_______________________________________________________________________________ ( ____ \( ___ )|\ /|( \ | ( \/| ( ) || ) ( || ( | (_____ | | | || | | || | (_____ )| | | || | | || | ) || | | || | | || | /\____) || (___) || (___) || (____/\ \_______)(_______)(_______)(_______/ _______ _______ _ _________ ______ _______ ( ____ \( ___ )( \ \__ __/( ___ \ |\ /|( ____ ) | ( \/| ( ) || ( ) ( | ( ) )| ) ( || ( )| | | | (___) || | | | | (__/ / | | | || (____)| | | | ___ || | | | | __ ( | | | || __) | | | ( ) || | | | | ( \ \ | | | || (\ ( | (____/\| ) ( || (____/\___) (___| )___) )| (___) || ) \ \__ (_______/|/ \|(_______/\_______/|/ \___/ (_______)|/ \__/ _________ \__ __/|\ /| ) ( | ) ( | | | | | | | | | ( ( ) ) | | \ \_/ / ___) (___ \ / \_______/ \_/ _______________________________________________________________________________ Title Search 1. Vital Information (Zasalamel)........[431VI] 2. Why Should I Play Zasalamel?.........[123PZ] 3. Death Scythe Discipline..............[647DS] 4. How Do I Read the Notations?.........[889RN] 5. Attack Listing.......................[543AL] 6. In-Depth Attack Descriptions.........[433ID] 7. Strategies With Zasalamel............[236WZ] 8. Strategies against Zasalamel.........[113AZ] 9. Legal Notices........................[666LN] 10. Contact Me...........................[130CM] [431VI]===================[]VITAL INFORMATION (STRIFE)[]=====================[] How to Unlock Zasalamel: Buy him in Character Creation for 4000 gold. Name: Zasalamel Age: Unknown, due to his ability to reincarnate. Birthplace: Unknown, due to his ability to reincarnate. Birthdate: November 5 of his current incarnation Blood Type: B Sex: Male Fighting Style: Original Style Favored Weapon: Death Scythe Kafziel Family: Long since deceased History: He hails from an ancient tribe that was tasked with the protection of the holy sword Soul Calibur by Algol, the Hero King, many years before the game's set timeframe. Zasalamel was angered by the sect's edicts that forbade the use of the sword, which didn't allow the tribe to use the weapon if a crisis were to occur. When trying to take Soul Calibur in his hands, he was discovered and shunned from the tribe. Zasalamel spent his time later in pursuit of ancient and forbidden knowledge thought lost, until he attained the art of reincarnation. However, he reincarnated repeatedly over many generations, and gradually lost the joy of living as his existence waned and the pain of death increased. In an attempt to end what he considered a "curse", Zasalamel set his eyes on Soul Edge. He would use its soul devouring properties to commit a form of suicide and release himself from the circle of eternal reincarnations. However, even a death by the sword was not enough, so Zasalamel turned his hopes to Soul Calibur, but when he reached the place where his tribe existed, he found no traces of it or the holy sword. Tracking Soul Edge once again, he discovered the Soulcalibur appeared as well to confront it. He hoped that he may be able to obtain both of them at once; but he discovered the Soul Edge had lost half of its body and become sealed, and the Soulcalibur had been infected by evil, gradually losing its strength. Then, in order to restore both blades to its power, he revived the will of the sword in the form of Nightmare. In order to aid the sword in its restoration, he needed to create conflict within the mind of Siegfried, the bearer of both blades, by leading survivors of Nightmare's past massacres towards him. If Soul Edge regained its strength, so would Soul Calibur in order to confront it. (BIO courtesy of Wikipedia.org) "This is it," he thought. "This power will put an end to my cursed life once and for all." Zasalamel felt certain of it as he stood before the opposing swords' rushes of power. At least, he would be able to escape this endless, cursed cycle of reincarnation. But just then, a wondrous vision appeared before him; towering structures that seemed to reach as high as heaven itself, and steel boats that flew freely through the skies. The birth of a plan for leaving Earth and striking moonward, then the achievement of that goal. And the creation of new life, the province of the gods themselves! He was witnessing the future: the sum of all human potential. To Zasalamel, it was a revelation. For the first time in ages, the will to live swelled inside him. He had to be there when that vision became a reality! He had to see it happen! After returning to the real world, Zasalamel noticed the auras of the spirit sword and the cursed sword were at a dreadful pitch. "Perfect," he thought. His close encounter with the two swords' natures meant that surely next time, he would be able to bend Soul Calibur and Soul Edge to his will. Yet someone stood between him and that goal; a man of tremendous strength and will who had slept deep within the spirit sword, and was now awakened; the Hero King. To think that this legendary figure actually existed... "Fascinating," thought Zasalamel. Such a mighty being was a worthy foe to stand between him and his ambition. If the path he walked stretched to the ends of eternity, then he would build his life to come atop this Hero King's broken remains. [123PZ]================[]WHY SHOULD I PLAY ZASALAMEL?[]======================[] Zasalamel's been beefed up in Soul Calibur IV. He's a balanced character, in terms of stats; he's got decent speed, damage, and defense, and his attack speeds range from slow to fairly quick. He's designed to trip up opponents and keep them off their feet; many of his attacks are sweeps with a second, tripping strike. Some attacks are designed to punish people who try to get to their feet too early, others are designed to punish people for not getting up fast enough. A good guessing game, a good ukemi game, and a good beginning to set up Zasalamel's momentum will allow a Zasalamel player to get the most out of this dangerous piece of work. Zasalamel also has several surprisingly useful and powerful kicks at his disposal, most of which can get him out of a tight spot with proper timing and patience. [647DS]====================[]DEATH SCYTHE DISCIPLINE[]=======================[] The following weapons are available to any character that uses Zasalamel's moveset. Innate skills and weapon stats are listed, as well as the different ability values that come with each. Ones that can only be attained after completing Zasalamel's story mode are marked with an asterisk(*). []====[][Kafziel(1P)][]=========================[] [] Attack: 100 [] []Defense: 50 [] [] Health: 30 [] []----------------------------------------------[] [] Power: 0 [] [] Impact: 0 [] [] Boost: 20 [] [] Gauge: 40 [] []Special: 40 [] []----------------------------------------------[] []Native Skill: None [] []Initially Unlocked [] []==============================================[] []====[][Kafziel(2P)][]=========================[] [] Attack: 100 [] []Defense: 50 [] [] Health: 30 [] []----------------------------------------------[] [] Power: 0 [] [] Impact: 0 [] [] Boost: 20 [] [] Gauge: 40 [] []Special: 40 [] []----------------------------------------------[] []Native Skill: None [] []Initially Unlocked [] []==============================================[] []====[][Death Scythe][]========================[] [] Attack: 140 [] []Defense: 40 [] [] Health: 30 [] []----------------------------------------------[] [] Power: 30 [] [] Impact: 30 [] [] Boost: 0 [] [] Gauge: 0 [] []Special: 0 [] []----------------------------------------------[] []Native Skill: Soul Gauge Boost C [] []Initially Unlocked [] []==============================================[] []====[][Ankou][]===============================[] [] Attack: 150 [] []Defense: 60 [] [] Health: 25 [] []----------------------------------------------[] [] Power: 0 [] [] Impact: 50 [] [] Boost: 30 [] [] Gauge: 50 [] []Special: 0 [] []----------------------------------------------[] []Native Skill: None [] []Bought for 8,000 Gold [] []==============================================[] []====[][Balor][]===============================[] [] Attack: 130 [] []Defense: 35 [] [] Health: 45 [] []----------------------------------------------[] [] Power: 40 [] [] Impact: 30 [] [] Boost: 40 [] [] Gauge: 0 [] []Special: 0 [] []----------------------------------------------[] []Native Skill: None [] []Bought for 7,000 Gold [] []==============================================[] []====[][Mrtyu][]===============================[] [] Attack: 200 [] []Defense: 45 [] [] Health: 25 [] []----------------------------------------------[] [] Power: 40 [] [] Impact: 0 [] [] Boost: 0 [] [] Gauge: 60 [] []Special: 30 [] []----------------------------------------------[] []Native Skill: None [] []Bought for 7,500 Gold [] []==============================================[] []====[][Irkalla*][]============================[] [] Attack: 165 [] []Defense: 45 [] [] Health: 55 [] []----------------------------------------------[] [] Power: 30 [] [] Impact: 10 [] [] Boost: 0 [] [] Gauge: 40 [] []Special: 0 [] []----------------------------------------------[] []Native Skill: Venom Fang A [] []Bought for 20,000 Gold [] []==============================================[] []====[][Beak*][]===============================[] [] Attack: 85 [] []Defense: 40 [] [] Health: 25 [] []----------------------------------------------[] [] Power: 50 [] [] Impact: 0 [] [] Boost: 30 [] [] Gauge: 0 [] []Special: 50 [] []----------------------------------------------[] []Native Skill: Soul Repel [] []Bought for 12,500 Gold [] []==============================================[] The following skills can be used by any character using Zasalamel's discipline. P = Power I = Impact B = Boost G = Gauge S = Special "Activated" skills can be activated mid-battle by pressing A+B+K. All only happen for a set amount of time and seem to be useable either once a battle and/or only when your Soul Gauge (SG) is blue and outlined in white. Level 1 Skills Skill Description Cost Shave Damage C Shave small amount of HP when blocked 50P/20G Nullify Counter C Chance of making enemy counter normal hit 50I Hysterical Strength Stats increase inversely to SG remaining 50B Start Dash C Stats higher for a time at battle start 50B Soul Gauge Boost C Start with full SG 70G/40B Soul Gauge Damage C Small increase to SG damage when blocked 40G HP Drain C Recover small amount of damage with attacks 60G Switch Speed Up Increases rate which Switch Gauge increases 80S Auto Grapple Break C Chance of auto-breaking enemy grapples 30S/30I Level 2 Skills Skill Description Cost Auto Counter C Chance of turning normal hit into counter 60P Auto Unblockable C Chance of making hi-damage attack unblockable 80P Auto Impact C Chance of auto-GIing enemy attacks 60I Will Power Stats increase when HP is low 90B Soul Gauge Recovery C Increases rate SG recovers normally 30B/20G Soul Gauge Rate Up C Increases rate SG recovers when attacking 30G HP Recovery C HP recovers slightly with 3hit combos 50G Double Edge Sword Increases rate at which SG gains or loses 60S Nullify Ring Out C Chance of not being rung out 40S Level 3 Skills Skill Description Cost Shave Damage B Improved version of Shave Damage C 70P/30G Nullify Counter B Improved verstion of Nullify Counter C 70I Impact Heal Heals you with guard impacts 50I/30G Alignment Stats change with opponent's alignment 50B Soul Gauge Boost B Soul Gauge Boost C + Lessened damage to SG 80G/50B HP Drain B Improved version of HP Drain C 90G Auto Grapple Break B Improved version of Auto Grapple Break C 50S/30I Venom Fang C Applies poison state to downed opponent 50S/20P Level 4 Skills Skill Description Cost Auto Counter B Improved version of Auto Counter C 90P Auto Impact B Improved version of Auto Impact C 90I Impact Edge Damage the opponent with each Impact performed 80I Soul Gauge Recovery B Improved version of Soul Gauge Recovery C 40B/30G Strengthen Horizontal Strengthen A attacks, weakening B attacks 70B Soul Gauge Damage B Improved version of Soul Gauge Damage C 60G Soul Gauge Rate Up B Improved version of Soul Gauge Rate Up C 50G Nullify Ring Out B Improved version of Nullify Ringout C 70S Magnet Reduces Knockdown power of both players 75S Level 5 Skills Skill Description Cost Auto Unblockable B Improved version of Auto Unblockable Attack C 110P Knock Down Increases your Knock down power 80P/30S Strong Impact Turns attack following an Impact into counter 90I/40P Start Dash B Improved version of Start Dash C 60B Soul Gauge Boost A Improved version of Soul Gauge Boost B 100G/50B HP Recovery B Improved version of HP Recovery C 70G Venom Fang B Improved version of Venom Fang C 70S/30P Level 6 Skills Skill Description Cost Nullify Aerial Control Launched foe cannot air-control after 3 hits 100P Nullify Counter A Improved version of Nullify Counter B 100I Appeal Stats improve/decrease based on gender 50B Hyper Mode Activated: Increases all stats for some time 70B/30P Soul Gauge Damage A Improved version of Soul Gauge Damage B 90G HP Burst Activated: Recover HP at expense of SG 130G Nullify Ring Out A Improved version of Nullify Ring Out B 100S Run Speed Up Increases running speed 70S Level 7 Skills Skill Description Cost Shave Damage A Improved version of Shave Damage B 100P/40G Master Impact All impacts are JI, but have tighter timing 130I Soul Gauge Recovery A Improved version of Soul Gauge Recovery B 50B/40G Strengthen Vertical Strengthen B attacks, weakening B attacks 60B Soul Gauge Rate Up A Improved version of Soul Gauge Rate Up B 80G Auto Grapple Break A Improved version of Auto Grapple Break B 70S/40I Invisible Activated: Turn invisible for some time 130S Level 8 Skills Skill Description Cost Auto Counter A Improved version of Auto Counter B 130P Guard Breaker Activated: All attacks are GB for some time 90P/40B Auto Impact A Improved version of Auto Impact B 120I Start Dash A Improved version of Start Dash B 80B HP Drain A Improved version of HP Drain B 120G HP Recovery A Improved version of HP Recovery B 100G Venom Fang A Improved version of Venom Fang B 100S/40P Step Speed Up Increase stepping speed 70S Level 9 Skills Skill Description Cost Auto Unblockable A Improved version of Auto Unblockable Attack B 140P Soul Repel Activated: Repel any attack if not airborne 110I Skill Ability Up Activated: Increase random abilities 80B Soul Gauge Vamp Activated: Absorb some of enemy's SG 100G/30S Charge Cancel Activated: Cancel any move mid-execution 150S [889RN]=============[]HOW DO I READ THE NOTATIONS?[]=========================[] Attack and directional buttons are often notated as below, and assumes your character is on the left side of the screen. Each number is shorthand for each kind of directional button press for a character facing right. For instance, 6A means "Forward A." [7] [8]-[9] \ | / [4]-[5]-[6] / | \ [1] [2] [3] A - Horizontal Attack (360 default: X button) B - Vertical Attack (360 default: Y button) K - Kick Attack (360 default: B button) G - Guard (360 default: A button) In regards to hits: H - Hits High M - Hits Mid L - Hits Low l - Special Low hit (can be guarded while standing or crouching) m - Special Mid hit (can be guarded while standing or crouching) T - Throw AT - Attack Throw Some phrases that are also present in this movelist and are useful to know. WJ = While Jumping WR = While Rising BT = Back Turned FC = Full Crouch FR = Full Run, or after holding forward for some time C() = "On Counter" or when you manage any kind of counter hit "," = "then press" "_" = "or" [] = Hold (#_#_#) = Press any of these buttons [#]_[#]X = Hold any of these buttons before pressing X (#,#)_[#] = Either press the sequence in the parentheses, or hold the button in brackets X+Y = Press these two buttons together xY = "Slide", press the first button briefly before pressing the second j(X) = "Just" Input, you need to press this button just as the last hit connects The following notations found in the Notes portion of the movelist are not all "official" notations, but what I felt would be best used to describe each attack's abilities in as little space as possible. (!) = Unblockable a(!) = Unblockable with "Auto Unblockable" abilities (coming soon) Cr = Counter rS = Recoverable Stun uS = Unrecoverable Stun GB = Guard Break GI = Guard Impact Property L = Knocks opponent into the air RO = Ring Out TD = Knocks opponent to the ground in some way SW = Sweeps your opponent towards you, has a stun at the end or knockdown PT = Pulls an opponent towards you without stunning them AT = Attack Throw Keep in mind that any attack with more than one button input (IE Hook of Namtar) can be shortened by only inputting the first part. For instance, let's say I just want to use Hook of Namtar as a poke, I'd simply input 3A instead of inputting the full 3A,B. This is useful to condition an opponent to expect you to stop after the first hit, in which case you can input the full command to catch him off guard. When you see something like [2] or [6], you can save time (and sometimes your match) by simply tapping in that direction twice, instead. Everytime you see a [#] remember that you can also treat it as a #,# command if it's easier for you, or more advantageous. [543AL]========================[]ATTACK LISTING[]============================[] [Attack] [Command] [Hits] [Notes] Chained Sickle of Shamash A,A HH Damnation of Ereshkigal 6A,B Hm uS, SW Hook of Namtar 3A,B MM SW, TD (first hit) Mutter of Bashm 2A l Talon of Zu 1A,B LL SW, RO Ilabrat's Sapara 4A Lm SW Judgement of Nergal 4A,C(B,2_8A) HmT Roar of Nergal 4A,C(B,B) HmT Mutter of Bashm FC A l Great Scythe of Shamash WR A H uS Great Scythe of Shamash (Draw) WR A4 H uS Shamash the Just WJ A L PT Shamash's Glance BT A H Sin's Glare BT FC A l Sin's Execution Scythe [6]_[3]_[9]A M TD Nergal's Anguish [2]_[8]A H Adad's Sickle Sword [1]_[4]_[7]A Hm SW Judgement of Nergal [1]_[4]_[7]A, C(B,2_8A) HmT Roar of Nergal [1]_[4]_[7]A, C(B,B) HmT Ea's Twin Hammers B,B MM Ea's Twin Hammers (Draw) B,B4 MM SW Adoration of Gilgamesh bK MM Curse of Nergal 6B,A MH Paean to Ishtar 3B M L, RO Paean to Ishtar (Draw) 3B4 M L Ea the Grand Ruler 2B M Ea the Grand Ruler (Draw) 2B4 M PT Marduk's Scythe of Conviction 1B,B,A MMH rS Sacred Rite of Ishtar 4B M Sacred Rite of Ishtar (A.A.) 4B, C(jB) MMH RO Ea the Grand Ruler FC B M Grand Air (Draw) FC B4 M PT Prayer to Ishtar FC 3B M L, RO Belit-Sheri's Spear WR B M AT, TD Belit-Sheri's Condemnation WR B6 M AT, TD, RO Anu the Radiant WJ B M Ea's Glance BT B M Ea's Glare BT FC B M Nergal's Talon [6]B,B ML SW Ea's Judgement [3]_[9]B M uS, TD Ea's Judgement (Draw) [3]_[9]B4 M TD, PT Lilitu's Needle [2]_[8]B L Prayer to Belit-Ili [1]_[4]_[7]B M TD Prayer to Belit-Ili (Draw) [1]_[4]_[7]B4 M L, RO Will of Gilgamesh K,K ML Enkidu's Bravery 6kB HM Lugalbanda's Protection 3K M Shamhat's Allure 2K L Wisdom of Utnapishtim 1K L Siduri's Warning 4K M rS Shamhat's Allure FC K L Devotion to Ninsun WR K H Enkidu the Valiant WJ K H TD, RO Gilgamesh's Glance BT K H Shamhat's Glare BT FC K L TD Triumph of Gilgamesh [3]_[6]_[9]K H TD The Ark of Utnapishtim [2]_[8]K HH uS, TD Enkidu's Frenzy [1]_[7]K L TD Enkidu's Karma [4]K H TD Urshanabi's Crossing FR K L TD Tiamat's Fury A+B MMM Marduk's Thunder 6A+B,B MMM TD Marduk's Thunder (Hold) 6A+B,[B] MMM GB Offering to Kishar 4A+B H AT, only on airborne foes Command of Tiamat B+K m TD Breath of Mushussu 6B+K Hm GB, SW Judgement of Nergal 6B+K, C(B,2_8A) HmT Roar of Nergal 6B+K, C(B,B) HmT Asushunamir's Spear 2B+K L Asushunamir's Spear (Hold) 2[B+K] L uS, TD Adad's Great Shears BT B+K MM GB, TD Adad's Great Shears (Hold) BT [B+K] MM GB, TD Anshar's Halberd A+K H GB, uS Wrath of Tiamat [6]A+B M TD Blessing for Lahamu [6]B+K M L, RO Tiamat's Rampage [4]B+K MMM (!) Taunt K+G "I overestimated you." [Throw] [Command] [Notes] Ereshkigal the Ruthless A+G Opponent ends face up Kingu the Sly Lord B+G RO behind Zas Ea of the Abyss Left Side Throw Opponent ends face up Apsu the Origin Right Side Throw Opponent ends face down Marduk the Tempest Back Throw RO in front of Zas [433ID]==================[]IN-DEPTH ATTACK DISCRIPTIONS[]====================[] For this section, some attacks have their damage as X+Y=Z. In this case, X is how much damage the first hit in a string does, and Y is how much damage the attack after it causes, and Z is how much damage the string does in total. The damage will not always add up, simply because of the fact there might be a hidden bonus for chaining certain moves together that increases the total by 1 or so. It's not bad math, it's just the info I got from the Practice mode. []====================[][A ATTACKS][]====================[] [][CHAINED SICKLE OF SHAMASH][] Range: Close. Can be pulled off at Mid because Zasalamel advances. Damage: 10+12=22 Description: Zasalamel bashes his opponent with the butt of his scythe, then slashes horizontally with the blade. Synopsis: This is a poke that can be used to interrupt attacks and push opponents away at the same time. Hopefully, after using this, you can follow up with K,K and free yourself up to renew your assault. If you intentionally whiff the first attack, you might be able to catch an opponent that attempts to charge you with the second, but that's typically not very safe, especially if the opponent enjoys rushing with vertical attacks. [][DAMNATION OF ERESHKIGAL][] Range: Close-Mid Damage: 20+5=25 Description: Zasalamel swings his scythe forward, hooking the blade around his opponent's neck before tugging it forward, bringing his opponent to his knees. Synopsis: I love using this as part of my wake-up mix-ups early in the match. It's quick, and often the opponent doesn't realize that there's a second attack coming the first few times you use it. A major downside is that this move only hits high, so your opponent can just duck it. This move is only useful the first few times you use it. After that you'll have to use your other sweeps. On the plus side, if you hit the opponent close enough and manage to sweep him, you're in prime position for a side or back grab if your opponent ukemis without crouching or blocking. [][HOOK OF NAMTAR][] Range: Close-Mid Damage: 14+18=32 Description: Zasalamel slashes his scythe into his opponent's waist, then tugs him forward. Synopsis: This is also a decent move when facing an opponent that's managed to get up. It looks like it comes in low, so when he crouches to block it, he'll still get hit and dragged towards you. Conditioning your opponent to expect a low kick after the initial hit will make it easier to surprise him with the second attack. Usually, after the second attack, you'll be capable of pulling off a low kick to rising B attack, which will allow you to keep the pressure on him. On a critical hit, this move rings out behind Zasalamel. [][MUTTER OF BASHM][] Range: Close Damage: 11 Description: Zasalamel crouches to whack his opponent's knee with the butt of his scythe. Synopsis: 11 damage for a special low attack that can be blocked standing or crouching. The only thing this move is good for is positioning you for a Belit-Sheri's attack, especially if your opponent doesn't realize it's a special low. [][TALON OF ZU][] Range: Close-Mid-Long Damage: 19+22=42 Description: Zasalamel swings his scythe over his head, bring it in low to hook the blade around his opponent's ankle, then tugs it back to lay him flat on his butt. Synopsis: This can be pulled out while the opponent's standing, but its long wind-up makes it much better suited to opponents who have just been knocked down in some way, shape, or form. Since it hits low both times, and keeps the opponent from blocking when it hits the first time, it's great for keeping anyone who doesn't manage to get into a crouching block the moment they hit the ground from being capable of staying up. [][ILABRAT'S SAPARA][] Range: Close-Mid. Can be used at long range because Zasalamel advances. Damage: 16+5=22 Description: Zasalamel spins around, hooks his scythe around his opponent's neck, then tugs backwards to bring him to his knees. Synopsis: My only problem with this move is that you can't NOT do the second hit. That, and the second hit's only a special mid, so it doesn't matter if your opponent is standing or crouching; if he's guarding, it's blocked. However, on the plus side, Zasalamel recovers quickly enough that you can at least guard or attempt a grab after being blocked, since its brings your opponent into grab range even when blocked. If anything, its slower windup time could goad your opponent into attempting an attack, and you could get a nice counter hit on him, which puts you into good position for a side grab if you're close enough. [][GREAT SCYTHE OF SHAMASH][] Range: Close Damage: 21 Description: Zasalamel rises up, slashing his scythe with enough force to cause his opponent to spin uncontrollably in place. Synopsis: If you can land this attack, it's a decent set up for any number of other quick attacks, especially if your opponent is mashing buttons to get out of the spin stun. This is also a good chance to condition your opponent to expect attacks of one variety so you can eventually surprise him with attacks of another. Be careful using this on people who can attack quickly out of a block, as this attack is pretty unsafe on a block. Suggestion: Unless you have a good plan for it, don't bother with the (Draw) version of this attack. [][SHAMASH THE JUST][] Range: Close-Close/Mid Damage: 28 Description: Zasalamel jumps into the air, only to land with a powerful sweep. Synopsis: It's a decent setup into Belit-Sheri's attacks or a Prayer of Ishtar, just be careful that you don't get hit out of the air when you try it. You could concievably whiff it intentionally to draw out an attack from the opponent, which, hopefully, you'll be able to interrupt. Also, use this to punish whiffed low attacks. [][SHAMASH'S GLANCE][] Range: Close Damage: 12 Description: Zasalamel spins around and slashes his scythe once against his opponent's face. Synopsis: I wouldn't build a strategy around it. You're better off just turning around and rushing down your opponent if you're on the offensive, or just guarding or guard ducking if you're on the defensive. [][SIN'S GLARE][] Range: Close Damage: 14 Description: Zasalamel turns around to deliver a quick slash to his opponent's legs. Synopsis: It's better than Shamash's glance due to its ability to duck highs, but, again, it's better to either rush on the offensive or guard on the defensive. [][SIN'S EXECUTION SCYTHE][] Range: Close-Mid Damage: 28 Description: Zasalamel swings his scythe around as he charges forward, knocking his opponent to the side. Synopsis: It's a good rush attack that hits mid. Use it on people who are too used to you attempting to use [6]A+B or [6]B,B. [][NERGAL'S ANGUISH][] Range: Close-Close/Mid Damage: 25 Description: Zasalamel sidesteps as he brings his scythe swinging overhead, slamming it into his opponent's face. Synopsis: It's a decent enough side-step move, but try not to whiff it as it's a closer-ranged move than it appears. It's fairly safe if blocked, as long as you just go straight to blocking rather than trying to follow up. Be careful if your opponent ducks, as you will more than likely get punished. [][ADAD'S SICKLE SWORD][] Range: Close-Mid. If you're too far away, though, the second hit will whiff. Damage: 23+5=28 Description: Zasalamel spins around, hooking his scythe around his opponent's neck, then tugs his opponent forward. Synopsis: Essentially, it's the same as Ilabrat's Sapra, except you're probably retreating when you pull this move off. It's a great move to pull off on anyone that whiffs their charge. If you manage to hit with a counter of any kind, for the love of god, chain Judgement or Roar of Nergal into it. You'll be glad you did. []====================[][B ATTACKS][]====================[] [][EA'S TWIN HAMMERS][] Range: Close-Close/Mid Damage: 11+11=23 Description: Zasalamel spins his scythe around vertically, twice. Synopsis: Use this when your opponent is expecting a low attack of some kind, or when you need a quick attack to get out of a bind. The (Draw) version is only useful when you actually hit, as it opens your opponent up for a quick 6A+B or a grab. [][ADORATION OF GILGAMESH][] Range: Close Damage: 14+18=32 Description: Zasalamel swings his scythe down, then follows up with a knee to the stomach. Synopsis: I have a feeling this was a planned follow up to [6]B,B by Team Soul. I think this because sometimes, after you perform [6]B,B, Zas gets the same white aura he has when he does Judgement of Roar of Nergal. That said, this is a good followup for most sweep moves if you're tired of your opponent trying to block low after a sweep. 2 mid hits will knock anyone trying it out of it, and leave them open for either another sweep or a 2K~WR B chain. [][CURSE OF NERGAL][] Range: Close Damage: 20+20=40 Description: Zasalamel advances with the butt of his scythe, then slashes at his opponent's midsection. Synopsis: Two mid hits, and fast enough to counter most attacks, makes this move a very important part of your arsenal as a Zasalamel player. The fact that you can opt not to use the second hit of this move is great as you can condition your opponent into trying to attack after the first hit's blocked, leaving him open to a counter and some punishment, as a counter pushes him back and leaves him open to a 6A+B or a sweep. Be careful; very quick attacks from characters like Taki or The Apprentice will end up turning the tide against you with this move. [][PAEAN TO ISHTAR][] Range: Close Damage: 21 (20 Draw) Description: Zasalamel swings his scythe upward, launching his opponent into the air. Synopsis: The (Draw) version is useful to set yourself up for a 4A+B air grab, which in turn will set you up for a sweep or a good ole-fashioned rushdown. Otherwise, this move is quick and useful for getting a counter launch, which can Ring Out your opponent if you're close enough to the edge. It's a good move, but use it sparingly, as its best use is for surprise Ring Outs. [][EA THE GRAND RULER][] Range: Close Damage: 15 (23 Draw) Description: Zasalamel crouches as he brings his scythe down for a vertical strike. Synopsis: The (Draw) version does more damage, but brings the opponent right up to your face. Either version is a decent setup for a WR B attack, or a quick low kick, but be careful with the opponent to close to you if it's someone like The Apprentice or Taki, who have very quick, close-range attacks. [][MARDUK'S SCYTHE OF CONVICTION][] Range: Close Damage: 15+18+22=55 Description: Zasalamel hits his opponent with the butt of his scythe in a down ward vertical strike, then swings the blade into his opponent in an upward vertical strike, then, with a horizontal strike, slams the blunt end of the scythe blade into his opponent's face. Synopsis: High damage, the opening hit's a Mid, and every stage of this attack can be opted out of for conditioning; the fact that it puts the opponent into a recoverable stun is just icing on the cake. In a situation where you're feeling creative against an ukemi-ing opponent, pull this move out and proceed to knock him back down again. [][SACRED RITE OF ISHTAR][] Range: Close Damage: (Non-Counter) 10 (Counter) 12+11=23 (Additional Hit) 12+11+6=30 Description: Zasalamel slams the blunt end of his scythe blade into his opponent's face, swings it around for a quick upward slash, then, as the opponent is popped into the air, uses his scythe to pull his opponent over his head through the air. Synopsis: If you can get the Just Input off on this attack, you pretty much have a free hit with your choice of BT A or BT B. Or, if you want, just rush him and use a [6]B,B. This move's most useful on a counter, as even if you miss the just input, you'll pop your opponent into the air for a sweep or any other number of rush-down tactics. It's a decent enough poke, though, without the counter hit. [][GRAND AIR][] Range: Close Damage: 17 (25 Draw) Description: Zasalamel, while crouching, slashes his scythe overhead in a downward vertical strike. Synopsis: More useful than the standing version, in that usually, when you're crouched, the opponent is either trying to hit you or also crouched, inexplicably. This is a good set up for WR B, no matter which version you use. [][PRAYER TO ISHTAR][] Range: Close Damage: 31 Description: Zasalamel stands up, drawing his scythe forward in an upward vertical slash. Synopsis: Insane pop-up, rings out, and people hardly ever expect it the first time you do it. Excellent for surprise ringouts or to set up for a 4A+B. [][BELIT-SHERI'S SPEAR][] Range: Close-Mid. Has a deceptive range due to the fact Zasalamel advances. Damage: 15+30=45 Description: Zasalamel rises, holding his scythe upside down. He hooks it between his opponent's legs, turns around, and with great effort, rips the head through their body vertically. Synopsis: Surprisingly, this move is the bread and butter of a good round. Even if it's blocked, it's safe enough to try another quick attack or guard. A lot of Zasalamel's ground attacks and low attacks lead to great set ups for this move, and if you ever happen to be knocked to a low guard, don't be afraid to let go and use this move while you're opponent's trying to attack. It could turn the tide of the battle back to your favor. It also has deceptive range, as you can hit with the very tip of the scythe and still land the attack throw. [][BELIT-SHERI'S CONDEMNATION][] Range: Close Damage: 15+8=23 Description: Zasalamel rises, holding his scythe upside down. He hooks it between his opponent's legs, turns around, and with great effort, rips the head through their body vertically. Synopsis: Trading damage for increased ring out potential. That's fine in my book. [][ANU THE RADIANT][] Range: Close-Close/Mid Damage: 28 Description: Zasalamel jumps into the air, descending with a vertical strike. Synopsis: Best used when punishing people who whiff their low attacks, or in the same situations as WJ A. [][EA'S GLANCE][] Range: Close-Mid Damage: 15 Description: Zasalamel slashes downward with his scythe as he turns around. Synopsis: It's just a longer ranged version of BT A, made decent by the ability to crush horizontal moves (being a vertical move). [][EA'S GLARE][] Range: Close Damage: 16 Description: Zasalamel slashes downward with his scythe as he turns and crouches. Synopsis: A bit like Ea's Glance, only with a shorter range and the ability to duck high horizontals. [][NERGAL'S TALON][] Range: Close-Mid Damage: 17+20=38 Description: Zasalamel slashes down with a powerful cleave, then tugs his scythe backwards, bringing his opponent with him. Synopsis: This is beautiful, it hits both mid and low. It's pretty much the best startup to your game, and allows you to set up for so many different sweeps and ukemi punishers when the sweep lands. More often than not, even though your opponent will be expecting the second sweep, they don't guard down fast enough to negate it, even after blocking the first one; don't be afraid to exploit this to the fullest. Also, you're safe after the first hit if you try the second, as all but the fastest attacks by opponents are interrupted by the sweep. Also, you're capable of blocking as soon as the second sweep is finished most of the time, so you can find another way of knocking your opponent down should Nergal's Talon fail you. [][EA'S JUDGEMENT][] Range: Close-Mid Damage: 31 Description: Zasalamel rears up, hesitates, then brings his scythe crashing down. Synopsis: This is a good move to pull whiffed Impacts, if you use Nergal's Talon often enough. If you manage to pull whiffed attacks with it, more power to your as a player. [][LILITU'S NEEDLE][] Range: Close Damage: 18 Description: Zasalamel crouches down as he drives the butt of his scythe into his opponent's ankles. Synopsis: If you get it off early enough, you can duck high horizontals while delivering an interrupting poke of your own in the process. I haven't found much use for it myself. [][PRAYER TO BELIT-ILI][] Range: Close-Mid Damage: 27 (31 Draw) Description: Zasalamel rears back, then steps forward as he unleashes a powerful upward vertical strike. Synopsis: No matter if you choose to knock your opponent flat on their butts or launch them well behind you, this move, once connected, leaves you open to sweep or charge, whatever is your preferred method. The (Draw) version is good for Ringing Out charging opponents, while if you have someone against the edge, the normal version works fine, as well. Good Ring Out potential, good set-up for sweeps and rush-downs, and a decent amount of damage to boot; its only drawback is that sometimes it's too slow to interrupt a charge if you don't try to anticipate it well beforehand. []====================[][K ATTACKS][]====================[] [][WILL OF GILGAMESH][] Range: Close Damage: 10+10=20 Description: Zasalamel hits his opponent with a roundhouse, then stomps his knees. Synopsis: Never again will I underestimate how useful Zasalamel's kicks can be. If you are in a bind, try to use this kick against the attacking opponent if you think you can connect. Even if they block the first kick, they almost never see the next low coming, and at that point it's connected with a counter. Also a decent poke. [][ENKIDU'S BRAVERY][] Range: Close-Close/Mid Damage: 16+20=36 Description: Zasalamel lets loose with a sidekick, then advances with the butt of his scythe. Synopsis: The kick alone is a good poke, and if you condition your opponent to only expect the kick, you can get a counter with the second strike, which will leave him open just long enough to get off a 6A+B,B. [][LUGALBANDA'S PROTECTION][] Range: Close-Close/Mid Damage: 15 Description: Zasalamel uses his scythe as support as he front-kicks his opponent in the chest. Synopsis: As wierd as it looks, it's almost as fast as 6K and hits mid rather than high. If your opponent keeps ducking your 6K, use this to hit him. [][SHAMHAT'S ALLURE][] Range: Close-Close/Mid. It's only close/mid because Zasalamel advances. Damage: 10 Description: Zasalamel crouches to kick at his opponent's feet. Synopsis: It's a good low poke, fast, ducks high attacks, and leaves you in a good set-up for a WR B attack. I tend to use it a lot, especially when opponents are down, either for extra damage or as an incentive to make them stand up and eat Belit-Sheri's Spear/Condemnation. [][WISDOM OF UTNAPISHTIM][] Range: Close Damage: 14 Description: Zasalamel feints as if to use his scythe, but instead kicks at his opponent's shins. Synopsis: This looks like a wind up for another attempt to sweep, but instead turns into a low kick. It's a good low poke if your opponent keeps blocking your more telegraphed 2K, but you're going to need to figure out a better way to get him back to the ground. [][SIDURI'S WARNING][] Range: Close-Close/Mid Damage: 20 Description: Zasalamel pops his opponent in the face with a hook kick. Synopsis: It's a high poke that looks like it comes out fast but more often than not gets interrupted. If it's ducked you're a sitting duck. You've got better kicks to work with. [][DEVOTION TO NINSUN][] Range: Close Damage: 17 Description: Zasalamel rises with a spinning high kick to his opponent's face. Synopsis: Actually a good rising move, especially if you're opponent's in the middle of a vertical attack when you're on the ground. Fast, throws them off balance, and can be quickly followed with a sweep due to a quick recovery time. Hits high, though, so it can be ducked. [][ENKIDU THE VALIANT][] Range: Close Damage: 20 Description: Zasalamel performs a spinning jump kick into his opponent's face. Synopsis: This move has decent knockback and can ring out on a successful hit. Best used to punish a low attack, if the opponent is still mostly standing up while attacking. Other than that or surprise ring outs, not especially useful. [][GILGAMESH'S GLANCE][] Range: Close-Close/Mid Damage: 16 Description: Zasalamel wheels around with a kick to his opponent's face. Synopsis: It's quick, but hits high. It can, however, be followed up pretty quickly with a sweep, making it a bit more useful than the other BT moves, if it's not blocked or ducked. [][SHAMHAT'S GLARE][] Range: Close Damage: 13 Description: Zasalamel drops down and sweeps out his opponent's feet from under him. Synopsis: Probably the best BT move in your arsenal, this move, on a hit, will knock your opponent to the ground and set him up beautifully for further sweeps or an ukemi game. [][TRIUMPH OF GILGAMESH][] Range: Close-Close/Mid Damage: 21 Description: Zasalamel wheels around, roundhousing his opponent in the face. Synopsis: This move is a decent side-stepping move that could be used once or twice to get the opponent to start ducking later on for more powerful mid-hitting moves. This kick, however, rings out to Zasalamel's left, so it could be good as a surprise KO move against someone who's especially leary of being between you and the boundary or having you between him and the boundary. [][THE ARK OF UTNAPISHTIM][] Range: Close Damage: 10+10=21 Description: Zasalamel ducks as he wheels around, kicking his opponent's face once, then twice, stopping in a crouch. Synopsis: This move stuns on the second hit, which is good for some poking afterwards. The good news is that while this is easily ducked, you can opt not to input the second kick to either condition your opponent or to punish an opponent that's been conditioned to expect the second kick with a vertical attack. If he falls for both kicks, you can rough him up with an ukemi game. [][ENKIDU'S FRENZY][] Range: Close-Mid Damage: 15 Description: Zasalamel drops down to the ground to perform a full sweep with his foot. Synopsis: Ducks highs, hits low, knocks the opponent to the ground; it's a good retreat move to use to try to turn the tide of the battle back in your face. Especially good to punish whiffed verticals. [][ENKIDU'S KARMA][] Range: Close-Close/Mid. Can be used at Mid range because Zasalamel advances. Damage: 31 Description: Zasalamel uses his scythe as support as he steps forward to plant a powerful kick to his opponent's chest. Synopsis: A good retreat move that's useful in catching an opponent in mid-attack if their attack takes a while to charge up. It knocks them back on the ground, even on a non-counter, and allows you to rush them again and restart your sweeps and ukemi games. [][URSHANABI'S CROSSING][] Range: Close-Mid Damage: 26 Description: Zasalamel jumps, then slides across the ground, sweeping his opponent off his feet. Synopsis: It's a pretty basic move, but also a good one to pull out every once in a while if your opponent keeps blocking your mids. []====================[][X+Y ATTACKS][]==================[] [][TIAMAT'S FRENZY][] Range: Close-Close/Mid. He steps forward, but at extreme range he'll miss the second attack. Damage: 14+16+20=(Practice Data: 36, actual math is 50) Description: Zasalamel steps forward, spinning his scythe to his sides three times before retreating. Synopsis: It's a powerful move, but it leaves you too open before and after you actually hit, and it's far too easy to it knocked out of it. Best left as an ukemi punisher, if used at all. [][MARDUK'S THUNDER][] Range: Close-Mid. Can be used at mid/long because Zasalamel advances. Damage: 10+10+25=45 Description: Zasalamel steps forward, spinning his scythe vertically into his opponent, then slams the blade down over his opponent's head. Synopsis: This is, by far, one of the most useful attacks you will ever use in this game. Almost always, there's going to be one hit the opponent fails to block, either due to bad reaction time, bad guessing, or bad timing on the attack that's supposed to counter you. It's great for ukemi punishing, it's great for battering at the opponent, and it's great for coaxing out a whiff/counter if you intentionally whiff the first portion of the attack. This move is a staple. (Hold) version's not too useful, just because of the delay making it too easy to interrupt, but if you find yourself against a turtler, feel free to try it every once in a while. Who knows, you might get a Critical Finish. [][OFFERING TO KISHAR][] Range: Close-Mid-Mid/Long Damage: 12+5+14=31 Description: Zasalamel throws his scythe into the air, hooks it around his airborne opponent, and brings him crashing to the ground behind him. Synopsis: Unlike in Soul Calibur III, this move doesn't hit the opponent anymore if he's extremely close to you. However, that wasn't a good use for it anyway. It's good to rack up the damage on the opponent if you manage to pop him up into the air high enough to recover in time, it's good to punish a jumper, and it's also a funny way to tell an opponent who you've almost rung out, or almost rings himself out, "Get back here, I'm not done with you yet!" You recover fast enough from the move to attempt to rush the opponent; I suggest [6]B,B. Extra damage never hurts; if you think you can hit with it, use it. It recovers fast enough for you to be capable of at least guarding when your opponent recovers from their popup. [][COMMAND OF TIAMAT][] Range: Close. Can be barely Close/Mid because Zasalamel advances slightly. Damage: 30 Description: Zasalamel throws his hand forward, knocking his opponent back. Synopsis: This is one of the few moves that I'm not worried about being special mid. It's about as fast as his kicks, and knocks the opponent just as far. It's a decent move to use to get yourself out of a tight situation against an aggressive opponent. Counters cause you to taunt, which will leave you open unless you quickly interrupt it. [][BREATH OF MUSASHU][] Range: Close-Close Mid. Can be used at mid, but second attack whiffs. Damage: 15+5=20 Description: Zasalamel thrusts the blade of his scythe forward, like a spear, then tugs it back against his opponent's weapon. Synopsis: I haven't used it too much, but with its speed, and the second attack, it looks like it could be a good way to put pressure on the opponent, as even if he guards the second attack he takes a good chunk out of his soul gauge. Both hits are high, however; be careful if he ducks either attack, you're more than likely going to eat it. This move's saving grace is that Roar and Judgement of Nergal can be chained into it on a counter. [][ASHUSHUNAMIR'S SPEAR][] Range: Close. Can be used close/mid because Zasalamel advances. Damage: 28 Description: Zasalamel stabs the butt of his spear into his opponent's toe. Synopsis: Uncharged, it's a slower poke. Charged, if you manage to get it off, it puts the opponent into a fall-down stun. There are better moves out there for what it does, but it could probably be used to coax a counter or a whiffed GI. If the charged move does hit, he doesn't recover nearly as fast as you do. You should know what to do by now when that happens. [][CONFESSION TO LAHAMU][] Range: Close-Close/Mid Damage: 24+21=45 Description: Zasalamel spins around, slamming the scythe down head-first between him and his opponent, then ripping it upward to send him flying. Synopsis: It's quick and can be used every once in a while to surprise your opponent. The popup will allow you a free attack while he's in the air, and the move rings out behind Zasalamel. It's also a good way to relieve pressure on you if the opponent's about close/mid distance from you, which sometimes happens if you keep guarding his attacks. [][ADAD'S GREAT SHEARS][] Range: Close-Close/Mid. Damage: 17+15=43 Description: Zasalamel spins around with a powerful downward cleave, then quickly tugs his scythe away to sweep his opponent to the ground. Synopsis: This move is quick. Definitely the quickest BT move he has at his disposal. If your opponent is close, definitely use this move to sweep him and get back into the fray. Stay away from using the hold unless you know your opponent is going to ukemi right away or you want to coax out a counter. Any time you perform a launch that lands him right behind you, definitely use this move. [][ANSHAR'S HALBERD][] Range: Close-Mid-Mid/Long Damage: 35 Description: Zasalamel winds up for a powerful horizontal strike. Synopsis: Use this against turtlers or when all you need is one more powerful hit to pull off a Critical Finish. It's too slow and easily ducked to be extremely useful in all but the best-set-up ukemi traps. [][WRATH OF TIAMAT][] Range: Close-Close/Mid Damage: 42 Description: Zasalamel jumps over his opponent, striking under him with his scythe. Synopsis: This move is a fun one to start off matches with, and opponents will often get caught by several before they figure out they need to sidestep or block it. Often you'll be able to block immediately after getting blocked with it, where you go from there depends on how close you are to your opponent. If you manage to knock your opponent down with it, rush with a [6]B,B or another move you like to rush opponents with. [][BLESSING FOR LAHAMU][] Range: Close-Mid. Can be used Mid/Long because Zasalamel advances. Damage: 26 Description: Zasalamel propels himself into the air in a circular upward slash. Synopsis: SHORYUKEN. It's a decent mid-hitting charging move. Try to anticipate your opponent's reaction so you don't eat a counter attack trying this. It doesn't hit downed opponents, so only use this either on someone standing or someone you are certain is going to ukemi from another hit. It's a popup and a possible ringout. [][TIAMAT'S RAMPAGE][] Range: Close. Can be close/mid because Zasalamel advances. Damage: 16+16+31=63 Description: Zasalamel rears up, charging his soul into his weapon, and unleashes a torrent of fiery vertical slashes against his opponent. Synopsis: It's a lot easier to hit people with Unblockables this time around, especially online. If your opponent is too free with the blocking and you really want to put the fear of Tiamat into him, feel free to try this move out. Be careful, you can ring yourself out on this move. You can also start this up on a popup and hit him as he falls. If you hit him just right, you'll be able to hit him with all the attacks, not just the first one or two. []====================[][STRINGED ATTACKS][]=============[] [][JUDGEMENT OF NERGAL][] Range: Close Damage: 2+3+3+19=27 Description: Zasalamel glows a white aura as he picks his opponent up by his hair, and proceeds to stab his scythe butt into his chest, rip it back out, then slash his face with his scythe to send him flying. Synopsis: If we look at it for pure damage, this is a better move than Roar. This attack is extremely safe, as it punts the opponent a decent distance away, setting you up for another [6]A+B or [6]B,B, and it never fails to elicit at least one "Holy ****" from players watching the match. Fun Fact: In the right situations, this turns into a back throw instead. Generally, if you land any of the attacks that can chain into this move, chain into either Roar or Judgement of Nergal. [][ROAR OF NERGAL][] Range: Close Damage: 2+3+3+2=10 Description: Zasalamel glows a white aura as he picks his opponent up by his hair, and proceeds to stab his scythe butt into his chest, rip it back out, then slap him for good measure. Synopsis: Damage wise, this attack isn't amazing on its own. Good thing it's stringed into a bunch of other attacks in Zasalamel's arsenal. A little more damage is always great, this attack is extremely safe, as it puts the opponent into a falling stun, and it never fails to elicit at least one "Holy ****" from players watching the match. Fun Fact: In the right situations, this turns into a back throw instead. Generally, if you land any of the attacks that can chain into this move, chain into either Roar or Judgement of Nergal. []======================[][THROWS][]=====================[] [][ERESHKIGAL THE RUTHLESS][] Range: Grab Damage: 9+14+24=48 Description: Zasalamel slams his opponent to the ground with the butt of his scythe, then hooks the blade into him and swings him around for another ground smash. Synopsis: Nothing too special about this grab. It's a fair bit of damage, and easy to pull off. If you can do it, go for it. [][KINGU THE SLY LORD][] Range: Grab Damage: 17+27=45 Description: Zasalamel grabs his opponent, skewers him on his scythe, and proceeds to send him flying with an upward swing. Synopsis: A fair bit of damage, a bit less than Ereshkigal the Ruthless, but it rings out behind Zasalamel. If you've got your back to the edge, you can use this to save yourself with a ringout. [][EA OF THE ABYSS][] Range: Grab Damage: 11+48=60 Description: Zasalamel grabs his opponent, kicks him onto his back, then twirls his scythe over his head before impaling his opponent with the butt of the weapon. Synopsis: This grab doesn't have any special properties worth noting. Just use it when you can. [][APSU THE ORIGIN][] Range: Grab Damage: 8+43+2=55 Description: Zasalamel sets his scythe's blade on the ground, knees his opponent in the stomach, then jumps, using his knee to push his opponent's neck into the scythe blade. Synopsis: Nothing really special to say about this grab, just use it when you can. [][MARDUK THE TEMPEST][] Range: Grab Damage: 57 total Description: Zasalamel sets his scythe's blade onto the ground, kicks his opponent onto it, pushes his opponenet down with his other foot, then savagely rips the scythe vertically through his opponent's body. Synopsis: This rings out in front of Zasalamel. If you can sneak behind the opponent somehow and get him between you and the edge, getting him with this grab will end it. [236SZ]=================[]STRATEGIES WITH ZASALAMEL[]========================[] []==================[][BASIC STRATEGY][]=================[] Team Soul set out to make a character designed entirely around disorientation. As Zasalamel, your main goal to put the enemy off balance and keep him that way. At your disposal, you have plenty of sweeping attacks, tricky double-hit attacks, and a few attacks with deceptive ranges or unexpected hit levels that allow you to confuse your opponent even as you pull his legs out from under him. As Zasalamel, you need to realize you have to control the momentum of the match from as early a point as you can. Against most characters, an early charge utilizing either [6]A, [6]B,B, or [6]A+B will set the opponent up perfectly. Once you get your opponent down, 1A,B is a great follow up if he's about mid distance away from you. Farther away, it's best to either use [6]B,B or rush with a [6]A+B if you're certain he's trying to recover during whatever hit knocked him down. Up close, either 1A,B or [6]B,B are good moves to use, or you can opt for 6A+B,B, instead. Another good tactic is a move like 2B, 2A, or 2K, eventually followed by a WR B attack. The WR B will stun the opponent enough for you to lay down another sweep or any other move you think would work best in the situation. Against opponents who tend to stand and guard, 3A,B is excellent in that it hits both mid and low, so even in the first hit is blocked, if your opponent isn't observant he'll get sweeped by the second hit and laid flat on his back. Judicious use of 6B+K or 4B+K can also be helpful, as can 4A or 1B,B,A. Pop-ups are also excellent ways to get an opponent onto his back, as you recover much quicker than he will and you'll be able to pull up anything from a 1A,B for the moment he hits the ground, to a [4]B+K if you're feeling lucky. A sweep got blocked? No problem. If he's standing, hit him with a grab right out of the sweep; he should have a long enough recovery time that he can't attack you fast enough to interrupt the grab, and he'll be downed again so you can renew the attack. (Special thanks to Gamertag "VegaGF" for demonstrating this effectively in our Zas vs Zas matches.) Special Matches: Because a Zasalamel in the right hands can deal amazing amounts of damage while leaving his opponent helpless, you can benefit greatly from skills like HP Drain, Venom Fang, Auto Counter, and Auto Unblockable. It's also concievable to set Zasalamel up as a Critical Finisher by giving him Double Edge Sword and Soul Gauge Damage, which would really be all you need. []=============[][CHARACTER-sPECIFIC STRATEGIES][]============[] Coming in next version. [113AZ]===============[]STRATEGIES AGAINST ZASALAMEL[]=======================[] []==================[][BASIC STRATEGY][]=================[] Zasalamel is good and keeping up the pressure and keeping his opponents helpless, but only when he's allowed to. Guard his sweeps, and try to recover in a guard, crouched if he's trying a low sweep, standing if he's trying to perform a WR B or if he's attempting a mid/high sweep. Deny him his opening momentum by blocking or striking first. Special Matches: Auto Impact and Auto Grab Break are great counter-skills to Zasalamel's sweeps and grabs. If your counters on your attacks are capable of stuns, Auto Counter is great; Null Counter is also a good move in case you accidently get hit with an attack that could prove lethal as a counter, such as Zasalamel's 3A,B or 4B,C(jB). []=============[][CHARACTER-sPECIFIC STRATEGIES][]============[] Coming in next version. [666LN]=========================[]LEGAL NOTICES[]============================[] Soul Calibur, Zasalamel, Mitsurugi, Taki, Soul Edge, and all other character, item, and move names created by Namco-Bandai Games within this guide belong to Namco-Bandai Games. This guide is Copyright 2007 to Hamlin Ortiz and is authorized for display on GameFAQS.com. Permission to display this document on any website other than the aforementioned requires my written consent and the condition that my name and personal contact information be included with the unaltered plain text file, as are my rights as creator of this written work. [130CM]===========================[]CONTACT ME[]=============================[] Thank you for taking the time to read my guide, and I hope you found it helpful in any way, shape, or form! Feedback, positive or negative, is always welcome! Have any questions, complaints, suggestions, moves and combos to add? Email me at korisekc@yahoo.com and please use something regarding the SCIV Zasalamel FAQ so I don't end up ignoring it or deleting it with the spam. Anyone that wants to exchange pointers for Zasalamel play or want help with anti-Zasalamel strategies, or want to help me with Zasalamel strategies for other characters, send a message to ManiacCentipede. I'll be able to play over summer or winter breaks when I have access to my 360. If you're new or not good at the game, don't worry, I'll help you out where I think I can.</p>