Resident Evil Outbreak File 2 David FAQ/Guide Probester/FishyProbe/Sam.C MaloSanMaka/Ska Boss/Sean S. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. Table of Contents ---------------------------- 1. Introduction 2. David Bio 3. David Tricks 4. David Items 5. David Walkthrough 6. David Special Moves 7. David Ad-Lib 8. David Files 9. Credits 10. Legal ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This guide was made for people who like to use David. This is a collection of all the information availble on the character. All moves abilites and other bits of information can be found in this guide. We hope that you will find this useful. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. David King's Biography ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "A quiet worker, David doesn't talk much about his past. It's not because he's unfriendly; he's simply a man of few words. With sharp eyesight and deft movements with his knife, he proves his worth getting around in a scene of bloodshed." A plumber rumored to have a violent past. A quiet man of few words, David could be short-tempered at times, but he is not an unfriendly person. He also possesses sharp eyesight and quick reflexes." " David was a plumber in Raccoon. He's very quiet most of the time, and when he does speak it's only to say what needs to be said. Before he was a plumber, he was once a very violent person in his past, but even his friends have no idea about it. As to what it involved however is still a mystery..." Theories of The Past -David was a mafia enforcer/hitman, and is using plumber as his cover -David is retired mafia, and is now trying to make an honest living -David used to be part of a street gang who specialized in knives ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. David's Tricks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a collection of all of David's moves. These are not availible to any other character. - Knife Combo David's Knife Combo is one of those moves that takes practice to get right every time. Some players have issues with the final stroke, some with the third, and a couple poor sods with the second. The trick is to learn the timing. The second stroke comes right at the end of the first. For the third stroke, hit X right as the blade is coming across David's chest. The final, fourth stroke, is done by hitting X at the end of the whole thing, when it seems like David has stopped. This sucker is hella useful, too. Especially since each stroke causes an enemy to flinch and the final one sends the flying. The full combo is almost necessary if you're playing alone, but if you've got friends to help you take out zombies you can easily just use the first 2 or 3 to make them flinch for some tackling. - Wrench Throw This sucker is the ultimate escape route maker. Just hold R1 or R2 and hit O and David will throw a wrench a decent distance. This is NOT a good weapon. Use the knife for that. However, each one of your nine wrenches will knock a zombie to the ground, garaunteeing you a window of oppertunity to get the fug-nugget out of there. - Making Weapons God bless the man who can make something from nothing. David's ability to make weapons is a beautiful, beautiful thing. This is especially true in stages where you find a lot of loose resources such as Underbelly and Flashback, or in End of the Road where your weapons can be broken. We'll cover the dynamics of this a little bit later, so just keep it in mind. -------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. David's Items -------------------------------------------------------------------- David's personal item is his tool kit, which includes all of his plumbing tools. Who knew they could come in handy in the outbreak? - Foldable Knife This is a tiny little knife that can be folded up that David keeps in his tool kit. While it may be weak, it can be useful in VH games, where you will only find items later in the game. This knife can be used to perform the knife combo, as well as dealing 300 percent more damage to the plant enemies found in Flashback. -Vinyl Tape A roll of professional grade repair tape used for pipes. David can use this roll of sturdy tape to create new weapons with. By combining items that look ordinary, David automatically use some of the tape to hold them together, creating a brand new weapon. This tape can also be used to repair the broken pipe in Underbelly, as long as you have not used any of the tape earlier in the scenario. Flame Spray- Lighter and Pesticide spray Spear- Buther Knife and Wooden Pole Hammer- Concrete Piece and Iron Pipe Stun Rod-Iron Pipe and Battery Wooden Pole- Wooden Stick and Wooden Stick -Junk Parts These are bits of junk created from repairing pipes and toliets at work. David can use these objects to repair weapons, turn models into the real thing, or construct a bomb. Battery and Junk Parts and Lighter - Time bomb Model Grenade Launcher and Junk Parts - Grenade Launcher Broken Handgun and Junk Parts- Handgun Broken Shotgun and Junk Parts-Shotgun -Wrenches These are a set of monkey wrenches of different sizes. There are 12 of them. These can be thrown to knock down enemies, stun them, open door, and destroy wall panels, as well as an excellent landmine probe. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 5. Walkthrough ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- = WILDTHINGS ================================== - Right from the beginning whip our your knife... okay, unless you're on easy, then grab the gun and ignore this. Otherwise, take that knife and bee line for the back door with the sleeping zombie. Knife the bastard. Then get to work on opening that door. Yeah, you could just go straight for the Restaraunt, but you'll want the weapon in the alley. Going in through the Rastaraunt to the alley is a bad idea since enemies respawn faster in that crampled little place. - Some people prefer to try and knife combo Oscar. True, it's possible if you've got the combo down right every time, but personally I say wait until the end and use the BGM Tapes to blow him up, or just trap him and let him rot. - Strike no lion. Seriously. If you're not gonna shoot it then don't even bother. You can easily dodge them by zig-zagging. One important thing to remember, however, is that if you put in the last Lion Emblem and there's still a lioness there she will still be moving around while the statues are animating, leaving you vulnerable. Well, she can't hit you, but she can just suddenly be right next to you when control is returned to you. Cost me a No Damage Clear once. - On the higher difficulties there's a Lioness that shows up right as you enter the Path in Front of Observation Deck that often moves right in your way. Get out of there before she can appear or you'll have to throw a wrench to make her flinch so you can run past her. - That Lioness in the Animal Boarding House might seem like an exception to the rule. She's not. As soon as you get in that place you've got to get moving. Run between the cages and move right. Jump up on the block of... I guess it's concrete. The big slab. And keep away from the edge. Boom, she can't get to you. She's too dumb to go around. If she manages to jump down onto you before you can climb up onto the slab, wrench her and she'll flinch just long enough for you to climb up. - Your wrenches are pretty much useless here. If you haven't noticed, there are no zombies around past the front gate. So use your wrenches there. It's pointless to use them on Lionessess, and nearly impossible to hit a bird with them. Only thing you can use them on are those Hyenas, and those suckers rarely do an attack that can't be easily dodged simply by running past/away from them. - That crazy gator that waits for you at the lake is easy enough to get past. Don't attack it, and try to ignore the Horn Bill as best you can. Don't get too close to the water, or the gator will spot you and trap you over there. Just hang back until he swims around the fallen roofed-thingy and then try to swim around the other side of it. - You'll find a couple scrub brushes laying around on Hard and the lower difficulties. Remember, if you break a scrub brush it becomes a wood pole. Combine two of these and you get a long pole. Quite literally you can make it to the boss on Hard, Normal, and Easy with just two scrub brushes to defend yourself. - There's a wall panel in the Connecting Passage area between the Elephant Stage and the Supply Room that only David can open. Simply hit X for something nice. Probably a knife. Or Pesticide Spray if you're on Hard. - Against Oscar you're going to want two BGM tapes, a gun, and ammo. Or two guns. Oscar is the easiest route for David, since even if you run out of everything else you can still Knife Combo the titanic Titan and still come out unscathed. Well, unless your timing sucks. - Against the Stalker you're just gonna want a ton of long range weaponry. Sure, David's wrenches can make the Stalker flinch, but ultimately they're useless. On VH the Stalker is joined by two Lionesses. I recommend trying your best to avoid them and not waste ammo on them since you don't have to kill them to finish the level. The Hunting Rifle is a good start, but usually you won't have the ammo to finish the job. I recommend the Shotgun just because at point-blanik it will make the Stalker Flinch. - David has to dodge to call his own, so if you start limping from Bleed or from Danger, use wrenches and retreat/run past. Every single enemy in Wild Things is already faster than you (save the zombies at the beginning), and a lack of a dodge will leave David very vulnerable if he's hurt. = TEH UNDERBELLY ============================================= - You've got two choices in Underbelly: Make weapons, or don't make weapons. If you make weapons you'll have to spend a little extra time running errands this time around. If not, you save yourself about 10 minutes. About a third of the way through the level there's a broken pipe. If you have all your tape you can use it (and all of it) to fix the broken pipe. Otherwise you'll have to run back up the stairs, hit the power, run back to the Employee Passage, complete a puzzel, then raid the Storage Room, run back downstairs, and fix the pipe. Or you can fix the pipe and never have to come back downstairs ever again. Your call. - The four lighter locations that open up a hidden item are much easier to get with David since you don't have to wait until you find a lighter to do it. Use the lighter in the Women's Restroom (West), Women's Restroom (East), the column towards the back of the train at the Platform, and finally by the east bed in the Break Room. Easy enough, and the locations are easy enough to move around in if there's zombies. - You'll find a lot of pesticide sprays laying around. As tempting as it may be to make a Flame Spray, save your tape. It's easy enough to knife the Zombies, flame spray is too slow to use against the bugs... unless it's the Giga Bite, but even he can be taken out with regular Pesticide Spray easily enough. - When attempting to open the employee passage on Hard and Very Hard, knife it. That way if a zombie shows up you're already ready to turn around and combo it back down the stairs. - There's another one of those handy-dandy hatches that David can open on the way to the Emergency Power Room. You'll see it right before the door. - If you're going to go through the Ventilation Tower, save some wrenches. The Mega Bite that blocks the stairs is a waste of ammo that you might need later on for the climb up. Wrench it to make it flinch and get around, or use a Blood Infusion Packet to draw it away. If you're really lucky, it attempt a leaping attack and straight-up miss. While climbing the tower, still conserve ammo since the top will have a swarm of those bastards that you'll have to take out. If you can, save a blood infusion packet or two for this point. That will lure them away from you and give you time to climb the ladder. - It's possible to get two scrub brushes on any difficulty in this stage. If you are going for Melee (works against everything but the tiny bugs, usually), two scrub brushes broken make poles, and two poles make a long pole. This Melee combo should hold you out fairly well until the end of the stage. - Your knife combo is useless against the bugs. Seriously, don't bother. Even the larger Giga Bites are a pain, and the boss is pretty much right out. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =======Flashback============================== - Use your knife from the beggining, or grab the wooden pole -Wrenches are useful againist plant zomies, as they have range that keeps you away from the poison gasses released once attacked -If you find wooden sticks, combine them into poles, as they have much more range -Take advantage of the lighter that David starts with to get the hidden items -Don't ever combo a plant zombies, though ground comboing a vine will save you weapons and ammo -Hammers are good weapons for this level, because the materials are common, and they have good range. They also can knock zombies down easily, so you can hit them without getting poisioned. -After using the lighter to it's full potential, strap it to one of the pesticide spray to make the flame spray, it is excellent againist plant zombies and plants alike, as well as vines. -Throw wrenches at Axeman while he is chasing you -Comboing the plant boss does massive damage to it. -Use lighter to find the Rusty Key on VH in the boss' room -Use lighter on the vines near the tallest ladder to find an axe on VH ========Desperate Times================ -Don't use the combo in the underground area, as it is too tight to swing the knife around -Make either stun rods or bombs with the numerous batteries laying around in prepartion for the zombie siege -Make sure to use the knife combo during the siege if you run out of ammo, and don't let up the knifing until you find ammo or the siege ends -there is a survival knife on the ledge in normal and easy, which deals much more damage then the folding knife -try to save your wrenches for the siege, where you can use them to stall or knock down zombies =======End Of The Road====================== -Equip the folding knife at the begging -you can combo hunters, but step back after doing so -wrenches are effective on hunters -dont try to combo the tyrant -the wrenches make excellent land mine probes for the part of the level where you are back in the city ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6. David Special Moves ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 7. David Ad-Lib ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wild Things- - It's dangerous here. - hhmpf... - So this is the end of the world? - No need to try and stay sane. - I'll have the last laugh. - Keep moving. Don't look back. - Shit... - This is a goddamn nightmare. - Get lost and it's all over. - Hey! - Anyone there! - Where are you? - Probably nothing in here. - Is it safe? - More of these assholes huh? - I ain't gonna die so easy. - Screw destiny, I'll kick it's ass. - It'll be all over soon. - Picked up something useful... - Jesus. - Don't let em get to you. - Hm? - Don't over do it, just relax. - They're getting on my last nerves. - What to do... - Run or fight? That's the question. - Disappear, assholes. - Hey! Can you hear me? - Not again... - Annoying bastards. - C'mon out. - What's up? - Quit hiding! - I'll survive this. - What's in here? - Gotta act now before it's too late. - Man this is unbelievable. - Waste of time... - That was a hassle. - I've got a bad feeling. - Is there something here? - Better hurry. - Crazy. - An elephant... Shit. - Fighting it would be a bad idea. - I'm at an disadvantage. - Better get away for now. - Bring it on, you dead assholes! - Ha! It's kinda funny. - A zoo is full of animals. - This suits me. - Here it comes... - You want some of this? - I'm in no shape to fight. - is it better to retreat? - Cmon out! - Don't let em get you. - I'm afraid not. - Wanna come with me? - Don't think you've won. UnderBelly- - What should I do next? - hmpf... - Shit... - So this is the end of the world? - It's not safe here. - What should I do next? - Keep moving. Don't look back. - Times a-wastin'... - No time to even be sad about this. - Trains... Power still on? - Better step up the pace. - What should I do?... - Dissapear, assholes. - Ready to tangle? - You'll be sorry. - Not again... - What's next? More zombies? - This door works? - Gotta get out no matter what. - Too far to walk. - What if I restore power? - Kinda funny, really. - Hm. What the hell's that? - Some employee must've used it. - I'd better not try it. - Rest in peace ugly. - Get lost and it's all over. - Nothin' left here. - I hope this wasn't all a waste. - I've gotta hurry. - Don't wanna fight down here. - I understand the situation. - Water? - Nighty-night. - Power... - Has to be used somewhere. - Shoulda known... - Jesus! - Maybe my clothes can dry out now. - Tocky isn't it? - Hope I can reroute the power. - These thing everything off. - Not enough time. - Out of the frying pan. - Must be for a puzzle. - Freaks. - What is all ths anyway? - Guess it won't fit in the toilet. - I'll take you out freaks. - That was a pain in the ass. - About time. - Don't need anything here. - Time to blow this popsickle. - It's over. - Had enough of this place for today. FlashBack- - This looks safe enough. - Hmpf... - Kinda funny, really. - Man. This is unbelievable... - Keep moving. Don't look back. - Gotta act now before it's too late. - No time to even be sad about this. - Shit... - So this is the end of the world? - No need to try to stay sane now. - Bring it on you dead assholes! - This is a goddamn nightmare. - I'll take em all out. Bring it on! - I'll do what it takes. - Didn't ecpect to see a survivor. - Can't let my gaurd down. - Hm. - I'll have the last laugh. - Not again... - Well... Which way? - Who want's to die first? - Nighty-night! - What to do...? - Which way did he go? - Jesus! - Thick fog. - Damnit! Not now! - I'm in no shape to fight. - Gotta cure this poison. - Out of the woods... - A bridge... - Get lost, and it's all over... - I could use this. - What is this place? - An abandoned... Hospital? - No enemies around? - Hard to breathe in here. - This was no ordinary hospital. - Don't mess with me. - What's that guy up to? - What went on here? - Is he trying to hunt me? - Did it see me? - Run or fight? that's the question. - Disappear, assholes! - Wierd place for a hospital. - Something hidden here? - rest in peace, ugly. - Coming here wasn't a smart idea. - Monsters... - No way I'm dyin here man. - Don't fuck with me monster! - Phew... - Can't do a damn thing. - Domn! How can I beat this? - It's... Alive. - If only I had a needle. - Employee lockers huh? - What happened to the people here? Desperate Times- - Umpf... - I've got it... - A barricade? - Hmpf... - Shit... - Those freaks are still around. - There's no end in sight. - I'll take you down with me. - I'm in no shape to fight. - Not again... - Rest in peace, ugly. - Disappear, asshole. - Find anything, buddy? - No information? - Keep moving. Don't look back. - There's a police station, why? - What to do?... - Monsters. - This place is our last resort. - Hmpf... - Things are coming, to a head. - So this is the end of the world? - A new info huh? - This city is dead. All dead. - Get lost and it's all over. - Kinda funny, really. - This is a goddamn nightmare. - I'm gettin the hell outa here. - I'll show em all; I'll survive. - This oughtta be a challenge. - Man this is unbelievable. - I'll have the last laugh. - Phew... - My eyes! My eyes! - Gas... - Shit what the... - What next? - No time to even be sad about this. - Damnit! Not now! - Bring it on you dead assholes! - No one can stop this now. - I'll so what it takes. - Maybe I should check it out. - Nighty-night. - Just gonna stick around here huh? - They never do stop, do they? - Thing's are gettin... rough out here. - Look likes I can pass. - There's so many... - No gatecrashers at this party. - Ready to tangle? - is it too late? - The whole city fucked like this? - Wheres my backup? - They'll get through soon enough. - You know what's going on here? - Even the cops are screwed huh? - Don't like the odds. - Let's hope we're really lucky. - Crazy. - Hidden tunnel huh? Sneaky cops. End Of The Road- - The entrance is closed. - This place is pissing me off. - This way safe? - Bloody buttons... - Who knows what's next. - Somebody keep a pet here? - Must be free range. - What's this key for? - Fuckin freaks. - Where is he? - What about those green freaks? - What's that guy up to? - I can't figure him out. - No time to run off like that. - I'll leave it to you. - What's the panel? - Go! Move! - Can I get through now? - This oughtta open it. - What? Where they, do it? - This place... isn't normal. - What to do...? - No choice... Forward it is. - Worst than any nightmare. - Sanity gone out the window. - You freaks, I'll waste you all. - Whatever... - This is too crazy. - No time to lose hope. - Hm... - U'll kill every last one of them. - I'll have the last laugh, freaks. - No time to look back. - Gettin hot under the collar. - Damn! - Jesus! - Haven't felt like this in a while. - Quit bitchin and get off my nuts. 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