The Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction FAQ. by AchtungNight ( Hello everyone. This is AchtungNight, bringing you the much-awaited FAQ for a (in my opinion) great freeroam game based on a totally excellent comic series. Seriously this game is a better freeroam game than any other on the console market today. Where else can you more easily create mass panic than in this game? Your mere presence on the streets causes people to scream, swerve their vehicles into walls or pedestrians, and every move you make causes a cacophony of sirens, alarms, and smashy goodness. No cops getting too close or stupid balloon-losing kids to worry about here either. And it's got great sounds, music, and graphics. Not only that, once you've finished the game, you can replay the story all over again with all the moves you've unlocked in the first round available. What other free-roam game lets you do that? :) The game is good for your stress, and just fun. But enough about that, let's get to the FAQ. :) Disclaimer/Acknowledgements: This FAQ is by no means complete and never will be- if you have hints and tips please send them to me at and they will be added! This FAQ is copyright Doug Elder, 2005, and may only be used and posted online with permission of the author. It is not official. Currently it can be found at, Neoseeker,, & CheatCodeCentral. It may be found at other sites too (pending their inquiry and author permission). Incredible Hulk the game and comic book is copyright Playstation2, Marvel Entertainment, Sierra, Vivendi Universal, and Radical Entertainment THQ. Respect to them and thanks for making a great game/comic! Special Thanks also to CJayC for maintaining GameFaqs, the best resource I've found for video game help on the Web. Thanks to Jer, Joel, and all those at the Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction message board on GameFAQs for their assistance in my playing the game (and writing this FAQ). Thanks to my friends Benito, Shap, Tricia, and Lisa for their help writing this and experiencing it with me, especially in the cheering department. :) Thanks finally to you, the reader, for checking this FAQ out. Hope it helps you to complete the game. Version History: 0.1 9/7/2005 FAQ Submitted. Includes overview, challenges, and opening story missions (up to Lightning Strike). More coming soon. 0.25 9/10/2005 Corrected some errors, including the date this FAQ was posted. :) I have now updated the walkthru through to the end of Chapter 2. Will work on Chapter 3 tomorrow. Enjoy! 0.5 9/11/2005 Walkthru completed up to Bird in the Hand. I also added discussion of some new moves I missed from Chapter 2, sorry about that. More will soon arrive. 1.0 913/2005 Walkthru complete. Hope my tips help everyone who reads them. If you have more they will be added- please send them in. 1.01 9/16/2005 Added a tip for the Mercy battle. Thanks to Nick Jaragosky. 1.3 5/25/2008 Added challenge tips from Jimmy the Cannon. Thanks, friend. Contents: 1. Game Overview. 2. Basic Controls. 3. The Cast. 4. Item and Hulk Move List. 5. Challenge Missions. 6. Story Missions. 7. Closing Thoughts. This FAQ Contains SPOILERS!!! 1. Game Overview. Meet Dr. Bruce Banner, a man on the edge. A brilliant scientific mind, a highly intelligent nuclear physicist. Also a frightened man, a hunted man, a man who no one in their right mind wants to upset. Because when he gets angry, he becomes a green giant, an unstoppable menace, the strongest physical force there is- The Incredible Hulk! This game is the story of one of Dr. Banner's adventures as he searches for a cure for his condition while continuing to try to survive in a fearful world. With the might of the US Army and a few nasty villains arrayed against him, this is never an easy task. To make things worse, a mysterious entity known as the Devil Hulk has suddenly taken up residence in Banner's mind, and is compelling him to increasingly more dementia and destruction. Banner's object in this game is to build a machine that can help rid him of the Devil Hulk, while dealing with the military and other forces out to capture/kill him. Good luck! 2. Basic Controls. This FAQ was written for the Playstation 2 game version on the Easy difficulty setting. On harder settings, you will take more damage from enemy attacks and deal out less. Enemies also get more numerous, smarter, and tougher. If you feel like challenging greater difficulties, good luck! Controls here are pretty basic. Move, grab stuff, smash. I will go more in depth in the Move List, but here are a few special notes: - The Main Menu. Use it, love it. All your basic things are here. You can view it when you start the game or anytime by going into the church. Of note are the Mission Lists, Hint Lists, Story Recaps, and Blonsky Files (which provide additional insights into the minds of your foes and their plans). Also check out the Buy Menu to purchase new moves whenever you can. And of course Save often! :) - The Pause Menu. This is also useful, particularly the Map and Move Gallery features. One enables you to see where you are at all times and the location of enemies and objectives. The other can remind you of fun ways in which to pound your enemies. Great fun! :) Note that saving in this menu will automatically return you to the Church at mid-strength whenever you load that save. - Movement. You have many ways in which to move. Walk, run, climb, and jump around like a flea. All are fun and fast. Take note that your momentum while running and jumping will often do lots of damage to your surroundings. Buildings and the ground crack, trees shed their leaves, people fall over, and cars and other objects are smashed and bulldozed aside. Great fun. Jumping is by far the best way to move around- just steer with the movement stick to cover great distances and jump again and again as you hit the ground to maintain speed. You can jump off walls, buildings and vehicles. Also take note that you automatically jump out of water whenever you fall in. Hulk ain't exactly a good swimmer. :( Running is a close second, especially since you can run up walls indefinitely. Have fun with it! - Grab button. Grab stuff whenever possible, it's part of what makes the game so much fun. You can open up two additional ways of moving just by grabbing stuff- ground-surf on a Hulk Shield or hang glide using a giant gorilla balloon! Grabbed objects also make great projectiles, clubs, and weapons of all sorts. More on this later. - Charge Moves. Hold down a button and release when Hulk is fully glowing to do a Charge Move. These will often give you more damage to your smashes and height to your jumps. Fun Fun. Also the key to completing many levels. - Select button. This will make Hulk let loose a roar whenever you are standing still and not holding a club. Great for reminding foes of your supremacy, not to mention the general populace. Other than that, it has no real use in gameplay. - Critical Mass. This state is entered when the Hulk amasses more life than his meter can hold or when he is a mere one ot two hits away from death (Adrenaline Rush). In this state your moves all do more damage, plus you can use special Critical Mass Moves (covered below). Get into it quite often and use it! Note- using said Critical Mass Moves will consume your Critical Mass energy, possibly dropping you out of Critical Mass. Getting hurt can also knock you out of it. But you just need a little CM energy to do the moves, so do them quickly once you can if it's necessary. - Cheat Codes. These can be entered from the Main Menu's Extras section and viewed in the Hints section. Use them to give yourself access to alternate costumes, extra life and damage, more smash points, and other cool things. Fun. 3. The Cast. Good Guys: - Bruce Banner/The Hulk: This is you. A genius scientist with a serious temper problem. A giant green man with immense physical powers. A tortured mind wreaking out his rage on a fearful populace. An unstoppable physical force who is only growing more dangerous. A nightmare controllable only by hypnotic suggestion. A load of fun to become. - Dr. Leonard Samson: Your one real friend in this game. A scientist like Banner, he has fashioned a machine that gives the Hulk hypnotic suggestions, enabling him to carry out missions more complex than just run-and-smash. Voiced by Cam Clarke. A useful ally. The Bad Guys and Others: - General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross: Not really a bad guy per se, more a guy caught in an impossible situation and determined to triumph despite the odds. Kinda like Bruce Banner himself. :) Ross is in command of all the military forces assigned to stopping the Hulk's rampages, mostly US Army but some Air Force as well. He is in charge of Branson Military Base and has quite a lot of men and machines at his disposal. His reasons for hating the Hulk range from a patriotic duty to serve his country by ridding it of the only force mightier than the military to a desire to prevent Dr. Banner from hooking up with his beautiful daughter. Not a very nice person, but fun to be around. Cam Clarke also voices this guy. - Emil Blonsky/The Abomination: This is the game's real bad guy. The government official who along with General Ross directs The Division, an organization dedicated to the study and neutralization of mutant threats, Blonsky is obsessed with learning more about the Hulk's power for reasons unknown. As the game progresses, Blonsky gains some measure of Hulk abilities himself and becomes the Abomination, a bigger and smarter version of the Hulk. Your battles with him will be legendary. Voiced by Ron Perlman. - Mercy: Blonsky's bodyguard/unrequited lover. A Gamma mutant who is under Division control thanks to bionic implants. Her powers include telekinesis, teleportation, and mind-blasting. Voiced by Vanessa Marshall. - Devil Hulk: This is another serious threat to the Hulk. A sinister being taking shape in Bruce Banner's mind, the Devil Hulk is compelling the Hulk to create increasingly more destruction and chaos. It is only a matter of time before Banner will be unable to keep control and become the Devil Hulk forever. Acquiring the means to defeat this monster is your objective for most of the game. Richard Moll provides the voice. By the way, the Devil Hulk is very much like a Goroistro Demon from Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. Check out the AD&D Monster Manuals for more information on these things. - Random Pedestrians: Civilians for the Hulk to pound and grab. Usually found running around screaming in the levels. Go after them to create chaos. - Ground Vehicles: Range from basic cars and trucks to military trucks, ambulances, and buses. Most can be weaponized into Steel Fists gloves or Hulk Shields in the case of larger vehicles. Great for use as projectiles too. - The Police: Responsible for maintaining law and order in the city of the game. Seriously outmatched by the Hulk. You will only see them outside their cars in early levels, and even then their pistols are no threat to you at all. So have fun going after them. Eat your heart out, GTA main characters. :) - Division Soldiers: These are your basic enemy in early levels and throughout the game. Some have machine guns, some have missile launchers. All are not that much of a threat. Just dodge their fire and pound them down. - Tanks: Okay, now we're facing some more serious enemies. Four types of these will be after you. First is the Bradley, which is a fast moving vehicle with a missile launcher and a machine gun. Not much to worry about, except in early levels. Like all tanks, this vehicle can knock you back by charging into you (this is annoying, but not damaging). Next up is the Abrams, which is much slower than the Bradley but has a far more powerful cannon and machine gun. Take note that these are also more heavily armored, requiring you to find ways to punch harder to damage them. Charge up your attacks, grab and throw objects, put on steel fists, or use clubs. Next to appear is the MRLS (Multiple Rocket Launcher System), a tank that fires several guided missiles. These are lightly armored, but their missiles can inflict serious hurt. Note that their launchers can be weaponized for use by the Hulk after the vehicle is smashed. Finally there is the double-barrelled tank, a vehicle I'm not sure exists in the real world. As far as arms go, this tank has only a powerful cannon, but is very heavily armored and will plague you in later levels of the game. For lack of another name, I'm going to call it the Howitzer. - Aircraft: These are highly manueveroable and hard to hit, and their missiles pack quite a sting. Most also have less damaging machine guns. First to appear are the unarmed Huey transport helicopters, which carry soldiers and other objects. Next up is the armed Comanche, which will be after Hulk with missiles and guns. These usually appear in swarms. Finally there is the Falcon Strike Fighter, a highly acrobatic hoverjet with the same armaments as the Comanche. These will appear in pairs in later levels and in swarms in the final missions. - Hulkbusters: These giant mechs are used by Division Soldiers to become powerful enough to fight Hulk one-or-one. Or rather, try to fight him one-on-one. :) Most are armed with a machine gun and missiles as well as their fists. All can charge their attacks and the smaller ones can fly and maneuver almost as well as an aircraft. There are five types of Hulkbusters to worry about- Infantry (basic type, come after you singly, in pairs, or in swarms), Combat Wardens (elite Infantry unit that you will deal with in a couple missions), Capture Wardens (punching-only mechs that will also be after you in a couple missions whose attacks can do serious damage to Hulk), Destroyers (three-story mechs that are basically heavier versions of the Infantry units), and Titans (the biggest of all, these Hulkbusters are boss enemies that can inflict real pain- more on them later). Your basic enemies later on in the game. 4. Item and Hulk Move List. Herein I will cover all the things Hulk can pick up in the game to enhance his power and all the ways in which he can pound his foes. Have fun. First a few basic combat tips: - Stay on the move. Constantly run and jump around foes to dodge their attacks and throw them off balance. It is the key to survival. - Charge your moves for maximum effect. You can charge even while jumping or moving. - Maintain a high power level. The green bar in the top left corner represents Hulk's power. Power is life. You can get more of it by grabbing Green Orbs. The bigger the orb, the more the power. Look for these in high places, alleys, or just scattered around. You can also smash foes to get them- the bigger the enemy the more you get when they're defeated. Get enough power and you enter Critical Mass, and Hulk becomes a serious threat. :) Power will also regenerate up to a medium level if the Hulk can avoid taking damage for a short time. - Amass lots of Smash Points and use them. You get Smash Points for hurting any smashable object in the game. Get all you can. They can be used to buy moves in the Main Menu and for bragging rights. The most Smash Points come from grabbing collectibles and completing missions. - Combo enemies. This should go without saying. Why hit an enemy just once when the more hits the more damage? Use your basic attacks to inflict all kinds of damage and see how many combos, crushers, and uppercuts you can find. - Grab enemies. Do this a lot. It is the best way to inflict serious hurt. Note that with human size foes you can also use your basic attack buttons to flick them away or set them down nice and easy with a pat on the head. :) - Use explosions to damage several foes at once. This includes explosions from enemy missiles and thrown objects like vehicles and fuel barrels. Fun! - Weaponize, weaponize, weaponize! Practically any object can be picked up and thrown at foes for serious damage. Dumpsters, fuel tanks, barrels, crates, water towers, and most rocks make great projectiels or two-handed clubs. You can also pick up vehicles and turn them into Steel Fists or Hulk Shields, use poles and trees as clubs, throw clubs at enemies like javelins, and retool wrecking balls and enemy missile launchers into weapons you can use. A great way to turn the tide of battle in your favor. Now for the items: Green Orbs- These are life. Grab them as needed. Smashing foes will always give you lots of them, and so will smashing ambulances in city areas. Yellow Orbs- These give you bonus smash points. Look for them in enclosed, high, or hard to reach areas. You can also find them in the rubble of destroyed buildings. Each only appears once. Hint Markers- These green question marks will add hints to your Main Menu and give you basic tips on the game. Take note of them. Finding all 61 will give you a 50,000 Smash Point bonus. I have not done that myself and I am not going to take the time to list all Hint Marker locations herein. If you're looking for them, though, rooftops, alleys, edges of the maps, and any open area are where they usually turn up. Jump Markers- These let Hulk warp to different areas around the map, useful to flee and regroup as well as get close to an objective without a long and possibly painful trip. 14 exist in the game- 8 on the City Map, 4 in the Badlands, and two more at your Hideout at the Church. These markers appear as green circles when activated and yellow circles if not activated yet (just touch one to activate it for use in the remainder of the game). Comic Books- Represented by a green C in a circle icon. These will give bonus Smash Points or unlock special features like Cheat Codes and Game Art/Movies viewable from the Main Menu. Each appears once, 60 are in the game total. I'm not going to list them either, YuGiOhFm2002 and YuGiOhAngel have already written an excellent FAQ for that and I would rather plug their work. Check it out. :) And now the Moves. Note, these are all the combo moves. I've already covered basic attacks and grabs. Not all moves are listed herein. Let's go: Explosive Triple- This move is one of the special combos available from the start besides basic attacks and grabs. Use it by hitting your basic attack button three times. Hammer- Your basic special attack. Smash your foes hard. Left Uppercut, Right Uppercut, Two-Fisted Smash, Tank Crusher, Copter Crusher, Slam Dunk, Hulkbuster Crusher, Demolition Knee, Drop Kick, etc.- Experiment with certain button combinations to find and use all these moves. All are fun. Air Strike- Whack enemies with an attack while in the air. Can be yhe opening move for Air Combos. The following moves can be purchased with Smash Points from the Main Menu (note, not all are available at the beginning of the game. Play through Story Missions to unlock them. Note also that some moves must be purchased prior to purchasing their upgrades and that many moves have tutorials available which you should use to get to know them. Enjoy.): Savage Banner- A different skin for Hulk, available for laughs. Steel Fists- A weaponization move. Rip a car or other small vehicle in two and use the halves as boxing gloves for improved punching power. Air conditioners can also be used with this move. This is the key to damaging armored tanks with basic punches. About the only downside to this move is that you can't grab more stuff while holding Steel Fists. So throw them away (preferably towards an enemy) if you want to pick something else up. Dashing Straight- Punch while running. Great for smacking just about anything out of Hulk's way. Air Recovery- A very important ability. You can jump in the air when hit by a missile or other powerful attack, flip, and instantly land back on your feet ready to strike back. Very useful against all foes. Running Grab- Grab stuff while running without slowing down. Great for weaponizing on the move. Get this early and use it often. Ground Smash- This move will let Hulk pound the ground to toss foes about and injure them. Great to use when you're standing on top of a tank or need to clear the area around you. Upgrades include the Air Ground Slam (slam down from a jump onto a foe for more damage) and Dashing Ground Slam (dash into an enemy and slam them for even more damage). Backhand- A combo that delivers a Pimp-Slap to an enemy. Fun and damaging. Punt Kick- Kick a field goal with an enemy as the ball. Great for getting foes away from you. Especially useful on Hulkbusters and tanks. Sonic Clap- Another useful area-clearing move. Damage all enemies in the immediate area around you. Upgrades include the Dashing Sonic Clap (clap while moving) and Air Sonic Clap (clap while in the air). Air Stomp- Jump up and smash whatever lies beneath you. Useful in early missions for clearing areas and hurting lightly armored vehicles. Not much use later unfortunately. Smash Express- Grab any object that takes two hands to carry, run, and slam it into an enemy. This move is good for damaging Hulkbusters, tanks, and bosses. Double Fist Toss- Throw stuff while running. Important technique to master. Learn early and use often to hurt your foes. Critical Atomic Slam- The basic Critical Slam is available to you when in Critical Mass from the beginning of the game. This move gives it added range and power. This move will basically inflict serious damage to an enemy. An upgrade for it is the Air Critical Atomic Slam, which will add more damage to the attack when you hit an enemy with it from above. Very cool. :) Slam Kick- Follow up a slam from a two-handed object with a punishing kick. Great move for damaging Bosses, tanks, and Hulkbusters. Shield- Another weaponization move. Turn any bus, truck, ambulance, or smashed-up tank body into a large shield that Hulk can use to block attacks. Hulk will automatically use the shield to deflect any incoming attack when he is walking or standing still. When running he will deflect attacks from the front only. This is the best weaponization in the game IMO. Use it often to shield yourself while closing in on an enemy to pound them hard. Note that the shield itself can also be used as a weapon- it will work the same as any two-handed object for moves like the Slam Kick and Smash Express. You can also throw it and it will return to you like a boomerang- a great technique for damaging foes at a distance. Upgrades for this move include Shield Grind, which you can use to turn your shield into a ground surfboard for travel across rough terrain at high speed, and Shield Grind Kick, which lets you kick said surfboard into an enemy for heavy damage. An all-around great technique. Shockwave Smash- This move lets Hulk pound the ground to release a shockwave in a line, damaging any foes in its path. Great for use against tanks, though any flying or two-legged foe will dodge it easily. You can upgrade this move to release additional more powerful waves with the Shockwave Smash Repeater and Super Shockwave Smash purchases. Air Dash- Leap forward while in midair to cover more ground and dodge enemy attacks. Very important and useful technique to master. Upgrades include the Super Air Dash, which adds speed and distance, the Double Air Dash, which lets you dash twice per jump instead of once, and the Double Super Air Dash, which adds speed and distance to your air dashes once again. Tornado Uppercut- This move will damage an enemy and fling them high in the air. A great way to set up an air combo. Tornado Frenzy- This is a very cool air combo move. Use it to heavily damage all flying foes. Rapid Punch Burst- Inflict a ton of damage on a single enemy with several quick punches. Great for use against bosses and Hulkbusters. A very fun move. Critical Thunderclap- A powerful Sonic Clap that will damage everything on the screen. You must be in Critical Mass to use this move. Great against bosses and swarms of foes. An upgrade is the Air Critical Thunderclap which does even more damage and is great against large numbers of aircraft (jump into the air and clap to do this move). Power Surge- Increases your life bar. Three levels can be purchased. Club Smash- This move will allow you to execute some punishing swings with a club. Great for damaging foes. Note- objects that can be used as clubs include trees, poles, lampposts, girders, antennas, oil pumps, and (my favorite) tank turrets. Using a club already ups your fists' damage potential, but this move will let you do a special strike with one- which is nice. Rising Upper- Another great way to smack foes into the air and combo them. Fun. Missile Punchback- Turn enemy missiles back at them with a well-timed punch. Fun and great against MRLS and aircraft. Headbutt- Another punishing combo move. Air Enemy Grapple- Grab foes in the air. A great move against Hulkbusters and the key to setting up powerful combos. Spear Impale- Charge a foe with a club and impale him on the end of it. Great for inflicting some serious damage on tough foes. Not sure what pierces the enemy when used with tank turrets. One note- you don't need this ability to use clubs like spears. Just hold down the throw button when you have one and you can throw your club like a spear at an enemy. This move just allows you to keep the club in your hands when spearing someone with it. Useful, no? :) Dashing Uppercut- Yet another way to knock foes into the air and damage them as a setup for an air combo. Getting any ideas here? Bowling- A very cool weaponization move. Grab any large round object, weaponize it, and roll the result to heavily damage and knock aside lines of objects or foes. Big round rocks and giant ball or hamburger signs can be used in this manner. Cyclone Skyjack- The best way to take out an aircraft, this move lets you grab one in midair and use your weight to force it to make a sudden crash-landing. Fun as heck. Gamma Quake- Grab an enemy and slam them down hard. Cool move. Elbow Drop- Drop off a wall with an extended elbow to smash the ground hard. The more height, the more damage. A classic wrestling move and a good move here. Floor Kick- Kick an enemy while they're prone on the ground. Great for combos. Critical Mass Surge- Increases the amount of Critical Mass power Hulk can hold. Two levels available. Very helpful for extending your power and life. Super Air Strike- Upgrades your basic Air Strike with more height, speed, and damage. Hitchhike- Jump onto and grapple large foes (Destroyers and bosses like Titans and the Abomination) to unleash serious pain with grapple attacks. Not very useful, I found, since the enemy usually has some kind of counterattack ready to throw you off and hurt you bad. But use it if you like. Missile Catch- Catch incoming missiles and hurl them back at attackers. Another great way to smash aircraft or MRLS. You can even hurl the missile at a different foe than the one that shot it by targeting that foe. Charge fully to activate a homing missile- which is the best way to down highly manuevorable aircraft like Falcons. Hammer Toss- Grab a tank by the barrel and swing it around. Does heavy damage to other enemies that are close by. If you swing it around fast enough, you can even launch the tank at an enemy! Too bad tanks are so heavy you can't move while holding one or throw it at your foes with a single button toss like you can most objects. Note- this move can only be done with Bradley, Abrams, and Howitzer tanks. Missile Pack Weaponize- Use this move to turn an MRLS's missile launcher into your own personal rocket launcher. Smash the MRLS, grab its launcher, and weaponize! The missiles are great for hitting foes at long range, and fully charging an attack will make one homing. Very useful. Ball and Chain- This weaponization lets you grab the wrecking ball off a large crane and swing it around at your foes. Look for cranes near any construction site. The wrecking ball is probably your most damaging close-range weapon, so use it to pummel Hulkbusters and tanks. Air Spike- Slam a foe into the ground after an air combo with a volleyball move. Very damaging. Target Kick- Grab an aircraft and kick it toward the target of your choice as it spins into a crash. Very useful when battling aircraft swarms. Gamma Grinder- Like Gamma Quake, but used with large foes. Another punishing grapple attack. Critical Pain- The best Critical Mass attack. Does serious damage to a single foe and is the key to beating most bosses. Get in critical mass, get close to and target a foe, and execute this attack to give them a very bad pounding. Running Club Ram- Slam a foe with a club while running into them. Very damaging. Gamma Bomb- The best grapple move. Grab a Hulkbuster, jump into the air, and attack. You will slam them into the ground and use the resulting shockwaves to damage foes and jump up again to create more shockwaves, repeating effects. Hurts the foe you grabbed and foes close by, so useful as heck. Doing this move makes me wish Hulk could put on a leopard mask a la King from Tekken. Air Cannonball- Jump, then tuck and roll into an enemy for massive damage. Great range and power, but not as fun as air combos. 5. Challenge Missions. These missions are represented on the screen by orange stars and on the map by orange icons, an exclamation point for new ones and a star for ones you've completed. They are optional missions that give you smash points for completion which you can do any time during free roam. The better you do (faster time, more enemies defeated, etc) the more smash points you get. Challenges can be replayed as many times as you like, so you have many chances to practice and top your best performances. You can even win Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals for especially high scores. Note- not all challenges are available from the beginning of the game. Some require certain missions be completed or moves be purchased before they will appear. Check your in-game maps often for new ones, there will usually be more available after every chapter and some story missions. Challenges you can't do yet appear on the screen as gray stars. You can also replay all the challenges you've completed directly from the Main Menu. For ease of space, I will cover all the challenges here. City Challenges: Fast Mover 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6- These are basic race-against-time minigames. Collect all the tokens as fast as you can, running and jumping to grab more. The tokens you must grab can be spotted on your minimap as green markers, and on the main screen they appear as red or blue balls. They must be grabbed in order- the blue ball is always the next one you must grab and the reds are for later. Grab all the tokens as quickly as you can- the faster your time the more Smash Points you will earn. The best tips I can give for these challenges are as follows- move fast and keep moving, always toward the next token. Grab the blue ones, and keep all the red ones you can in sight so you're set up in case one of them is next to turn blue. Keep in mind all the ways you can move- run, jump, climb, wall run, and air dash. Skillful use of all will be necessary. Each of these 6 challenges has a different amount of tokens to collect. Rooftop Jumping 1 and 2- These minigames are jumping challenges. You must get as far from the starting marker as you can, staying on rooftops only. If you touch the ground the challenge is over. Rooftop Jumping 2 lets you use Climb and Wall-Run, but Rooftop Jumping 1 is jumping-only. The more distance you cover, the better your score. Practice your jumping, and use the movement stick and air dashes to aim for rooftops- good luck with these. Batter Up!- This challenge gives you a club and you must use that club to swat soldiers who jump out of a Huey helicopter as far as you can. Charge your swings for extra power. The greater distance you hit the soldiers, the greater your score. My tips on this challenge- be quick and keep practicing. You have a time limit, so hit as many soldiers as you can within that time and keep trying to knock them farther and farther. Play ball! S.W.A.T.- This is like Batter Up!, only you're going for amount of soldiers hit, not distance. Four Hueys surround your rooftop and one to three soldiers will jump out of each in some random sequence. Hit as many as you can with your club within the time limit. The more you hit the better your score. Hulk Float! and Hulk Float Again!- These challenges involve hang gliding. You start out on a roof holding a giant gorilla balloon and must use said balloon to glide to the center of a ring of flares. Your score here seems to involve distance traveled, though I'm not sure. If you wall run, climb, or touch the ground, the challenge ends. If you're outside the ring of flares at that time, you fail the challenge. My tips here- charge your initial jump so you can get height and float farther, use your movement stick for steering around obstacles, and Air Dash when you want to attain more distance. These are pretty much impossible to complete without the Air Dash, I believe. Jimmy the Cannon adds: Your score is based on how close you are to the flare in the center of the circle when you land. I actually didn't need the Air Dash on this (didn't even think to use it) - A fully-charged jump from your starting point will easily get you the distance you need. I had to circle around the landing point a few times. Surf City- I hear Surf City is a swinging place that's lots of fun where there are two girls for every boy. :) This minigame involves Shield Grinding. You start out with a Shield in hand and must use that shield like a surfboard to move around on the map and collect as many blue ball tokens as you can within the time limit. Fun. You must have the Shield Grind move to do this challenge. Hulk's Rooftop! Hulk's!- This particularly fun challenge involves the Hulk's ability to be an immovable object. You are on a rooftop and you must stay on that rooftop while Missile Soldiers, Comanches, and Hulkbuster Infantry try to knock you off with attacks. The longer you stay on the rooftop, the better your score. My tips are: dodge a lot, keep moving, and beat up the Hulkbusters as they come in. Also use Missile Catch and Missile Punchback (if you have them) to knock back enemy missiles. Good luck. Urban Golf- You have a club and you must hit a large ball towards a flag. You must get it there using as few swings as possible. Keep practicing, and charge your swings for extra distance. Try not to bounce the ball off objects, the laws of physics do not work in your favor here. Fore! House of Cars- Grab a car, run up a building, and put the car on the roof. Repeat as often as you can within the time limit. The more cars you can get up the building, the better your score. Mastery of Running Grab, wall running, and jumping will help you here. Kick The Can- Get the car to the circle of flares as quickly as possible by smacking it around. You are not allowed to carry the car. This is a difficult mission- charge your slaps for distance and try not to bounce the car off obstacles. Don't worry about destroying the car, it's impossible. When the seriously banged-up piece of junk enters the circle, you win. Jimmy the Cannon adds: The Punt Kick is VERY useful for this - if you nail a fully-charged punt kick off the rooftop you start on, it sends the car very, very far. It's probably not best to rely solely on this, though, as it doesn't go nearly as far when you start hitting buildings. Hulk Smash City!- Smash as much stuff as you can within the time limit. The more objects you smash, the bigger your score. Use your momentum to destroy things here- go after trees, vehicles, and lampposts. Pick up objects and throw them at other objects. Totally destroy every object you can for the most points. Note- this is the one combat challenge where I don't recommend you weaponize. It doesn't give you any points to destroy an object by doing so. So you're better off just using your fists. Or if you want, grab a club for extra damage. Bowling and Wrecking Balls may also be useful. Whatever you do, just smash, smash, and keep smashing. :) Smashing Spree: Destroy 8 cars, 4 delivery trucks, 4 water towers, and 12 trees as quickly as you can. The better your time, the higher your score. Again, weaponizing cars and trucks will not grant you points for destroying them. Trees can be found just about anywhere- running into them is the best way to destroy them. Water towers are on rooftops, jump up there and smack them down. Cars can be found all over the road, some parked and some moving. Tossing one into the lake around the city is a quick way to destroy it. The delivery trucks are the big white box trucks you can also find on the street. They make great projectiles. Again, smash as much stuff as you can, as quickly as you can. Soldier Seeker- Defeat as many soldiers as you can within the time limit. It only takes one smack to kill a soldier, so you should clean up here. Just target and hit all you can. Try grabbing one and throwing him into another for double your points. Air Superiority- Fight off some Falcon Strike Fighters while staying on the marked rooftop. The more you can destroy, the better your score. If you leave the rooftop, the challenge ends. Missile Punchback and Catching are required for success here, though I guess you can also swat the Falcons when they get close. Downtown Dogfight- Comanches and Falcons are after you. Destroy as many as you can within the time limit- the more you wreck, the better your score. Missile Catching, Air Combos, and Cyclone Skyjack are the key moves here. Target Kicking and throwing objects at the aircraft helps also. The city gives you a lot of surfaces to jump off of, so use them. Maneuver a lot, you have the ability to do so and you should! Also concentrate on the aircraft that are closest to you, they have less time to react and dodge. Hulk Owns The Sky! Lights Out- Destroy as many spotlights as you can within the time limit. Look for these by searching the rooftops, always heading towards the beams. Keep up on the move, and keep your eyes open. Point Defense- Another destroy-stuff mission, this time the target is Abrams tanks. Forcefields block the ends of the bridge off from your passage, so you must stay on the bridge to fight the tanks while smashing them. Shockwaves, charged moves, and Ground Slams work well against tanks initially, but you want to grab a severed tank turret for use as a club or make a shield from a tank's smashed-up body as soon as possible for maximum damage potential. Hammer Toss is also an excellent technique to use. If you need health, break open the ambulance. Smash as many tanks as you can within the time limit to succeed. My Car!- This is another race to collect all the blue markers in order as quickly as possible. However you must do it without touching a single white luxury car. Said cars are all around the streets too, many of them near the markers. Move carefully, yet quickly. Good luck. Jimmy the Cannon adds: Not only can you not touch the cars, apparently you can't knock anything into them, either. That will end the mission, too. Hulk Juggle- Smack the falling soldier as many times as possible before he hits the ground. The more he bounces, the better you score. You have a whole three minutes to do this in, so keep practicing. Try not to charge your slaps, you want the soldier to take less damage so he doesn't die and disappear. The higher your best score, the more Smash Points you get at the end of this. Fare Play- Hulk Taxi! Pick up a taxicab and rush it to its destination as quickly as you can. Drop it off, grab another cab, repeat. The more cabs you can deliver before time runs out, the better your score. As in most games like this, picking up a taxi and/or dropping it off gives you a few bonus seconds. Running Grab is an essential move for picking up taxis in this challenge, and once you have them jumping and Air Dashing offer the best travel methods for distance and speed. One more thing- try not to damage the cabs you pick up. That will lower your score. However, you can damage other taxis if you want- rivalry between taxi companies is as bad in this city as it is in any taxi video game city. Jimmy the Cannon adds: You can pick up an already-damaged taxi without losing the mission, so don't worry if you accidentally knock it around before grabbing it. However, if you smash the taxi (say, by accidentally hitting an attack button while holding it), mission's over. Casualty- Hulk Paramedic. You have an ambulance which you must carry to the hospital as quickly as you can without damaging it. Again, use Running Grab to pick up the ambulance and then leap and Air Dash your way to the destination point. Once there, set the ambulance down. The quicker your arrival, the better your score. To The Rescue- The ultimate in Hulk-do-gooder missions. A building is burning down and several people are trapped on the roof and the ledge immediately below the roof. Hulk must jump up there, grab these people, and then jump back down and set them beside the waiting ambulances. The more people you can save within the time limit, the better your score. Jumping mastery is key here, though Wall Running can also help you get up the building quickly. Remember that you must use the special attack button to carefully set down a person you've picked up within the ambulances' recieving areas- if you throw them down they do not count towards your score. Don't worry about the fire on the building, it will obscure Hulk's vision but it won't damage him. Work quickly, and save all the people you can. I'm not sure of the total number of folks to rescue. Jimmy the Cannon adds: 8 civilians rescued for Bronze, 10 for Silver. Haven't gotten Gold yet. Badlands Challenges: Fast Mover 7- A Hulk Race in the Badlands. Collect all the markers in order as quickly as possible. Again, jumping and wall-running are the best ways to move fast. Keep your eyes open as you go for blue balls and red balls. Go, Hulk, Go! :) Hulk Smash Badlands!- Like Hulk Smash City, only in the Badlands. Same tips apply here- go after vehicles, lampposts, and trees and totally destroy everything you hit. Try to stay in the town area, it offers the most targets. Oil pumps and rock pillars are available outside the town. You can not destroy cows no matter what you do, so don't waste time on them. Have fun! Puny Humans!- Like Soldier Seeker, only you must stay within the area marked by flares while swatting soldiers. If you leave the area, the challenge ends. Again, it only takes one hit to kill a soldier, so you should clean up here easily. The best way to dodge missiles and stay within the flares is by jumping up and down (coming down with a Ground Smash or Air Stomp move will decimate your foes). Jimmy the Cannon adds: Obviously, area attacks work GREAT if you find yourself in a group of humans, and the Shockwave Smash ranged attack works well for hitting soldiers before they even enter the ring of flares. Gamma Golf- Urban Golf in the Badlands. Hit the ball to the flag with your club in as few swings as possible. Try to keep it under par. :) Blonsky Don't Surf- Shield Grinding in the Badlands. Collect as many blue balls as you can within the time limit. Surf's Up, Dude! Hulk Soccer- Try to smack the ball into the tunnel as many times as you can before time runs out. Beware the Combat Warden Hulkbuster who acts as goalie- he will try to block your shots and whenever you kill him, another is quick to appear. More balls will appear as you knock the ball into the tunnel too (you are not allowed to carry a ball into the tunnel unfortunately). Good luck. Desert Dogfight- Destroy as many Comanches and Falcons as you can within the time limit. Air Combos, Missile Catching, and Cyclone Skyjack help you once again. The area is more open here, so you have more room to maneuver and dodge missiles. Good luck and have fun. Long Bomb- Destroy Comanches with Missile Catch and Missile Punchback moves while staying inside the ring of flares. The more you destroy in the time limit, the better your score. Master your Missile Return moves to win this one. Unfriendly Fire- The hardest destroy-stuff challenge. You need to take out as many soldiers as you can within the time limit using the soldiers' own missiles. Dodge the explosion as quickly as you can and try to set things up so other soldiers are caught in the blast. Good luck with this one, I have yet to complete it myself. Jimmy the Cannon adds: One word - SHIELD. Once the first tank is destroyed, make a shield of it and use that to protect yourself while standing near tanks so that the enemy blows them up. Also, I think using Missle Punchback counts, too, but I'm not very good at it. Wide Right- You must use the Punt Kick combo to knock a car through some goalposts, staying behind a line of flares. Make as many goals as you can within the time limit. The more you make, the better your score. Master the Punt Kick before trying this challenge. Jimmy the Cannon adds: The name of the mission can be misleading - the Punt Kick tends to lean towards the left. Gamma Field Goal- Like Wide Right, only now the goalposts are moving. Again, master your Punt Kicks and your timing if you want to succeed. I have not gotten gold on all challenges. I understand there's a person or two on the GameFAQs message board who has. If my tips did not help you, seek these people out. They might. Note- there is no reward for completing challenges other than smash points and fun. So enjoy. 6. Story Missions. The game is divided into several chapters interspersed with cinematic cutscenes. Completing each mission will progress you further in the story and possibly unlock new challenges and Blonsky Files as well as give you smash points. Completing each chapter unlocks new moves in the Buy Menu. I will cover the story missions in the order they are given to you. Note- each mission is represented on the screen by a green star. ************************************* Prologue Part 1: Training Simulator. ************************************* If you watched the demo scenes when you turned on the game, you should be eager for the wild ride that is ahead. It will not disappoint, trust me. So let's get started. The game opens with an FMV introducing you to the Hulk, aka Dr. Bruce Banner. Catchy way to set the mood for the story, no? You then find yourself in a training simulation that General Ross is using to get his soldiers (and you) familiar with the Hulk's capabilities. You will play as the Hulk here and your objective is to follow the instructions provided by Division Director Emil Blonsky. If you can't hear him speak, turn on captions to see them displayed on screen. First of all, you will learn to move around and that the mere act of running into things can seriously damage them. After you're through knocking some objects about, you will learn that the Hulk can pick up just about anything. And this is true- to a point. Try picking up and throwing some of the wrecked cars and boulders around you to get used to this, you'll be doing it a lot. Note- the stacks of oil drums can not be picked up, but they do create a nice explosion when you run or throw stuff into them. Remember these barrels for future missions. Next you will learn about jumping. Jumping is the fastest way Hulk can move around, and should be mastered quickly. After your first jump, three machine-gun-toting Soldiers enter the area. Now it's time to learn how to beat up the enemy troops. Ross has been telling them how formidable you are, so let's not disappoint him, hmm? The Hulk cannot be hurt in this training simulator, but it's still a good idea to practice dodging enemy attacks. Jumping and moving around is the best way to do that. It only takes one punch to kill each soldier, so hit them fast, hard, and repeatedly. It's the best way to triumph in this game. You will also learn how to do a three punch combo, remember this move. Look for more combos by experimenting with the basic attack button. Blonsky will next tell you about the special attack button. Experiment with this button too and look at all the things you can do with it- knee smash, uppercut, sonic clap, etc. Pay attention to Blonsky's advice about holding down the button to charge the attack and do more damage- this will be very useful. You now have three orange stars revealed in the area before you. Each is a training exercise to get you more used to the Hulk's capabilities. Check out the Map in your Pause Menu if you need their precise locations. Soldiers are still around, but they can't hurt you, so just keep beating them up on your way to the first exercise. These can be completed in any order, and you should do them all. On your way to the first, go ahead and experiment more with your attacks. Try picking up an object and attacking with it. Slamming a big object down on several Soldiers at once is a good way to get groups of foes off your back. You can also throw any object you can pick up for heavy damage. Try jumping up and coming down on a Soldier with an attack too- this will increase its power and send the Soldier flying. Note that there are also more objects to interact with in the area. Those fuel tanks can be picked up and explode when you throw them- a good way to create fireworks. The watch towers can be destroyed and so can the oil pumps. Smashing the latter will create clubs you can use to punish your foes even more. You can get a bigger two-handed club by knocking down the antennas and using them. A club of this size can smack several Soldiers at once! The truck trailers and cabs make great large projectiles, as do the cranes. The cows also make great projectiles- they are invulnerable so pick them up and use them as often as you like. Note that you may have to knock one down with attacks to catch it, they will run around frantically when you get close. Jump into the air and charge your throws for better range, accuracy, and damage. If you feel like destroying a big object, those water towers should do nicely. You can't hurt the buildings, though. Instead try picking up Soldiers and throwing them into the buildings. This is a great way to damage any grappled foe. Some unarmed civilians are now running around in the area also, mess with them if you like. Take note that throwing a person at any object will not damage that object though- unless the object is another person in which case you knock them both out. Excellent. You can also slap a person you've picked up to damage them, or set them down gently with a pat on the head. Fun. :) When you're through playing around, try the first exercise. You have to do at least one. Go to any orange star and activate it. The one closest to your starting point teaches you about targeting enemies. Huey helicopters will now appear around the base. They hover out of reach of your normal attacks, but thrown objects can hurt them, so pick something up and toss it! The bigger the object, the more damage you will do. Note that the corpses of wrecked helicopters can also be picked up and used as rather large projectiles. As Blonsky says, you can get more range and power in your throws by charging them up. Try it. You will also learn about changing targets. At the end of the test, you must destroy three more of the Hueys with what you've learned so far. They're unarmed and not very manueverable, so this will be easy. If throwing objects at them isn't enough fun for you, you can also jump towards one when it gets close and punch it with an air strike attack. Combo for extra damage- it's good to learn about this now. When you destroy the third Huey, any others on screen vanish and you are rewarded with a Comic Book. Grab it and move on to the next exercise after messing around some more. Note that Missile Soldiers are now in the area- these guys' attacks will hurt you more than machine guns and can even knock you down if you're hit by a missile while in the air. Thankfully they're easier to dodge than gunfire and these Soldiers, like all humans in the game, still only take one hit to kill. The next exercise will teach you about Hulk's movement abilities, beginning with climbing. Grab the building wall and move around it to get all the blue orb markers. Next you will learn about running up walls, something Hulk can do indefinitely. Run around on the building wall and collect the blue orbs again. You won't be able to collect them if you're not wall-running. Next you will learn about weaponization. Move up to the building roof and pick up a missile pack. Use the special attack button to weaponize it, turning it into your own personal rocket launcher! Note- this move will be available here, but not after you complete the exercise if this is your first time through the game. You can purchase Missile Pack Weaponization later in the game, but using it here will give you a taste of things to come. Once you have the rocket launcher, try using the basic and special attack buttons to fire it at the circling Hueys. If you charge your attack fully, you can shoot a homing missile. Again, you must down 3 Hueys to proceed. The air conditioner on the roof can also be picked up and used as a projectile if you like. Another Comic Book is your reward for completing this exercise. The third exercise teaches you about charged jumping. Another group of orbs appear above the base, the first blue and the rest red. Jump up to collect these in order. The next one to grab is always blue, and marked on your mini-map as a yellow circle. Charge your jumps to add height and use the rooftops to gain height also. Collect all the orbs and a Comic Book is your reward. You will also be given a free special move if you did all three exercises- the Steel Fists weaponization. With this move you can turn any small vehicle into a pair of metal gauntlets that will vastly increase your punching power. Try it out by picking up a jeep, a wrecked car, or an air conditioner and hitting the special attack buttons. You now have Steel Fists- your punches will do more damage and can even break through tank armor! You can't grab stuff while wearing Steel Fists, but you can throw them at an enemy. Some Bradley tanks will now appear in the arena. These things are armored, so your regular attacks won't do much damage to them. Your Steel Fists can give them quite a pounding though. Each is armed with a machine gun, a missile launcher, and the ability to knock you back by running into you. They're also too heavy for you to pick up and throw. So smash them with your Steel Fists. Their shattered bodies also make good large projectiles- any projectile will badly damage a tank. Or you can pick up any object and smash the tanks with it, that will hurt them badly too. The last way to damage them is by using charge attacks, though this isn't as effective as other techniques. Play around smashing the Bradleys and the soldiers. When you're done, walk into the tunnel (marked on your minimap as a green circle) to exit the simulation. Be sure to grab the Comic Book right in front of the tunnel. Note- I will not be directing you towards Comic Books from hereon. If you see one, grab it. All give you a nice reward. But if you wish to find them all, I direct you to the excellent FAQ written by YuGiOhFm2002 and YuGiOhAngel. I found all the Comics with that FAQ, so it is good. Happy Hunting! Note that you can return to this training simulator later on by activating a move tutorial in the Buy Menu (you can access this from the Main Menu of the game). So if you missed the comics here, you can always get them later. Now on with the game! ********************************* Prologue Part 2: Man On The Run. ********************************* After saving your game, it is time to begin the real action of Hulk's story. The opening FMV for this chapter will show you Bruce Banner sitting in an isolated cabin studying himself and trying to find a cure for his Hulk problem. His friend Dr. Leonard Samson is on the video-phone encouraging him to be careful and come see him so they can work together. Bruce is non-committal, assuring Samson that he's safe where he is. Samson warns Bruce that a National Security Agency official named Emil Blonsky has joined forces with his old foe General Ross and requsitioned a large number of troops to track him down. Bruce insists no one knows where he is. Meanwhile, some troops led by Ross and Blonsky are setting up outside, getting ready to attack you. The woman with them is Mercy, in case you're wondering. Pretty soon their missiles are hitting the cabin, the call with Samson is terminated, and Bruce's sudden shock and anger transforms him into the Hulk. It's Go Time. :) Missile Soldiers and regular Soldiers (with machine guns) are your initial opponents. Note that unlike the Training Simulation, you can get hurt and die here. The green bar in the top left corner is your power and your life. Grab green orbs to increase its level. After downing your first enemy, the game will show you how Smash Points are awarded for each foe you kill and green orbs are spawned also. Grab the orbs to up your life. The trees and telephone poles around you can be used as clubs- you can also pick up and make Steel Fists out of the Soldiers' jeep and Bruce's blue pickup truck. As you move forward into the next clearing, you will see more jeeps and a Huey coming in for a landing. Take out the Huey and the troops it offloads, all while listening to the enemy's radio transmissions (you can also see them on screen if you have captions turned on). Smash the rock pillars for extra points and fun- you can get boulders from their remains for use as projectiles. You should recognize the oil drums and oil pumps from the simulator. There are also more pickups and jeeps, a fuel tank, and a station wagon scattered around for you to grab. After you down the initial assault team, an Abrams tank enters the battle. These things can not be damaged by your normal attacks, period. You will have to hit them with something heavy- Steel Fists, a club, a charged attack, or a projectile. Their cannons do a good amount of damage to you, and their machine guns and ability to knock you over with a charge can annoy you too. Destroying an Abrams spawns not only a destroyed tank body for use as a big smashing object, but a smashed turret that you can club opponents with. Take out the initial Abrams and its accompanying Soldiers. You can now move into the large open area and smash the cabins for fun if you like. You can also grab more jeeps, trees, boulders, power poles, and station wagons. You can grab and throw the concrete barriers too. Take out all the Missile Soldiers protecting the green circle, which is your objective. These circles are Jump Markers, icons Hulk can use to escape areas and travel great distances. Keep your eyes open for them throughout the game. After using this one to escape, you have completed the Prologue. A cutscene shows Blonsky and Ross examining the wreckage of Banner's cabin. Blonsky comes into contact with a strange radioactive energy device Banner was working on that was damaged in the Division's attack and is injured. Meanwhile Banner flees to Dr. Samson's hideout at an old church. Here he shares his fears with his friend that he is losing control of the Hulk, that something immensly powerful and evil inside him is growing stronger and trying to break free. Samson says he can help and gives you a device he's invented. Save your game. **************************** Chapter 1: The Enemy Within. **************************** The device Samson gave you is a combination neural interface and hypnotic trance inducer. It allows Samson to communicate directly with the Hulk and issue him commands. This will enable the Hulk to undertake missions to help Samson build a machine that may enable Banner to directly confront and defeat the growing monster that lurks in his mind. You are given an explanation of this machine and a text recap of the story so far. Then Bruce becomes the Hulk once again and you are left to become familiar with the area around Samson's hideout. This will be your base of operations for the entire game, so check it out. First, note the green jump marker near your starting point. We'll be using it in a minute. Another red circle near it seems inactive- hmm. Looking around you can see Samson's Church, a graveyard, and a small group of buildings, trees, and power poles. No enemies are here to menace you, there are few objects to interact with, and the area around you is surrounded by a lake, high mountains, and an invisible wall blocking the only road out. An ideal fortress. :) Check out the green house icon at the back of the Church, you can activate this at any time when you're not in a mission to enter the Church and access the Main Menu. Here you can buy new moves with your Smash Points, configure the game's options, and look at all the extra content you unlock as you play through the game. You can also now save at any time by accessing your pause menu when not in a mission. Loading that save will transport you back here from wherever you're free-roaming, which is sometimes useful. Run around the area some if you like, then enter adn activate the Jump Marker when you are ready to continue. *************************************** Chapter 1, Mission 1: Hulk In The City. *************************************** Welcome to your first real free-roam environment. Let's get familiar with it, shall we. You can view a map of the area whenever you first activate a Jump Marker to access it, or from the Pause Menu. This will show you the locations of the many challenge missions and jump markers that await your interest. Right now, only one jump marker in the City should be available to you if this is your first time playing the game- the Tibodt Grand Hotel. So jump there. After the game loads, you are now on a rooftop roughly at the center of your new playground. The local Police have been alerted to your arrival, and several will appear on your map. Your mission is now to take them out- the Hulk can hardly hide from them and it's a good idea to establish your superiority so as to lessen the possible opposition you might encounter later. Or, er, something like that. Hulk Smash! works just as well as a motivation. :) Anyway, jump down to the street (falling won't hurt you) and start pummeling the Police. They will try to fight back with their pistols, but these will hardly scratch you and like Soldiers, cops only take one punch to kill. Knocking out the first one spawns several more, and after you take them out they call for even more backup, so beat up those cops too. Note the plethora of grabable objects around you- cars of all kinds (including new types like sports cars, luxury cars, VW vans, police squad cars, family sedans, taxi cabs, and newsvans); trees, lampposts (use as clubs); buses, delivery trucks (use as big projectiles or smashing tools); concrete barriers, mailboxes, dumpsters; water towers and AC units on the rooftops (you can smash enemies with these and throw them too), the list goes on. In particular be on the lookout for ambulances. Smashing these will spawn a lot of green orbs you can use to increase your life. You can also use them as big smashing tools like you can cranes, buses, and delivery trucks. Fun time! Your initial objective to take on the Police is complete, but a lot of them are still active in the area. Go ahead and take them out, it will make things safer for you and the dialogue they shout is very amusing. All around you are fun ways to take them out- see that big gas station sign? Knock it down and you can roll the ball it's topped with at your enemies. Or why not rip a police car in half and pummel your foes with Steel Fists? Knock down that big hamburger sign to make another fun projectile. Maybe you'd prefer to jump down on the Police from the rooftops. Or run into them and knock them aside like bowling pins. Do whatever you feel. When you're reasonably safe on the streets, it's time to explore the City some. Take note of two things on the map- first the orange circled exclamation ponts. Those are Challenge Missions and anytime you want you can do those for fun and bonus points. Also look for yellow circles on the rooftops- those are jump markers and you need to open all of them you can so you can access more of the City from the Jump Markers you've opened so far. Touch each one to activate it. From any Jump Marker you've activated, you can jump to another part of the City or return to the Church. Save your game after finding each. For convienence, I will list here all 8 Jump Markers you can find in the city. Note that they do not appear on your Map until they are activated. First there is Tibodt Grand Hotel, which you've unlocked already. Next closest is Midtown Tower, which is south of you near the coastline and the green star that represents your next mission. Take note of the bridges here- they are important landmarks. The next closest jump marker is Infinity Cove, which is in the approximate southwest corner of the map. Look for it on a building rooftop. Now move north along the coastline. The next jump marker you come to is The Dayne nightclub. Activate it and keep moving north along the coast, then east. The next jump marker you'll find is Jorella Point, and near it is a car dealership. The giant gorilla balloon here can be used as a big smashing object or as a hang glider. Wall-run up a building while holding it, jump off the roof, and have some fun. You can even use this to cross bodies of water and check out the offshore lighthouse. There's a planetarium in the area too, and electronics stores, fashion botiques, restaurants, hotels, and all other sorts of eye candy. Now head southeast, taking note of the hospital you'll pass. This place has lots of ambulances near it. Also be alert to all the green orbs shining atop roofs and in the alleys. These regenerate each time you load the city (except when retrying a failed mission) and grabbing them can help you against the many Police lurking about. You will soon come across the Coliseum Terrace Jump Marker atop an apartment building. Activate it and then head southeast into Chinatown. The Mandarin Grand Mews Jump Marker is by the temple here. For the last jump marker, cross one of the two bridges to Gunnery Island. You'll find the marker on a rooftop. Once all 8 are activated, the city is yours to freely move around and explore. Note that you cannot swim the lake surrounding it, so your map is finite. But the potential still exists for a loads of fun. :) Whenever you're ready, head to and activate the green star for your next story mission. **************************************** Chapter 1, Mission 2: Lightning Strike. **************************************** To make his machine, Samson needs the city to rerout more power to his lab. Disputed charges on his electric bills are creating problems with this, so he wants the Hulk to force the issue by busting up three Power Substations. Okay, we can do that. The substations appear on your map as red circles and each is defended by Police. The first one is close by- smash down its fence, then hit the generator itself. A projectile attack is preferable for destroying the generator, it can shock you if you hit it with normal attacks and that does hurt. The Police come out in force after you destroy this generator, broadcasting an updated BOLO for you and calling in lots of help. Take note that getting too close to most cops makes them run away in fear, so if you're civic-minded you can let them run off. Or you can just smash them, whatever you prefer. As you advance to the next substation, you will acquire a three-star Wanted Level (whoops, wrong game :), and a police Huey will begin tracking you. Use an Air Combo or projectile to take it out. The next generator is surrounded by a load of cops- pummel them and take out the generator with a projectile after downing its fence. Now move on to the next one. This generator is defended by a police perimeter and as you get close two Hueys land and offload Division Soldiers. Take out all of these and then smash the generator with projectiles. Mission Complete! ************************************ Chapter 1, Mission 3: Need-to-Know. ************************************ You are given a chance to save, so use it. Note that enemies from the last mission may still be on the map, so beware of them if you want to continue playing. Each one you defeat disappears for good after you beat it, so track down and get them all for maximum Smash Points. When you're ready, head across the City to the next green star. En route, you may notice an increased police presence on the streets. Trust me, it will only get worse as your rampages continue. :) If for some reason you want to stay out of trouble, keep to the rooftops as much as possible when traveling and move fast. Or you can just smack down anybody who gets in your way, whatever you feel is better. Keep an eye out for buildings with the "Division Corp" logo on them by the way. Unlike most buildings in the City you can destroy these for lots of Smash Points. So have fun doing so. Also take note that the Challenge Missions are now available (if this is your first time through the game, they weren't available till now). So check them out. Look in the above section if you need further details. Now for the mission. This one is a retrieval, the first of many. Samson wants you to steal Blonsky's mainframe, which contains a lot of gamma research data that could be useful in curing the Hulk. It's also a way cool computer powered by AMD microchips (I'm just plugging the people I work for :) which will be useful in building Samson's lab. Trouble is, Blonsky is getting ready to ship it out of the city so you'll have to be quick in getting it. Not to mention, Samson wants the computer brought to him in the best condition possible. So this mission could be tricky for Hulk. :) To begin, head for the rooftop marked on your map with a green circle. You can follow the Huey flying overhead if you want. Don't bother attacking it, it's indestructable. Missile Soldiers have set up a perimeter around the building, so pummel them and dodge their shots. When you get close to the building, you'll see a cinema of several crates on the roof. Get up there and break them open after clearing out as many of the Soldiers as necessary. You can blow up the Huey now too- the forklift on the roof makes a nice projectile for doing so. Or you can just smack it before it takes off. Once you've found the computer, step toward it but watch out. A Comanche helicopter is waiting for you to do just that. These birds are a lot faster and harder to hit than the Huey, and they pack missiles and machine guns! The crates are too big for Hulk to pick up, but you can use the forklift or the remains of the Huey. Once you've dealt with the Comanche, pick up the computer. A blue bar appears in the top corner- that's its health. Now head for the nearest Jump Marker on your map as fast as you can. If you must stop on the way to battle Soldiers, set the computer down somewhere safe first so it doesn't get damaged in the battle. Then pick it back up after destroying the Soldiers and keep going. You will fail the mission and have to retry if the computer is destroyed. Once you reach the Jump Marker, use it to return to the Church. There set the computer down in the waiting yellow box. Samson thanks you and tells you more about Emil Blonsky and why he's such a problem for Samson and Banner. Seems the man's insane, deeply paranoid, and wants to find a military application for gamma mutation. He should make for a troublesome enemy, eh? Mission Complete! You will get a couple text boxes now, one about Smash Points and the other about the Emergency Response Meter which has just appeared in your screen's top right corner. Keep an eye on this as you free-roam around from this point forward- it gauges how aware the enemy is of your movements. The more you smash stuff, the higher the threat meter will go- it starts at low and goes to guarded, elevated, then high. At each level, more enemies are sent out to patrol the streets and look for you. If the meter reaches maximum, a deadly Strike Team of fast-moving enemies will be sent directly to your position and you will have to take them on. While doing so can be dangerous, it can also earn you a lot of Smash Points. At this early point in the game, the Strike Team is a squadron of Comanche helicopters. At later levels, it will be composed of Falcon Strike Fighters, Hulkbuster Infantry Mechs, and even Hulkbuster Destroyers in the game's final chapters. All these foes can be deadly, but the Hulk is tough enough to beat them. The key to controlling the response meter is to pay attention to its changing levels and the accompanying radio transmissions. If you do lots of damage to your surroundings, it will rise. If you refrain from causing damage for a while or just move out of the area where you did some damage, it will soon sink back down. If you want to increase it quickly, go after emergency service vehicles (police cars and ambulances) or enemies you may spot on screen. Save your game now. ***************************************** Chapter 1, Mission 4: Protect and Serve. ***************************************** Now is a good time to head inside the Church and purchase new moves with your earned Smash Points. If this is your first time through the game, the best moves to get at this point are Running Grab, Double Fist Toss, and Air Recovery. These moves let you pick up and throw objects while running and instantly recover from any attack that knocks you down (like, say, missiles). They will be essential in upcoming missions. Also get Ground Smash and Sonic Clap. These combos are great for taking out groups of enemies. Air Stomp, Smash Express, and Dashing Straight are other moves that can be very useful this early in the game. The former is your quickest attack for damaging enemies heavily when you fall out of the sky on top of them, though you will get better moves later. The latter two moves let you seriously hurt an enemy you charge into- they're great for taking out fleeing Soldiers and advancing tanks. Punt Kick is an essential combo for some Challenge Missions later- get it now if you want a move to quickly knock enemies away from you. Get Steel Fists if you don't have it already- you will need it in the next mission. Practice and become familiar with all your new moves, note that you can return to the tutorial section from the Buy Menu if you want to learn exactly how to use some of these moves. Save after making your purchases and head back to the City. The new green star on your map leads you to the next mission. In this one, Samson is hacking into the Division computer network using the Mainframe you just stole. Apparently not all the data he wanted was in there. :) However Blonsky has just detected hsi intrusion (lousy firewalls) and is responding aggressively. Rather than be nice and just send Samson some spam, viruses, and/or phony data, he's sending a tank division to destroy the building where the hacked network is before Samson can complete his download. Guess he doesn't care about all his employees who may be inside. :( Hulk must defend the building for three minutes (longer at higher levels of difficulty). This mission is the first to give many people trouble, but don't worry, it can be done. The building now appears as a blue circle on your minimap. The blue bar on the screen represents its health. Move to the front of the building quickly and on your way grab a car and get some Steel Fists. You're going to need them. Take out the Missile Soldiers before they can start damaging the building. Also run into traffic on the north road beside the building- the drivers will see you, panic, and cause several accidents, blocking the road. This will slow down the approaching tanks, so it's a very good thing to do. You must now defend the building from several waves of Bradleys and Abrams, approaching from the north and then the west and south. The Bradleys will come after you directly while the Abrams tanks mass and pummel the building with their cannons. Concentrate on the Abrams tanks and don't let the Bradleys distract you too much- they can't hurt you that badly and they're not going after the building. You will need something heavy to damage the Abrams- which is what the Steel Fists are for. As your Steel Fists run out, pick up and use the taxis and delivery trucks parked near the building as projectiles or big clubs. You can also grab a destroyed tank's turret for use as a club- this is a very good idea. Keep an eye on the red dots on your minimap, those are your enemies. Move to and destroy each as fast as possible. Ground Smash is a good combo to damage several at once and you can also use Punt Kick to knock tanks away from the building if you have it. Use the delivery trucks to smack several tanks at once. Concentrate on the tanks that have a line of fire to the building, they will try to damage it before going after you. By the way, you can damage the building with your own attacks if you're not careful- try to avoid that. Keep smashing tanks until the timer expires. When that happens, Blonsky blows up the building with a Cruise Missile, but it doesn't matter since Samson's download and the Mission are already Complete. Too bad, Emil. :) A cutscene shows Blonsky and Ross arguing heavily about a secret chamber Blonsky has created at the Vault, Branson Military Base's prison/research facility for gamma mutants. Blonsky's gamma injury is also starting to seriously affect him- his arm is glowing and he's hearing voices. He also appears to be hallucinating. This could be trouble. :) Save your game. ********************************* Chapter 1, Mission 5: Fire Sale. ********************************* Return to the Church and purchase some more Hulk upgrades. Backhand is a fun cheap combo and Critical Atomic Slam will give you a powerful attack to use after entering Critical Mass. When you're through practicing your new moves and further exploring the city, go to and activate the next Green Star. On the way, you may note Division Missile Soldiers have replaced the Police patrols and are now on the streets in large numbers. Looks like the government is really concerned about you, huh? Beat these guys up for extra Smash Points, but watch your Emergency Response Meter if you don't want to deal with a Strike Team. Now for the mission. This is a multiple retrieval assignment. Samson wants a hydraulic lift and a backup generator for his laboratory. He also would like a Catscan imager so he can take pictures of your brain. You must get each item and bring it to the Church. Take note, this is your first mission with Checkpoints. After you bring in each item, that item will already have been collected if you retry the mission after getting killed. This is good, because the opposition seriously ramps up here. Let's go for the Catscan imager first. It's at the hospital I mentioned earlier, the red circle to your northwest. Head over there and beat up as many of the Division Soldiers protecting the area as you like, they will keep respawning. Pay attention to the guys on the rooftops in particular, they can be tough to take out. The respawns will eventually stop if you kill enough Soldiers- keep swatting and moving around if you want to do this. Or you can just dodge their missiles- it's up to you. In any case, smash the stacks of containers and blue crates until you find the machine you're looking for. The big gray containers make great projectiles and two-handed smashing tools- pick up an individual container after you knock apart the stack it's in. Once you find the machine, grab it quickly- it's fragile and those missiles the Soldiers are shooting at you can damage it even before you pick it up. Leap to the Jorella Point Jump Marker nearby and escape to the Church- once here, set down the Catscan unit in the yellow box and return to the City. Well, that was easy. Now head for the red circle near the Coliseum Terrace Jump Marker. You will home in on a warehouse nearby as you approach it. This time you need to destroy the entire building. Charged attacks work well for doing this, as do projectiles and clubs. The Soldiers around the place can also damage it with their missiles- try jumping away right before a shot smacks into you and letting it smack the building instead. When the building comes down, the hydraulic lift you need is revealed inside. Smash the crate on it so you can pick the lift up. Watch out though, some Bradleys have now joined the Soldiers around the building and will fire at you. Take time out to smack them as necessary and smash the crate while they respawn, then go after them again, repeat. Or just keep killing the respawns till they run out, I don't know the exact number there are and it varies with difficulty but it is possible (I did it my first time through the game). Pick up the lift once you can and head for the Coliseum Terrace Jump Marker at high speed. Take the lift to the yellow box at the Church. Now it's back to the city for the Generator. It's located in a lot halfway between Midtown Tower and the Tibodt Grand Hotel. The Division has it heavily protected, with Missile Soldiers on the surrounding rooftops and a forcefield protecting the item itself. Take out the troops on the rooftops first- getting close to them and lashing out is the best way. Some may even jump off the buildings to their deaths in fear if you get close to them. :) Next knock down the fence around the Generator with melee attacks. Now for the forcefield. It is unaffected by your normal attacks and Hulk can't pass through it. So how to destroy it? See that circular antenna in the center? It's the forcefield's generation device. You must destroy it with projectiles to bring down the shield. Be careful you don't damage that Generator you're after in the process. Throwing clubs like spears (fully charge the throw button) and taking cautious aim at the antenna and only the antenna is the best route to success. When the shield is down, the Division calls in air support. Time to face some more Comanches, three to be exact. Take the battle to the rooftops to get close to these birds and use air combos and projectiles to down them when they get close. After they are gone, grab the Generator and head for the Jump Marker of your choice. No enemies will try to interfere with your return trip to the Church. Once you drop the Generator in the yellow box there, it's Mission Complete. Save Time. ********************************* Chapter 1, Boss Battle: Nemesis. ********************************* If you haven't already, check out the Blonsky Files section that became available in the Main Menu after stealing that mainframe computer. These documents will give you more information on the game's plot and characters, as well as the motivations of your nemesis. A brief conversation between Banner and Samson accompanies each. New files are unlocked after certain missions, so check this section often for further updates. Get all the moves you can from the Buy Menu, soon will be the time to use them. You will note the newest green star has appeared near the church rather than in the city. That's because this is a special mission that will bring a close to the first chapter of the game. It is your first boss fight, so practice as much as you need to in order to prepare. When you think you're ready, activate the star. Samson tells you that Branson Military Base is in trouble- apparently a big green creature of some kind is on a rampage there and Samson's "pretty sure it's not you." Better check this out. Once you arrive at Branson, you find that, yes, indeed there is another big green creature on the loose now. On top of that, it seems this monster has a serious problem with your very existence and blames you for turning it into an "Abomination." Let's cue the theme from Clash of the Titans! I don't have a great deal of tips for this battle. As first-boss battles go, it's pretty tough. First of all, Abomination is as big as you and twice as dangerous. So he can do everything the Hulk can for slightly more damage- hurt things just by running into them (yourself included), hit hard and harder when he's charged up, pick up and throw objects, and knock down buildings. His most punishing attacks come when he picks the Hulk up and manhandles him around like a wrestler. On top of that, he's actually a tactical fighter who seems to have studied all your moves intimately. This means he will dodge or (more often) block most of your attacks before they even hit him. Who is this guy? Note the big red bar in the top right corner of the screen first of all. That's Abomination's lifeline and we're looking to deplete it. He has three bars on Easy, more on higher difficulty levels. Stay on the move as he comes at you, jumping around and striking at his back whenever you can. Grabbing and throwing stuff at the boss also works well here, or you can try grabbing Abomination. Pummel him quickly if you do- unlike all enemies so far he has the ability to break out of your grip and can hit back hard once he does. Above all, vary your attacks. Abomination is quick to spot a pattern and will soon be blocking it effortlessly. He can even block attacks from a big club! The only weak spot he has is if you're in the corners of the arena- the building is unstable here and if one of the two of you hits the wall hard enough it will collapse on you both. Jump away quickly if you spot this happening- Abomination isn't as fast as you are and he will take a lot of damage from the falling masonry. For some reason he never catches on to this tactic, so lure him near the corners whenever possible and watch the fireworks. If the boss somehow manages to triumph over you, you will get a great line from him and the game will give you some tips on how to beat him on your retry- this is true for all missions you might fail, by the way. Many of my tips are taken directly from the game's mission failure screens! :) Lots of stuff is scattered about for use in the fight- pieces of concrete, girders (make great clubs/spears), and fuel barrels (nice if you can get your adversary caught in the explosion). The radioactive waste containers near the center of the arena work particularly well as projectiles or clubs- a special smash from one of them takes away a quarter of a bar from the boss's health on Easy. With these and the moves you've mastered so far you should be able to take Abomination down. Just remember to lure him near the corners, vary your attacks, and stay on the move! If you need health, green orbs are scattered around the edge of the map, usually up on the wall somewhere. Wall-Run or jump up to grab them. A big one is above the reactor in the center. Staying out of the boss's way for long enough also sparks Hulk's regenerative ability, so keep this in mind here and in later missions. If you damage Abomination enough, he may dig around in the floor and pull out a very large barrel of Biohazard. If he does this, get ready to dodge- he's going to heave that at you and it will hurt a lot if it hits. Keeping the reactor in the center of the arena between you and him works well in this situation- one barrel will destroy it but at least that wasn't you. Abomination often pulls out and throws more barrels after the first one- get close to him while he's doing this and apply some Backhand. The big barrels also work well to damage him if you can grab one. If he grabs you (he often tries if you get close), quickly tap the basic attack button to break free and strike back. Then move away to avoid his countering combo. Keep striking Abomination and dodging his attacks until he falls. Hulk promptly rushes in and applies some sweet angry punishment to his adversary (that's the Rapid Punch Burst combo if you're wondering, after this fight it's available for purchase in the Buy Menu). The Abomination is knocked into the wall and even more of the building collapses on top of him. Hulk leaves, his title retained. :) A cutscene after the battle shows Ross's troops combing the wreckage. Suprisingly they pull a strangely uninjured Blonsky out of the rubble. He claims he saw the whole fight with his own eyes and the Hulk started it. Funny, I don't remember him being there. Anyway, save your game. Mission Complete. ************************************ Chapter 2: Dark Desert of the Soul. ************************************ And you have completed the game's first chapter. Many more are coming. :) You get a text recap of the story so far and then you are told new moves are available at the Church's Buy Menu. Let's go check 'em out! First on the list to get is the Shield Weaponization. This move lets you turn just about any large vehicle you can pick up into a towering barrier you can hold between Hulk and enemy fire. Trucks, buses, ambulances, and banged-up tank bodies all can be made into Shields. When holding a Shield, Hulk will automatically use it to block all incoming bullets, missiles, and cannon fire if he is standing still or walking. If he is running, the shield defends him from the front. You can't be knocked down by tanks running into you while holding a Shield, and you can easily use it with normal attacks to bash any enemies in front of or beside you while the Shield blocks their attempts at countering. Special attacks will smash the Shield over the enemy's head- also nice. And if you throw the Shield it will return to you like a boomerang. This is a great way to damage an enemy from a distance- just charge your throw and hit him, catch the Shield as it comes back to you. Repeat. This ability is a must-have! Next on your list of moves to buy should be Power Surge Level 1. It's always good to have a longer Life Meter. Next get Air Dash, which allows Hulk to move a short distance in midair when jumping at a maintained altitude, and Shockwave Smash, which is a quite effective attack against enemy tanks. Get Tornado Frenzy next- we're in need of a punishing air combo for use against helicopters. The next thing to get is Missile Punchback- with this move you can smack enemy missiles right back at them. It's great for taking out Comanches and especially MRLS tanks (which you'll meet soon). Practice it in the training simulator so you can get the timing down- this move will save your bacon again and again in upcoming missons. Next go for Air Ground Smash and Air Sonic Clap- these upgrades to your hard hitters are useful for knocking holes in enemy formations and will be needed. Dashing Sonic Clap is a good upgrade also- being able to smash groups of ground-based enemies with your charges is loads of fun. As for the other moves, Club Smash nicely upgrades your clubbing abilities, Headbutt is a powerful combo, and Rising Upper is by far the quickest way to knock an enemy into the air. When followed up with a Tornado Frenzy or Drop Kick, this move can take out a foe before they know what hits them. Tornado Uppercut and Slam Kick also make nice combos for knocking foes off balance, and Rapid Punch Burst is a great way to heavily damage one foe (you do remember using it to beat Abomination?). Get Critical Thunderclap after Tornado Frenzy when you have enough points for it- it's very powerful and can hurt a lot of foes at once but you must be in Critical Mass to use it and getting and staying there can be difficult in some fights. For the same reason you should wait to buy the upgrade Air Critical Atomic Slam. When you're done buying new moves, check out the Blonsky Files- the intelligence there will give you a preview of upcoming missions. After saving, exit the Church and you should notice a new Jump Marker is available in the previously red circle. This one leads to the Badlands, the game's second free-roam map. Time to check out your new stomping grounds! You can return to the City for Challenge Missions and general rampaging, but all of this chapter's missions take place on the new map. There are also several new Challenge Missions waiting there for you along with plenty of Comic Books, Hint Markers, and other secrets. So check it out whenever you're ready. I will describe it now. ********************************************* Chapter 2, Mission 1: A Tall Green Stranger. ********************************************* Upon arrival, you will immediately notice the Badlands map is a lot smaller than the City. Its borders are sealed by high mountains, and the only water to be found is a river along the north side. This area is also distinctly different from the City in terms of appearance. It's a desert of the Great American West complete with oil fields, rock pillars, and grazing herds of invincible cows. Take some time to roam around and explore, keeping an eye on the still-present Emergency Response Meter. You should soon find that the Badlands has three areas- north, central, and south. The northern part is a small country town, with most of the same things you found in the City. Power poles, trees, and lampposts for clubs; cars, vans, and pickups for Steel Fists (the pickups now appearing in greater numbers); trucks and buses for Shields; fuel tanks, AC units, small water towers, and dumpsters for throwing, etc. There are lower rooftops and fewer ambulances and newsvans can be found. No big-ball-spawning signs either, though you can smash some signs to hear funny jingles. On the outskirts of the town are oil pumps you can break to make clubs, giant fuel tanks that explode nicely when you smash them, and the aforementioned rock pillars and cows. Three canyons lead south from the town into the central area of the map, an enormous gorge studded with rock pillars and mesas. All the rock pillars are destructible and will yield boulders- some flat, some round- for you to play with. If you follow the canyons southeast, you will begin to see watchtowers and come to the southern area, Branson Military Base. That's right, Branson Military Base. General Ross's fortress. At this point, you can only get into the forward base complex at the map's southeastern edge. There is more, but the tunnel leading there is sealed off by a blue forcefield. Bummer. Destroy the watchtowers and menace the wandering civilian base employees if you're feeling steamed. You should be aware that the military has an increased presence here. Their transport trucks are roaming freely around the town's streets, and several are parked near the courthouse at its center. You can find more at the Army Supply Depot near the map's northeast corner- the town's police headquarters is just across the road from there. As you check the map's edges and the canyons, you may find companies of Abrams and Bradley tanks on maneuvers. Division Soldiers also man the watchtowers and wander around at Branson Military Base. A number of them on leave can also be found walking the streets in the town. So there is no shortage of enemies. No shortage of green orbs either- they're strung along the dirt roads in the canyons and on the cliff walls. There's also at least one atop every high object out there. Rock pillars, water towers, fuel tanks, buildings, all seem to have a glowing green object at the top. Fully explore this map and check out its available Challenge Missions. You also want to be on the lookout for the four Jump Markers you need to unlock for full mobility. Fortunately, on this map they're a lot easier to spot. The first Jump Marker is at the town's truck stop, the Last Chance Cafe. You're given it automatically (take notice, the group of fuel tanks near the cafe provides the biggest explosive potential we hav yet to see in the game- have fun). The next two Jump Markers are at either end of the map's central gorge area- Verdugo's Pass and Goliath Bluff. Follow the western and central canyons south from the town to find them. Finally there is the Jump Marker on the mesa just before the road that leads south into Branson Military Base, aptly titled "Restricted Area 102." Activate all of these, then save your game. When you're done getting to know the Badlands, return to the Last Chance Cafe for the green star that will begin your mission. ************************************** Chapter 2, Mission 2: Eye in the Sky. ************************************** Okay, stranger, it's time to strike a blow for freedom in these parts. :) That no-good Mr. Blonsky has some satellites up that can spot your green hide like a pickle in a bean curd. You won't be able to roam the Badlands freely without him watching your every move. Unless, of course, you take out the uplink dishes for his satellite network. Fortunately, your pardner Doc Samson knows where they are. Unfortunately, that ornery General Ross knows you're coming and has set his posse in your path. Best get jumping, stranger! :) (Yes, I am talking with a Wild West theme.) There are four satellite uplinks to down, each marked with a red circle on your map. The closest and least defended is in the center of the Badlands town near the courthouse (red brick building with a clock). Missile Soldiers on the streets and rooftops spot you as you approach- pummel them. Be wary of some Abrams tanks parked near the building too. Use the buildings as cover and smash all enemies (there are no respawns here) before taking out the satellite uplink atop the town's largest building (the dental clinic- guess there are quite a few problems with tooth decay around here :). When it's destroyed, two Comanches fly in to make things miserable for you. Swat them down with Air Combos (Tornado Frenzy if you know it), then head for the nearby Greyhound Bus Terminal and get yourself a Shield. The next two uplinks are in the map's central canyon area. As you approach them, you meet a deadly new enemy- the MRLS. These tanks have a powerful radar on board and as soon as they sense your approach they will release a number of dangerous guided missiles. Use your Shield to block these or dodge them if you're good enough. The MRLSes themselves are unarmored and your normal attacks can easily smash them, but the missiles they fire on the way in make getting close very dangerous. So use the Shield, run up, and pound them down. Note that when an MRLS is destroyed it spawns both a wrecked tank body (for use as a new Shield, natch) and a missile pack. You can't do much with the latter other than throw it for now, but remember this device for later. The western uplink is lightly defended by a group of Missile Soldiers, an MRLS, and an Abrams. After smashing them and the uplink, you are given a Checkpoint. Head for the eastern uplink in the canyons now. It's defended by four Abrams, an MRLS, and some Missile Soldiers scattered around the mesas nearby. Three Comanches fly in also- throwing your Shield like a boomerang is a good move against these. After downing the defenses, smash the uplink and head south into Branson Military Base. The fourth antenna is in the forward base area here. That darn forcefield still prevents you from heading deeper into Branson. You should spot Missile Soldiers near the base's watchtowers and MRLS (two in front of the base and another on the canyon wall close to the uplink) as you approach- smack them. Several respawns of Abrams tanks also come out of the base's hangars. Destroy the uplink as soon as you are able. Mission Complete! Now save your game. ********************************************* Chapter 2, Mission 3: Got Yourself a Convoy. ********************************************* A new Blonksy file has been decoded at the Church- this one has design specs for Hulkbuster Infantry Units. Seems Blonsky and Ross's engineers have designed some kind of combat mech to battle you. The units are all the same size as the Hulk and have great combat abilities. Machine guns, missile launchers, VTOL flight capability, a pilot neural interface, and they can charge up their attacks for extra damage. Sounds nasty, doesn't it? These will soon be your main foes in the game, so get familiar with their capabilities. They first appear in this next mission, where the object is to stop three military convoys bringing Hulkbuster parts to Branson. The mission won't do much to slow Hulkbuster production, but it is fun. Make sure you are familiar with the Badlands and have all its Jump Markers unlocked before you start the Mission. Also get the Tornado Frenzy and Air Dash moves from the Buy Menu. Learn how to move quickly if you don't already- this mission requires that skill. When your preparations are complete, return to the oil fields near the Last Chance Cafe and activate the green star. The first convoy automatically leaves the town's Army Supply Depot as you begin your mission. It is composed of one truck, some Abrams and Bradleys, and a couple Comanches on escort. Note the chase meter in the screen's bottom left corner. This represents how close the convoy is to the tunnel where that shield is blocking your way into Branson. If a convoy gets past that point, you have failed the mission. Fortunately, all you need to do to stop these convoys is take out the truck- the armor and choppers don't matter. Jump after the convoy quickly, moving faster with Air Dashes and Air Strikes (you dive when you do this move). You will notice several Bradleys, Abrams, and MRLSes have been deployed in the canyons around you- evade their shots as needed and keep moving after the truck. Jump close to it and pummel, throw objects, damage it however you can. No matter how much the escorts slow you down, that truck is going to keep moving and you don't want it to get away. You can use the Jump Markers to travel great distances if you fall back too far- remember this for future missions. You may need to down the Comanches before getting close enough to take out the truck, which is why I recommended you buy Tornado Frenzy. Drop Kick is another combo that works well if you know how to do it. After the truck is destroyed, spend time destroying the tanks in the canyons. The fewer MRLSes, Abrams, and Bradleys there are ranged against you, the easier time you'll have with what's coming. They all give you Smash Points too, this is a great place to build up your score. Also spend some time wrecking the highway bridges around the canyon- these will regenerate when you reload your next game but you'll see why it's useful with the next convoy. What am I missing? Oh yes, the first convoy's route. It heads south through the map's center canyon, staying mainly along the bottom of the gorges, then goes into Branson after weaving around several mesas. You should be able to catch it easily before it gets there. Look for the red circle on your map if you lose sight of it. If its fire is too much for you, get a Shield and make use of it- smash attacks on the tanks while blocking and boomerang throws at the trucks are both great tactics to use. Also use Air Sonic Clap and Air Ground Slam to effectively scatter the enemy. After you've destroyed the convoy, thinned the enemy defenses, and recovered your life with green orbs, head back towards the Supply Depot (green circle on the map). The second convoy leaves when you get close enough. It has the same components as the first one, except there are no Bradleys and two trucks this time. Again, concentrate on those to the exclusion of the tanks and Comanches. New MRLSes, Bradleys, and Abrams tanks have appeared in the canyons, but you should be able to dodge their shots with moves like Air Recovery and Air Dash. This convoy heads through the far east canyon- a longer route to Branson- and uses many of the dirt roads along the canyon walls. So if you did what I recommended and took out the bridges it will be slowed considerably. Those crazy truck drivers may even accidentally drive off a bridge and do your job for you- you get a hilarious enemy radio transmission if they do that. Again stay on the tail of those red circles and use Jump Markers to cover distance fast. After both trucks are gone, spend more time smashing tanks and bridges. Make sure the convoy's escorts are eliminated and sweep west through the canyons and circle the town on your way back to the Supply Depot. Why this route? You'll see. Recoevr your life and take out every tank you meet on the way. When you get close to the Supply Depot again, the third convoy departs. Same units as the last one, only this time it's escorted by a pair of Hulkbuster Infantry Units instead of Comanches. In addition to the new tanks that have appeared, this is going to make your chase a little more exciting. The Hulkbusters are more maneuverable than the Comanches, and their attacks do more damage since they can combo and charge up their fists. If you get close, they will grab you and hit especially hard with ground or air combos. They can also block your attacks- hitting them fast and hard will counter this. You can use clubs, but they're very quick and good at evading thrown objects. All in all, they can slow you down enough that you might actually lose the two trucks- if so it's Jump Marker time. This third convoy heads straight west through the town at high speed and then west and south through the canyons. I'm not sure if it takes the high roads, but it's good you destroyed the bridges just in case, right? Anyway, destroy both trucks as soon as possible. If you took the route I recommended back to the Supply Depot, you can even intercept this convoy on its route and ambush them. Take another route and it will probably get too far ahead for you to try that. Once the trucks are down, it's Mission Complete. Save your game. You may want to wreck the last convoy's remaining escorts- be aware the Emergency Response Meter is back- before you return to the Church. ********************************** Chapter 2, Mission 3: Headhunter. ********************************** This mission gets you deeper inside Branson Military Base, a place we were bound to go eventually. Its starting point is near the Restricted Area 102 Jump Marker. This time Samson wants you to bring back a Hulkbuster neural interface for further study. The ones in active mechs are destroyed when they are, so you need to find a mech that's unpiloted. Fortunately Branson Military Base is holding a Hulkbuster demonstration today. :) Be sure to practice your jumping and Air Combos before attempting this mission and when you're ready, activate the green star. A pair of Hulkbuster Infantry come after you at the beginning- this is a good time to get familiar with them if you didn't have the chance earlier because you were mainly after the trucks. These things will lock on to Hulk from above and fire machine guns on approach, then land and circle him, fists ready. They may shoot lone missiles at a distance and charge up for combos when they get close. If you grab one, you can immobilize it and give your prisoner some nice combos- remember this. The yellow circle on your map is the area where you need to go- it's inside Branson. As you fight your way in, you'll meet two more Hulkbusters, an Abrams tank, and lots of respawning Soldiers. When you reach the tunnel, you'll notice its shield is gone now- though there's still one up on the mountain pass above you. Head through the tunnel and wreck the two shield-generating antennas (you can now do this whenever you want during free-roam in order to enter the base). If you want to break the shield down from outside, jump up on the mountain pass, leap into the air, lock onto an antenna, and throw something. Once both shields are down, advance into the main base area. You'll notice lots of buildings, including a command center and an airfield. Take out the defending Soldiers and Hulkbusters. You may notice a canyon going south further into the base as you explore- if you head down it you will pass two large concrete walls and find three bunkers surrounding a helipad. Remember that area- it's the Vault and we will be coming back here later. Your main objective for now is to reach the arroyo along the base's western edge. As you get close, the Hulkbusters being demonstrated there break from their training and come at you. Take them down. Now approach the mech on display by the bleachers. Hulk automatically smashes it and extracts the interface. You can try escaping from the base now, but I recommend putting the machine back down right where you found it. It's relatively safe here, and new defenses have appeared in the base. You'll need to get through these to reach the Restricted Area 102 Jump Marker, so go smash them now. They consist of Soldiers, Hulkbuster Infantry, and a pair of MRLS near the base entrance. Smash them all, particularly the latter. Those guided missiles can really mess up your day. No respawns except the Soldiers, so head back to the arroyo and grab the interface once the way is clear. Jump to the Church and set the interface in the yellow box. Mission Complete. New Blonsky files are decrypted- these will show you some information on the Vault and the gamma mutant confinement and study that goes on there. You will also learn of a secret project of Blonsky's called Mission Directive. That file is still too coded to make sense of unfortunately. Save your game, pardner. ***************************************** Chapter 2, Boss Battle: Proving Grounds. ***************************************** Okay, another green star has appeared by the Church. We know what that means. Before activating it, purchase all the moves you can and take some time to practice them. We won't be going back to the Badlands for a long time, but it was a nice place to visit, wasn't it? When you think you're fully prepared, activate the green star. Samson tells you there's another type of Hulkbuster being developed- the Destroyer. These are larger and more heavily armed than the Infantry Units. The prototype of this version is being demonstrated near Branson Military Base today, and Samson wants you there to get familiar with a Destroyer's capabilities. Taking out the prototype now should also cause serious setbacks for further Destroyer production. In preparation for this mission, make sure you have fully upgraded your Sonic Clap and know how to use it. When the mission begins, you find the military was expecting your arrival. Ross has a perimeter set up around you and the Destroyer prototype is online. As the monster mech lands in front of you, you should realize this is going to be one heck of a fight- this thing is three times your size! Not only can it combo and charge its attacks for some truly bad damage, it has a pair of devastating high-energy lasers on its chest and two missile packs on its shoulders that fire rockets as guided and as damaging as MRLS shots! The good news is the Destroyer lacks the grab attacks exhibited by the Infantry Hulkbusters and it's a lot easier to hit since it's bigger. The bad news is it can still block your attacks and move around quickly with heavy-duty thrusters and hydraulic jumps. With four life bars to deplete, you'll probably be thinking this fight could take a while. You're right. The mech's biggest card, though, is not its combat chassis but its pilot- a soldier named Jenkins after Paul Jenkins, the game's writer. This guy is a great tactical fighter- and he's not alone. Throughout the battle he will call in backup, and several Hulkbuster Infantry Units answer each call. If you're not careful, you will soon be overwhelmed. What to do then? First, jump away from the Destroyer's initial laser sweep attack and stay on the move. Jenkins will be chasing you all over the canyon, but he's not that big a problem immediately. Most of his attacks are easy to spot and all are dodgeable. You also have plenty of stuff available to throw and weaponize- concrete barriers, boulders, trees, military trucks, jeeps, truck trailers, and large containers. Get yourself a Shield as soon as you can and make use of it. Before you even start to attack Jenkins, take a look at your minimap. You'll notice three red circles on it in addition to the one representing the Destroyer. These are satellite dishes that Jenkins is using to transmit his orders for reinforcements and relay commands to open the base doors. Quickly jump around the canyon to locate the dishes. Also pay attention to the doors leading into the mountain. The Destroyer's backup Infantry are going to be coming out of those doors. You need to destroy the satellite dishes, all three of them. Once they're down, Jenkins won't be able to open the doors and summon help- making the fight becomes far more manageable. The Infantry Units will swarm around you as you go after the dishes, so knock them back as necessary. Sonic Clap is very good for this, as it damages all foes in your immediate vicinity. Critical Thunderclap works even better- if you can get in Critical Mass. Use your Shield and your best combos to decimate the dishes and any Hulkbusters that get too close to you. If you end up needing life, plenty of green orbs are on the walls of the canyon. Infantry Units also cough up green orbs after you smash them. Ignore Jenkins as much as possible until all three dishes are gone. After the dishes, eliminate any remaining Infantry Hulkbusters. Now it's just you and the big guy. Flank him as much as possible to avoid his laser sweeps and punches, jumping and weaving along the wall when he fires missiles. Going toe-to-toe is not recommended, the Destroyer's pile drivers and grab combos really hurt. Stay away from him when he lands too- the shockwave he causes when hitting the ground can knock you down. It's also best to stay above or below him to more easily dodge the lasers. Hitting the mech with combos and then jumping aside is a good tactic to use again and again. You can also pick up and throw objects at the Destroyer- if you do so, be aware you can target the missile packs on its shoulders individually. Taking them out is a good way to deny Jenkins his most powerful weapon and shorten the fight. If this is your first playthrough, the Destroyer is too big for you to grab, so don't bother trying it. Just keep damaging him. You will hear increasingly more frantic radio chatter from Jenkins and his Infantry friends still inside the mountain as you knock the Destroyer's life bar down. The mech starts smoking too, but this in no way impairs its combat ability. Just keep repeating your hit-and-run attacks and grab green orbs according to your need. When the Destroyer finally topples, Hulk leaps onto its body and unleashes a quick smash to knock out Jenkins. He then jumps away across the mountains before Ross's remaining troops can locate him. Mission Complete and time to save! ********************* Chapter 3: No Mercy. ********************* Things start to hit harder in this chapter. You're going back to the City and you'll find things have changed there. Division Soldiers have now entirely replaced the Police foot patrols and they will appear both on the streets and on rooftops, often in teams. Abrams and Bradley tanks are on the streets too, often posted at major intersections. The response team that comes out if you get the meter high enough now includes Hulkbuster Infantry units, though it's still just Comanches if you're in the Badlands. The general number of vehicles and pedestrians on the City streets is unchanged, but you should be noticing a heavier undercurrent of fear. Get ready to face it- the missions in this chapter will test your combat and movement abilities harder than anything thus far. As before, the mission opens with a text recap of the story. Read it over to pick up a few details the cutscenes so far have left out. It seems the psychosis Blonsky has been experiencing since his gamma infection is getting worse, and so is Bruce Banner's inner battle with the Devil Hulk. The Division has also deeply infiltrated the City, and you're running out of time to finish your machine. Finally you will learn the identity of that woman we've seen near Blonsky in a couple cutscenes. Her name is Mercy and she's a powerful gamma mutant allied with the Division. After you're done absorbing all this, head into the Church and read over the new Blonsky Files. You'll find more information on Mercy's capabilities- apparently she is a powerful psionic with skills in telekinesis and teleportation. A tracking device is implanted in her body, and while Blonsky worries about her loyalty he still finds her a capable bodyguard. Another new file has design specs on a new type of Hulkbuster called the Combat Warden. These things are called "unassailable," and it looks like they have good reason to be. Their armaments are heavier than the basic Infantry unit's, their armor and flight/charge power capacity are upgraded, and their interfaces are quicker to respond to pilot commands. Wonder if Hulk will soon be fighting these things. :) Now for the new moves on the Buy Menu. Some real gems have just become available. As before, you want to get all you can and practice them. First on the list of new moves to grab here is Air Enemy Grapple. With this you can grab flying foes while you're in the air- which can be handy to immobilize and smash up Hulkbusters. Next up is Cyclone Skyjack. This move allows you to down any aircraft instantly just by grabbing onto it- very useful. If pesky Comanches have been giving you trouble, this move can be a lifesaver. Remember that targeting aircraft and then moving towards them with a jumping Air Strike is a great way to get close enough to set this move up. As for the other moves, Spear Impale is another great Club Move and Dashing Uppercut is another great Air Combo starter. You can easily knock Hulkbusters and light tanks into the air with Dashing Uppercut, so get and master it. Shield Grind offers you a new and very fun way to travel- you can turn your Shield into a ground surfboard and move quickly across tough terrain. Your momentum is increased greatly when Grinding- objects you run into will take far more damage than from your ordinary charge. You can even crash into and wreck tanks! Just be careful not to hit a building or take too much damage, you can fall off your board. Get the Shield Grind Kick upgrade as soon as possible after purchasing Shield Grind- this move will allow you to quickly exit your board and damage enemy ground formations in the process. Bowling is another great way to damage enemy formations- this move allows you to weaponize any large round object into a giant ball you can roll to damage enemies in a line. Objects useable with this weaponization include the gas station ball and hamburger signs in the City and the big round boulders in the Badlands. Gamma Quake is a great way to seriously damage any Hulkbuster you've grappled, and Floor Kick can damage prone enemies- use it in combos to pummel Hulkbusters you've knocked down before they get back up to fight you again. Elbow Drop is by far the most powerful move available to you outside of Critical Mass- it can be hard to set up since you must run up a high wall first but it can really do some damage to bunched-up enemies. The more height, the harder it hits. Get Hitchhike if you want to be able to grab large foes like Destroyers and pound on them- it's not going to be useful any time soon but it might be later. :) More important than all these moves, though, are the newly available upgrades for your existing moves. Dashing Groundslam will allow you to devastate enemy ground units while moving quickly- a good move to take out emplaced tanks and far more powerful than Sonic Clap. Against aircraft, you'll want the Super Air Strike so your air combos inflict more damage and the Super Air Dash so when Air Dashing you can travel farther at greater speed. Shockwave Smash Repeater is expensive, but will be extremely useful against tanks and non-flying Hulkbusters. Think of it as the Rapid Punch Burst of special attacks. Critical Mass Surge Level 1 should be purchased as soon as you have the points- even if you haven't been using Critical Mass moves that often this upgrade will extend your life bar and the level at which your attacks do the most damage. Perhaps the coolest upgrade of all is Missile Catch- this move lets you grab an enemy missile out of the sky for use as a weapon. You can then throw the missile at anything you want, and charging your attack makes it a homing missile. If you've been looking for a fun surefire way to down those evasive Comanches, this is it. It also works well against Hulkbuster Infantry. Just remember to practice it as much as possible so you get the timing down. When you're ready, save your game and then head into the City for your next new mission. **************************************** Chapter 3, Mission 1: Authority Issues. **************************************** Okay, it's time to start taking on the Division's newest Hulkbuster Mechs. If you read the Blonsky File on them, you'll know they are faster and stronger than the Infantry you've been fighting. Taking them on isn't your only task here either- you also need to retrieve the Chief Warden's memory module for Doc Samson. Note- after this mission just about all the Infantry you encounter will have Combat Warden capabilities although they are still counted as Infantry in your Stats. I shall refer to them as Infantry, but be ready for tougher fights. The mission starts off with Hulk getting ambushed by a lot of Division Soldiers and Bradleys. Lay into them with every move you have so far mastered and take them all out, collecting green orbs throughout. When the bulk of the ambush is shattered, the Chief Warden orders all remaining forces back to HQ for a report. Follow and smash the retreating Bradleys. Now head for the green circle on your map. Once you arrive there, you will see a perimeter set up and be attacked by a group of very aggressive Hulkbusters- the Combat Wardens. Stay on the move against these guys, batting back or avoiding their missiles. Try your best to grab and combo them, but watch out- they know how to fight back. Keep taking them out until no more red dots appear on your map. You are then treated to a cutscene of the Chief Warden standing atop Division Headquarters. Let's go get him! You will meet some more Bradleys on your way to the Headquarters, and Missile Soldiers are manning the building's rooftops. Take out them quickly before turning your attention to the Chief Warden. This guy can hover like no other Hulkbuster thus far encountered, and his slams and missiles pack quite a punch. Stay on your toes and pummel him. You might be able to pull off a grab, but usually he's too quick to block and dodge and he can even counter attack to break your grapple. His most powerful attack is a ground ram from above, but his combos are only slightly less worrisome. You only have to deplete three of his four life bars and some of his last- then he flees the battle. It's chase time. You can not catch the Chief Warden here- he flies too high and fast for you. He'll easily dodge any of your projectiles too. Ignore the fact that his health is coming back for now- you will soon have a final confrontation. Just keep after him, dodging missiles and beating down the Missile Soldiers that come out as you follow- you're going to be circling some of the City's tallest buildings. If you've been practicing rooftop jumping and moving fast, you should have no trouble staying on the Chief Warden's tail. When the Chief Warden finally stops, he'll be in a park with some Bradleys and Division Soldiers. Blonsky orders the latter to help the Chief Warden defeat you. The more the merrier. Beat up the minor enemies and then deplete the Warden's three life bars- he's not learned any tricks he didn't have before. After he falls, retrieve his memory module from the wreckage. As soon as you get it, though, new Missile Soldiers show up on the rooftops and some more Combat Wardens jump in to fight you. Quickly put the module down and get away from it, then take the Wardens out with your fastest combos and projectiles. Next make sure all Missile Soldiers are clear from the rooftops (no respawns). Now pick up the module and locate your nearest Jump Marker- probably the Dyne. Head there and return to the Church, then place the module in its yellow box. Mission Complete. A cutscene shows you Blonsky discussing his growing mutation problems with Mercy. She is worried about him, but he insists everything will be fine if they can just take down the Hulk. A new Blonsky File in your database will show you more about Mercy and her background. Save your game. **************************************** Chapter 3, Mission 2: Frantic Recovery. **************************************** This mission starts atop one of the beams on the western bridge to Gunnery Island. Samson wants you to capture a truck full of equipment that is moving between Division research facilities. There's only one convoy to chase this time, but you need to stop it before it reaches its destination and it is fast. The truck itself is very tough, protected by an energy shield as well as its own armor. You will need to throw objects at the truck to damage this shield and take it down. On top of that the truck is being escorted by Comanches and Hulkbuster Infantry and a lot of Abrams tanks are set up along its route to pound you with their cannons. The route itself winds along the City's main divided highway and then across several parks and city streets. Concrete barriers are strung all along the route, so there won't be other traffic slowing the truck and you'll have no shortage of objects to throw what with all the City has to offer. Take out the truck's escorts quickly and then start tossing objects at it. Remember to charge your throws for distance and that you can throw while in the air. Thrown Clubs (Spears) are especially effective. Don't go after the truck with your normal attacks- its shield will stop them cold and damage you. Fortunately you don't have to deplete the truck's entire life bar. After you hit it with enough objects the shield flickers and then after several more hits it goes out completely. Now you can get the truck with a Running Grab. Make sure the escorts are down and get it. Use Jump Markers as needed to catch up to your quarry. Once you have the truck, three Comanches will be after you trying to destroy it before you can escape. Even if you put the truck down, they will still fire at it and it won't be moving fast either. Just stay ahead of the choppers and get to the nearest Jump Marker. Once you've used it, return the truck to the Church. Mission Complete. Save! ******************************* Chapter 3, Boss Battle: Mercy. ******************************* What, another boss fight already? Okay, no problem. The only clue you're given that you're going into this fight is the mission name- you're told at the beginning that Samson wants you to retrieve some nuclear fuel rods from the City's power plant. Once you arrive there, though, you'll find Blonsky's powerful psionic bodyguard Mercy waiting for you. She laughs and surrounds herself with kinetic energy, saying all your power means nothing to her. Yeah, whatever, lady. Let's dance! This battle is different from any of you've fought before. Mercy only has three life bars, but many of your attacks are not going to work against her. You can throw the concrete barriers, fuel tanks, and huge radioactive canisters scattered around, but she will deflect those with telekinesis every time. Getting close to her proves problematic, as she can teleport away just as you reach her and then you have to chase her again. Her psionic shield doesn't block your attacks, but it does reduce the damage they do- and she can also energize her body so her karate moves will knock you back hard. Mercy's main attack is to throw large weaving energy balls at you. If one of these hits, Hulk is paralyzed and if Mercy's close enough she will unleash some devestating combos on him. So dodge those balls! Fortunately Mercy tends to stay still while they're on screen- get close and pummel her with Explosive Triples and Rapid Punch Bursts. Grabbing her is out, the shield will shock you off if you try that. Just be quick and use your auto-targeting to lock onto her again when she teleports. Grab green orbs from the reactor walls if you need life. After cutting Mercy's life in half she'll stop throwing the balls and surround herself with a more aggressive shield of ions. She will now be zipping around the battlefield attacking you with kicks and punches, all charged with enough voltage to knock Hulk down and lay on the pain. She'll also fling barrages of electricity and sweeping lasers, which can hurt you badly and explode any radioactive canisters that happen to be near you- amplifying the damage. Keep on your toes, locking onto and hitting Mercy with the same combos you've been using. Jump away if she starts a combo of her own. Just keep on her- she will soon go down. Tip from Nick Jaragosky- "It's a bit cheap, but it works great if you're careful, and doing this, Mercy never surrounds herself with those ion things. I don't know why. All you have to do is use the Shockwave Smash Repeater. Do it over and over and over, always locking onto Mercy with L1. It takes some time, but she will eventually be defeated. Sometimes she might get an attack in, but there are plenty of green orbs in the room to make sure you don't die. She will never suddenly become highly charged up and surround herself with those ion things. I think that only happens if you physically punch or kick her." Once Mercy falls, Blonsky pulls a nasty gambit- he fires a missile at the power plant that is homing in on Mercy's implanted tracking device. Hulk barely manages to escape as the shocked bodyguard is reduced to cinders. Oh well. Save your game, and you have completed this Chapter. *********************** Chapter 4: Cry Havoc! *********************** This chapter's opening cutscene will set the stage for what's ahead- the Devil Hulk is finally emerging from Bruce Banner's mind and the manifestations ain't pretty. You now will have to move even faster to finish the machine and the Division isn't gonna be laying it down either. They now have even more tanks posted on the streets of the City, and their upgraded Infantry Hulkbusters have been mobilized to join the Strike Team. Missile Soldiers are also still manning the rooftops, and even MRLS units are setting up to deter your attacks. The Badlands also has increased military activity- more tanks, MRLSes in the canyons, and even patrolling Comanches near Branson and the town. All this chapter's missions will take place in the City though. Read your text recap to get a full idea what's going on. Some new moves are available in the Buy Menu. Air Critical Thunderclap is a great upgrade for your current most damaging move, but before you get it you need to get some more potentially damaging numbers- Critical Pain and Hammer Toss. The former charged combo is the most damaging attack in the game- it will cut any boss's life in half if you can get into Critical Mass, get close, and apply it. Any regular enemy who feels it is toasted, too, if you want to waste it on them. With Hammer Toss you can finally grab those tanks that have been messing with you and fling them around like ninepins. Just grab one by the barrel, swing it around to smash any others nearby, and then rotate your movement stick quickly to throw the whole tank at a target. This move will be the key to damaging the next boss. Another level of Power Surge is also now available, and you want to purchase any moves left over from the last chapter as soon as possible. Other new moves to get include Air Spike and Target Kick, which are great for knocking flying foes out of the sky. Double Air Dash gives you two chances to get closer to such foes instead of one, so get it to jump farther. Gamma Grinder and Gamma Bomb are your most powerful grapples against Hulkbusters- get these to pull off some awesome wrestling throws whenever you have hold of one. Running Club Ram is a good move to seriously pound an emplaced enemy, but for the money Dashing Ground Slam works just as well. You can also now buy Hulk's two most powerful weaponizations. You should remember Missile Pack from the opening training simulator- this move turns any MRLS's rocket launcher into your own gun and its missiles are homing when charged. Its only drawback is the limited ammo. Ball and Chain is an even better weaponization- it lets you turn any crane's wrecking ball into a Hulk Morningstar. With this you can then deliver some serious pain at long range with both regular and special attacks. Throwing your weapon is only slightly less powerful. A wrecking ball is very robust, and with it you can hit a foe halfway across the screen from where you're standing. Get this combo and make good use of it. New Blonsky files reveal the Division is placing the city under martial law. Save your game, practice your new moves, and prepare to investigate. *********************************** Chapter 4, Mission 1: Clean Sweep. *********************************** Blonsky and Ross are really out to get you this time. Their machines aren't doing the job, so they've resorted to polluting the air with a gas that is lethal to gamma mutants. Fortunately, they're still cutting through all the red tape necessary to release this toxin, so you have the chance to grab the three canisters they've placed in the City and dispose of them before they can dispose of you. To do that, you will need to toss them into the water surrounding this borough. Each canister is heavily guarded, so get ready for some tough fights. The mission starts with you under attack by a Destroyer Hulkbuster. Unlike the one you fought before, this one has tank cannons instead of lasers. It still has its grab attacks, pile driver punches, and missiles. Its life bar is a lot shorter too. It can stay on you quite effectively though, with thrusters and hydraulics. Pound it with combos and thrown objects, aiming for the missile launchers on the mech's shoulders before going after the body. You can Hitchhike on the Destroyer's back if you've bought that move, but pound it quickly if you do- the mech can and will throw you off. Punching and throwing back the mech's own missiles is highly effective- do this if you have mastered those moves. You can also Elbow Drop off a building onto it for a lot of damage- if you can get things set up right. Once the Destroyer's down, search for green orbs to up your life bar- a good source is the ambulances which randomly appear on the streets. Also break down a truck and get yourself a Shield. The first gas pod is in front of the Mandarin Grand Mews in Chinatown. It's guarded by another Destroyer, who you will want to lure away from it. Harry him with thrown objects and ignore the gas pod for now- its release countdown does not start until you pick it up. Two Comanches will attack also- Cyclone Skyjack them out of the sky. Now smack down the concrete barriers and grab that gas pod. A hidden timer immediately starts counting down and the pod broadcasts warnings- quickly run for the ocean to the west. Once you get there the game prompts you to Hammer Throw the pod but this is not necessary. Just jump out over the ocean and use the grab button to drop it. Once the pod hits the water, it goes inert. Whew. Your second target is in the western half of the city. To reach it quickly use the nearby Jump Marker to go to the Dyne. Again, restore your health and pick up a Shield on the way there. Two Comanches attack once you get close to the pod and as you near it, you will see two Destroyers there also. Fighting two of these big mechs isn't much different from fighting one- just repeat a hit and run attack using charged-up combos and thrown objects. A crane parked near the north Destroyer offers a convienent Ball and Chain. Concentrate on one mech, then the other, until both are defeated. Each releases a lot of green orbs upon destruction, so you can use them to keep your life high. Now grab that pod and again bound west and toss it into the ocean. Move fast- three warnings and you are dead! The final gas pod is on Gunnery Island. You don't want to use the Jump Marker to get there though- instead Jump to Midtown Tower and cross a bridge. As with the last one, this pod is defended by two Comanches and two Destroyers. MRLS tanks also are guarding the bridges, and these will respawn after you get the order to pick up the pod. Smash one and retool its Missile Pack if you can, missiles are very damaging against the Destroyers. Whatever you do, make sure both big mechs are down before you grab the pod. You don't want one of them knocking it out of your hands. Once you have it, hightail it to the nearest ocean (west once again) and heave ho. Mission Complete, save your game. ****************************************** Chapter 4, Mission 2: A Bird in the Hand. ****************************************** Remember those fuel rods Mercy stopped us from getting? Turns out more are being transported through the City via Huey, and we need to steal them now. This isn't going to be easy. The copter moves fast despite its load, and it's protected by Hulkbuster Infantry and a deadly new aircraft- the Falcon Strike Fighter. These jets are armed the same as the Comanches, but they are far more acrobatic and harder to take out. Fortunately there's just one to worry about at this juncture. As your mission starts, run towards the green circle on your map. Get as close as you can before the timer expires. Once it does, the copter takes off and its initial escort- the Falcon- comes after you. Get after the copter- if it gets too far ahead your mission will fail. In the meantime grab something to throw and toss it at that Falcon. You want the jet off your back as soon as possible. If throwing stuff doesn't work, air combos like the Chopper Crusher and Cyclone Skyjack are good attacks to unleash when the jet is close. Pretty soon, the Huey will circle close to a building and several Hulkbusters will come out at you. Pummel them and get after the bird again. Despite what Samson told you, you don't need to wait for it to land to destroy it. Instead, just jump up to it and unleash some Air Combos and projectiles. Enough hits and the copter will crash and drop its rods. Leave the load where it is for now- you need to take out the remaining escort Hulkbusters. Two more Hueys are also coming on an intercept to try to pick up the rods again- take them out quickly. In addition, MRLS tanks have set up on the streets around. Destroy all opposition and then grab the rods and hightail it to the nearest Jump Marker. When you get to the Jump Marker, return to the Church, set the rods down in the yellow box, and it's Mission Complete. A cutscene shows you Blonsky's deepening determination and dementia. Save your game. ******************************** Chapter 4, Mission 3: Lockdown. ******************************** The green star for this one appears at the Church, so you may think it's a boss battle. Nope, it's an escort mission. Doc Samson needs to meet with a Division informant, but the City is under lockdown (hence the mission name) so he may be in danger from trigger-happy Division Soldiers if he's seen on the streets. Guess the Hulk needs to create a distraction, huh? Once you start the mission, you'll see Samson doesn't have the best taste when it comes to vehicles. His bright red station wagon only has one bar of life, and it can't move that fast either. Worse, the Division have an APB out for him. Uh oh. You start things off on the east Gunnery Island bridge. Samson zips through a checkpoint, past three Division Soldiers armed with machine guns. Quickly dash past them yourself, knocking them down on the way if you want, though it's not necessary. Quickly bound ahead of Samson's car- you want to stay ahead of it as much as you can during the mission. The enemies ahead will open fire on Samson's car if they see it and if it's destroyed you fail the mission. By staying ahead, Hulk can usually take out whatever's lying in wait before Samson even arrives. Even better, if Samson sees you battling foes on the street ahead of him he will often slow down and wait for the way to clear before he continues on- wish all escortees in action video games were that smart! Samson's route through the City takes you across the western bridge and then along the western coastline, through the downtown area, and then along the northern coast. Division Soldiers and Comanches are set up along this route, and so are some very dangerous new tanks- Howitzers. These things are even more heavily armored than the Abrams and their double cannons will quickly pulverize Samson's car. To take them on, make sure you have Shockwave Smash Repeater and Hammer Toss, not to mention good jumping ability. A Shield is nice too if you can find one- use a tank's destroyed body or look for parked delivery trucks. Because of the lockdown, very little traffic will be on the streets. Get ahead of Samson (blue circle on the minimap) at the beginning of the mission and quickly cross the western bridge. Three Division Soldiers are posted at its west end, and one has a missile launcher. You want to take these out quickly before Samson approaches- a good way is Dashing Sonic Clap. Behind them are two Howitzer tanks, and you must get to these before Samson does. Grab one and swing it around with Hammer Toss to destroy the second, then drop the tank you're holding and if necessary lay into it with Shockwave Smashes. Once it's down, grab yourself a Shield. A Comanche flies in- it will target you over Samson, so let it get close and then apply an Air Combo, Cyclone Skyjack, or thrown Shield. Samson will have crossed the bridge by now, so again jump ahead of him and take out any Division Soldiers in his path. Machine guns aren't much to worry about, but missiles damage the car pretty badly. Keep moving west along the coast, until you come to a tollbooth. You must destroy this and its attendant Division Soldiers. Also clobber the two Howitzer tanks in the parking lot to the north before they can come out to fire on Samson's car. For this your Shield works great- if you don't have a Shield a delivery truck and a tractor-trailer are both near the toll booth and a bus might also be nearby. Smash one of them. Make sure you have a Shield before you continue and head on down the road in front of Samson's car. You'll spot Division Soldiers on the roofs and beside a building up ahead. Take out only the ground forces- Samson will usually speed past the rooftops before the guys up there can get a bead on him. Around the curve ahead, you'll spot two Howitzer tanks- leap ahead of Samson and smash them with your Shield. You'll notice Samson drive into a nearby alley- he's going to wait there for a minute. Find the red dot on your map that represents another lurking Howitzer and smash it up. Now search the nearby rooftops for life-restoring green orbs and clear the parked vehicles in front of Samson. When you're ready, approach his car and he'll resume his journey. You are now at the halfway mark of the mission and a Checkpoint. Samson speeds up now, turning onto the City's main divided highway and using his front bumper to clear any Soldiers in front. Thankfully, running over troops will not damage his car. Howitzer fire will, though, so follow him closely and quickly destroy the tank Samson curves around. Keep after him, Shield-smacking any Soldiers he doesn't knock over as needed- but don't let Samson get too far ahead. At the end of the highway's north boundary Samson ducks into another alley and is cornered there by a pair of Division patrolmen. You'll notice several other red dots on the map- these are another duo of Soldiers, a Comanche, and three more Howitzers. Quickly take these out and then go take care of the Soldiers- their machine guns will not hurt Samson that much and you don't want to bring heavy armor your buddy's way. Mind the Howitzer near the Soldiers also- it can't spot Samson while he's in the alley but will moev to engage and open fire if he comes out. Destroy it before that happens or if it does smash the tank quickly and then catch back up to your friend. As usual you want to get ahead of him- but watch your minimap. Samson will head northwest along the coast to evade another watchful Division duo- and waiting to ambush him in a nearby parking lot are two Comanches and two Howitzers! Finish off the Soldiers and get over there quickly to attack the enemies- Samson sees you and decides not to approach. Concentrate on the Howitzers first, as their gunfire is far more damaging. Again Hammer Toss is an excellent move to use. After the tanks are gone, use the usual tactics on the choppers. Now Samson will start moving again, and you should be leading the way. The mission's final group of foes- four Comanches and two Howitzers- will soon intercept you. Take them out with Air Combos and bashes of your Shield, again concentrating on the tanks before you ground the aircraft. Mission Complete, Samson heads to a safehouse and you get a chance to save. ************************************** Chapter 4, Mission 4: My Other Voice. ************************************** Okay, if you were wondering when the Devil Hulk would show up again, this is the mission. And it is a very long and difficult one, not to mention your last in the City. Before undertaking this mission, purchase and master as many new moves as possible. In particular you want Missile Catch and Missile Punchback as you'll be meeting more Destroyers. You also want some good moves to use on Hulkbuster Infantry. I recommend Air Spike to knock them from the sky, Gamma Bomb or Gamma Grinder to decimate any you manage to grab, and Floor Kick so you can attack prone enemies. The latter is especially good as it will keep a Hulkbuster that's been knocked over by one of your combos on the ground taking damage instead of giving it the chance to hop up and fight back. You will find much use for it here. When you're ready return to the City and activate the green star near the Coliseum Terrace apartments. Samson gives you a very unusual mission briefing. He wants you to take out the Division's three main bases in the City, claiming there are no longer any civilians in the area and the time to strike is now. Okay, we've been wanting to clear the Division out of the City for some time now, so let's go ahead and see if we can. Once the mission begins, you may feel you've been set up for some serious headaches. First off, you're going to be reloading the map after you take out each targeted Division asset, meaning the Hulk drops to 75% life. At least you're given a Checkpoint at each of these milestones. Worse, the number of enemies on this mission, especially in the two latter sections, is more than you have ever fought before. It seems a Hulkbuster Infantry mech has been posted on just about every corner of the City, and they're all waiting to gang up and take on Hulk. Be sure you keep your battles as small-scale as possible- use your jumping abilities to draw Hulkbusters away from their buddies and strike them hard and fast. Samson's intelligence appears faulty, as the usual amount of traffic remains on the city streets. That's good because you can still run across whatever weapons you might need and ambulances full of health. Take a break and replenish the latter whenever necessary and possible. You've got a lot to deal with here. Your first target is the fuel depot you may have seen near the hospital while exploring the City's north-central quadrant. It is represented on the minimap by a pair of red circles and near it are several red dots- the base's defenders. Get your life up and grab a Shield while approaching them- all must be eliminated in order to progress. As you near the depot, two Hulkbuster Infantry mechs hover down from the rooftops guns blazing. Smack them down quickly and then take on the three Comanches and three Howitzer tanks. As you battle, you may hear a strange yet familiar voice urging you to crush, kill, and destroy. That's right, it's the Devil Hulk! It seems something very wrong is going on here, but unfortunately we have no choice but to continue our campaign of Hulk Smash. Proceed to the fuel depot and bash its tanks for a very large explosion. Your next target is the archlike Division Headquarters building in the City's southwest corner, and a Hulkbuster Destroyer nearby is marked for death too. This is also the part of the mission where you will begin to meet large numbers of Hulkbuster Infantry. Grab a Shield or a Ball and Chain whenever possible and make good use of these weapons against the Hulkbusters. Every explosion from a foe you smash is echoed by Devil Hulk's joyful laughter, but nevertheless you do not want to let up. As you get close to the headquarters, the Destroyer comes bounding over the rooftops. As before, you want to grab its missiles and throw them back to hurt it the most. Failing that, use a Ball and Chain or combos and thrown objects, jumping away after each attack. Once the big mech falls, you should be able to get your health up to maximum. Finish off any remaining Infantry and then head over to the headquarters. Hit the building with your most devestating combos and big thrown objects- it should fall very quickly. Time to move on. Your final target is the Division Armory on Gunnery Island. This base is even more heavily defended than the last one- Hulkbuster Infantry are watching the roads all along the coastline and a Destroyer stands at the Gunnery Island end of each bridge. Use the same tactics as before, and try to eliminate as many Infantry mechs as possible before approaching Gunnery Island. Air Combos are great for use in the open, and you can also lure Hulkbusters into alleys, combo them to the ground, and Floor Kick them into oblivion with ease. Jumping into the water or around a building is an excellent way to evade enemy missiles. Cross a bridge to Gunnery Island once the way is clear- as soon as you do so, both Destroyers will head towards you. It is possible to outrun the big mechs by getting far enough away from the island, so if you need to retreat and regroup do that and do it quickly. Pound down all Infantry that give chase. After both Destroyers are gone, finish off the mechs that remain (more are waiting on Gunnery Island) and head for the armory. Like the last building you leveled, this one is quite ready to come down. When it does, you get a cutscene of Blonsky hearing more voices and raving about his mutation. It seems he's finally accepting his newfound abilities for the gift they are, and he's talking in the voice of your old friend the Abomination. Better save your game. **************************************** Chapter 4, Boss Battle: Turning Point. **************************************** Head back to the Church now, and buy and practice a lot of new abilities. You want to upgrade your life bar to as great a length as possible, and make sure you purchase Hammer Toss and Critical Pain. Another new green star has appeared at the Church, and this boss battle is one of the game's most difficult. Samson tells you he wants you to retrieve another piece of classified material from a Division testing facility, but Banner notes a worried tone in his voice and senses something not right. This instinct serves Banner well- as soon as Hulk arrives at the testing facility he finds a huge corps of Abrams tanks waiting and the material Samson wanted is nowhere to be found. Samson is here, however, and he has betrayed you! It seems you hurt a lot of civilians in the last mission, and as a result Samson now feels the Hulk must be stopped at any cost before it can take more lives. The machine is too far away from completion, so Samson is instead depending on his Division contact- none other than General Thunderbolt Ross. The general is all too eager to finally get a shot at his nemesis, and for this fight he's brought a Hulkbuster Titan- the biggest mech in the game. At least a hundred feet tall, this bad boy takes a crew of several soldiers to pilot. It is armed with a high-energy laser weapon, dual Vulcan chainguns, a box launcher full of deadly cruise missiles, four tank cannons, a shockwave attack, and enormous titanium fists. The mech can't hover, but its jumping abilities almost equal yours and with all the tanks backing it up this is going to be one heck of a fight. Jump away from the Titan at the beginning- it will sweep the area with its laser and fire missiles to track you. These missiles are more homing and deadly than any others in the game, and Hulk needs to move fast to keep out of their way. The island you're on has many buildings, but they will soon fall to the Titan's power. Note the trees and vehicles scattered about- you can use these as projectiles and Shields. The Titan will constantly be flanking you and delivering its shockwave, an attack that can hit you and knock you away if you are anywhere close by. If the Titan's fist hits you too, up goes the pain. The mech also has a grapple attack- if it grabs you tap the basic attack button quickly to break free from its grip before you are smacked. Any attempt to get close to the Titan will be met with a shockwave or a pulverizing stomp attack and woe to you if you try and Hitchhike- Ross will throw you off by electrifying the Titan's outer shell and then easily grab the stunned Hulk. The Titan's shockwave attacks not only knock you away but throw up a temporary forcefield to protect it, so messing with them is not any fun. What's worse, the Abrams tanks I mentioned earlier are fully ready to back up Ross and deploying in key locations around the battle area. Taking out the Titan is the only thing you need to do to win the battle, but it has five full bars of health. So how do you down that hundred-foot monster? First off, you want to stay on the move more than you ever have before. Ross will give you no breaks here, indeed he feels it's his patriotic duty to destroy you and he takes great pride in being able to take Hulk on- you probably got that from all the patriotic malarkey he's spouting. :) You need to repeat a hit and run attack on the Titan, using Air Strikes and then jumping away to avoid its shockwave counters. If you need health- and you will, trust me- you can get some by searching the remains of collapsed buildings. More is available by taking out the Abrams- this battle has a never-ending supply of them. This fact should prompt you to grab a tank and use Hammer Toss on the Titan, and that is a very good idea. Every thrown tank does a full bar of damage to Ross, and Hulk likes that. Hulk likes it very much. :) Another good attack to use on the Titan is Sonic Clap- with that you can hit Ross easily even when he's flanking you. Use normal thrown objects (vehicles, trees, concrete) too- he will not counter these with a shockwave if you're not close by. If you can get into Critical Mass, get close to the gigantic mech and apply Critical Pain to cut its life bar in half. If too many tanks are nearby and you want to wreck them too, use Critical Thunderclap. Just watch out on your approach to use these abilities- Ross can bring you out of Critical Mass quickly with his damaging attacks. Just like with Destroyers, you can target the big weapons on the mech's shoulders over its body. Destroy these as soon as possible to remove Ross's missile launcher and laser weapon from the fight along with many of his lines. If you continue to move quickly and hit hard, you will soon topple your enemy. Once his mech falls, General Ross will be flabbergasted, even ordering the crew of his obviously failing Titan to get it back in the fight this instant! That's not going to happen with the smoking ruin the Hulkbuster has become, so you have won. Ross survives the Titan's destruction and at prompting from Samson, orders his remaining troops to stand down. Then Samson steps forward and activates his neural interface's failsafe, putting the Hulk into a deep coma. The doc sighs heavily, making it clear just how reluctant his betrayal was. Ross's reminder that he had no choice does not make him feel any better. Save your game. *************************** Chapter 5: Inner Sanctum. *************************** This chapter is quite different than any you've had so far. You are given two missions, with no pause in between to rest, free roam, and pracrice new moves. Mission the first, mission the second, boom, next chapter. At least you get a chance to save and buy new moves (by quitting to the buy menu from the post-mission save screen) before each mission. Make use of this. As far as new moevs available, there are few. The main thing you want is Critical Mass Surge Level 2 (for three bars of Critical Mass energy and the corresponding life/attack power) and whatever moves you missed from previous chapters. The only new attack move to buy is Air Cannonball, and I recommend you wait on it due to the expense and the fact that we already have great air moves in Tornado Frenzy and Drop Kick. When you do buy this move, it will be a powerful air strike with increased jumping range and speed that is great for decimating any tank formation via falling down from above. So get what you can, save your game, and continue. **************************************** Chapter 5, Mission 1: Without Parole. **************************************** After the text recap, you start this mission off locked up in the Vault surrounded by scientists and your nemesis Blonsky. The director is laughing, saying he has you now and demanding to know how to control the Hulk's transformations. Banner refuses to tell him anything, and Blonsky dares Banner to go ahead and get angry- the angrier he gets, the machine he's hooked up to will further restrain him with painful electric shocks. Samson, watching from the other side of a security camera, is appalled and reminds General Ross of his promise to treat Banner fairly. Ross replies that things are out of his hands. Meanwhile inside Banner's mind the Devil Hulk grows stronger and reaches out towards freedom, insisting Banner surrender to his ultimate self. Seizing the moment, Banner demands to know who Blonsky is and why he's after the Hulk so eagerly. Blonsky smiles and replies, "I'm Ahab and you're the big white whale..." Banner then transforms into the Hulk and quickly busts free of his restraints. Okay, Blonsky runs out of the room screaming. Ignore him for now. You have four Division Soldiers firing their machine guns at you and your initial charge may not have killed them all. Knock the remainder out and the unarmed scientists running around too- they deserve it! Get the green orbs the soldiers drop- you need to recoevr your life. Smash down the big door Blonsky ran through as soon as the room is clear. Now mind the downed door, the forklifts, the fuel and biohazard barrels, and the big pieces of concrete in the room behind you. These are your only options for projectiles in these tight quarters- use them if you must, but you're better off with Hulk's own two-fisted fighting skills. Quickly get on pummeling the Hulkbuster coming at you- this is a new type called the Capture Warden which will use its fists only to attack you. Its combos really hurt, so you need to be faster in movement and counter-blows. Bust down the next two doors and you'll meet another Capture Warden, backed up by several Soldiers. Those blue crates are too big to pick up as usual, but Hulk can smash them to get them out of his way. Bust up your foes and smash the next door down. This next room is a muster area for Hulkbusters and contains three Capture Wardens. Make sure you have all available green orbs before you enter it. You may need to retreat during this battle- you can go as far as your cell but the Capture Wardens will be after you. Grab projectiles (the big barrels work nicely) as you go and wear them down. Then pummel each in turn. In the room itself, you'll find generators and inactive Hulkbusters you can smash. Break through the next door and you'll be in a wide open area with Blonsky escaping up an elevator at the other end. Coming down to get you is the mission boss- a giant Capture Warden! This thing only has two life bars but its grab and combo attacks are just as deadly as those of its smaller brothers. It also has missiles to use at range and a ram attack that it uses if you're directly in front of it. Jump to the side if does this move. Weave around the room as usual, pummeling your foe with Air Combos whenever possible. Pound your normal attack button frantically and counter every time he grabs you- these quick combos really hurt! Two normal-sized Capture Wardens will join the fight when the big one's at half health- concentrate on the boss as much as you can before taking these down as he's less aggressive for some reason while they're on screen. The room is full of containers, jeeps, and big biohazard barrels you can use as weapons and more puny unarmed scientists to smack around. The big fuel tanks along the wall left of the door are there to create satisfying explosions should you knock a Capture Warden into them. Activate the Jump Marker on the elevator once the room is clear. You will reach another level of the Vault, and there corner Blonsky. He fights back the only way he can- by turning into the Abomination! If you haven't figured out by now they're one and the same, here's your proof. All the proof Ross needs too- the entire Division sees on the security monitors that their mutant-hating director Blonsky is in fact a mutant himself. Abomination knocks Hulk down and runs off, saying now is not the time for their battle. Save your game. ******************************** Chapter 5, Mission 2: Topside. ******************************** Ah, the sweet taste of freedom! Your objective here is to escape Branson Military Base and return to the Church. General Ross has a lot of troops waiting for you. For starters, there are numerous Bradley fighting vehicles coming out of the bunkers on either side of the Vault's entrance. A flight of three Comanches is overhead, and once they're down six Missile Soldiers will man the rooftops. Use your fast movement and combat abilities to smash all of these- only the Bradleys respawn and you can destroy plenty of them easily to rack up a lot of Smash Points. The rocks and vehicles in the area make handy projectiles, and you can turn the big trucks into Shields. Get a Shield and smash down the antenna generating the forcefield once the area is relatively clear of enemies. You should easily be able to keep your distance from any remaining Bradleys- as necessary cut their numbers down. There are two more antennas on the other side of the forcefield and you'll need to throw your Shield through it to hit them. Once the forcefield is down move on! Two more Bradleys and two Comanches are in the canyon ahead waiting for you. Destroy them and grab the many green orbs the forcefield antennas left behind. On the cliff wall near the next forcefield are two more Bradleys. Bust them up and then start smashing antennas. Two are on your side of the field atop the wall's towers and two more are on the other side- again use a thrown Shield to hit these. A Bradley's corpse makes a nice one. Once this forcefield is down you have reached a Checkpoint. A duo of Falcon Strike Fighters is coming in now- pummel them with Air Combos before advancing. If you need space to maneuver the canyons behind you and the arroyo ahead (where you retrieved the neural interface in Headhunter) are great places to make your stand. Punching back enemy missiles makes your point in the best manner and you can also knock down the metal power poles and throw them like spears. Advance into the outer base area and you'll spot an MRLS on the cliff wall near you. Get up there, smash it, and retool yourself a Missile Pack. The base itself is defended by Missile Soldiers, another MRLS on the cliff wall, Bradleys, and two more Falcons. Destroy all of these using the many weapons scattered about. The next forcefield has all its generators on the other side of the tunnel, so you will need to hop up on the canyon wall with an object in hand, leap up, and chuck what you've got at them. Once the field is down, advance into the forward base. The area here offers plenty more weapons, so turn them on the four MRLS tanks protecting the next forcefield. Two Falcons show up once they're down- retool a Missile Pack and use your shots' homing ability to down the Falcons and the forcefield's antennas. Again, both of those are on the field's other side. Your movement into the Badlands canyons is harried by five more Falcons and a trio of MRLS tanks set up near the Restricted Area 102 Jump Point. Using Missile Packs and Cyclone Skyjacking the birds when they get close is the best way to clear out this bunch. Use the Jump Marker to reach the Church once you can escape. There, Banner confronts Samson, who apologizes for his betrayal. He also reveals that he took advantage of his time with the Division- he stole another vital machine component you needed. Time is short, so Banner decides to trust his friend again for now. Save your game and prepare for the next chapter. ********************************** Chapter 6: To The Devil His Due. ********************************** The text recap may make you think you're in serious jeopardy in this chapter. This is close to the truth, but you do still have a chance to fight back. It is time to complete your machine and take the Devil Hulk on. As usual, buy and practice all the new moves available- this is the game's last set. Buy Double Super Air Dash to greatly increase your speed and range of Air Dashing and Power Surge Level 3 to up your life bar to its maximum level. Super Shockwave Smash is an excellent attack for demolishing buildings and tanks. You can also review the new Blonsky Files to get some more inisghts into Abomination's quickly deteroriating mind. In freeroam, you will find even more enemies, haunting the City and Badlands- including Hulkbuster Infantry Units and Howitzers. Falcons and Destroyers have also joined the Strike Teams. Get as many Smash Points as you can from these encounters and use them wisely. When you're ready, save and return to the Badlands. *************************************** Chapter 6, Mission 1: Strange Cargo. *************************************** This is your third to last Badlands mission- in it you will retrieve the last two parts for the machine that will let you confront the Devil Hulk. This is a very tough assignment, in part because one of the devices you need is inside Branson Military Base and the defenses there have been improved somewhat since you escaped the Vault. To get in, Samson proposes a cunning plan that is very out of character for Hulk yet funny as all-get-out. Hulk will sneak into the base disguised as a transport truck! Okay, sure, Sammy, whatever. Three military trucks suitable for Samson's plan are in the supply depot next to the Badlands town. They are guarded by four Hulkbuster Infantry mechs and a Howitzer. Draw out the mechs first- they have been upgraded and now even more fast on the hover and the attack. The Howitzer won't join in if it's still behind the base wall and is easily taken out once it's alone. Keep your distance on it and concentrate on one Hulkbuster at a time. Once all your foes are dead, take care of that approaching Comanche- many nice projectiles are scattered about. Now grab a truck and proceed into the canyon. You can do what Samson suggested or break into the base as normal- either way the result will be the same. On the way there you will meet some more MRLS units. Set the truck down before taking them on. You will soon see a yellow box ahead of you- step in there and weaponize the truck into a disguise if you're interested in Samson's strategy. With this truck suit on, Hulk can move around the base unmolested and even walk through the forcefield between you and the part you need. You'll have to break out of the truck to pick up that part though and once the jig is up the enemy will swarm on you by the dozens. Many players have been overwhlemed. Okay, now that you've been warned, go ahead and try that if you feel you have the combat skills. I will write this strategy as if you were just busting into the base as normal. Expect to handle the listed defenses in reverse if you are following Samson's plan. As always, you want to destroy as much of the things in your way as possible before escaping with the regulator. One note- if you attack the base's defenses without a disguise you will not be able to retreat and retool one. Hulk can not get into the base disguised as a truck when it's already on alert. So it's either one plan or the other, you can't use both. Given that, are you ready? Okay, time to take on the base's defenses. The forward base is protected by several MRLS tanks, a Howitzer, and Hulkbuster Infantry. The MRLSes respawn every time you come through here, so concentrate on keeping the battle in the forward base area while taking the first group and all non-respawning enemies out. Then as necessary, smash the MRLS tanks again. Ahead of you, you'll see the tunnel has been blocked by a blue forcefield. Grab a Missile Pack and leap up on the canyon wall, jump, and throw missiles down at the antennas like you did in Topside. Note- if you're already on the other side of the field due to a disguise, you can just walk up to and smash the antennas without any trouble. Boo ya. The base ahead is protected by Hulkbuster Infantry and Comanches. Lure them out and fight them in the forward area. You may also need to wreck the MRLS trucks there again. Proceed through the now-open tunnel once the way is clear. Inside the base is guarded by two more MRLS tanks and a lot of Hulkbuster Infantry. Take the Hulbusters out and don't worry, there are a lot but the number is finite. Once they and the MRLS are down, two more Comanches fly in. Destroy them, and you only have to deal with respawning Missile Soldiers. Beat up as many as needed and grab the regulator atop the airfield's control tower. Quickly take it back into the forward base and set it down- you'll need to clear out respawned MRLS and at least one more Hulkbuster. Now retreat to the Restricted Area 102 Jump Marker, setting down the regulator again and fighting as needed on the way- more MRLSes and a Comanche will show up. Return to the Church and drop the regulator off in the waiting yellow box as soon as the way is clear. Checkpoint! Now for the hard part, which in my opinion should really have been a seperate mission. Jump back to the Last Chance Cafe and head into town. You'll soon find the final part you need (yellow circle) sitting all by its lonesome self in an empty parking lot. If this doesn't scream trap to you, you must be an idiot! And indeed it is a trap, because as soon as you get close to that part a forcefield goes up around you and Hulkbuster Infantry come swarming in. If you're trapped, the only source of life or projectiles to throw through the field at its four antennas is the enemies and they will be hitting you hard in this small area. Fortunately many strategies are still available to you if you know the field is coming. You can bring a Missile Pack (from the MRLS tanks destroyed previously) or a Shield in with you, though the latter will quickly be destroyed by enemy fire. You can also bring in a Ball and Chain, which allows you to strike right through the forcefield and knock those antennas out. By far the best option, though, is to not be in the field at all when it goes up. Yes, you heard me right. You can trigger the field by damaging the part you want with thrown objects. The Hulkbusters will come out as normal but now you have a much larger area to duel them in. Just don't jump or get knocked into the field area by accident- you will then be trapped. If you managed to stay outside the field, repeat a hit and run attack on its antennas, retreating whenever the Hulkbusters swarm too close. Use every combo and other move you've mastered so far to beat back the hordes. If you're inside, knock down the Hulkbusters swarming and take out those antennas as quickly as you can. It helps a lot to have one already targeted when you grab a Hulkbuster to throw. Once the field is down, by whatever method, you can pick up the power regulator. Make sure you take out as many Hulkbusters as possible first- they will keep respawning for some time especially at higher difficulties. Once you are able grab the regulator and head for Verdugo's Pass or the Last Chance Cafe Jump Markers. If you head for the latter, six Comanches will join the respawning Hulkbuster pursuit. Keep moving fast and prioritize escape over combat- the part may have already been damaged and you don't want to have to bust down that field again. Once you have escaped the Badlands, put the part down in the yellow box by the Church. Mission Complete and time to save. ******************************************** Chapter 6, Mission 2: Freedom's Swansong. ******************************************** Okay, the machine is almost finished. Trouble is, General Ross has orders from his masters to deny you access to all the technology you'ev stolen with extreme prejudice. He's sending a battalion of Abrams tanks and Hulkbusters with Falcon air support to destroy the Church and the Hulk with it. Even if Samson finishes the machine, you will not be able to confront the Devil Hulk during a siege. Thus you must meet the battalion of enemies head on and defeat them all! This battle makes the Church area quite different. All the buildings are destructible now, the Church especially. It has six life bars, but will quickly fall to enemy cannons if you don't stay on your toes and beat them back fast. Vehicles are parked in the area for use as Steel Fists, Shields, or projectiles. You can also find power poles and girders to use as clubs/spears, and the newly opened gas station in the area has several large exploding fuel tanks. Destroyed enemies are also a good source of weapons and your only source of green orbs. You've got four waves to defend against, each very dangerous. Purchase and master all the moves you can before the battle- in particular air combos, Hammer Toss, and Critical Pain. When fully prepared, use the green star near the Church to start the mission. The first wave is the battalion's air support- two Falcon Strike Fighters. These will circle the Church executing some amazing acrobatics and then come in with guns and missiles blazing. Stay on the roof at first and jump down to engage when the jets get close to you. They favor attacking the Hulk over the Church after their initial strafing run, so you want to lead them away from it and use projectiles and air combos to quickly take them down. Save the projectiles, though- a lot more enemies are coming. Once both jets fall, quickly grab a Shield and all green orbs available- the next wave comes down the road immediately. It consists of two Hulkbuster Infantry Units and four Abrams tanks. The Hulkbusters will pile on you to keep you occupied, while the tanks mass to fire on the Church after busting down its gates. Having a Shield enables you to take all the enemies out quickly while protecting yourself from their fire. Stay on the road as much as possible- once the majority of this wave is down its second half appears. This group consists of a Hulkbuster Titan and two more Abrams. The Titan has a lot less life than the one you fought in Turning Point, and it will not use its machine guns, jumping ability, laser weapon, or missiles. Instead it advances straight down the road towards the Church, firing its tank cannons as it comes. You can't do anything about the cannon blasts, but you need to have the Titan destroyed as soon as possible. If it reaches the Church, it will start to unload stomp and pile driver attacks on the foundation, depleting half a life bar with each hit at the very least. Thrown objects (fuel tanks and boomerang Shields) work better to wear it down than Air Strikes/Cannonballs- as before, the Titan will swat you away with a shockwave attack anytime you get close. The best way to stop the Titan is by throwing the Abrams with Hammer Toss, as before they do terrific damage. You can also get close to it and apply Critical Pain if your power is high enough- this attack will take off most of the mech's life. Remember to go for the body over the shoulder weapons- this Titan is not using its special attacks and you don't want to waste time. Concentrate on toppling the Titan and finish off the rest of the enemies once it's demolished. Hopefully the Church still has a lot of health. Once neutralized, the Titan takes a long time fully collapsing, so use the brief respite to get your health up and arm yourself. The third wave comes down the same road as the last- it consists of two Hulkbuster Infantry and four Abrams. Don't let the Infantry get near the front of the Church- they can do as much damage as the Titan can with his stomps by firing directly through the stained glass windows at the delicate electronics inside. Destroy them and the Abrams, and then the final wave appears. This one consists of two more Infantry mechs, four more Abrams, and another Titan. They use the same tactics as previousw aves, and as before, you want to topple the big mech before it reaches the Church. Since most of the Abrams come in behind it, though, using Hammer Toss is a bit trickier here. The tanks in both these waves will run you right over in their rush to gang up on the Church- grab one quickly and spin it around to damage others nearby. This is also an excellent method to pound the Titan if he's close to you- it will not counter with shockwaves. The big mech still advances though, so release your Hammer Toss as quickly as you can. Once this wave is eliminated, it's Mission Complete and time to save. ************************************ Chapter 6, Boss Battle: Crossroads. ************************************ You go straight into this mission after completing the last one- no chance for free roam between them. Banner wants to handle the Devil Hulk before Ross sends any more troops, I guess. Samson still isn't sure he even believes in the Devil Hulk's existence, but he will do whatever he must to aid his friend. Banner is hooked up to the machine, and in a trancelike dream world, he confronts the monster inside him. How?, you ask. The same way he's confronted all his enemies so far. Devil Hulk is the largest foe in the game, but taking him down isn't as hard as it seems at first. The creature has five life bars on Easy, and except for the special grapple moves he is damaged by all of Hulk's attacks. Critical Pain and rapid damaging combos are your best moves- though don't bother trying to knock him down. That's not going to happen. Weapons and projectiles are out too, there really aren't any to use in this dream world. Instead Hulk must pound the monster seeking to replace him right out of his mind. Devil Hulk has two routines he uses- inside the pit in the middle of the screen and outside it. Inside the pit he is surrounded by an impenetrable forcefield and will merrily try to slap and grab you while you jump around dodging his blows. He can cause rock spikes to erupt from the ground as well- be sure to stay mobile and dodge these. To get him out of there smash all of the crystal eggs that appear around the pit. You get green orbs from each of these and when all are gone Devil Hulk comes out to get you. He's far more dangerous now, but at least he can be damaged. Pound on him with all your might, jumping around constantly to avoid his slams, grabs, and stomps. Outside the pit his grab attack will be to throw you to the ground and sumo dive on top of you (very damaging, no counter) or simply to toss you away (a quick Air Recovery as you fall and moving away from him is best after this move) while inside the pit he will throw you into his mouth and bite you until you manage to win the struggle and escape. Again, the key to breaking a grab is rapid taps of the attack button. Keep your life up by getting green orbs whenever possible. Remember- you are much faster than the Devil Hulk even though he is larger, his attacks are more damaging, and he has a lot more life. You can combo, weave, and dodge- and he can't. He doesn't block either. Wear the Devil Hulk down and keep on it. You can Hitchhike him if you want to, but he will grab you off quickly and do one of his super moves so I don't recommend it. Periodically throughout the fight his ring of crystals will reappear and Devil Hulk will stop attacking and try to go back into the pit where he can regroup while invincible- pound on him as much as possible before he gets there. If you are relentless and quick enough in this fight, you will take him down. Once you win, the Devil Hulk dies surprinsgly easily. With this threat gone from his mind, Banner can now live in more peace than he could before. Congratulations. Save your game. ***************************************** Chapter 7: The Garden of Good and Evil. ***************************************** You have now reached the game's final chapter. No new moves to purchase, but there are more new Blonsky Files so you can see more of the psyche of your most dangerous remaining enemy. That's right- in this chapter you're going to finish off the threat posed by the Abomination. Hulk won't be able to run free in peace as long as Blonsky's around, and the City is in danger too. It's hero time. You can now free roam again, though it has become a little more dangerous. Hulkbuster Infantry mechs patrol the City, and there are a lot of tanks and aircraft roaming the Badlands. If the response meter gets to full, you will get a strike team of two Destroyers and a bunch of Infantry (in the City) or a whole carrier wing of Falcons and Comanches (in the Badlands) to play with. This will remain so even after your finish off the game's last few missions. Challenges and Smash Point Collectibles stll abound, as well as opportunities to collect stuff. So rack up your score, and use the points to purchase all the moves you can and master them. You won't need any more for the final boss battles than what I've recommended for previous fights, but make sure you have it all. ********************************** Chapter 7, Mission 1: Intercept. ********************************** After the text recap, you are free to wander about the game's landscapes. Sometime, though, you will want to activate the new green star near the Badlands Restricted Area 102 Jump Marker. This mission is one of two that happen one right after the other- in them, you must track down and confront Abomination. You also will discover the real reason why Blonsky's been after you, and the secret behind Mission Directive. Ready? Okay, let's go. The mission begins with a creepy cutscene in which Blonsky, hiding in a Badlands cave, argues with his inner demon. He rages that he wants his life back, he doesn't care about his new power. The Abomination lashes back, saying that the world is against Blonsky, the mindless beasts Ross and Banner have been hurting him, and only now does he finally have the ability to fight back. And fight back he must- they've taken all Blonsky's political connections and his career away and now they're going after his precious Mission Directive. The very thought of Mission Directive in danger is enough to make Blonsky transform, and Abomination is soon headed right for Branson Military Base and the Vault. After Samson picks up radio transmissions from the base about the attack, Hulk follows his foe in order to stop Abomination and learn just what Mission Directive is. This mission is a bit easier than many previous ones, but it's only a preview of what's coming. As you head into the base, you will hear several transmissions indicating Abomination has already attacked Branson and decimated Ross's forces. The smoking ruins of several watchtowers and buildings in the base is strong evidence of this also. You'll soon meet some forces fleeing the Abomination- You can beat them up if you want, but they'll be more concerned with escaping than fighting you so it may be best to let them go on by. The group consists of Howitzers and Comanches- if you do destroy them be sure to make a Shield from one of the tanks. Inside the base, a lone MRLS tank is guarding the entrance. Take care of it and head for the tunnel. You'll see much evidence of Abomination's rampage all around. Two more MRLS tanks are just inside the inner base area. Use your Shield to block their salvos while you take them out. You'll also meet up with some more Howitzers fleeing the Abomination. Take them out if you fancy it or if they start to open fire on you and keep going on towards the Vault. More Howitzers and MRLS lie in your path, and when you reach the first blue wall you'll face a squadron of retreating Comanches. Just behind the wall are two more Howitzers up on the cliff. Mop up the few foes there are and keep moving forward. When you finally reach the Vault entrance, you'll find one guardian of the place still standing- a giant Capture Warden. You have to down the big mech to get into the Vault, so get to it. This guy has the same attacks as the last mech of his type you fought, only this time you have a much wider and well-equipped area to fight in and he has no allies. Use hard fast combos and projectiles to destroy the mech. After depleting his four life bars (yep, this giant Capture Warden is tougher than the last model), step onto the Vault Entrance and Hulk will automatically head inside. You quickly find Blonsky, who has reached Mission Directive. **BIG SPOILERS** Surprisingly, you find him holding a horribly disfigured woman in his arms. It seems Blonsky's pregnant wife developed ovarian cancer- he was trying to cure her with gamma radiation treatments but these caused terrible mutations rather than help. Thus he's been after a creature who has grown stronger through gamma mutation instead of weaker- Hulk- so he may study that creature and try to find a way to help the woman he loves. Banner understands this, shifts out of Hulk form, and tries to comfort Blonsky, but his wife is already dead and now rage at his own deformities and revenge on the man who created gamma mutation research in the first place are all the Division's crazed director has left. Blonsky again turns into the Abomination and vows to wreak a campaign of destruction the likes of which no one can survive. ***************************************** Chapter 7, Mission 2: Hell Hath No Fury. ***************************************** You go straight into this mission after the last one, with not even a chance to save. Abomination has left the Vault, and Hulk has followed. Your foe is not looking to battle you immediately- like many great villains he would rather enjoy the suffering of thousands instead of just one, even when that one is his greatest enemy. The death of Hulk will delight Abomination, but the psychological trauma Banner and many others, including General Ross, will go through if the City is destroyed, will be even better. Thus Abomination is trying to escape Branson Military Base and strike at the City's dam, hoping to create a flood nearly equal to Hurricane Katrina. You, as Hulk, must stop him. For once, you will not be alone. You may notice Abomination has somehow grown bigger and meaner since your last encounter. Thankfully he's not any more aggressive, but he's still tough to beat. He has all the same combos and blocking abilities, and though he won't be grabbing anything here he still can put up a heck of a fight. You need the Hitchhike ability to grab him now, and he can counter it with a nice wrestling reversal. Your special grabbing moves aren't useable on a foe so big, so I recommend not bothering. It is also going to be hard to grab Abomination since he's moving so fast in this mission. He's not jumping around as you should be to keep up- just running, but that alone is pretty fast. His course takes him through Branson Military Base and then around the central Badlands canyons, up and down several mesas, and ending at Verdugo's Pass. He will stop at several points and you'll have to beat him up to get him to run off again. Only concentrate on pounding him at these points- he's moving too fast to take a lot of damage during the chase and you're not going to beat him here anyway. Thrown objects will slow him down a little, but you can't really damage Abomination except when he pauses to fight. More of concern to you than Abomination is the great amount of vehicles the military is sending after both of you. Ross has rounded up his remaining forces and summoned a lot of reinforcements. Ross is really mad that the two of you did so much damage to his base, and he's not about to let you run loose in the city- thus the military have orders to destroy all dangerous mutants in the area even though they're not sure whether to attack Hulk or Abomination first. Their attacks can't slow Abomination down any more than yours can, but at least they're going to help a lot in damaging him when he pauses. Stay close to the big oaf- the military seem to target him more often when you're nearby. You mainly want to concentrate on attacking your nemesis here by the way- the supply of military forces is nearly infinite. If they're bugging you too much or you need green orbs for your life bar, smack them down. Otherwise continue on pursuing and attacking Abomination. As far as enemy forces, you don't have any Hulkbusters to worry about here- just tanks and aircraft. Because of their speed and chase ability, the latter are your main concern. Abomination runs off at the beginning of the fight, daring you to pursue him if you "have what it takes." For pursuit your best tactic early on is jumping along after him, jumping again whenever you hit the ground. Use Air Dashes to gain distance, and follow the green circle on your minimap if Abomination gets too far ahead. If you spot a truck and have the ability, grab that truck quickly and Shield Grind. You will gain a speed advantage on your foe, and be able to knock tanks out of the way with your momentum. You can also Shield Grind Kick the board at Abomination to do some great opening damage whenever he pauses- I highly recommend this. Throwing a charged object at him whenever he pauses (you can charge while jumping and carrying something does not Hulk slow down in the least) is almost as good an opening shot. Grab green orbs during the chase to keep your life high also- you'll spot many on the canyon walls and roads. Ross's troops start their pursuit almost immediately after you pass the first blue wall outside the Vault entrance- they come in the form of missile-firing Comanches and Falcons. There are also MRLS tanks on the canyon wall launching salvos- stay ahead of them and keep after Abomination. As you pass the second blue wall and dash through the base, Howitzers will also move to engage him. Their fire is easy to dodge and Abomination's moving a bit too fast for you to pull off a Hammer Toss his way, so keep moving. Abomination runs through the tunnel, then pauses for the first time in the forward base area. His green circle turns red, and you must deplete three of his many life bars to make him keep running. The military will help here- stay close to Abomination and jump around while they whittle him down. Use the attacks I suggested earlier to pour on some pain of your own. You can get a Ball and Chain from the crane in the forward base area and there are also plenty of things to throw. For a tactical move, leap up and grab some of the pursuing aircraft and Target Kick them at Abomination. This will damage him and help keep off the flies. He will be looking to smash the tanks and aircraft as much as you will, so distracting him with your own attacks while they move in for the kill is also a good move. More foes, including MRLS tanks, come out of the tunnel and the base's buildings during the battle. A Missile Pack is as effective against Abomination as it as against anything, but a better tactic with one is to use it to take out several aircraft and grab their green orbs so you can get into Critical Mass. Then get close to the big oaf and unleash your most damaging attacks on him. He likes to slap you away and pound the ground a lot when you're nearby, so do them quick before he counters and strikes you. When the three bars are depleted, Abomination runs on. Again, concentrate on staying on his tail rather than engaging the pursuing military. Pick up green orbs along the way to recharge your life. Ignore the Jump Markers- you need to stay near and engage Abomination. If you get lost, the huge craters he leaves as footprints provide a handy trail. Grab stuff on the way in preparation for the next battle- just be careful the missiles of pursuing enemies don't knock it from your hands. Abomination's next pause comes just south of Goliath Bluff. Here he only has one life bar, but you have a smaller area to fight him in. Jump around near the big oaf and let the jets do most of the work while using combos to take his life meter down. Soon he'll run on again, this time headed west through the canyons. Falcons and Comanches contuinue to pursue in the air, and Howitzers are moving all around the canyon to engage you. Elude or destroy them and keep following Abomination. Some more MRLS units are waiting near the oil field in the canyon's centr, so get ready to dodge their guided missiles once again. Fortunately Abomination will help out here, both by smashing whatever's in his path and giving the enemy another target. So stay close. He'll stop in the oil field and grow three more life bars, so use the many fuel barrels and rocks around you to pound on him while the military keeps up their attack. Their firepower is only increasing, so Abomination should be hurt quickly and badly. No matter what Ross and you do, though, it ain't stopping Blonsky. He takes off again once his life bars are diminished, so resume your pursuit. Abomination shows off some Hulk-like jumping skills here, leaping over and crushing whatever tanks try to stop him. General Ross gives a resounding speech (my favorite lines in the game, by the way) and then Abomination stops again near Verdugo's Pass. He has four life bars this time, and all must be depleted. Not many rocks or other objects are in the area, but the military pursuing you can easily be used against Abomination with skills like Hammer Toss, Target Kick, and Shield. Be sure to grab green orbs throughout the fight and keep piling combos on him. Abomination finally gasps in pain and goes bounding out of the mission area. Catch your breath, and use your last chance to save and buy new moves. The green star for the final mission is available near Verdugo's Pass whenever you're ready. ******************************* Chapter 7, Mission 3: Endgame. ******************************* This is it. The final battle. Hulk has tracked Abomination to the city dam, and must stop him from destroying it. The big oaf has a bar more life than Devil Hulk (six bars total), and twice the anger. He will use all the same attacks from the last mission and also slam you into the dam wall and unleash heavy pile driver punches on you. His grab attacks are particularly painful, though most are breakable with a struggle of fierce button-pounding. Green orbs are scarce in this fight- there are many at the top of the dam but you have to run up there to get them. There are plenty of weapons around fortunately- the power poles in the arena make nice clubs, you can throw containers, and the vehicles can be thrown or weaponized. You can also get pieces of concrete from the dam periodically. Just be careful picking stuff up- Abomination is quick to attack you if he sees you grabbing stuff and make you drop it if he's not otherwise occupied. He can also very effectively block and dodge your blows. As with your previous battle, you constantly want to vary your attacks. There are two saving graces in the battle. First, General Ross's forces are still in the game, though not as much as in the last mission. He's sent several squadrons of Falcon Strike Fighters to attack the two of you while the rest of his troops try to evacuate the city. The jets will be after Hulk as much as Abomination, but at least you have more experience dealing with them than your foe. As you did in the last misison, stay close to Abomination so the jets target him more often and leave them around to fight him unless you need life or they're bugging you too much. Abomination will not dodge or block their attacks as much as he will yours, but you still need to do most of the damage. The other saving grace in the fight is that your foe is trying to destroy the dam as much as he as you. There are four generators he must tear out of the wall to break the dam open and he will periodically break off combat with you to strike at them. The mission is failed if Abomination destroys the dam, but while he's attacking a generator you can take time to regroup, grab green orbs, and unleash some powerful combos on your foe while he's too occupied to block or counter them. Each generator can take quite a bit of damage, so you have a lot of time to unload on Abomination each time he goes for one. You can even cause him to drop a generator on top of himself if you hit him hard when he's pulling it out of the wall- Abomination will take a ton of damage from the electric shock and falling masonry every time you do this. You can't do it too often though, as every time you do that's one less generator the dam has. Even with these saving graces, you still are battling both a hidden time limit and a very dangerous foe who will be all over you when he's not all over the generators here. You need to keep your head in the game and fight tactically. So what are the best moves to use? I have heard many suggestions, all equally good. You can Wall-Run to the top of the dam and come down on Abomination with Elbow Drops, jump up to grab jets out of the sky and Target Kick them at him, and if you can get into Critical Mass unleash Hulk's ultimate Critical Pain attack. Each move is difficult to pull off for most of the battle because Abomination is on you like Ali on Foreman but if you are quick and skilled enough all are doable. If you can't get into Critical Mass or escape Abomination long enough to grab a jet or run up the dam, you're best off using damaging combos like Headbutt, Rapid Punch Burst, and Slam Kick. I don't recommend Shockwave and Ground Smash attacks- Abomination can avoid those easily by jumping. Rising Upper and similar attacks damage your foe, but they won't knock him into the air. Air Stomp is also ineffective here, if you're still even using it. Hitchhiking is still doable, but he can still counter it and throw you off quickly. Leaping up and coming down on your nemesis in a Drop Kick or Tornado Frenzy works great. If there's a jet nearby, Air Spike it into Abomination to hurt him pretty badly. Another great weaponizing tactic is to throw an object down at him from above. You can put on Steel Fists to up your punching power, but a Shield works better since it will also defend you while you pound Abomination with it. Throwing your Shield at Abomination, catching it on the return, and throwing it again is as effective at wearing down big foes here as it ever has been but Abomination and the Falcons may not let up on you with their attacks enough for you to pull that off much. Whatever you do, watch your life bar. Abomination can deliver quite a pounding, and those jets aren't going to make things easier. Retreat whenever possible to regenerate and grab green orbs, then come back and pound on your foe. In particular, go after him when he's damaging the dam for the reasons I explained previously. Stay on your toes and strike him hard when he's coming after you. When he falls, enjoy the short, sweet, and somewhat predictable ending. ************************************* Ultimate Destruction- Game Complete. ************************************* Well, that's it, that's the whole game. You are given a lot of Smash Points and two new character skins as a reward for your completion, though you must unlock both. You can now free roam around the City and Badlands as much as you want, the opposition remaining as it was in the last chapter. With all the moves you've mastered you should be able to handle it. You can replay all the Challenges available, and collect any special prizes you may have missed like Hint Markers, yellow orbs, and Comic Books. You can also do something almost unheard of in freeroam games- replay the story with all the moves you've mastered available for use. Finally, you now have access to the Hard Difficulty setting. Beating the game at that level is my next goal- wish me luck, okay? :) Congratulations on your win and may the words "Hulk Smash!" strike fear in hearts and minds forever. 7. Closing Thoughts: I hope you've enjoyed this FAQ and the game which it covers. Thank you for reading. If you have any comments or know something I missed, email me at Good luck and keep playing!</p>