________ / \ | [] | \________/VERCLOCKED: A History Of Violence. Version: FINAL -------------------------------------------------------------------- By John Walker ICanHearTheHead(at)Aol.com Sites that can host this FAQ: IGN Gamefaqs. Table of contents: Section 1: Controls Section 2: Walkthrough Section 3: WTF? Section 4: TEH EDN SECTION 1: Controls ----------------------- Left click is your friend. It will be used for pretty much everything. Walking, interacting, conversation, picking up certain items, using your PDA, etc. Space button will come in handy. Press it and it will highlight everything on the current screen that David can interact with. Escape button will be used to go back to the main menu where you can save your game, quit, start a new game, load, etc. It can also be used to skip dialogue. SECTION 2: Walkthrough ----------------------------------------------- C H A P T E R O N E - Sunday Morning, Nov. 11 ----------------------------------------------- First things first, click on the answering machine to hear two messages. One is from Detective Moretti. The second is from god knows who. Click on the table and get a closer view. Take the PENDULUM and also grab the PDA. The PDA will be the most important part of your adventure. Certain contacts will be available to call, certain clues will be sent to you via Text Messages, and it will also be the main source of recording your patients sessions. Take a look at your inventory. Look at your wallet and receive David's CREDIT CARD. Go to the next area and pick up the LOOSE CHANGE on the table. Things you can do that have no real bearing: You can look at your luggage, read the letter, look at the newspaper, have a look out the window. Take the door and go to the lobby of the hotel. Speak to the guy behind the counter and receive a MAP. Head towards the pier, and speak to the two men standing on the dock. You can also look at the POSTER near the bus station and look at the BUS STOP itself. You can use the small change on the binnoclars Head for the entrance to the ferry. You are now near the Hospital where you will be working throughout most of your gametime. Use the intercom to get inside. Enter the hospital and see Dr. Young call you over. Walk over to him and chat with him briefly. Walk down the small hallway and use the observation window on all five doors. When you've seen enough head back out of the hallway. Detective Moretti will stop you and you engage in a brief conversation. Follow him across the hall way and talk with him a bit more. Go to the cockpit in the middle of the hospital and talk with Young. Choose all conversation topics and you will end up receiving PATIENT'S CELL KEYS, CASE FILES, and AN ALARM PAGER. Go to each of the five patients rooms and attempt to speak with them. Afterwards, take a look at your case files. AFTERNOON --------- Down the hallway, Dr. Young will apear again. Talk to him and you will receive Moretti's contact information. Open your PDA to view it in the phone portion, and then walk outside to call him. You will obtain a clue. Head back inside and down the LEFT hallway. Enter the Nurses' Station on the right hand side, and talk to the nurse and take the Paper and Pencil. Go to CELL ONE and click on the patient. ----------------------- PATIENT ONE FLASHBACK 1 ----------------------- You will now assume the role of the patient in Cell One. Notice the crowbar in the inventory. Use it on the sides of the grill and it will eventually fall. Walk outside and notice the fence, and attempt to climb it. Go back and notice the barrels, and attempt to push them, only to discover they are too heavy. Head back towards the fence area, and use the gun on the barrels. The barrel is now empty and you can sucesssfully push it over. Now climb it and get over the fence. This will end the flashback. NIGHTIME -------- Once you gain back control of David, head outside the hospital and you will receive a message from his wife. Head towards the gate and speak to the Security guy. Then head back to the hotel. Head into your room and call Dave's wife. Head over to the answering message and listen to the messages. Call your attorney, and then click on the bed. Head outside of the hotel. Go to the bar and have a seat. Talk with the bartender, then finally return to your hotel room and go to bed. \ ----------------------------------------------- C H A P T E R T W O - Monday Morning, Nov. 12 ----------------------------------------------- Head outside and Ryker will confront you. Head back inside of the hotel, and speak with hotel clerk. Now head back outside and back to the hospital. Head into the cockpit and talk with Dr. Young. Head back over to cell one. Use your PDA to playback the audio from last night. (Nov. 10, Night. Part 1) Click on the patient. ------------------------ PATIENT ONE FLASHBACK TWO ------------------------- Go down the narrow hall and you will notice a brick wall blocking your path. Keep shooting the bricks with your gun until you've made a big enough hole to climb through. Put the gun away (right click) and head through the opening. Notice the door on the left and that it needs a code. Since we don't have that yet, go the opposite way until you see a barred door. Go straight again, and notice another door and a huge fan. Use a BRICK from the wall that you shot out and place it inside to stop the fan from moving. Head through, and back up a little and shoot the brick so the fan starts moving again. Climb up the ladder to end this flashback. ------ DAVID ------ Head to cell three. You will receive a message from Moretti and you will be given another clue. Something about the patients clothes and a radio station. Time to find a radio. Go to the cockpit and notice the radio on the table. Try and pick it up, and Young will forbid you. So we need to improvise. Go oustide of the hospital and use the alarm pager. Dr. Young runs out, which gives you enough time to walk back inside, back into the cockpit and snatch the RADIO. Head back to Cell three. Place the radio on the table and sit the dial to 108. ------------------------- PATIENT THREE FLASHBACK 1 ------------------------- Turn your flash light on and head down the hallway. Find the steel door that needs a code. The patient gives a clue about a 1,5, but that's not right for this, but remember that for another puzzle later on. Look in your inventory and you will see that he is carrying a note with some numbers on it. It's a very simple math problem. "10?2 -+:x" 10-2 = 8. 10+2= 12. 10:2=5. 10x2 = 20. 8,12,5,20 is your code. In order to input the code, click on the panel and type in 8 then press the enter key. Type in 12 then hit the enter key. Type in 5 then enter, then finally 20 and enter. Go through the door and use the gun on the fan. Climb through and down the hall and up the ladder. Climb on the barrels to climb the fence. This ends Patient 3's flashback. ------ DAVID ------ Open up your PDA and playback his session. Cell 3, 11/10, night, part 1. ------------------------- PATIENT THREE FLASHBACK 2 ------------------------- You are now in the kitchen. Such a pinacle of cleanliness, eh? There's a cabinet near by. Open it up and pick up the FLASHLIGHT. Go to RAY'S room and he will grab a key. Go out of the door and head through the hall and find the MAIN SQUARE door and leave through it. Find the JAIL outside and use the key to get inside. Go to the cell and use the same key on it and walk inside. See that the grill is laying on the ground. Leave through the shaft and thus will end this flashback. ------ DAVID ------ Leave the cell and back out into the hallway. Afternoon ---------- Head outside and call Moretti. Head back to your hotel and talk to the clerk to get the handcuffs. Now head back to the hospital and into cell five. Place the cuffs on the patient, and play back the audio from Cell 2, 11/10/, evening, part 1. ------------------------ PATIENT FIVE FLASHBACK 1 ------------------------ Head over to the main gate. Open the door there on the small shack, and pick up the GAS CAN. Look at the chain on the gate. There's a barrel near by, so roll it over towards the locked gate. Head to the fuel dump area. Walk a bit further into the area and you will spot a fire extinguisher. Use your knife to cut the hose and take the TUBE. Head to the right and pick up the flag off of the car. Head to the table and pick up the empty BOTTLE. There's a cable here too, so pick that up as well. Also look at the table and notice the battery. Go outside of the building and notice there's a tank filled with gas, and turn the cap. use your TUBE onto the opening and fill your empty gas can with gas, then fill the empty bottle with gas. Place the flags into the bottle and you will have a semi molotov cocktail. Head back into the building and to the table with the battery. Place the jumper cables on to the battery and then click on the cable. Place the bottle on the clamps and you will have your completeled Molotov Cocktail. Head back to the main gate and use your now filled gas can on the empty barrel near the gate. Use your cocktail on the barrel. Free at last. ------ DAVID ------ Leave the patient's cell and you will receive a message from Moretti. Head on over to the cockpit and talk with Young. Now leave the hospital and you will meet with Moretti. Once you're back into the hospital, head over to the nursing station and talk with the nurse. Head over to cell three. Click on the patient and receive a clue. Return to the nursing station and grab the FLASHLIGHT from the table. Click to go out of the room and notice the fuse box. Use the fusebox to turn the cell lights out. (You may have to do this more than once if the nurse is looking in your direction) Now head back to cell three. Turn your flash light on and use it. Click on the patient and play back Cell 5, 11/10, night, part 1. Click on the patient again. -------------------------- PATIENT THREE FLASH BACK 3 -------------------------- Look at the diary in the inventory. Go outside and into Jonathon's room. Now leave and you will spot cliff in the hall. Go to his room and he will throw you out. Now click on the door and select "Listen" Do this until you hear that Cliff is further away, and then enter and quickly grab the note on the wall, just left of the door. ------ DAVID ------ Head back to teh nursing station and turn the lights back on. Head over to cell 1 and then play back Cell 2, 11/10. afternoon, part 1. ----------------------- PATIENT ONE FLASHBACK 3 ----------------------- No play here, just a cutscene. ------ DAVID ------ Head over to cell two. Play back Cell 1, 11/10/afternoon, part 1. Now click on her. ----------------------- Patient TWO FLASHBACK 1 ----------------------- Head inside of the watchtower and click the cabinet. Use your knife on the cabinet and then push the lifeboat over to the railing. Click on the railing to tie the boat to it, and then push it over into the water. Click on the railing to hop down. ------ DAVID ------ Head over to cell five. Play back Cell 3, 11/10, afternoon, part 2. Click on him. ------------------------ PATIENT FIVE FLASHBACK 2 ------------------------ No play here, just a cutscene. ------ DAVID ------ Head over to cell three. Play back Cell 5, 11/10, afternoon, part one. Click on him. For those of you that were wondering, this is the majority of your play. Playing back sessions that you've already heard before, multiple times in order to spark the patients' memory. Needless to say, it grows quite tiresome and really dampers the play experience. (At least it did for me.) ------------------------- PATIENT THREE FLASHBACK 4 ------------------------- Talk to Cliff who is sitting down at the table. Look at the bottle near him and then try and take it. Head out to the main square and to the jail cell. Notice that the door is looked, but you can go to the barred window and talk to the girls inside. Head back inside, and you will see Cliff leaving his room. Grab the empty bottle and head back into the kitchen. Talk to him, and then when Cliff isn't looking switch the empty bottle for the one on the table. Head back to Cliff's room and hide behind the door. ------ DAVID ------ Head to Cell five. Play back Cell 3, 11/9, night, part 1. ------------------------ PATIENT FIVE FLASHBACK 3 ------------------------ Notice the chair, and then kick it. Pick up the wood from the chair, and go to the shaft. Notice the knife behind it and use the wood from the chair to reach it. Unscrew the screws on the shaft on all four corners with the knife and then crawl through it. Go down to the door that needed a code earler, and Cliff will automatically go through. Proceed down the hallway and through the door. ----- DAVID ----- Go to cell two. Play back Cell 3, 11/9, night, part 1. Click on her. ----------------------- PATIENT TWO FLASHBACK 2 ------------------------ No play here, just a cutscene. ----- DAVID ----- Leave and go to cell four. Play back Cell 2, 11/9, evening, part one. ------------------------- PATIENT FOUR FLASHBACK 1 ------------------------- Try and use the knife on the grill. Wow, what a flashback. ----- DAVID ----- David will receive a message from Moretti, so go outside and give him a call. After the phone call, head back to cell two and click on the patient. ----------------------- PATIENT TWO FLASHBACK 3 ----------------------- Take a look at the search light, then enter the watchtower. Use the green button to turn it on, and then try and use the arrows to move it. Open the panel and take the CONSOLE PLATE. Connect the cable with the very first clamp, and the searchlight will go out. Now head over to the search light and use the CONSOLE PLATE on it. Head back into the watchtower and disconnect the cable, and attach it to the second clamp. Turn the searchlight off, and then go get the console plate. It's dry now, so you can return it back to the panel. Turn the searchlight back on and press any arrow. DOH! ----- DAVID ----- Leave the hospital, and David will see Dr. Young. You will then receive a message from Kim. Head back to the hottle and talk to the clerk and receive the letter. Go to your room and read it. Call your attorney, and then call Kim. Head on over to the bar, and sit on the stool and talk with the bartender. Click on Ryker, and then head back to the hotel and go to bed. ------------------------------------------------------- C H A P T E R T H R E E - Tuesday morning, Nov. 13th. ------------------------------------------------------- Leave the hotel, and the clerk will stop you. Talk with him, and then use your CREDIT CARD on him. Take a look at the credit card in your inventory, and you will receive the number to the credit card company. Go back to your room and call them, then call Kim. Head for the hospital and a brief conversation will take place between him and the mysterious man from the pier. Afterwards, Moretti will stop Dave. After the conversation head to the hospital. Head to cell four, and play back Cell 2, 11/9, night, Part 1. ------------------------ PATIENT FOUR FLASHBACK 2 ------------------------ Ew. That's a lot of blood. Got to clean it up somehow. Go to the kitchen and grab the bucket and mop. Click on the sink and then put the bucket in it. Turn the faucet on to fill full of water. Pick it up and head back to the mess. Take the bucket outside to the main square and dump it into the well. Go to Laura's room. (The door near the blood stain) You will see drawings on the table. Take a closer look, and then take the knife from the table. Head back outside and head over to the watchtower. ----- DAVID ----- Head on over to Cell five. Play back Cell 4, 11/9, evening, part 5. ------------------------ PATIENT FIVE FLASHBACK 4 ------------------------ No play, cut scene. ----- DAVID ----- Cell one. Play back Cell Five, 11/9. evening, part 1. ----------------------- PATIENT ONE FLASHBACK 4 ------------------------ To your left, there's an area you can investigate. Get a close up view and pick up the gloves. Keep going forward and take the right path where the path splits. Use your gloves on the barbed wire role, to pry the metal bar loose. Go back the other way, and take the path left at the split. You will see a rock blocking your way. Use the bar on it, and you will hear some screams. Head back to where you got the metal bar, and you'll see a dear trapped in the wire. Use the gun on the deer and then go back towards the rock. Someone will stop you. ----- DAVID ----- Cell three. Play back Cell 1, 11/9, evening, part 4. ------------------------- PATIENT THREE FLASHBACK 5 ------------------------- Look at the fire extinquisher on the wall, and then use it on the nearby door. Turn on the light, and then look at the code panel near the door. Look at the numbers and how some have been rubbed off. Remember the 1,5 numbers from before? Turn the light off so the code panel has full power. Type in 1 5,3,7. and then enter the door. ----- DAVID ----- Go outside and give Moretti a ring. Upon returning to the hospital, you'll get a message. Read the message, and then go to the audio clips and scroll down to see a radio mp3. Return back to cell three and play that clip for the patient. ------------------------- PATIENT THREE FLASHBACK 6 ------------------------- Look at the radio and the plug to the left of it. Plug it in and then turn on the radio to find it that it still doesn't look. To the left of the radio, you can get a close up view of the back of it. Notice the rags there and pick them up. Turn the light off, and then grab the light bulb from the lamp that was working. Place it in the overhead light above the radio to get some light, and then turn the light back on. Above the radio to the right is a piece of paper that someone has written on. Notice the 1-R, 2-4, 3-2, 4-3. That's the order to put the cables back in. The first cable goes into the first slot. The second cable goes into the fourth slot, third goes into the second slot, and fourth goes into the third slot. Turn on the radio now. ----- DAVID ----- Cell one. Click on patient. ----------------------- PATIENT ONE FLASHBACK 5 ------------------------ No play. Cut scene. ----- DAVID ----- Go to the cockpit and speak with Young. Use all conversation options and then leave the hospital. EVENING ------- Talk to the security guy and then back to the hotel. Talk to the clerk, and then go to your room. Click on the newly arrived suitcases and then read the letter inside. Call Kim, and then Terry and then go to bed. -------------------------------------------------- C H A P T E R F O U R - Wednesday Morning, 11/14 -------------------------------------------------- David will automatically call Terry. Afterwards, head to the hospital and you will notice Young and the mysterious man from the pier. Talk to the man, and then head to the hospital. Talk to the security dude, and then head to cell two. Holy ****. Use your alarm pager. AFTERNOON --------- You'll get a message from Kim. Read the message and then go outside and call Moretti. Go back to cell one and click on the patient. ----------------------- PATIENT ONE FLASHBACK 6 ----------------------- No play, just a cut scene. ----- DAVID ----- Cell three. Click on patient. ------------------------- PATIENT THREE FLASHBACK 7 ------------------------- No play, cut scene. ----- DAVID ----- Cell one. Play back Cell 3, 11/8, afternoon, part 1. ----------------------- PATIENT ONE FLASHBACK 7 ----------------------- Grab the key. ----- DAVID ----- Cell five. Talk to Cliff. Play back Cell 1, 11/8, afternoon, part 2. ------------------------- PATIENT FIVE FLASH BACK 6 ------------------------- Take your small key and unlock the door to the weapon's door. Proceed to the next room, and go to the right. Take the crowbar and then go to the left. Use the crowbar on the boxes to get the ammunition. Go to the back of the room and click on the cabinet and use the other key. Take all five guns, leave the armory. ----- DAVID ----- Cell one. Play back cell 5, 11/8, afternoon, part four. ----------------------- PATIENT ONE FLASHBACK 8 ----------------------- Cut scene. ----- DAVID ----- Leave the cell and run into young. Then leave the hospital. On your way, you'll hear someone calling out. After the cut scene, proceed to the bar, and Moretti will take your cuffs off. Talk to Moretti, use all conversation options, then talk to Ryker. Leave, go to the hotel, talk to the clerk, he gives you a letter. Go to your room and hit the sack. --------------------------------------------------- C H A P T E R F I V E - Thursday morning, Nov. 15 --------------------------------------------------- David will call Terry. Afterwards, head to the hospital and you will see Moretti. Afterwards, invistigate the docks. Notice the lifeboat out in the water. Grab the rope and life preserver and combine them in your inventory. Use the combined items on the lifeboat. After the cutscene, look at the lifeboat and pick up the gun. Head to the hospital. Head to cell one. He's been sedated. Grab the sadative on the ground and then go to the cockpit. Click on the sedative and use it on the medicine cabinet to get the antidote. Give the antidote to all four patients and then go back to cell one and talk to him. ----------------------- PATIENT ONE FLASHBACK 9 ----------------------- Another cut scene. ----- DAVID ----- You'll receive a message from Kim. Go to the hotel and then to the right of the hotel is Central Park. Go there to meet her. Afterwards, you'll end up near the hotel with the clerk holding your suitcases. Looks like you've been kicked out. Pick up the suitcases, and then go to the Nighthawk bar and leave them there. Go to the pier, where you're supposed to meet up with Moretti. He isn't there, so try giving him a call. Listen to ringing sound in the background somewhere. Look inside of the dumpster. Damn! Head to the hospital, and Dr. Young will throw you out. Click on your gun, arm yourself, and head back inside. You will end up in the cockpit. Use the sedative on Young and tamara. Head to cell one and talk to the patient. ------------------------ PATIENT ONE FLASHBACK 10 ------------------------ Another cutscene, remember the name Goliath. ----- DAVID ----- Leave the hospital and go to the lifeboat from earler. Get inside and you will go to Fort Tiden. After the cutscene, pick up the rock laying by, and then use it on the stone on the ground. Use the newly sharpened stone on the lifeboat and you will receive a rubber strip. Use that on the fence, and you can now climb over safely. There's a crowbar near by, so pick it up and then climb through the ventalition shaft. After you make it across, look at the shaft and you'll see the gun still laying there. Use the crowbar on the shaft, and pick up the gun. Go forward through the hall way and through the barred door. Head through the main square and to the weapons area. Grab the ammunition in the box, and then go to the watchtower. There's a rope there, so use it to climb up and pick up the knife inside. Climb back down by the ladder, and go to the main gate. Open the sliding door and head down the hole inside. There's a steal door there, and the code panel has been replaced. Remember the Goalith name? That's the code to enter. Treat it as it were a telephone. G=4,O=6, L=5, I =4, A=2, T=8, and H=4. So press 4 once, 6 three times, 5 three times, 4 three times 2 once, 8 once, and 4 twice. Enter the room Go into the radio room and check out the video tapes. You need two, and rather then searching through them all to find the two you need, I'll just tell you. First tape is Corridor Day 4 0-6, and Lan-room, Day 2 18-24. Find the grill across the room, and use the knife on it. Climb through, and you're now in the computer room. The computer at the end has a harddrive that you can take. Near the back of the room is some adhesive tape. Grab it and go back down the shaft. Notice the computer server in the glass cassing. Use the tape on the air ducts. Enjoy the ending. Which sucks SECTION 3: WTF? --------------- Note: This section may contain spoilers. First off, why didn't we EVER get to find out who the two men were that throw David into the ocean? I mean, we get a pretty good idea, but nothing ever concrete. Second, did we ever pay the Bartender? Third, Who in the HELL killed the chick in cell two? Fourth, why is there a corner store near the hotel that gives off the impression that we may be able to go inside, but it NEVER lets us during the entire game? Fifth, same thing, but replace "corner store" with "ATM" and "go inside" with "use it" SECTION 4 TEH EDN. ------------------ Thanks for checking out my guide. Hope it was helpful to you. If anything was unclear, please use the contact info above and let me know.</p>