Frontlines: Fuel of War FAQ version 1.1 Platform: Xbox 360 Author: metal-angel Email: sheelaghuw at Xboxlive Gamertag: Suicide Perkies PLEASE READ THE CONTACTING ME SECTION BEFORE ACTUALLY DOING SO. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ============================================================================== Index ============================================================================== [1.0] Intro 1.1 Welcome... to the world of tomorrow! 1.2 Version history 1.3 Contacting me [2.0] The Game 2.1 Story 2.2 Gameplay 2.3 Desert Combat [3.0] Single Player Campaign 3.1 Darkness Falls 3.2 Captains of Industry 3.3 Anvil 3.4 Graveyard 3.5 The Mountain King 3.6 Living Quarter 3.7 History Repeats [4.0] Multiplayer Maps 4.1 Gnaw 4.2 Invasion 4.3 Mountain Top 4.4 Oil Field 4.5 Roundabout 4.6 Solar Farm 4.7 Village 4.8 Street [5.0] Weapons 5.1 Western Coalition 5.2 Red Star Alliance 5.3 Special Abilities 5.4 Multiplayer Classes [6.0] Vehicles 6.1 Western Coalition Ground Vehicles 6.2 Red Star Alliance Ground Vehicles 6.3 Western Coalition Aircraft 6.4 Red Star Alliance Aircraft [7.0] Achievements 7.1 Achievement Overview 7.2 Achievement List 7.3 Achievement Tips [8.0] Misc 8.1 Bonus Content Codes 8.2 FAQs 8.3 Peak Oil [9.0] Thanks/Legal Stuff ============================================================================== 1.0 Intro ============================================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.1 Welcome... to the world of tomorrow! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Oil is running out. Well, technically, it always has been, given as soon as you start using something, you're using it up. Frontlines: Fuel of War posits that we're going to run out sooner rather than later, and that the nations of the world will be using this an excuse for a big old ruckus. This will conveniently be a case of East vs West, which gives us a chance to blow up Commies with futuristic weapons. Best prepare now. Buy a diesel car, and plant some oil seed in your garden that you can convert into biodiesel with a home conversion kit. Get some photovoltaic panels on your roof, and maybe a small wind generator. Invest in a good, non-electric can opener and a clockwork radio. Begin to hoard. If you want to know more about the oil crisis, see section 8.3 of this very FAQ. This is my first ever FAQ, so be gentle, ease it in slowly. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.2 Version History ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 22/06/2008 - v1.1 fixed a few more typos and formatting errors, and added full descriptions of all the shooty shooty guns. 13/04/2008 - v1.0 first 'full' version of the FAQ. Added full descriptions of the vehicles. Finished multiplayer map descriptions. All that really remains now is descriptions of the weapons, and perhaps a tips and tactics section. However, that's all secondary to actually playing and finishing the game, which this FAQ now provides ample guidance to do. More still to come as and when, though. 02/04/2008 - v0.4 fixed annoying formatting issues, and a few more typos (don't write FAQs at 2am when you're drunk). Finished multiplayer class descriptions and special roles sections. Added 'wishlist section'. 19/03/2008 - v0.3 added Bull's-Eye and Bulletproof tips to achievement section. Added several sites to hosting list. Fixed general typos and errors. More or less finished 'The Game' section. Added to Misc section 'Peak Oil'. First part of the weapons section. 15/03/2008 - v0.2 campaign mode walkthrough finished, achievement section finished, vehicle section finished, FAQ section and bonus level codes added. 14/03/2008 - v0.1 first version. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.3 Contacting me ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You are welcome to email me for the following reasons: -positive feedback or CONSTRUCTIVE criticism -corrections -suggestions or requests Please do NOT email me for the following: -negative, unconstructive feedback -help on the game - everything I know about FFoW is already in this FAQ -requests for help doing an achievement, sorry but I don't have the time -spam, friend requests, clan invites Phrase any requests or suggestions CLEARLY and in PROPER ENGLISH. I dunt spk txt and I also dnt udnerstadn elliterit jiberash kthxdie roffles!!!11onenoen. No enormous blocks of text either, I'll just erase those right away without reading them. If any of these are not possible for you, please switch off your 360 and work on your English homework before it's too late. In terms of adding me on Xbox Live: Unless I know you, and have spoken to you, or at the very least have played with you, please don't. Friend requests from randoms is very annoying, and I just ignore them. Thank you! ============================================================================== 2.0 The Game ============================================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2.1 Story ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Frontlines takes place in the year 2024. For Terminator fans, this is a few years before John Connor and the resistance (I refuse to get in for that 'Tech- Comm' gibberish that is allegedly canon) kick the crap out of Skynet once and for all. For the world of Frontlines, it's World War 3 time. Spoilers ahoy, get your head down! Needs have dictated that the world be divided into two halves, for as George Dubya tells us, you're either with us or against us. The Western Coalition (North American, Europe, India and parts of Oceania) face down the Red Star Coalition (China, Russia, and such). It's rather fortunate that each side has an intrinsic preference for blue and red respectively, as it means your little eyepiece can be coloured coded. It also means that the colourings you learned so well in Command & Conquer: Red Alert is retained. Unlike Red Alert, however, the WC and RSA are sensible enough to not paint their tanks sky blue or fire engine red. Unless they're fighting against a backdrop of a clear sunny day or a SEA OF YOUR OWN BLOOD! In and around the Caspian Sea, new and viable oilfields are unexpectedly discovered. An uneasy ceasefire between these two superpowers develops as they both scramble to pump as much crude as they can. Meanwhile, things back home are going downhill rapidly. As the game starts, the RSA decides to make a play to seize more oilfields and you're rapidly drawn into an escalating conflict as the WC decides to push their advantage and remove Russia from the equation altogether. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2.2 Gameplay ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The overall structure of Frontlines is one of capturing key points on a map. This was the default game mode in is grandparent, Battlefield 1942. Unreal Tournament players will know it as Domination. Call of Duty 3 players will know it as War. The general concept is that there are several key strategic points on each map. This is more rooted in reality that more abstract combat concepts seen in other games like deathmatch or capture the flag. After all, in a real war, you don't chase each other around aimlessly killing or fighting over a single, meaningless object. This is all about capturing territory and pushing your enemy out. The key points (otherwise known as capture points or control points _ Frontlines calls them Objectives) are seized by staying in their vicinity and keeping the enemy out for enough time for the small indicator bar seen in the upper left of your screen to fill. Some objectives may require additional action to capture. Some involve a specific objective, such as a SAM launcher or radar dish. If it's intact, you may need to plant a demolition charge on it by holding X. Once it's planted, you're guaranteed to instantly capture it when the charged detonates. The other side can retake it very quickly by using a repair torch on the destroyed equipment. Others consist of a computer terminal. Again, you need to hold X (and be vulnerable in the process) to capture it. And some in the singeplayer campaign are dependent on you killing foes in its vicinity. However, the majority are simply captured by staying nearby. You'll see the bar decrease at first to nothing, and then refill... the first phase is your neutralizing the objective, the second is you capturing it for your team. Each map in Frontlines is an entirely open environment in which you are free to move around as you wish. A variety of vehicles and static objects like ladders will assist you in doing so. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2.3 Desert Combat ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Frontlines: Fuel of War is something of a sequel to Desert Combat, which itself was a mod for Battlefield 1942. Desert Combat improved upon its parent game in every way imaginable _ better and more varied weapons and classes, more vehicles, and even some things that had been only available in paid-for addon discs for BF1942: player-guided missiles and mobile spawn points in the form of transport aircraft. It could be argued that Desert Combat (along with mods like Forgotten Hope and Eve of Destruction) greatly extended the 'shelf life' of BF1942. Indeed, Desert Combat proved so popular that DICE, developers of BF1942, hired Trauma Studios who had made Desert Combat. The resultant product was Battlefield 2, which in turn became Battlefield 2: Modern Combat on the Xbox and Xbox 360. Having played Battlefield 2: MC, I think it looks like Desert Combat but feels nothing like it. I suppose of Desert Combat's advantages was that, as a free mod, it could explore territory untouched by a commercial game where shareholders and censors would have objected. It was, after all, basically, Gulf War 2: the Game. Never mind a fictional war between the US and the 'Middle East Coalition' (with China thrown in for good measure)_ this was Iraq vs the Coalition during the First Gulf War (those among you who aren't screaming elmos will remember the wave of games the followed the real first Gulf War: Desert Strike, Super Battletank, Patriot, F-15 Strike Eagle 2: Desert Storm and Ultimate Air Combat among them) and just as the second conflict was kicking off. Unfortunately for Trauma Studios, DICE appear to have disbanded them having gotten what the wanted from them in a one night stand of game development. Some of the Trauma members had made DC_Final, an expansion to Desert Combat while the rest worked on what would become Battlefield 2. DC_Final was excellent, but died almost overnight when the Battlefield 2 demo came out. Senior producer at Kaos Studios who made Frontlines, Joe Halper, seemed to recognize this, if you'll pardon the pun, trauma that hardened DC fans like myself felt when it all ended so abruptly. In the Christmas 2007 issue of PC Gamer (UK) he said of Desert Combat, "People really loved that mod. We want the same affection back and we think we're going to get it...'s not a sequel to Desert Combat, but it's close." It's near as dammit. I used to spend every evening after work in my one bedroom flat guzzling vodka and lemonade, and playing DC and DC_Final on a semi- private server with voice chat. It's good to be back. ============================================================================== 3.0 Single Player Campaign ============================================================================== I'm not counting 'The Road To War' as a level because it isn't - it's just a creepy intro to the oil-hungry future we have to look forward to. And unlike Halo 3, it's not counted as a level that you have to sit through twice! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3.1 Darkness Falls ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3.1.1 Secure Crash Site Bet you didn't see that coming. Cliche count: 2. Everything was going great until you suddenly got whacked, and a helicopter crash in a modern FPS? No way! Ouch. Beardo gets dragged off by the evil commies. Pick yourself up and jump on the chaingun mounted in the helicopter. Blast the Red Star soldiers who are attacking - in particular, the guy who is right in front of you but lurking on the rooftops. The little bar on the corner of the screen will fill, and you will secure the crash site. 3.1.2 Secure Armoury/AA New orders - secure the Armoury and the Anti-Air site. You can do these in either order, I prefer to go for on the one on the left first. You'll come up on a truck and a series of large stacked tanks... shelter behind these and clear out the RS soldiers on the other side. Advance further and you'll see loads of RS guys hiding behind concrete barricades... there's a good spot on the left to hide and pop out to pick them off. Once it's clear, head up the stairs on the right of the building they were protecting and you'll find a SAM launcher on the roof. Blow it up with a demo charge, and pick up the extremely useful rocket launcher. Jump down and make your way forward, hanging a bit to the left (you should see a big walled compound on your left, ignore it for now). Soon on your right you can look towards the next objective, which is guarded by an enemy jeep. Blast it with your rocket launcher. Head down this road, hugging the all of the large fortified building, shooting RS soldiers as you go. You'll spot a ladder, climb it. Up on the battlements, go left and head down the stairs. At the bottom, turn to your right and you'll see a little room with a computer terminal. Stand in front of it and hold X to do some l33t h4xx0ring. Chuckle at how even the RS operating system looks evil. 3.1.3 Capture Motor Pool Once you have pwn3d their bawks, head down the hallway, past the grotty Ikea couches and out into the street. An angry RS assault vehicle pulls up. Take cover and return fire. Two hits from the rocket launcher will fix his wagon. Head right, towards that big compound we passed earlier. There's a crate with a drone sitting right in front of the compound. Way to make it obvious. Pick up the drone, and hide behind one of the 40ft containers while you fly it. My preferred method is to fly it to the left of the main control tower, and through one of the little windows on the side. Fly it over the control panel, and detonate it. Kablooie! The gates are open, and it's time to kick Sgt. Bilko's ass. Head around to the left where a smaller gate has opened. Run inside, and immediately turn left and head towards the side of the building. RS has once again stupidly left their window washing ladder against the side of the building. Head on up. As soon as you're inside, look left and you'll see another computer with cool blue trackballs for you to hack. Set your porn torrents running to eat into Red Star's bandwidth and cripple their communications. Run down the hallway towards the other end of the building, killing as you go. At the far end is another computer terminal, guarded by a RS soldier. Take him down, and hack the computer to erase his MP3 collection. 3.1.4 Capture Refineries Time to get oiled up! Get into the Future-o-Hummvee and head through the gate. Again, you can do all this in any order, but I tended to start with the left (west) refinery and work my way across from there. If your jeep gets too damaged, hide somewhere and it will begin to repair if you go a few seconds without getting hit. Charge on in, blow up the enemy jeeps. Use your mounted rocket launcher against the armoured gun turrets, which will be one of the banes of your existence throughout this game. Get as near as you can to the portakabins, jump out and secure the objective. Grab the binoculars off the nearby crate to get a cluster bomb airstrike. Head for the big refinery, now. Watch out for RS rocket guys on the rooftops, hit 'A' to fire flares if they attack you. Drive up the ramp and into the refinery itself. Whistle Dixie as you fly through the air. There's a lot of rocket launcher guys here, so be careful. It might be best to abandon your jeep if it gets heavily damaged. Seek cover. There'll be a jeep right and front of you and one ahead and to the left. The objective itself is on your right in a little enclosed area. Kill everyone and everything. There's a rocket launcher by the objective which is handy given 'you' decided to leave the one from the first half of the mission behind. A big bad assault vehicle will turn up. Cluster bomb or rocket him until he can't stand no more. Continue on across the bridge towards the final objective. Up on the roof is the RS sunbathing area and smoke flare. Capture it. 3.1.5 Rescue Reporter Unfortunately Beardsley Spillane got nabbed at the beginning of the mission and you need to save him. More unfortunately, he's being held in a heavily guarded building protected by no less than an enemy tank. Head towards the objective. How you tackle this is up to you. You can either do a frontal assault, dealing with the tank and defenders. Or, you can sneak around the back of the buildings (go to their left and come at them that way) and try and nip in the front door before you've attracted too much attention. Heck, you can switch on your tape of 'Ride of the Valkyries' and Rambo straight at the front door, screaming. That *might* work. Once you're inside, head down the hallway and you'll find Beardo inside a locked room. Incredibly, the demo charge you use to blast the door open doesn't transmute him straight from solid to vapour. As soon as you've done this, the mission is over. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3.2 Captains of Industry ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3.2.1 Capture Town Kazakhstan! Very nice! If you played the singleplayer demo, you'll recognize this first bit. Jump out of the VTOL and head towards the town. Wave to the engineer of the train going over the bridge. Hang left around the big pile of rocks and the bridge support and you'll end up behind the houses. There's another ladder here, so do what you always do. Up on the roof is a very useful sniper rifle. Take out some RS guys down below, but beware the armoured turret. You can't kill it, so jump across the rooftops and down into the alley next to the truck where you can pick off some more RS soldiers. Beware that one or two may try and sneak up on you from behind. Clear out the square as best you can, then charge in and take the objective. More will open up. My advice is to head back out of the town and turn left, you'll see a very high stone wall and... a ladder! Well, now we know where all the oil went - it was burned by the ladder producing industry. Climb up, head down the alley and kill the RS guys. The 'ammo depot' is about two crates and a rocket launcher. Capture it. Now, head through the little passage to the left, jump down and go through the alley, and RUN RUN RUN across the big square with the statue of the Unknown (because he had no head) Soldier. There's a building crawling with RS soldiers and a big nasty tank on the right. Take cover in the leftmost arches and clear out the area around the next objective. Pick up the radio controlled car you always wanted - the anti-tank drone. Throw one down and drive it around the corner and UNDER the enemy tank. Detonate, and laugh with glee as the turret flies 20 feet into the air. Before going back out into the street, take out the RS snipers... there's one on the rooftop across the big square from you, and another a bit to the left on a balcony. Now, RUN LIKE HELL down the road to the RIGHT of the enemy HQ building. Another ladder rests against the side of the HQ building. Engage climbing motors. Climbing motors engaged. Climb the baby ladder, and drop through the hole in the roof to take any remaining defenders by surprise. Another computer awaits. Hold down X to type "Format C: /s". It will be ages before Red Star are able to find their XP install disc and get this computer working again. Well done. Head back down and into the street, and head left to avoid being blasted to shreds by the gun turrets in mounted in the towers. The enemy is holed up in the large building. Next to this building is a table with two assault drones. Grab one, fly it around the back of the tower, and blow up the two turrets. If you wish, fly up to the roof and kill the guys guarding the SAM launcher. Head around the outside of the building clockwise, and you'll find a large green dumpster next to an open window. Jump up the debris and crawl through the window to surprise the baddies inside. Run upstairs to the roof and blow up the SAM launcher. 3.2.2 Capture Rail Depot Return to the street, and head into the railyard. Wait by the smoke flare for your shiny new IFV to be airdropped in. Jump in and head forward. There are four enemy tanks waiting in the valley to greet you. They must perish. My technique for disposing of them was to sit on the edge of the valley and aim at them (your reticule goes red) and then pound them into dust with both the main gun and rockets. Or you can just charge down and engage them, it's up to you. Remember to hide if you take too much damage. Head up the other side of the valley into the little base, and kill all the RS soldiers, simple as. There's also an enemy tank waiting for you, and an unmanned enemy tank that you can switch to if you wish. When you feel safe, run up onto the little platform by the tower to capture the last objective. Once the objective is captured, an enemy counterattack will pour across the bridge. Get back in your vehicle and hold them off. 3.2.3 Capture Factory Entrance You have three objectives here... but you only need to do one. I attacked the one on the left. Jump into a tank or IFV and proceed across the bridge. Once you're across, enemy tanks will appear up ahead. Blow them up, and then begin firing into the large building on your left which contains the objective. There are a LOT of soldiers in there who need deading. Once it's clear, head on up there to capture the objective, and grab the drones and rocket launcher off the table. 3.2.4 Destroy Tank Factories Now the fun bit. Get back in your tank and head for the nearer of the two factories, watching for enemy rocket guys and tanks along the way. You are extremely well advised to stay in your vehicle and fire through the factory doors to kill as many of the baddies inside before going in yourself, as you can be quickly overwhelmed. The first objective is in the pits underneath the factory, which is a very dangerous series of parallel trenches set into the floor. Take your time here, be careful, and clear the place out before you plant the explosives. Get back in your tank and head for the second factory, again firing through the doors as much as you can before going in on foot. You will encounter very stiff resistance, including two enemy tanks and loads of rocket guys. The objective itself is up on the catwalks in the middle of the factory. You're very vulnerable up here, so keep your head down. Plant the explosives, and run for it! Mission accomplished. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3.3 Anvil ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3.3.1 Secure Guard Post: Part the First Your objective in Anvil is to close the Oblivion Gate and_ what's that? Wrong game? Oh. Fired, you say? No, I think you're thinking of YOUR mother when you say that. This is the inevitable lone sniper level, and is a great place to do the Bull's Eye achievement. You have to work your way through the valley, taking out guard posts. Hop up the rock formation in front of you and reconnoitre. Fire down at the guards and take out as many as you can. Descend the rocks and take out the rest, then move in and take the guard post. Grab the drone and secure the objective. Proceed to the left and continue to the left of the next rock formation. Go very slowly and your HUD should highlight the enemy soldier manning the armoured turret ahead. Luckily for you, he's looking the other way so headshot him and save yourself a LOT of trouble. If you miss, you'll need to suicide drone him or just run up behind him and oops upside his head. Advance on the outpost, sniping where possible and shotgunning where not. You can actually secure the outpost while standing in relative safety behind the trailer. Beware the sniper on the tower near the wind turbine. Once he's dead and the outpost is secure, run down the hill and stick to the right, next to the rocks by the crushed (bus shelter?). Walk a little bit up the slope on your right and you can pick off pretty much all the guards at the outpost. Secure the outpost and grab your new best friend, the assault drone. 3.3.2 Secure Guard Post: Part The Next I hope your sniper skills have warmed up because you're gonna need 'em now. Head up the little hill that's ahead towards the objectives and be ready to do a lot of sniping. There's a guard tower with sniper to the right, and the little road to the left is a popular route for guards from down below to come up and get you. There's also guys on the far side of the valley. The log piles can be shot apart if a commie takes cover behind them. On the ground and slightly to the left of the guard tower is another sniper. Lastly, beware an enemy patrol which may come from the right. Take your time, stay in cover, cleanse the valley of the Red Menace. Once it's clear, head on down to the objective and grab the drones. Reload if you need to. Now, go for the left objective. Run up the road and shelter behind the truck - there's a lot of guys including armoured turrets and snipers waiting for you. Take them out. There's another assault drone here, grab it. A good place to shelter is behind the little generator trailer. Run an assault drone up the hill and use it to take out the gunners of the two turrets. Move on up to the SAM launcher and blow it up once the coast is clear. Be wary of baddies coming up from behind and recapturing the objective behind you (or shooting you) 3.3.3 Secure Motor Pool and HQ Reinforcements arrive. Oo-rah! While they're posing and being manly and HARDCORE, grab the sniper rifle and airstrike binoculars. Don't go straight up the hill, but instead go to the left a bit for a second way into the town that's much closer to the lefthand objective. Head into the town, making sure you take out the baddies on the other side of the wall you can see in the distance before moving in to get the objective. Grab all the weapons by the objective point. Watch for fire coming from soldiers hiding in the town itself. Run around to the right of the town. When you emerge into the street there'll be a whole mess of RS soldiers on your left, so be ready for a lot of shooting. Be careful not to break the flowerpots, you're trying to win hearts and minds, soldier. Run across the road to make your way around the back of the big garrison building that contains the objective. Sneak in the back door, and fight your way up to the roof. Grab all the binoculars and secure the objective. Prepare for a fight! If you have the railgun turret, you can set it up. 3.3.4 Hold the Town You need to hold the town for ten minutes (two waves of five minutes each). A swarm of RS soldiers, jeeps and tanks will be coming down that mountain road and you need to stop them. If they get through, they're retake the garrison and motorpool objectives. If this happens, go back and re-secure them. This isn't too bad a fight. The tanks will stop next to the garrison which makes them an easy target for the airstrikes. You can use your missile launcher against the jeeps, and the minigun turret against the soldiers. Watch for enemy soldiers on the hill opposite with the old stone tower - they can be hard to hit. Also be aware that baddies can get into the garrison and come up behind you. So long as you're sensible with the minigun, its ammo will last the fight. Don't go nuts, but don't be afraid to us it either. After the timer runs out, the mission is over. Take the time to admire that each Red Star sandbag is marked with a big red star. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3.4 Graveyard ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3.4.1 Destroy Enemy Tanks You've just been nuked, which means no leaving the tank or you'll be a crispy critter. Don't worry, you can't accidentally hit the button and leave the tank. This is a big tank battle, but you're vastly outnumbered and your AI allies are (as you may have noticed so far) useless. Stay behind the rocks. Roll out from behind a rock, fire, and immediately roll back in and wait to reload. Enemy tanks will require between two and three hits to kill. Aim a bit above distant targets as you shells start to dip. And REMEMBER! Take cover and avoid being hit for a few seconds and your tank will begin to repair itself. The first wave is just tanks. The second wave is more tanks supported by those highly agile wheeled assault vehicles, who firing annoying swirling missiles that thankfully you can avoid with ease. Take them out too. Go slowly, fighting one tank at a time. After you take out two tanks in the second wave, another nuke hits so stay in cover until you can see again. The third wave has you under bombardment from artillery. The enemy is in a valley so bear in mind that you might not be able to depress your gun enough to aim at them. Keep your eyes (and ears) open for artillery shells coming in, and move out of the way if you need to. 3.4.2 Neutralize Artillery Now that you are no longer molested by enemy tanks, you can take care of the artillery. This is again something you can do in any order. I tend to go for the one on the left first of all as there's useful equipment nearby. Drive your tank next to the bunker without driving around to the other side; then get out, run up the slope to where the wall is knocked down to find the way inside. Be sure to shoot at the guys who'll peek at you out of the bunkers throughout this mission. There might also be a few tanks wandering around looking a bit lost. Point them in the right direction_ HELL. Once inside the bunker, head upstairs. Be careful, as the Red Star soldiers, realizing their sins, will do suicidal attacks with rockets that may well blow you up as well as them. On the rooftop is a very useful rocket launcher. Peek over the edge and use it to destroy the self-propelled artillery unit sitting in the courtyard below. With it gone, head back down to your tank, and head for the rightmost objective. This has a pair of towers so be sure to clear them out first or you'll find yourself in a vicious crossfire. Once that's done, get out and make your way through the chunks of concrete towards the SP artillery. Beware the two armoured turrets protecting it - drone or rocket launcher them. You can walk right up to the artillery itself and plant a demo charge on it. Once it's blown, get back in your tank and head for the middle of the map, which will be the closest objective. This is easy to get - just sit for a few seconds until you capture it. Don't get too comfortable, as soon as it's done, head for the objective on your right. Don't be tempted to try and drive your tank up the stairs and into the base - it is possible, but it's more likely that you'll just get stuck. Get your lardy backside out and get some exercise by walking in. This is a pretty short fight - only a few soldiers, and one armoured turret. Plant a bomb on the artillery, and walk smugly back to your tank dusting your hands. The final objective isn't too bad_ you can more or less drive your tank right in from either side, and the only significant threat is one of those annoying little automated turrets. Just head on in and plant a bomb on the artillery. Job's a good 'un! 3.4.3 Destroy First Rocket Time to nuke the nukes! Jump in your tank, and head for the base. Don't get too close, or you'll be disabled by the EMP field. Stick next to the building on the right of the gate for cover and work your way in from there. Grab the nearby drones, binoculars and rocket launcher. Don't ask me how the turret in your tank still works when it's been disabled by EMP. As soon as you're inside, turn right and run along the inside of a wall. It's been a while, but you should still recognize that orange rungy thing as a ladder. Climb it, and kill the soldiers on the roof. You can now fire your rocket launcher at the EMP emitter and disable it. There's a sniper rifle up here you can pick up. Be sure and stay behind the green boxes so you don't get shot through the head by the neighbourhood sniper. He's in the tall tower that's on your two o'clock as you come through the main gate. Now that you're well armed, jump down onto the roof of the railroad car sitting on the siding below, and make your way towards the objective (a big control panel). Don't waste time, just run up, plant a bomb on it and then carry on running through the base and out the other side. 3.4.4 Destroy Second Rocket You should find a friendly tank waiting for you as you come out of the base. There'll be unfriendly tanks in the little valley ahead, so jump in and kick their backsides. Drive down the valley and up the other side, blasting the rocket guy on your right as you go through the archway. Head for the nearest objective, killing the local tank and soldier defenses. I really hope you got that rocket launcher earlier, as this next bit is very rough without it. Capture the objective on the bridge (Construction Base) and then start to proceed forward. You'll soon have a warning about incoming enemy helicopters, so return to the bridge and seek shelter underneath. Ready your rocket launcher. If you don't have one, the top gun on the tank (get in and press Y to change to it) will have to do, but it is much less effective. Step out, take aim, lock on, and fire. Immediately return to cover to reload and to avoid the inevitably hail of bullets from its nose-mounted gun. Repeat until it's dead_ usually three hits. Get back in the tank and roll out for the next objective, which is a quick and easy capture in the culvert up ahead. Watch for tanks and soldiers along the way. Getting into the final objective is 'fun'. Be sure to take out all the guys standing on the archway over the entrance, and also the enemy tank waiting behind the blockade. There is some cover behind the flaming vehicle on the left if you get badly damaged. Once the coast is clear, jump out and head up the stairs on your left. Make your way up and around and into a warehouse containing an ammo crate and a rocket launcher. Kill all the soldiers, step out the big door and use your sniper rifle to take out as many baddies as possible. With great care make your way to the concrete base around the launch pad. There's a lot of snipers here, so turn around and look behind you - there's a tall tower with a box on top, and a sniper hiding on top. There's usually another on top of the entrance archway. There'll be a third on the very far wall (straight in front of you if you're looking at it with the rocket itself on your left). To add to your troubles, a second helicopter gunship will arrive, so be prepared to take cover from him and shoot him down. Once the coast is clear, head up the lefthand side of the launch pad and you'll find another of our helpful ladder friends leading up to the fuel hose of the rocket. Stand next to the hose and plant a demo charge on it. You don't see to have enough time to get away before it blows_ but it doesn't matter either, as soon as it goes off, the mission is won. Well done! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3.5 The Mountain King ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3.5.1 Destroy Enemy Tanks Welcome to Soviet Russia, where things happen in reverse, with hilarious consequences. This is perhaps the coolest mission in the game, so get ready for some fun. The first half of this mission is also a great place to do Bulletproof (the achievement, not the police chief from C.O.P.S.) Jump in the helicopter. You can take the tanks if you want to, but this is your only chance in the singleplayer campaign to use the helicopter, so go for it! If you run low on ammo or are damaged, return to this helipad for repairs and to rearm. Fly out to the battle, and blow up the enemy tanks. Each one should take three or four missile hits, so pepper them with rockets as well. 3.5.2 Capture Lower Fortress Don't jump out of your helo just yet_ there's two self propelled artillery units lurking around, just begging to get blasted into tiny bits. One on the left and one on the right. You know what to do. Once they're gone, fly around pounding the crap out of everything with rockets until you get bored. There's not a lot else you can really do with the helicopter now, so land somewhere and go in on the ground. If you're feeling really tidy, fly it back to the base and swap it for a tank. Award yourself a cookie for landing it properly on the helipad and everything. Capturing the first two towers is pretty standard stuff. The righthand tower has the objective point at the top, together with a rocket launcher (which is always a useful thing to get). The lefthand tower has airstrike binoculars on the top. Be sure to use every ammo crate you come across, as the special forces compact rifle you're using eats ammo very quickly. 3.5.3 Capture Upper Fortress Head up to the next towers. Again, these can be done in any order, I'm starting with the one on the left. The operations base is pretty easy, just walk in and on the right is a computer for you to tamper with. Hold down X to install a BIOS password. That'll teach them. If you drive straight ahead from here, you get to the satellite uplink. This is a trickier one to capture, as there's a lot of defenders around it. You can avoid trouble by driving right past it, and sneaking around the back between it and the cliff face. At the end of the structure opposite the dish itself is a ramp leading up to it. Plant a demo charge on the dish's mechanism to destroy it. You might as well go for the nearest objective on the next level up, which is the power station. It's a very tough fight getting up here so be ready. Watch out for the sniper who's standing on top of the tunnel entrance - he's very hard to hit. Take him out ASAP. Watch for an enemy tank as well. The power plant is a simple 'capture and hold' objective. All that remains is the motor pool. This is the third one we've captured, and Bilko still hasn't learned his lesson. It's a slightly exposed position, but grabbing it should be no problem. 3.5.4 Secure Fortress Door Now, you need to get inside the base itself. Don't walk directly in front of the door - approach from the side lest you be met by a hail of bullets. And, as you're coming in from the left, you can easily secure the assault drone that's by the door and send that in first to take care of the bad guys and auto turrets inside. The little drone has no hope against the armoured turrets through the second door, though. You'll need to use your rocket launcher against those. Once they're gone, run to the panel on the righthand side and use your John Connor Handheld Computer to hack it open. Easy money! 3.5.5 Destroy Generators That blast door is going to open to reveal a big nasty tank! Stay where you are. Grab the drones and rocket launcher, and use the little explosive drone to drive under the tank and destroy it. It'll take some time to clear out this first room, so take your time and be sure to stock up on ammo before moving on. Go for either generator in either order_ I went for the one on the left first. As soon as you enter that next room, dodge to the left behind the trailers and containers. Carefully take out all the guys hiding along the catwalk on the far wall, and use a rocket on the armoured turret. In the generator room, watch for a guy on the walkway above while you plant the demo charge. Make your way back the way you came, towards the other generator. In the warehouse immediately preceding it, use a rocket to destroy the auto turret on the catwalk on your left before it does you any injuries. Stick to the righthand wall as you make your way through this room, and take down the guys in the generator room before planting the charge. 3.5.6 Secure Missile Controls A large circular door has just opened in the last room, so head through it to descend further into the base. Look for the flashing lights. Be very careful in the stairwell as you're quite exposed as you make your way down. At the bottom of the stairs, head right and into the server farm. One of the machines has a screen on that you can hack into to install the Comet Cursor and BonziBuddy. The Red Star's network immediately slows to a crawl as spyware and viruses flood in. Head out the door and down the connecting tunnel to the next objective. You'll soon enter the inevitable Super Control Room. Fortunately, this isn't Goldeneye, and you don't have to protect Natalya. On the right as you come in is a hackable computer. Log in and erase all of Red Star's Google Earth bookmarks - this will delay their nuclear assault. 3.5.7 Secure Missile Silo It just gets worse, doesn't it? Now you need to go and disable the missile itself. Ahead is a very long corridor filled with enemies. Don't be afraid to come back and use the ammo crate you pass as you leave the Super Control Room. Once you've cleared the corridor and entered the silo itself, you have a tough fight to get up to the missile controls. Again, take your time, don't be afraid to go back for ammo. You're extremely exposed here so don't move too far from cover. The top floor in particular is very dangerous, hide behind the large, thick pipes. Firing a rocket at the last few guys defending the objective can work very well. Get to the control panel and haxx0r it. Unfortunately, your forgot that Winnuke only worked on Windows 95, and you fail. Not that it matters, the mission is over. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3.6 Living Quarter ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3.6.1 Neutralize Enemy Outposts The time has come to follow the Moskva down to Gorky Park. Unfortunately, Joanna Pacula is neither here nor naked. Never you mind, you've got a light machinegun that hold 200 rounds! You also now have thrown C4, which is entertaining. Ignore the jeep at the beginning_ there's very little benefit from using it here. Head straight for the first objective. Watch out for the first armoured turret, which you can easily circumvent and kill the gunner. Secure the objective and grab the drone. Run through the fields staying to the right of the crest. You'll see an uprooted tree stump which is a good place to shelter while you pick off the soldiers defending the next objective in the old fortress. The enemy have a combination of snipers and rocket guys which is a dangerous situation indeed. Make your way up the trench between the two halves of the fortress, and be ready to attack the autoturret on your right. Ignore your dumb buddies' warnings not to take it head on - 2 or 3 seconds of sustained fire from your big machine gun destroys it easily. Grab the objective and nearby drone and airstrike binoculars. There's also a rocket launcher in the trench which will serve you well. 3.6.2 Capture Bridge and Tower There are two bridges to secure, it doesn't matter which. I went for the lefthand one. An enemy tank awaits on the far side, use your airstrike on it. Approach the bridge itself from the lefthand side and you should have no problems clearing it. If you are having trouble, there's a sniper rifle on a box next to the water tower before you get to the bridge. The river is dry, so you don't even need to go across the bridge itself. Once the bridge objective is taken you'll be attacked from both directions so be ready - a few guys will come across the bridge from behind, and you'll also come under fire from guys up on the hill containing the next objective (the tower). Head up the hill towards the tower, hanging to the right of the big rock. There's two autoturrets ahead so blast them quick. Enter the tower and ascend the stairs. Go just high enough that you can plant a bomb on the communications dish without getting your head blown off while doing it. 3.6.3 Secure Slums With the tower gone, reinforcements arrive. Head back down to the bridge and jump into the IFV. Cruise into the town, watching for the guys on the rooftops. Go for the lefthand objective first, as you can drive right up to it and smash the defenders. The objective itself is in the lobby of a building, another computer for you to hack. Install Vista, which will drastically reduce the productivity of the Red Star IT department. Move towards the next objective, but be ready to deal with the inbound attack helo. The objective itself is rather dangerous and is well defended by armoured turrets and rocket men. And, to top it all off, an enemy tank will arrive. Seek cover in a building if need be. The final objective is best approached with a tank, so secure one if you can. Watch for the rocket guy who is hiding in the wrecked building directly above the objective marker. 3.6.4 Neutralize Roadblocks Ignore the slightly ominous "You are serving the Coalition well" comment and grab all the equipment off the table before jumping into the IFV. Almost immediately you'll encounter heavy enemy resistance. Go for the tank, and then the rocket guys, and then the armoured turrets. Once that's done, mop up any remaining infantry. From here on in, keep your eyes on the surrounding buildings for lurking enemies with rifles or rocket launchers. Don't be afraid to retreat around a corner to repair yourself. The objectives practically finish themselves as you kill the defenders. The second objective has an EMP emitter which is easily dealt with before you get too close. Watch for the armoured turret on the right and the rocket guy on the left. 3.6.5 Destroy Propaganda Station As you round the second roadblock and face up the road towards the last objective, an enemy tank will appear. Take it out quickly. The imposing Brutalist structure in the background has a soldier lurking on top - take care of him too, with extreme prejudice. Continue up the road. The area surrounding the last objective is filled with obstacles, auto turrets, rocket guys and armoured turrets. It is extremely dangerous and your tank can be reduced to spare parts before you realize it. Make your way into the marketplace street with great care and be wary of the turrets and snipers. Once it's clear, scramble across the rubble into the middle of the building and plant a demo charge on the large white object therein - the information node. Scratch your head and wonder why blowing the node up doesn't silence the ranting propaganda. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3.7 History Repeats ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3.7.1 Secure Plaza and Comm Tower Well, here we are, back in the USSR. Try not to think about the massive doses of radiation that you're undoubtedly getting from all those nuclear blasts around you - or just think on the money you'll save on glasses, toothbrushes and combs. Run straight ahead and get in the tank. Immediately open fire on the building in front of you to take out the civilian militiamen hiding in the windows. Just treat them as normal soldiers_ there is not going to be some stupid bit where you have to avoid killing certain civilians coming up, thankfully. When you get to the junction, turn right and engage the enemy tank. Once it's dead, clean up the remaining militia and proceed ahead, turning at the collapsed building to enter the square. There's a drone and rocket launcher on your left on the first street that you pass. Watch for a tank and snipers in the square. Once all the defenders are dead, head to the left towards the communications array. You'll encounter another enemy tank and several rocket guys hiding in and around the ruins, so proceed with caution. Some shooting later, you can plant a demo charge on the communications dish and blow it up. Your work there is done. 3.7.2 Capture Bridges Again, you have a choice. Might as well go for the lefthand bridge, as it's closest. Don't get too close, as there's an EMP emitter on it. Take that out from a distance and then cautiously begin crossing. There are a LOT of guys on the other side - several tanks, rocket launchers, turrets. Be conscious of the fact that an AI-driven friendly tank might try and follow you, blocking your path to reverse out of trouble. Once you're on the other side, hold off the enemy while the point captures. If you take a lot of damage, ditch the tank and hide behind the trailer on the left as there are few threats on that side. You have to get out of your tank in order to capture the point. 3.7.3 Secure Ministries Grab the rocket launcher and jump in the tank. You can do either objective first - I did the Ministry of Defence first. Head to the icon on the left. Be very careful as there is a lot of resistance here - you will encounter tanks and rocket guys very frequently. Drive down the road and look to your right to shoot the sneaky rocket guy hiding on your right on the fire escape. Turn left down the road and you'll see the Ministry of Defence up ahead. There are several autoturrets on the outside of this building, so take care of them quickly. Stop your tank at the bottom of the stairs and run up to the big monument to find two drones which will come in very handy very soon. Use the assault tank drone to roll into the ministry and clear out as many of the defenders as you can while you hide your softer, fleshier self behind the monument. The drone has no problem climbing the stairs, and is ignored by enemies when you're not actively controlling it. Proceed into the building personally, and stay behind the columns for cover. As in the ICBM bunker, some of the enemies here have shotguns which cause a lot of hurt. Make your way up the stairs to the top floor, and head around to the elevator shaft where you'll find your greatest ally - a ladder. Climb on up. As soon as you emerge an armoured turret will begin trying to separate your face from your skull, so dodge to the right. Peek around the righthand corner to take out all the baddies and their autoturret. Remember that your assault rifle is not nearly as effect against the autoturrets as the light machinegun was, so a grenade is a better plan. Now, secured against any surprise, peek around the left corner and use your rocket launcher to deal with the armoured turret. Once it's dead, run down the hallway and throw some grenades into the office on the left to kill the guys inside. Storm the office, and on your right you'll see a doorway barricaded with furniture. Inside lurks Premier Frankov. He looks like a normal enemy soldier, but shoot his head off just the same. Don't get cocky - he has a machinegun and will use it! Well done, you've just overthrown Mother Russia. But you're not finished yet. If you need ammo, the office on the other side of this floor has an ammo crate. Otherwise, climb back down the elevator shaft and return to your tank on the street outside. The Ministry is Information is well defended, so you'll want your tank. Unfortunately, collapsed buildings and roadblocks complicate things. Head back to your bridge spawn point, and then follow the other road away from there. Be very careful, as you'll encounter two tanks and several rocket guys on the road up ahead. Hang a left on the first main road and get ready as several rocket guys and a tank will ambush you from a vacant lot on the right. Fight them off and you'll see a half-collapsed building in front of you. Several more rocket guys lurk upstairs, so take them down. Look to your left and you'll see a communications mast which has fallen down and is resting between the two buildings. Drive under that and you'll emerge on the street right next to the Ministry of Information. Yet more barricades prevent you taking the tank any further, so shoot everything you can and then jump out and head into the ministry itself. Once inside, move quickly. Snipers will have appeared in that big red building across the road and will shoot you through the windows. The soldiers in the lobby will also be firing, and there's an armoured turret at the far end of the lobby waiting to eat one of your rockets. Crouch behind desks if you need to catch your breath. You'll reach the main stairwell. Don't go in quite yet, shoot out one of the windows and fly your attack helicopter drone out the window. Head out into the street, and blow up all the snipers. Once they're all dead, leave your drone hovering outside and switch back to your soldier. Make your way up the stairs, taking out the RS soldiers as you come to them. The landing on the top floor is home to an autoturret. Take it out with grenades or thrown C4. At the top you'll find a squalid little office with a ladder to the roof. Climb the ladder where I am sure you will be grateful to find an ammo crate. Reload and get ready to fight a gunship helicopter. You're in a very exposed position, so if you having trouble fire one rocket at the helicopter and then jump back down the hatch to avoid the return fire. Repeat until it's dead. Now, make your way along the roof in the direction you were facing when you climbed up through the hatch. You'll encounter several soldiers - waste 'em. Once they're all dead, look at the remainder of the building above you and you'll see a ladder leading to the upper roof. Switch back to your helicopter drone. Fly up to the top of the roof, and kill all the defenders up there using your drone. In particular, destroy the armoured turret next to the satellite dish. You are now free to make your own way up there with no threat to yourself. Simply plant a nice big demo charge on the base of the dish and the objective is complete. 3.7.4 Defend Square Sadly, neither the mission nor the war are complete. Return to the ground floor. Don't be tempted to jump - unlike multiplayer, you don't have a parachute. Turn right as you come out onto the street and see the friendly tank waiting for you by the barricades. Jump in and head for the square. I recommend that you set up shop on the lefthand side of the big monument, as the majority of the enemy will be coming from the right. Leave your tank and run up onto the monument to find a lot of turrets and deployable gun emplacements. Set them all up, facing the big empty field to the north. You should have just enough time to set everything up when the first enemy soldiers and tanks will arrive. Return to your own tank and start fighting. The objective bar will gradually fill in as you kill the attacking enemies. Your objective now is to hold out as long as you can. Use the same tactics you used in the tank battle in Graveyard - hide behind cover, peering out to fire a single shot from the main gun before retreating to avoid retaliation. Don't be afraid to hide for longer if you need repairs. Don't forget to keep an eye on the monument itself - your AI buddies are a bit dull and won't spot enemies standing right next to them sometimes. After a few minutes, an enemy helicopter will arrive. Jump out of your tank and engage it with your rocket launcher. Stay close to a large obstacle so you can shelter behind it when the helicopter fires its gun. Once it's dead, return to your tank and continue the fight. The enemy will eventually run out of tanks, but waves of soldiers will still approach. Keep fighting and once you've killed enough to kill the objective bar, the mission will end. Congratulations! You've destroyed Soviet Russia and won the war! Pour yourself a drink and enjoy the ending. ============================================================================== 4.0 Multiplayer Maps ============================================================================== These are listed with a general description, along with a more detailed listing of each objective. Unless otherwise specified, you should only need to stand next to an objective to capture it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.1 Gnaw ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Set in what appears to be Moscow, Gnaw is a close-combat map like Streets, with the notable exception that it features vehicles. 4.1.2 Western Coalition Command Centre Located outside the lobby of a large skyscraper. 4.1.3 Western Coalition Anti-Air Station SAM battery atop a building. RS needs to plant a charge on it, WC needs to repair it if destroyed. 4.1.3 Air Drop Site Amid ruins of a large building. 4.1.4 Radio Outpost Surrounded by large buildings and ruins. 4.1.5 City Centre In the basement of what was once a large, collapsed building. This is usually the focus of a lot of fighting, and you will do will to take cover when attempting to capture it. Access in and out is hampered by the fact that all the floor has collapsed around the foundations. 4.1.6 Memorial Park Fairly exposed point at the base of a hammer and sickle monument. The ruined bus nearby is the only cover. 4.1.7 Communication Station Up a series of makeshift ramps atop some ruins. A computer terminal that both sides need to hack in order to capture. 4.1.8 Red Star Alliance Command Centre At the steps of an imposing Soviet building. Exposed to frontal fire. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.2 Invasion ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Set on the outskirts of a large industrial city, this map is specifically designed to force an invader/defender game. The WC attack from a helicopter base hidden behind a large cliff, while the RSA defend from within a warren of city ruins. 4.2.1 Western Coalition Command Centre Very exposed among the helipads - not that it should matter, as the RSA should not, in theory, be ever able to get here. 4.2.2 Watchtower At the base of a watchtower, surrounded by garages. Somewhat exposed. 4.2.3 Anti-Air Station Small outpost concealed among the rocks. WC needs to plant a bomb, RSA needs to repair it. 4.2.4 Red Star Alliance Radar Station Radar dish that the WC needs to blown up. Again, RSA can repair it to recapture it. 4.2.5 Power Plant Beta Hidden amongst transformers in the ruins. 4.2.6 Power Plant Alpha Also hidden amongst transformers and such in the ruins. 4.2.7 Supply Depot Well concealed by supply crates. 4.2.8 Red Star Alliance Command Centre Concealed under camo netting in the middle of a completely flattened building. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.3 Mountaintop ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Deep in the mountains of Soviet Russia, a village is determined to be of strategic importance. Thus, the village is destroyed, in order to save it. 4.3.1 Vehicle Depot Garages and trucks behind a small hill. 4.3.2 Western Coalition Base Camp Flare amongst a series of portcabins and tents. 4.3.3 Repair Base Concealed between warehouses. 4.3.4 Satellite Uplink Under a huge satellite dish - no demo charges/repairs needed. 4.3.5 Power Station Located between the usual electrical equipment. 4.3.6 Power Generator Inside a large building (which you might recognize as being a tank factory from the singleplayer campaign), this is a computer terminal for you to hack into. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.4 Oil Field ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A huge, open oilfield. Plenty of room to maneuver, lots of vehicles, one of the best vehicle-on-vehicle maps. 4.4.1 Western Coalition Command Centre Behind a tall prefab building, surrounded by garages. 4.4.2 Command Post Under a very grotty shelter, you'll find a little computer terminal for you to hack. And also the sound my gas meter makes. 4.4.3 Pumping Station Between two large pipes. 4.4.4 Communication Station A terminal begging l33t haxx0rage. Beware of people meleeing you here as you fiddle with the computer, 4.4.5 Storage Plant A zone of death, this objective is always hotly contested. 4.4.6 Power Plant A power trailer for the WC to blow up, and the RSA to repair. Delete as applicable. 4.4.7 Pumping Station Sitting exposed on the road between some pipelines and a building, a lot of fighting usually occurs over this objective. 4.4.8 Red Star Alliance Command Centre Well positioned between buildings, this is easily defendable. Beware, though, if the enemy manage to drive you out, as you will find it hard to retake before they win. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.5 Roundabout ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Similar to Village, but smaller, this is a fun little map. 4.5.1 Western Coalition Outpost Set in the railyard among the mysteriously North American looking locomotives (perhaps sold to Turkmenistan by a desperate GE EMD during the recession cited in the backstory) this is fairly vulnerable from all angles. 4.5.2 Water Filtering Plant A computer terminal next to some water tanks. You are Gene. Hack, man! 4.5.3 Air Drop Site A smoke flare dropped by a large stone tower in the town square. 4.5.4 Checkpoint Right next to a small cabin on the roadside. 4.5.5 Anti-Air Station A SAM battery. WC can demo charge it, RSA can repair it. The stone tower nearby poses a threat as RSA can lurk inside and snipe at the WC. 4.5.6 Red Star Alliance Command Centre In the midst of some tents and portable buildings. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.6 Solar Farm ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Biggest map in the game, and the best place for vehicular combat. 4.6.1 Western Coalition Command Centre Flare hidden among portacabins. Easy to defend, but many WC sides fail to secure it against enemy incursions until it's too late. 4.6.2 Western Coalition Radar Dish Dish atop a small building for the RSA to blow to bits. WC need to repair it in order to recapture it. 4.6.3 Outpost Beta Stuck in a small courtyard between some prefab buildings, this is fairly easy to defend. 4.6.4 Water Tower A pretty vulnerable objective at the base of a water tower. Watch for opponents hiding amongst the portacabins nearby. 4.6.5 Satellite Dish A huge objective, and a favourite to be grabbed by low-flying helicopters. Be wary of the tall towers nearby which can conceal enemies. 4.6.6 Communication Station Isolated fortification that is hard to capture. Quite often used by the winning side as a lynchpin to stop their opponents from advancing their frontline. 4.6.7 Red Star Alliance Anti-Air Station SAM battery atop a prefab building. WC destroy, RSA repair. 4.6.8 Outpost Alpha Small, generic outpost amongst nondescript buildings. Yawn. 4.6.9 Red Star Alliance Command Centre Well positioned in the midst of a defensive wall and several two-story portacabins, this is a defensible position superior to that of the WC. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.7 Street ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ An urban combat map similar to Gnaw, but without vehicles. Drones reign here. 4.7.1 Western Coalition Outpost Hidden behind a roadblock and a wrecked truck. 4.7.2 Subway Station Interesting in that it isn't in the station itself, so much as in a fairly defensible position behind a wrecked tanker truck. The station itself provides a pretty safe, conceal underground tunnel linking to the Fueling Station. 4.7.3 Tent City Fairly good position by a ruined bus with an overactive, sparking battery. 4.7.4 Fueling Station Well protected position a short jog for the other exit of the subway. Beware of baddies coming in from the alleyway to the south. 4.7.5 Votypkov Memorial Park Probably the most fought-over objective in the game, this is a somewhat protected objective in that you can hide behind the statue and still cap it. The debris nearby provides some cover, but keep your wits about you.\\ 4.7.6 Red Star Alliance Outpost Well placed under an overpass, between a portacabin and a large barrier. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.8 Village ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tight urban combat very much like Roundabout. 4.8.1 Western Coalition Radar Dish A nice radar dish for the RSA to destroy. Or the WC to fix. 4.8.2 Western Coalition Outpost A smoke flare next to low buildings. Little of interest. 4.8.3 Communication Station A computer stupidly positioned in a small square for you to haxx0r. 4.8.4 Lookout Point A narrow street that will be hotly contested due to the number of approaches. 4.8.5 Woodbine A small, very exposed cluster of houses. 4.8.6 Old Sirenie Yet another small square in the midst of slum housing. Vulnerable. 4.8.7 Twisted Path Narrow streets, again, with gutted buildings on both sides. 4.8.8 Slippery Road A dead-end street with still more bombed-out houses. And a very crappy bicycle. 4.8.9 Red Star Alliance Anti-Air Station Hilltop SAM battery for the WC to blow into tiny bits, or the RSA to carefully weld back together. 4.8.10 Red Star Alliance Outpost Cluster of buildings atop a ridge, fairly defensible. ============================================================================== 5.0 Weapons ============================================================================== Weapons are listed as follows: NAME: Name of the weapon. Duh. TYPE: Rifle, machine gun, etc CAPACITY: Ammo capacity STATS: From the in-game field guide REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: The most likely real world weapon this was developed from. DESCRIPTION: General comments RATING: A usefulness rating out of 5. Pretty meaningless. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5.1 Western Coalition ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NAME: M12 Alamo TYPE: Pistol CAPACITY: 20 rounds 10mm Standard STATS: Range 2, Damage 1, Rate of Fire 1 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: Colt Mk.23 SOCOM DESCRIPTION: Generic pistol, which requires a lot of hits to bring down a target. Your last resort, assuming you don't fumble the controls trying to change to it in a panic. RATING: 1/5 NAME: MP15S TYPE: Submachine Gun CAPACITY: 45 rounds 8mm APD STATS: Range 3, Damage 2, Rate of Fire 4 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: H&K MP7 and H&K UMP DESCRIPTION: Potentially the best gun in the game, as its scope means that it can be used to snipe targets at pretty long range. RATING: 3/5 NAME: Shockentry 100 TYPE: Shotgun CAPACITY: 10 round drum of 10 gauge shells STATS: Range 1, Damage 4, Rate of Fire 1 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: Pancor Jackhammer DESCRIPTION: A shotgun. Hurts like hell if you hit with it, but it seems to require more accurate aiming than you'd expect. Not that great a choice as a result. RATING: 3/5 NAME: ARC3 TYPE: Assault Rifle CAPACITY: 50 rounds 6.8mm Light STATS: Range 4, Damage 3, Rate of Fire 3 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: XM8 LAR DESCRIPTION: An all-round good gun - the scope lets you snipe, you can fire it from the hip, and it has an underslung grenade launcher. It can cope with any situation (except a tank, of course) RATING: 5/5 NAME: M1000 MIK TYPE: Sniper Rifle CAPACITY: 10 rounds 12.7mm STATS: Range 5, Damage 5, Rate of Fire 1 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: Barret M9 DESCRIPTION: Firing more rapidly than you'd expect, the sniper rifle is an effective weapon with (admittedly limited) potential to run and gun. RATING: 4/5 NAME: MAG 021 TYPE: Light Machine Gun CAPACITY: 100 rounds 7.62mm STATS: Range 3, Damage 3, Rate of Fire 5 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: M249 SAW, HK 21 DESCRIPTION: Not as useful as I'd have hoped, it has a pathetic scope that zooms your view in by approximately 3%. If you can find a good hiding place you can do some damage and cut down anentire enemy advance, and that's why this gets a high rating. RATING: 4/5 NAME: M333 Threesome TYPE: Machine Gun CAPACITY: 100 rounds 12.7mm STATS: Range 3, Damage 3, Rate of Fire 4 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: XM312 DESCRIPTION: Trust me, you want a threesome. But if your partner is unwilling and you're stuck playing games instead, you'll want to be sure and man one of these fixed guns. Then you'll score big, become a pro gamer, and go to Korea where internet legend tells us Korean chicks will do anything to get with pro gamers. (NOTE: may not be true) RATING: 4/5 NAME: M97 Frag TYPE: Frag Grenade CAPACITY: n/a STATS: Range 1, Damage 4, Rate of Fire 1 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: M67 DESCRIPTION: Pull the pin and throw. There's two types of grenades in the world of games: stupidly powerful (Call of Duty 4) and hopelessly weak (Half-Life 1). These fall into the weak category. RATING: 3/5 NAME: M177 TYPE: Demolition Charge CAPACITY: n/a STATS: Range 1, Damage 5, Rate of Fire 1 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: US M2 DESCRIPTION: C4, which you can throw or plant and then remotely detonate. RATING: 3/5 NAME: ATM 50 TYPE: Anti-vehicle mine CAPACITY: n/a STATS: Range 1, Damage 5, Rate of Fire 1 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: DESCRIPTION: Annoyingly effective, if you manage to coax an enemy vehicle over it. Given the expansive maps in this game, this is harder than it sounds. RATING: 2/5 NAME: Guardian TYPE: Rocket Launcher CAPACITY: 1 130mm Guided Missile STATS: Range 4, Damage 4, Rate of Fire 1 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: SMAW DESCRIPTION: Extremely versatile and effective rocket launcher capable of targetting ground and air vehicles with equal effectiveness. Also good against infantry (aim at their feet). Slowwwwwww to reload. RATING: 5/5 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5.2 Red Star Alliance ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NAME: Type 101 Mongoose TYPE: Pistol CAPACITY: 20 rounds 7.9mm RSA STATS: Range 2, Damage 1, Rate of Fire 2 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: P96M DESCRIPTION: Useful for shooting more than just mongooses, the Type 101 is a solid, reliable pistol. Be warned that, like the Alamo, you need to empty almost an entire clip into a foe to kill them. And, for that reason, it more or less sucks compared to all the other weapons. RATING: 1/5 NAME: PP2020 TYPE: Submachine Gun CAPACITY: 50 rounds 5.8mm RSA STATS: Range 3, Damage 2, Rate of Fire 4 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: AKS-74U DESCRIPTION: ange 3, Damage 2, Rate of Fire 4 DESCRIPTION: Considered by many to be the best type of gun in the game, you can snipe or fire from the hip with this surprisingly powerful SMG. RATING: 3/5 NAME: Laayats 15 TYPE: Shotgun CAPACITY: 10 round magazine of 18mm RSA shells STATS: Range 1, Damage 4, Rate of Fire 1 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: Vepr 12 DESCRIPTION: Shotguns are of very limited use, given the size of the maps in this game. You also need to aim very accurately to hit your target. I have used the shotgun effectively, but only in a few games. RATING: 3/5 NAME: Ak113 Mongol TYPE: Assault Rifle CAPACITY: 50 rounds 5.8mm RSA STATS: Range 4, Damage 3, Rate of Fire 3 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: Ak107/108 with strong influence of Gorza OC-14 and A-91 DESCRIPTION: A well-rounded gun, which will serve you well in any situation. The grenade launcher looks a bit flimsy. RATING: 5/5 NAME: KVK Kivik TYPE: Sniper Rifle CAPACITY: 10 rounds 12.7mm Heavy STATS: Range 5, Damage 5, Rate of Fire 1 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: OSV-96, VSS DESCRIPTION: With this amazing gun, you can shoot an ant up the ass from a mile away. RATING: 4/5 NAME: PKH TYPE: Light Machine Gun CAPACITY: 100 rounds 7.62mm STATS: Range 3, Damage 3, Rate of Fire 5 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: PKM, Degtyarev RPD DESCRIPTION: A pathetic scope and rapidly decreasing accuracy with sustained fire are the only real issues with this powerful weapon. RATING: 4/5 NAME: KL (Mounted) TYPE: Machine Gun CAPACITY: 100 rounds 12.7mm STATS: Range 3, Damage 3, Rate of Fire 4 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: PKP Pecheneg DESCRIPTION: Not as good as the WC's mounted gun, if only because it doesn't have a hilarious innuendo-laden name. Feel free to provide your own: suggestions include the 'Knobbler', 'String flinger' and 'BigGunz'. RATING: 4/5 NAME: R608 TYPE: Frag Grenade CAPACITY: n/a STATS: Range 1, Damage 4, Rate of Fire 1 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: DESCRIPTION: Kick you in the nades, Beavis. RATING: 3/5 NAME: Renkov TYPE: Demolition Charge CAPACITY: n/a STATS: Range 1, Damage 5, Rate of Fire 1 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: DESCRIPTION: Remote-detonation bombs. Fun for boobytrapping things. RATING: 3/5 NAME: TM99 TYPE: Anti-vehicle mine CAPACITY: n/a STATS: Range 1, Damage 5, Rate of Fire 1 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: DESCRIPTION: Mine-d out for these lethal devices while driving. Sorry. RATING: 2/5 NAME: SAATI Stiletto TYPE: Rocket Launcher CAPACITY: 1 130mm Guided Missile STATS: Range 4, Damage 4, Rate of Fire 1 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: 9K310 'Igla-M' DESCRIPTION: An excellent piece of equipment which targets things on the ground or in the sky with aplomb. Quite how it's so effective against both (ground stuff would need a much bigger warhead than air stuff, so it should either be weak against tanks or overkill against aircraft) does not need any explanation beyond 'ITS TEH FUTARE!' RATING: 5/5 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5.3 Special Abilities ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Known in-game as 'roles', you pick a role at the same time that you pick a class. Typically you get your first level ability immediately, but the others you earn by scoring points and being an effective soldier. Note that many take time to 'recharge' after each use. These are listed by the side, the three abilities you get (in order of increasing level) together with a description. 5.3.1 Ground Support WESTERN COALITION: Repair Torch, M317 Grenade Launcher turret, EMA11 Railgun Turret DESCRIPTION: A useful class for vehicle users, as not only do you have the ability to repair your vehicles with the torch, but you also gain the self- repair power from the singleplayer game. The grenade launcher is a decent weapon, while the railgun is less powerful than you'd expect. Both leave you very vulnerable. RED STAR ALLIANCE: Repair Torch, GSh663 Mini-gun, RK1 Portable Sentry Gun DESCRIPTION: A useful class for vehicle users, as not only do you have the ability to repair your vehicles with the torch, but you also gain the self- repair power from the singleplayer game. The minigun does okay, and can be handy to set up quickly if you're faced with an enemy helicopter. The RK1 is an automated sentry that will blast the hell out of any enemies that come near with its machine guns AND RPG launchers, making it one of the most popular weapons in the game. 5.3.2 EMP Tech WESTERN COALITION: Enemy tracking & disruption, EMP rocket launcher, deployable EMP emitter DESCRIPTION: Great for drone hunters, as the first ability not only lets you hide but lets you detect the drones and drone operators at long range. The rocket launcher is great for disabling tanks (use it in conjunction with the anti-vehicle or special ops class), while the deployable emitter is great for defense or disrupting an enemy's attempts to stop you taking a point. RED STAR ALLIANCE: Enemy tracking & disruption, EMP rocket launcher, deployable EMP emitter DESCRIPTION: Identical to the above. 5.3.3 Drone Tech WESTERN COALITION: MQ38 Hunter, AQ431 Assault Drone, AQ432 Mortar Drone DESCRIPTION: Not quite as good as the RSA's drones, if you ask me. The suicide drone is great for aggravating enemies and taking out snipers, while the mortar drone is good for saturating an enemy emplacement with explosives. The assault drone is, I suppose, somewhere in the middle, and is effective if fragile. RED STAR ALLIANCE: TE1 Tiger Eye, TR1 Tiger Runner, TC1 Tiger Claw DESCRIPTION: Tiger! TIGER! TIGER UPPERCUT! The flying suicide drone is identical in function to the WC equivalent. The wheeled suicide drone is somewhat limited in its uses (not to mention a bit hard to control) but is damned lethal against tanks. The final drone is basically a miniature gunship helicopter and its rockets are very effective against soldiers and equipment. 5.3.4 Air Support WESTERN COALITION: UCAV Precision Air Strike, Cluster Bomb, VC24 Gryphon Gunship strike DESCRIPTION: The precision air strike causes a powerful bomb to land directly on the spot you specify. Good for destroying armoured vehicles with distracted drivers, but also handy for clearing out enemies around a defensive position. The cluster bomb is similar, but with a much bigger explosion. There is a lot of confusion over how the gunship strike works. Basically, when you first use it, a gunship appears nearby and fires its guns at the target marker whenever you pull the trigger. In doing so, you can move the marker over various targets, spray them with fire and then move to the next. Fun though it is, you need a good vantage point and also a lot of patience (it takes an age to charge up) RED STAR ALLIANCE: UCAV Precision Air Strike, Carpet Bombing, Fuel Air Bomb DESCRIPTION: The precision strike is the same as that of the WC. Carpet bombs fall in a long line, but are otherwise similar to the WC cluster bomb. The fuel air (otherwise known as a daisycutter) is a ridiculously powerful bomb - commonly referred to as the world's most powerful conventional bomb, or, rather, the most powerful non-nuclear weapon. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5.4 Multiplayer Classes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5.4.1 Assault WEAPONS: Assault Rifle, Pistol, Frag Grenade DESCRIPTION: Joe Average, jack-of-all-trades, etc etc. The Assault class is capable of just about anything, but will be at a disadvantage in both very close and very long range fighting. RATING: 4/5 5.4.2 Heavy Weapons WEAPONS: Light Machine Gun, Pistol, Frag Grenade DESCRIPTION: Harder-hitting variant of the Assault, with the usual tradeoff of speed and flexiblity for more firepower. Arguably superior to the Assault class, if you're good with the machine gun. The crappy scope on the machine guns is a serious detriment in many situations though. RATING: 3/5 5.4.3 Sniper WEAPONS: Sniper Rifle, Pistol, Frag Grenade DESCRIPTION: You can't have an FPS with a sniper class. Unlike many other games, however, the sniper rifles in FFoW fire fairly quickly and so you have a decent chance of killing your target even if you miss with the first shot. Useful on pretty much every map. RATING: 4/5 5.4.4 Anti-vehicle WEAPONS: Ricket Luncher (sic), Pistol, Land Mines DESCRIPTION: A very powerful class if used well. The long reload of the launcher itself makes for some tense situations, while the pistol proves invaluable in fending off angry drivers and pilots who bail out of the vehicles you blast. The mines are very effective traps. RATING: 3/5 (due to the slow reload of the launcher) 5.4.5 Special Operations WEAPONS: Submachine Gun, Pistol, C4 DESCRIPTION: If the Heavy Weapons is the Assault's older, stronger brother, this is the younger, sneakier one. The SMG is stupidly effective (especially at long ranges) while the thrown C4 is a great weapon both to booby trap parked vehicles and entrenched positions. The SMG eats through ammo like a an elephant through a peanut factory, though. RATING: 4/5 5.4.6 Close Combat WEAPONS: Shotgun, Pistol, Frag Grenade DESCRIPTION: The Close Combat class is a bit like a in-your-face sniper. No, come back, listen. The shotguns don't fire fast enough or have much spread, so you need really good accuracy to kill your foes quickly and before they open up with their automatic weapons and kill you back. This detriment, combined with the large open spaces in all the FFoW maps means that this is probably the worst class in terms of overall effectiveness. And before I get any angry emails from disenfranchised Close Combat users, YOU ARE STILL EFFECTIVE AND DEADLY - JUST NOT AS VERSATILE AS THE ASSAULT OR SPECIAL OPS. RATING: 2/5 =========================================================================== 6.0 Vehicles ============================================================================== Vehicles are listed as follows: NAME: Name of the vehicle. Duh. TYPE: Jeep, tank, etc CAPACITY: Driver, crew, passengers WEAPONS: Armament! Guns! DIIIEEEE BUDDA BUDDA BUDDA. Weapons marked with an asterisk are only available in singleplayer. STATS: From the in-game field guide REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: The most likely real world vehicle this was developed from. DESCRIPTION: General comments RATING: A usefulness rating out of 5. Meaningless. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6.1 Western Coalition Ground Vehicles ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NAME: Light Vehicle Standard (LV5) TYPE: Jeep CAPACITY: Driver, One gunner, three passengers WEAPONS: Driver: Firefly Decoy Launcher; Gunner: Rooftop 12.7mm heavy machine gun, rocket launcher* STATS: Armour 5, Speed 2, Acceleration 5, Damage 2, Rate of Fire 3 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: M998 HMMWV (Hummvee) DESCRIPTION: Your standard-issue jeep. Extremely fast, and therefore useful crossing the map in a hurry. However, the multiplayer version does NOT have the secondary missile launcher, which makes this a mode of transportation foremost with any use in combat very much secondary. The Halo-style controls don't really help in FFoW's maps, which are cluttered with stuff. RATING: 2/5 NAME: M18 Fuller Heavy Armour TYPE: Main Battle Tank CAPACITY: Driver, one gunner WEAPONS: Driver: 120mm Main Gun, 7.62 Coaxial Light Machine Gun, Firefly Decoy Launcher; Gunner: 12.7mm heavy machine gun STATS: Armour 5, Speed 1, Acceleration 2, Damage 5, Rate of Fire 2 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: M1A2 Abrams MBT DESCRIPTION: A tank. As you'd expect, this is the king of the land vehicles, and all should fear it. The main gun is extremely effective against most targets, with the coax MG mostly there to terrify infantry. The reason being that you'll find a well-placed shot from the main gun kills infantry a lot quicker than the MG ever will. Also useful against low-flying aircraft with careless pilots, just like in Desert Combat. The mainstay of any army. RATING: 5/5 NAME: M4 Powell Medium Armour TYPE: Infantry Fighting Vehicle CAPACITY: Driver, one gunner WEAPONS: Driver: 25mm Auto Cannon, 130mm Wire-Guided Anti-Tank Missile; Crew: 150mm Wire-Guided Anti-Tank Missile, Countermeasures system STATS: Armour 3, Speed 1, Acceleration 3, Damage 3, Rate of Fire 3 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: M2 Bradley IFV DESCRIPTION: Faster than the MBT, and with arguably a more diverse set of weapons. The auto cannon isn't as effective per shot as the MBT's gun, but its high rate of fire still ensures death if you hit your target enough times with it. The missiles are interesting in that they will follow your targeting reticule, and so can be steered to hit a moving target by keeping your sights on it. A very useful vehicle. RATING: 4/5 NAME: M7 Railman Air Defence Vehicle TYPE: Mobile Anti-Air Defence CAPACITY: Driver WEAPONS: Driver: 20mm Gatling Cannon, 135mm Long Body Fire-and-Forget Air Defence Missiles STATS: Armour 2, Speed 2, Acceleration 3, Damage 3, Rate of Fire 4 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: Mowag Piranha DESCRIPTION: A dedicated anti-air vehicle hampered by several factors: the single gun, despite being rotary, doesn't seem to hit as hard as the quad mounted MGs on the Red Star's anti air tank. Second, it's a wheeled vehicle, which for reasons known only to the developers results in severely reduced maneuverability. Lastly, the weapons (and indeed, the view itself) cannot be lowered enough to even see where you're going in many situations, never mind attack targets on the ground. Deadly against helicopters, though. RATING: 3/5 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6.2 Red Star Alliance Ground Vehicles ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NAME: GZ 550 TYPE: Jeep CAPACITY: Driver, Gunner, three passengers WEAPONS: Gunner: 12.7mm heavy machine gun STATS: Armour 1, Speed 2, Acceleration 5, Damage 2, Rate of Fire 3 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: UAZ Patriot DESCRIPTION: Four-wheeled transport, with a mounted machine-gun. As with the WC jeep, you'll find you drive it to your destination and discard it, rather than use it in any meaningful sense in combat. This is mostly due to the fact that you need a second player to be gunner. RATING: 3/5 NAME: T-119 Blackbear TYPE: Main Battle Tank CAPACITY: Driver, Gunner WEAPONS: Driver: 140mm Main Gun, 7.62mm Coaxial light machine gun, Domovoi Decoy Launcher; Gunner: 12.7mm heavy machine gun STATS: Armour 5, Speed 1, Acceleration 2, Damage 5, Rate of Fire 2 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: ob.640 Black Eagle DESCRIPTION: A mighty Russian tank, and a match for the Fuller. Good for blowing the crap out of everything on the ground, and also as an impromptu anti-air vehicle. RATING: 5/5 NAME: BTR-110 Cossack TYPE: Infantry Fighting Vehicle CAPACITY: Driver, Gunner WEAPONS: Driver: 27mm Autocannon, 130mm Laser-guided Anti-Tank Missile; Gunner: 150mm Laser-Guided Anti-Tank Missile STATS: Armour 3, Speed 1, Acceleration 1, Damage 2, Rate of Fire 3 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: BTR-90 DESCRIPTION: Quite why they didn't do a new version of the venerable BMP (Russian APC, to the non-military vehicle geeks out there) instead of the BTR is beyond me. Yes, the wheels do add some variety, but, as with the Railman, result in an extremely unmaneuverable vehicle that you will struggle to get through tight spaces. RATING: 3/5 NAME: 2S10 Telker TYPE: Mobile Anti-Air Defence CAPACITY: Driver WEAPONS: Driver: 27mm Quad-mounted Autocannon, 130mm Fire-and-Forget Air Defence Missiles STATS: Armour 3, Speed 1, Acceleration 3, Damage 3, Rate of Fire 4 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: 2K22M Tunguska DESCRIPTION: Superior, in my opinion, to the Railman, as the increased maneuverability of its tracks combined with what seems increased firepower from its vicious quad-mounted machine guns makes for a more satisfying and effective vehicle to use. The same issue of not being able to depress the guns enough to reliably hit targets on the ground is still there, which is a shame as it's absolutely lethal against infantry and jeeps if you can draw a bead on them. RATING: 4/5 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6.3 Western Coalition Aircraft ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NAME: AH-67 Mohawk TYPE: Attack Helicopter CAPACITY: Pilot, Gunner WEAPONS: Pilot: 60mm Rocket Pod, Stealth Mode, Firefly Decoy Launcher, 130mm Laser-guided Anti Tank Missile; Gunner: 25mm Chaingun, 130mm Laser-Guided Anti Tank Missile STATS: Armour 1, Speed 4, Acceleration 5, Damage 4, Rate of Fire 5 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: RAH-66 Comanche DESCRIPTION: The US, for reasons best known to them, canned the much-vaunted Comanche project in 2004, much to the consternation of gamers everywhere who had grown up playing stuff like Novalogic's seminal Comanche and thus were salivating over the prospect of this real-life stealth helo entering service. In FFoW, it's a very capable platform for destroying ground targets as well as other helicopters. However, it's sometimes hamstrung by the stealth mode which is easily engaged by accidentally clicking the right stick and causes all the weapons to disengage. The benefit of doing so prevents any missiles from locking on. RATING: 5/5 NAME: UH-68 Seneca TYPE: Transport Helicopter CAPACITY: Pilot, 2 gunners, 3 passengers WEAPONS: Pilot: Firefly Decoy Launcher; Gunners: 7.62mm minigun (one on each side) STATS: Armour 2, Speed 3, Acceleration 3, Damage 2, Rate of Fire 4 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: UH-66 Blackhawk DESCRIPTION: The Blackhawk is perhaps my favourite military helicopter ever, so I am happy to see its lineage continued here. At the time of writing, it has only a limited role in FFoW, and few use it to its full capacity. With a pilot and one gunner, it is well used circling a target and providing additional suppressive fire over an objective. However, it is still vulnerable while doing so and this limits its effectiveness, hence the score. RATING: 2/5 NAME: F/A-40 Stalker TYPE: Fixed Wing Fighter/Attack Aircraft CAPACITY: Pilot WEAPONS: Pilot: 20mm Gatling Gun, 150mm Air-to-Air Guided Missiles, 175mm Air- to-Ground Guided Missiles, Firefly Decoy Launcher STATS: Armour 1, Speed 5, Acceleration 5, Damage 4, Rate of Fire 5 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: F-22 Raptor (with F/A-18 Hornet and YF-23 Black Widow influences) DESCRIPTION: I can't say that I like the F-22, not least of all because I have always had a soft spot for the YF-23 which it beat out, albeit slightly. In FFoW, the F/A-40 does its job well. Unfortunately, it (and its RSA compatriot, the SU-48) are simply too fast to be of more than limited use in the game. RATING: 4/5 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6.4 Red Star Alliance Aircraft ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NAME: Mi-70 Hyper TYPE: Attack Helicopter CAPACITY: Pilot, Gunner WEAPONS: Pilot: 75mm Rocket Pod, 130mm Laser-Guided Anti-tank Missiles, Domovoi Decoy Launcher; Gunner: 23mm Auto Cannon, 130mm Laser-Guided Anti-tank Missiles STATS: Armour 1, Speed 5, Acceleration 5, Damage 4, Rate of Fire 5 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: Mi-28 Havoc (fuselage), Ka-52 Alligator (rotor system) DESCRIPTION: A very capable helicopter, in spite of its lack of a stealth system like that seen on the AH-67. I'm slightly bemused that Kaos didn't try and balance this out by instead making it a next-gen version of the venerable Mi-24 Hind and providing a limited troop-transport capability. RATING: 4/5 NAME: Mi-11 TYPE: Transport Helicopter CAPACITY: Pilot, 2 gunners, 3 passengers WEAPONS: Pilot: Domovoi Decoy Launcher; Gunners: 7.62mm Gatling Gun (one on each side) STATS: Armour 2, Speed 3, Acceleration 3, Damage 2, Rate of Fire 4 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: Mi-2 Hoplite or Ka-25 Hormone DESCRIPTION: I've yet to see this aircraft in action on any map in the game, and so I can only imagine that it is equivalent in all respects to the Seneca. RATING: 2/5 NAME: Su-48 TYPE: Fixed Wing Fighter/Attack Aircraft CAPACITY: Pilot WEAPONS: Pilot: 20mm Gatling Gun, 150mm Air-to-Air Guided Missiles, 180mm Air- to-Ground Guided Missiles, Domovoi Decoy Launcher STATS: Armour 1, Speed 5, Acceleration 5, Damage 4, Rate of Fire 5 REAL LIFE COUNTERPART: SU-47 Firkin DESCRIPTION: A worthy opponent for the F/A-40,the Su-48 is a capable aircraft both for aerial interception and ground attack. And, like its Western brother, it is severely limited by the limitations of the game itself. RATING: 4/5 ============================================================================== 7.0 Achievements ============================================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 7.1 Achievement Overview ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Frontlines has 30 achievements - 28 normal and 2 hidden, for a total of 1000 gamerpoints. Overall, this isn't too hard a game to max out if you're that way inclined - there's only one particularly tricky one to get, Top Scorer. Everything else is pretty easy, and I had 1000/1000 within a week of getting the game. Achievements here are categorized by their type, and are listed by their name, description and gamerpoint value. The descriptions are straight from the in-game text. Note also that my tips for doing may be construed by some as 'cheating'. That's nice, dear. Have some juice and go play outside. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 7.2 Achievement List ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 7.2.1 Single Player Campaign-related Anvil - Complete the third mission on normal difficulty or higher. 15pts Anvil - Ironman - Complete the third mission in a single session without dying. 20pts Anvil - Stopwatch - Complete the third mission in under 25 minutes. 25pts Bulletproof - Kill 100 hostiles without dying in the first or second half of a single player mission. 90pts Bull's-eye - Complete the first or second half of a mission with an accuracy higher than 50%. 90pts Captains of Industry - Complete the second mission on normal difficulty or higher. 15pts Captains of Industry - Ironman - Complete the second mission in a single session without dying. 20pts Captains of Industry - Stopwatch Complete the second mission in under 25 minutes. 25pts Darkness Falls - Complete the first mission on normal difficulty or higher. 15pts Darkness Falls - Ironman - Complete the first mission in a single session without dying. 20pts Darkness Falls - Stopwatch - Complete the first mission in under 15 minutes. 25pts Graveyard - Complete the fourth mission on normal difficulty or higher. 15pts Graveyard - Ironman - Complete the fourth mission in a single session without dying. 20pts Graveyard - Stopwatch - Complete the fourth mission in under 50 minutes. 25pts History Repeats - Complete the final mission on normal difficulty or higher. 15 pts History Repeats - Ironman - Complete the final mission in a single session without dying. 20pts History Repeats - Stopwatch - Complete the final mission in under 40 minutes. 25pts Living Quarter - Complete the sixth mission on normal difficulty or higher. 15 pts Living Quarter - Ironman - Complete the sixth mission in a single session without dying. 20pts Living Quarter - Stopwatch - Complete the sixth mission in under 25 minutes. 25pts The Mountain King - Complete the fifth mission on normal difficulty or higher. 15 pts The Mountain King - Ironman - Complete the fifth mission in a single session without dying. 20pts The Mountain King - Stopwatch - Complete the fifth mission in under 30 minutes. 25pts 7.2.2 Multiplayer Flawless - Win a ranked match without dying. 50pts Killing Spree - Score 5 kills in a row without dying in multiplayer. 50pts Marksman - Finish a ranked match with an accuracy level higher than 40%. 75pts Rampage - Score 10 kills in a row without dying in multiplayer. 75pts Top Scorer - Be the player with the highest score on the winning team of a ranked match. 50pts 7.2.3 Hidden Achievements Fashion Police - Multiplayer: Knock off 20 enemy hats. 100pts Noob - Commit suicide 10 times in a multiplayer game. 0pts (yes, none) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 7.3 Achievement Tips ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 7.3.1 Single Player Campaign Singleplayer achievements are divided into three types - finish the mission on normal, finish without dying (Ironman) and finish within a certain time (stopwatch). I'd like to hope that even in the intellectual wasteland that is Xbox Live, the first type doesn't need any further explanation. Ironman achievements can be done on Casual difficulty, and I encourage you to unless you're harder than Phil Mitchell and Arnold Schwarzenegger combined. That's a rather scary thought, actually - er, anyway, do it on casual! Take your time and retreat from every remotely dangerous situation. Be especially wary of anything that fires explosives as these will kill you incredibly quickly. Expend as much ordnance as needed to ensure everything is dead before you proceed. And hide, constantly, with your tail between your legs. Whimpering. No doubt the contrast between this soft behaviour and the supposed toughness of an Ironman mission will intrigue you. Stopwatch achievements can also be done on Casual difficulty, and unless you are the aforementioned Eastend Oak, you really should do so. You will need to move fast, fast, fast and that doesn't leave much time for hiding to regenerate your health. Ironically, this will probably result in more gung-go gunplay than the Ironman achievements, as you will need to leap around like a madman, blasting Commies with one hand while grabbing objectives and shooting down helicopters with the other. Only kill the minimum number of enemies to continue making progress, and don't waste any time. If your watch or mobile phone allows you to set a countdown timer, do so. You'll lose a minute or two while the second half of the mission loads, so when the alarm sounds you'll know you only have a few moments left to hurry up and finish. Bull's Eye is best done on the first part of Anvil. You have two single-shot weapons (fine, the sniper rifle is semi-auto if we're being pedantic gun nerds, which I am) and the luxury of taking your time. Best to avoid using the rapid- firing assault drone too much, just in case. Bulletproof is easily done in the first part of The Mountain King. Just fly around in the helicopter, pounding everything with rockets, going back to the helipad when you run low. I didn't do this for long and still got the achievement just through fighting my way through the mission. 7.3.2 Multiplayer Flawless HAS TO BE DONE IN A RANKED MATCH. And you can't die. The solution is pretty obvious: hide. For the entire game. This isn't really fair to your team, who'll be a man down for the entire game, so you might want to pick a busy server so your inactivity won't have a huge effect on your team's overall effort. If you don't care about that and have no conscience (you bad person) then just join a ranked game on Invasion and play as the Western Coalition. Hide somewhere behind all the hangars and containers at your base. Unless the Red Star side gets really enterprising and manages to secure a helicopter, they can't get into nor attack your base and you're completely safe. Note that your team has to win despite your non-participation. Killing Spree and Rampage complement one another. Hello Rampage, you're looking well. Why thank you, Killing Spree, and you. Neither has to be done in a ranked match, which makes life even easier for you. Simply host a player match that only has two player slots, and set it to private. Invite a friend. Shoot your friend in the face 10 consecutive times, and you've unlocked both. It's only polite to then let him or her return the favour. Marksman is pretty easy to get if you're determined. Technically, all you need to do is fire one shot that hits an enemy and you have 100% accuracy. Now, never fire another shot for the rest of the game and you're sorted. Of course, this doesn't make you a very effective teammate. Note that you could combine this with Flawless if you wanted. Go out and shoot someone, and then hide for the rest of the game. Invasion is a good place to try this - as WC, you can get on the cliffs and make your way around to where you can shoot at the Watch Tower objective. Wait for an enemy player to start climbing the ladder to the tower, and shoot them dead. Or just wing them, so long as you hit. If you miss, try again, as two shots with only one hit is still 50%. Once that's done, go hide for the rest of the game. Hope that your team wins and you'll get Flawless too. Top Scorer is the toughie - the one that I think most people will struggle with. You need to have the highest score AND be on the winning team, in a ranked match of all places! Oilfield and Street are good places to try. I almost had it on Oilfield, and was 30 points in the lead, but the other team won when the timer ran out as they had more points left over. I managed it in Street by playing very aggressively and scoring a lot quickly and then winning the match. The most important thing when it comes to Top Scorer is points, and that means you need to focus on capturing objectives. Grab as many as you can, as often as you can. Certainly, keep shooting the other team bang bang, but your priority is to score points from securing objectives. 7.3.3 Hidden Achievements! Noob is easy. Join or create a multiplayer game (doesn't need to be ranked), and kill yourself ten times. Have fun doing this if you wish by crashing planes and jumping off cliffs, or just play as antivehicle and look straight down at your feet and pull the trigger as soon as you spawn. Note that I've actually seen people earn this genuinely through thoroughly inept play. I tried not to laugh at their outrage over the voice chat. Fashion Police is the cousin of Killing Spree and Rampage, but lives in a trendy loft apartment. Host a multiplayer game for you and a friend (as before) and get your buddy to spawn as a heavy assault guy. Get them to stand in front of you looking down, while you shoot them in the HAT with the sniper rifle. This will kill them as well (hence it's a nice way to get those other two) and after 20 be-hattings you've earned this surprisingly valuable achievement. And then, of course, return the favour by bowing your head in penance and taking some 30.06 through the top of your skull, 20 times over. ============================================================================== 8.0 Misc ============================================================================== This is the section for everything else that doesn't fit anywhere else. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 8.1 Bonus Content Codes! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hooray! Select 'Extras' on the main menu and then 'Bonus Content'. Type these in to access additional singleplayer levels! sp-street - Unlocks the Street level as a singleplayer mission sp-village - Unlocks the Village level as a singleplayer mission ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 8.2 FAQs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Until someone emails me with some, I'll just have to make some up. Q: If I die while trying for Ironman in the second half of the mission, do I have to restart the whole mission or just that half? A: The whole thing, sorry. This is especially a pain if you're doing Graveyard. Q: I can't get into a ranked match, I join one that's got lots of people in and it says 'Game Session No Longer Available'! And I saw enough of that message in Call of Duty 3! A: That's because it's filled up while you were trying to join. Always join the ranked matches that are empty or only have a few people in for the best results. Q: I can't hit anything! This game sucks balls! A: Fire in really, really short bursts. Literally tap the trigger. Q: Missiles keep killing me! A: Some vehicles have flares which 'spoof' the missile, causing it to miss. Hit 'A' when you get the missile warning to drop flares. This isn't foolproof, mind you, so still make an evasive maneuver. Q: Gunship air support is broken! A: No it isn't! You just place the reticule over the desired target. When you pull the right trigger, the gunship's guns will fire and hit the reticule. You can move the reticule around to fire at other targets. Q: How do I join a ranked match anyway? A: When you go into Custom Game in the Xbox Live menu, there's a slider for Ranked that you need to set to on. Q: Ack! My helicopter won't fire! A: You've probably gone inadvertently into Stealth Mode. Stealth Mode is activated by clicking the Right Stick. Click it again to reactivate your weapons. This whole thing is a lot more obvious from the exterior view. Q: This objective won't capture. Grrr. A: Check it's not one you don't need to hack/place a demo charge on/repair. Q: How do I place an auto turret? A: You need to be playing as Ground Support and on the RSA side. Enjoy your free n' easy kills. Q: Why is an orange? A: Yes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 8.3 Peak Oil ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Peak oil is defined (in Wikipedia, at least) as the point when world oil production hits its absolute peak, after which it enters an inexorable, terminal decline. This is not a question of if, but when. Some (Frontlines included) say it has already happened. Others say it's due by 2010. In any event, it's the start of a very trying time for civilization as we know it: think for a moment how much of what you do every day involves petroleum. If you're too drunk or unimaginative: pretty much everything. Peak oil will almost certainly affect you before climate change or any of the other environmental bogeymen in the media. At the time of this writing, it remains to be seen whether the upcoming events of the Frontlines intro movie (a hot summer this year that'll stretch power plants past their limit, and H5N1 bird flu next year) will come true. Here's hoping I don't read this FAQ in a few years time from a solar power cell and kick myself. If you want the pessimistic viewpoint, visit: If you want a more pragmatic viewpoint, then go to: I'm not enough of a joker to give poor old George Dubya the benefit of a link to his official page with a 'head in the sand' joke. Please don't ignore this issue. My heart and karma will be gladdened if even one of you Xbox Live mooks thinks to buy a solar power cell or some water purification tablets or SOMETHING that allows them to survive the forthcoming anarchy, or at least some other natural disaster, as a result of reading all this bumph. Paranoid ramble over. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 8.4 Wishlist ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is where I list all the stuff I'd like to see added or fixed in the game. -consistency in the use of the red and blue colours on the HUD: your side always appears as blue on the map, but the two ticket counters at the top of the screen by the clock don't represent this (on there, blue is always WC and red is always RSA). Why not just have it so blue is WC everywhere, and red is RSA everywhere? -a hull/turret indicator. When you're in a tank or similar, it's not always apparent which way your turret is pointing in relation to the rest of your vehicle, making quick or evasive maneuvers tricky. This could be easily implemented using the existing vehicle seats indicator in the HUD. -the ability to look at the scoreboard while on the deployment screen. -greatly improved mobility for the wheeled armoured vehicles (Cossack, Railman) as these are downright unpleasant to drive at the moment. -increase how much you can lower the turrets of the anti-air vehicles, purely so one can see where one is going, what what. -ability to view what maps are in a server's rotation from the server browser. I mean, Roundabout is great and all, but I can't stomach more than three rounds of it at a time. -'warmup' rounds like in the ranked games, but for the dedicated Kaos servers. -*something* to stop vehicle (in particular, helicopter) camping. -something to fix the rocket launchers when used at close range. If the launcher is fired and detonated at such close range and kills the target, it should also kill the firer. -a map to let us use the fixed wing aircraft to their full potential. Frankly, we need a higher flight ceiling and a wider area to fly that doesn't trigger the 'leaving the battlefield' message. I will grant that this is a throwback to the game's BF1942 heritage (BF1942 featured prop-driven aircraft which suited the small map areas, while Desert Combat's jets would run out of map very quickly) but that should not be an excuse. It's somewhat telling that the jets only appear on one map so far, and the rest of the time are only seen streaking overhead. -failing the above, how about some proper low-level attack aircraft? We can put the silliness of trying to cram long-range interceptor aircraft aside and just provide proper close air support planes while the aforementioned fighters remain AI-controlled in the skies above. ============================================================================== 9.0 Thanks/Legal Stuff ============================================================================== This Guide is Copyright 2008 Stephen Webber. I'd like to thank: -Kaos Studios, for making Desert Combat again, only better, and not forcing me to dig my old laptop out to play it for all the guidance in games and for the inspiration to write a definitive FAQ for being the ultimate repository of chips and teats for pretty much every game, ever -Kate, for putting up with my obsessive FFoW playing and for turning down CSI Miami when I'm trying to type up this FAQ. I'll be up now in a minute, promise. -Everyone on my friends list, especially those who have been seduced by FFoW's spell -Jose Cuervo, for not just making tequila, but also ready-to-guzzle bottles of actual margarita (albeit a bit weak unless you mix some of the proper stuff in) to go with it. -All the crazies I used to play DC_Final with... you guys rocked Thanks as well to, and for their info on the in-game equipment and such. This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. You are not allowed to charge or profit in any way from this FAQ or people's access to it. If I'd wanted to make money writing this, I wouldn't have bothered and would be selling myself on the streets right now. is the official home of this FAQ, and the newest version will always be found there. The following sites have permission to host or link this FAQ: Unless you are listed above, you don't have permission. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. I like my oil how I like my women - black and crude.</p>