Jordan Walkthrough Created by: CryofthePlanet Hotmail/MSN e-mail: CryofthePlanet[at]hotmail[dot]com AOL/AIM e-mail: DarkCloud1916[at]aol[dot]com Version 2.0 ====================================================== Table of Contents ====================================================== The all-around classic Table of Contents. I've put in codes for a Ctrl + F search in case it's needed. Introduction................[01000] Version History.............[02000] Things to Know..............[03100] - Hammer-ons/Pull-offs.....[03101] - Alternate Strumming......[03102] - Shifting.................[03103] Breaking it Down............[03200] - Verses 1 and 2...........[03201] - Choruses 1, 2, and 3.....[03202] - Guitar Break.............[03203] - Solo A...................[03204] - Solo B...................[03205] - Solo C...................[03206] - Solo D *BNoF.............[03207] - Solo E...................[03208] - Solo F...................[03209] - Bridge...................[03210] Star Power..................[03300] Taming the Beast............[03400] - Finger Placement.........[03401] - Holding Out..............[03403] Maximizing Your Score.......[03500] - Star Paths...............[03501] - Two-Hand Tapping.........[03502] Legal Stuff.................[04000] Credits and Thanks..........[05000] ================================================== Introduction [01000] ================================================== Welcome to the Jordan Walkthrough. If you're reading this, you probably want to know what you have to do in order to beat Jordan. It is a daunting task, but my goal is to help you understand the song more in-depth and be able to get past the Blue Note of Freedom and beat the song. The tips and explanations of this walkthrough are to guide you in the right direction. Please note that they will not bestow any godly powers unto you to beat this song, it is your responsibility to act upon them yourself in order to succeed. Also note that this guide is only to help with Jordan on the Expert difficulty. No other songs or difficulties for this song will be mentioned. If you find any need to contact me for questions, concerns, or complaints, you may send an e-mail to me at either of the contact addresses found at the top of this guide. Now, onward! *Throughout this guide, I may use letters to represent note progression. G = Green, R = Red, Y = Yellow, B = Blue, and O = Orange. =================================================== Version History [02000] =================================================== Version 0.5, December 16 - Finished the Introduction, Version History, Table of Contents, and "Things to Know" section. Version 1.0, December 17 - Started at midnight and finished the rest of the main walkthrough, Legal Stuff, and Credits. If this guide becomes popular of a sense, I will add the rest of it for maxing out one's score on this demon. Version 1.2, December 28 - Put R0kk_0n in the Thanks section and referenced him as a person who uses a seperate technique for the Bridge. Also filled in the Maximizing Your Score section with a Star Path, changed some words around, and added kev's Tapping Guide link to the Two-Hand Tapping section instead. Version 2.0, July 10, 2008 - Fixed most if not all spelling errors, and added the rather lengthy explanation to Two-Hand Tapping. Deleted "Full Comboing" section because everything that was originally to be included in there has already been included throughout the guide. Changed Credits and Legal Stuff. Also changed around the Star Path I put down. While the original one would help to get through it with more SP outside of B and C, it wasn't optimal. =================================================== Things to Know [03100] =================================================== Before you can even hope to beat Jordan, you'll first need to master three main techniques: Hammer-ons and pull-offs (Commonly known as HOPOs), alternate strumming, and hand shifting. These should be instinctive for a player on Hard and Expert difficulties, but we just wanna be sure. Hammer-ons/Pull-offs [03101] ============================ Hammer-ons and pull-offs start showing up in Medium, and become more and more abundant in Hard and Expert. You need to be able to use these extremely well in order to get down Jordan in all parts of the song. If you do not know what a hammer-on or pull-off is, they appear when notes are close together and have a white ring on top, although look as if there isn't one at all. For more information, look at the Advanced Techniques Tutorial in-game. Alternate Strumming [03102] =========================== Alternate strumming is a technique in which the rocker strums down for one note and then up for the next. Strumming up and down for notes can be infinitely useful, especially for tremolo songs such as Trogdor, The Light That Blinds, Six, and Misirlou. I suggest you beat these and all other songs before attempting Jordan. Hand Shifting [03103] ===================== First needed when moving up to Hard, hand shifting is used when you shift your hand from one set of frets to another. There are two main positions: First Position and Second Position, and two optional ones: Third Position and Fourth Postion. The latter two are hardly used, but First and Second Positions are essential to becoming a Guitar Hero. First Position -------------- First Position is probably the first position you'll ever use when you pick up a Guitar Hero guitar. It is used when the index finger is placed on the Green fret button, the middle finger on Red, and the ring and pinky fingers on Yellow and Blue respectively. I, personally, am always in this position out of habit, but it is not wrong if you don't use it. Everyone is different. Second Position --------------- Second Position is very similar to First Position, but is up one fret for each finger. The index finger is placed on Red, the middle on Yellow, the ring on Blue, and the pinky on Orange. This is a commonly used position for most Hard and Expert players because of the ease it allows in stretching the index finger to hit Green instead of stretching the pinky finger to hit Orange. ================================================== Breaking It Down [03200] ================================================== Okay, now that we're all set, it's time to attack the beast itself: Jordan. Of course, you can't expect to beat it if you don't know what you're up against! Strategic planning is the way to victory. Know thy enemy. So let's take a look at the parts. Verses 1 and 2 [03201] ---------------------- Starting up the song, you start off with a verse. As long as you can shift and HOPO notes, you should be able to get this down within a few tries. If not, go into Practice mode. After the first strum, there is a Green pull-off, then another strum followed by a slow and weak Green/Yellow trill. Immediately after is a final Green strum and a scale going from Green all the way to Orange, then a final Blue note. This is a very easy part of the song once you get it down. Choruses 1, 2, and 3 [03202] ---------------------------- Even easier than the verses, the choruses of Jordan are just notes in a line with a twist. There are a few hammer-ons in here, but the majority of it is a few notes in a row of the same note. Alternate sturmming is your friend here. Guitar Break [03203] -------------------- Tra-la-la, everything's easy in this song...up until now. The Guitar Break is the "Highway to Hell" of this song. It consists of very quick ascending triplets. Forty-two notes within about three seconds. Yeah, that's fast. Practice this enough to the point where you can get out of it in Green, you'll need it. Guitar Solo A [03204] --------------------- This solo begins with a Star Phrase with a whammyable Sustain for even more. Get as much as you can and keep your cool here. It starts out easy and gets harder until descending triplets at the end. **THESE TRIPLETS ARE ESSENTIAL FOR PASSING** You need to be able to hit the triplets enough to go into Solo B in mid- to high-green on your Rock Meter. If you don't might as well give up now. Guitar Solo B [03205] --------------------- The wall of skittles. This solo along with Solo C is extremely fast and hard to hit. My advice: go for the trills. They will act as speed bumps for your Rock Meter if you hit them. You should have saved a full bar of Star Power for this. With eight chances to get four Star Phrases, you should have gotten it. Try and survive until you get to the Break in the middle. You will know you're there when it is because it starts with a Red/Yellow trill, then a shorter Green/Red trill. After the quarter-second break (Yes, it is THAT small. You need to make absolutely sure you can survive up until here for you probably won't have a chance otherwise), use Star Power before the quick ascending triplets. It should hold you for the rest of this Solo and into... Guitar Solo C [03206] --------------------- This solo in many ways is harder than Solo B in that it is less predictable and is mostly scales all over the fretboard. This Solo along with Solo B total at a whopping 15.5 Notes Per Second! Holy crap, that's fast! Try and hold out for all four sections, which are seperated by a pause and break in the notes. I have called each of these sections C-1, C-2, C-3, and C-4. C-1 starts at the Blue/Orange grace note at the beginning to the GRYRYB end of the fast part. C-2 runs at the GG RRR alternate strumming part to the next pause (Keep in mind that your Star Power will run out halfway through C-2 if you used it at Solo B's Break). C-3 is the short section with a longer pause at the end of it. Finally, C-4 comes in with quick ascending triplet scales and following through to the Path to Freedom, a short yet hard to hit HOPO phrase with a lot of Yellows. Hit those Yellows the best you can. You're almost there! Guitar Solo D *BNoF* [03207] ---------------------------- Finally, you've gotten through and reached the Blue Note of Freedom! The BNoF is a whammyable Star Power sustain right after the end of Solo C that signifies the end of the crazy, inhuman solos. Yay! If you can survive for 60.5% into the song, you will have gotten here and beaten Jordan, most likely. It's possible that you may still fail, for the remaining parts are still challenging to hit. But lucky for you, you can easily get a full bar of Star Power during these easy solos with a lot of whammy in between as if you couldn't get enough. Guitar Solo E [03208] --------------------- ...Yawn. Just hit the notes and whammy some Star Power. Seriously, that's it. Guitar Solo F [03209] --------------------- One last shredding session before the end! Solo F starts off with about ten seconds of alternate strumming, then the second half is intense HOPOs. Use Star Power when you get into the low Yellow. It should last well past this last solo and into the... Bridge [03210] -------------- This part is tricky. If you're just trying to beat this song, Star Power should last about three-fourths of the way through. I think this is all 15.5 Notes Per Second as well (Correct me if I'm wrong), with two-thirds of the notes being Green. So just strum the Greens! Easy part to pass if you have Star Power up. That's the end of the song...Sounds a lot easier than it is, trust me. ================================================== Star Power [03300] ================================================== Obviously, this song is a real bitch to get through even with Star Power, so make sure you're using it well. If you're still stuck trying to beat it (or maybe going for five stars), the best idea is you make sure you get a full bar of Star Power before Solo B. If you're good enough, you can use the first two you get and still have enough to survive the solos. If you're really good at Jordan (Meaning you can pass it consistently, and get five stars on it frequently), then you should start thinking about using a Star Path. A Star Path is when Star Power is acheived and used at certain times in order to maximize points. A lot of these will call for activating Star Power, then getting more from another Star Phrase as soon as it runs out. See the Star Path portion of this guide for more information. ================================================== Taming the Beast [03400] ================================================== If you read through the Breakdown, then you have an idea on how to get through the song and what to expect. But how do you go about doing it? Let's see if these tips help. Finger Placement [03401] ---------------- Verses ~~~~~~~ Start in First Position with your index finger on Green and ring finger on Yellow. Should be cake doing it like this. For the end-of-measure slide, either slide your index finger up to Red or wait to slide your pinky to Orange. The Blue should be hit with your ring finger, and will become a quick habit. Choruses ~~~~~~~~ Second Position to hit the Oranges, Reds, and Yellows. Stretch your index for Green. Simple. Guitar Break ~~~~~~~~~~~~ There are two major ways to do this: Either start in First Position and hit each ascending triplet with your index, middle, and ring fingers, or just slide up once and use your pinky to hit Orange (and the Blue for the second triplet part where it stops with only two). This section takes a while to get down at Full Speed, but when you do get it, it's pretty easy. Solo A ~~~~~~ Just hit the notes. For the descending triplets at the end, try using only three fingers for each one, but switch which fingers you use. Hard to explain, but you should use the fingering: 321 x2 321 x2 421 x2 repeat. If you can't do it consistently, then try hitting them all if they were four notes going down, so OBYR, instead of three, as OBR and OYR. Eventually, you'll find a way that suits you, so don't fret too much. Solo B ~~~~~~ ...I have little to say. This absolutely, one hundred percent CANNOT be hit without the use of two-hand tapping. For tips and a step-by-step guide to help start this, look in the Two-Hand Tapping section. Solo C ~~~~~~ If you want to get started for C-1, you can try kev's technique as stated in his Tapping Guide (Link in "Two-Hand Tapping" section of Maxing Score). Solos D and E ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ...Why do I even bother with the fancy squiggles? If you can't get these parts, you really need some help. Solo F and Bridge ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Solo F's first half is extremely easy once you get the speed and rhythm down. The second half is fast and daunting, but with enough practice, you can get it. A lot of quick hand shifting and a few trills and it's good. As for the Bridge, it's really a matter of perspective. Some people strum all the notes (Like Rishi) in the form on continuous triples. Some people strum twice and hammer-on the third non-Green note (Like HellAshes). Some people even get it started and only strum once (Like R0kk_0n) and hammer-on the rest. Do whatever fits you best. I personally HOPO everything like R0kk_0n, but do it however you want. Holding Out [03403] ------------------- Holding out from the time that Star Power runs out in the middle of C-2 until the Blue Note of Freedom. Most people attempting Jordan fail between 55% and 60%. I'm not gonna lie, this song will make you want to break your guitar. It is extremely hard to get the solos down until the Blue Note of Freedom, and with almost sixteen notes coming at you in just one second, you're gonna be hurting. The only advice I can offer it to calm down and try again. Go into Practice mode and practice Solo C. If you're tired of it, play another song, another game even, or just go do something else entirely. It's only a game, no need to freak out over it. ================================================== Maximizing Your Score [03500] ================================================== This portion of the guide is (obviously) to help you get your scores up higher with the use of two important techniques: Star Paths and Two-Hand Tapping. Star Paths ~~~~~~~~~~ There are many different Star Paths for each song, and Jordan is no exception. However, assuming you can get through Solos B and C with minimal Star Power, you'll want to use this optimal Star Path for Jordan: (# = How many Star Phrases you get before activation) 2 - Use immediately after you get it. This will activate just before the first Orange of the first Chorus. It will run until the third time through on the riff and end just before the next Star Phrase. Takes some getting used to. 4 - From there, save up all your Star Power. Your fourth Star Phrase will be half of the first riff of the second Chorus. Use it when the notes are green. It will pull-off from yellow to green, so use it then. 3 - That will last until the chord at the end of the Guitar Break. Next is Solo A, starting with another Star Phrase. Hammer-on and whammy, then get the one at the very end of the ascending triplets. This will give you just enough to be able to use it. For this optimal path, you will NOT use it in Solo B at all. You get through Solo B without SP, then whammy the Star Phrase at the end. Use it on the second Blue note in Solo C, where the fast stuff starts again. 4+ - Got past the Solos! Easy one's coming up. Just get the Star Power. Even if you miss the first one, you can whammy the rest. Use this at the beginning of the hammer-ons of Solo F (Green, red, yellow, etc.) 2-4* - The last one is special. It depends on if you can hit the tight SP usage IMMEDIATELY AFTER YOU GET THE LAST PHRASE FROM THE BRIDGE. It should activate just before the first Orange note in the final Chorus. This will run up until just before the third measure's first Orange, much like in the first Chorus. It should also end right before the next Star Phrase. Get this one and the last one and use immediately. == If you can't hit that activation, then gather up the last four and use them immediately. This makes a small difference in points, but if you want to get them all, then don't use this activation. It's only for those that can't hit the second-to-last one at the end of the Bridge or those that don't want to risk missing at the end. This Path can be tricky to get down at first, but it will soon become second nature. It would be wise to memorize it. Two-Hand Tapping ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Very difficult. Try looking at kev's Tapping Guide for help. The Guide is at Scorehero: Kev's Solo B guide on Scorehero is helpful, but not completely. What he does not include is that it is somewhat easier to tap with two fingers on your tapping hand instead of just one. This is the way Rishi, HellAshes, and I tap this solo, among many others. **KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS WILL TAKE A LONG TIME TO FULLY GET USED TO** With that being said, here we go: I'm not going to redo every note, because the link with them all is right up there. But as you see from looking in there, you have to start tapping on the first trill. A.K.A. the Red/Yellow trill directly after the first nine notes, six of which are at 15.5 NPS with the rest of the solo. I'll break it down step-by-step for each speed and what you should be aware of. Slowest ~~~~~~~ Getting started with tapping. This part is possibly the hardest part of this entire process because you need to learn to be able to strum and bring your hand up to tap very quickly. You should take the extra time to learn to you both your index and middle fingers on your tapping hand to tap any extra notes. **Use this link for a visual representation of how tapping should work for Solo B:** Also keep in mind that the little triangles between trills MUST HAVE THE HIGHEST NOTE HIT FIRST. Say after the first trill, the triangles play as BYB RYR. You MUST hit Blue before you hit/hold down Yellow. The game has a sort of glitch at these places and cannot register the top note if you hold the other one first! As one final note, ALWAYS HOLD DOWN THE LOWER NOTE!!! You WILL NOT get this solo even on Slow easily if you alternate fingers all of the time. I actually started out by alternating fingers, which IS a good way to start until you're more consistent on this speed, but afterwards, you need to learn to hold the lowest button down! Just follow the video as closely as you can. That is honestly all I can say at this point. I can guide you to the door, but only you can walk through it. Good luck on keeping yourself determined to learn this solo and tapping it. Slower ~~~~~~ Solo's getting a bit faster, and it might seem like a shock at first. You might think, "Oh my god, I'm never going to get this, it's too fast for me to tap." Wrong! Just keep at it, and if you feel uncomfortable, go back to Slowest and readjust your bearing before you step it up again. There's absolutely no pressure in learning this solo, just as much as you make. Don't try all the time, maybe only for fifteen minutes a day, then go do whatever. It will undoubtedly help you get it down. Slow ~~~~ Same as above, more or less. Just keep at it and don't freak out or stress out too much, because it'll only make it worse for you. Just give it time, it will work out. This is the hardest speed transition to get used to, but just keep going and have at it. Full Speed ~~~~~~~~~~~ Okay, so now you're here: The big Puff Daddy, ol' Daddy G, it's the fastest you ever have to go for this solo. The one problem: it's very difficult to be consistent at. Even at the time of writing this update, I have not gotten any more than 90% on Solo B on Full Speed but once. Even so, I don't let it define me, I work at it a bit when I have time, and I'm constantly improving. The only way you can go is up now, I suppose. Not literally up, but you get the picture. *If you ever feel like you're going to be stuck at Slowest or Slower forever, don't ever give up. Believe it or not, a lot of people have felt the same way, me included. I remember playing Slower once in every ten tries or so, the rest being on Slowest, and taking three days to muster up the courage to duel it out fully on Slower. Eventually, I got used to it and Slowest seemed easy. **While going from Slower to Slow is the hardest transition, it's definitely the most promising. Think of it this way: if you can get used to tapping it on Slow, you can eventually learn to Full Combo it on Full Speed. That kind of thinking has gotten me to where I am now, and if you don't relent, then you'll be able to do it too, guarenteed. ================================================== Legal Stuff [04000] ================================================== This guide and all its content are completely original work by me. If you wish to use it in one of your websites, blogs, etc., you MUST receive my permission first via an e-mail or instant message!! Copyright 2007 CryofthePlanet ================================================== Credits and Thanks ================================================== Rishi (Zombie_Bob) - Thanks for inspiring me to continue towards Jordan and eventually lead to the creation of this walkthrough. HellAshes - Thanks to you, too, for supplying me with helpful models for the Jordan solos and helping me succeed in my ongoing goal to get good enough to join the race for the FC. Who knows? I might even get it some day. Harmonix and Red Octane Staff - Thanks for making the game and giving us such a righteous opportunity to rock out to some of the greatest rock and metal songs ever made. R0kk_0n - Thanks for your encouragement to keep on practicing this. The first (and only) one to suggest trying to FC this song. Yeah, right. But again, who knows, maybe it'll happen, I'll have a seizure, and break my head on a table. Ian Cross (crosssfire) - Aside from the three s's in your name, Ian, you're the main person that pushed me to continue my pursuit from Slow onward. Because of you, I can combo it on Full Speed, and do so in a real run. I thank you for your help and constant nagging about it that eventually helped me to get this far. _______________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~EndDocument~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~</p>