Here are some locations and tips to help you out with your research with a camera. The reason i have done this is the majority of gamerscore on Bioshock involves research, so here goes. Locations: 1.) A fairly obvious one. In the progress of creating Sander Cohen's masterpiece, not only can you take the pictures of his subjects. But when Cohen gets angry and sends his splicers after you, it gives you the perfect opportunity to get some bonuses on your pictures such as action shots adn multiple subjects. There is also a wide variety of splicers so that also helps. 2.) While investigating the area around Andrew Ryan's office trying to get into it, while you're investigating and you have to stop the multiple splicer attacks, that provides bonuses and a wide variety. There are also three Rosies or Bouncers in the area, along with litte sisters of course, increasing variety. 3.) This part of the game is annoying to pass but while you're most probably stuck, almost every type of enemy is available, with the exception of the little sister. At Mercury Suites on the level Olympus Heights. While your stuck differetn types of enemies always spawn, just to annoy you further by wasting your ammo. But it puts your camera to good use because you won't have to keep taking pictures of dead bodies and the same subject everytime. Single subject tips: I am only going to mention the less common subjects, as it is easy to get pictures of thuggish and gun splicers. 1.) little sisters Impossible to capture while the big daddy is alive. So firstly take care of the big daddy and then, make sure you rescue the little sister ,DO NOT HARVEST IT! Then take the picture of the littel sister as she stands in front of you saying thankyou. 2.) Rosies and Bouncers Very tricky to get perfect, but the basics of it are take the picture while it is attacking you. Therefore you will always get the action shot bonus. A glitch i found is if you let them get close to you you get a wierd bonus that says 'close-up', and that is the perfect picture on a big daddy, just practice it first though! 3.) Moudini Splicer An absolute bugger to get, probably the most annoying enemy even to kill, let alone take a picture of. However the answer is pretty simple. Because they can teleport all around you, step into a corner of the room you are in, therefore they have to face you to attack you, then you can get action shot bonuses, and the multiple subjects if there is more than one. 4.)Nitro Splicer Another fairly annoying subject because they move around so much, and even when they stop you have to concentrate on dodging the grenade they just threw. The trick is to make sure you have killed all your other enemies apart from the nitro splicer, then equip the camera and hide, wait until it looks for you, pop out your hiding spot just as it notices you, so as you can take the picture just as it reaches for a grenade to get the action shot bonus. Soon i'll create a FAQ for plasmids. But i can't be bothered at the moment! >=). So wait for that. It'll be better tan any other you've seen! ( I hope!)</p>