pirates take command of them. If destroyed, they can never be scanned again. How to Defeat:Many Missiles, or stand very close below them and they will blow themselves up (lol) Appearence:A large green cannon that fires green plasma blasts Scan Info:the "Viligence" Class Turret is found in many Space Pirate bases. Built to support the "Humility" Class Turret, it is as accurate as the gunner operating it. Many young Space Pirates begin their careers as sentries:a tour as a Viligence gunner is considered a mark of distinction. Additional Notes:You can later in the game hop into the Viligence hologram and actually operate the cannon! The cannon has its own life bar, and if destroyed will automatically force you out. The hologram will reappear a few seconds later. You can also push B to manually disengage operating the cannon. Luminoth Turret Found:Sand Processing in Agon Wastes How to Defeat:1 Charge Beam or Missile Appearence:A small turret that shoots 2 yellow powerful beams at you Scan Info:As the number of Luminoth dwindled, they turned to machines to protect key areas. Automated gun turrets were often the first line of defense against Ing attacks. Though powerful, they weren't nimble enough to deal with agile enemy targets. Caretaker Class Drone Found:Main Research (1 Time Scan!). NOTE:This scan, however, is available at any time BEFORE the battle with it. It can be scanned through the giant glass shaft in Main Research. How to Defeat:Ride around on the Spiderball Tracks until it releases a red sensor for several seconds. Boost Ball through it. Once 3 sensors are destoyed, it will occasionally drop down the main sensor in the middle of the machine for a brief second. Boost through it to move to the next level. The Drone is destoyed after 3 rounds. Scan Info:The Caretaker drone was designed to protect and maintain and experimental energy chamber. It uses electrically charged limbs to perform its duties. The drone requires sensor updates to fight:a vulnerable detection until will extend periodically to search for targets. Destroying this unit would weaken its combat ability. Growler Class Turret Found:Transport to Sanctuary Access in Temple Grounds How to Defeat:Several Super Missiles Appearence:Like the Luminoth turret, only it shoots VERY powerful blue blasts. Scan Info:The GM-42 "Growler" Class Turret is a dated design, though still quite effective as a point-defense system. It is lightly armored. Several copies of the system exist, including the Space Pirate "Humility" Class automated turret. Humility Class Turret Found:All over the Space Pirate base in Agon Wastes How to Defeat:1 Charge Beam Appearence:A small turret hanging out of the wall Scan Info:The Space Pirates captured Federation "Growler" turrets, but found the cannon unit inadequate. They replaced the Growler's weapon with a powerful galvanic acclerator cannon. The "Humility" turret packs a strong punch, but retains the Growler system's weaknesses. Fast targets can evade the crude targeting system, and the armor can't take much punishment. ================================ Aether-Mechanoids-Large ================================ Ingsmasher Found:Hall of Combat Mastery (1 Time Scan!!) Note:He technically is a 1TC. If you kill them all they will never come back. If you run from them when they are active, they won't dissappear. Its an obvious scan though-they are really really big. How to Defeat:When in normal colors use Super Missiles, while white use the Dark Beam, and while purple use Light Beam. Annihaltor Beam works on all forms. Appearence:A large metallic warrior with 2 large balls cupped in its hands Scan Info:Designed to fight alongside the Luminoth, the Ingsmasher seeks to destroy them. in close combat, it smashes its energized fists into the earth to send out powerful shockwaves, then pulverizes immobile prey. It will fire salves of missiles at long-distance quarry. It uses an energy sheild in battle that can be adjusted to protect against a variety of beam weapons. The sheild can be overloaded by opposite-polarity beams, however, damaging the Ingsmasher in the process. Watchdrone Found:Dungeon in Dark Torvus Bog, under the dark water How to Defeat:Invulnerable. However, they can be shifted out of place when a Light Beacon is active Appearence:A small black creature with 4 legs Scan Info:Watchdrones were built by the Luminoth to guard key areas and hinder Ing armies. Most of these units have betrayed their masters, and now serve the Ing. Watchdrones are indestructable, and reluctant to move, but can be forced into quitting their posts by exposing them to bright, pure light. Once the light fades, the mechanoid will return to its orginal resting site. Mekenobite Found:Sanctuary Temple after getting the Colbalt Translator How to Defeat:Use a Seeker Missile on its 2 legs Appearence:A 2 legged creature hanging off the top of ceilings Scan Info:The Luminoth created the Mekenobites to help patrol the corridors and shafts of the Sanctuary Fortress. It uses magnetism to keep itself attached to the walls and ceilings. In combat, it will fire projectiles towards its target with a magnetism accelerator. It can only be dislodged by simsimultaneous explosive blasts. Mekenobites self-destruct once they are heavily damaged. Quad MB Found:Main Research, as well as all over Sanctuary Fortress. How to Defeat:Wait until it starts spinning, then Boost Ball into it. Appearence:A small robot with 4 legs Scan Info:A Quad is formed of two components:the quadruped Main Body and the flying Command Module. The units can function independantly, or linked together, as the need arises. The Main Body uses melee attacks in battle. Though durable, it needs to vent excess heat from its body. When this happens, it exposes a venting system vulenerable to concussive blasts. Quad CM Found:Same as Quad MB How to Defeat:Super Missiles when normal, Light Beam when purple, Dark Beam when white. Can ONLY be destroyed when detached from the Main Body. Appearence:A small robotic head. Scan Info:A Quad is formed of two components:the quadruped Main Body and the flying Command Module. The units can function independantly, or linked together, as the need arises. The Command Module relies on ranged beams weapon attacks. It can generate a powerful beam sheild to protect itself. Opposite-polarity beams can pentrate this field, however. ================================ Dark Aether-Ing ================================ Ingstorm Found:All over Sky Temple Grounds How to Defeat:Morph Ball Mode, wait for them to ram you and they die. But they just reproduce in a never ending supply v_v Appearence:Think of a small purply and red dot. Now, multiply that by a mliion and think of them all flying around, dealing 60 damage per second if you don't have the Light Suit. Scan Info:The Ingstorm is collective swarm of tiny Ing. When banded together, they can emit destructive energy that, over time, can break down even the most duable of alloys. Inglet Found:All over Dark Aether How to Defeat:1 Charge Beam Appearence:A small neck and mouth is all the Inglet is composed of. Can also resort to a puddle form like most Ing can. Scan Info:Inglets perform the menial labor of the Horde, but can be pressed into a combat role if there is need. They are amorphous blobs, capable of clinging to nearly any surface. Inglets can fire bursts of dark matter in self-defense, though they prefer to avoid battle. They seldom travel alone, and can be dangerous in large numbers. As with all Ings. they dislike bright light, and will avoid if possible. Warrior Ing Found:All over Dark Aether How to Defeat:A ton of Charge Beams, or Missiles, or several Charged Light Beam shots Appearence:EXTREMELY hard to explain. But also has a large puddle form, so look for that. Scan Info:Warrior Ing are challenging foes. They can render themselves into a amorphous puddles and move over most terrain, including walls. Warrior Ing's can turn their bodies into dangerous projectiles sheathed in dark energy. the tips of their legs are razor sharp, making them formidable in melee. Finally, Warrior Ing are capable of channeling transdimensional energy and firing it at theri enemies. Their only real weakness is bright, pure light, which they hate and fear. Ing Larva Swarm Found:Hive Entrance Hall How to Defeat:1 Power Beam shot, or wait for them to explode Appearence:A small black dot with a Warrior Ing's eyes Scan Info:Ing larvae travel in swarms for protection. They are weak with no real defenses or attacks. The few that make it to adulthood are quite cunning and vicious. Darkling Tentacle Found:In small, cramped hallways throughout Dark Aether How to Defeat:Un-killable. However, in will contract into the wall if anything hits it. Appearence:A long grey tentacle Scan Info:Some darklings can open dimensional portals at will. They will use this ability to hunt for unwary prey, reaching out to snatch them with their tentacles. Once ensnared, the prey is dragged to its doom. The tentacles are resilient:pure light energy can disrupt them. Nothing can destroy them. Hunter Ing Found:Easily found in Poisoned Bog How to Defeat:Its insane to waste time trying to kill them, just run from them Appearence:A small red blob with several tentacles Scan Info:The Hunter Ing patrol the lands of Dark Aether in search of the Horde's enemies. They can render their bodies intangible, allowing them to ambush targets with ease. Hunter Ing can generate long, deadly tentacles, which they use with great effect in battle. Cunning and relentling, the Hunter Ing will seize their prey or die. ================================ Dark Aether-Guardians-Quadraxis ================================ Quadraxis Found:Dark Sanctuary Temple. Missing a 100 foot tall robot is a LITTLE hard to miss..... How to Defeat:This is the first of 3 stages of the battle. In this stage you need to destroy his 4 knee-caps. They are ONLY vulnerable when flashing blue. Appearence:Think of a Quad. Now, increase his size 100 times. There you go. Scan Info:The Quadraxis unit went rogue and entered the service of the Ing. Its primary weapon system fires destructive matter-antimatter blasts. It uses a powerful missile system battery for long distance attacks. The Quadraxis is increadibly durable, and well armed, but its leg and foot joints are vulnerable. Damaging these joints will eventually render it immobile. Damaged Quadraxis Found:Dark Sanctuary Temple. The main body of the Quadraxis unit, is only scannable after destroying all 4 leg joints and his Command Module deteaches. How to Defeat:This is phase 2 of 3 in the Quadraxis battle. Slap on your Echo Visor to find an antennae on the Main Body. Destroy it by whatever means possible. This antennae was actually transmitting commands to the Command Module (AKA, the Quadraxis Head). Once destroyed, keep the Echo Visor on and look for the Command Module. There are 3 antennae's on it. Destroy 1 when the Command Module is stunned and unable to recieve commands. Repeat until all are destroyed to move to phase 3. WARNING:WHILE THE HEAD MODULE IS STUNNED IS A NEW SCAN!!! Appearence:The Quadraxis, only without the head lying on the ground Scan Info:Though the main body is disabled, the tactical control unit within it is still active. It will guide the Head Module in battle via high-sonic transmissions. Disabling this module will impair the Head Module's ability to fight. Sheilded Head Module Found:Dark Sanctuary Temple, during phase 2 of the Quadraxis battle. Its the non-stunned floatng Head Module. How to Defeat:Invulnerable until sonic-transmitter on Main Body is destroyed, then a new scan appears for the Head Module. Appearence:The floating Head Module of the Quadraxis Scan Info:The Head Module of the Quadraxis is highly mobile and well armed. It is sheilded by an impervious force field. Tactical commands are sent to this module from the crippled main body:server the link to impair the Head Module's combat ability. Final Head Module Found:Dark Sanctuary Temple, during the final phase. Its the Quadraxis Head Module with its head glass broken off, revealing a Spider Ball Track. How to Defeat:Stun him with a Super Missile to make him slowly revolve around to room for about 35 seconds. Quickly Spider Ball up one of the Damaged Quadraxis legs, and prepare a Boost. When the Head Module floats infront of you, Boost onto it, and keep holding R. The Head Module has a Spider Ball surface on it as well. Get into one of the 2 Bomb Slots on its head and place a Bomb to damage it. Repeat for the second Bomb Slot to finally destroy the Quadraxis unit. Appearence:Same Head Module, only with every antennae destroyed on him Scan Info:Module has lost its tactical link to the main body. Two points of structual weakness have been detected on its hull:Morph Ball Bombs can cause damage to these areas. Scans indicate that the Spider Ball can attach to the Module's outer hull. Stunned Head Module Found:Dark Sanctuary Temple, phase 2 of the battle, after destroying the Main Body's antennae. How to Defeat:With the Echo Visor on, after destroying the Main Body antennae he will have 3 antennae's on him all un-accepting transmissions. Destroy these now. Appearence:The Head Module after destroying the Main Body antennae Scan Info:Head Module is unable to recieve tactical data. Force field offline. Unit is generating drones to defend itself while it attempts to restore tactical link to main body. Destroy sonic receptors on unit to prevent this. ================================ Dark Aether-Guardians-Sub Guardians ================================ Bomb Guardian Found:Agon Temple How to Defeat:Shoot it in the pink tail over and over again until it rears its head up in pain. Use a Charge Beam on its head for the most effectiveness Appearence:A darkling Sandigger with a pink glowing tail Scan Info:This darkling Sandigger has absorbed the ability to generate Morph Ball Bombs. It can throw Bombs with considerable accuaracy, and frequenly lay a spread of Bombs in its wake. Its head and tail are the only vulnerable spots on its body. Target them when they are vulnerable to neutralize and terminate this target. Jump Guardian Found:Battlefield in Dark Agon Wastes How to Defeat:Many Missiles and Charge Beams Appearence:A Warrior Ing that looks like.....a Warrior Ing o_O Scan Info:This Warrior Ing has absorbed the power of the Space Jump Boots. It can leap incredible distances and heights, and uses this ability to great effect in battle. Target can generate powerful shcokwaves of dark energy and will sheath itself in a potent force field to protect itself. It cannot maintain this sheild indefinitely:concentrate weapon fire when sheild is down. Boost Guardian Found:Dark Torvus Arena (Sadly....NOBODY ever wants to fight him....) How to Kill:YAY! Your gonna die MANY times before you figure out a good plan! If you need one, just use charged Light Beam shots over and over again... Appearence:If you play Pokemon, this Warrior Ing has a strange resemblence to Sceptile. Scan Info:This Warrior Ing has absorbed the power of the Boost Ball. It can boost-blast towards its enemies, using its body as a potent weapon. When its not in solid form, engaging it in Morph Ball Mode may provide better attack oppertunities. Grapple Guardian Found:Sacrificial Chamber How to Kill:Get its Grapple Beam to attach to magnetic pole, then run behind it and unleash fury on its tail Appearence:A really big Grenchler with a blue horn. Scan Info:This darkling Grenchler has absorbed the power of the Grapple Beam. It will fire the beam to snare potential meals and pull them into its waiting jaws. The beam is powerful, and can attach to most surfaces, including your armor. Its eye region is sensitive:damage in the area can induce a state of anger in the target. A weak spot under the back shell is a prime target as well. When angered, it will use a special attack. Additional Notes:Its impossible to "anger" it until this beast is scanned, as his eye "technically" doesn't exist until its been done. Also, there is no Special Attack of his, so don't panic. Spider Guardian Found:Dynamo Access (WARNING:1 TME SCAN! HE CAN ONLY BE SCANNED THROUGH HIS SMALL GLASS CHAMBER BEFORE BEGINNING THE BATTLE! How to Kill:Bomb him a total of 4 times to make his "halo" around him green, which activates the Bomb Slot in the area. Bomb it to change the path of the Spider Guardian, who'll move into an electrical outlet. Repeat this for all 4 area. The final area has 3 Bomb slots, which will have to be activated in order. Appearence:A Pillbug Scan Info:This darkling Pillbug has absorbed the power of the Spider Ball. It can travel across magnetically charged surfaces at will. The creature seems to have a connection to the local energy systems. Aggrivating it may cause disruption to the system. Power Bomb Guardian Found:Underchamber How to Kill:Activate the 4 Bomb Slots around the room Appearence:A Sporb that can spew an endless amount of Power Bomb (That's not fair!!!) Scan Info:This darkling Sporb has absorbed the ability to generate Power Bombs. It can fire these dangerous weapons instead of the venoumous needles it usually shoots. The energies of the Power Bomb weapon hae made it all but invulnerable. Tremendous kinetic energy damage will override its protective field, however. ================================ Dark Aether-Guardians-Amorbis ================================ Amorbis 1 Found:Dark Agon Temple during the phases the Amorbis('s) are jumping in and out of the ground. How to Kill:Unkillable at this point. Use Missiles and Power Beam shots quickly to destroy its outer shell Appearence:An ugly, really really ugly black worm. Its a boss, can't be missed unless your blind! Scan Info:The enourmous Amorbis can move through solid rock and earth with ease, and can sense the location of surface level prey deep within the ground. They will attempt to ram any target the can find in their domain. They are vulnerable to all forms of weapon firem but are incredibly strong and resistant to pain. Amorbis 2 Found:Dark Agon Temple, when the Amorbis attaches itself to the Dark Sphere in the middle of the Temple. How to Kill:Use a Charged Light Beam shot on its face plate, which should destroy it. It will then lie on the ground, mouth open, and begin to suck heavily for several seconds. Quickly get into Morph Ball Mode and roll into its mouth. Plant a Bomb to break away 1/6 of his health. Appearence:Same as Amorbis 1, just attached to the Dark Sphere Scan Info:The Amorbis can attach themselves to the Dark Sphere, drawing potent energy from within. They can fire dark energy at light crystals, nullifying Safe Zones for a short time. They can also channel the energy into a powerful beam attacks. Bioscans indicate a weak spot inside the creature's mouth. Concentrate your fire at this area to damage the Amorbis. ================================ Dark Aether-Emperor Ing ================================ Emperor Ing Body Found:Sanctum in Sky Temple. The lower half of the Emperor Ing's first form. How to Kill:Invincible body part Appearence:Its hard to miss...it IS the final battle >_> Scan Info:Bioscans indicate that this is the strongest, eldest Ing in the Horde, the Alpha, and the Omega. It has absorbed enormous amounts of Phazon energy into its body, mutating itself in the process. Apparently, this power is not enough for the creature, as it is now siphoning energy from the final Energy Controller. Emperor Ing Head Found:Sanctum in Sky Temple. Upper half of the first Emperor Ing form. How to Kill:Unkillable. However, destroy the many tentacles it has attached to its mouth to reveal its eye. Appearence:An ugly blob with a ton of tentacles popping out of his mouth Scan Info:Like its brethron, the Emperor Ing is a metamorph. It has molded itself around the precious Energy Controller, and will defend it to the death, using its own body as a sheild and weapon. Destroy the tentacles it generates to weaken the creature and its defenses. Emperor Ing Eye Found:Sanctum in Sky Temple, after destroying the tentacles on its head How to Kill:It has a sheild around the eye. However, there are 2 holes where your shots can go through. Super Missiles are the most effective, but are harder to hit it with. Its best to stick with Charged Light Beam shots. Apperence:A big red/orange circle with 2 holes, creating red beams of doomyness all the time. Scan Info:The Emperor Ing has exposed its main eye, from which it can fire powerful energy beams. It is protected by an energy sheild, although not completly. The eye can be looked onto, but only direct shots will get past the sheild. Emperor Ing Chrysalis Found:Sanctum after defeating Emperor Ing's first form How to Kill:Use the Spider Ball on the Chrysalis, and place Bombs over the eleven holes right before a tentacle appears to kill it. Destroy all 11 tentacles. Appearence:Emperor Ing is to Ball Chrylasis as a butterfly is to a chrylasis. Wait....what? Its A BALL ON THE GROUND! Scan Info:The heavily damaged Emperor Ing has entered a regenerative state inside a durable healing shell. Tactical scans have detected eleven weak spots on the magnetically charged shell:Spider Ball travel is possible on the shell's surface. Damage the weak spots with explosives to crack the shell and expose the enemy within. Mutated Emperor Ing Found:After defeating the Emperor Ing Chrysalis How to Kill:Yeesh....this is a toughie. Its heart is red at first. Use Super Missiles on it when exposed to eventually change it to either White or Purple. In this stage you can actually damage Mutated Emperor Ing. Use Charged Light Beam shots over and over again on the Purple heart, while never stopping the trigger with the Annihalator Beam when it is White. If you run out of ammo, many enemies happen to storm around Mutated Emperor Ing sometimes when its heart isn't red. Any weapon will make them spew Ammo. Appearence:A really big, really ugly Warrior Ing Scan Info:Further exposure to Phazon has mutated the Emperor Ing. It is now capable of sheilding its vulnerable areas with energy barriers. Beams of opposite polarity can damage these barriers, however. Heavy damage to these barriers will cause them to drop, exposing the creature's weak spots. Target the weak spots to immobilize and damage the enemy. ================================ Dark Aether-Guardians-Chykka ================================ Chykka Larva Found:Dark Torvus Temple. Yes, that giant sack thing is the boss. How to Kill:Scanning it will reveal its weakest spot-the stomach. However, anywhere else deals damage, but Light Beam shots to the stomach are the most effective. Appearence:A big white sack. Kinda hard to miss for a boss. Scan Info:Scans indicate this bioform is an infant, but aging rapidly. The creature can ensnare targets with its tongue, drawing them into its mouth. It then covers its prey with acidic globs of biomatter to break it down for digestion. This is an exceptional bioform with both dark and light natures. Chyklings Found:Dark Torvus Temple. Dark Chykka creates them How to Kill:Power Beam shot. Appearence:Small, tiny versions of Adult Chykka that Dark Chykka commonly spawns Scan Info:Interaction with dark energy has mustated the Chykka. Its offspring are now born as flyers, skipping the larval stage completly. These infants are highly protective of their parent, and will streak to attack on sight. They lack their parents durability, however, making them easy targets. Chykka (Adult) Found:Dark Torvus Temple, after defeating Chykka Larva. How to Kill:Target its body with many Power Beam shots (The only thing that's quick enough to hit it) to stun him. Watch which way Chykka turns, then Grapple Beam over to the direction its wings are facing. Prepare the Seeker Missiles and target the back of the 4 wings. Repeat until 1/4 of its life is gone, where It'll transform into Dark Chykka. Appearence:Picture a War Wasp, only bluer, bigger, eviler, you get the point. Scan Info:The Chykka has rapidly aged to its adult form. It will attack by firing high-powered bursts of dark water at rapid speed. If frustrated, it will try to attempt to diva and ram you. Most of the Chykka's body is vulnerable to weapon fire, but scans indicate that suck fire will only stun it. When stunned, however, four weak spots will appear. These spots are vulnerable to attack:target them to damage the enemy. Dark Chykka Found:Dark Torvus Temple, after depleating 1/4 of Adult Chykka's life. Also forms after depleating 3/4 of Adult Chykka's life. (After killing the next 1/4 of Chykka Adult's health bar (Dark Chykka is just a transformed version of normal Chykka, sharing health bars), Dark Chykka reverts back to normal Chykka, and after another 1/4 of health, back to Dark Chykka for the finale.) How to Kill:Many Charged Light Beam shots aimed at its bloated egg sac. Appearence:Its more than obvious.....its a bigger, blacker, badder version of Chykka. Scan Info:The Chykka has recovered, and energized its body in dark energy. This energy has rendered most of the creature invulnerable to attack, including its wings. Tactical scans indicate that its eggsac is vulnerable, however. Target it to damage to creature. Additional Notes:The Dark Chykka scan may appear hard to get. There's SERIOUS depth mis-perception in the battle. What may make Dark Chykka look 5 feet away is actually 100 feet away. Just Grapple over to Dark Chykka.) ================================ Dark Aether-Darklings-Aquatic ================================ Dark Blogg Found:Training Chamber after taking either the Blue Path or the Red Path once How to Kill:2 Missiles Appearence:A normal Blogg, just blacker and.....cooler looking :) Scan Info:Dark Bloggs somehow lose their sonic blast ability:something about their minds make them difficult darklings to fully control. They rely solely on their deadly maws for attack:in most cases they are more than adequate. Target the weak spot inside its mouth to defeat the Dark Blogg with ease. Dark Phlogus Found:Abondened Worksite in Dark Torvus Bog How to Kill:Unkillable. Hit it once when mouth is open to flip it over. Appearence:A large black clam sitting quitely in the water Scan Info:The Phlogus waits patiently as it floats in murky waters, searching for a meal. When its seismic sensors in its epidermis are triggered, it springs open rapidly to attack. Phlougus's can fire a spray of venom to immobilize their prey. A central nervous system is exposed when it opens its mouth to attack:damage this to stun the Phlogus for a time. ================================ Dark Aether-Darklings-Darkling Ground ================================ Dark Grenchler Found:Dungeon in Dark Torvus Bog How to Kill:Same as a Grenchler. Hit its tail with Super Missiles to expose its main flesh...obvious from there. Appearence:A Grenchler, only blacker, louder, and likes to bite your face Scan Info:Darklings are drawn to possess vicious predators, making the Grenchler a prime candidate. Despite the added toughness gained from possession, the Dark Grenchler retains its one weakness. remove its back shell with explosive blasts to expose its pain center, then attack the pain center to quickly dispate the creature. Dark Splinter Found:Inhabitants of Temple Grounds How to Kill:Several Charged Power Beam shots. Appearence:A small black bug, like a Splinter (go figure?) Scan Info:Target is host to a parsitic bioform. The presence of the parasite increases the target's overall threat combat level. Concentrated weapons fire will damage the crature. Dark Alpha Splinter Found:Temple Energy Controller, 1 time scan. How to Kill:Many Missiles and Charge Beam shots Appearence:The Alpha Splinter after getting possessed Scan Info:Splinter alpha males are the first to be targeted for darkling possession. Dark Alpha Splinters grow in strength and durability, making them an even greater threat than normal. ================================ Dark Aether-Darklings-Darkling Flyers ================================ Dark War Wasp Found:Vault Attack Portal in Dark Sanctuary Fortress How to Kill:Charge Beam. Appearence:You probably won't get close enough to one to actually distinguish the difference between it an a normal War Wasp. Just keep the Scan Visor out mmmkay? Scan Info:Vicious and swift, the War Wasp is a prime target for young Ing eager to join the war effort. They appreciate the flying speed and numerous attacks the insect possesses. If they prove therony mettle in the War Wasp, these Ing often graduate to the control of larger, deadlier creatures. Dark Shredder Found:Chykka Larva fight. THEY CAN ONLY BE FOUND HERE!!!! Spawned occasionally while Chykka Larva is swimmming around. How to Kill:Charge Beam....or just let if get close to you and self- destruct. The radius is tiny and often won't hurt you much. Appearence:Purple flying creatures of doom. Kinda hard to miss. Also enjoy RUNNING AWAY from you if you slowly stalk them. Its kinda funny to do :) Scan Info:The hardy Shredder is a favorite possession target for Ing that dwell near dark waters.. Dark Shredders can lurk in the venomous waters infefinitely, patitently waiting for prey. They are very resililent, but can be elminated by concentrated weapon fire. Nightbarb Found:Whatever the Dark Version of Mining Station B is, and Abondened Base How to Kill:Power Beam shot Appearence:Little purple triangles that fly in the hundreds. Likes to hurt you :) :) Scan Info:Nightbarbs are small airborne darklings. Smaller and weaker than a Hunter Ing, a Nightbarb will travel with a large pack to increase its odds of survival. This is wise, since their primary predators are Hunter Ing. ================================ Dark Aether-Darklings-Darkling Offworld ================================ Dark Pirate Commando Found:Anywhere in Torvus Bog. These bastards enjoy locking you in the room they are in until they either die or 2.5 minutes has expired and they grow bored and leave. How to Kill:They are EXTREMLY hard to kill by normal conventional means. Use an Entangler shot (AKA Charged Dark Beam) to freeze them up, and unleash a Missile for an insta kill. Hmmm...handy right? Appearence:Unknown. I've never gotten close enough to one before they warp somewhere else. Scan Info:The Ing prize the few Pirate Commandoes they manage to take alive. Only Hunter Ing are allowed to possess the Commandoes, and the competition for that right is fierce amoung them. The Hunter Ing ability to phase out of local timespace carries over to the Dark Pirate Commando. They will fire bursts of dark matter at enemies, along with an experimental EMP grenades stolen from Space Pirates. Dark Missile Trooper Found:In a room several doors away from the Landin Site. Only battled after obtaining the Violet Translator (1 TIME SCAN!!!) How to Kill:Its health bar is irrelevent. Several Charge Beam shots dispatch him rather quickly. Appearence:A walking dead Bravo team trooper Scan Info:Bioscans indicate terminated lifesings in this missile trooper, and the presence of an unknown biomass with parasitic tendencies. Though the missile trooper's armor has been comprimised, the bulk of it remains intact. Missile weapon systems remain online as well. Full parasitic fusion has yet to be obtained, resulting in low agility and response time. Dark Tallon Metroid Found:Phazon Grounds in Sky Temple Grounds How to Kill:I suggest running like hell from these life sucking creatures WHO WILL INDEED attack you within a 50 foot radius, and WILL NEVER stop until you leave the room. If you must know.....wait. I've never killed one normally. Screw Attack makes short work of them. If attached, use a Morph Ball Bomb to shake them off. (That's been the customary rule in EVERY Metroid game.) Appearence:Do I NEED to explain what a Metroid looks like? Please state the title of the game. Its a METROID game. I think we've seen plenty Metroids in our past. Incase your memory is drawing a blank...wait for it to screech a hellish screech sound and start sucking 60 health away per second. Scan Info:The Ing are facinated by Metroids and their connection to Phazon. It is not a shared facination, as Metroid will attack Ing on sight. Reconizing their strength, Ing darklings have possessed a number of Metroid turning them into powerful soliders of the Horde. Addtional Notes:In Phazon Grounds, a Dark Tallon Metroid is ironically carrying around a Pirate Trooper. This is ood because 1.Space Pirates die upon contact with Dark Aether's atmosphere and 2.Metroid attack ANYTHING that has energy. Even their creators. Yet getting close to the Metroid will release to Space Pirate, who will then fight you. Weird. Dark Pirate Trooper Found:Portal Terminal in Dark Agon Wastes. They aren't friendly :( How to Kill:RUN. LIKE. HELL. Appearence:Can't be said. I just run from them. Is that a bad thing? They are purple bastards. I know that. Scan Info:Pirate Troopers, already trained to follow orders without question, were perfect candidates for Ing possession. Darklings moved to take every trooper they could, expanding the army of the Horde considerably. Space Pirate technology struck a chord with the Ing, who now hunt actively for gadgets of any kind-especially weapon systems. Dark Trooper Found:All over the beginning area of the game How to Kill:1 Charge Beam Appearence:A walking dead Bravo team trooper Scan Info:Bioscans indicate terminated lifesings in this attack trooper, and the presence of an unknown biomass with parasitic tendencies. Though the missile trooper's armor has been comprimised, the bulk of it remains intact. Weapon systems remain online as well. Full parasitic fusion has yet to be obtained, resulting in low agility and response time. Dark Preed Found:Uh....I'm not sure. Some random places in Dark Torvus Bog How to Kill:You don't want these things to die. Trust me. Appearence:A small ball of metal floating around puffing poisonous gas. NOT NICE. Scan Info:The aggressive Preeds are often possessed by darklings for aerial hunting missions. The presence of the dark creature makes the small cyborg more durable. The toxic gas carried by a Preed is enhanced by exposure to dark energy, making it considerably more dangerous. ================================ Dark Aether-Darklings-Darkling Mechanoids ================================ Dark Diligence Drone Found:Some room next to the Dark Aether version of Hall of Combat Mastery. How to Kill:Charged Light Beam shots is its only weakness. Appearence:A spinning black ball >_> Scan Info:Some Diligence drones have been taken over by the Ing for possessive duties. Their small size and durability makes the excellant scouts able to go where most other cannot. A Dark Diligence still relies on focused energy beams for defense. Their energy construct nature makes them invulnerable to most attacks. A high-powered burst of light energy can disrupt a Dark Diligence unit. Dark Quad MB Found:Sanctuary Temple. Dissappear after retreving the Colbalt Translator. Can lastly be found during the Quadraxis fight. Otherwise, nowhere else. How to Kill:I find them too strong, and slow and stupid. Ignore them. Appearence:A purple Quad. Scan Info:The Ing discovered they could possess and control artificially intelligent machines as well as normal beings. They soon turned to the loyal Quad right against the Luminoth, finding the machines to be quite useful additions to the Horde. Dark Quad CM Found:The Command Module of a Dark Quad....same place as above. How to Kill:Same as above Appearence:Same as above Scan Info:The Ing discovered they could possess and control artificially intelligent machines as well as normal beings. They soon turned to the loyal Quad right against the Luminoth, finding the machines to be quite useful additions to the Horde. A dominant darkling assumes control of the Command Module, forcing the lesser Ing into its body to do its bidding. Corrupted Sentreye Found:You'll find them a plenty on your way to the Sky Temple. How to Kill:Charged Light Beam shot. All other shots stun its beams. Appearence:Red eye on the wall shooting lasers. Can't miss lasers ;) Scan Info:The Sentreyes were designed by the Luminoth to protect their camps on Dark Aether. The Ing learned how to possess them and turned them against their former masters. Many still remain throughout Dark Aether, now serving the Ing as they served the Luminoth before them. Most weapon types will stun the Sentreyes, charged light energy will destroy them. Dark Ingsmasher Found:Main Reactor Dark Aether version in Sanctuary Fortress How to Kill:Same as an Ingsmasher Appearence:Like an Ingsmasher Scan Info:Once the Ing discovered they could possess intelligent machines, the mighty Ingsmashers were top priority targets for the Horde. The drones retain all of their attacks-shock wave fists and missile launchers. It uses an energy sheild in battle that can be adjusted to protect against a variety of beam weapons. The sheild can be overloaded by opposite-polarity beams. ================================ Offworld-Pirates ================================ Preed Found:Hydrodynamo Statiohn How to Kill:Best to avoid them...although 3 Power Beam shots makes them 'splode. Appearence:A floating spiky ball Scan Info:The cybernetic Preeds are aggressive hunters used as patrol animals by the Space Pirates. They carry lethal Nohadin gas for use as a defense mechanism. If the Preed is ruptured, the gas within it is violently released. This toxic cloud is often proven fatal to the Preed's killer. Pirate Trooper Found:Central Mining Station is your first time to see them. They become harder and harder to find after that through the game, so scan them early. How to Kill:Several Charge Beam shots Appearence:A metallic charisma that enjoys attacking you with red beam shots as well as making growling sounds. Also noticeable a Space Pirate type is nearby when their backround battle theme starts playing. Scan Info:The Space Pirates suffered a serious defeat at Tallon IV, yet they remain a powerful force for crime and disorder in the galaxy. Their technology continues to advance:even the lowly trooper has recieved numerous upgrades to his arsenal. A photanic power scythe and quantim assult cannon are now standard-issue weapons for all troopers. Pirate Grenadier Found:Various rooms along the Space Pirate Base in Agon Wastes How to Kill:Several Charge Beam shots Appearence:Same as Space Pirate, but with a large cannon strapped to their right arm. Scan Info:The Space Pirates have begun to use an experimental energy grenade launcher in the field. The weapon is viewed as a mixed blessing to the Grenadier units:while the grenade launchers are powerful weapons, Grenadiers must leave their rifles behind to carry them. Fast-moving targets can close range on Grenadiers, rendering their main weapon somewhat ineffective. Pirate Commando Found:Torvus Grove, then lastly Sanctuary Entrance first time. I believe they reappear in Torvus Grove, not sure however. (1 Time Scan???) How to Kill:Ouchies. They, conviently, appear in rooms with several Phazon tanks. Lure them near one, and blow it up. The Commando will die. Happyness. Appearence:REALLY cool looking Space Pirates. Can't be missed. Scan Info:Dedicated to "hunting the Hunter," Space Pirate Commando units have been equipped with the latest weapons, including a varible pulse cannon, e-grenade launcher, and energy scythe. Powerful thrusters carry them at high speeds over any terrain. A portable barrier sheild repels most attacks, but can only be deployed for limited periods. Pirate Aerotrooper Found:Everywhere. Literally. You will find them so often in places you've visited its annoying. How to Kill:They are susceptible to 2 Charge Beams. Appearence:An ugly Space Pirate flying around on a jet pack. Scan Info:Pirate Aerotroopers are known for their cold precision and utter cruelty. Armed with both beam and missile systems, the Aerotrooper can be a difficult for to engage, especially at range. Their jet packs can be overloaded with heat-based attacks, however. These units prefer death before dishonor:an injured Aerotrooper will make a suicide attempt strike before allowing himself to be captured. ================================ Offworld-Metroids ================================ Infant Tallon Metroid Found:Biohazard Storage after facing Dark Samus 1. (1 Time Scan!!!)??? How to Kill:Few Power Beam shots....or let it touch Phazon to mutate into a normal Tallon Metroid. Appearence:A tiny, cute as heck blue Metroid. Aww..... Scan Info:The Space Pirates use Infant Tallon Metroids as a portable energy source. Small in size, they are easy to transport in large quantities. They are docile, efficient organic batteries...until they are exposed to Phazon. At that point, they grow rapidly and aquire their full array of powers. Tallon Metroid Found:Several places in the Space Pirate Base in Agon Wastes How to Kill:Charge Dark Beam followed by a Missile easily kills them. Appearence:A red colored Metroid Scan Info:Space Pirates harvest and enslave Metroids for use in their operations. The Tallon Metroid will latch onto prey with powerful pincers, then proceed to drain its life energy. This causes the creature to grow in size and mass. The creatures are vulnerable to the chilling effect of dark energy, and can be detached by entering Morph Ball mode and deploying a Bomb. ================================ Offworld-Dark Samus ================================ Dark Samus 1 Found:Main Reactor. All Dark Samus's are 1 Time Scans!!! How to Kill:Many Charge Beam shots Appearence:Is it THAT hard to see a clone of yourself? Remember SA-X? Think that, only with the Phazon Suit. Scan Info:Scans indicate the presence of Phazon and your genetic material within this entity. She wears a version of the Varia Suit, altered and agumented by the Phazon within her. Primary weapons include the Missile Launcher and a scattershot variant of the Power Beam. Boost and Jump abilities are superior to yours. The ability to generate Phazon energy sheilds is also present. Dark Samus 2 Found:Aerie and Aerie Transport How to Kill:LOTSA Super Missiles Appearence:Its extremely hard to miss a clone of yourself..... Scan Info:Tactical scans have identified several new battle systems in the armor of Dark Samus. She now weilds a potent variant of your Charge Beam. Her Boost attack has been augmented, and the ability to render herself invisible is present as well. Bioscans suggest that Dark Samus can reform her body short of atomic disruption. Extreme caution reccommended. Dark Samus 3 Found:Sky Temple Gateway, during the final 8 minutes of the game. NOT in her big Phazon bubble form. How to Kill:Super Missiles will eventually activate her becoming Dark Samus 4.... Appearence:*yawn*I'm sick of explaining.... Scan Info:Scans indicate Dark Samus has absorbed tremendous levels of Phazon into her body:too much, perhaps. She can vent Phazon energy in the for of destructive blasts and protective sheilds:doing so will help her maintain stability. Exposure to Phazon has rendered her invisible to your Dark Visor. These new abilities, combined with her already formidable arsenal, places Dark Samus at the highest threat level. Dark Samus 4 Found:Sky Temple Gateway. Yes, that large bubble of Phazon is a new Dark Samus Scan. How to Kill:Wait for it to expose many small Phazon chunks, then collect them with the Charge Beam, and fire it back at Dark Samus. Appearence:Oh my god.... Scan Info:Dark Samus has temporarily become a being of pure yet unstable Phazon energy. Sher can generate a sheild that is invulnerable to all attacks save one-blasts of Phazon energy itself. Use your Charge Beam to collect Phazon energy that she expels, then fire it back at her. Direct hits will overload and disrupt her essence. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~Subsection II-Lore Scans~ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lore....what is Lore? Lore is basically huge amounts of information about many different subjects in the Metroid Prime series. Still true today. There isn't around 15 Lore scans like Metroid Prime had, but rather around 100. The information you will learn about is astounding. You learn all about the Luminoth, the Bravo Team's deadly mission, and about the Sky Temple Keys' history. Its all intresting. I give the name of the Lore, and the location room its in (You can't kill Lore duh!). Also note the _NO_ Lore is a 1-Time Scan. So take your time finding the Lore. Space Pirate Lore I find the most intresting, starting from the very start of them discovering Phazon on planet Aether, an ending with the unfortuante appearence of the Hunter (AKA Samus Aran). ================================ Lore-Space Pirate Logs-Cycle 4 ================================ Log 44681 (Phazon Operations) Found:Command Center Scan Info:Log 4.468.1-Science Teams detected the presence of Phazon in the Dash system four cycles ago. High Command authorized the deployment of our team shortly thereafter. Our orders are to establish a base on planet Aether and evaluate local Phazon resources. Because this world lies on the periphery of Galactic Federation territory, we are following stealth protocols at the highest levels. A cadre of elite Commandos has been dispatched to provide security for our force as well. This operation is now underway. Log 48853 (Local Conflict) Found:Command Center Scan Info:Log 4.885.3-Intellegence reports on the indigenous population of Aether are in error. This planet is not at peace, nor are the inhabitants docile. Evidence of a class four conflict is present here, though hostilities are at a minimal level now. Our territory has suffered several raids by a strange type of shadowy creature. These raids have caused considerable damage, and we have requested more combat troopers in response. ================================ Lore-Space Pirate Logs-Cycle 5 ================================ Log 50086 (Great Discoveries) Found:Command Center Scan Info:Log 5.008.6-A spatial anomaly has been found within our base. We believe this rift in the time-space leads to a parallel dimension of some type, but have been unable to interact with it thus far. A strange artifact was found near the anomaly as well. It may be a weapon or generator of some kind:perhaps it is the key to accessing the anomaly. High Command is eager for reports on the relic. A new weapon for our arsenal is always welcome. Log 54421 (Rift Portal) Found:Command Center Scan Info:The Rift Portal has been opened. The artifact weapon, dubbed the "Dark Beam" by Science Team, provides the energy needed to open the portal, although for a limited time. We've sent expiditions thorough the portal, and they have returned with incredible news. The portal leads to a parallel dimension of Aether. This "Dark Aether" has suffered globic calamity, turning it into a toxic wasteland. It is the homeworld of the shadowy creatures who have been raiding our our base for the last cycle. Most importantly, it is the prime location of Phazon in this sector. Extraction plans are being prepared. We will not be denied! ================================ Lore-Space Pirate Logs-Cycle 6 ================================ Log 62217 (Phazon Raids) Found:Command Center Scan Info:Phazon extraction raids are underway on Dark Aether. The toxicity of the atmosphere has taken a toll on our work force, as have the hostile natives of that world. Science Team is preparing survival gear to protect our work teams, and we have increased security presence in extraction areas. Fortunately, High Command is sending more troops and supplies. Our troops and resources are spread dangerously thin, and this mission cannot fail. Log 63622 (The Hunter) Found:Biostorage Station Scan Info:Log 6.362.2-Samus Aran, the accursed Hunter, has arrived. The sudden arrival of the Hunter is strange enough, but her actions are stranger still. She does not seek our destruction, but our Phazon. With each raid, she steals Phazon ore, only killing those who attempt to deny her. What she needs it for we do not know-though Science Team sugests she requires it to power her new armorsuit. Dark in color, it is equipped with strange new weapons. The troops now call her the "Dark Hunter." It is a fitting title. Log 67135 (Security Breach) Found:Save Station C in Agon Wastes Scan Info:Log 6.713.5-The Dark Hunter teleports into our base at will. Our security has proven next to useless against her. Her latest raid was disaterous. Not only did we lose more Phazon to her, but she also crippled the stealth field generator with her strange new weapons. We are exposed. Until the replacement generator arrives, we will be vulnerable to scans and detection. Our presence here is still minimal:should the Federation find us we will be unable to defend our position. Fortunately, Aether is on the edge of Federation space. With luck, we will have a stealth field back in effect before being detected. Log 69898 (Shadow War) Found:Main Reactor Scan Info:The local war has escalated in intensity. The shadowlings from Dark Aether have launched an ofensive. The assult seems focused on a central network of buildings atop a mountain:a base, perhaps. Strangely, this attack coincides with a rise in planetary instability. Perhaps these new shadowy creatures are using a new weapons system. The shadowlings must believe us to be foes for they have hit our base numerous times as well. We are holding, but attrition is taking its toll on our troops and resources. Reinforcements are en route. We can only wait and defend what is ours. ================================ Lore-Space Pirate Logs-Cycle 7 ================================ Log 70136 (Federation Attack) Found:Security Station B Scan Info:Log 7.013.6-Another disater. The trasnport bringing our reinforcements and supplies has been shot down. It was engaged in orbit by a Federation vessel, which has landed near the alien temple. Its only a matter of time before the Marines attack. Survivors from our ship have made their way to our base. Here we shall make our stand. Another enemy. First the shadowlings, then the Dark Hunter, then the Galactic Federation Marine Corps. Perhaps fate will smile upon us, before the world itself opens its maw and swallows us. Log 71599 (Two Hunters) Found:Central Mining Station Scan Info:Log 7.159.9-Another Hunter, this wearing the traditional colors of Samus Aran, made planetfall today. Horrific as it may sound, there are two of them now. We are bracing for a new assult. This dire turn of events may have some good will. One of our scouts in Dark Aether saw a curious encounter. The Dark Hunter attacked the clad as Samus near a Phazon site. Perhaps they are not allies...but foes. Perhaps we can forge and allience with the Dark Hunter-an exchange of Phazon for the head of our common enemy. ================================ Lore-Trooper Logs-Force 1 ================================ CAPT A. Exeter Found:GFMC Compound Scan Info:I'm beginning to think it was a real bad idea going down there. Reevs is right, that hive is just one of many. Its stupid to stir a hornet's next, especially if you plan on sleeping on it. PFC S. Milligan Found:GMFC Compound Scan Info:Brouda lost the bet, so he switched watch duty with me tonight. I figure this section is nice and safe and boring, which suits me fine. Let those other pugs guard that hot zone! I...hold on...hey! Halt...No! Hel-- (Transmission Ends) SPC F. Triplette Found:GMFC Compound Scan Info:The sarge says these "Splinters" remind him of some killer bug he saw on another planet once. All I know is the things are fast and take a lot to drop. Pretty soon we'll have to goto bayonets. Everyone's low on ammo... even Brode, and he's the stingiest grunt I know. Additional Notes:Perhaps the Sarge's "Bug" may have been Imago from Metroid Zero Mission....Maybe Flahhgra for all we know... LCPL J. Brode Found:GMFC Compound Scan Info:Man, I only hope this is the breeding grounds for these things. If there's more, were in big trouble. We had a hard enough time taking that one out of comission:I almost ran out of ammo. I never run out of ammo! PFC G. Haley Found:GMFC Compound Scan Info:I hear. Them. Everywhere. They're coming. Can't sleep. Ever. They'll eat me. Eat. Additional Notes:*coughmentallyinsanecough* PFC I. Crany Found:GMFC Compound Scan Info:Last night at chow, Angseth starts talking about some bounty hunter and how she blew up a planet full of Space Pirates. I told her I don't believe in fairy tales like that, and she took it personal. I just find it hard to believe that one person took out an entire Space Pirate base, that's all. But if she wants to believe in this Samus, or Bigfoot, or Santa Claus she can. Additional Notes:WTF? Samus works for the Federation. These guys work for the Federation. How do they NOT know her? And isn't it several thousand years past where we all know Santa don't exist? ================================ Lore-Trooper Logs-Force 2 ================================ PFC E. Denys Found:Sacred Bridge Scan Info:I'm the only one left. Managed to get out of the hive, but when I got to the ship everyone was gone...dead. I'm heading for the alien building we saw earlier. Maybe someone can help me there...Wait, something's moving down there. Hello...? PFC L. Bourda Found:Communication Area Scan Info:We'll be making our stand here. The engineer tells me there's no way we'll get the ship's engines online, and atmospheric interference is scrambling our distress beacon. If anyone reads this, know that we did our duty and fought well. SPC B. Reevs Found:Command Chamber Scan Info:I don't like this plan. This hive is a small portion of a large network. There may be dozens of hive systems like this across the planet, and they may all be linked. Destroying this one may buy us time, but it may also provoke the other hives into attacking. PFC M. Veroni Found:Collapsed Tunnel Scan Info:I think Haley's losing it. He talks to himself all the time, and he won't sleep. He almost shot me on watch the other night. I think he thought I was one of those things. I talked to the doc about him being off the line, and he told me we need all the help we can get. That's true, but if he goes beserk and kills a bunch of us, that won't be very helpful. SPC M. Angseth Found:Trooper Security Station Scan Info:This is rediculous. I can outshoot half the men here, and I'm stuck on monitor duty. I didn't join up to stare at a holoscreen! This wouldn't happen to Samus Aran...She'd be out there taking care of business, not pushing buttons and sending reports. GSGT C. Benet Found:Command Chamber Scan Info:There's something wrong with the lock systems in this section. They've failed us twice, locking us out until someone came along to let us in. If it happens again while were playing "bait" for those things... well, at least we'll go out fighting, instead of hiding in the control area. ================================ Lore-Luminoth Lore-History-Dark Age ================================ The Ing Attack Found:Path of Roots Scan Info:The day came when space was torn asunder, revealing dimensional rifts to a dark place. Horrible dark swarms streached forth from these rifts, engulfing nearby creatures and transforming them into what we would call darklings. The dark creatures became our enemies, and peace came to an end on Aether. Cataclysm Found:Mining Station A Scan Info:The starborne terror burnt through the heavens and struck Aether with untold might. We all expected the world to shatter...but Aether held. There was great devistation, however. The green plains of Agon were scorched forever, and the forest of Torvus was engulfed and wreacked by the sea. The skies burned for days, casting darkness over the land. The World Warped Found:Path of Eyes Scan Info:Amidst the turmoil, we discovered many disturbing anomalies. Spatual disturbences appeared across the land. Objects went into a state of dimensional flux, their atoms divided between Aether and....somewhere else. There was little time to ponder these strange happenings for we had to deal with the devistation of our lands. Age of Anxiety Found:Meeting Grounds Scan Info:In time, the roar of a wounded planet subsided. The air, though fouled, was breathable. Light made its way through the dark veil over our world. Slowly, we ventured out from the shelters of our homes to see what remained of our paradise. What little comfort we gained by surviving, was soon shattered, for when we looked outward, all we saw was devistation. Half of the planet's energy had vanished from the Energy Controllers. Aether became violently unstable as a result. Of the stellar object which struck our homes, there was no sign. ================================ Lore-Luminoth Lore-History-Golden Age ================================ Origins Found:Main Energy Controller Scan Info:It is told that the Luminoth were not born of Aether but of the Stars. In the early days, we roamed the greatness of the void, bathing in the light of a thousand stars. We met a vast number of enlightened minds... the N' Kren, the Vlla, and the Chozo amoung them. Each of them we found had claimed a homeworld and formed a deep bond with it. In time, we decided to do the same. The Stellar Object Found:Mining Station B Scan Info:By the time we detected the stellar object as it streaked toward our world, it was too late to stop it. We fired numerous weapons at it in a vain attempt to alter its trajectory. Nothing worked. Our efforts put a great strain on the Energy Controllers, and weakened Aether. All we could do as the object grew closer was take shelter and wait. We gathered stores of food and water, reinforced the sheilding on our dwellings, and spent the last few hours in peace. Our Heritage Found:Transport to Agon Wastes in Temple Grounds Scan Info:Our search for a home took us through the cosmos. For many a great cycle we roamedm yet a place to calll our own eluded us. In time, we began to dispair, feeling the search was in vain. We considered remaining amoung the stars until a scout returned with news of a world unlike any other. When we beheld Aether for the first time, so great was her beauty that we forsook the stars forever to live upon her surface. From that day forth, the Luminoth were of Aether, our blessed paradise. Paradise Found:Main Plaza Scan Info:Aether was a fertile, aged world with bountiful fields and oceans. The nature creatures were gentle compared to other worlds we had encountered. We settled in a mountain region at first, in cliffside dwellings. In time, we established settlements in the green forest of Torvus and the fertile plains of Agon. A Great Temple was built between our three domains, a place of peace and a monument of our accomplishments. It was a time of harmony for our people. Light of Aether Found:Portal Terminal Scan Info:The Main Energy Controller was built in the Great Temple:three sub-controllers were built in the Temples of Agon. Torvus, and Sanctuary. They collected the energy of Aether, then radiated it over the world to those who needed it. In time, we came to call this precious energy the "Light of Aether." It brought an age of peace and properity to the Luminoth. Saving Aether Found:Agon Energy Controller Scan Info:Aether's planetary energy supply reached a critical stage. If left unchecked, the energy would expire, bringing an end to this world. Our greatest minds devised a way to preserve and regulate the remaining planetary energy-the Energy Controllers. ================================ Lore-Luminoth Lore-Conflict-First Phase ================================ The New Terror Found:Catacombs Scan Info:In time, the Ing began to possess the Luminoth as well as creatures. Friends and family members became the enemy, spilling Luminoth blood across the land. Desprate, we devised sheilding to prevent Ing possession. It was effective, but not perfect. Should the sheilding fall, all Luminoth were prepared to self-terminate rather than become a weapon for the Ing. Dark Aether Found:Torvus Energy Controller Scan Info:In time, we created machines to open rifts to our enemies world. Volunteer scouts went through the rifts and found a twisted world, harsh and poisonous....a Dark Aether. They discovered that this world held the missing half of our planet's energy. They also saw the true face of the enemy, a race we came to call the "ing" meaning terror. Our scouts could not survive long enough on the surface of Dark Aether, so venemous was its air. Still, we vowed to return. We prepared for war. Our War Begins Found:Underground Tunnel Scan Info:We developed Crystals that brought the Light of Aether to the dark world. Uing the Crystals allowed our warriors to explore the enemy lands to bring war to the Ing. Sadly, the Crystals weren't enough. We needed stronger weapons, better armor. We withdrew form Dark Aether while our greatest minds developed new engines of war. Recovering Energy Found:Training Chamber Scan Info:We were not prepared to fight a long war. The forces of our enemy outnumbered ours vastly. We sought a way to end the war quickly, without extended combat. We decided to build a device to recover our lost planetary energy from Dark Aether. Without this energy, the drk world would cease to be, and our world would be restored to stability. New Weapons Found:Gathering Hall Scan Info:Our studies of the Ing revealed the source of their attacks as dark energy. We built weapons to use this energy, thinking it could overload the enemy targets and eliminate them. We soon learned our error, as the Dark Beam was not of great effect on the Ing. We then began to develop a weapon that used light energy. This weapon would dispatch the Ing with terrible efficiency. ================================ Lore-Luminoth Lore-Conflict-Second Phase ================================ The Sky Temple Found:Fortress Transport Access Scan Info:We learned the ruler of the Ing dwelled in a place dubbed "The Sky Temple" by our forces. This place held the planetary energy of Dark Aether as well. It was heavily guarded, and entry was barred by a great gate requiring ten keys to unlock. These keys were hidden throughout Dark Aether by the Ing. A mission was planned, one that would find the hidden keys and recover our missing energy from the Sky Temple. Agon Falls Found:Sanctuary Energy Controller Scan Info:A massive Ing attack came to the land of Agon. Soon, the Temple of Agon was surrounded by the Horde, with no hope of salvation. Our galliant warrior there were slain, and</p>