Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team Nintendo DS This is a quick A to B walkthrough that I did while bored. It's Free to anyone who wants it or to put it on there webs as long as you leave my name on it. Xx Angel xx I couldn�t give you a really good walkthrough because the levels and stairs load up randomly it seems. So I can only give you hints and what will happen in the game. The main advise I can say is train your socks off before you get deep into the game. Ok first up you answer the questions, next pick your partner and name him I usually pick a fire type recommend Cindaquil, you add your name just before the Caterpie rescue and we�re away! Game Play Ok game play nothing moves till you do. So you can think about which direction you want to go or to retreat and let your partner take the hits for you. You will see loads of Items all over the floor it is a good idea to collect as many as you can carry. As you can then use Oran berries to heal your health, Peacha berries to heal you from poison so on. Apples and Gummi will restore your belly which you can�t let get empty. Gummi also adds IQ but fills you up less. Try to always keep 2 Apples on you if you can help it. You will later be able to store these at a Kangaskhan storage shop. It�s a good idea to give your partner Pokemon the Gravelerock as he�ll throw them automatically to do this you press x, click on team, your partner, give then what you want to give. In a level it�s different you go to the item first. On mini rescue mission that are posted on the Bulletin Board outside the Pelipper post office also some of the Pokemon call for certain items as there rescue need so it�s good to stock them as well. Money will also be on the floor. It�s a small circle with a p on. You�ll need this later to unlock friend areas which a Wigglytuff will sale to you later on in the game. Putting the money in the Persian bank after each mission will see it not totally lost if you faint while on a mission as you lose your money and most of your items. Wigglytuff�s shop will be next door to the bank. Your friend Pokemon while on a rescue will ask you if they can join your team after you beat them. All you have to do is get to the end without them fainting and there in the team and will be found left of your base in the friend areas. If you train them at the same time as you train yourself battles will be easier to beat but keeping all the Pokemon together will be harder. I recommend you buy friend areas as soon as you can afford them as they still seem to be using the type match up even for this game. It is also a good idea to attack all the Pokemon you see to train to a high level before you move to far on into the game. As you walk around if you�ve been hit every few or so steps your health will come back point by point. While on your bed after walking off of it you can then walk back to it to save your game. Pressing the B button will speed up your walk. Press the X button to open the menu where you can pick which moves your partner is allowed to do and which items you want to use you will also be able to see the mission objective should you forget what floor you�re suppose to get to. Store all numbered or news type mail as it will only take up space. There are also green arrow tiles on the floor these are good for getting rid of the yellow arrows above your head but later on in the game there are also trap tiles that appear some turn into Pokemon some reduce your power some your hit points some poison and some do nothing at all. This is your rescue rank levels, Bronze: 50 Rescue points Silver: 500 Rescue points Gold: 1,500 Rescue points Platinum: 3,000 Rescue points Diamond: 7,500 Rescue points Lucario: 15,000 Rescue points Successfully complete the tasks to get the corresponding statues. Bonsly: Complete all of the first 21 mazes at the Makuhita Training Dojo. Lucario: Get 15,000 Rescue points and earn the Lucario rank. Mime Jr: Complete a * ranked mission in a 99 floor dungeon. Weavile: Complete a * ranked mission in a 99 floor dungeon. Tiny Woods There are 4 levels here at which Caterpie is at the top. The enemies are not too hard to beat and are easy to train with for a while. Butterfree will reward you at the end and your partner will ask if you want to form a rescue team you agree and name your team. When at home base walk out the door and check your mail and agree to go. Thunderwave Cave There are 6 floors here when you get to the top the Magnemite�s will be safe. After the story go check your mail box he�ll then show you where the shops are pay attention to it. Now go as far right as you can to the post office. Look on the bulletin board for mini rescues, accept a few in the same area, hit X on job list, take the jobs (you always have to take the job before leaving to do the job or it won�t register) go back to base go down to your area list to the left of your base is the part where you can make friend Pokemon join your adventure. You want to train yourself to level 10 to 12 about here depending on which Pokemon you have become using the mini rescues. Dugtrio will turn up after the first one but you don�t have to go on this adventure right away. MT Steel Make your way to the top, you will have to defeat Skarmory, let Magnemite join, answer the questions of being human, walk and talk to Wigglytuff, go back left after the commotion, Pelipper delivers so check your mail, do about 3 mini rescue to move on, train to about level 15 to 17 before you do. There will be more of the story then take another 3 jobs that should move you on. Caterpie should turn up. Sinister Woods Train to about level 20 here, there are 13 floors, you have to beat Medichan, Gengar and Ekans. After Jumpluff go to the Silent Chasm. Silent Chasm Train to level 23 if you can. There are 10 floors and all you have to do is get to the 10th. Mt Thunder Train to about level 25. Midway you can save at a Kangaskhan statue, 3 floors after that be ready as you face Zapdos, (there�s a trick I�ve learnt with the Pokemon that I�ve become is that if you have a attack like disable first use a A button attack to draw it close then use disable the Pokemon becomes immobile then use something like tail whip to get it�s defence down and let your partner Pokemon beat it after setting it�s moves to attacking ones while you keep it still it don�t always work on Zapdos because of where the partner Pokemon stands first time around but it does for the others!)(when you beat the game if you beat Zapdos about twice more he�ll ask if he can join your team) Great Canyon Train to around level 28. There are 13 floors. After go to town put your money away so on and go up from the 3 chatty Pokemon to talk to Whiscash, go back to base, go to town, when you�re ready to leave tell your partner Pokemon all set. There are 15 floors all you have to do is make it through, try to be about level 30 now and this should be a breeze. Pick Mt blaze as the other path leads you back to where you started. You may run into a Kecleon he�ll sale you stuff. 13 floors a save point then another 3 and you face Moltres, (you can use the Zapdos trick if you still have the moves and full health helps) Pick the Frosty Forest path there is 10 floors, a save point and 5 more floors Articuno turns up (same trick again as for Zapdos and Moltres) Take the Mt Freeze path, 16 floors a save point 5 more floors after that, Take on 3 more mini rescues, go to the bulletin board and help Wynaut look for Punish bad Mankey. Uproar Forest From here on watch out because it sometimes rains Pokemon and it leaves you to deal with able 10 before you can properly get away. There is 10 floors, 3 Mankey�s to beat at the top after the story go back into uproar forest and find at least 2 more chestnuts You usually cannot find them until Floors 7 or 8. 3 more rounds of mini rescue after the story take on 2 more mini rescues. Get ready after talking to your partner its Magma Cavern. Magma Cavern There is 24 floors, a save point then another 1. Then you face Groudon (if you faint you have to take a warp zone next time on the 2nd floor instead of the story) basically the Zapdos trick will work here to if you�ve trained and got the moves�. Sky Tower There is 26 floors, a save point, then 9 more after that, then you face Rayquaza hopefully you�re nice and strong now add my little trick with that and it should be a breeze if not just bring lots of berries but mind you don�t lose them on the way up and some Max elixirs too. Evolution Continue on with your journey out the door and they�ll show you about evolution, go to go on a adventure and your partner will start up a convocation with you choose yes get your partner to stand by and then you can go down to the cave and evolve if you choose one of your other trained Pokemon as leader you can take them if there ready to evolve. Some Pokemon require the use of items to evolve, such as stones or ribbons. Here are the locations of those items. Beauty Scarf: Western Cave 59F (Key required) Deepseascale: Grand Sea 15F or Far-Off Sea (upper floors) Deepseatooth: Grand Sea 15F or Far-Off Sea (upper floors) Dragon Scale: Wyvern Hill 29F - 30F Fire Stone: Fiery Field 29F King's Rock: Kecleon Shop in Wish Cave Leaf Stone: Kecleon Shop in Wish Cave Link Cable: Solar Cave 10F (Key required) Lunar Ribbon: Northwind Field 20F (Key required) Metal Coat: Southern Cave 49F - 50F Moon Stone: Solar Cave or Kecleon Shop in Wish Cave Sun Ribbon: Wyvern Hill 20F (Key required) Sun Stone: Solar Cave Thunderstone: Lightning Field 29F Upgrade: Kecleon Shop in Wish Cave Water Stone: Northwind Field 29F (Key required) Bonus dungeons Now you�ve completed the game the level Waterfall Pond will be available But you�ll need the HM move Waterfall to get to Waterfall pond. The HM�s will be found in Solar cave, Buried Relic and Wyvern Hill. Instead go down from the town centre to Makuhita Training Dojo beat there challenges there and Wyvern hill should open up failing that take on some more mini adventures or buy friend areas. (Friend Area Dragon Cave is a good bet) Wyvern Hill There are over 30 floors and I recommend you have trained your Pokemon to at least level 50 to have an easy time through it. The HM Fly can also be found here on the 30th floor it requires a Key. Stormy Sea Go into the town centre and talk to Lombre (or Medichan then Lombre) he should go on about something in the news not being true and then tell you to go see Whiscash do as he asks and Whiscash should open Stormy Sea and give you the HM Dive (This should also open Solar Cave ) On the 40th floor is Kyogre. (Kyogre can be recruited the first time you fight him.) Solar Cave There are about 20 floors. The level contains Keys, Moon Stones, Sun Stones and 3 HM�s, HM Dive (10BF), Waterfall (15BF) and Surf (20BF) (You will need a water type Pokemon to get to the Surf HM the others will need keys). (if you�ve been following my guide the amount of training you have should enough to go here but do take an Apple!) Unown Relic You need to have the friend areas Ancient Chamber AN and Ancient Chamber O? to unlock this one. Fiery Field You unlock this one after getting the HM Surf then head to the town centre and a Bellsprout will stop you. After go to Great Canyon to Xatu and this will be unlocked. On the 30th floor you find Entei. On the 29th floor you will find Fire Stones. Northern Range To open this one beat Articuno and Moltres 3 or 4 times each or obtain HM surf and the friend area Southern Island and the next morning a cut scene will play. Suggest you take about 4 Apples and 4 Max Elixirs. There are 20 something floors and at the top you�ll face Latios once defeated he�ll open Pitfall Valley Pitfall Valley All you have to do is get to the top about 25 levels or so and you�ll rescue Latias when you return they�ll ask to join your team. Buried Relic Now you have Latios and Latias if your mail box is empty and you�ve completed Stormy sea next day you will receive a letter telling you of Buried Relic go up towards Whis cave and talk to Shiftry and it should open up. Floor 15 you run into Regirock who drops a rock part for you carry on to floor 25 and after defeating Regice he�ll drop a ice part floor 35 Registeel and he�ll drop another part and it will then form a music box (like the keys you can use it once then it crumbles)! There are 99 floors so be prepared for a long walk! You can recruit the Regi�s if the part corresponded to them or have the music box with you. On 36-98 you may find mew if you have the music box with you it will appear in monster houses and such. Upon getting mew you leave the dungeon. For this dungeon take either lots of apples or a few big apples train to about L60 and you should be fine. HM�S Rock Smash 45th floor (Key) Strength 60th Floor (Rock Smash) Flash 70th Floor (Key) Cut 80th Floor, (Key, ability to cross water and Rock Smash) Howling Forest Unlocked by completing a rescue mission with the friend area reward of Sky Blue Plains. Soon after you have Sky Blue Plains you will find an SOS from Smeargle. Once you accept the SOS, Howling Forest will be accessible. When you rescue Smeargle, Smeargle will join your team. Wish Cave After you unlock Sky-Blue Plains and save Latios and Latias you will find Medicham and Ekans talking near Whiscash pond. Sneak up on them a couple of days. Talk to Ekans when he�s alone and then check the bulletin board for an SOS from Medicham. Floor 20 of Wish Cave. You�ll receive a Wish Stone (there is also one on the 50th floor). When you enter this dungeon your team will return back to L1. On the 99th floor is Jirachi. you can choose to fight him and try and recruit him or use the wish stone and get a wish. Once you recruit him you can no longer get a wish.... Purity Forest After unlocking Sky Blue Plains and saving Latios and Latias also you will unlock Purity Forest.99 floors. L1 again (like Whis Cave). You can't bring anybody or any items and no money either. Celebi is on the 99th floor (no battle). Joyous Tower (Sky-Blue Plains and save Latias and Latios).The home to every recruit able Pokemon that you can�t get anywhere else. Murky Cave To unlock complete Stormy sea and save Medicham. Gengar will show up (I suggest you get a Mobile scarf or something like a ghost). The next day in town Gardevoir will join your team. Silver Trench Once you recruit the three Legendary birds and done the above talk to Alakazam and he will tell you to check on them. You receive Whirlpool Crest and access to Silver Trench. Lugia is on the 99th floor. Meteor Cave (Recruiting Deoxys) After you beat Silver Trench, you will meet Xatu. 20 floors with 1 enemy, a form of Deoxys. When you defeat the Deoxys the stairs will appear. On the 20th floor is the real Deoxys, who will recruit 1st time. Lightning Field The Red Feather gives you access to Lightning Fields. Same as Fiery Fields, Thunderstones on floor 29, Raikou on floor 30. When defeated Raikou, he will turn the Red Feather into a Sunset Feather. Northwind Field The Sunset Feather lets you enter Northwind Fields. Water stones on floor 29 and Suicune on floor 30. When you defeat Suicune, he will turn the Sunset Feather into a Rainbow Feather then you have to scale Mt. Faraway. Mt. Faraway Requires the Rainbow Feather. 40 floors. Ho-oh is on the 40th floor and will not recruit first time. Western Cave After Ho-oh joins you will see Blastoise and Charizard exploring a cave. The next day go to town. You should now be able to go to Western Cave. Mewtwo is on floor 99 (there are lots are really strong Pokemon lets hope you kept the training up)(You may not get Mewtwo in one try but try facing him with only one of your Pokemon). (Others) Darknight Relic 15 floors, Desert Region 20 floors and keys, Southern Cavern, Far-off Sea and Grand Sea (both require dive) can be opened and accessed by buying and receiving friend areas in mini rescue missions.</p>