True Crime:Streets of LA Upgrade Path Guide Probester/Sam C. Playstation 2 -------------------------------- This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use.It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All trademarks and names belong to their respective owners. ---------------------------------- Introduction -------------------- This guide should send you on the right path of upgrades, making the game MUCH easier for you, and reduce the time needed to reach 100% in the game. Plus, its damn cool to have a fast car, and shiny guns. :) Upgrade Information -------------------------------- There are 3 upgrade directions. Fighting, Shooting, Driving. Each part is critical to your sucess in the storyline. The fighting upgrade icon looks like a weight. The crosshair icon upgrades your guns and shooting skills. The car icon upgrades your driving techiniques, and helps you learn abilities. Upgrade Path ------------------------- Upgrade 1: Fighting --------------------------------- This one is right down the street from where you exit the EOD building, so this will be first. The upgrade is running attacks. To earn this abilty, you must perform 12 running attacks, and survive the session. Just keep moving, and press square whenever you come close to a target. You should get alot more then 12. I even got 24 once. :) Upgrade 2: Shooting --------------------------------- This is 3 blocks north of the EOD. This is for Dual Target Aim, allowing you to aim your 2 guns at different targets. Press R1 to shoot, and R2 to reload. You must destroy 8 targets to earn the upgrade, and you cannot destroy more then 3 civillian targets. Only 1 civie target comes up, so don't be nervous. The black targets are the ones you want, and basically, just shoot when they come up. Again, you should get over the amount that you need. Note that getting this upgrade changes the colour of your guns. Upgrade 3: Shooting -------------------------------- The next upgrade should be visable on your radar after exiting the shooting range you were just at. Move to the target range. This upgrade is for Aim Assistance. It turns the sights of your guns silver, for some reason. Anyways, shoot 7 targets in the arms or legs, and avoid hitting more then 2 civie targets. Hold down the fire button to enter precision aim mode. Shoot the first target in legs, the press R2 to exit and reload. Enter precision aim again, and shoot the next 2 in the legs as well. Reload. Shoot the next one in the arm, as the leg is pretty close to the civie target. The next too should be leg shots. Skip the next one, its too risky. The next one should be in the arm, as again, the civie is too close to the leg. This should net you this upgrade. Upgrade Intermission ------------------------------ At this point, you should either be out of points, or only have one shield left. You should lay off the upgrades until the Bonus chapter, where you're going to get a bonus upgrade. Upgrade 4: Bonus ---------------------------- We're going to need a good car. Fast car. So, drive around until you see a roadster or sports car, drive in front of them, and "borrow" their car. Drive to the green car icon. Its south of Santa Monica. This will start the street race. The reward for winning this race will be a '69 muscle car. Its a huge step up from your current car, so, its definetly worth investing in. Just don't crash so badly that you come to a complete stop. This race is pretty easy, but the turns are tight. Prepare to use the handbrake for some of them. Drive straight through the lights, and you'll have won yourself a brand new car. Upgrade Intermission ------------------------------ After teh bonus, unless you go out and solve a lot of crimes, you should lay off the upgrades until Episode II, Mission 6. Upgrade 5: Driving --------------------------- This upgrade is just 2 blocks to the right of where you start. Drive over to it. This upgrade is for Peel-Out tricks. Perform 1 peel out, and avoid hitting more then 3 obstacles. This is easy. Just peel out of the gate, and make your way to the end of the course, avoid the stick figuire cut-outs. Stop when you make it to the end. Upgrade 6: Fighting -------------------------------- Drive across the street to spend your only badge left. This will be for back attacks. Place your back to the targets, and press square. Do this at least 12 times, and survive the session. This is pretty easy, as they drop down behind you. Just disengage, and move your back to them if you auto-face them. Upgrade 7: Bonus ----------------------------- This time around, we're upgrading you guns. So, when the cruising starts, drive straight down the stree to the shooting range, get out, and enter. This upgrade is for .40 revolvers. The gun course is fairly easy, just remember to take cover, and shoot the targets as the pop up. Your goal is to reach the end of the course. The bots fire paintballs in 3 round bursts, so when they stop firing, jum out and shoot it. Try your best to take on individual targets, so your firepower is concentrated, and not divided between two. When you reach the middle of the course, the wall cover disappears, so start crouching behind the low pieces of wood. When you rach the end of the course, you'll have acquired yourself a set of new guns. Upgrade 8: Shooting -------------------------------- On the way to Chong's, you'll see a shooting range. Enter the shooting range for upgrade 3: Fast Reload. The skills is essential for survival in the later chapters. Your goal is to destroy or neutralize 10 targets, you cannont hit more then 1 civie target, and you must avoid headshots. Shoot the first four targets quickly, reload, and enter precision aim to shoot the next one in the arm. Shoot the next four quickly. If you're too slow, and you only reach nine, then carefully shoot the next one in the leg, while in precision aim. This should earn you the upgrade. Upgrade 9: Shooting -------------------------------- As you start Episode III:Mission 4, you'll see a shooting range down the street from you. Enter it. This upgrade is for Fast Aim Speed. Your goal is to destroy or neutralize 12 targets. You must avoid all civie targets, as well as headshots. Shoot the first one quick. When the next to reach the sides of the range, shoot them. The next one is a distance shoot, but just fire quickly at it. The next 3 start close to you, and spread out slowly. Quickly shoot all 3. The next target is a moving one, so madly tap the fire button until it is destroyed. Reload your guns. Enter precision aim, and shoot the next two in the leg, avoiding the civie target in the middle. 3 more appear in the spread-out fashion, so quickly shoot them again. You should have 13, one more then needed to pass. Upgrade 10: Fighting -------------------------------- Starting the Bonus cruising, head toward the shooting bonus, but as as move toward it, you'll see a normal fighting upgrade. Drive to it, and enter. This is not to be confused with the bonus fighting upgrade. This upgrade is for Ground Attacks, allowing you to hit your opponents after you've knocked them down. This'll help you deal that much needed extra damage to harder fighting enemies, such as bosses. Your goal is to perform 12 ground attacks. Move toward each target, and press X. This will cause Nick to stomp on the target. The "X Method" is the fastest, saving you time. You should have more then enough time to fill your limit. This will earn you this upgrade. Upgrade 11: Bonus ------------------------------- What? New guns again? Yes, indeed. Drive toward the bonus shooting range, working your way through the mess of streets. There is, for some strange reason, a canal in the middle of the street. Be careful not to drive into that on the way there. This upgrade is for .45 automatic pistols. Your goal is to again, reach the end of the course. This time, the bots fire in 5 round bursts, so time yourself accordingly. Just remember to take cover, and reload often. Most importantly, when you are not taking cover, and are shooting a target, remember to keep moving. This will help you avoid many of the paintballs launched your way. Beware of targets from the roof, shoot them when they appear. At the end, 4 of the targets will pop up. Shoot the first one you target, then slow-mo dive behind the wood, and reload. Jump up and shoot too more. Take cover again, and reload. Stand up and shoot the last one. Approach your new set of guns. Upgrade Path ----------------------- At this point, you'll be given a choice on which story path you want to take first. We'll go with the top one first, starting with the Episode: Russian Face-Off. When you start the chapter, you should have around, 3 shields. Upgrade 12: Fighting -------------------------------- On the way to the Gulag, drive straight up. You'll see a dojo eventually, alsmot halfway there. This upgrade is for the tiger sweep fighting move. You must perform 5 tiger sweeps. Just kick the target until it gets stunned, then press X,triangle, X, and perform the move. Just do this five times, and you'll have earned this upgrade. You have fifty seconds for this session,which is more then enough time to perform 5. You can get around 10 before the timer expires. Upgrade 13: Bonus -------------------------------- Notice how weak your guns were in the nightclub firefight? Lets fix that right now. Drive to the shooting range bonus upgrade icon. This is for .50 automatic pistols. These are the best guns, but also the hardest to earn. For the first 3 targets, move to the right of them, and shoot at them. A target will start firing from the right, so you should duck. Stand up and shoot the target, and another will appear on top of that one, so slow-mo dive backwards, and shoot it up. Reload, and proceed down the course. When the target on the left appears, strafe right and shoot it. The enxt 5 targets, just keep strafing and shooting with the autoaim guiding you. Near the end, you will be attacked by a few more targets. Shoot them until you're low on ammo, then dive behind the piece of wood , and stay crouched. Reload, then stand up and shoot the remaining targets. At the end, they make a final stand. Dive, and shoot them all. Move up, and claim your new weapon. That's it for bonus guns! Upgrade 14: Driving ---------------------------------- Two blocks south of Wally's Diner, where you meet Rafferty, you will find a driving course. Enter it to earn the rapid stop upgrade. This driving course upgrade is for the ability to make sudden stops. To earn the upgrade, you must perform at least 1 rapid stop, and you must not hit more then 3 obstacles. Peel out of the gate for extra speed, and be careful on t he turn. Watch out for the ped obstacles which come up out of the ground. Rapid stop at the second gate. Again, more ped obstacles ahead. When they start moving, you should start slowing down to avoid them, then accelerating again. When you reach the end of the course, you'll have earned the upgrade. Upgrade 15:Bonus ----------------------------- Now that we're done with guns, lets work on getting a faster car, shall we? Grab a fast car off the street, and head to the bonus race. This is for an '01 roadster car. To get it, we must win the race. Just like the last race, peel out of the starting line. Floor it, and use the handbrake to make sharp turns, while not letting go of the gas. If you follow this strategy,and not crash, you will be able to leave them far behind you. If you do somehow crash, remember that you can peel out to regain your speed. This should easily get you your new car. Upgrade 16:Shooting -------------------------------- On the way to Wu's place, you'll pass by a shooting range pretty close to the EOD building. Enter it. This upgrade if for a laser sight attachment to your guns. To earn it, you have to hit 10 targets in the arms or legs, and avoid headshots or hitting civie targets. Enter precision aim, and shoot the first target in the leg. Reload, and do the same thing to the second target. Repeat the process for the next two targets, but aim a little quicker, because these do not stay out as long. The next one will be moving, so aim a little in front of the leg. Hit the next center target in the leg, and shoot the left and right targets in the arm, avoiding the civie targets. Repeat the process for moving targets for the next one. Shoot the next two in the arms, and stop shooting. We have enough, and we do not want to screw it up by accidently shooting on in the head. Wait till the challenge ends, and claim your new laser sights. Upgrade 17: Shooting -------------------------------- Down the street from the previous upgrade, there is another shooting range. Enter it for the next (and vital) upgrade. This one is for a flashlight attachment to your guns. To earn it, you must destroy and neutralize 10 targets. You must avoid civie targets, and avoid headshots. Quickly shoot out the first 3. Quickly shoot the next one before it approaches the civie target. The next 3 will move toward you, so shoot them quickly, before the disappear again. The next two drop down, and can be quickly shot yet again. Shoot the next one before it disappears. Now, stop shooting, to avoid hitting something you aren't supposed to. Wait for the challenge to end, and claim your new flash light attachments for your guns. Intermission ------------------- You'll notice that you can't beat Wu's dragon at the moment, so we're going to do a different mission first. Open the menu, and quit the game. Load your file again, and select the REVENGE chapter, and continue with the story there. Upgrade 18: Driving ----------------------------- Across the street from Santa Monica airport, where you have to drive, is a driving course. Spend one of your shields to enter. This course upgrade is for the P.I.T maneuver. This will helps you to disable moving cars by ramming them from the back a certain way, at a certain angle. To earn this upgrade, you must perform PIT on the drone car, and you must not hit more then 3 obstacles on the way. Follow the drone as it rams through most of the obstacles for you, and concentrate on hitting the car. You must hit the rear bumper of the car at a 90 degree agle to earn this upgrade. When you've hit the car once, you'll have earned teh upgrade once you finish the course. Upgrade 19:Bonus ----------------------------- Get in your car, and head to the bonus street race icon for the final car bonus upgrade. This is for the fastest car, the '03 Sports Car. To win, you must be first in the race. The turns for this race are a little tighter then usual, especially at the beginning, but you can lightly tap the handbrake to make these. If you somehow crash, remember to quickly use the peel-out trick to gain back your speed to catch up to them. Like the other races, as long as you don't crash, you'll leave them quite car behind you. Ocassionally make a turn to the right so that you're close to the goal circle. once you're at the finish circle, you'll have won the race, and the final and best bonus car in the game. Upgrade 20: Fighting ------------------------------ On the way to retrieving the money truck from Rocky's, you'll see a fighting dojo on Venice Blvd. Spend a shield to enter it. This is for the TIGER CLAW combo. To earn it, you must perform 5 tiger claw combos, and survive the session. To perform a tiger claw, attack your opponent regularly until he is stunned, then enter the button code: Square, X, triangle. Attack the wooden target, and perform the combo. The 2 softer targets should be kicked, then comboed. 3 more soft targets should pop down, and should be kicked and comboed. This concludes your quota already, but feel free to perform some more combos until the timer expires, as long as you don't get knocked out. After the timer expires, you'll have earned your new fighting move combo. Intermission ------------------ After finishing the REVENGE story line, move back to the CON GIRLS story line. We're going to need some firepower before we can win Wu's Dragon. Upgrade 21: Shooting -------------------------------- Close to the strip club, on Vine St., you'll see a shooting range. Spend a single shield to enter it. This upgrade is for a scope attachment to your pistols. To earn this upgrade, you must shoot 10 targets in the head. The first target will be still, so just shoot him in the head using prescision aim. When the second target comes up, he'll be moving, so aim a little ahead of his head. Be careful with the next one, as he is beside to hostage targets. The next one will be a moving target as well, so lead the target head again, just like last time. Shoot the target in the center quickly. Two more will pop up, and you have to shoot them quickly. Be careful not to hit the hostage targets. Wait till the moving target reaches the other sideof the course, then quickly shoot him in the head before he disappears. Enter precision aim, and wait til the target moves to the center, and shoot him quickly in the head. Another moving target will pop up, again, follow the pattern of his head movement. If you miss, there are 2 more targets for you to try on, before the challenge ends. Once the timer expires, you'll have won the scope attachement for your gun. Upgrade 22: Fighting ------------------------------- Across the street from the strip club, you'll find another fighting dojo. Spend a shield to enter it. This upgrade is for the LEAPING TIGER combo. To earn it, you must perform 5 leaping tiger combos on the targets, and you must survive the session. The button command for the combo is Triangle, Square, X. So, kick the 2 wooden targets at the beginning, until they are stunned, then perform the combo on them. Punch the two soft targets, and combo them. Stomp on the next one that comes up. Attack the wooden target until it is stunned, and perform the combo on it. If you want, there should still be enough time for you to perform a few more, but you have met the requirements for earning the fighting move upgrade already, as long as you don't get knocked out. When the timer expires, you'll have earned your upgrade. Upgrade 23 ---------- Look for your final gun range. We need to get the hollow point ammunation for our guns if we're going to survive the gun fights later in the game. Tihs is essential to beating the game on all of the difficulties. When you complete this, your guns will do much more damage then before. Be careful however, because your guns are now capable of killing suspects on the street extremely easily, so watch how and when you pull your guns to shoot at people. Manual aiming becomes much more important to take down suspects. On the other hand, taking down extremely dangerous targets becomes a breeze for you, and you can mow down a mob of angry militants with automatic weapons in a few seconds. F.A.Q -------- These are based on questions I've heard from various people. Q. Is it nessary to have all of the upgrades to beat the game? ------ A. Technically, no. It is not required of you to have any of the upgrades availible, so you can go through with the '66 car, the .38 revolvers, and no new fighting skills, though this makes some of the driving segments and shooting segments extremely difficult. Some of the segments where you have to rush across the city needs to be done with a stolen car, and some of the shooting segments will tire you out immensly becomes of how much more you need to shoot your enemies and because you must put a lot more effort in dodging shots to stay alive. It also becomes harder to take down street suspects without your upgrades, because it becomes difficult to neutralize them, fight them, or even chase them in your car. Q. Can you actually "lose" an upgrade? ------ Yes, you can. If you fail one of the bonus upgrade session and you saved your game overtop of your file with the autosave function, then you will lose that bonus session entirely, causing you to go through the game with one less upgrade everytime you fail a bonus session. There is no way to gain the session back, so I advise taking out your memory card for the harder bonus challenges, and putting it back in once you realise that you have passed the mission. -------------------------------- This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use.It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All trademarks and names belong to their respective owners. ----------------------------------</p>