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It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advanced written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. The sites that can use this FAQ: http://www.gamefaqs.com http://www.neoseeker.com http://1up.com http://www.gamerhelp.com http://www.gamerstemple.com http://www.gameplayworld.com http://www.gamershell.com The Table of Contents ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ 1. Story [GTAI] 2. Characters [GTAII] 3. Controls [GTAIII] 4. Walkthrough [GTAWV] * Part 1 * Roman * The Cousins Bellic (3.1.0) * It's Your Call (3.1.1) * Three's a Crowd (3.1.2) * Bleed Out (3.1.3) * Michelle * First Date (3.2.1) * Roman * Easy Fare (3.3.1) * Jamaican Heat (3.3.2) * Little Jacob * Concrete Jungle (3.4.1) * Vlad * Bull in a China Shop (3.5.1) * Hung Out to Dry (3.5.2) * Clean Getaway (3.5.3) * Ivan the Not So Terrible (3.5.4) * Roman * Uncle Vlad (3.6.1) * Crime and Punishment (3.6.2) * Faustin * Do You Have Protection? (3.7.1) * Final Destination (3.7.2) * No Love Lost (3.7.3) * Little Jacob * Shadow (3.8.1) * Roman * Logging On (3.9.1) * Faustin * Rigged to Blow (3.a.1) * Brucie * Search and Delete (3.b.1) * Easy as Can Be (3.b.2) * Dimitri * The Master and the Molotov (3.c.1) * Russian Revolution (3.c.2) * Roman * Roman's Sorrow (3.d.1) * Part 2 * Manny * Escuela of the Streets (3.e.1) * Street Sweeper (3.e.2) * Brucie * Out of the Cloest (3.f.1) * Elizabeta * Luck of the Irish (3.g.1) * Blow Your Cover (3.g.2) * Manny * The Puerto Rican Connection (3.h.1) 5. Flying Rat Guide (coming soon) [GTAV] 6. Stunt Jump Guide (coming soon) [GTAVI] 7. Vigilante and Most Wanted (coming soon) [GTAVII] 8. Exotic Exports (coming soon) [GTAVIII] 9. Street Races (coming soon) [GTAIX] 10. Courier Service (coming soon) [GTAX] 11. Assassin Missions (coming soon) [GTAXI] 12. Stevie's 'Grand Text Auto' (coming soon) [GTAXII] 13. A Guide to Relationships (coming soon) [GTAXIII] 14. Liberty City Perverts (Random Missions) (coming soon) [GTAXIV] 15. Achievement Guide [GTAXV] 16. FAQs and Reader Tips [GTAXVI] 17. Contact [GTAXVII] 18. End ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Story ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ GTAI ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to Liberty City What does the American dream mean today? For Niko Bellic fresh off the boat from Europe, it is the hope he can escape his past. For his cousin, Roman, it is the vision that together they can find fortune in Liberty City, gateway to the land of opportunity. As they slip into debt and get dragged into a criminal underworld by a series of shysters, thieves and socipaths, they discover that the reality is very different from the dream in a city that worships money and status, and is heaven for those that have them and a living nightmare for those who don't. Guess which side we'll be seeing. Blurb stolen from the back of the box, I will maybe add a story synopsis later but after the guide to minimise spoilers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Characters ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ GTAII ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- _______________________________________________ |This section contains some spoilers, so beware.| ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ NIKO Bellic is a veteran of war, a troubled soul who knows nothing about the world other than the killing, backstabbing and his eternal search for 'that special someone'. Maybe in Liberty City, he can find them, and a better life. A trained soldier, a good cousin and a reliable worker, he will fit right into Liberty City... at least somewhere. ROMAN Bellic is Niko's cousin, who managed to leave his country before the war started and arrived in Liberty City. He has a somewhat settled life - he runs his own business, has a nice girlfriend and many friends, a good life, some may say. His darker side includes an infatuation with 'big tittied' American women, online gambling, debts, and a stumbling level of morale. MALLORIE is Roman's girlfriend, she is not a native of Liberty City - it would seem so few in the area actually are. She works with Roman at the cab company and is an innocent girl who is about to be caught up in the underworld of the city. MICHELLE is a friend of Mallorie's and a love interest of Niko's. She also came to Liberty from another part of America, and instantly finds something to like in Niko. She will play a large role in the story of Niko finding 'that special someone'. VLADIMIR Glebov is a low ranking Russian mobster who is connected to many dangerous men, and also to Roman - he is waiting on money that he borrowed to him and enjoys bullying him over it. He will offer Niko work, money and eventually a chance to work his way through the Russian mob... 'Little' JACOB is a drug abusing, humourous friend of Roman's and Niko's. He helps Niko on many occassions and is a useful guy to have around. His dialect is almost undecipherable at times, a thick caribbean accent overlaying his quick tongue. A drug and arms dealer. Mikhail FAUSTIN is the big boss in the Russian district of Liberty City: Hove Beach. He's an alcoholic drug user, who seemingly cares little for family values and love and more for honour and obedience. DIMITRI Rascalov is Faustin's lieutenant - a sober, apparently level headed man who is also close to Mikhail. He takes care of the business side of their ventures: the club, their tapping into internet businesses... He does care for his boss, but eventually ulterior motives may get the best of him. MANNY Escuela is a reformed drug pusher, now trying to clean the streets via his unashamed ego trip of television program. Also on the side of the bent cops in the city, Manny feels righteous but rides on the back of others... achievements, some would say. FRANKIE McReary is one of Liberty City's finest. One of the finest bent cops in the city, that is! Coming from a family that mainly deals as an Irish mob, old Frankie decided to take the righteous route but still turn a blind eye to his brothers doings... ELIZABETA Torres is a coke dealer from the Bohan projects - a large latina woman who is feared by many in the city's underbelly, and rightfully so. But it seems the Cops are closing in on her... PACKIE McReary is the youngest of the McReary family, who have fallen from their former seat of power in the mob scene. He does all the leg work for the family - the deals, the killing and looking after his sister and his ma to boot too! PLAYBOY X is the typical rags to riches dealer - started out small and now owns a penthouse, fast cars, women... the works, in one of the nicest areas in Algonquin! He seeks to be even more succesful, but through a slightly more legitimate route. More to come. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Controls ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ GTAIII ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These are the on-foot controls. B - Melee/Reload/Punch/Counter (after dodge) A - Jog/Sprint (tap)/Dodge X - Jump/Kick Y - Enter car/use ladder/Alt. Punch/counter Left Stick - Move Niko/Crouch (press) Right Stick - Look around/Aim/Switch Target Left bumper - Interact/Pick up object/Hail Taxi Left trigger - Lock-on (fully depressed)/Free Aim (half depressed) Right bumper - Enter cover/Exit cover Right trigger - Shoot Left D-pad - Cycle weapons Right D-pad - Cycle weapons Up D-pad - Mobile Phone Down D-pad - Mobile Phone/Zoom out minimap Again, in the cars the control scheme is slightly different. B - 'Cinematic' camera A - Alt. Hand Brake X - Change weapon/Headlights (hold) Y - Leave car/Jump out (moving)/Switch off engine (hold) Left Stick - Steer car Right Stick - Camera/Aiming Left bumper - Shoot Left trigger - Brake Right bumper - Handbrake Right trigger - Accelerate Left D-pad - Change radio station/Turn radio on/off (hold) Right D-pad - Change radio station/Turn radio on/off (hold) Up D-pad - Mobile Phone Down D-pad - Mobile Phone/Zoom out minimap Phone controls are as follows: B - Hang up/Cancel A - Confirm/Select X - No use Y - No use Left Stick - Invalid Right Stick - Invalid Left bumper - Invalid Left trigger - Invalid Right bumper - Invalid Right trigger - Invalid Left D-pad - No use Right D-pad - No use Up D-pad - Access Mobile Phone/Cycle selection Down D-pad - Hide Mobile Phone/Cycle selection ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Walkthrough ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ GTAWV ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We'll start off with Broker, Dukes and Bohan open to use - two islands, one of which is pretty small. Chapter 2 will begin when we access Algonquin and the last chapter when Alderney opens up. Hope you find the guide useful. ___________________ / ----------------- \ | The Opening Scene |---------------------------------------------------------- \ ----------------- / ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ We can hear a whip, a guy crying and then some banging - Niko is hitting on a door, while inside a woman is whipping a guys back, and he's enjoying it. Kinky. A guy (Hossan) comes up and tells Niko to hurry up. A collage of them chatting, the boat and the skyline of Liberty follows. They disembark the boat and after a while a drunken Roman pulls up, shouting aloud the arrival of his cousin, Niko. Roman says we should head back to the 'mansion'... ******************************************************************************* |¯) |¯) |¯\oman |¯)ellic. ¯ The Cab Depot ******************************************************************************* |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Roman Bellic -- The Cousins Bellic 3.1.0 | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Simple mission as Niko disembarks with Hossan and waits for Roman to show up - best sidekick ever. Anyway, Roman is pissed and needs you to drive back to his, er, mansion. So, hop in, get used to the driving controls then follow the GPS on the minimap out of the docks. Roman says we cant go see the city cos of terrorists - he's right. At the top of the bank out of the docks you will pass Romans cab depot, take a right as you pass it. Keep on this road for awhile before taking a left and park up outside his apartment. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [You're free to explore now. Save and move on to Romans missions if you wish.] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Roman Bellic -- It's Your Call 3.1.1 | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Roman is in debt to some Albanian thugs - what better way to make it back than by gambling? Hop in one of his taxis with him, then drive west to the DIY store where the game is being held. When you pull up outside, Roman will give you his old phone - spend a few seconds finding your way round it, then wait for Roman to call you. He says he's on a good streak and for you to keep your eyes peeled. Soon a crappy little car will park up opposite you - hit Up, then A and A again to call Roman, who is now losing! He'll come out the back and tell you to floor it, do so. They're pretty easy to get away from, they don't shoot you or anything, so just ride back to the Depot for an easy intro mission. Reward: $50 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [The next mission will open up after receiving a text message from Roman. Drive around for a few minutes, explore a bit!] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Roman Bellic -- Three's a Crowd 3.1.2 | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| On arrival at the cab depot, the landsharks from earlier have got to Roman and are trashing the place - Niko kicks their ass, but Roman's PC is destroyed. Roman needs you to help him out - his lass Mallorie and her friend Michelle need a lift from the subway, Niko accepts and leaves Roman to clean up the mess the Albanians left. Hop in the taxi and follow the nifty GPS to the subway station, honk the horn and the two girls will jump in. They want to go to Michelles place in Rotterdam Hill, so set off north. The women chat for a while before Mallorie persuades Niko and Michelle to set up a date to which they both agree - yet Mallorie has a go at Niko's gear (Michelle says we look fine :>). Drop them off and Niko will ring Roman to discuss the situation. He suggests getting some new threads at this bargain Russian shop down in Mohawk, near the Apartment. So drive south until you get there and head inside. Your first purchase is free luckily, as you're likely to only have maybe $75. I nab a pair of jeans, then head outside to complete the mission. Reward: Free clothing item you purchased. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [[Drive round for a bit until Michelle calls - accept the offer of a date and head towards her place. Not so far away from her house, Roman will call - the Albanians have him cornered in a basketball court in Hove Beach! You now face the first of quite a few choices. I recommend going to save Roman, but if you don't want to, you do't have to, you can continue on with the date. If you do decide to let him get beat up, skip the next mission.]] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Roman Bellic -- Bleed Out 3.1.3 | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| So I described the situation above - make a U-Turn, stick a waypoint on Romans position and floor it! It's not the longest of drives and I don't think it's timed, so don't panic. When you arrive, approach the two thugs to initiate a scene. This mission is an introduction the melee fighting - there are two ways you can go about it - counters or you can just button mash. Counters is more difficult, yet at the same time the safer option. If you mash and miss, there's a chance the enemy will get a good 2-3 punches on you without Niko being able to retaliate. You get to take these guys on 1 on 1, I prefer using counters 1 v 1. So, wait until you see him swing, then hit A and immediately B for Niko to pull off a hugely powerful combo. 1 of these will take down the enemy, or leave him with minimal health. Repeat this fr the second guy. Now, their leader Dardan will hop in a car and flee. Follow Roman to his car and give chase. Follow him down to the docks (you'll drive through the area from the very beginning of the game on your way), pay attention down here, high speeds and narrow roads. After a while Dardan will park up outside a warehouse and go up some steps and then inside. Get out of the car and follow him up - he'll pull out a knife, which will add damage to his melee attacks. However - if you used counters against the two thugs before, do so again and Niko will disarm Dardian, giving you the knife. Now you can just wail on him and he'll drop fast. Return to the car when he's dead and drive Roman to the destination on the map. Reward: $50 ******************************************************************************* |V| | |ichelle Michelle's House ******************************************************************************* |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Michelle -- First Date 3.2.1 | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Park up outside Michelle's place to start the mission. Inside Niko notices that it seems she has just moved in - most of her stuff is new. She denies it and they leave/ Hop in her car, and Niko has the slightly crap idea of going to the 'funfair' on Firefly Island, south of Hove Beach. If you saved Roman, Michelle will question you about him and Niko will deny her query, saying Roman is just your average businessman. When you reach Firefly Island, Michelle will say that the carnival is closed, but there's a Bowling Alley just east of here. Go up the steps then left (there's some Molotov Cocktails behind a bench in the hut on the right, look for the red glow) before entering the Alley. Bowling is simple. Line up your shot, hit A, then flick the right stick back then forth to bowl, apply spin by moving the stick left or right. A quick tip for getting a strike is move TWO steps left, press A, flick the stick right back and then forth quickly, but make sure it's straight!, and if it's hard and straight enough, all the pins should fall. 45 points should be enough to beat Michelle, as this is only half a game - but it was free. Anyway, win or lose, head back to the car, more talking, then drop Michelle off at her house. ******************************************************************************* |¯) |¯) |¯\oman |¯)ellic. ¯ The Cab Depot ******************************************************************************* |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Roman Bellic -- Easy Fare 3.3.1 | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Meet Vlad! He's a bit of a dick, and Roman (shockingly) owes him a bit of cash. Vlad seems to have taken a liking to Roman's girl Mallorie though, which will play a big part in the story. Anyway, Roman eventually turns up and Vlad starts bugging him too. Seems like he will be asking a favour or two quite soon. But anyway, he leaves, and Roman recieves a call - Jermaine needs a ride, but Roman is busy so it's up to Niko. Hop in one of Roman's cabs and head to Jermaines place, it's a simple route. After you reach his house, he'll jump in and we need to take him to Masterson Street. Find your way there, and into a little yard with a few garages - Jermaine says something is wrong and goes to look... only for the Cops to show up! He hops back in and we have a 2 star wanted level, which is quite easy to lose. To get out of here easily, look forward and to the right, there's a small exit instead of having to reverse out past the cops. Drive quickly and head for a pay'n'spray if need be, but the lookout circle is quite small on a 2* wanted level, so you can outrun them. Handy tip: when you exit the circle on the map, park up if there's no cops close - instead of giving them an oppurtunity to spawn by driving off, wait for 6 or so seconds. Easy that way. Head back to where he needs to go now - right outside a Pay'n'Spray. It'll now be marked on your map for easy access! Reward: $100 Taxi Fare sidemission opens ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Roman will text you about taking some fares for him, I advise taking him up on that offer and do a couple for a bit of extra cash and love from him... his perk is very useful!] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Roman Bellic -- Jamaican Heat 3.3.2 | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| This mission introduces us to Little Jacob, who is absolutely ace. Roman is once again too busy to pick him up (he's running the depot by himself right now) leaving us to pick up the pieces again. Anyway, Jacob aint at home, he's standing outside an arch maybe 20 seconds away from the Depot, so it won't take long to reach him. I'll give you a few hours to try and decipher his tongue, ha. Anyway, you'd be best off sticking subtitles on from here on out, lots of thick accented dialect throughout the game. So Jacob is going to a meet that Badman set up (you'll meet this guy later, my 'youth') in an Alley on Dillon Street - another short journey, which you WILL begin to miss by the end. Anyway, Jacob wants you to watch over the deal and gives you a pistol (not anything too good yet!) to help you do so. When you arrive, go up the steps to the spot, crouch down and wait. 3 guys show up, and immediately look to knock off Jacob - help him out! It's best to lock on with a pistol, hold the left trigger all the way down, and keep flicking up (hold it up if your aim is good) to go for headshots, which are obviously efficient. From up here you're pretty safe - until a guy runs out onto a roof to your left. Quickly lock on and stick a few rounds in him. Head back to the car, and drive to the cafe he mentions. Mission over! Reward: $150 Pistol ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Wait a while then ring up Jacob, he'll offer Niko some work. Go seem him.] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ******************************************************************************* | ¯|¯ |_ittle \|acob. Little Jacob's Crib ******************************************************************************* |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Little Jacob -- Concrete Jungle 3.4.1 | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Head to Jacobs crib and he'll answer the door, absolutely off his head, as will be the norm! He's a really funny character, alongside Roman, so make sure you pay attention! Anyway, another deal is going down, Jacob is selling. Head to the shop it's going down at and Jacob will tell you to go round back incase it goes tits up and they try to get away. Do so. So it turns out that it does go wrong and three fools try to run out back. You can practice your shooting skills here, but its best to just run'em over as they're all tightly packed. Then you can shoot them if they're still alive, or continue rolling over them... Anyway, Jacob still has his stuff, so go pick him up! But he is pissed and wants revenge. Listen to Jacob and then head out to the town house. Park up outside (losing the cops you might've gained when you were helping out LJ, but I doubt it) and head to the door. Now there's a tutorial on using cover - simply hit the Right Bumper to go into cover and use the left stick to slide back and forth. Jacob will kick the door in and someone will run downstairs - lock on and pump him full of lead. Now a dude pops up with a shotgun - Jacob can't get a shot off without having his hand removed, so it's up to Niko. Head left to the window, you might need to free aim here, but stick the crosshair on his face before holding down the right trigger to throw some metal his way. When he's down, another guy shows up and Jacob moves inside. Follow him in, kill the next guy and pick up the ammo and health if need be, also the shotgun. Get back to your ride and head back to the cafe. Reward: $200 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Vlad may have already contacted you via text, if not, drive around a bit and he will. Go see him at the Comrades Bar, opposite the hideout in Hove.] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ******************************************************************************* \ / \/ lad. Comrade's Bar ******************************************************************************* |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Vlad -- Bull in a China Shop 3.5.1 | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Shock horror, a gangster is running a racket. Anyway, Vlad will tell you a certain Asian man ain't paying up and he's getting a little cocky for his own good. Vlad wants his cash, not his corpse, so we gotta go scare him a bit. When you leave the bar, a mini tutorial will instruct you on Cab rides - very quick and efficient, but not always the most tactical of transport. Take it if you wish, but you'll need a ride back also. Anyway, either jack a car, take your previous ride or hail a cab (left bumper, HOLD Y to enter, this is so important - HOLD it until you get in, or you'll hijack the car). It's (again) quite a short journey, so when you pull up outside the shop, a scene will occur. The owner is still refusing to let you in, nevermind give you the cash he owes, so we'll have to get creative. A new marker will pop up on your minimap - just cross the road and go into the yard. Here there's a bunch of rubble on the ground, head over to a brick and pick it up (press the left bumper) before heading back to his shop. Autoaim near one of his windows, then throw (right trigger) the brick at it, hopefully it will smash and frighten the guy. He'll come out and give you the cash. Hail a cab, nick a car or do whatever you like to get back to the bar and give Vlad his cash. Reward: $50 Cheapskate. |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Vlad -- Hung Out to Dry 3.5.2 | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| And another 'go make this guy pay up' mission - this time the guy runs a Laundromat outlet, a tad north east of Comrades. Might as well hail a cab if you don't have easy access to a vehicle, you ain't gonna be stuck for one on this missions return. So, when you reach the destination, head inside for a scene - he throws some laundry at you and bolts out the back. He jumps in a van and there's two cars here, choose the bigger of the two, as you need to ram his van off the road. He ain't too quick, his tires can be popped, and you can catch up with him real quick, he sucks at turning round corners. When you're near him, continue smashing into his car, ramming it into anything possible - other cars, walls, subway infrastructure etc. You'll soon get a scene where Niko says he don't ask for favours twice, the guy seems a bit worried, as usual, then drives off. Niko phones Vlad, who again tells our Yokel hero to go back to the bar. Reward: $100 |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Vlad -- Clean Getaway 3.5.3 | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| This time Niko takes a walk with Vlad to his car, chatting shit as per the norm. We get into his car, and Vlad takes a line. Lovely. Anyway, he wants us to nick a car before kicking us out of his and making us catch the train. Baldy git. Jog on to the entrance (huge, wide thing. Can't miss it!) then go through the long, wide corridor and up the steps at the back, taking a left at the top to wait for the train, which (ever so conveniently...) arrives almost instantly. Press Y to hop on, and skip the journey by pressing A, if you wish to do so. When we disembark, head down onto the street and cross the road, the car is just past there. Two guys are cleaning it - you can beat them up, shoot them or (my favourite) just jump in and floor it and watch as they cling on to the handles as you speed away! You can pull a few quick turns to throw them off quickly if you want, they'll fall off eventually. Niko dials up our man Vlad, remarking that the car is dirty - Vlad is annoyed and tells us to go and get it washed. Head east to the Car Wash, park up at the ticket machine and watch the scene, or skip it. Now head back towards Mohawk and stick the car in the lockup. Then you can phone Vlad (manually, we're getting good at this guys!) to end the mission. Reward: $150 |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Vlad -- Ivan the Not so Terrible 3.5.4| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Back inside Comrades, tut-tut pulls us into a private booth to talk about our next job - this time we'll be making a hit on some guy named Ivan. It's a pretty cool mission, a longish chase one. Anyway, Niko doesn't really want to, but ends up doing it anyway - a running theme in the game, it would seem. Get a fastish car, then drive off to find Ivan, who it would seem, was tipped off about our objective. He speeds off, you follow him. He has a quick car, but again, sucks at taking turns on the street, so use those as opportunities to catch up. Eventually the two of you will end up at a construction site, and he goes and climbs up some ladders. Follow him - latch onto them by pressing Y, move via up and down on the stick and move quicker by holding 'A'. Up a few sets of ladders, then he jumps from a crane to the opposite building. Make sure you do jump too, or you'll go all splattered on the floor and stuff. Hop over the next two buildings too, then he'll get stuck with nowhere to go. But, he does manage to fall off the edge of the platform, so go see to him. You have three options. One, shoot him in the head. Two, kick him off by pressing X. Three, help him up by hitting the left bumper. It doesn't really matter, but Ivan will offer a mission later - which is NOT required to finish the game or attain 100% completion. So, the choice is yours. You'll either kill him or tell him to flee Hove Beach. Either way, we win. Reward: $200 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [[Roman will appear again - head to his depot, get some food and make sure you got a gun and can pull off a quick headshot.]] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ******************************************************************************* |¯) |¯) |¯\oman |¯)ellic. ¯ The Cab Depot ******************************************************************************* |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Roman Bellic -- Uncle Vlad 3.6.1 | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Upon entering the office, Roman looks upset and his drowning his sorrows in a typical hobo style - bottle of alcohol wrapped in a paper bag. Excellent. It seems old Vladi boy was defo playing away with Mallorie, and instead of fighting for her, he elects to drown his sorrows with booze. However, Niko is pissed at both Vlad and Roman, and is going to do something about it. Roman gets worried and decides to join us! Hop in a car that can take a beating but is speedy and head onto Comrades. Inside, Niko rumbles Vlad, who escapes and leaves his two henchmen to deal with you. Lock-on, aim up and headshot the skinheads, then dash outside and into your car, floor it and follow Vlad, who ends up down at the docks (a bit different this time, don't worry). It's your average chase mission, with two things to look out for - as you pass Romans office, he makes quick right turn, and goes down into the docks, as you head on watch out for firstly the big truck coming onto the road from the left and then for a bloody bus jumping onto the scene from the right. Get past these two and it's plain sailing 'till the end of the mission. Eventually Vladi crashes and runs off into a dead end. Follow him - he begins to plead, a bit crappily, saying he has good connections and that Niko and Roman are 'already dead'. Fat chance. Execute the bastard and watch an interesting and amusing scene to end Vladimir's story arc... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [The game tells you can phone people up to move scenarios on quicker. For now, hit up Roman, who's in a bin, hiding. Great.] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Roman Bellic -- Crime and Punishment 3.6.2 | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Niko finds out buddy Roman in a bin, paranoid that he's being followed. Niko laughs it off, trying to get him to come out. Soon enough, Roman warns Niko, but too late as he is hit in the back of the head by the butt of an AK47. We wake up in a dank basement, surrounded by two guys, and Roman. Tied up, one of the loons starts threatening, then Roman starts screaming. An old man comes down, to find out whats going on - just as some berk has a nice sharp object near our neck. Roman is continuing to scream - their solution to shut him up is to shoot him in the gut! Then they blackmail Niko into doing a job - seems they didn't care much for Vlad afterall. Niko has no choice. So, we need a cop car. Head north out of the estate (on foot) and soon you'll hear sirens - a cruiser will show up, the cop will get out and run off. Wait till he's a ways away, then hop in. Niko will phone Dimitri, and ask what to do. We need to find a van with tele's in... but we don't know which. Head into Broker, and find your way to the nearest van, you have a decent amount of time. When you find one, follow it, stick you siren on (quick click of Left stick), stay close behind and he'll eventually pull over. Stop behind him, get out and go to the driver side window to watch a scene. No TVs. Gosh darnit. Now, find your way to the 2nd van and follow the above instructions - again, no such luck. No teleboxes. Hngh. Third time's a charm, eh? Quickly make your way to the last blue dot, pull them over too. The guy complains about being under the protection of one 'Kenny Petrovic'. Que? Anyway, this is obviously the van we need - but the dudes have guns. Either hop in quickly or ice them. If you do the latter, chances are you'll get the rozzers after you, but 1 star is easy to lose, so scram. Head to a garage on Hooper St. to finish the mission! Reward: $200 Dimitri Contact; Faustin Contact ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [If I remember correctly, Dimitri will either call or text Niko to open up the next set of missions. The next one is very, very easy so don't worry too much.] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ******************************************************************************* |¯ |¯austin Faustin's Mansion ******************************************************************************* |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Faustin -- Do You Have Protection? 3.7.1 | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| In Faustin's mansion, Dimitri and Niko approach the boss. who as it seems, is totally out of it - pissed, stoned and angry to boot! Anyway, paranoia gets the best of Faustin who turns on Dimitri. To be blunt, Faustins a bit of a cock. Anyway, Dimitri needs some help on the next job, we're it. Head out and into the car outside, we're going to a sex shop up on Delaware. Purely business, I guess. Anyway, Niko and Roman chat about Faustin, and how his sole response is to try and kill everyone, but not today. Keeping this guy alive will earn the Faustin business a nice wad in the online pornography business. When you pull up, head inside, check out some of the strange posters on the wall if they take your fancy and head into the backroom. Three guys are watching a porno - you can too, but it's not much. And it's pixels. Anyway, the negotiation is going slow - Dimitri wants you to speed it up. Aim at the first guy, then the second (you'll need to lock on to both). On the second guy you'll need to pop him in a leg. So, with lock on still on, move the right stick down to put the crosshair over his leg, and shoot. He'll go down, and the others will get scared. Dimitri will knock the main guy out, while the third will get down on his knees and beg - saying he 'has something in [his] pants that [I] have to show the world!'. Funny. Anyway, head back out to the car. Dimitri is going to show us where we can strap ourselves up - Niko says there's guns everywhere in Liberty, but Dimitri says that now we'll know where to get them. Hmm. Pull up at the destination and head down the alley and in the door on the left. Go to the back and pick up with Micro-SMG (Uzi, mofo), grab it and a few clips of ammo for $100 a pop. The gun itself is free, thanks to Mr. Faustin's account so don't worry. Drive back to Faustin's house to end the mission. Reward: $300 (paid for those clips of ammo, doesn't it?) Free Micro-SMG |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Faustin -- Final Destination 3.7.2 | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Dimitri will tell you to meet the two of them at the Caboret Club off Mohawk, Perestroika. Again we see Faustin's paranoia in action, putting to Niko that he thinks he's a rat. Niko plays it cool and Faustin agrees. He says there's a guy up in Bohan that we need to take care of. Get a car and start the long journey north, remember to stop to pay the $5 fee at the booth on the bridge. When you arrive on the island, Niko will phone Faustin to see if we should go ahead with the hit... we should. Head to the subway station in central Bohan, and you'll find you need to head up some steps onto the platform. At the top, a scene will show where Niko announces he's going to kill the guy, which is stupid, but does make the mission interesting. His bodyguard will pull out a gun and open fire, but we do NOT need to kill him. Hop onto the track and chase the target - make sure your MicroSMG is equipped, and you should be able to fill him full of lead before he reaches the bottom of the steps on the other platform. If not, you'll need to jack a car and give chase - this can be quite intensive on our MicroSMG ammo stock, so it's not really efficient, but if it happens, it happens. So chase him and you can either just shoot the shit out of the car, aim for the tires and wait for them to pop or shoot through the back window and hope for a headshot. Eventually, he'll either fall out of the car or be killed by the explosion or headshot. Finish him off if he does fall out, and there will be a conversation between Niko and Dimitri - we've just killed Kenny Petrovic's son. Remember him? Reward: $500 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Some body armour ($500 from the gun shop) will work well for this mission, as will some more Uzi ammo if need be!] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Faustin -- No Love Lost 3.7.3 | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| In the mansion, Faustin is talking to one of his men - he can't find Dimitri, so he sends this bloke to find him. After, Dimitri tells Niko he has a daughter and she's messing with a bad crowd (are there any good guys in Liberty?!). He suspects she's with a guy in Firefly Island, just west of here. The carnival from the date with Michelle. You can run there if you want, it's not far to go, and you'll replace your vehicle when you get there anyway. When you arrive at the beach, there's the girl, Faustin's kid, and a biker - a member of the so-called 'Lost' gang. Niko says to the girl that her father is not pleased and we have to kill her boyfriend. Again, announcing the hit is pretty silly of Niko, but anyway... The guy darts off on his bike - jump on the conveniently placed one right next to Niko and give chase. Do not shoot him, he's impervious to damage for now, just focus on staying close to him, because this bike sucks. We'll follow him for quite a while, ending up in or around Dukes. A scene will start where he meets up with the rest of his biker gang, and now you can begin the killing. Hopefully you picked up some MicroSMG ammo, so you can pick a few off while they're still on their bikes. Pretty soon they'll turn left into a big field filled with trees, which are good cover for the imminent gunfight. There'll be five or six guys left, two or three won't be clever enough to utilize cover, so kill them quick, using the trees as cover. The remaining guys might take a while to get to an angle where they're exposed but it's better than waiting for them to show themselves for a second and only getting two hits or so in. When they're dead, the mission ends. Alternate Strategy: This is for the gunfight at the end - to the southwest(ish) area of the field is the highway, with a concrete barrier seperating the two. If you can sprint and get behind here, it gives you a great angle and pretty much makes you unflankable making this very, very easy. Reward: $600 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Jacob's icon should've appeared by now, for sure.] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ******************************************************************************* | ¯|¯ |_ittle \|acob. Little Jacob's Crib ******************************************************************************* Just the one mission for now, but it opens up some sidemissions which are worth about $5000 and an Achievement. |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Little Jacob -- Concrete Jungle 3.8.1 | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| I told you about Badman, aye? Anyway, you'll enjoy his even stronger dialect for the first time here! Niko is totally baffled and asks Jacob to relay the information in a slightly more intelligble fashion. A dealer in Bohan is selling in one of their areas and they're pissed about it - it's a good spot to earn some cash. So we need to take him and his suppliers out. So, we drive all the way back up to Bohan, the same route we took before, over the bridge on Charge Island, remembering to stop to pay the toll (if you have a Police Cruiser for some reason, turn on the siren when you pass to go through for free and not having to wait in queue). When you reach the bloke, he'll be doing a deal. When he finishes, bring out your phone, go to options, select Ring Style or whatever and put it on Vibrate or Silent. Or if you want to end the mission quicker, go run up to the bloke now and just run after him. If you elect to walk, about half way through the trek, Roman will phone - if you didn't change the phone settings, the dealer will overhear and he'll run off. So you'll have to sprint again. If you did, continue trundling after the guy, through the block of apartments, over fences etc. When you're told to follow him into the apartment for a second time, he's gone upstairs (as noted by the arrow on the map), so head up until you're on the same floor - no doubt you have maybe 20 shotgun shells by now, and it's time to use them. Open the door with it equipped and autoaim on the closest guy and put a couple of shells in him. Head back out if you need to reorientate yourself and reload. The other two guys are in cover in the back room. Go back in and deal with them quickly, or they will to you. When they're all dead, Niko will ring up LJ to let him know. Reward: $250 Courier Service side mission available ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Jacob will text you when they become available, telling you to ring him when you want for some easy cash. Some of them are, some aren't. Up to you when you do them $500 a pop, I think. Ring him and select the 'Job' option when and if you want to.] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ******************************************************************************* |¯) |¯) |¯\oman |¯)ellic. ¯ The Cab Depot ******************************************************************************* |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Roman Bellic -- Logging On 3.9.1 | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Brucie! Yeeeeeeeah! Ace character, once again. Bit boring at first, but he ends up being really funny and just generally... excellent. Anyway, they chat a bit of shit, ribbing Niko about his lack of tech savvy. He says he knows how to use the internet, and Roman suggests he go and set up an email account - well, Roman has already done this for him, but we need to confirm it. So head out to Oneida St. and the Tw@ cafe. Very, very short drive. Head inside and talk to the 'big tittied girl' behind the counter Roman mentioned. She says to go to a computer and log on. To do so, approach a terminal and press the left bumper. Then use the left stick to move the cursor to the Web button, then click on the '1' New Mail icon. Read the mail and choose either a Positive or Negative reply. You can also look around on the net if you want, there's a few pretty cool sites to check out. When you leave the cafe, the mission ends. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Soon Roman will phone, saying Brucie has some work for us - stealing cars for him. He says he'll email us the cars he wants from time to time, and we should check'em out. Do so at your leisure, and check the Exotic Exports section of this guide for information!] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ******************************************************************************* |¯ |¯austin Faustin's Mansion ******************************************************************************* |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Faustin -- Rigged to Blow 3.a.1 | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| The opening scene of this mission is actually quite strange... Faustin nor Dimitri are anywhere to be seen, but Faustin's wife is. She invites our Niko in and they chat over tea. It seems Faustin has not always been a bumhole, but he now regularly verbally abuses her. Niko opens up a bit too, but then Faustin returns and has another proposition for us. Go pick up the lorry, well north of the estate that Faustin lives in. It'll be to the right of the road, underneath the overpass. Hop in and drive off, we're heading back to Bohan. Try not to bang into stuff, cars, people, the environment etc. Make sure you can see the back of your truck too, there's a visual aid on it. Anyway, Faustin will tell Niko over the phone that the truck is filled with explosives and we need to move them to a garage. Niko is furious at not being told about this before, but agrees to it, we need the cash. Remember not to crash, about the toll booth which is especially important because we have the bomb and can't be dealing with the police too. When you reach Bohan, locate the garage via the GPS, park up inside it and when prompted, hit the left bumper to activate the bomb. Niko will automatically jump out and run clear of the blast radius. Watch the very cool scene, then we need to leave the area. Just run away a couple of blocks, and Niko will phone Faustin, informing him the deed has been done. Reward: $700 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Make sure you gots MicroSMG ammo and are comfortable driving and shooting AND at losing the police before moving on to Brucie's first job If Roman has not called yet, drive around a bit and he will, opening up these missions.] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ******************************************************************************* |¯) |¯)rucie ¯ Brucie's Apartment ******************************************************************************* |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Brucie -- Search and Delete 3.b.1 | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Roman isn't here yet, but Brucie seems nervous (or would, if he wasn't always on some weird, trippy high) about some rat who is going to testify about Brucie and some of his acquaintances soon... he wants us to put his grassing days to a quick end and offers to pay pretty well. He has no idea where he's hiding though, so we'll need to find him... via a Police Cruiser's onboard computer. Outside, bring up your phone (unless you have easy access to a Cruiser already) and dial 911. When you're asked to choose which Emergency Service you need, hit 1 to choose the LCPD. Soon enough, a Cruiser will appear. When the cop gets out you'll need to run over, pull out the remaining cop (DO NOT KILL THEM) and drive off. Quickly lose your 1-star wanted level, park up and hit the left bumper to bring up the Police database. There's a tutorial showing you how to access the Database. When you have the keypad up, enter 'Lyle' then hit enter. Mr. Rivas will show up on screen, hit A to put him on your GPS, close the Police UI, then go to the apartments where the bloke is in hiding. Go inside, approach the marker, and a scene will play where Lyle escapes out a window. Sprint outside and get back in the Cop Car, which is pretty important. Give chase - he is pretty invincible (tires can be popped, I think) for quite a while... these scripted chases can suck. However, once again, things will come out of nowhere to block your chase, so be on the ball. When you reach the Airport section, he'll ram a truck, opening the doors and loads of barrels will pop out. Dodge them, get past the van and continue up onto the highway. NOW you can get him. Hit his car with everything you've got, eventually it will catch fire. Lyle will tumble out, also on fire - which is not enough to kill him. Get out and stick a few rounds from your pistol in his head to end the mission. Reward: $3500 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Nice reward, eh? Excellent!] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Brucie -- Easy as Can Be 3.b.2 | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| This is one of my favourite scenes in the game - Brucie is starkers. Absolutely mental - to supplement his body building, he's using Bullshark testosterone. Ace. Anyway, it would seem the guy we just iced had a car and Brucie here wants us to nick it. It'll be easy, he reckons. But yeah, make sure you have at the least full health if you ain't much of a good driver. And ammo if you happen to like gunning cars down, it's up to you. Take a cab up to the car in Steinway, Dukes. Go into the alley, jump in the car and watch as someone pulls up next to us. These guys are obviously going to try and kill us. So you have two options - kill them, or just drive. Two cars come initially, but a third shows up sooner or later. These tossers can do a LOT of damage to your car if you get stuck, but three cars can be a lot of ammo and can be quite risky in all honesty. I prefer to just floor it. Head back to Brucie's house but drive past it south a bit. Once you get outside his house, the cars will back off making the last few seconds easier. Eitherway, it's a nice wad of cash, no? Reward: $3000 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Grab some Micro-SMG ammo and some Shotgun rounds if you can.] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ******************************************************************************* |¯\ |¯) |_/imitri |¯\ascalov Firefly Island ******************************************************************************* |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Dimitri Rascalov - The Master and the Molotov 3.c.1 | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Just south of the apartment, Dimitri will be sitting on a bench. He looks quite upset - during the scene, it turns out Faustin is proving to be a bit of a hassle to both Dimitri and Niko... so Dimitri asks us to kill Mikhail Faustin. Uh oh, indeed. Anyway, he's on his way to the club, Perestoika. Hop in a car/run north up Mohawk to Perestroika, and when you arrive, Niko will phone Dimitri. He's left us some protection behind a bin beside the club, so head west to pick it up. Once you're all Kevlar'd up, head to the front door and go inside to see a scene. He's obviously pretty angry at being betrayed by those who are close to him, and orders his henchmen to kill us. As usual, make sure you had at least your MSMG equipped before the scene so you can quickly kill his two bodyguards. 5 or so more will show up in this room, while Faustin hides behind the bar. Keep on killing (and picking up their guns and cash, they drop quite a bit in here) until Mikhail runs for it. Follow him, kill the guys in here too - he went up the steps to the right, not down the ones on the left. Outside, 4 or so more guys get the jump on you, as you've no doubt seen the SMG makes very quick work of them. When they're dead, you'll still be hearing a shotgun being spammed up above. Navigate your way up the steps all the way to the roof. Keep your eye on Faustin. At the top, he'll drop his gun and ramble on some more... you can shut him up immediately if you want, or listen to him babble. He can actually take quite a bit of pain - it took two shotgun bursts to the head to knock him down! Alternate Strategy: When killing Faustin, you don't have to shotgun him. He's executable. Swap to your trusty pistol, lock on, and fire, and you'll get a scene where Niko kneecaps the A-hole, then puts one in his chest, which sends him over the edge to his death below. (The first several gunfight missions I fought with the pistol because I'm cheap like that and didn't want to use a shotgun at longer ranges.) Many thanks to Jet Tepton for this! Anyway, when it's over... leave him. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [[Quickly get stocked up on health, armour and SMG ammo. You can nab them all during the next mission, but being prepared means you can just save to get the health back. You'll need to visit the Gun shop to restock ammo and armour how- ever. You can phone Dimitri if and when you've done this. If not, he'll phone us. When Dimitri phones you, it'll automatically put you into the next mission!]] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Dimitri Rascalov - Russian Revolution 3.c.2 | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| So you phoned Dimitri or he phoned you, it doesn't matter. Niko will ask if he has the cash, he'll ramble on a bit and then say he does and to meet him in a warehouse down at the docks, alone. Now, make your way to Brucies, waiting for the phone to go. It'll be Jacob - he's heard that the Russian contingent of Hove Beach are less than pleased with your recent activities. Niko tells him he'll be fine, and that he's off to pick up some cash, but Jacob says to be wary. Infact, he'll come with us just incase. So continue on the way to the warehouse, now with GPS directions on screen. When you pull up outside, Jacob will be there, he's got our back. Inside, however Niko meets an old friend... some fatty called Bulgarin. Anyway, Niko seemingly owes this guy some money after working the Adriatic with him, but now he wants us dead. The door starts to close, Jacob ducks in, and hell lets loose. Quickly jump into cover - the tube things infront work fine, but leave you open to fire from above - so ALWAYS aim at enemies on the upper level first. Some are in the offices, protected by glass, which is shatterable. Don't be afraid to use free aim, easier to get folk with bits sticking out from behind cover. Soon enough, you'll have time to advance forward, more will spawn and we repeat the process - kill those above first, then work on those on the bottom floor. I think there's some armour infront of one of the tubes you can use for cover, but there's definitely a first aid kit in the office to the right on the ground floor. Move forward again, kill more of them, and eventually, the cops will arrive. 2-stars is easy to escape, so don't kill many of them. Kill the closest and then hop into the first cop car you can, flooring it north. On the bend that leads back up onto the main stretch, you might've lost them. If not, try and change cars to a civilian one to be able to access the Pay'N'Spray. Drop Jacob off when told to - he'll tell us to get out of Broker and Dukes and lay low for awhile. Which is just what we'll do. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [You will need to phone Roman to advance the story.] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ******************************************************************************* |¯) |¯) |¯\oman |¯)ellic. ¯ A Car Trunk ******************************************************************************* |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Roman Bellic -- Roman's Sorrow 3.d.1 | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Roman is hiding in the trunk of his cab, waiting for you - but he locked himself in, so Niko lets him out. He's petrified, upset and angry at the same time. Niko sort of calms him down, and they decide to move on. But he needs to gather some things first. On the way to the safehouse in Hove Beach, Roman phones Mallorie, asking her if any of her cousins have a place in Bohan that he and Niko could crash at for a while. Luckily for us, there's a spare place up there somewhere. Anyway, when you approach the safehouse, chances are you heard quite a loud bang. On arrival at the apartment, smoke is billowing from the windows and the whole building is on fire! Obviously Dimitri's work. Roman, panting, says to move onto the Cab Depot, just around the corner - but it too is blazing! He panics as you drive on now to Bohan (remember to pay the bloody toll on the bridge! :p), saying his life was (a bit, maybe) good and how he had to work for all of it. While we had it all ready for us when we arrived. Roman is a bit naive I guess. Anyway, when you arrive at the new place (it's a bit better than the last place I guess), Mallorie arrives soon after. She says that there are some folks in Bohan looking for a hand. So we'll give'em one. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Manny is pretty boring, but aclimatise yourself to Bohan, we'll spend a bit of time here for now.] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And now: _______________________________________________________________________________ _ _ |_| _ _ _|_ _| _____________________________________________________________ | |_|_| |_ |_ Bohan and Algonquin _______________________________________________________________________________ ******************************************************************************* |V| | |anny Bohan Social Centre ******************************************************************************* |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Manny Escuela -- Escuela of the Streets 3.e.1 | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Niko comes in to see some dude repping infront of a camera about drug dealers and how he's going to clean the streets etc. I hate Manny. I really do. So, so much. If only Niko got to... bah. Anyway, I don't want to describe his cut- scenes, sorry. OK, here you have to follow someone in a car (very, very boring mission...) to the other drug dealers in some warehouse. So, steal a car or get into one you already have, then take Manny to where the dealer currently is. He'll hop in a car and drive off, ever so slowly. So, follow him the OFFICIAL WOMAN STALKERS way: 2 car lengths. I make the gap bigger to be honest, just to be safe. SO many traffic lights and stuff make this short distance take so long, but we're rewarded by a crap shoot out at the end. Hohum. Anyway, when you reach the warehouse, Manny pisses off, the little penis. So we need to take them out ourselves. Shoot the lock on the door (just autoaim) and head straight in with the shotgun (I seriously hope you brought armour... maybe I should've said that earlier. Probably.) and kill the first two guys then jump straight into cover behind some boxes. Nades and Molotov's work well here if only to thin the crowd. Two guys are on slightly elevated platforms, giving them a better shot at you, so take care of'em first. Then clean the rest out with your Uzi, it might take a while, but better safe than sorry. I made it through with a slither of health (the last bastard has a shotgun) because I brought no armour, so it's not too hard. Just buy two cans of Sprunk at the back. Go outside to get your dosh. Alternate Strategy: Apparently there's an open skylight on the roof or something? I'm not sure, please, if you did it another way, tell me! Check the contact section. Reward: $1000 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [SMG ammo and Armour, guys and girls.] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Manny Escuela -- Street Sweeper 3.e.2 | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Another new character is introduced here: a bent(ish) cop named Frankie McReary who we'll see more of later. And more of his family. But anyway, time to take out more dealers after Niko tells the camera man to piss the hell off. Drive to the garage we need to go to (Manny aint coming this time, thank heavens), which is at a large junction. There are 4 or 5 guys on foot here, more waiting to escape in a car. So, to get a better aim, get out of your car to open proceedings, but STAY CLOSE TO IT. When the gang get in the car, chase them. It's the immediate priority. You can lose the car, but the guys at the garage will stay there forever. So chase the car down and destroy it - SMG, very useful as usual. When it's done, head back to the garage and mop up and stragglers. If the cops are onto you, quickly kill the last guys to finish the mission AND lose the cops automatically. Reward: $1100 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Brucie has a mission for us, and Mallorie will phone about a friend, Elizabeta Torres, in Bohan. Two options now - straight for Elizabeta, or if you're up for a hectic half an hour or so, read on. If you want to go on with Elizabeta's strand, skip this one then come back later when you've got a bit more time.] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ******************************************************************************* |¯) |¯)rucie ¯ Brucie's Apartment ******************************************************************************* |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Brucie -- Out of the Closet 3.f.1 | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| I think we all know what the term means, so this mission will involve some homosexual activities - Niko isn't too pleased at first, but hey! It's an opportunity to rake in some cash. Lyle Rivas' cousin (the guy we iced earlier) owes some money to Brucie, but to get to him, we'll need to get creative... Hop in a car and head to a Tw@ internet cafe, head in, log on and go to the web icon. Either enter 'lovemeet.net' into the address bar or click on the Ad on the main page. Head into the Male section, look for 'French Tom' and set yourself up a date with him. Head out and pass the time - grab a mate and play pool, go Pigeon hunting or be efficient and take on Elizabeta's mission... Anyway, when you recieve the email (Roman will eventually phone or text you to check your email, but just sleep if you can't be bothered to wait), head to the diner just off Mohawk Avenue in Hove Beach. Go in, find the dude sitting at his table and a scene will start. Eventually, you will be able to press the left bumper to stand up - do so when you want to and quickly stick a bullet in his head. Chances are there's a guy inside with a gun - ignore him and get out quickly as you'll probably have a wanted level too. Get a car and drive to the nearby Pay'n'Spray to lose'em quickly. Reward: $6750 ******************************************************************************* |¯ |¯lizabeta ¯ Elizabeta's Apartment ******************************************************************************* Nothing needed for this mission... |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Elizabeta -- Luck of the Irish 3.g.1 | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Here we're introduced to Packie McReary - remember the cop, Frankie from one of Manny's missions? This guy here is his younger brother, well, one of many of his younger brothers. Anyway, he's carrying out a deal but he needs some cover. As usual, we're it. Hijack a car, hail a cab etcs to get to the house we need to be at, it's only a short drive east of here. When you arrive, you'll be told to go up to the roof, so make your way up 5 or so flights of stairs. Outside, nab the Sniper Rifle, then head to the opposite side of the roof to take up your position. Packie and his buddy will pull up and go into the alley. Take some time to get accustomed to the sniper controls - left trigger to bring up the scope, left stick controls zoom, right stick is aim, right trigger is shoot. Simple enough. Focus the crosshair on the front dude, dressed in red. Soon enough, it will kick off - start killing, headshots and even shots to the chest will take enemies down in one. Barrels can also be used to your advantage. Eventually you'll be notified that Packie needs some help - he's behind a bin quite close to the car he arrived in, shoot the guy he's wrestling with. Another wave will come from the back, remember to shoot the barrels. If you take too long, a guy will hop in a van at the back - zoom in and shoot him through the windscreen. Easy. Niko will phone Packie (or Elizabeta, I can't remember!) to notify them of the success. Reward: $1500 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Chances are that you will have recieved an email from the bloke we set up a meeting with on lovemeet. Go check your email, but you won't have enough time between now and the meet to do Eliza's next mission, so just go and... do whatever. You'll not have to wait long, you can even head to the Diner an hour early!] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Elizabeta -- Blow Your Cover 3.g.2 | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Grab some body armour before even starting this if you still aren't too great with the gunplay in GTAIV. Anyway, meet Playboy X - very rich dude who lives in northern Algonquin, deals with drugs etc but is trying to become straight and move onto more legitimate stuff. Pays well, though. OK, hop in a car with Playboy (he has a nice Hummer outside in the carpark) and drive off to the destination, Playboy will give you a chat on his history and what he wants to do now. We're going back south into Dukes, so remember to pay the toll. Once in Schottler, head into the house with Playboy X, up the many flights of stairs until a scene kicks in. So the dude we're meeting is a cop, and we regain control under fire. Two guys in the wrecked room are easy to deal with. You'll see two more enemies on your map, in the hallway - N.O.O.S.E (aka SWAT) are here too. Shotgun works very well with their body armour (headshots with any other weapon works fine too) to take'em down quickly. Continue trudging up the stairs, taking out the NOOSE in waves of two at a time. Eventually you will reach the roof with Playboy, there's some health up here too. Go into cover, kill more NOOSE, stick with Playboy. There's some body armour against a vent up here, grab it. Two more NOOSE will emerge up from the fire escape, quickly kill them, then head down said fire escape. Jack a car, loose the 2* Wanted level (Pay'n'Spray is pretty close if need be) then we need to drive Playboy all the way up to his crib in near the projects in north Algonquin. Long drive. Reward: $2000 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Get a car you're comfortable with - needs to be quick, decent handling and capable of taking a few scrapes.] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ******************************************************************************* |V| | |anny Bohan Social Centre ******************************************************************************* |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Manny Escuela -- The Puerto Rican Connection 3.h.1 | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Got a good car, plenty of Shotgun/SMG ammo? Goody. Anyway, inside, Manny the wanker will be complaining about people bitching about his work and his new show. He wants us to silence them - they're on a train coming in from the main island, Algonquin. Get in your favourite car, and head to the objective marker - northern Delaware Avenue, I think. Anyway, eventually the train will show and we need to follow it. This mission will be piss easy for some, a nightmare for others. In my original playthrough, I did it first try. On the walkthrough run, it took me THREE attempts, I lost the train every time. Anyway, the route takes you through Hove Beach, down to Firefly, back up into Hove Beach and ends somewhere northeast of it. NEVER LEAVE THE ROAD. Don't think shortcuts off the beaten track will help - most end in dead ends or you'll get stuck somehow. Stay on the road, the track goes right over it 95% of the time. There'll be a part where you come to a T-section, but it looks like an alley will take you right underneath the train IGNORE IT. Go right and around the block of building, following the road. A little while after this, the train will stop. Head up into the station, they'll come downstairs, kill the main guy and his two bodyguards. Easy. Reward: $1500 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Flying Rat Guide ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ GTAV ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Grand Theft Auto IV's equivalent to the series collectables 'Hidden Packages' is something that fits with New York and many other coastal areas - pigeons. You do not 'collect' all 200 (double that of previous titles), rather you exterminate, ie kill, them. Pistol, shotgun, rifle, rocket launcher... it's up to you. The guide will start in Broker, moving onto Dukes, Bohan, Alongquin and finally Alderney, but as you can see, finding and killing and marking all 200 will be a big task, even with the help of ingame website whattheydontwantyoutoknow.com which can be accessed on any ingame PC/Laptop. OK, I highly advise knowing the map before following this, although there is a smashing guide at gamesradar for these (which includes videos): http://www.gamesradar.com/f/gta-iv-complete-pigeon-guide/a-2008050210174578002 Which uses this map: http://dl.gamesradar.com/photos/GTAMaps/Pigeon_map_locations_complete.jpg GamesRadar's guide includes pictures, which I cannot do here. However, I will be referencing their map (if anyone who works for Gamesradar is, for some reason reading this and does NOT want me to use their map, please email me!). I prefer to do it in a different order to them, however. Look for the number in brackets on the map. ***Flying Rat 1*** (4) The estate with Faustin's mansion - if you head towards his house, take the very first left and head behind the house on the right to spot the pigeon on the wall surrounding the house. ***Flying Rat 2*** (3) In the fair on Firefly Island, look for the rollercoaster - and then look to it's highest peak. It's in the centre of the track, so getting to it without a sniper rifle or patience while running along the slim track will be tough. ***Flying Rat 3*** (2) Look for the ferris wheel - notice it's sitting on top of a small building. You need to get onto the roof (there's a bin on it's northern side) and then look into the gap in the roof where the carriage is - it's sitting in here. ***Flying Rat 4*** (1) It's a pretty long run, but all the way down to the edge of the water on the underside of the pier. There's the 4th pigeon. ***Flying Rat 5*** (9) Just before the bend on the road where the porn shop is, look to the left for three arches - its on top of these. ***Flying Rat 6*** (10) Right on the waters edge, at the end of the small pier. ***Flying Rat 7*** (8) There's a little garden area in these back alleys - head to the westernmost alley and if you're facing north, look to the right. It's sitting next to a light, behond a bench. ***Flying Rat 8*** (5) Follow the path round to the southern side of the apartments and its sitting on the corner of the fence. ***Flying Rat 9*** (6) On the tiny wall on the bend of the elevated highway. ***Flying Rat 10*** (7) If you come back down to ground level and head underneath the highway, look for a gap in the wall, blocked off by little wooden blockades. It's around here. ***Flying Rat 11*** (15) If you go into this alley, look west to see a garage. Find your way onto its roof and then into the fenced area to the right. It's in here. ***Flying Rat 12*** (14) In the park there's an octagonal marquee. It's sitting on one of the walls of said building. ***Flying Rat 13*** (13) You need to head through the actual Perestroika building (follow the route used in Master and the Molotov mission), up right onto the roof. Move along them west until you can drop down onto the back of the Perestroika sign. It's in plain sight once you do. ***Flying Rat 14*** (11) If you head to Romans cab depot, get onto it's roof (there's some box things that lead to a lower roof on the western side of it. This route is NOT accessible after the mission Roman's Sorrow) and look north to the Broker Navy sign. It's on top of this. If you've already down said mission, you'll need to climb on the boxes mentioned and whip out a sniper rifle and watch carefully as the pigeon pecks the floor so you can shoot it when it pops up. ***Flying Rat 15*** (12) A sniper rifle helps here too - if you go down the hill from Romans Depot towards Brucie's, stop halfway and look to the western side of the Woodfella's building. Scan the walls to find an aircon vent, it's perched on top of it. ***Flying Rat 16*** (22) There's a TINY alley in the centre of these blocks of buildings, with a tiny entrance. Inside, look up to the fire escape platforms, which is where you'll find the pigeon. ***Flying Rat 17*** (17) On the main road, a tad north of the roundabout. Look for a bus stop on the eastern side of the building with the gun shop, its sitting on top of it. ***Flying Rat 18*** (16) There's a diner/restaurant right here, if you go round the west side of it, there'll be an alley leading north - it's on the steps in here. ***Flying Rat 19*** (18) Just south of the burgershot is a ramp right near the highway wall - it's sitting on the edge of that ramp. ***Flying Rat 20*** (19) On the east side of this road, look on the buildings for the fire escapes, the flying rat is sitting on it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stunt Jump Guide ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ GTAVI ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A smaller number to complete than the Flying Rats, but they require a tad more skill - it's not a case of just hitting the jump, you need to go with enough speed, land it well and in the right position. The jumps again are varied locale wise, spreadout between the four islands. Hints are to use a bike, know the area surrounding the jump and know to land after getting some air efficiently. Again, I will start in Broker, go onto Dukes, Bohan, Alongquin and Alderney nabbing and jotting down all 50 ramps. Hopefully I might have this done before finshing the walkthrough, but I can't promise. Keep your eyes on the 'What's New' header at the top, near the GTAIV Ascii 'art'. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vigilante and Most Wanted ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ GTAVII ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The death of the 'R3' missions was a big decision on behalf of Rockstar. Along side the hidden packages and (totally removed) Rampages they were the bane of the 100% completionist. However, the new structure is much more logical and fun in the long term. 20 Vigilante missions gains you an achievement, with around 30 Most Wanted missions, a few of which give some difficulty, there's plenty to do. To start both the Vigilante and Most Wanted sub missions, you'll need to find a Police Cruiser. This is not too difficult, as there are plenty in even Broker and once you can access Algonquin, it is incredibly easy to steal one. When the car is started, remain stationary and hit the left bumper to bring up the onboard computer. Select 'Current Crimes' to hit up your Vigilante missions and 'Most Wanted' to see who you need to take out for those. Vigilante missions are totally random, with 3 scenarios. Scenario 1: Gang Violence * Dotted around the map are spawn points for this scenario, some are easy, some can be very difficult. It doesn't help that the police still attack you no matter who shoots first, but they will relent if you manage to finish the scenario. Anyway, gangs vary in size from 5-10 and pack some decent weaponry, so stay at range and use cover and learn to perfect headshots. I recommend skipping these, waste of ammo, health, armour and time. Scenario 2: Stolen Vehicle * An okay choice depending on your free aim skill - you need to kill everyone in the stolen car. Not really feasible without an Uzi and can tear through Police Cars very often. Aim for the windows, headshots will wipe them out fast. Scenario 3: Criminal on Foot * The quickest and by far easiest of the three - only one enemy, no vehicle and often no cover for them. Just drive up, driveby or even run them over, or heck, sniper rifle or carbine does fine too. Easy, quick and the best source for the 20 you will need! I will add a Most Wanted guide (you can only see the 10 Most Wanted on the island you are currently in) with every update, remember some are quite hard, so stay tuned. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exotic Exports ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ GTAVIII ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All of the 3D GTAs (except maybe Vice City perhaps... I can't quite remember) have had you stealing cars for cash - in the GTAIII there was the garage in Portland, in San Andreas it was in San Fierro. And yes! Vice City had the car dealership on the second island. In GTAIV, there are two variations - one is unlocked rather early, after a few missions from Brucie Kibbutz in Broker, the other is later on, after unlocking Alderney. I will cover that in the Stevie's Texts section. There are 10 Exotic Export orders, all recieved one at a time via email from Brucie. Enter a TW@ cafe after being told to by Brucie to pick up the mail and information. Accepting it will start a mission - some will involve the car being driven already, some will involve the police and others gangs. All are easy and offer $500-1250 in cash, which is decent early on. The guide will be up with the next update, so please, bare with me! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Street Races ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ GTAIX ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another of the 3D GTA staples are the Street Race side missions - 3 on each of the main islands, so you'll need to wait until you unlock Alderney to finish these. However, to unlock the Genetically Superior achievement, you will need to finish 20 races, when there are only 9. So you'll need to go through them twice and do another two to get it. However, to get the percentage of completion, you only need to win the initial 9. They are all incredibly easy - they take on average about 4 minutes, some can last as long as 6, but you can complete 9 (including travel to and from the islands if you do them in one go) in about 45 minutes, give or take 10. Obviously a fast car is useful (I won them all easily in a Turismo, although Banshee's, Infernus' etc will also be more than adequate), also is a good knowledge of how to take corners well in GTAIV. Racing during the night in the game is also a boon due to a lessening of traffic. There are no GPS in the races, just checkpoints, and one or two can be a tad confusing - the last Alderney race has one, and also a couple in the Broker and Dukes races. Hints, tips and my times will be available when I have written the guide up to the unlocking of Alderney. I've already done them on my main save, but I'd rather they be fresh in my mind. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Courier Missions ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ GTAX ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A bit like the Pizza and Noodle deliveries from the past GTA games, without the annoying drive by delivery thing, which sucked. You ring up Jacob, ask for a job and he leaves a car with the goods near the Cafe he frequents. There are three variations to the missions: 1: A race against time, beginning on when you enter the car. Only one of these poses a challenge, but these are the easiest of the three without a doubt. 2: A rival gang knows about the drop off - 4 enemies will ambush Niko after he hides the drugs, there's a mission under a bridge where this can actually pose a threat - no cover and they use MicroSMGs. Otherwise, these are just an ammo eater. 3: The cops show up after the deal - basically you just need to lose your wanted level or 2 stars. Pretty easy. I'm not sure if these are random, but I'll for sure add them after the story missions, as I'm going for the Liberty City Minute achievement on the guide run! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Assassin Missions ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ GTAXI ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These are new to the GTA series and are unlocked near the end of the story, offering completion percentage and cash. There's a phone in the Alderney Industrial Area offering these missions, of which there are 6. Some can be difficult, some easy. Some involve many targets, others only one. There are a lot of variation to them. Some can take a while, some can be done with a minute. I'll add these immediately after I unlock them, as I'm not totally sure whether they count as story missions. They're designed like them... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Grand Text Auto ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ GTAXII ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I quite like this section name. Haha. Anyway, late on in the game, Brucie will tell you about his friend who is also in the business of thieving cars and he wants our help - an awful lot of cash is available via this (some give over $8000)... but it's also a huge amount of time needed. 30 thefts, and the next targets are not updated immediately. These will be added towards the last stretches of the guide, as I will not be doing them until I complete the Liberty City Minute achievement, sorry. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Relationships ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ GTAXIII ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Friends, girlfriends... annoying and excellent at the same time. I'll list all the bars, bowling alleys, dart boards, pool halls etc here as I update the guide. I'll also list the perks, how to meet the girls, the guys (non sexual only, people ;o) and how to entertain them here. But for now, I would like to concentrate on the walkthrough. So, see you back here soon! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Perverts ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ GTAXIV ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are 12 strangers on the streets of Liberty to meet, 20 missions in total. Not all count to the 100%, but you do need to meet them for the Achievement. Some might not even be there to meet depending on your choices... hmm... PERVERT 1: Available early on in the game, near Romans Depot, just north of it infact. This is an early and easy $100... because he just... kinda.. gives it to you. For nothing. Anyway, we'll meet him again later on as the game progresses! 1/20. Excellent. Ha. More soon. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Achievement Guide ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ GTAXV ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are 50 Achievements for GTAIV. Only 10 are for multiplayer, with 40 for singleplayer. I *think* the point total for singleplayer is about 800, I have 525 currently. There are two or three annoying single player ones - 100%, the five rolls one and 200 Pigeons will take time and practice to get. Worth 100GS, 20GS and 50GS respectively, however, so not bad. Here we go: OFF THE BOAT - 5 GamerScore Simply complete the first mission! POOL SHARK - 10 GamerScore This might take a while for some, but I found it easy. Liberal use of the overhead camera, ball spin (move the stick before shooting, use some logic!) and being good with angles help immensely. Mallorie is pretty easy to beat at pool. Roman is pretty bad too, with Jacob being considerably better. DRIVING MR. BELLIC - 10 GamerScore Play Pool/go drinking/eating with Roman a couple of times and get his Like rating over 60%ish. He'll ring you, offering you free taxis, which is what this achievement is about. WARM COFFEE - 5 GamerScore Pretty easy. Date Michelle three times, if they all go well, press A when you need to and you're in. Humourous title, hehe. ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY - 10 GamerScore Aim for the small green portion on the 20 points tile and hit it three times in one go. Hold the left trigger to steady your aim. 3x60=180=10 GamerScore. Mwah. FED THE FISH - 5 GamerScore Self explanatory. WHEELIE RIDER - 30 GamerScore Get a PCJ, NRG or Sanchez bike. This is all about going 500 yards, not about time or speed. A good road to do this on is Mohawk Avenue - keep straight, initially pull back hard on the stick while accelerating, then keep pulling it back a bit just to keep it up, while fingering the accelerator to keep the bike moving. Keep it going until the achievement pops up. LOWEST POINT - 5 GamerScore Self explanatory. IT'LL COST YA - 5 GamerScore You need to unlock Algonquin for this. Hop in a taxi when you can, and stick a waypoint anywhere on another island - Cluckin' Bell in Dukes works well, I think. Just don't skip the ride and you're golden. KING OF QUB3D - 15 GamerScore I can only offer practice as a tip. I spent maybe 45 minutes trying to get this nearly a whole day in game. Can get a bit tricky when the brown cubes get put into play! RETAIL THERAPY - 10 GamerScore Get the Like rating of Jacob to 60% - go play pool a couple of times. FULL EXPLORATION - 20 GamerScore Happens as you move through the story, so just keep following my guide! ORDER FULFILLED - 10 GamerScore Completing all the Exotic Exports by Brucie is easy, check my guide when it's finished. IMPOSSIBLE TRINITY - 10 GamerScore Self explanatory. GOBBLE GOBBLE - 10 GamerScore A quick tip for getting a strike is move TWO steps left, press A, flick the stick right back and then forth quickly, but make sure it's straight!, and if it's hard and straight enough, all the pins should fall. Three times in a row and the points are yours. UNDER THE RADAR - 40 GamerScore Takes time and can't be done until Alderney is unlocked, but its pretty easy. Fly under a bridge for them ALL to be marked on your map, which makes it just a matter of time. Some experience with a Chopper required ;) CLEANED THE MEAN STREETS - 20 GamerScore Do 20 Vigilante missions. Check the section above for help. THAT'S HOW WE ROLL - 10 GamerScore Get Brucie's Like meter to 70%ish. COURIER SERVICE - 10 GamerScore Do all ten of Jacob's jobs, guide coming soon. ASSASSIN'S GREED - 20 GamerScore Self explanatory, guide soon. DIAL 'B' FOR BOMB - 10 GamerScore Make Packie like you. About 75% should do it. GRACEFULLY TAKEN - 5 GamerScore Self explanatory. HALF MILLION - 55 GamerScore There are two missions where you can earn $250,000 each, so it's very easy if you choose that. However, side missions + Three Leaf Clover make it easy to get anyway. THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE - 10 GamerScore Self explanatory YOU WON! - 60 GamerScore Hmm... FINISH HIM - 10 GamerScore Wait till they start to swing, press A, then B quickly. Very, very simple. You can even die in the 4 minutes, so if the police get you, resist arrest and die very quickly, then carry on. ONE MAN ARMY - 40 GamerScore Make sure you cannot access Algonquin yet, then get on the subway with a car one way or another. Head towards Algonquin on the subway in yer car, watch out for trains ofcourse, you'll soon see a 6 star wanted level pop up. Sit there for 5 minutes, keeping your eyes peeled for trains, it'll click soon enough. WALK FREE - 50 GamerScore Get four stars (killing, enter restricted areas etc), head into a subway and make a run for it on the tracks. Escape the circle, voila. Very easy. MANHUNT - 15 GamerScore Kill all 30 of them, guide soon. CUT YOUR TEETH - 5 GamerScore Very, very easy. Do a team deathmatch or just a normal deathmatch in RANKED online mode and you'll probably get promoted to Rank 1. LIBERTY CITY (5) - 20 GamerScore This does not include girlfriends. Each time you go out with a friend, you'll get around 10% on the 'like' meter. Now, if you do certain things within the game, you can have upto 5 friends. If you do certain things a different way, you can have 3. Do not say 'no' if they phone you to go out - say yes, but then ring them up to cancel the plans and you won't lose any %. ENDANGERED SPECIES - 50 GamerScore Kill all 200 Pigeons - check the section of my guide for more info. -- The rest will come soon! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FAQ's ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ GTAVI ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- See the contact section below on how to get in touch. I've edited my replies so it doesn't look like I'm just copying and pasting some email correspondance, haha. ----------------------------------------- Erik Plymale - How to get an Annihilator? ----------------------------------------- Hey, I just read your FAQ and wanted to know if you know where I can get an Annihilator in GTA4....? I have been to the heli tours place and scanned the rooftops for any possible sightings but haven't come across any yet. I know if you get a 3 or 4 star wanted level, they send out the choppers and that may be a way to find one but I wanted to steal one without the hassle of the cops..... do you know how? ANSWER: Hello! I remember seeing one on top of a pretty small building in western Alongquin, right on the coast, pretty close to the Dukes/Algonquin bridge. Anyway, looking for the helicopter spawn - on my 'Story Complete' save, it was where I said in my previous email, just north of the Dukes/Algonquin bridge. However, on my 'Snow Storm' save, it hadn't spawned. I don't know if this was just bad luck or if you need to complete a mission to enable its spawn. I'll check periodically as I write the guide and include this in the next updates FAQ section. --------------------------------------------------- Justin Powell - How to Roll Five Times (Reader Tip) --------------------------------------------------- Okay go to the airport in a car(the squared drive-by car is what i used) then drive on the grassy areas, there are little yellow ramps near the ends, hit one and you should roll but it took me a few trys. REPLY: Thanks for the tip! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ GTAXVII ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Send tips, cheats, questions etc to: thegtaivfaq@googlemail.com No spam, personal mail or anything, I'll just stick them in the spam filter. Thanks. Feel free to add me on XboxLive: JonFTM73 Also, notice how nothing in this guide is something I haven't already done and tested - the proof is there in the achievements. End of Version 0.2, Copyright Jonathan Smith 2008 -lol-</p>