Grand Theft Auto IV Complete FAQ, covering everything the game has to offer by Christian 'Simon Moon' Riesen ==Latest version== This guide covers currently the following things completely: - Story - Flying Rats (Pigeons) - Brucies Exports - Street Races - Stevie Vehicle Thefts - Vigilante - Most Wanted - Assassin Missions The following things are being worked on: - Jacobs Drug Delivery - Friends Guide (needed for 100%) - Dating (not needed for 100%) - Vehicles - Weapons - Points of interest (Venues, Restaurants) You can find the latest versions of this guide, split into seperate pieces and nicer formated at this URL: You can also edit this guide there, registration is required, but only your name and password is required. Takes 4 seconds to do. It is a better version of this here, with better formating and more infoadded constantly. I encourage you to go to GameWiki first, as it will have a better version there for sure. This version of this document is for publishing at only. No other pages are allowed to use this document, other than the original source at If you have questions or hints, send me an email to and I will include it or try to answer your questions. Please be patient, I am currently not answering mails due to the flood of mails and I want to complete the game too. ==The Story== This guide will help you through the story of Grand Theft Auto IV. The game has a lot of advancements over previous versions, mostly in helping you find your way and less running around in some situations. Keep an eye out at for what the game offers on advice as it will help you greatly to get into the game fast. ===The Cousins Bellic=== Reward: $25 Welcome to the Platypus. You see how Niko arrives in Liberty City on a large ship. After he disembarks Niko's cousin shows up a bit later. You get into Roman's Taxi and there you get the first taste of the new interface. It shows you precisely where to go. Just follow the yellow line to your target. Drive slow to hear all the commentary from Roman. You can enable the headlights on your car now, which will make it easier for you to see in the dark. When you reach the "mansion" you get out and into the house. Roman shows you his place. Niko is far from impressed. Roman proposes that if he had one good guy he could do well. Niko reveals that he did some bad things in the war. Now Roman has to run and you are left alone. Lay down on the bed to save. Feel free to try the TV; it has some amusing shows on. Leave the apartment, you walk right down to the street, not just out the door. Out here is no garage like in the other games but a parking spot that will save your car if you park it. Bottom left is your radar and around it a circle. The left half of it is green now, that is your health. The right half is body armor. Make your way back the way you drove before to the R symbol. You can hijack a car if you like, but it is close and you can run and stare a bit at the surroundings. At the R stand where the arrow is pointing to start the mission. ===It's your call=== Reward: $30 You get to Roman's business. Roman introduces Mallorie and Vlad. Roman owes Vlad a lot of money and has a not so sunny way of life. Get into Roman's car, then drive to hardware store as the GPS indicates. Roman wants to play on a back room game. Once you delivered him you get your first cell phone. On the bottom left it indicates that a new person has been added, always watch for these as that means new opportunities. Now sit in the car and wait, looking around you. Roman calls in between. After the short call, the loan sharks will arrive from the east, parking on the opposite side of the road in a white vehicle. They are two guys that will come across the street and you will hear Niko say something to that end. Call Roman on the cell phone, the game will tell you what to press in what order to do so. Roman comes sprinting out and into your car. Now floor it back to the shop. You got to park on the eastern side of it, not drive into the shop. Make sure you don't bump into the other guys and get distance between you so they lose you. When you arrive at the shop, you are done. Now you can customize your cell phone, different ringtones etc if you feel like it. Return to your home and save. By the time you arrive back there, Roman will send you an SMS. You can see waiting messages by the envelope on the bottom left of the radar. Open the cell phone and read it. He needs help. So back to his shop. Go to the R Blip and stand in the arrow. ===Three's a crowd=== Roman is being hassled by two guys and Niko takes care of it. Mallorie calls, she needs a lift. Take Roman's car and drive down to the station, park at the arrow. Mallorie and her friend get in. Now drive to Michelle's apartment. There you drop them off and call Roman. Get some new clothes is the mission now. Drive to the clothes shop. Inside you can try out all the clothes you see. Just walk up to them and press the button indicated. Buy some Jeans, that should be enough for Michelle. Outside you call Roman automatically. After waiting for a minute or so, Michelle calls you. Now you have her as a symbol on the radar too. Now return to the apartment and save. You can also change your clothes you own in the apartment, just stand into the arrow and press the button it indicates. You can now date Michelle by going to the M with a heart blip on the radar. This is not needed for the main story but can be helpful, for now ignore her. Roman calls you, he is in trouble again. ===Bleed out=== Reward: $50 Go to Romans location. He is in a fenced in sports area. Just walk up to him and his two "friends" and wait for the cut scene. Now you learn how to fight. Block, or tap block before they swing and you should get three fast punches in. After that, you can kick them on the ground. Take down both and the third one runs away. Get into Roman's car and follow him. He will always take the same route, and always go to the same place, so relax and just keep behind him in a good distance, you won’t over take him really. Once he arrives he gets out of the car and up some stairs. Follow him up and around the building to the hole he hides out in. Now you learn how to disarm. Tap the block when he swings, then hit one of the punch buttons. Now you got his knife. Defeat him now. Once he is down, go back to Roman's car and get in. Bring him back to the shop. ===Easy Fare=== Reward: $ Vlad is harassing Mallorie again. He wants money again and while he waits, some favours. This will be interesting. Roman gets a call, you got to pick up someone. Get into Roman's car. Now drive and pickup Jermaine, he lives just a bit north of Michelle's. Park in the arrow there, then drive him to Mastersons St. When you pull in, he notices that the door is open. Cops arrive from all directions and you have a fight on your hands. Drive straight then curve to the right, that’s your best way out. Now all you need to do is get out of the flashing circle on your radar without being seen by another cop. Easier said than done. Drive around, especially in streets where there is lots of corners and the streets are narrow and you would be able to shake them and escape the circle. After a bit, your wanted level drops and you can drop Jermaine off at the last location. You call Roman to let him know you are done. A bit later Vlad calls you, he has a job. You could go on a date with Michelle now. It might come in handy later. ===First Date=== Michelle has all new stuff. She throws out stuff when she does not like them, OCD maybe? Let’s go to the funfair, I mean carnival. You drive with her across city to find out it is closed. You can drive with the car over to it, or simply walk up the ramp in front of you and to the left to reach it. Go into the bowling alley and walk to the desk. Now you need a lane. Stand in the arrow at free lane. Now bowl away. When the game is over go back to the car and then drive her home. From now on she will call you on occasion for dates. You can call her back to cancel or try to arrange a new one once in a while. Go to the V blip and stand in the arrow. ===Bull in a china shop=== Reward: $ You get a bat and the mission to teach a guy that has a china shop a lesson. Outside you can hail a cab that takes you there, or you grab a car and drive there yourself. Stand into the arrow. The guy does not want to pay and not let you in. Lets break some stuff. A bit to the west is a garbage area with a few bricks (green blip) go over there and pick one up, then return. Now throw it through one of the two windows (not the door) like the game tells you to. Once a window is crashed, he comes out and pays up. Grab a car and return to Vlad, park in the arrow. With Vlad having his money he is happy. Go to the house across the street and save. After saving you get an SMS from Vlad. Read it and you get the V blip again. GO and stand in the arrow at the V blip. ===Hung out to dry=== Reward: $100 Another customer does not pay up. Get a car and drive to your destination, the laundry mat. As you enter the store the owner runs away. Chase him and you see him pull away in a van just when you exit the back door. Grab one of the cars and chase him down. Now you have to ram the guy a few times hard to get him to give up. Just keep ramming him until he stops and you see a cut scene. With that you have completed your mission. You call Vlad that you have done your job. Go again to the V blip and step into the arrow. ===Clean Getaway=== Reward: $150 Vlad wants to go for a walk. His shiny personality comes out really nice. You walk to his car and he snorts some coke. The job is to grab a car at a train station. and in the process you learn how to use the train. Walk down the block to the station, get inside and walk all the way up to the platform. Stand in the arrow next to the tracks and wait for the train to come in. When it stops, get in. You can skip to your destination quickly or enjoy some nice cinematic views of your journey. When you arrive, go down the stairs. Walk over to the silver Blista and you see a guy polishing the hood. You can stun punch him like the game says, or simply get into the car and drive off. When you are away from them around a few corners, stop and wait for Vlad’s call. He will tell you to wash the car. The carwash will be your new destination. Once it is clean, you get the lockup as a new destination, where you have to drop off this car. Park the car in the indicated garage and stop. You will get out automatically and you are done. Niko calls Vlad and tells him about his success. Grab a car and return to the safe house and save. Now go across the street again and step into the V blip's arrow. ===Ivan the not so terrible=== Reward: $200 Vlad tells you Ivan will rob Roman. The plan is to kill Ivan and make it look like a botched robbery. Take a car and drive towards Roman's shop. Ivan will make his escape just as you get close. Now just follow him, do not try to take over, just follow him at a safe speed and distance. He will go to a construction site. Climb up the ladder and the second ladder, then go up the stairs to the roof. Here you got to go to the crane, climb up on it and then run and jump to the next roof. You got to repeat that a couple of times, until he falls of a walk way and clings with his fingers to it. Now you have two choices once you stand over him, stand on his hands and kill him or help him up. I helped him up. He thanked me and went off on his own. You call Vlad now to report to him you are done. On the west side are some fire stairs to get down from this roof. On the lower roof there is a ladder on the south side you can go down to ground level. Return to the safe house and save. Michelle will call you about now, time for a date. Get to her within a game hour and pick her up. One game hour is roughly one minute, so the time is ticking. Take her somewhere she would enjoy. I am not going to go on about dating more than this, as this deserves its own guide. After you are back from a date, go and save. Now go to the R blip and step into the arrow at Roman's shop. ===Jamaican Heat=== Reward: $150 Roman wants’ you to pick up Little Jacob. Get into a car, then drive over to the park gate where Little Jacob hangs out. Stop, honk and let him get in. Now drive over to Schottler. Jacob gives you a gun and talks a lot of stuff I really have no idea what exactly it is he is saying. But you get the idea he has some troubles and wants you to watch his back. At the location, get out of the car. Walk to the spot on the radar, up the stairs to your right and stand in the arrow. Crouch down for more accuracy and to not be seen. Some guys come up and want to teach Jacob a lesson. Shoot them down, at the games directions. There are three on the ground, and once those are dead, another one will come out on the roof to your left. Collect their weapons and money (red glows for weapons and green for money) so you got some reserve for future battles. Now get back into the car and take Little Jacob to the cafe. With him being there, you are done. Niko calls Roman back. Now just drive around the block and after a bit Little Jacob calls you. He has a job. Go to the LJ blip and park in the arrow. ===Concrete Jungle=== Reward: $200 I am relieved, Niko has about as much a clue what LJ says as I do. Get into a car and drive to an apartment block in Willis. Park in the arrow. Now drive to the left into the alley and park in the next arrow. Three drug dealers come out of the building to your left and make a run for it. Simply use your car, follow them, and drive over them once. Now get out and shoot them. They should be already in bad shape and this should make it easy. With all three dead, get back in the car and go pick up LJ. Now drive him over to the town house in Meadows Park. Get out of the car and up to the door. LJ kicks in the door, time for your first big fire fight. Press against the wall, aim for the guys head then kill him around the corner. Now go to the window, do the same, and kill the guy with the shot gun. Go into the house and duck, hiding behind the couch. Shoot the remaining two enemies. Go over t the table, picking up guns and the health kit. Now exit the house and get back in the car. Bring LJ back to the Homebrew Cafe and you are done. Go to the safe house and save. Go to the R blip and step into the arrow. ===Uncle Vlad=== Roman is drunk and heartbroken, as Vlad appears to have something with Mallorie. Get into a car and go with Roman to the Comrades bar. Park in the arrow and watch the cut scene. Niko tells Vlad to stay away from Mallorie. He does not like it and makes a run for it. Kill the two guys in the bar first, then go after him through the back door. Go straight again and he will run with a car. Get into the car out front with Roman in it and then follow Vlad’s car. Just follow, he will drive to the docks. He will crash the car too and there get out and follow him. After the cut scene, kill him. Now you hear that Niko is on a mission of revenge, Vlad was one of the targets of his wrath. Watch as he dumps the body. After this, Roman will call you, he needs help, again. Drive to the R blip on the radar and park in the arrow. ===Crime and punishment=== Reward: $ Roman hides in a dumpster, he thinks he is being followed. He isn't paranoid, a guy shows up with an AK47 and takes Niko and Roman away. Niko wakes up in a cellar. A guy with a hacksaw wants to have some answers. The boss shows up and clears up a little. He wants you to take care of some business. You need to steal some TVs from a van. But you need a police car for this. Outside run north and you will see a police car coming down the road. It will stop at a house and the cop runs to the house. Grab this car, then head north as Niko calls Dimitri. Now you have to find the TVs in one of the vans. Stop each van, by driving close to it with the siren on. Once it stops and the game tells you to get out and walk close to the Van. The game will randomly chose one of them, it might be the first you stop or the last one, you can never really tell. Worst case you have to hunt down all of them, but be quick as they will arrive at their location after a while and the mission fails. Once you got the right one, there is a guy with a gun. Shoot him and get in the van. Now you got a two star rating. Lose the cops and the rating. Once done, you should bring it to the lockup in the north. With the car in lockup you are done. You got Michael Faustin now in your phonebook. Roman calls you a bit later. Go to the F blip on the radar and park in the arrow. You can save on the way, as you pass the safe house. ===Do you have protection?=== Reward: $400 Faustin opens the door for you. You get to witness a conversation between Michael and Dimitri. They are both addicts, and there is something to do. Outside get into the car and drive to the sex shop on Delaware Avenue. Get out of the car and enter the shop. Inside you get to intimidate by gun. Simply aim it at the first guy to your right. Now let’s change it a little. Aim for the guy on the left of him, and while locked on, aim down to his leg. Shoot him once in the leg and he falls down. The owner pays up, this part is done. Leave the shop and get into the car. Drive to the gun shop indicated on the radar. The entrance is in a back alley. Inside go to the right hand wall and buy a micro SMG. Good weapon for now and although it says 1200 cost, you get this one for free. Go back out and Dimitri tells you to drive back to Michael Faustin's house. With Dimitri delivered you are done. Go to the safe house and save the game. Now head for the F blip in the north and step into the arrow. ===Final destination=== Reward: $500 A very weird stage performance takes place, and then you get to sit down to have a discussion with Michael and Dimitri. There is police trouble. Michael wants you to kill a buyer that he suspects is a rat. Drive to the guys location, he is in a train station to the north on another island. Get on foot and go to the platform there. Now the second guys with him has an SMG. Kill him first, collect the weapon and then follow the guy across the tracks. Be careful of the trains, to not get hit. Down the other side, he gets into a sports car and drives away. Good hint here, shoot one or more of his tires. Now get into a car and follow him. You can hit a button to pop out the window and then shoot at him, straight ahead of you. Get behind him and shoot a few times. It shouldn’t be hard to kill him that way. Once he is dead you call Dimitri and report back in. Return to the safe house and save the game. Go to the R blip and step into the arrow. ===Logging on=== Roman wants you to go online. Grab a car and drive to the internet cafe called TW@ (read the @ as at and you, well you get the idea). Inside walk to the counter and she tells you to use a terminal. Walk to a computer and use it. Now read your email. Reply with a positive response to activate your email account. After this, you are online and can leave the cafe. Outside get into the car and you call Roman to tell him you are done. You also get Brucie as a contact in your cell phone. Wait a bit and Roman calls you back. He tells you Brucie has something for you. Go back in and check your emails. Read the email from Brucie Kibbutz and reply positive to him. He wants you to get a car for him. Leave the cafe and get a car. Drive to the car wash. There is a guy washing the special PMP 600. Kick his ass and then grab the car. Now drive it carefully to the lockup. Damage will reduce the money you get. Once it is safely parked, you get $1000 for your trouble. Go and save now. Go south to the F blip and stand into the arrow. ===No love lost=== Reward: $ Michael and his wife have a row. Dimitri is not around. He shows you his daughter's picture. She is meeting with her boyfriend on firefly island. Go there. Grab a car and drive to the west where your target is. A biker talks to Michaels daughter. He drives off on his bike. Grab the bike in front of you and follow him. You can try and shoot him down now. It might take a lot of bullets to do it though, but it is doable. If you do not get him soon and you followed him for a while, three more bikes turn up. You drive into a park very soon and they get off the bikes and attack you. Now get off the bike and kill them all. You call Michael Faustin to tell him the good news. Go to the LJ blip on your radar and step into the arrow. ===Shadow=== Reward: $ Jacobs security introduces himself. Now they have a problem with some dealers in South Bohan. You are to clean that up. Get a car and drive down there. A dealer is just out of product. Now follow him. He will go through alleys, through a building, over a fence and into an apartment block. In there, he will climb to almost the top of it, then turn off to an apartment. He is in the right one with three other guys. If you have a shotgun, this is a good moment for it. Close range, three shots and the problem is solved. Niko call LJ to let him know the good news. Return to the safe house, save the game. Go to the F blip on the radar to the south. ===Rigged to blow=== Reward: $700 Michaels wife is home and she talks to you about her life. Niko also reveals a bit about his past. Michael shows up with Dimitri. Someone owes him money. You are to pick up a truck and then call him. You are to deliver the truck to a garage, it is full with explosives. What would a GTA game be without a good old car bomb. Drive careful, you don’t want it to blow up early. Once you parked it, you have to press a button to arm it. Niko gets out on his own and blows it to pieces. Now get away from the scene and you are done. Niko calls Faustin to report back. Now you get a call from Roman and an SMS from Dimitri. Go to the DR blip in the south and park in the arrow. ===The master and the Molotov=== Reward: $ You are meeting Dimitri sitting on a bench. Michael Faustin has to die. The guy you killed earlier was someone important' son. To redeem yourself, you have to be the one to kill Michael. Go to his club and park in the arrow. You watch Faustin arrive. You get a message from Dimitri. He left a body armor on the east side of the block the club is in. Grab it, you will need it. The light blue will indicate on the right side of your radar how much is left of it. Now enter the club and watch the cut scene. Now it gets a bit harder. Kill the two guys next to you, then the guys across the room behind the bar. The door to the right of the bar is where Michael is fleeing through, Get as fast as you can over there. Turn right, there is a guy around the corner to the left just ion the stage. Go straight and up the stairs kill the next guy that comes down the stairs. Go through the door and kill the three guys to your right, that hug the left wall. There is another guy up above you to your right, shooting down. If you are quick though he won’t matter. Go to the stairs where those guys are, climb up the stairs there to the top and up to the roof. There is your target. Get close and assassinate him. You call Dimitri, and the mission is over. Now there are 200 pigeons or "flying rats" in liberty city. One is just below you, behind the sign of the club. Just look down the window to your south and you can see it slightly yellow glowing. You can shoot it to take it out. That’s one down, 199 to go. This is not needed for the story, but a mandatory mission to get 100%. I just mention them if you come across them close by. Go to your safe house, save the game. Now go to the B on the map and step into the arrow. ===Search and delete=== Reward: $ You meet Brucie again. First you need a cop car. There is one parked at the police station, north of the safe house on the western side. Very close and always available. Once you are in Brucie calls you. You have to call up the computer and search for Lyle Rivas. The computer finds him and then you can mark him on your map. Now go to the location marked. It is inside a building. Rivas will make a run for it. Exit the building, get into the cop car, then chase him down. Bump his car often enough and he exits the car. Now kill him (drive over him or any other way). Call Brucie to let him know you did your job. ===Russian Revolution=== Go towards the B blip on the radar. You get a call from Dimitri. A bit later you get one from Little Jacob. You are to meet him in a ware house and LJ will help you. You get into the ware house and meet a guy form the old country. They want you dead. Now a big firefight happens. Keep in hiding and kill what you see. Shoot the people left and right on the upper levels. Make your way forward and Dimitri and Bulgari escape. Now the cops arrive and you have more problems. Run outside and get in the car to the right. Drive off with LJ and loose the heat. Once you are clear, drive him back to the cafe. Call Roman. He wants you to meet him in an alley in the north. Go there and step into the arrow. They have a lot of problems. Go back to the apartment. As you get closer you see it is burning. Lost cause. Now head for the depot. It is on fire too. There is nothing left here, go to Bohan in the north. Drive into the yellow arrow and you have a new safe house. Go back in and save the game once you are done. you get two messages. One from Brucie, telling you to check the Police computers for Vigilante work next time you are in a cop car. The other is from LJ, congratulating you on your driving skills. You get a call from Dimitri, threatening you that he will burn you out of every hiding hole. Now head over to the M blip on the radar and step into the arrow. ===Escuela of the streets=== Reward: $1000 You get to meet Manny Escuela. He wants you to get the dealers of the streets. Get into a car and let him hop in. Drive to the target and park behind the car there. Manny talks your ear off while you follow the guy at a good distance. Don't get closer than three car lengths. Keep a good distance and just follow him around the city. He stops at a warehouse in South Bohan. Park behind him and he gets out and goes into the warehouse. Manny wants you to go in and clean up. You won’t be able to enter the door, it is locked. Instead go to the alley that shows on the map, south of that building. There is a staircase leading on to the building in the south. From there on its eastern side you can climb on top of the real building you want to go. In the north eastern corner is the window you can get through. On the western side where the window is, lays an MP5 on the roof, in case you need a different gun. Go to the window. You can see a guy to the north east there. Another is hiding behind a pillar to the northwest. You can shoot at least the one from up here. Drop down and kill the guy close by, he has a shotgun. Now hide behind the pillar and shoot out the two guys on the left and the two on the right. Only three left. Two are on the far side, where the main door is. One is on the left behind all those boxes, the other in front of the door. Get closer and take the guy on the left first. Let him come out to shoot and at that moment attack. Now go around the corner for the second. The last one is on the far right wall. Pass the forklift on the west and look to your right. You should be able to see him from here and take him down quickly. Go to the main door, lock on to the doors lock and shoot it out to exit. Manny is outside with the camera man and has his moment. You are done here now. Little Jacob will call you, he is now your friend and you can do similar things like with Roman. Go to the safe house, save then go again to the M blip on the radar. ===Street sweeper=== Reward: $ Another one of Manny's little video shows is going on. He wants you to clean out another dealer area. Get in a car and go to the drug dealers area. Get close and kill the three that stand at the garage. Ignore the car that drives away. Once all three are dead, make for the car. At this time he most likely will pass you on the east side. Just follow him for a while and the guy will jump out of the car and try to make it away on foot. Go after him and kill him now. With all dead Manny is happy. If you get a wanted rating at the killings at the beginning it is very hard to finish this one. So congrats if you do it, but it is a better idea to check for cop cars before attacking the first dealers. Once done, return to your safe house and save the game. Mallorie calls. She has a new client. Go to the E on the map and meet Elizabeta. ===Luck of the Irish=== Reward: $1500 You have to go to a deal they are not sure about. Grab a car and go to the target. The arrow is on a door of a building. Enter it then climb the stairs inside to the top. Right on front of you is a rifle, pick it up. Go to the vantage point in the northeast. Now watch the meet closely. Keep the aim on the guy in the middle facing you. Kill him when he takes out a gun. Now kill the guys closest to you first, and make your way to the back. Once all are dead, another batch arrives, kill them too, starting with the most far away one. Once they are all dead, Patrick leaves. You call Elizabeta to let her know and the mission is over. Save in the safe house then go again to the E on the map. ===Blow your cover=== Reward: $2000 A party is going on. You meet Johnny the guy with the heroin. Also Playboy X makes an entrance. Another deal is going down you have to look over. Get into a car with Playboy X. Now drive over to the building in Schottler. Inside to the right in the back of the entrance level is a shotgun you can grab. Follow Playboy X to the third floor. After the cut scene you got to take care of some LCPD people. Kill the two guys across the room. Collect their guns. Now there are two more out in the hall way. Just outside to your right, left and right of the corridor. Kill the one on the left first then the one on the right. Time to go upstairs. Aim for the landing above you. A guy will roll in from the right, take him down. If he gets up again, shoot again until he is dead. Go up and before you reach the top turn around. The next guy is behind you on the south side of the building. Now head up to the next level. Be careful not to kill Playboy X. On the next level Playboy charges ahead. Get up and shoot them behind you over the railing. Now go to the roof. One is a bit to the front and right and the other further to the front and more on the right side. You can use your sniper here very effectively. Remember, headshots are instant deaths. Go further and follow Playboy. More cops come up the roof form the right side. You can easy take them down. Go down the stairs they came up through. down there a door opens and another cop comes out. Playboy usually gets that one. Now go down through that building. There are two more cops inside, you can see them on the radar popping up with arrows down (they are below you). One on the second landing, the last just before the exit. Kill them and leave the building. Outside, grab the ride in front of you. Now make a run. You have to escape the heat first. Don't go on the freeway, but get into the small streets. Once you are clear, head for Playboy X's place downtown. Deliver him to his doorstep and you are done. Roman calls you, he got the insurance money from the fire and is building is cab business again. Go to the B blip and park in the arrow. ===Easy as can be=== Reward: $3500 Remember the guy you killed for him? He left a car Brucie wants. Easy, sure. When you drive there, you get out and get into the car. Instantly some company arrives. Drive straight then veer left out of the alley. Get back in one piece, avoid crashing or backing into things, drive a bit erratic. You have to keep the car in one piece, as in not exploding while surviving too. Get it into the lockup in one piece, no matter how badly it's hurt. Once it’s in, you are done. Niko calls Brucie, letting him know it was not so easy. Go back to Brucie and stand in the arrow at the B blip. ===Out of the closet...=== Reward: $ Brucie is a bit out of it. the cousin of the guy you killed for him owes him money but is in hiding. He dates guys though and they made you a profile. Go to an internet Cafe and use a computer. Find a user called French tom on (in the game, not for real). Click on the link on your homepage to get to the site. Click on Male and you get to the profile. Look at your own for a laugh. Find French Tom (he wears a blue jacket with a red rose) then click on date in the bottom right corner. Now log off and go do something else. Go eat (your health most likely is low) or date Michelle, or go out with LJ. Brucie will call you in between here. Return to the internet Cafe. You can check out your email and see one of Brucie's car stealing jobs. The next one is an Exotic Export Intruder. You can find it in the north. The guy inside has a gun. Drag him out, kill him and then grab the car. Remember, damage the car and you lose money. You get $1100 for this one. Go to the safe house and save the game. By now Roman should send you a text that your "lover" is ready. Before that we do another mission though. Go to the M blip and stand into the arrow. ===The puerto rican connection=== Reward: $1250 You got to shut up some people that are talking crap about Manny. Grab a car and go to the bridge when you stop in the arrow you will see a train come in. Your target is on that train. Now follow the train (in the streets). He will get off at Cerveza Heights. Stay in your car. He will come down and get into a waiting car there. The car drives to the burger shot in Beechwood City. Once they are parked, they get out and start shooting at you. Get out and waste them. Make sure you got them all, one might make a break for it to the east. When you got them all, you are done and call Manny to report. You get an SMS from an unknown person. He wants to meet you, but ignore that for now. Go to the internet cafe and get your emails. French tom replied. Give him a positive reply and exit. Ignore Brucie's Email for now. Elizabeta calls you on the phone she needs some peacemaker help. Your date is for the next day, so you can go and help her. Go to the E blip and step into the arrow. You will get an SMS from Brucie about getting better clothes in a better shop. Ignore it. ===The snow storm=== Reward: $2500 Elizabeta got ripped off, her coke is gone. Get into a car and drive to the old hospital on Colony Island. There is a lot of dealers in there. Kill them all. Your best chance is to kill the two guys outside, then the guy on the upper level just inside. Now go to the corridor where most of them hide out. clean that out, make sure you watch out for the two guys on the upper level and then clean the last two guys in the last room. Grab the vest and the coke. Now you got some police heat on your back. Go back out and kill the cops trying to get you. Get to the pay and spray down at Purgatory. Make sure cops don’t see you enter and get redone. Your heat is gone and your car brand new. Niko calls LJ. He is close by the safe house in Bohan. Go up there, exit the car and get close to him. Jacob is not alone. Michelle is working for the feds she says. Niko gives her the coke and she leaves. Go to the safe house and save. ===Coming out of the closet... part 2=== By now it should be time for your date. If you would sleep over, the game will wake you before that, so don't worry. Go to the diner you agreed upon and enter. Get close and sit down. At any point you can push a button to get up. Get out a weapon and waste him. With that, you are done here, Brucie will call you and congratulate you. Go to the B blip on the radar and step into the arrow. ===NO. 1=== Brucie is working out in the shop. He needs a flashy car. Grab a ride outside and then drive him up to Willis. The blip is on a car, a comet. Get out of your ride and grab that one. Now drive up to the race start and park in the arrow. Try to stay in the middle of the field, being 4th and 3rd is not bad. After about ten check points you should get in the front positions. When the track takes sharp turn to the right, and immediately again to the right, followed by a long stretch straight, floor it. This is your last chance. You need to get to the front here. The track makes one bend to the left and then is straight again. These two straights are your ticket if you need some help. Once you win (might take a couple tries) bring Brucie home. Go to the safe house and save the game. Then head over to the E blip and stand in the arrow. ===Have a heart=== Reward: $3000 Elizabeta is in a bad mood. Manny barges in and gets himself and his camera man killed very efficiently by her. Now you have to clean up the mess. Outside get in her car, then drive the bodies to the doctor in east island city and park in the arrow. The doc takes the organs to sell on the black market. You call her to let her know all is well. Now make your way to the south, to the ? blip. On your way you will get a call from Brucie. He will arrange car races for you if you ever want to make some extra cash (or complete the game 100%). Stand in the arrow at the ? blip. ===Call and collect=== Reward: $1000 You find officer McReary here. He is getting blackmailed and you have to do the exchange, while he lets you off the hook for other things. And you get him (Francis) in your phonebook now. Go to the view point in Lancaster. Francis tells you to call a number and see who answers the phone there. The number is 843-555-0124. You can quickly call it from the cell phone and watch. A guy in a dark sweater with a yellow hood stands up from a bench on the left. Make your way down, but keep at least one flight of stairs away. You will see him get up, grab his phone and start talking. Once the call is over, go down close to him. Waste him then grab the storage device. Now make your escape. Get rid of the heat. You have to bring it now back to Francis (he is northwest of the view point in East Holland). A good way to lose heat here is the pay and spray up here, it is all close together. Go to the X on your map and step into the arrow. Patrick McReary calls you just before you get to Playboy X. He is now on your phone as Packie. Also Francis sends a text message, he is available as mission start point as well. ===Deconstruction for beginners=== Reward: $6500 Playboy X gets a visit from his old buddy Dwayne. He wants to pick up where they left off. Now get into a car outside. There is a problem with some real estate. Drive to the south and get into the car at the green blip. Now you should be armed well enough to do this. Step on the lift on the side of the building and ride it to the top. Now go next to playboy and look down. Take out all the lookouts. Two are at the tip of two cranes. Orient yourself with the blips for the directions. The last one is closer, on the end of a crane. Ride down again to street level. Go across to the other side. Now you can see the guy in the scaffolding a bit above ground, as soon as you hop over the fence. If you can headshot him, this will make things easier. Unlikely this will happen though. So fend off his goons on the left and wait until he is closer before you concentrate on him. With him dead, the next guy is on the upper level of the next site. Use the ramp in front of you. Now you could snipe those guys up here from the roof where the lookouts were taken out from. The union boss though is protected. If you killed them all, only the union boss is left here. He is hiding behind a crate. Throw a grenade back there (aim high) and he is history. Go towards that corner where he was (west side) and over the ramp there, duck. To your left is more enemies. Kill them. Now go to your right as far as you can and you see the boss far ahead. You can snipe him from here. Go forward and when you go to the corner, a helicopter comes in. Do not advance, but stay there and kill the guys close by. Keep close to there. More guys are coming at you. Take them down. Now make your way around the corner and forward. Dispatch all opposition. The last boss is on a level between two buildings, but you might catch him when he is just climbing up a ladder. With him dead your job is done. You call Playboy to let him know it’s done. Now wait a little while and Playboy X calls you, you are to help Dwayne which is also now in your phonebook. Mallorie will call you too, letting you know that Manny is dead (we know) and that Elizabeta did it (we know) and now is in Jail for it. Now go to the east island again and go to the PM blip and stand into the arrow. ===Harboring a grudge=== Reward: $ You get introduced to the family then it's time for some business. A shipment is coming in at the docks that is supposed to be worth your while. Drive him over and park in the arrow. Now get out and follow Packie around the building to your left. On the back you learn how to shimmy and climb on top of things you normally would not get up on in previous games. On top get close to him and watch the cut scene. He tells you to get down (jump down to the east towards the water onto the balcony, circle around to the north t get to the same level as those guys). But instead start shooting from up here and take as many out as you can. Your chances are a lot better, as you have a better angle to take them down. Once you floor is cleared go down. There is three on the left side and two on the right side, in the garage where the truck is. The ones on the right you can see from outside, the ones on the left, you mostly only see one and two more come out when you get more into the garage. Simply go to the left side, and they will come out of the office. Kill them all, collect the guns (less ammo you have to buy) and get into the truck. Now drive it over to the lockup. As you drive some angry guys come and shoot at you. You have grenades in here you can toss out the window and blow up anyone following you. Mostly just drive, they are not too smart. The lockup is a bit tricky, it just is a hole in the concrete barrier to get into, so make sure you have enough space to pull in there. With it safely stored you are done. You meet someone else from Packie's circle of acquaintances. Return to the PM blip and stand into the arrow. Francis calls you when you get close to Packie. They are brothers, and there are two more of them. ===Waste not want knots=== Reward: $8000 Hit the Mafia. Nice job. Grab a four door car, get close to them and honk. Let them go in and then go to the blip on Colony Island, the same island you were before during the snow storm mission. The money should be in the main office of the main building. Follow the guys over the fences. Now there are nine enemies outside. Keep back and pick them off with good shots. Then go towards the door where the others go and enter the building with them. There is a lot of them inside, two on the upper areas. Kill them all then go up the stairs to grab the money. Now come back down. Just kill what’s close to you, as they will come over and over again. Make your way down and to Packie where the blip indicates. Now follow him down to the dock. He will swim with you to the boat that is out there. Get in and once Packie is in too, start to drive it north to the yellow blip. With you safely back on land your mission is over. After a bit Packie calls you again if you take out Kate on a date. He gives you Kate's number. A tiny bit later you get a text from him, telling you to go to Perseus the cloth store and get a suit and tie and good shoes, as you will need it for the next gig. So head over there first. There are a few good cars in the area where you got dropped off so that should be a fast ride. Go in and buy a suit (on the right side, the onyx, obsidian and charcoal ones will do fine) and some new shoes (black loafers) and you are set. Packie also sends you a message to call his sister. We do that after this mission. Go back to Packie at the PM blip and step into the arrow. You have to be there between 6am and 7 pm though, otherwise the mission won’t start. ===Three leaf clover=== Reward: $250000 You meet Derrick and Gerald. They don't trust you too much. Find a four door car again, get close, honk and let them get in. Now drive to the bank in Chinatown. Time to rob the bank. One of the hostages plays hero and it gets ugly. Go down into the vault and grab the cash. You have now a five star rating, which really is a hard thing to shake, almost all of the lower half of the area is a search area. Exit the bank and shoot your way to the right into the alley. You see only the static cops on the radar, there are some walking in all the time from different directions so be careful. Aim for the head so you save bullets. Down the alley, you get shot at form two side. Take down the cops on both. Now the guys go left, where more cops come from all directions. Take them out and follow your partners to the left and straight. Now take down the blockade ahead and kill all the cops. Turn right, kill the guy on the building to your left (on some fire stairs) and the cops standing around here as well. Follow them across the street straight and into the narrow alley. A chopper arrives, shooting at you. They decide to go through the subway. Walk down, around the corner to your right. There are two cops around the corner to your right. Now go left and further down. There a few cops are waiting for you. Take them down carefully, then go to the right area. There, more cops come up, let your partners deal with them head on and take out what spills out on the sides. then go down there to the platform. Hide behind a pillar, furthest from the stairs. Cops will come on the other side of the platform, and trains will hide you. After a bit your guys decide to go down the tracks, follow them. Turn around (stand in the middle so trains won’t get you) and shoot the pursuers. Again, aim for the head. Once Packie decides to go on, follow them further, keeping to the middle so the trains won’t hit you. On the right comes a blip in front of a service hatch. Get in there and then up the stairs you see on the left. Make it to the street level then get instantly in the car parked there to your right. Now lose the heat. Your rating is down to a three, still a lot. Make your way to Dukes, where you have better chances of getting rid of these guys. Your best chance is to go to a pay and spray. With the heat gone go to the McReary's house and park in the arrow. Now you have a whole wad of cash on hand. A whole bunch of messages come in now. LJ tells you to call him if you need cash. LJ sends another one, so does Roman, about hanging out with them. Gerald calls you and has some job for you. You also get him as Gerry on your phone. And a bit later Packie calls and Derrick needs some help too. You got the whole family now. Also now all the bridges are unlocked, you can go everywhere in the game now. Go to the GM blip close to where you are and stand in the arrow. ===Actions speak louder than words=== Reward: $9000 Gerry got a plan. He wants to cause some trouble between the Albanians and the Italians. Go and pickup the bomb in the alley where Gerry placed it. Now drive over to Little Italy where the car is parked. Go behind it, and plant the bomb with the button the game tells you. Get back into your car, then park facing west in the arrow. The mobsters come out and get into the car. Follow the car now. Keep your distance, you have done this before. They go through the city to the Northwood, close to the water. Once you seen them drive in, go to the yellow blip and stand in the arrow. Now get your cell phone out, call Gerry and then select detonate. Four guys survive this though. Now take them out, the sniper rifle helps a lot here. With them dead, grab a ride and lose the heat. Once you are clear, the mission is over. You talk to Gerry again on the phone. Go back to the GM blip and stand in the arrow. ===I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle=== Reward: $9250 Gerry wants you to stir the ants nest some more. You are disguising yourself as an Albanian. Get on the bike at the blimp then make your way to the meeting point. There you meet Franky. Franky has a bike. Franky runs away. Chase him. You won’t catch him or get him off his bike for a while though. You go through the tunnel with him, then he makes a turn to the right and goes through some alleys. Back on a street, he turns left and slows down. Now bump the bike so he falls off. Get off yourself and kill him. A job well done. Niko calls Gerry he might be going back to Jail soon. Good idea to date Kate in between here. Also Brucie will want some attention. You can go power boating with him. Funny thing is there, he will call the statue "Statue of freedom" while the game tells you "statue of happiness" at the same time. Go to the X blip and stand into the arrow. ===Photo shoot=== Reward: $ A snitch is giving Playboy some problems. He gives you a new cell with a camera and tells you to take a picture. Get in the car and go to the blip. So now you need to take pictures, without getting too close. Go across the street so you can see the guys. Open the cell phone. Open the menu, select the camera now aim it on one of the guys, take a picture and send it to Playboy. He will text you back, letting you know if you got the right one or not. Take a picture of the guy in the blue track suit. Your best chance is to take the picture form the opening on the left, and zoom on his head. Send it and you should get a call back, that you got the right guy. Now kill him and his four friends there. Michelle will call you, and you get a ? blip on your radar. Go to the D blip on the radar. ===Ruff Rider=== Reward: $ Dwayne has a few problems. Niko decides to go and talk to his girl and her new lover. They are in an arcade downtown. When you get there, the lover makes off on a bike. You can kill the girl, but I advise against it. A bike is parked behind you, grab it and get the guy. Ram his bike with yours and he falls off. Kill him, grab the money he drops, then make a run for it. After that, go to the Cluckin Bell in the triangle. Enter the store and go to the far corner where the blip is to exchange the money and you are done. Around the block from here is Michelle at the ? blip. Go there and stand in the arrow. ===Wrong is right=== Reward: $ Michelle takes you inside the building. She thinks you are actually a good guy and not a creep, nice. Also her real name is Karen. You get introduces to a guy. He will be in your phone as U. L. Paper. He wants you to find out something about a specific guy. Go to the blip in Broker. Go to his computer and use it. Go into his emails and read them. Exit the computer. Niko calls UL and gets the job to kill the guy. Go over to the jeweller shop and he makes a run for it. Now just keep at him, don’t get too close. He will go downtown, over the bridge and cruise around in here. When he is on the street going north on the western side of middle park, he is done for. Ram him to get him entangled in the trees or something. Then shoot him. With the guy dead your mission is over. Niko calls in to let him know it’s done. Head north, towards Bohan. On your way, Mallorie will call and tell you Roman is in trouble. This has priority. ===Hostile Negotiation=== Follow the yellow blip to the warehouse, get on foot and stand in it. Now a large gun fight happens. Kill the guys in there, make your way up slowly. Every time you get up to another level, more crop up. Always check above you, there are more up, but not down. Once you are up on the top level and into the room the guy that kidnapped Roman has him in a grip. Use free aim and take out the guy holding Roman. Now leave with Roman, just follow him down to the car. Get in the car and drive back to the safe house in Bohan and park in the arrow. You are in trouble, but that you already knew. Head over to the D blip and stand in the arrow. On your way over, Roman will inform you that you have a new safe house in Algonquin. He will also text you once before that and once after that to thank you and remind you that normal cabs are too expensive and he will over you a car service, which is an on call cab that is free for you. ===Undress to Kill=== Reward: $ Dwayne is not happy, again. A strip club he wanted has squatters in it. Time for some more action. Drive over to the strip club, remember not to show weapons when entering. Inside walk to the two guys to your left and listen to what they say. Now go to the far back left where a guy is talking to a stripper, that’s the second manager. Now go to the VIP area, on the right hand side where it’s a bit higher. Walk to the back, but not into the stripper room. A guy is having a lap dance there. Now back up and go to the front again. Kill the guy in the room that counts the money. Then make your way across the club to the back door, killing everyone that opposes you. One of the managers got outside. Go there too and hop into the car straight ahead of you, ignore the cops. Now chase him down and kill him. You will have to drive and shoot. A good idea is to trap him, then shoot him from the side or the front. If that doesn’t work for you, he will get out of the car if there is too much damage going on and that’s when you can run him over. Once they are all dead, your wanted level goes back to zero. Niko calls Dwayne to let him know the club is cleaned up. Time to have a look at this new place. Go to Algonquin and save the game in your new safe house. Simply walk into the elevator in the lobby to get where you need to go. Change into the suit from the bank robbery. Playboy X calls you. That strip club was in his business interest, oops. Go to the FM blip in front of the police station and stand in the arrow. ===Final interview...=== Some lawyer is on Francis heels. The guys name is Tom Goldberg. The only way to get close is in a job interview though. Since you are already in a suit, that’s perfect. Go to an internet cafe and log on. Now on the main page is an ad for Goldberg, Ligner & Shister. Click on it, then on careers on the top right part. Now click on submit resume. You can read his resume. Click again on submit resume on the bottom. Now leave the internet cafe. You get "Lawyers" as a contact in your cell phone. Niko calls Francis to let him know that it is going on. If you sent it at night, you get a message that tells you they are closed at the moment. Playboy X calls you, he needs help. Since you are very close already, go to the X on the map and stand into the arrow. ===The Holland play...=== He has trouble with Dwayne. Playboy wants Dwayne dead. Niko is not so sure about it though and leaves. Brucie texts you about some opportunities, that can wait. Go to the U blip (United Liberty Paper) and step into the arrow. ===Portrait of a killer=== Reward: $ You need to kill someone else. To do so you need access to a police computer first, so let’s find a cop car. The easiest is in front of the cop station northwest. Remember where Francis mission started? If not, simply go to the triangle (thing that looks like times square) where the two large roads cross. Exactly where the crossing is, take that road to the west, it’s in the second block on your right, can’t miss the parked cop cars outside. Grab one and get rid of the heat you most likely will get from that. Now stop the car and access the computer. Search the database, by photo. It will automatically connect to your phone and show you the picture UL sent. Select it and wait. The computer will tell you this is Adam Dimayev. Press the button for locate. He is in dukes in a warehouse. As you approach you will notice the red symbols, lots of guards here. UL will call and tell you to kill them all. The best way is to approach them from below. Kill the first level and what you can see on the upper, then climb the ladder on the left to the upper level and kill all the guys up there. With everyone dead, UL tells you that you are closer to your goal. Go to Algonquin. On your way Dwayne will call, now he wants Playboy dead. Maybe killing both will solve your problems. Also the lawyers call, you got an appointment with them tomorrow at noon. Go back to the U blip and stand in the arrow. ===Dust off=== Reward: $7000 The guy wants you to kill someone else, shocker. Stock up on weapons, armor and food if you are low. You should have enough money for that. Then go to the yellow blip. A chopper takes of, heading south, follow it on the streets. It just circles the island to the south, keeping close to the water front. The destination is a landing pad in purgatory, just west of the Pay and spray near the booth tunnel. Wait till it has landed. Now kill the two guards at the entrance. Take out your sniper rifle and shoot the remaining five guards over a distance, that’s the easiest. Now get into the chopper (cops will come your way) and take off. Fly off to the airport. If you are an unsure flyer, just push the button for gas and you will take of straight and when you got lots of space you can experiment with the control. Land it where the arrow indicates and you are good. UL will tell you that they need to outfit it. So there is some downtime here. Drive back to Algonquin. On your way, Playboy X calls you, if you made your decision. ===...The Holland play=== You have to chose between one of the two targets now. This is a forced mission, you can't refuse. I chose Playboy X as the target, since Niko seems to bond with Dwayne better. Go to the X on the radar and stand into the arrow. Playboy doesn’t take it well. Some guys are around and protect him. There is three on the left side and one on the right, get them first. Now step out on the balcony. He jumps off the roof. Jump over too and then down through the building (no surprises inside). Get out onto the street level. Two guys in a hummer like vehicle (Patriot) are coming after you. Kill them with a good aim then go across the street to the alley where Playboy X ran into a corner. His gun is empty, he is out of luck. Switch to the hand gun, then execute him. With him dead Niko calls Dwayne to let him know. He gives you Playboys penthouse as thanks, which means now it is another safe house for you. Go there and safe. As you wake up, it's time for you interview. Grab a ride to the Tie blip in the south of the city and step into the arrow. ===...Final interview=== Reward: $1000 Enter the building and go to the reception. Now follow the receptionist through the door on the left down the corridor and to the door in the corner there. Enter through that door. You will see that you are sitting on a chair and have the lawyer babbling on. Once the radar is back and you see him as a red dot on there, you can get up again and shoot him right then if you like, or wait a bit and listen to him. Switch to the weapon you want to use (I prefer shotgun at this distance) and get up, lock on and kill him. Grab the files off the desk, then switch to something more friendly for crowd control, like the SMG or rifle. Three guards are coming towards the door, take them down and then take down the fourth guard that hides behind the cleaning supplies in the corridor. Walk towards the exit, but its closed. Kill the guard on this level, then go to the railing. There are two more guards, one on the lowest level behind a desk, and one on the medium level, the opposite side of the desk. Take them out and go to the lowest level using the stairs in the southwest corner. On the bottom, there are two cops, take them out then make a run for it through the door one of the cops came in. Lose the heat now. Get into the inner town area and lose them there by cutting corners. Once you are free, take the files to Francis, next to the police station. Francis is happy about your work. Walk around to the front of the building and step into the FM blip. ===Holland nights=== Reward: $5000 Francis wants a large quantity of bad guys taken care of. Suit up and strap up. Get health, get armor, get weapons, this is going to get ugly. Go to the blip in the north and step into the arrow. Niko calls Francis. The guy is on the second floor. You got to take down Clarence and he suggest going up before starting to open fire. Go straight, there are two guys you saw in the cut scene showing a stair case. Kill them and run up the stair case. Take down the guys that will come up after you. Now you got to make your way towards the target. He is in the center, no matter which way you go up (there is a second staircase) he will run to the other one. So make your way across, killing the guys in your way. At the stair case he will throw something down at you. Then go up and kill the guys up here. He will go a level higher out onto the roof. Take down the guys and try to kill him here. If you can't, you get your chance a bit later. Once he is dead, the cops arrive. Seems like they don't appreciate your help. Get out, get rid of the heat and you are done. UL calls you. The helicopter is ready. This is a forced mission, you can't skip it. ===Paper trail=== Reward: $7500 Go to the yellow blip in the north, the helicopter is waiting there with Little Jacob inside. Get in. Now fly towards the enemy chopper, who is at this time somewhere around middle park. He flies a curve around the city and back to the channel between the eastern islands. Once he is over clear water it's time for combat. All you have to do is get close, on the same level and keep on him. Jacob will do the shooting. With me he got him on the third shot. With the guy dead, go to the helipad in the southeast of Algonquin and drop off Little Jacob. After a safe landing you are done. You are calling UL to tell him you are done. Get out of the chopper. Go to the FM blip a bit to the west of here and step into the yellow. ===Lure=== Reward: $5000 Francis is a bit on the edge. Another hit has to go down. Get to the car at the green blip to the north. It is parked in a parking area on the right side of the street, it is the most southern car of them and it's open for you. Get in and drive north to the yellow blip. As you park there you call Francis. Get out of the car and enter the building across the street with the red door. Run up the stairs to the roof. Stand in the spot marked with the arrow. Now there are two ways to get this done. Either call his number you see in the cut scene so he goes to the phone. Or alternatively, just shoot the window, the guy goes to it to look out and there is your chance to kill him. Go back down to street level and you are done. Niko calls Francis to let him know. Go and save in a safe house. Go to the RB blip and step into the arrow. ===A long way to fall=== Reward: $8500 Let's see how this mob thing plays out. Of course he wants someone whacked. Ray sends you an image of a guy in a gray shirt with the number 72 on it that might be able to help you, if you persuade him. Go up to the yellow blip and get out of your car. Now look for the guy on the picture, he stands to the right from where you are standing. When you get close, he tells you he has no idea who you are talking about. Now beat him up. Once he is half way down he will talk. He tells you that the guy is on the top floor. Enter the building and use the elevator to go to the 20th floor. As soon as you get out, turn left, there is a guy standing there, kill him. Now there is a guy down the corridor to your right and one will come out a door to your left. Kill them. You got to walk around to the other side. Around each corner is a guy. Kill them both. Now go up to the next level. Same procedure here. Kill the guys in the hallways, go to the next level. Now this is where the guy is. Clean the area first, there is a guy around the corner to your right. Kill him then go for the apartment. There are three guys in there, one straight and tow to the left. Take them out. Now go into the kitchen area there is a health pack on the counter. Leave the kitchen again. The guy comes out and gets lucky, delaying you. Go after him, but slowly. Be careful. Go to the stairs and up. To your right in a door way is a guy. Kill him. Now go in there and aim up and to the left. Keep your eyes there, as there is a guy up there. Go to the foot of the stairs and you should see him. Take him down then go the stairs to the top. Behind this door there is one guy to the right, you can kill him with the door half open. There is only one left, just go to the blip at the end of the roof. Shoot him and he goes for his long fall. Niko calls to let Ray know you are done. Return to the RB blip and step into the arrow. ===Taking in the trash=== Reward: $9000 You are going to be a garbage man, good job! You will pick up diamonds that were stolen and then stashed in trash bags. Get to the Trashmaster in the alley, then go in and start driving. Go to pickups and stop while the guys take in the diamonds. After the second pickup you get some attention. Just drive to the lockup and park it in the arrow. the guys can’t destroy the Trashmaster it’s a solid piece of metal. Once parked you are done. You call Ray to let him know. Return to the restaurant at the RB blip and stand into the arrow. ===Meltdown=== Reward: $9500 Luca has stolen the diamonds, bad move. Go to the south and you try to talk to them. They take off in their car and you get into the banshee there. Don't try to ram them or shoot them, simply follow them. They will end up crashing into a statue in middle park. Now they are on foot and time for them to die. Get out and kill the three that are open laying around. Luca himself hides out in the toilets. I suggest using a shotgun at a distance and you shoot open multiple stalls at once. He hides in the first one on the right. Execute him by switching to the hand gun. With Luca down, grab the diamonds. go out into the open and Niko calls Ray. You are to deliver them to the bridge in middle park. That’s a short jog to the north, on the bridge. Once you dropped them off, you are done. Go again to the RB blip on the map and visit Ray Boccino by stepping into the arrow. ===Museum piece=== Reward: $ You have to offload the diamonds. Ray also promises to find the guy you are looking for. Go to the blip south of the museum. Inside the deal goes wrong, someone wants to jack it. Now you have to escape. First shoot the guy to your left. There is another guy a bit further back, kill him to. Now pay attention to the guys in the corridor straight. Make your way over to the stairs. Take down the guys that want to come up and go almost fully down. You can see a couple of guys in the distance, use your sniper to kill them and make it easier. Now go ahead, there will be another guy on the left top and one on the right, and a couple ahead. Make your way to the door on the other side of the stairs. Go through it and kill the three guys around the right side. Now you can restock your health here ahead and two more guards stand outside to the right. Kill the guards then take the Turismo to your left. Floor it to the right, then take another right and speed like crazy. Just go straight and you will escape before you hit the construction site. Niko calls Ray to break the bad news, he tells you to return. Go to the RB blip and stand in the arrow. ===No way on the subway=== Reward: $ Ray introduces you to Phil. The bikers called "the lost" got the money, so go up to the yellow blip and park there. The bikers won't make it easy on you. Get on the bike ahead and chase them. they will drop into the subway system. You can shoot them in here (although that’s not needed) or chase them to the subway train wreck. Either way you can kill them easy enough. Keep on the right track, that’s the train going in your direction, and avoid oncoming trains. With both dead, Niko calls Ray letting him know that your target wasn't there. Ray calls you a bit later. He got a lead on Florian. This is a forced mission, you can't skip it. ===Weekend at Florian's=== Now go to the yellow blip, where Talbot is standing. Get a four door car and make sure everyone is on board. Now drive up north. At the height of middle park, the guy will tell you to go left. He drives you around the block until you are at the western most street before the double lane freeway. He will tell you that your destination is here so park in the arrow that will appear. Niko barges in Florian's apartment. Florian wasn't the traitor it seems. Besides he is gay and calls himself Bernie Crane now. Seems like Darko is the one that did the damage. Niko calls Ray telling him it wasn’t who he was looking for. A bit later UL calls you, he knows Bernie wasn't the guy. He will call you later. Go to the safe house and save. Bernie calls you after you saved. He will be added to your cell as Bernie and the BC blip will show up. Mallorie calls a bit later too and Roman has told the story of Vlad's death a bit different. Go to the RB blip on the map and step into the arrow. ===Late checkout=== Reward: $11000 Ray has a bad day. Isaac is squealing on Ray. Time for him to die. Take a ride to the majestic hotel and park in the arrow. Inside you need to find a way to the penthouse. Go to the elevators to your right and take it up. There is a corridor full of guards. Kill them all. Go straight and kill the two guards on the right. Take the stairs up and go through the door. To your left another guard comes out. Go through that door. Straight behind that door is the first of three targets. A lot of guards here too. One hides to the right behind a clock, three more are further back. The target runs off to the left. Go to the back where the stairs lead up. To the left still on the same level is the kitchen with two more guards, one is on the right when you enter the kitchen, be careful. In the corner here is a health pack in case you need it. Now go up the stairs and through the door on the left. Target number two is in there with a girl. Kill them. Go up further the stairs, a guard is on the top of them. Now there is two guards and the target to your right. The middle guard is behind a barbeque grill. Shooting it will blow the thing up and take out two guys. Kill the target, then step out onto the roof. You got some heat now. Aim down and to the left, three more guards are down there. Kill them then go down there. There is a window washer lift that brings you back to the street level, take it. Once you are on the street level, jump over the fence to your left and the mission is done. Now you still got the heat, escape it. After this go and save. You will get a message from Ray to go and meet him at Phil Bell's place. You also get Bell in your phonebook. For now ignore them. Roman will call you, he is engaged now. Go to the BC blip and stand in the arrow between 4am and 10pm, as he is not home from 10pm to 4am. ===Hating the haters=== Reward: $6000 Someone is threatening to kill Bernie. Now you go out to draw the guy out. Drive him to the yellow blip at middle park. Now follow him as he jogs along at a distance. He goes into the tunnel and gets attacked. Run up the stairs after the tunnel and get on a scooter. Now simply chase the guy around, don’t shoot, just follow. He will pass the west side close to where Bernie got attacked. Stop here when the game tells you to pickup Bernie and let him climb on. Notice the stylish helmet. Now give chase to the guy. Kill him once he turns of to the right of the main street. So as he drives to the east, that’s the best moment to take him down. With the guy dead, bring Bernie to the Perseus down south in Exchange. With him delivered to the place, you are done. Drive up north again to his place and step into the arrow at the BC blip. Brucie gives you a call in between. ===Union Drive=== Reward: $6250 Bernie's lover is getting blackmailed. You are to go to meet them. Take Bernie in a car and go to the northeast corner of the island where the yellow blip is. The blackmailers arrive, they work for Dimitri. Now they take off, and you will have to chase them. they drive very oddly all over the place but generally go to the east side speed way that goes around the island, heading south. Stay on the right lane, even if they go to the other side. There will be a lot of carnage. On the south end of the road a cop car tries to get them but flips inside the tunnel. Keep on them. They will go right soon after that tunnel and stop in a park and get out. Get out yourself, chase them down and shoot them. Return to Bernie, get into the car and drive him home to the arrow at the yellow blip. Now Bernie is happy for the moment. Time to meet Derrick. Go to the DM blip to the west and step into the arrow. ===Smackdown=== Reward: $6500 Derrick is in a sort of delirium on a bench here. He has a problem with a guy called Bucky Sligo. You need a cop car. Handy, just to the north are two of them parked. Jack one and if you pull heat lose it. Stop the car. Access the computer and search by name for Bucky Sligo. Press the button for locating him. Now you got a marker on the Burger Shot in the northeast corner of Alderney. Niko calls Derrick to let him know. The plan is to lure him to bring you to his pals. So go up to the burger shot with the police car and park in the arrow. Bucky will show up and drive away. He will take the scenic route. Just follow him slowly, concentrate on driving, don't shoot. You will end up in front of a house, a bit to the west of the burger shot. Get out and kill Bucky and his friend on the porch. Now there are four more inside. Three on the ground level, and one on the stairs. Kill them all then get rid of the heat you pulled. Niko call Derrick to report in. Now you get a text from Ray, he gives you an apartment in Alderney. Now you got safe houses for almost all regions. Then Bernie texts you, he needs more help. And last but not least Dimitri gives you a call. Then Brucie calls you, Stevie the guy that gave you the comet for the race a lot earlier, wants some cars, he'll call you. Go to the BC blip at Pier 45 in Algonquin ===Buoys Ahoi=== Reward: $6500 Bernie wants to have some fun. Niko reluctantly agrees to join. Take Bernie to the blip on Firefly Island. The fun is spoiled. Some of Dimitri's men show up and want to spoil it. Follow them. You can try to shoot them out of the water, which is a waste of ammo, or simply follow them. They will go on land at Steinway in Dukes. They won’t run away but hide. Simply go after the three and kill them. Once all three are dead, go back to Bernie to complete the mission. Now go to the DM blip in Alderney. ===Babysitting=== Reward: $7000 Derrick shows up with a boat. Go to Kim's boat up north. As you approach a cut scene starts. Now you got to shadow him. Of course some boats come in and try to ruin the party. Shoot at them and keep the boat steady so Derrick can shoot as well. A chopper will come in and the game tells you to get up, derrick mentioning a rocket launcher. Stand up (using the key to get into a car) and you get the rocket launcher. Aim it at the helicopter, a bit ahead of where it travels to and shoot the thing down. Now take care of the rest of the intruders (careful not to shoot at Kim's boat) then sit down again and follow Kim to the end destination without any further problems. Now go to the blip DM and stand into the arrow. ===Tunnel of Death=== Reward: $7500 Derrick asks you to help him take out one last guy. Aiden O'Malley must die. Packie calls you, he has a truck stashed near the booth tunnel. Go there and grab the truck. Also handy, it has a portable rocket launcher in it. Inside Niko calls Packie. the plan is to block them in and make it look like a prison break. Drive into the tunnel with the truck and where the marker is you can go into the left lane and block the tunnel. Once you are perfectly placed the convoy arrives. Now take out the guards for the convoy. Your sniper rifle will do you a lot of good, specially shooting through windows, into heads will make your life easier. Now for the hard part, to lose the heat. Your best chance is Alderney, so go towards Alderney. A good area is the northern area, north of the train. Once you get the cops behind you enough, you can lose the chopper under the train tracks. Then drive away. Avoid the two way speedway, they will catch you there. Once you lost the heat, go to the "quiet location" at the yellow blip. It's not over yet. You change cars and go back north to the cliffs. Once there, kill Aiden. Niko tells Derrick about it. Now you get a message from Francis, he has more work. Also Brucie sent you a text about getting some cars for a friend of his. Bernie calls in a bit and he has a car for you at the BC blip. Now go to the PB blip and stand into the arrow. ===Truck hustle=== Reward: $11000 Phil wants to get some brown from the triads. Take a car and go to the alley marked with the yellow blip, get out of the car and stand into the arrow. The triads arrive. Best, throw a grenade into the area. That will take care of a lot of them right there. More arrive from the left, kill them all, but do not attack the truck! Once you have killed them all, go towards the truck, it will try to escape. Run up behind it into the arrow. Now hammer the button the game indicates to the to the top. Crawl over the roof until you reach the cab. Once you are in there and get rid of the driver, you call Phil. He wants you to bring it to the old mansion up northeast in Alderney. Park it in the arrow in front of the mansion and you are done. Niko calls Phil and he gives you the opening for the assassin missions (payphone missions from earlier games) at the crosshair blip. Ignore it for now. A bit later Phil calls you back, Jimmy Pegorino has some jobs for you. Phil sends you a message that you should wear a suit when going to Jimmy, you still have one from the bank robbery. Now would be a good time to save again. If you like, you can pick up an Infernus at the BC blip. You don't have to though. Go to the FM blip and park in the arrow. ===Blood Brothers=== Reward: $ Francis is pissed that you did work with Derrick. You have to take down Derrick for him. Now Derrick calls you, he wants you to take down Francis. The choice is yours. Now go to the yellow blip, it is on a building. Go to the northwest corner and look to the east. You see some boards stacked and scaffolding in front of you. Jump up there. Now get into the cleaning platform and ride to the top. Cross the roof to the arrow and stand in it. Derrick and Francis meet in the park. Aim down and there you have them, Derrick on the left and Francis on the right. Now chose one of them. I killed Francis, don't really like him. Get back to street level and then get a block away. Derrick calls you, thanks you, then you are done. Make sure you still wear a suit. Packie calls you, there is a forced mission coming. Francis funeral is happening. Also Gerry is on the inside, but you will see him again. Kate calls you too about it. Now go to the yellow blip and step into the arrow. ===Undertaker=== Reward: $ After the service some guys show up to make troubles, the Albanians. Take the ones on the left down. Another car comes from the left, then another form the right. With those all dead, they spill out of the alley. Now everyone piles into the cars. You get into the hearse with Packie. You get attacked by some Albanians. Your best chance is to slow down on a long stretch and then shoot the driver of the car yourself, then take flight. Otherwise they might shoot you up too much and the coffin might spill out. Also avoid bumping anything. It slides out, but never back in. With the car off your back, go to the grave yard at the yellow blip and park in the arrow. There he rests in peace, finally, and the mission is over. Get to the J blip while wearing a suit and step into the arrow. ===Pegorino's Pride=== Reward: $10500 You get greeted by his wife at the door, lovely. Pegorino likes screaming obviously. He has a meet scheduled with another family and you will run security. Ray comes in with a gift for the boss. Outside get in the car and wait till everyone is inside (watch out for Pegorino he's a bit slow). Once you get the yellow blip, drive down to the old refinery in the south. Once you parked in the arrow, you get a sniper rifle. Now walk into the building here to your left, turn right inside and then go up the stairs to your right. On top, go to the arrow and stand in it. Now the deal starts. Keep your sights peeled on the right most guy. You will see two guys coming in from the back. A second later they all get red arrows above their heads, now is the time to kill them. Make sure you only take down the guys with the red arrows. Pegorino makes a run for it. Go back down to the door you came in. Aim to the left and up. There are two guys on the walls, and one a bit higher on the side of the building. Kill them, then go up the stairs. Aim to the left inside the building, there is one sitting there. You also have one beside the building on the right side. You have to run fast to Pegorino to get him alive. Run into the building and shoot the guy straight and immediately to your left around the corner. There are guys left and right here, always behind corners, so look into them. Once you get through the area on the right side in the factory, and you will find Pegorino. Now a bunch of crooks steal the offer. Get in the car and follow them. Ignore the other guys and don’t shoot at the car. Just follow through the industrial area. In the northwest corner, they trash their car and get out. Shoot and drive over what you can, then get out can chase the last ones down. There is a health pack just up the stairs to the left where the car crashed in case you are low. The last one dead has the offering. Collect it and return to Pegorino's car and get in. Now drive him home to his mansion and park in the arrow before the garage and you are done. Pegorino tells you he has more work for you later. Packie sends a text, letting you know how thankful he is for your help at the funeral and how he knows your eyes are on Kate. Stay close to the house, and after a bit Jimmy sends you a text to come and see him. Also Gerry will call you, he has put you on his visitors list and you should go and see him later. Ray also calls you later to not forget about him. Sounds like someone will need a bullet later on. For now go back to the J blip and step into the arrow. ===Payback=== Reward: $ There is a problem with the Pavanos. Jimmy wants to change that. You have to kill some Pavanos as they collect money, which you get to keep. Drive down to the diner and park in the arrow. They make a run for it. Now follow them. Just follow and they crash into the Autoerotica shop. Now there are six guys to take care of there. Kill them all. With them dead, you have a two star rating. Lose the cops and you are done. Niko calls Pegorino with the good news. UL Paper calls, he has a new contact for you to work for, the Gambetti family. Also Kate calls, she got invited to Roman's wedding. Now go to the PB blip and stand in the arrow in front of the strip club. ===Catch the wave=== Reward: $7500 The boss calls, there is a problem down at the docks while you have a talk with Phil. Drive over to the blip, which is a truck parked under an overpass. You are to steal some drugs to make some troubles and some money at the same time, good plan. Get into the truck. Now drive to the docks at charge island. Park in the arrow. There are a lot of drug runners there. Look out for the ones above you on the walk ways. On the left side in the middle is a health pack, grab it if you need it or once all opposition is dead. Go out the back and to the left, there is a armor vest to your left. Then go down to the boat indicated by the blip and get in. Now follow Bell. From the left, just after you left, two boats come in. Concentrate on the one close by, shoot at the pilot of it. Once he is dead, concentrate on driving after Bell. The second one will most likely lag behind. After a while, you are out of reach for them. Now all you need to do is follow Bell to the jetty, then get out and step into the arrow. You are done this mission now. Return to the J and stand in the arrow. ===Flatline=== Reward: $13000 Jimmy is paranoid. Anthony, his guy was wearing a wire. He had a heart attack on the phone with Jimmy. Now you need to go to the hospital and whack him. Go to the hospital just down the road. Enter without a weapon drawn. Now go inside and to the right. There is a receptionist. Just wait and a doctor will come and drop a phrase about flatline. He will go into a dressing room to the right of the reception. Go in there yourself and step into the arrow and change into the scrubs. Now get out and turn right, through the door next to the reception. Turn left, walk all the way down the corridor to the room with the "patient" in it. The guard in there will leave. Kill him. Now make your way out of the hospital, the same way you came in. There are a couple of guards outside the room and then a few further down the long corridor. Use the rooms to the side for cover. Near the entrance on the right side is a health pack if you need it. Get outside, grab a car and make a run for it. Drop the heat and you are done. Niko calls Jimmy, who is paranoid as ever. Head down to the PB blip and park in the arrow. ===Trespass=== Reward: $10500 Phil wants to go with you to the old Sprunk factory. Take him there. You have to take out Chubby Charlie while Phil makes sure everyone knows he wasn't there. Now you have two approaches, the front door (would not recommend that) or the basement. Take the basement, it is easier. Just go down, to the left and again down into the tunnel below where you came in. At the second barrel, turn left and you get two guards above you. Kill them and wait for a third to come down from the left and kill him too. Get up there over the slabs to your right. One guy is outside the door here, get him, or he will fall in your back. Now go up the stairs. There is one behind you, one a bit to the right up the stairs, and three further back. Kill them and go further up. When you are almost at the top, another guy from a level even higher shoots at you in the back, kill him too. Now progress forward and take the guys out in this large room. On the other side is an opening in the wall. Go there and kill the guy on the left and a bit further in. You see Charlie jump out the window. Further to the left are two more guys. Get them then stand in the window. Aim down left for three more goons. Jump out and collect the health pack behind one of the ducts. Go across the walkway, then turn left and take out the guy there. Turn around, there and shoot the two guys up high on the towers. Now go through the next walkway, and up the ladder. Just when you get up there, straight ahead is another guy. Kill him, then go towards the last roof. Get up on that roof. Now Charlie tries to make it with the chopper. If you have the rocket launcher still, shoot the chopper down. Otherwise it will take a lot of bullets. With the chopper down, you are done and Niko calls Phil to let him know. Return to the PB blip and park in the arrow. ===To live and die in Alderney=== Reward: $12000 Pegorino's wife just left Phil's office. Niko asks Phil to help him find his special someone. Now outside get in the car and drive Phil up to the old mansion. You delivered a truck there before. As soon as you look at the drugs, the feds show up. You get in the car and follow Phil. Simply follow, do not try to do more, you can't. In an alley in Berchem, Phil stops, you get on foot now. First take out the cops that block the north entrance. Go south and another car comes up, kill them and two more cars and a swat car pulls up. Kill them all then switch to the rocket launcher, you will need it in a moment. Run across the street where the other guys are and you see them shooting towards the east. Turn and you will see a chopper. Blow it up with the launcher and then get into the van. You have a three star rating, get rid of it. Try to make your way north. Use the alleys "downtown" here to make your escape. Once you are clear, go to the safe house, north of the freeway and park in the arrow. With them safe away you are done. After a while Jimmy sends you a text. Go up to his house at the J blip and step into the arrow. ===Pest control...=== Reward: $ Pegorino meets with Phil and Ray. Ray does not really like Phil. Jimmy is in Paranoia mode. Outside get in a car and drive east. Pegorino will call you and tell you to look for Ray in east holland. Drive over to the blip on the map. Follow at a safe distance. They will drive over to a gas station, stop and get out. Still got that rocket launcher? Aim for the white car, blow it up from a safe distance and the whole station blows up. All guards and Ray taken care of. Go to the GM blip and park in the arrow. ===I'll take her...=== Reward: $9500 Gerry is inside. He wants you to call Packie and take care of something for him. You have to kidnap Gracie Ancelotti. Go to the nearest internet cafe. Log on and go to the auto erotica page (an ad should appear on the main page). Click on view cars. Scroll down till you see the pink Feltzer with the number 662-555-0147 next to it. Now log off. She will be in your phone as Mob Daughter. Call her between 8:00 and 21:00. Once you called her, go over to her house at the blue blip. You get into the car with her. Now drive her to the yellow blip and park in the arrow to the south. Once you get close, the blip changes to the safe house far up north. Now drive towards it. Gracie will try to make it hard for you by grabbing the steering wheel. Keep driving slowly up north. After a while Niko had enough and knocks her out. Now you have a peaceful journey up to the blip. When you reach the arrow, dive further down the alley to the entrance of the safe house at the next arrow. With Gracie offloaded, you are done. Niko calls Packie and he is happy about your progress. wait around for Packie to call. You need to take a picture Go to the G blip on the map at the medical center and step into the arrow. ===Entourage=== Reward: $12000 The guy does not look like he is making it much longer. He does not like the Russian's much. He is willing to kill your police file and bring you the guy you are looking for. You are to pick up a guy at the train station and bring him to city hall. Dimitri might not want him to arrive. Drive over to the train station, get out of your car and walk up to him. After your little chat get into the car. Follow the convoy. At one point some construction forces you to go right. The convoy follows and gets ambushed. You escape while the cars get blow up. Now once you have control, get out there and clean up. They come out of the alley straight and from left and right. Kill everyone, then go back to Bobby. Go to the right and turn right again. Four cars will converge on your position, draw back. Kill them all. Without them dead you can't finish the mission. Make sure Bobby stays alive. With them dead, grab a car and go to the yellow blip and park in the arrow to finish. Niko calls Gravelli that Bobby is at his destination. Go back to the G blip and step into the arrow. ===Dining out=== Reward: $13250 Some Koreans are selling fake money. Gravelli wants you to kill him. Kim eats in Alderney often. Go to the yellow blip, then enter the restaurant called "Mr. Fuk's Rice Box". After the chat with the guy there, kill him. Now go to the right. There are a few guys in the upper areas. Take them out. Get upstairs the first flight and turn around. As you go up the second flight, two guys come from further back. Now another two come from the room to the right where the blip is. Go into the room where the manager is and just hold a gun at him until he tells you where Kim is. Kill him and grab the vest here. Outside more goons have arrived, kill all four, then go across to the kitchen. As you approach, two guys come out, kill them. Enter and Kim is trying to make a run for it. Grab the health pack to your left, get out the door and grab the speed bike. Now follow him and shoot his car. Kill him inside the car and your mission is over. Niko calls Gravelli to tell him Kim is history. Return to the G blip and step into the arrow. ===Liquidize the Assets=== Reward: $14000 The UL guy is visiting Gravelli. You have to destroy some vans with product in them. Go to the yellow blip and get close. The end of the little show, shows you a sniper and a way up. Climb over the fence to the right, where the tank is. Walk to your right in this area (north) and you see on the left a wall you saw before. Climb up the dumpster and to the wall to your right. From here get from air duct to air duct. Now go across the roof climb up all the way to the top with the sniper. Now kill the sniper, then snipe everyone you see down there. More are moving about. Keep an eye out, there will be guys coming up and try to kill you, there is a door to your right where they come up. Once you have killed what you can from up here, go down through that door in the house. On the ground kill the guys in the near vicinity, then blow up the car. Grenades or the rocket launcher works great. Go further and take down enemies and trucks as you go along. With all trucks out, the mission is over and Niko calls Gravelli. He will call you back once Darko is in the country. You also have a one star rating and some cops waiting for you at the exit. Lose the heat. UL calls you. He has Darko. Now comes a forced Mission. Niko calls Roman, he tells you to pick him up. ===That Special Someone=== Reward: $ Drive to Roman and pick him up. Now drive together to the Airport and park in the yellow blip. Darko gets thrown out of a van and Niko has his personal moment with him. He betrayed you for $1000. Now you have a choice, walk away from Darko or kill him. I walked away from it. Bring Roman to Brucie's place and park in the yellow arrow to finish the mission. Niko calls Bernie to let him know what happened. Bernie is happy about you walking away. Go to the ransom blip (human figure with hands up) in the alley. Enter the door, go up the stairs and the fist door to the right. Stan in front of Gracie, press the button the game tells you to get her to look at you. Now take your cell and make a photo of her, then send it to Packie. Get out of the building now and you are done with this part. A few hours have to pass now, might as well do something useful. Go to the crosshair blip and stand into the arrow in front of the payphone. ===Water hazard=== Reward: $ You will take on hits for this guy, he is in your phone as "Fixer" now. He left some weapons behind the fence to your left, a sniper and body armor. Go towards the red blip, it is a boat out on the water. Kill the guy with the red arrow. Then second guy there will get out a rifle and try to kill you, take him down too and you are done. Return to the crosshair blip and step into the arrow. ===Derelict Target=== Reward: $ You have to kill three men. There is again a weapon and body armor stashed in the same place, this time a shot gun. Approach from the east between the houses and you see the first guy with some others between a van and the building. Kill him and the guys with him. Another guard is standing in a window a couple levels up. Go inside the empty building and up one level. Two guys are standing guard here. Take the southern stair way and kill the one just on top, then go up. Fight your way to the top and take down the guys on each level. With the last one down, you are done. By now Gerry wants to see you again. Go to the GM blip and step into the arrow in front of the prison. ===She's a keeper=== Reward: $9750 He wants you to move Gracie. Go up to the safe house and step into the alley behind it. This time she rides in the trunk. Now you have to bring her to the north of Algonquin. Don't damage the car too much or she'll die. To make it worse, you got some company, wanting to kill you. Avoid the cars, concentrate on driving and get her to the yellow blip and park in the arrow. Return to the GM blip and step into the arrow. ===Diamonds are a girl's best friend=== Reward: $ The guy agreed to exchange Gracie for diamonds. Get over to Packie's car, where dropped Gracie off in the last mission and get in. You have to go to charge island for the exchange. Drive over there to the yellow blip, it then shifts to a further back location, go there and park in the arrow. The exchange is going on now. Of course someone else shows up, Bulgarin himself. He has some friends that want to stir up problems. Keep behind the car and take down the guys between the tanks. When they are all done, follow Packie up the walk way and kill the guys on top. Every time you kill them, more come up and Packie advances. Follow him. Then you split up. Go straight, while he goes to the left. Some will come from the bottom, take them out. Advance and another few are on your left, make sure not to hit Packie. Now go across to where Packie is. The guy there drops the diamonds, they are gone now. Kill the last two, then get down, using the ladder Packie will stand next to. Grab a car (the guys that came in later left some) and bring Packie back home to Dukes. If you want to date Kate, this is a good opportunity, since you are there already. Packie will send you later a text that he still can't get it what happened there. Jimmy calls you too and wants to meet, so let's do that. Go to the J blip in Alderney and step into the arrow. ===One last thing...=== Reward: $ Pegorino wants you to get him some H from the Russians, Dmitri specifically. Phil will help you with this. Niko reluctantly agrees. Outside Niko calls Roman telling him that he will have to work for Dimitri. Then he calls Kate about the same thing. Roman tells you to go work for him, Kate tells you not to. Now you can select what you want to do. Kill Dimitri or take the mission. The mission is a bit to your west, the Hit near Hove beach. I don't like Dimitri, so he has to die. Go to the red man symbol to the east in front of the Platypus, where you arrived in Liberty city. ===A dish served cold=== Dimitri is in the hold, overseeing the loading of the H. You need to get to the bridge to open the doors to the cargo area. Kill the guards before the gang plank, then go up it. There are some weapons to your right. Now kill the enemies to your left. Go towards the towering structure, the bridge is on top of it. Enter the ship on its northeast corner and take down the three guards in here. Take the health pack to your left. Advance and go up the stairs. There are four guys hiding in the cabins left and right up here. Kill them and take the vest from the right hand cabin. Go further, out on the deck and make your way to the bridge, by using the stairs on the eastern side. There is one guy hiding in the bridge and a few strewn across the outside. Inside use the lever to open the cargo hold, grab the vest behind you. Now go down the same way again. You will have some more guys on the outside, and some shotgun guys in those cabins you had to clear out before. When you go down the stairs there two guys come up and harass you, make sure you get them early, or they will kill you fast. Go down to the deck and towards the openings for the cargo hold. Some guards stand at the far end higher up some are between the crates again. Kill them all and get to the cargo holds entrance, which is the open flaps in the middle part of the boat. Drop down into it. Dimitri is down here. Kill his guards, go slowly around corners, there are three standing before you reach the point of the cut scene. Then throw a couple grenades to his guards, take down the rest with your SMG or assault rifle. Hit Dimitri hard and you get to finish him off. Remember to use the pistol to use the execution style. Now go through the door to the left of where Dimitri was hiding out. There is no more enemies there. You get up into the kitchen. Now leave the boat and you are done. Roman calls you, he is not pleased, but sort of happy for you. Phil Bell calls you later too, he isn’t too happy either. Then Niko calls Kate and she ant's you to pick you up for the wedding. ===Mr. & Mrs. Bellic=== Go over to the blue blip, where Kate is standing. Stop, push the horn and let her get into the car. Now take her to the church in south Algonquin and park in the arrow. You get to watch Roman's wedding. Everyone comes out of the church. Jimmy Pegorino shows up and does a drive by, killing Kate in the process. Little Jacob takes you out of there. Next you see Niko wake up in his apartment in Bohan. He is not happy about Kate's death. Little Jacob has sent a text message, that you should get stocked up on weapons, he will call you later. So grab some weapons and armor at a weapons shop. A little later Little Jacob calls you, he and Roman are waiting in a car in Alderney. ===Out of commission=== Get to the car, then enter it. Pegorino's goons come out and get into an SUV. They make a run for it, returning to Pegorino. Tail them. They will drive south on the highway. At one point they change lane, you don't have to yet, but it might be helpful. Do not try to get too close or kill them. When the highway turns to the east again (before the pay and spray) they get off the high way, on the wrong side of course, towards the north. Now they cruise around in the Alderney north side, until they come to the northern most road, then get off it to go under a bridge there. As you speed down that path, a cut scene starts. Roman and LJ are retreating to figure out an exit strategy. It is up to you to kill Pegorino that hides out in this old casino. Kill what you can from your hideout, then advance and take down enemies as you go outside the building. Watch out for the guys above you on the right side. Collect their weapons, you will need every bullet you can get. Once the outside is clean, LJ will send you a text to keep your eyes to the sky for an exit strategy. Enter the building on its south side, where the last guards were. Inside a lot of guys hide with shotguns. Stand in the door, and take down what you can from here. There are a couple on higher ground, one in the back a bit to the left, and one when you get a step in, on the construction container to your left, but most stand behind something on the ground floor. There is a health pack on the white wall to your left if you need it. Go to the back and the left. There is no guard there just walk in and a cut scene with Pegorino starts. He will run away, time to chase. There are no guards until you reach the door upstairs. Behind it are two , one to the left and one to the right. Shoot the door so it opens and kill them this way. Now follow Pegorino and slide down the ladder. To your left are four guys hiding behind various things. Kill them and go to the corner, there stands a lonely guard that has to die. Go forward and two guys in a car shoot at you, but not for long. Go down the stairs a bit ahead, towards the blip. Pegorino makes his escape in a boat. Get on the bike there and follow the coast line. There is a small jump you have to clear, and then later you get to a yellow indicated ramp. Go full speed over it. Niko jumps high and grabs on to the helicopter. LJ is flying it. Tap the button the game tells you to get into it. Now you take control of the helicopter. Time to take down Pegorino. Forget about hitting him. Simply put the finger on the mini-gun and follow him. He will shoot rockets at you, and at one point he will actually hit. Don't worry, just follow. Niko lands the chopper on the pier, Pegorino gets on land as well. Now chase him down. There are two guards straight ahead, one on the left side. Now follow him into the park. Shoot him until he has nothing left. With him dead, the last cut scene comes up. Pegorino out of the picture, Kate avenged, maybe now Niko can live on? This concludes the story of Grand Theft Auto IV. Now from here on I will cover everything else in the game. ==Assassin Missions== These missions are not part of the story, but needed for 100%. You can start these after the "Truck hustle" mission, when Phil tells you that you have some extra opportunities there. You get them at the one location in Alderney, in front of a payphone. As you get the missions, you can pick up an armor vest and some weapon behind the crates behind the fence left of the payphone. It is marked on the map as a crosshair. ===Water hazard=== Reward: $ The guy you talk to gets added to your phone as "Fixer" now. Go towards the red blip, it is a boat out on the water. Kill the guy with the red arrow. Then second guy there will get out a rifle and try to kill you, take him down too and you are done. ===Derelict Target=== Reward: $ You have to kill three men. Approach from the east between the houses and you see the first guy with some others between a van and the building. Kill him and the guys with him. Another guard is standing in a window a couple levels up. Go inside the empty building and up one level. Two guys are standing guard here. Take the southern stair way and kill the one just on top, then go up. Fight your way to the top and take down the guys on each level. With the last one down, you are done. ===Bailing out for good=== Reward: $ At the red blip is a police station. The guy comes out. You might be able to kill him fast then, or you wait until he gets in the car and drives off. Kill him either outside or follow the car and kill him that way. Either way, once he is wasted (even if not all passengers are dead) you are done. ===R.U.B. Down=== Reward: $4000 Your target is in the industrial park not far to the south. There are actually three, and they are all on bikes. Your best chance is to get close, kill all the guys there with an assault rifle quickly. If one runs away, you have to chase them down and kill them. If you are fast, that won’t be needed though. ===Industrial Action=== Reward: $7500 Three more guys have to die in the industrial park, to the south. They are up high on some walkways. Use the sniper form the north side and pick off as much as you can. Then get closer and they will come towards you. Take the rest out, which should be easy since there is not much cover for them, and you got this one done. ===Taken out=== Reward: $ This one is moving in a convoy. Take a good handling car and drive up towards the target. They stay static until you get closer. The game will give you a message about the convoy and then they start moving. It is a stretch and two SUVs. The simplest way is to station yourself somewhere and blow the stretch to bits with a rocket. Alternatively, ram the stretch, kill the driver, which will make the guy inside panic and exit the car. Now kill him however you please. ===Migration control=== Reward: $3000 Grab the weapon behind the fence, it is a rocket launcher, you will need it. Go to the booth tunnel, then drive to the right side of it, down the stairs and up the stairs in front. Don't go to close to the helicopter. Aim your rocket on it and wait for the guy to get into the helicopter or very close. Now fire it and blow the chopper up. If it doesn’t kill him, switch to the sniper rifle and take him down with that. ===Dead End=== Reward: $ Go towards the blip. The car there will run away a bit south and then go into an alley. Do not shoot at it. In the alley, it will stop, this is an ambush. There are a lot of enemies here coming from all directions. Two get out of the car you followed, another car comes from the back and blocks you, and more come out of the warehouse to the left and from the top right. Your best chance is to stay back around the corner where the car is blocking you, and kill them as they come at you. You might take a few hits that way, but you should survive. ===Hook, Line and Sinker=== Reward: $ The target is on a boat. Drive up north towards the blip. Look at the map. Where the blip is, is a boat. Use that boat to get closer to the targets boat that is further out. You will get that blip when you get close to the shore. As you get closer, the target runs away. Now just follow the boat and shoot at it with your SMG. It does not matter if you actually hit the target or the guard next to them, just shoot the boat constantly, until it blows up. With this you are done the Assassin Missions. ==Stevie Vehicle Thefts== These side missions are required to get 100% in GTA4. By completing all of these missions, you will get another 2% closer to finishing the game. You get this option after the Mission "NO. 1" for Brucie has been completed as well as the "Smackdown" Mission for Derrick McReary. Stevie will send you a text message. In that message he will send you a short description where it is and a picture of it. The problem is, you do not get a blip, so you have to rely on looking for the vehicles by pure eye sight from what the text says and by driving around in the area. So this guide will describe where the vehicles are located. The game will randomly give these out to you, so you never get the exact same order of cars as I have here. Simply look up the name of the car and then follow the instructions. The car will always be in that exact same spot. It will only be there when you get the message for it. Once you got a vehicle, bring it to south Bohan, a bit to the east of the safe house there. The entrance is on the east side of it, where it says "S&M Auto Sales". If you bring the vehicle in a perfect condition you get the reward stated here. If you have to break the window to jack it, that does not devalue the car. Only when you bump into things you get deductions, so drive it careful. After delivering a car, Stevie will take a few hours to dig out the next car he wants. Since it is close, simply go over to the safe house, save the game and Stevie will text you the next one. With this guide you should find them in a breeze. A very fast way is to simply set a way point on the location described, then get in a cab and let him drive you there. You can skip trips in the cab and make it there in no time. You will spend most of your time with only driving to the lock up this way. ===Banshee=== Reward: $26400 Algonquin, Middle Park West. Parked west of a building that says Mammon Heights, facing north. On the other side of the street is the art gallery. the easiest way to find this is to go to the southwest corner of middle park, go one block west and then turn right to the north. The Banshee is on your right side in all its orange glory. ===Bobcat=== Reward: $8250 Dukes, Francis International Airport. On top of the multistory car park, west of the terminal. Just go up to the roof and there you find it in the south area, parked on the middle part in front of a pay station. ===Buccaneer=== Reward: $5940 Bohan, Industrial. Look at the map of Bohan, in the southeast corner is a two lane highway going southwest and then just ends out on the water. Go under that highway, on the road that goes northwest to southeast. At the corner where that road turns east, just south of it, is this car. ===Cavalcade=== Reward: $23100 Alderney, Leftwood. Just north of the Hospital here. If you look at the map and see the northern pay and spray, locate the road to the northwest that starts going west, makes a hairpin curve southwards and then goes to the northwest. Where that road ends is a house with a small wall and behind that small wall (visible from the street) is the car, parked facing west. ===Cognoscenti=== Reward: $29700 Alderney City. From the north pay and spray go west, take the first south. At the third corner where the thin street meets the thicker street that goes south to west, stop here. Look to the east into the alley, it is parked on the south side of it about in the middle. ===Comet=== Reward: $19800 Algonquin, Westminster. look at the southern Pay and spray at the west coast of Algonquin. There is a set of three docks to the west a bit south of here. The northern one of the three has a big packing lot (darker street, looks like an alley on the map) to the east. Go there. To the northwest is a big domed building. ===Contender=== Reward: $8250 Dukes, Boabo. This is the same location you have been in the Bleed Out mission of the story. The guy dropped his car here and ran up the stairs. If you don't know any more where that is, then look where the Algonquin bridge hits the land. the first road that goes under it in the west, follow it a bit north. Before it curves to the east, look to the west through the gate of a factory with two large buildings. The car is in between. ===Coquette=== Reward: $13530 Algonquin, Suffolk. Take the road north of the weapons shop and go west. At the fifth intersection go north and there look to the west. There is a church here. The coquette is parked right on the street here, west side of the road. This road is also directly two blocks south of the big sky scraper. ===DF8-90=== Reward: $5940 Broker, Hove Beach. Southeast of the broker safe house is a train station. You can see the symbol for it overlapping a building to the north on the map. That is the train station and on ground level, you have a parking garage in the south-eastern corner, where this one is parked. ===Dilettante=== Reward: $6600 Dukes, Willis. Take the road west of the northern car wash to the north. At the third road that goes west and turn left. The Dilettante is parked on the right side (north) here. If you look to the east you should see the "Big Willis Mall" sign. ===Dukes=== Reward: $7260 Algonquin, East Holland. Go to the northern Modo cloth store. Across the street to the southeast, the Dukes is parked facing east just as the street goes downward. You can see the cloth store easy from where the car is parked. ===Faggio=== Reward: $2310 Algonquin, Chinatown. One block south and then a bit to the west of the gun shop, on the north side of the street. ===Freeway=== Reward: $6600 Dukes, Willis. Go to the northeast car wash. the bike is just south of it parked on the street, on the eastern side, facing north. ===Huntley Sport=== Reward: $13200 Bohan, Northern Gardens. In northern Bohan, where the two lane high way from the east merges into one lane again, a small road goes south. At that corner to the southeast is a police station. The car is parked in a parking lot with a wall around it in the north of the station. It opens up to the west which is also the direction the car faces. Be careful there is a cop standing right next to it. ===Infernus=== Reward: $33000 Dukes, Downtown. Look for the circle in outlook, with the big arch on it. Go north from it and you will see the Infernus parked on the east street side facing north, in front of a place that has a sign "Pizza Salad" on it. ===Intruder=== Reward: $8250 Broker, Rotterdam Hill. Take the road that is south of the weapons shop and go west on it. "Follow" it generally to the northwest then west again. Here the road makes a curve to the southeast. Before the curve, this one is parked. There also is a hot dog stand here. The car faces west. ===Manana=== Reward: $3960 Dukes, Heights. One block east of the Cluckin Bell in Cerveza Heights. You will see an old burger shot there that is no longer open. The Manana is parked on the south side of it facing west. The block it is in has an alley on the map that goes from east to the south. ===Moonbeam=== Reward: $7260 Charge Island. The street on Charge island in the northeast goes close to the water front. Just as it curves back to the southwest, there is a parking lot (darker grey area on the map). The Moonbeam is in the middle of the southern end here, facing north. ===NRG 900=== Reward: $8250 Algonquin, Lancaster. From the northeast corner of middle park, go east one block then turn south. The bike is parked on the east side of the street in the middle of this block, facing north. ===PMP 600=== Reward: $10560 Algonquin, The Exchange. Look at the map in southern Algonquin. IN the block just north of the Perseus cloth store is a bank (occupying the south-eastern part of that block). Just north of that is an alley (same colored street as the surrounding streets though) in which the PMP is parked. ===Patriot=== Reward: $16500 Algonquin, The Exchange. Go one block west from the southern Perseus cloth store and then one block south. On the southwest corner of the next block to the south, on its south side, facing west is this one parked. Can't miss a yellow Patriot really. ===Rancher=== Reward: $8250 Located in Alderney in the Port Tudor area. Look at the map and locate the weapons shop. Now from here to the east are two docks that have roads on them. To the west of those docks are two buildings with roads around them. The southern of the two has the northeast corner missing. The Rancher is in that corner. ===Rebla=== Reward: $11550 Algonquin, The Triangle. From the clucking bell, go south and take the second road east. Stop at the next corner and look to the southeast. There is a restaurant with a crab logo. The Rebla is parked outside it, on the east side of the road, facing north. Across the corner to the northeast is the building of the Daily Globe. ===Sabre GT=== Reward: $8250 Parked in a drive way facing north, in Dukes. Drive the road that is to the east of the large circle in meadows park to the north. At the corner of the street that goes east in a slight southward wave stop. It is well south of the two large circles. Look to the northeast, there is a house there with a drive way and a two door garage. The Sabre GT is parked in front of the right one. ===Sentinel=== Reward: $8250 Alderney, Normandy. Go west from the booth tunnel, take the second one south and then turn left again. There is a sign Tudor Port on your right. The car is behind the sign and before the gates ahead. It is parked facing north, on the west side of the road leading into the gated area. ===Sultan=== Reward: $11550 Alderney, Bechem. ===Super GT=== Reward: $36300 Algonquin, The Exchange. Go from the southern Perseus store to the north (through the street that is a bit wavy). On the third street, after the 69 Exchange, turn west and you should see it parked there on the northern side of the road facing west. Right next to it is a bank. ===Turismo=== Reward: $36300 Alderney, Westdyke. Go from the northern car wash. Take the road south of it to the west then south. Turn east and when the next road goes off to the south, stop. Just to the north of here in that block is house that has on the map a marking of an alley in a T shape. It is the western most one here. In the northeast corner of that T is the Turismo parked. ===Voodoo=== Reward: $6600 Dukes, East Island City. Very simple. Just come off the bridge East Borough Bridge, follow this road till it ends and you bump right into it. It is parked on the east side of a street, to the east is a large tower form LC24, to the southeast a hotdog stand and a bit to the southwest a police station. Be careful of those cops. ===Washington=== Reward: $7260 Dukes, Steinway. Look at Dukes. there is the large elongated circular park in the northwest on the western shore. Go to its west side. The Washington is parked on the west side of the road here, facing south. ==Vigilante== These side missions are required to get 100% in GTA4. By completing all of these missions, you will get another 2.50% closer to finishing the game. You can start doing these after the "Crime and Punishment" mission. In earlier games you had to do them in one long string. Not anymore. All you have to do is complete 20 challenges in total. You can take a break, restock weapons and armor, even save in between whenever you want, as long as you have not accepted a mission yet. I would recommend to have a full ammo bag of SMG ammo with you and be at full health and armor when doing these. It will help you a lot. Now go and find a cop car. There are some parked everywhere in the city and of course some cruising. I would recommend using tee parked ones. Make sure you have no wanted rating then stop the car. Press the button to access the police computer. Select view current crimes. Now select one of the three random generated crimes. It can be a stolen car, which is a car full of gangster that shoot at you when you come close. You have to kill them or destroy the car to finish this one. Gang Activity means a group of four guys mostly you have to kill in some back alley. Criminal on foot is a single guy running away on foot, which is relatively easy to find. The last two are definitely the easier ones. Once you selected one, you get a red marker of where your target is and a timer. You have that amount of time to get to your target. The timer only is for getting close. Once you are close to where you have to be, the timer goes away and you can do the mission until you are done or dead. With the mission over, you will lose any wanted level you might have gained (as long as you did not shoot any cops). If your car blows up, just go grab a new one. You can also select from the police computer "Call Police Backup" and a new car arrives, or call 911 on your phone. When taking on single people, try to run them over first, that usually kills them straight off or at least knocks them down. Now you can easy get out of the car and kill him. Gangs are groups. Try to come at them from cover, like around the corner or from above. Also use grenades to throw into their midst. You will kill a lot and at least hurt a bunch as well. In the higher levels they start to use them too, so be careful. The cars are the most annoying ones. Try to avoid them. If you can’t, into them, and shoot that the driver first. You can also be a bit behind and just shoot at the car in general until it catches fire. ==Most Wanted== These side missions are required to get 100% in GTA4. By completing all of these missions, you will get another 2.50% closer to finishing the game. You can start doing these after the "Crime and Punishment" mission. Similar to the Vigilante missions you need a police car. Once you got one and have no wanted level, park and press the button for the police computer. Select "View Most Wanted". Depending on which island you are, you get a list of ten most wanted. now select one of them and you get to see a mug shot. Here use the same button for selecting again and it will put a blip on the map where the guy is hiding out. You should always have a lot of ammo, a full health and armor when you go to one of these locations. Some of them are easier to kill with different weapons, so read up on it before you start one of these missions. Once you started a mission you have to stay in the car until you get close to your target. If you leave the car for longer than 30 seconds (or fail the mission) you have to drive away from it and wait a while before you can attempt it again. If you get a wanted level while doing the mission, it will disappear once you are done. ===Bohan Dukes Broker=== ====Maxwell Caughlin==== Crime: Gang Related Violence He is just one block north of the safe house in Bohan. As you get to him, he will pull out and drive away. Shoot him and his buddy. Aim for the driver and the tires. If you can't get to aim precise, just fill the car with bullets until they bail out. ====Scott Guzowski==== Crime: Gang Related Violence He and his gang are hiding out in Steinway, in the large park to the west. Go to the road east of them, then hop over the wall. There is a small wall down here that gives you cover and you can take all four of them out from up here. ====Antoinio Rivette==== Crime: Racketeering He and his buddies hide in the train station at south slopes. Go there and go up the stairs. He has three helpers with him so be careful as this is all very crowded here. ====Rodrigo Stavnes==== Crime: Racketeering He and three friends are on foot. Look where the blip is and go to the road west of it (the GPS will lead you to the one east of it). As you get close they will run to the street here. Run them over or shoot them. They will go north and at the end of the street split up. So if you can kill them before that, you save time. ====Fernando Tisdel==== Crime: Human Trafficking Hides out in hove beach. He will come out in a car with three of his friends to the south of the blip. They will then make a run for it, keep up with them. Try to kill the driver as that will get them to stop and get out, or simply riddle the car with bullets. ====Tyler Pickrel==== Crime: Human Trafficking He is in Meadows Park, to the north east of the big circle in the park. He will make a run for it when you are close, but on foot. Run him over or gun him down. ====Preston Pecinovsky==== Crime: Credit Card Fraud He hides out in the northeast of Bohan. Approach him from the east. You can now gun them all down or blow up their two cars with a rocket launcher. The rockets are expensive and I would advise to only use that if they try to get away. Mostly you can just snipe them, even out if the car as they move. If they make off, grab a ride and follow, to kill every last one of them. ====Alonso Goralski==== Crime: Burglary There are two guys here at the Airport. When you approach one is in a car, the other stays near the gatehouse where the blip was. Hunt down the guy in the car first, then return for the other guy. Don't get too close to that second guy, he has a shotgun on him. ====Bert Reker==== Crime: Drug Trafficking These guys hide out in a junkyard in bobao. Approach from the southeast. s you go down the road, stop and pull out your sniper. From up here you can kill a fair number of them already. With their ranks thinned, go down and take out the rest. ====Freddy Paparo==== Crime: Grand Theft Auto Freddy is north in a parking lot in Steinway close to the water front, and to the west of the bridge going north. As you pull closer, you see Freddy and three friends pull out in a car. Now fill the car with bullets until it explodes or they bail out. Kill them all. ===Algonquin=== ====Shon Kikuchi==== Crime: Gang Related Violence He is in north holland, in the block across the north west corner of middle park. As soon as you get close, he will make a run for it in a banshee. At first he is rather slow, so try to get close and shoot him out of the driver seat. If that won’t work he will speed up. Just pump bullets into his car until it breaks down so he goes on foot or blows up. ====Jimmy Kand==== Crime: Gang Related Violence He is in the northern area of the X building in Northwood, the same Dwayne is in. Enter it through the south and use the stairs, just to the right and then around the corner to your left. On the first floor you will see the red target icon changes from up to filled and that means you are on the correct floor. Ignore everyone then shoot Jimmy in his room, as he lays there passed out. ====Simon Nashly==== Crime: Racketeering He and his gang hide out in Fishmarket South in the building with the sign Pier 45 on it that looks like a # sign on the map. You will find them all over the different levels of this building and they move around. So keep a close eye on the radar showing you the positions to get them all. Don't worry if cops show up (you can also kill them) as the wanted level goes away as soon as you kill the last of the gang. ====Tommy Francovic==== Crime: Racketeering As you approach him in Castle Garden City, he will take off on a bike driving north form his starting position. Ram him with your car and then drive over him or shoot him. Should not be too hard a thing to do, I managed with a tire completely blown off the police car. ====Barry Lamora==== Crime: Human Trafficking He is standing with two buddies on the northeast corner of the apartment building on the south area on Colony island. It is pretty straight forward, kill his friends, while he runs away, then chase him down. I have not seen him going for a vehicle, but could kill him before he might have gone to one. He went south towards the old hospital. ====Lino Friddell==== Crime: Hit and Run He and two of his buddies are close to middle park. As you approach the blip, they run to the east in that alley, then go north to an SUV parked there. If they make it, they drive off and you have to chase them down. Two easy ways to kill them is by simply driving into that alley and run them over. Or drive to the alley in the north and as they come for the SUV kill them. That also has the advantage that you block the SUV in case they do make it there. ====Juan Haimo==== Crime: Burglary Near the north end of Star Junction. When you get close, three bikes take off from there to the east. Your best bet is to stand right there where they come out and gun them down before they can get anywhere. Kill any that you can and if one makes off, chase him, bump the bike to make him fall off then drive over him or shoot him. ====Darren Covey==== Crime: Arms Dealing Hides with five of his cronies in a parking garage in Purgatory. you get up there over a ramp to the south. When you get the red targets, stop and get out of the car. Now take out your sniper rifle and shoot the guys form this distance (stand east of the barrier). They most likely have not one chance to hit you this way. You could also use the RPG on one of the cars to decimate them, but sniper is cheaper and pretty much as effective. ====Leo Brodell==== Crime: Drug Trafficking He is in a building, just south of the three X buildings in east holland. The entrance is on the north side, to the very east of the building. When you stand in front of it, the entrance is to the left and to the right is a blue banner on the buildings saying "Real Loose Clothing". The first one is just on the first landing, the second on the other side where the steps go up again. Exactly one level above that one is the third guy. The next level is clear. Another guy stands at the landing of the next level. Now go up to the door leading to the roof. Shoot the door and immediately to the right behind it is the next guy. The last one hides on the roof, to the right around the corner and behind a small wall when you get out there. ====Christov Mahonvic==== Crime: Grand Theft Auto He is in a building in Fishmarket south, just north of the broker bridge near the water front, with a lot of Garbage trucks parked to the south. One of the story missions brings you to this exact building as well. They all hide in there. Your best chance is to snipe them from the south, just when you get past the fence. Anything that is not reachable that way (there is one guy in the upper level just to the left when you enter) needs a close up visit, the rest should fall easy prey to the sniper without you getting one hit. ===Alderney=== ====Marty Boldenow==== Crime: Gang Related Violence He is hiding out in Acter, north of the gun shop. Approach it from the south. He has a whole crew there helping him out. Kill them all and this one is done. They are equipped with Assault rifles, so be careful. ====Noel Katsuda==== Crime: Gang Related Violence He and his gang is in southwest Tudor. Approach it from the south and west. Now throw a grenade over the wall then go in and clean up the rest. His gang has SMG's so use the cover here. ====Rodney McEniry==== Crime: Racketeering He and his crew are holed up in a back alley in Berchem. Approach it from the south and go into the alley to take him and his three helpers down. ====Glenn Lushbaugh==== Crime: Human Trafficking In Alderney City, just south of the high way across from the auto erotica. As you get close he pulls out of an alley and drives off. Now chase him and shoot the car to pieces. ====Phil Bacerra==== Crime: Hit and Run this one is close to the booth tunnel, jus to the southwest of it near the Marina. There you will see two trucks. Each has two guys in them. you need to kill all four for this to complete. ====Sergi Szerbin==== Crime: Burglary He is hiding next to the Pay and Spray in the north. Now drive to the street one south of the one in front of the shop. you can use a rocket launcher to blow up the car in front making a lot of damage to them, but that is very expensive with little pay off. Better use the sniper rifle and kill what you can from here, they won’t come at you. Go close and clean up what is still hiding. You can do this easy without a single shot hitting you. ====Danny Hatmaker==== Crime: Arms Dealing Hides out at the port area, Normandy. These guys stay in place too, around the large tanks close by. Watch the map to see targets that are above you, but most are on ground level. The last two hide between the containers to the southwest. ====Mervin Eskuchen==== Crime: Drug Trafficking He sits with his friends in two patriots to the west of the Internet Cafe. Approach from the north using the street just east of the blip. When you get the red targets, get out of the car with an assault or carbine and target the guys in the cars. You would be able to kill at least one of them with this. They often also stop then and you can easy pick all four off the streets. If they get moving, simply get in your car again and hunt them down. They drive very close here around the blocks all the time, so there is not much to worry about. You can also try to wait at a corner and blow them up with a rocket launcher, but that is unnecessary expensive. ====Frederick Harrison==== Crime: Grand Theft Auto He and his cronies hide in Tudor, near that old bridge. One of the guys is to the south under the bridge itself, the rest all hides up on the bridge. As you go up, check behind you, they like to shoot you in the back. Use your sniper when you can see them form far off. ====Keenan Burdett==== Crime: Armed Robbery He and a lot of his gang are hiding out in a multi-storey car park in Leftwood a bit to the north form the pay and spray. Go to the southwest corner here and enter through the door in the south wall. In here is a Sprunk soda machine. If you need some health while doing this, this will help. Go through the next door to the north, now follow the ramps just a bit to your right. Go up the levels. There are a few hiding behind pillars here, but the main force is on the roof. Now as you get sky above you, use your sniper rifle and shoot them. The last guys make a stand in the northeast corner. Remember the Sprunk machine at the entrance so you can refill your health here. Now all in Alderney are taken care of. ==Street Races== These side missions are required to get 100% in GTA4. You get this option after the Mission "NO. 1" of the main story. Call up Brucie and select "Race". Depending on which island you are, you get one of three races, in total there are nine. Once you called him, he gives you the location of one of the races. Completing this will give you 2% towards completion. You have to win all 9 races for this to be complete. Generally, use a car that you are comfy with. The Turismo is generally well liked as it handles very well and is very fast. The Infernus is faster but handles less well. You can also use a bike like the NRG900 which gives you an advantage in traffic but might kill you as well in a race. I have done all the races with a Coquette as I got most comfortable with it doing this, but the Turismo worked better when I redid some of those races. It's not about the car as long as it's fast, but more about how well you can handle it. If your car gets smashed up, drive to the next safe house, park it in the parking zone outside (the yellow marked one) go in and save. Now load the game you just saved again and the car will be in full repair. If you do not load, the car will stay the same. Alternatively, you can simply drive around, find the same car and jack it, and there you have a new one. Or if you are in the mood to spend some money, go to a pay and spray and they fix you right up. Try not to start a race at night, it makes it harder to see. Also you smash up your lights fast and then it gets even worse. Also rain influences the race greatly, so wait until the shower is over if it is raining before you start a race. If it starts while doing it, you just have to cope with it. Go slowly around corners, you have a better success rate than trying to power slide. You mostly wipe out if you don't get it just perfectly right, which will cost you a lot of time and most likely the first place. You can't sabotage the cars at the starting line or shoot them while racing, that will end the race and you lose. One thing you can do is get out of your car, if it is smashed up too much and jack another one. You can stay sixty seconds outside a car without failing the race. It's not recomended to switch cars during the race, chances of winning are close to none (except for the really long races). As opposed to previous games, you do not have to hit the markers perfectly. You can be pretty far away as long as you are in the same street. So try to cut corners and drive over sidewalks where you can make a faster track for yourself. As long as you hear the blip sound as you "collect" the markers you are fine. ===Dukes and Broker=== ====Dukes Boulevard==== Reward: $500 Three lap race around the boulevard. Run at high speeds but be careful after when going through the second curve, you can wipe out and even flip there easy. ====South Broker==== Reward: $500 Three lap race. you are mostly going around south broker from the Cafe Jacob is in and then through a lot of sharp turns. Make sure you got something that handles the corners well. Take advantage of the open distances to pass and ram competition into the walls where they get caught. ====Airport Run==== Reward: $500 Three laps of airport madness. There is an off ramp in the north that is the most dangerous place to flip your car. Other than that you should do fine. Speed up on the long stretch from the airport to the north to gain some lead on your competition. It pays off to be first early here. ===Algonquin=== ====Road to Bohan==== Reward: $500 Three lap race around the north east of Algonquin, heading over to Bohan and then back. The starting point is close by the northern internet cafe. Watch the road when you come over the northwood heights bridge and have to turn right, you can overshoot there easy and lose a lot of time. Similar on the road north just west of middle park, but less dangerous. Get driving fast on the straights and try not to bump into the rails on the bridges as those can lead to instant death if you flip over one. ====Star Junction==== Reward: $500 A five lap race around the star junction area downtown Algonquin. Just after the start it takes sharp turn right and another left, drive through that part slowly then speed up again. Most turns are simple, the streets are all wide here. Since its downtown, there are a lot of cars and some cops. Avoid hitting them or you get a wanted level. ====South Algonquin==== Reward: $500 A three lap race, starting in Castle Garden City to the southwest. Most of this is driven on the freeway. On these stretches floor it to gain distance. In the southeast is a turning point, take it slow, then floor it again. Close to the start is the second turning point, take that one very carefully, going through the start point until you are back on the freeway. ===Alderney=== ====South Alderney==== Reward: $500 Three lap race in the industrial south area of Alderney. You start just north of the honkers club, then it turns right, goes right again after bit north into the industrial. Next comes an S curve, right than left and a long stretch. Speed up here and then make the turn slowly to speed south again. Another sharp turn left than right and you are on the last stretch towards honkers. Look out for those S curves and the turning point. Other than that, full speed ahead. ====Alderney (Elevated)==== Reward: $500 This three lap race starts downtown Alderney and then goes south. There is a turn and it goes back north. This race has the most dangerous corner. When you come from the north towards the water, you can slide over a ramp there and fall into the water. So approach it with care, pull both brakes before you hit the corner to not lose due to water damage. This is made specially difficult since it is just when you come down the ramp from the freeway. On the drive north, cut the corners and you gain a lot of time. The game says only Alderney in the normal text when you do the race, but under the stats this one shows up as Elevated. ====North Alderney==== Reward: $500 A five lap race through north Alderney. Just after the start, the road goes a bit right and then a turn left. Ignore that and go straight east over the grass in the corner. You will avoid crashes at the beginning and shave of a few precious seconds in later laps. Drive careful until you are on the road that goes along the coast and turns west. Here is your chance to get some speed and put distance between you and the competition. When the road curves east again look closely at the map. It goes in a slight wave to the south. Now on the map you can see the marker in front of you and then comes a complicated stretch, the marker being to the east behind some buildings. If you would stick to the road, you would go in an arch to the north, but that is a slow route. Better, take a shortcut through the drive way just a bit north of where the road comes in from the west. You will see a hedge to the left of it. It looks like a tight squeeze but I have not seen any fast cars that would not fit. This will cut down extremely on your time and the other cars go around it, sometimes crashing into things and slowing them down even more. Be careful when you go through there though and keep to the left side, as on the right is a small box that will block your progress if you smash into it. With all the races done you are 2% closer to the end. ==Flying Rats== In Grand Theft Auto IV you are committing again to the fun sport of collecting things. Like in previous [[Grand Theft Auto Series|GTA games]] the collectibles are strewn all over the city. This time it's flying rats or pigeons. I will refer to them as pigeons to make life easier. Thankfully the pigeons stand still at all times, like someone glued their feet to the ground. They are always there, no matter the weather. Also you can spot them a bit easier at night, as they have a yellow glow around them, that is very tiny though, only about three to four times the pigeon itself. So if you can't spot it by day, try when it is darker. If you get close, you also hear them making their distinct sounds. The pigeons are strewn across the city, so you can't get them all until all bridges are unlocked. Also of course you need weapons. A sniper will take care of the ones that are far away. There are a lot close, so a normal handgun will do perfect for that. Also you need at least two grenades or moltovs for two special ones. You have to find and kill all two hundred pigeons in order to complete the game 100%. Collecting them all counts for 2% of the total. I have included the numbers from the official game guide. The number is what the guide says, and the sections are called BDB for Bohan/Dukes/Broker, AN is Algonquin and AY is Alderney. If you fire a weapon and a cop is close by, you will get a wanted level. So if that happens, get rid of it before continuing. Do not get caught or they will take your weapons, so do not let that happen. Here are maps to help you find the locations better. These maps will be replaced with better versions later. Click the image for a larger version, and you can click then the image again for the ultra large version.

[[Image:Grand_Theft_Auto_IV.Map.Pigeons1.jpg|300px]] [[Image:Grand_Theft_Auto_IV.Map.Pigeons2.jpg|300px]]</center> ===Flying Rat 1=== (72 BDB) Under the west side of the pier close to the water line at firefly Island. The pier gets a bit narrower at this point, so the supports that come from the north on the west side of the pier are moved a bit to the east from this point on where the pigeon sits. ===Flying Rat 2=== (69 BDB) On a crossbar of the Ferris wheel, just northeast of the last pigeon. Walk under it from the east and look up. It is between the two cabins that are closest to the ground there on a bar. ===Flying Rat 3=== (70 BDB) Go to the north of the rollercoaster so you see the sign Screamer. Look up between the A and M to the top most rail, there it sits. ===Flying Rat 4=== (73 BDB) Go down south to Beachgate. Take the first road left and stop the car. TO your right is a house. GO to its eastern side, where there is a porch. The pigeon sits there on a rail. ===Flying Rat 5=== (71 BDB) After the gate from beach gate, to the north east is a large building. The pigeon is on a railing at ground level to the east of it. Approach it from the south and you should walk into it. It's in a corner of the railing. ===Flying Rat 6=== (67 BDB) To the east of here. It is on the high way, in the middle of it actually, where the highway makes a 180 degree turn and splits up onto the eastern high ways. Drive up the ramps and stop just when you see the wall between the two directions coming down at an angle to the ground. The pigeon sits right there, at the end of the curve to the northwest, where the highway is relatively straight. ===Flying Rat 7=== (66 BDB) Take the road north of the roller coaster. Now go between the buildings to the west after the first road to the west. In the alley look on the western side of the building just north of the southernmost alley. There is door in a recess and above the door is the pigeon next to a small blue sign. ===Flying Rat 8=== (64 BDB) Sits on a wall, west to a breach in that wall that is guarded off to the north by some construction barriers. It is approximately north of the Beachgate entrance. On the map it looks like it is on the highway when you stand next to it. ===Flying Rat 9=== (68 BDB) Go to Hove Beach. Use the road one block south of Roman's apartment and go west one block. Now turn south and look at the three arches over the entrance to the area behind you with the sign "Welcome to Fantastic Firefly Island". The post to your most right (western most) has the pigeon on it. ===Flying Rat 10=== (65 BDB) Follow the road here to the northwest. When the next road goes off to the right, go the rail to the west. Look down, you should see a small jetty (it is visible on the map as a small protrusion). On the second most western post on the south side of it is this pigeon. ===Flying Rat 11=== (59 BDB) Stand north of Roman's taxi shop. Now turn a bit to your left. there is a gate that leads down to the docks, saying Broker Navy Yard above it. The pigeon is on top of the western supports for this sign. Seeing it is a bit harder. Go to the southwest corner of the taxi business, where the roof is lower, there is some sort of large metal boxes against the wall. you can climb on top of these and aim from here pretty well. ===Flying Rat 12=== (60 BDB) Close to the Platypus. From the ship, go east and north a bit. There is an area with a fence where some stacks and some empty spools are with two steel tower constructions that hold lights. To the northeast is the pigeon, hiding on top of the second air conditioner from the north on the west facing wall. You can see it also when you just go through the gate where the last pigeon was sitting on and then stand on behind the rail there to the north. ===Flying Rat 13=== (63 BDB) Go to the cabaret club. This pigeon is behind the sign there above the entrance. You can get to it by going above the hardware shop to the east of there and aim over to the sign. ===Flying Rat 14=== (61 BDB) On a rail in the gazebo in the Outlook park. The pigeon sits in the northeast corner of the gazebo. Inside the park, the Gazebo is very easy found by looking for a small circle on the map in the south area.. ===Flying Rat 15=== (62 BDB) Exit the park to the east and take one road south of the one to the east here, the one that does not connect to the freeway on the map. Drive east and stop at the wide alley to the north in the third block (before the street curves south). Go into that alley (it goes north-south). Now to the south are some stairs to the west. Go up that jump to the roof on the west, shimmy over to the right and climb up to the roof. The pigeon is in the northwest corner here, you have to go over the roof there with the gable to get to the area where the pigeon is hiding out. ===Flying Rat 16=== (58 BDB) Go north to the subway station in Schottler. From the last Pigeon just go out the alley to the north, turn left and at the next one right and this location is a bit to your right. Stand on the north side of the road and east of the station. There is a building that says "Jerk N Gizzada" on its south side. The pigeon sits on a pillar at the south western corner of that building. ===Flying Rat 17=== (57 BDB) Go to the east side of the block with the weapons shop in it. There is a sign on the facade that says Restaurant and in front is a free standing roof. On its northern edge sits this pigeon. There are two roofs like this here, it is the southern of the two. ===Flying Rat 18=== (53 BDB) Follow the road you are on now (east of the weapons shop) and go north. There is an on ramp for the high way. Get out of the car and walk on the north side of the eastern ramp to the tunnel that goes underneath it. Walk about into the middle under the highway and turn north. The pigeon is hiding on one of the steel beams above you, and you can only see it from the south. ===Flying Rat 19=== (52 BDB) Look at the map where Brucie’s place is. Now go north on that road in front of it. At the point where the road to the right appears, stop. Look at the map. The block to the northeast has a small alley that starts in the west and is sort of round in the middle. Go into that alley and look up and to the left. The pigeon is on a railing there on the lowest fire stairs. ===Flying Rat 20=== (47 BDB) Follow the road in front of Brucie’s place to the north. Watch out on your right, there will be a diner with the E broken. Now just look past it to the north. There is a sort of buttress from the big wall there and the pigeon sits in the middle of it. The building to the east here has "Storage" written on it. ===Flying Rat 21=== (51 BDB) Go up on the Algonquin bridge, then take the wrong lane (the southern one) and drive east to the first big support. Now get out of the car on the south side. The pigeon is on the rail here, west of the big support on the south side of the driving lane. You can see the clock tower to the southeast from here. ===Flying Rat 22=== (54 BDB) Cassidy Street in Schottler. Look at the map. From the street north of the Weapons shop, go east, turn left and then right again, follow the street until it ends and then turn left and immediately right again. This is Cassidy Street. The pigeon is in the north side of the block to your right. You should see it in about the middle, on the left railing close to the third door from the west. ===Flying Rat 23=== (55 BDB) Go down Cassidy Street to the east until you have to turn, then leave the car. Look to the east turn a bit left. There is a building with some fire stairs on it. The pigeon sits in the middle of the railing of the lowest level. ===Flying Rat 24=== (56 BDB) This one is hiding in a road construction site. go to the burger shot (between the two car washes, next to the high way). Go to the road on its western side and drive it south. Ahead is some construction going on. The pigeon is between the highway wall and the right of the two carts in there (compressors or generators). ===Flying Rat 25=== (45 BDB) Drive to the airport. When you curve north again in front of the terminal there is a sign with a gate to your left that says welcome to Francis international airport. On the right, in front of that gate is a post, about hip height with the pigeon on it. ===Flying Rat 26=== (44 BDB) This one is tricky. At the airport, go into the train station and up to the platform. Now go to the east side, across the track. Now run south. Aim towards the terminal when you are a bit into the curve to the west. there is a pillar with a hole in it to the right of the entrance. The pigeon is in that hole. You might need to go further to the right to see it and even then. ===Flying Rat 27=== (43 BDB) Stay up here next to the train tracks and go to the north. There are two buildings to the east that say "flyUS" on them. In between is a bit lower roof and on there some air conditioning machinery. The pigeon is hiding below those machines and you can shoot it from the tracks. ===Flying Rat 28=== (46 BDB) This one is tricky. It is on the control tower, sitting on the railing of the upper of the two protruding structures perfectly to the west. Problem is, you get a wanted rating of four stars if you go close. Now around the terminal is a road, behind some white and red barriers and a fence. As long as you don't step into the area behind those barriers, you will not get a wanted rating. simply go to the opening to the west of the tower and aim for the spot. If you are not close enough, kill whatever guards you see close by, Run forward a bit and then aim up. Even just a few steps will do the trick and you should have enough time to aim and take the pigeon out. Now just die or lose the wanted level somehow else. ===Flying Rat 29=== (39 BDB) Exit the airport to the north. Look at the map. There are two columns of round shapes, five on the left and three on the right. Go to place of the roads in the northwest corner of this area. Now head north into that park area and look a bit to the left for some small platform, not taller than Niko. It is about one third the distance from the road to the high way on the map. The pigeon is on the rail of it to the west. ===Flying Rat 30=== (37 BDB) To the northwest are two more round structures, a large and a small one. Go to the space between them and a bit to the south. There are some yellow doors in that bigger round structure here. You can just walk through them, they are not locked. the pigeon is right behind them. ===Flying Rat 31=== (40 BDB) Take the road to the east of those two round structures to the south. In the block after the cross road, take a close look to the east. Stand on the west side of it, there should be a house with a green canopy sticking out towards the west. The pigeon is hiding in the middle of some stone work where the canopy connects to the house. ===Flying Rat 32=== (42 BDB) Move one road to the east then go south towards the carwash. You will see the train tracks going over the road. Stop here. Now look at the north pillar on the east side of the road. Look where it connects to the rest of the structure holding the tracks up, there is the pigeon. ===Flying Rat 33=== (41 BDB) Ellery St, Meadow Hills. One of the harder ones. Go west on the road from the carwash here. Take the first right and then the first left. You are beside the train station here (it is to your south). Get onto the platform on the north side, then go to the western of the two roofs. There is a bench where the small roof starts, and behind it something with flowers in it. Here get up on that small wall behind the bench, the flowers will stop Niko from hoping just over it. Walk east a little on bench top and wall, then turn around facing west. Now jump so he grabs on to the roof. This is the most tricky bit. Once you are up on the roof, head west and then over the other roofs to the north across the street. You might need to jump to get on top of the roof straight ahead when you go north. Now up here go to the eastern side, where the access to the building should be. the pigeon is hiding there where the door leads into the building. This part is facing east and is recessed, so there is no other way than to climb up here. I have tried grenades but I have not gotten it right with ten of them, so it is cheaper to just do the climbing. ===Flying Rat 34=== (38 BDB) Go to the big circle in the park to your northwest. It has a huge globe in the middle and a statue directly to the north. On the north side of the statue at its foot is a sign and on that sign is the pigeon. ===Flying Rat 35=== (49 BDB) Look at the map and locate the block of buildings to the west of it. Go to the southernmost of these ones and circle around it to the west side. There is some stairs leading to a porch and from there more leading to the roof. Get on top of it and then even one bit higher. Up there turn east and look at the chimney. The pigeon has nested in there. ===Flying Rat 36=== (36 BDB) Take the road that goes directly north of the large circle to the west. At the second road you cross stop and look northwest. There is a building with the southeast corner of it sticking out upwards from the rest of it. You will see that it has open areas where windows should be. Throw up there a grenade or a Molotov. That should kill the pigeon that hides in there. Alternatively, get a chopper and fly on to the roof. ===Flying Rat 37=== (50 BDB) Take the road that is just north of the clucking bell and drive east. You will get to a train station (after the third crossing). Get out of the car and use the stairs up into the station on the north side of the road. Up there turn around to look north when you are on the platform. To your left are a few ticket machines and some stairs leading up more north. Behind those machines is the roof of the stairs you just came up on. The pigeon sits on the northern edge on that roof part, behind the machines. ===Flying Rat 38=== (48 BDB) Go to the block north of clucking bell. Go around it to the north and into the alley in the middle. To your right is a basketball court. The pigeon hides on top of the northern of the two hoops. ===Flying Rat 39=== (34 BDB) Head into the alley where the darts place is. South of it on the map you see four identical rectangles, the second from the south, has the pigeon on its northwest corner of the wall around its patio. This patio is different from the other ones as it has a wooden wall built on top of the stone wall, you can't miss it. ===Flying Rat 40=== (33 BDB) Exit the alley to the east and go north. At the next crossroad, look into the tree in the northwest corner. It hides among the branches close to the stem. ===Flying Rat 41=== (35 BDB) Go east one block on the north side of the road. Take the stairs up into the train station here. When you come up the stairs turn left and look up into the rafters. The pigeon hides in the second set to the left of the pillar. ===Flying Rat 42=== (29 BDB) Down on street level, go one block north. There the street make a curve to the west and there is some sort of ramp to the east. Go around it so you stand on the east side of the ramp and look west. The pigeon is on a dirt mound directly behind the ramp. ===Flying Rat 43=== (28 BDB) Follow the road to the west till you get to the light. Get out of the car and look directly to the north of the road. The pigeon is sitting there on a rock at eye height. ===Flying Rat 44=== (24 BDB) Go further west and park at the next crossroad. Get on foot into the area to the northwest. It is a sort of cemetery. Take the southern path to the east and in the middle stand at the small wall to the north and look down. The pigeon is on the south center point of a small roof below you. You should just be able to see it. ===Flying Rat 45=== (25 BDB) Go back to the car and take the road that goes north then curves to the east. Follow it, watching the wall to your left. When you see a hole in it and behind it some playground equipment, stop, get out and jump over the wall here. Look at the playground equipment. The pigeon is on the closer of the blue bars to the right of the playground equipment. ===Flying Rat 46=== (26 BDB) Back to your car and follow the road further to the east. Get into the parking lot to your left when the wall opens a large gap. Stop and turn around facing south. This pigeon sits on the wall. ===Flying Rat 47=== (27 BDB) Just next to the previous pigeon, but this one is on the ground level, south of that wall next to a large tree. ===Flying Rat 48=== (32 BDB) Head back west and take the next road right. The road curves to the south and goes by a large area with two rounded ends. In the south end is a spring board. Get on top of that and the pigeon is on the western railing at the highest platform. ===Flying Rat 49=== (31 BDB) From the springboard, go to the path west, but not to the road! Take the path south, it leads into a tunnel. At the corner of the tunnel you will find the pigeon on the ground. ===Flying Rat 50=== (30 BDB) Get onto the East Borough Bridge, which is just above you actually. Drive on the wrong side of the road, till you get to the support that is in the water. Get out of the car and hop over the barrier to the pedestrian walk way. The pigeon is on the side wall of the bridge, west of the support pillar, but very close to it. ===Flying Rat 51=== (23 BDB) Go to the Dukes bay bridge (most north eastern one). Get out of your car and jump down into the water to your left. Swim over to the dock you can see there to the west and stand on the northern most part. Now aim at the bridge. Follow the supports from the south to the north and you will notice that at one point they all get a lot smaller at one point. Where that cut off point is, look at the last "tall" support and you will find the pigeon in the middle of that one. If you prefer to count, it is the sixth form the south that stands completely in the water. This was the last one in Broker and Dukes or very close to those locations. Next up is Bohan. ===Flying Rat 52=== (9 BDB) Drive to the parking area in the north-eastern corner, accessible through a tunnel under the high way. Get out of the car and follow the coast to the south. At the point where a road connects to the high way to the east, look down over the edge and to the right (south) and you should see the pigeon on some rocks there. ===Flying Rat 53=== (8 BDB) Go back and get into your car. Drive again under the high way. Now straight ahead is a block with an alley that goes north south. In the middle of that alley is this pigeon sitting on a pipe on the east side of it. ===Flying Rat 54=== (7 BDB) Look at the map. From the lips icon (strip club) look to the north west and you see a round area up there. The pigeon is on the south side of the small structure that is in the middle of that circle above the sign that says "Welcome to Northern Gardens". ===Flying Rat 55=== (18 BDB) This pigeon sits on top of a round lamp, on the west side of a building. The building is in the south, pretty much exactly south from the alley of the second to last pigeon, but past the high way. There is a big tank to the east of it and some fence on that corner as well. The lamp is the most northern one. ===Flying Rat 56=== (17 BDB) This one is located in a window of the bridge of a boat. If you go directly southwest from the strip club, you hit a wall. Go to your right and the wall opens to a high up walk area. Down to your left is the boat. Walk down to the southwest a little in order to see the pigeon as it sits in a window to the northwest. ===Flying Rat 57=== (16 BDB) From the last pigeon, you can go through some doors under the train tracks. Now there is a long building on the map to your left and a taller on to your right, that is not on the map. The pigeon is on the taller one. Use the stairs and the ladder on the southwest side of the building to climb up one level, and then again a set to the second. Now on this level, go to the southeast corner and you will find the pigeon. ===Flying Rat 58=== (6 BDB) Go to the road north, and then north east. Go on foot here, and up the hill. There is a fence up there, after you go under the bridge. Get over it and then walk back towards where you came from (follow the fence to the south on its northern side). At intervals there are stone decorations in it, on the third is the pigeon hiding out. ===Flying Rat 59=== (4 BDB) From here go to the north east on foot. The path will go down to the east, and to your right there is a wall. Hop on to that wall and look more to the east. On the structure up ahead is the pigeon, in the middle of that roof. You can take it from here. ===Flying Rat 60=== (2 BDB) Look at the map. the north coast of Bohan has in the middle some rocks and then tree docks to the west of it sticking out. Go to these docks. Drop down to the water level and walk a bit into the water. Turn around facing southeast. The pigeon is halfway under the middle dock, close to the shore. ===Flying Rat 61=== (1 BDB) Walk on the shore to the west here. Another set of docks are here. Ignore the docks, but look at the open area. There are two concrete barriers here, the pigeon sits on the northern of the two. ===Flying Rat 62=== (3 BDB) That road that goes onto the bridge, take it to the east. Go the third form the west north and stop the car after the road curves to the east again. After the second street lamp to your left, stop the car and go to the wall to your left (north side of the road). Look over the wall and you should see the pigeon on a ledge below the wall a bit. To the northwest here is a park with a pond in it you can see on the map. ===Flying Rat 63=== (5 BDB) Go back down to the southwest to the crossing with the large road that leads to the bridge. On the south side of that crossing get out of the car and walk to the east on that path that is for pedestrians, not into the tunnel! The first house entrance to your right has the number 1665 on the red canopy and a red painted iron bar fence in front of it. The pigeon sits on a post to the left (east) when you stand in front of it, where the fence meets the wall. ===Flying Rat 64=== (10 BDB) Look at the map. If you come from the west over the Northwood Heights Bridge, take the second road to the south, which does a curve to the east. Just after that corner stop and go into the block to the west in that alley you can see on the map. This block is just north of the block with the train station (where we go after this). In that curve is an entrance to an alley (on the left is a building in red with a sign for Karate on its wall). Go in there and in the area where the alley gets larger is some fencing to your right. The pigeon sits on top of the first fence posts to your right, a bit above your head. ===Flying Rat 65=== (11 BDB) Exit the alley to the south, there is a hole in the fence here, cross the road and you stand under the subway station. On the north side below the station is some construction going on. A small part is walled in with boards and around those are low concrete barriers with diagonal red stripes. A gap to the north lets you go inside and see the pigeon just to your left on the floor. ===Flying Rat 66=== (13 BDB) Wallkill Ave, South Bohan. From the subway, take the southern road east and the next to your right, south. Cross the next street and then stop. To your right is a block that looks solid on the map. There is a clucking bell ad on the side of the house and to the right of that is an open area with some wall standing freely there. This pigeon is sitting on a ledge facing south at about chest height. ===Flying Rat 67=== (12 BDB) Exactly in the same area where the last one is. Just look up and to the right to see this one perched on the steel bar connecting that piece of wall the last pigeon was on to the building in the north. ===Flying Rat 68=== (14 BDB) Go exactly one block east, or in other terms to the block north of the safe house. The building in the northeast corner of the block to the west says cleaners on the east side. The pigeon is sitting on the southwest corner on top of that building. To get it, just go to the road a bit to the north and walk it towards the east as it goes upwards there. You should have enough elevation to see it. ===Flying Rat 69=== (15 BDB) Same roof as the last one, just a bit to the right (north) of the other. ===Flying Rat 70=== (22 BDB) From the safe house, take the road south of it to the east. After the second street going north here on the map, comes an alley going north (and a bit later the street curves north too). Go into that alley and walk to its north end. Turn around. The pigeon is to your right, very close to the wall of the building that is on the western side of the ally, on its northern wall. It is very close to the alley and a little above eye height. To your right are two semi-trailers parked. ===Flying Rat 71=== (21 BDB) Take the road to the south of the safe house again and go west from here, or east from the safe house. Take the only road south here (not the high way with the bridge) that curves to the west and is a dead end according to the map. Before the curve starts to the southwest, there is some scaffolding to the left and a small wall starts. Get out of the car and go in between there and then down the stairs to your right. On the bottom take the stairs to your right up a bit again and you stand under the bridge that holds the road I described above. The pigeon is on the wall to the south here, where a piece of the top part of the wall is missing at head height. ===Flying Rat 72=== (20 BDB) From here walk to the west. You go under the highway going south and come to some construction site. In front of you will be two pieces of pipe, large enough for you to stand in, one is turned up one is aligned north south to your right. In that second pipe is the pigeon on the ground, just have a look from the north. These pipes are located in the southeast corner of the yard. ===Flying Rat 73=== (19 BDB) Walk around the construction yard to the northwest close to the water. You can see on the map of south western Bohan a small extrusion with a small single dot to the southwest of it as well. The pigeon is located on that dot. When you get closer you will see it is a tall rock, that goes to a point to your right. The pigeon is on that point. You can shoot it through the fence here at the shore, or go up to the other houses to the east of it and do it from there. That was the last one in Bohan. Check if you got 70 now, or 130 left. Now off to charge Island. ===Flying Rat 74=== (24 AN) Remember the boat yard in the northwest corner of charge island? You were here during a story mission. Go there, walk along its northern side to the west. To your right are two boats, one with a yellow trim the larger with a blue one. The pigeon is on the front tip of that blue trimmed one. ===Flying Rat 75=== (29 AN) Follow the road that goes to the east and curves south on charge island. To your right there will be three large tanks, then a parking lot. The pigeon is in that parking lot. It has two street lamps in the middle of it, the pigeon is on the ground level north of the southern lamp. ===Flying Rat 76=== (23 AN) Go on top of the east borough bridge from charge island to Algonquin. Just when the roads split up on the western side, stop the car. Turn around. The pigeon is in the middle of the western most overhead beams. Now on to Algonquin and close by things. First clean off a couple of small things on the side. ===Flying Rat 77=== (58 AN) Go to the Helitours in the southeast. Steal a Helitours Maverick here, and take it north to Broker bridge, right in front of you. Land on top of the western large support. The pigeon is on a rail up here, on the northern most edge. ===Flying Rat 78=== (59 AN) Bring back the chopper and get out. Now get to the building at the Helitours and from here follow the water to the north. At the first set of benches to your right there is a post between the railings. The pigeon sits on it. ===Flying Rat 79=== (61 AN) Take the two lane road to the southwest and do not go down the tunnel. Stop the car and look the right. There is a fenced in park, very narrow and mostly stone. In the center of that park is a round ornament on the ground. In the middle of that is this pigeon. ===Flying Rat 80=== (65 AN) Go southwest of here. There is a construction site here. In the southwest corner of the site are some containers. Of the highest stacked ones, the western one has the pigeon on top. Climb on the containers to the west most and aim over. You should see it easy form there. ===Flying Rat 81=== (62 AN) Take the double lane road to the west and turn north last chance, before the two lane highway goes north itself. Now look on the right side in those planters. The pigeon hides in there. ===Flying Rat 82=== (63 AN) Go to the west of here, where there are all the jetties pointing towards happiness island. Between the two southern one on the rail of one of the ramps is this one. ===Flying Rat 83=== (64 AN) Grab a boat form one of the jetties here or to the north. Drive around to the south. There are six bumps sticking out to the southeast. After the second from the south, look to the north west. There are some open areas you can see into the building. Get close to the one on the left (west) and throw a grenade in there, that should do it. You can also use a boat, like a reefer that is tall to see into it and snipe it. ===Flying Rat 84=== (66 AN) Drive the boat over to the happiness island and then go to the statue. Go inside the statue on the south side of it and up to the highest level you can on foot. On the north ledge there is the pigeon. ===Flying Rat 85=== (67 AN) Now go down the levels again, before you go inside to go lower. Here stand in the south western most star protrusion and aim up with a sniper. Look at the hand that holds the tablet. On top of the hand is the pigeon. ===Flying Rat 86=== (69 AN) Go down to ground level again and walk around to the north. Stand at the base, between base and trees. Aim up. There is one on the forehead of the statue, just below the crown. ===Flying Rat 87=== (70 AN) Aim up to the left to the cup. There is one on the lower rim of the cup. ===Flying Rat 88=== (71 AN) And just to the left, higher up is the next one. ===Flying Rat 89=== (68 AN) Go around to the west a little, and aim for the western shoulder of the statue. It is sitting right up there. That is all for happiness island. ===Flying Rat 90=== (60 AN) Take a boat and go back to Algonquin. Now go to the southern Perseus cloth store. From here go north using the road to the east of it. Just a tiny bit more north is a road between the buildings to the left. Walk in there and look to the right. There are some posts standing there in front of the building. On the eastern most post of the western group of posts is this pigeon. ===Flying Rat 91=== (57 AN) Look at the map and locate the weapons shop. Now look at the roads to the east. There is a double lane road next to the shore. Now under the bridge between that road on the map and the next to the west is a skate park. The pigeon is on top of the ramps in the southwest corner. ===Flying Rat 92=== (56 AN) Now from the weapons shop, look to the west. There is one small road and then comes the large wide road. Look to the north of the block on the same height as the weapons shop. It is a large building with decorations. The pigeon is on hip height on one of those stone works in about the middle of the building. ===Flying Rat 93=== (55 AN) If you follow the road coming down broker bridge to the west, it ends at a block where you can see some wide alleys inside. Go into this blocks alley. In the middle of it is some stairs from northeast going up to the southwest. The pigeon is on the corner of the rails, above the point where the stairs starts to go up. ===Flying Rat 94=== (54 AN) Go to the block to the northeast of here. This is the church. Go into the alley in this block from the east. In the middle, there is some sort of small cemetery. You can see to your right on the hill on a tombstone the pigeon sitting. ===Flying Rat 95=== (53 AN) Walk out the alley to the west, turn north and take the next road west. There is a wall in the northwest part of this block, with two Italian flags painted on and a "Max Renda" billboard above it. On the east side of that wall is a gap, go in there. The pigeon is on the ground in front of you to the right a little. ===Flying Rat 96=== (47 AN) West of the gas station in the middle of the block is a freestanding bus stop shelter. The pigeon sits on the north side of it. ===Flying Rat 97=== (48 AN) Go two blocks north. There is a gas station here. Go into the alley in the middle of the block south of the gas station. There is some stairs in the middle, go up so you look back north. Now look to the right, east. There is a roof and on that roof is the pigeon. ===Flying Rat 98=== (34 AN) Use those stairs you went up again, and go them all the way to the top. Turn north and you see some construction barriers there. Destroy them by walking into them, then jump across to the old train track. If you do not do this, he will jump over the barrier and fall down behind them. Run north here now. It's three blocks to this pigeon, but this is the only good way up here. When you see on the map the track crossing the road that goes to the east onto the Algonquin bridge, you are there. The pigeon hides north of a pillar in the middle of this area. ===Flying Rat 99=== (49 AN) To the east of the pigeon second before last is a large tower. Go to the east side of it, there is an entrance with a bright blue arrow. Step into it and press the button the game tells you to get to the top. Now walk around the roof to the northwest corner. Here on the northern railing sits the pigeon. ===Flying Rat 100=== (50 AN) Go to the Cluckin bell. Cross the street to the west and walk to the corner southwards. Look to the southeast. There is a giant sharks front sticking out of the building. You can snipe the pigeon from here, as it is sitting behind his teeth in the bottom right area of the mouth. ===Flying Rat 101=== (51 AN) From Cluckin bell, go south, ignore the first road and then take the next to the east. Turn right again to the south and look to your right. There is some restaurant with neon red lettering. The pigeon sits on the southeast corner of that restaurants protruding setup. ===Flying Rat 102=== (52 AN) Follow the street to the south of here, eastwards. It's two lanes, you can't miss it. When you see the green sign overhead, stop and get out of the car. Go down the stairs next to the road on the south side of it. Once down the stairs, there is a fence to your left. Jump over it and in this small space here is the pigeon. ===Flying Rat 103=== (43 AN) Go to colony island. Stop the car on the main road between the first and the second road going east. Go to the west near the water front. You will find some large steps for people to sit on. the pigeon is in the middle of these stairs at ground level. ===Flying Rat 104=== (41 AN) Head more north and look for the suspension cable cars base station to your right. On the same level where people enter and leave the car, in the northwest corner on a rail is the pigeon. You can see it from the street level when you stand on the west side of this building. ===Flying Rat 105=== (42 AN) Just to the east of this station with the cable car is a building that has fire stairs on its west wall. Climb them all the way to the roof. Go to the south of the roof and you see a collapsed billboard spanning the gap. Jump across using the board as a bridge, go up the stairs to your left and then the next set too. Up here, look to the northern edge of the roof where the pigeon is sitting on the edge. ===Flying Rat 106=== (44 AN) Go south from here. There is some apartment blocks, and in the area in between that is open to the east is a small park. In that park is a merry go round and the pigeon sits on the axle in the middle. ===Flying Rat 107=== (46 AN) In the southeast corner of Colony island is the old hospital. It also plays a role in the "Snow Storm" mission. On the eastside at the north end is the entrance. Stand a bit to the east and look up to the top story windows. The pigeon sits there on the sill on the left most of the main entrance. A bit below it is a combat shotgun pickup. ===Flying Rat 108=== (45 AN) Back to Algonquin, over the leapers bridge. Just after the bridge, stop, get out and go to the north down the stairs there under the highway. Follow the wall to your left and around a corner. Turn south and you should see the pigeon on some garbage next to the wall. On the map you see an alley from the west hitting the highway pretty much where you stand now. ===Flying Rat 109=== (40 AN) Stay low and walk up the Algonquin bridge. When you get close, make sure you walk on the west side of it, there is a very narrow gap there between the buildings and the road. Now just keep walking straight. Where the road curves down and then up again, you know you are on the right track. The pigeon hides straight ahead in this small gap west of the road, between road and building. ===Flying Rat 110=== (39 AN) Get to the western end of the cable car, close by the last pigeon. Get up on the platform and look to the east in between the areas where the cars arrive. The pigeon sits there on a bar. ===Flying Rat 111=== (38 AN) Go to the street to the west from here, follow it to the south, take the first to the right and then go one block west. To your left is now a big statue of what I presume is Neptune (with a trident). Behind this statue is the pigeon on ground level. ===Flying Rat 112=== (37 AN) Go west two blocks and you get to the diagonal street (Burlesque). Turn right and drive half way up the block. On your right side is a bus parked mostly, and behind it is a tree. The pigeon hides in the branches a bit higher than your head. ===Flying Rat 113=== (36 AN) Just go a bit north and then west form here. Look to your left, there is a huge turntable on the side of the building. On the bottom right of it is some electric boxes and on those is the pigeon. ===Flying Rat 114=== (35 AN) The official guide has you run for a chopper on this one, totally unnecessary. Go to the west from the last pigeon and walk south between the buildings. The building to your left is where you need to go, but it is high up in the air. Lucky, on the western side of the building is a window washer platform. Step on it and ride it to the top. Get out, turn left and walk to the north corner. you should see the pigeon there sitting on a railing. ===Flying Rat 115=== (30 AN) Keep walking on the track north, drop down to the roof of the pay and spray with the spray can and then to street level. Use the road north of it, go to the corner to the east, turn left, go north and then go to the right into an alley to the east. Now the pigeon is in between the buildings, on a rail next to some small stairs in the northwest corner. It shouldn't take you long to find. ===Flying Rat 116=== (31 AN) Take the road south of this pigeon and drive east. Watch out to your left for the Sea Gull theatre. Next to it to the east is the Live Central. Now in between those are some trees. The third tree from the south has the pigeon up in is branches near the stem. ===Flying Rat 117=== (32 AN) One block to the east is a cathedral. Stand to the south and the east of it into that street there and aim for the eastern high tower. Look at the cross. On top of it is the pigeon. You might not see it, it blends extremely well, but it's there. ===Flying Rat 118=== (33 AN) Use the road to the south of the cathedral and go all the way to the east. turn north and watch over the fence to your right. About in the middle of this block there is a statue in the area behind the fence with a crosshair on it and some little figures around it. On the north side of it, next to the feet of the figures is the pigeon. You can snipe it from the side walk, looking through the fence a bit to the north of it, looking southeast. You will almost certainly get a wanted rating because you stand almost on top of a subway station. Get rid of the heat. ===Flying Rat 119=== (28 AN) Look at the map. to the east of the last pigeon is a two lane freeway that just comes out of a tunnel (color changes). A bit to the north is another road off to the west (off the freeway, not the one in between that is not connecting). At this point stop and get out of the car. Look to your right out on the water. There is a freighter close and behind it another one. Look to the southern end (your right side) on top of the cabin that is a block standing out from its deck. The pigeon sits on the left tip, northeast corner. ===Flying Rat 120=== (27 AN) That road that goes to the west from here, take it until you hit Columbus Ave, which is the wide street east of Middle park. Stop here and look to the north at the corner. There is a white canopy coming out form the building to your right with the pigeon sitting in the middle of the western most edge. ===Flying Rat 121=== (26 AN) Go to the southwest corner of middle park. Now go inside to the northeast, towards the U shape in the middle. Just before you hit that U shape on the map, is a short set of stairs between two sets of pillars. The closer on to you to your left (north west) has the pigeon on top of it. If you are on top of the U you went too far. ===Flying Rat 122=== (25 AN) Go again to the southwest corner of the park, then follow the street south of the park to the west. Go under the road ahead and when you can again, turn right. There are some stairs in front of you. Walk up them, turn right, go straight and then turn right again up some stairs. turn right. Here you find some planters. In the north-western one on the ground is the pigeon. ===Flying Rat 123=== (18 AN) Look on the map. Follow with your eyes the two lane road west of the last pigeon to the north. A bit up there to the right of it is a building that is pointed slightly to the northwest and its southern end is a bit narrower. When you get close it is inside a park and richly decorated with stone work. The pigeon is on the lower levels (a bit higher than your head) on the side facing southwest, pretty exactly in the middle. ===Flying Rat 124=== (19 AN) Now look on the map and locate a spot directly east from the pigeon you just eliminated, just west of Middle park. The building there has some wide stairs in front of it, two columns beside the entrance and usually two guards as well. It's the block just south of the road going through middle park. The pigeon is next to the entrance on a ledge in the left window. ===Flying Rat 125=== (16 AN) Use the road north of the last pigeon, go one block west and then turn to the north. Now watch on your left side. There is a road that is a bit darker on the map to your left. North and south of it is a bit of fence and a post. The pigeon sits on the northern of the two posts. ===Flying Rat 126=== (17 AN) Go into the north part of the park. Go to the boat house on the western shore of the most northern water area. The pigeon sits on the south east on top of the roof. You can either climb up (just jump when you are at the bottom, the roof is hanging so low you will grab it) or swim to that small island to the northeast and aim for the boat house. ===Flying Rat 127=== (20 AN) Go to the eastern side of middle park, to the road that runs through it. The entrance has two Stone pillars with round ornaments on top them north and south of it. On the northern one is the pigeon. ===Flying Rat 128=== (21 AN) To the southeast is another building with an impressive facade and long stone stairs. Go to the south side of the western wall. There is a rounded alcove next to the stairs above Niko's head. On the lower ledge of that alcove is the pigeon. ===Flying Rat 129=== (22 AN) From the road through middle park, go to the east until it ends. turn to your right, there is a railing of a subway station exit. The stairs start in the south of you. The pigeon is on that railing in the northwest corner of it. ===Flying Rat 130=== (12 AN) Follow the road the subway station is in to the north. You cross a wide road and then the one you are on makes a curvy wave line to the northwest. At the corner, before the road gets curvy, exit the car and go down the stairs to the northeast. Keep going in that direction down to the water. Now follow the shoreline to the north. You get to some concrete blocks and on the first one to the south sits this pigeon. ===Flying Rat 131=== (11 AN) Get back up to the streets. Go to the northeast where there are three X shaped buildings stacked, two on the bottom and one on top in the middle, on the map. Go to the southeast corner of that block and look into that same direction. You see a tall building with a blue trim and some fire stairs on the north side. Look closer at the right side of the second landings rails, where the rail hits the wall, you will find this pigeon. ===Flying Rat 132=== (5 AN) Go north on the east side of the road from here. To your right will come a building that has a tree north and south of it. Go to the north side of the building and look in the middle of the rail to the north. The pigeon has planted itself there. ===Flying Rat 133=== (4 AN) Walk around the block with the three X buildings. From the southwest corner go a bit north and look to the northwest at the corner there. The building across the street has a corner missing, you see bricks sticking out. The pigeon hides there on the second level in the south wall on some of those brocks facing east. ===Flying Rat 134=== (3 AN) Go one block west here, just south and a bit west of the pay and spray. A small alley goes north here with some low stone posts. The pigeon sits on the middle of these posts. ===Flying Rat 135=== (2 AN) Just north of Playboy X's penthouse (or yours if you killed him) is an alley. Walk through it to the next road. Turn around and look up and to your right. There on a tall wall is the pigeon. ===Flying Rat 136=== (1 AN) Use the road that goes north in the middle top part on the island. From there go around the posts and drive more north to the water front. Below you are a couple of barges. Look for the green pipes down there. To the west of them is a an open metal bin. Inside that bin is the pigeon. Now throw a grenade in there or jump over to it and climb into the bin, the choice is yours. ===Flying Rat 137=== (6 AN) Follow the shore line to the west and then south. At pretty exactly the same height as the internet cafe is, just before the road goes under another one, this pigeon sits on the ground on the small ledge next to the water, close to tall pole. ===Flying Rat 138=== (10 AN) From the corner of the Modo cloth shop go south one block and then to the middle of the block to the east. You are now one road north of the northern road that goes around middle park and in the center one of the three blocks. Enter the alley in between the houses and look straight and bit to the right. The pigeon is perched on the ledge here next to the stairs. ===Flying Rat 139=== (9 AN) Take the street north of the last pigeon and go two blocks west to the large street that is two lanes. Here the subway comes to the surface. Go to the wall in between the roads. On the north-western wall going north the pigeon has found its place to sit. ===Flying Rat 140=== (8 AN) To the northwest is the hospital. Enter the emergency area from the north, and go through the small door in the south of this part here. Now here are stairs, lots of them. Go all the way to the top. It is a long way. On the roof, go to the north railing and look south. There is a ladder leading up to the AC unit. On top on to your left on the fan's rim is the pigeon. ===Flying Rat 141=== (7 AN) come down the stairs again. As you do, you will notice there is a lower roof as well. Exit the stairs here and circle the hospital to the north all the way around to the west again. The pigeon is sitting on a post in the railing here. ===Flying Rat 142=== (15 AN) go to the northwest corner of the middle park. Now go west one block. The next block to the south and west has the pigeon in it. Get on foot and look to the southwest. There is a sand box over there in which the pigeon sits. ===Flying Rat 143=== (14 AN) On top of the Hickey bridge to Alderney. It's on the Algonquin side, on the south rail of the bridge, just west of the road that goes south off it directly and east of the first support. ===Flying Rat 144=== (13 AN) Under the same bridge. Go either to the other side, or stand on the dock to the north. Aim for the east side of the supports underneath it. The pigeon is in the center on top of the part that has vertical stripes all over it. That's it for Algonquin. Now only Alderney and 59 rats left. ===Flying Rat 145=== (13 AY) Cross the Hickey Bridge. Now look on the map. Look at the road that goes under it on its west side (the first road going north on the map) and where it meets the next road to the west. Go to that intersection and stand on the east side. There are some red and white pylons and a container there. Walk more to the east and look down. A bit to the northwest of the container, close to the shore is a ramp, used in the jump in the final mission. The pigeon sits on the south western support of that ramp and you can snipe it from up here. ===Flying Rat 146=== (12 AY) Use the highway west of the hickey bridge. When it goes upwards, to your right (north) is an empty billboard. Drive half way up the ramp and then get out. Look below the board on that roof where it is anchored and you see the pigeon sitting below it. ===Flying Rat 147=== (9 AY) From the last pigeon, use the road on the map that goes underneath the highway just to the west and go north. Ahead is a building with stone columns and some other decorations hanging around. Go into the alley east of it and head north. There in front of you on the buildings south wall ahead is a ladder, climb it up. Turn right and climb up the ladder you see here. Now you are facing south again. The pigeon is sitting on top of an entrance to the building, on some sort of air vent. ===Flying Rat 148=== (10 AY) Look at the map and look at the road that comes from the south and then curves west to the east of this location. on the east side is the police station and just north of it is a tree with the pigeon next to it on the ground. It is northeast of the northern of the two green gate houses there. Since it is near police you are bound to get a rating, unless you snipe it from far off. ===Flying Rat 149=== (5 AY) From the police station, follow the road north then west. Take the fourth street to the north, the one before this one curves south again. Take the next road on your right, again north and stop around the corner. On your right side (east) is a building with an air conditioner sticking out of the wall in the northern area. The pigeon sits on top of it, about at head height. ===Flying Rat 150=== (6 AY) From the last one, drive north, take the first road right the next left and the next one right again. Where the next road goes off to the left (north) stop the car and look at the building to the south here. Go around it to the eastern side and south. At the buildings southeast corner are some stairs leading south. The pigeon sits on a post to the east, just where the stairs start. ===Flying Rat 151=== (3 AY) Go to the burger shot in the north. From here leads a road to the north east to the abandoned house (you come here a couple times during the story). Drive up the road, take the first and second fork left then stop in the middle of that last bit of road (according to the map). Look to the east between the trees. The pigeon sits on ground level. ===Flying Rat 152=== (1 AY) Use Beaverhead Ave, the road just west of where you are now to go to the north. There is a road going north to the old casino, which is used in the very last mission. There is an underpass under it. Go there and look on the ground, just east of the burning barrel on the south side of it. ===Flying Rat 153=== (2 AY) Go to the west on the road south of the old casino and take the first one to the left. immediately to your right is a carwash/gas station. To the south of, across the street is a mansion with a fence. You can climb into that area from the west. Look north here and you see the pigeon on one of the fence posts on the northern side. ===Flying Rat 154=== (4 AY) Follow the street west of the last pigeon to the south. It will curve west wards. Inside that curve on the south side is a wall. The pigeon sits on the wall, in front of the tee that stands behind the wall. ===Flying Rat 155=== (7 AY) Keep following the road to the west, turn left to the south. Straight ahead on the coast is a restaurant with two water towers on it. To the east of it is a park (stairs on the western side lead up to it, or drive around it). Stand in that park then look over to the water towers. The right one has the pigeon below its supports. ===Flying Rat 156=== (8 AY) Look to the southeast. There is the hospital just across the street. Go to the northeast side of it, where the entrance is. When you stand in front of it looking straight at the entrance, look behind the tree to your left in that planter. The pigeon sits right there on the ground level. ===Flying Rat 157=== (11 AY) Go to the southwest from the hospital and to the south side of the freeway. Now go to the middle of the block between the most western road that goes under the freeway here and the one to the east of that. Here are a few stair steps and a large pillar of the freeway. Walk up the stair, turn right and look between the tree and the pillar of the freeway on the ground, here is this pigeon. ===Flying Rat 158=== (14 AY) Head east and take the second road to the south. Keep going south and you will see a building on the left with a red canopy at the south end. Standing in front of the building, look up to the right (west side of the building) and you see the pigeon sitting on the second level railing. ===Flying Rat 159=== (15 AY) Just across from the building the last pigeon was on, straight west from the red canopy, the pigeon sits on the rail of the first floors balcony, in the northwest corner of that building. ===Flying Rat 160=== (16 AY) Go south from here turn right, and then at the next road left again. To your right is a building with a slanted green area and three sets of stairs on its eastern side. To the north of the middle stairs on the upper railing closer to the building sits this pigeon. ===Flying Rat 161=== (17 AY) Head east, where the last buildings south side is. After the traffic light, there is a building to the left (north). Besides the stairs to the right (east) is a low fence. The pigeon is behind the fence on ground level next to these stairs. ===Flying Rat 162=== (19 AY) Follow the street to the east that then curves to the south (not the back alley one). Take the first left to the east and when it goes over another street, stop the car. Locate the hot dog vendor just after the bridge on the right (east) side. Behind him is a billboard in red saying "Fan Dang". The pigeon sits on a wall directly on the opposite side of the street from the hot dog vendor. ===Flying Rat 163=== (18 AY) Look north from here. You should see a billboard for a show, what you can read mostly is black on a yellow strip saying "Crime". The billboard has three lights illuminating it from the bottom, the pigeon hides behind the middle one. You should be able to snipe it from the ground here, just get into a position where the angle is good enough. ===Flying Rat 164=== (20 AY) Follow the road north then as it curves east, follow it further east. Before it curves north at the water front, stop the car. Look to the south. There is a wall that looks like two huge steps. On the lower one, look in the corner to the right where it goes up to the second step. The pigeon is right there on the ledge. ===Flying Rat 165=== (24 AY) Go to the entrance of the booth tunnel and stand to the west of it. Aim at the L in the sign above the tunnel and go a bit up and right. The pigeon sits here on the wall. ===Flying Rat 166=== (25 AY) Get out of the car and walk south of the booth tunnel to the east. Behind the sign, go northeast to the shore, where you can see there is a small bay on the map. Here two walking ramps go up in the west. Below the northern of the two ramps is the pigeon. ===Flying Rat 167=== (23 AY) Follow the road to the west that comes out of the booth tunnel. Turn left into the street that goes at an angle to the southwest, just before the street you are on curves north. Stop the car right after the corner and look east. There is a billboard for Cluckin bell and below it a wall. The pigeon hides behind a bush very close to the road on the north side of this wall. To the south is an industrial area of globeoil. ===Flying Rat 168=== (22 AY) Go north form here, following the road that comes from the booth tunnel. when it is about to turn east, look to the northwest. There is a hotdog vendor there. Stand to the southeast of him and look north at the wall. Look up, the pigeon sits there on top of that wall. Bellow it on the base of south side of the wall is a small concrete protrusion. ===Flying Rat 169=== (21 AY) Take the road south of the hotdog vendor to the west. At the corner where it goes south, stop the car and look west. There is a grey patch ahead on the slope. The pigeon sits on that, close to the east of that wall up there on ground level. ===Flying Rat 170=== (26 AY) Go south, take the first right and follow this road. Ignore the first road and then look on the map, watch out for the alley. Stop before you reach the alley. Get out of the car and walk to the building on the east side of the road. Go to the second entrance form the south and look over the rail to the north and down. The pigeon sits down there in the northeast corner. ===Flying Rat 171=== (30 AY) Stand outside the internet cafe that is just to the southeast here. Walk a bit north on the eastern sidewalk then look over at the building on the other side. Look at the railing on the east side of the building, the lowest and most southern one. You should see the pigeon perked up there. ===Flying Rat 172=== (32 AY) Go to the block southwest of the building the last pigeon was on. Stay on the road that is between that building and the internet cafe. In the middle of the block to the northwest is a tall building. From the entrance here, go across the street, then look up and to the left. The pigeon sits on the roof, southwest of the main buildings structure, on the edge of the lower roof. ===Flying Rat 173=== (27 AY) Go to the northeast corner of the block just north of the internet cafe. There is a Cluckin bell here and beside it on the eastern side is some construction going on. The pigeon sits in the middle of the eastern edge on the construction container. ===Flying Rat 174=== (33 AY) Look at the map. Follow the road south of the internet cafes block to the east, then into the street a bit to the south that goes further east. Go to the middle of that block just north of that street. Here is a small alley (dead end) with a building to the west and a wall to the right. The pigeon sits on the corner of that wall, north of this street here. ===Flying Rat 175=== (31 AY) Use the next road to the east, turn left to the north. In the next corner to your right is a diner. Either use the stairs on the tank to the south of the diner or just climb the diners front part to get to the top of the roof and then to the roof to the east of it. On this roof (a business making fire doors) go to the air conditioning unit in the northeast, the second one form the north. The pigeon sits on its eastern corner. ===Flying Rat 176=== (28 AY) Take the road south of the diner, ride it east under the freeway. You get to the gate of the port that will open for you easy. Now get on foot and walk to the north of the gate. Between the wall and the containers here is a gap. Go in between and then north. you are now west of the containers and to the south is the wall and behind that the street just outside the gate. You see two train tracks here. The pigeon is on the eastern most of these tracks, further to the north, after it goes down a little and behind some garbage and a burnt out car. ===Flying Rat 177=== (29 AY) Go back to your car and drive inside the port north. There is another gate here, drive through it. Now look up to your left a bit, there is the back of a billboard. Just northwest of that is a propeller of a boat, as some art. The pigeon sits on the wall beside that art piece to the west of it. ===Flying Rat 178=== (36 AY) Head back south into the port. Look at the map. There are two roads going east (both dead ends) on to docks. Take the southern one and drive to its end. There are some pipes to your left on a stack at the end. Go here to the shore line north of them and to the northeast corner of the dock. The pigeon sits on a docking post there at knee height. ===Flying Rat 179=== (35 AY) Again look at the map. Follow the road you are on west, then go left and the next one left again (this one faces south and goes around a building, curving west then south again). Take this corner here as a reference and go between the building to the west. On the west side are some train tracks. Look a bit to the left, there are two trees there. The pigeon is in front of the right one (northern of the two) on ground level. ===Flying Rat 180=== (46 AY) Look on the map. Southeast from here are two docks. the southern of the two has a road painted on the map, that gets thinner half way to the east. Go there, and to the eastern most tip of it. Get out of your car. Here you will see a crane and to the north against the building to the northwest three blue containers stacked in a stair formation. Climb up the lower then from there the higher container. the pigeon is right there at your feet, on top of the double stacked container. ===Flying Rat 181=== (34 AY) Go to the weapons shop. From here, look across the street to the west and southwards. There is a building that has two steel roll up doors on its eastern side, in the south section. The pigeon sits on top of the left (southern) on. ===Flying Rat 182=== (38 AY) Take the road south of here to the west. Look at the map and locate the internet cafe. The road that goes in front of it and goes south, crosses the road you are on right now. At that intersection go north and immediately left again. You will see two cop cars parked there. Stop here and get into the small park to the south. This is also where you start the Derrick McReary missions mostly. The pigeon sits to the north of the fountain in here under the trees. (Needs screenshot) ===Flying Rat 183=== (37 AY) Go back to the road south of this park and head west. Stop the car just when you come out from under the freeway. Now the pigeon is under the freeway, on the north side of this road, on the western side of this area. Stand on the south side of the road and look north, you should spot it easy. ===Flying Rat 184=== (41 AY) Drive west from here and follow the road south. On your right side comes an abandoned building (the only one you will see) in about the middle of this road before it turns east again. Get out of the car before you hit it, then go to the coast and follow it to the south. You will see two cars burnt out here. Go to the one closer to the shore and look over the edge to the west. The pigeon sits here on the shore at ground level. ===Flying Rat 185=== (43 AY) Follow the road to the south, around the corner to the east. Just after you turned east, go up the on ramp to your right. Still on the ramp, look for a container saying LCPA on the side, next to the road. It is attached to a crane. Jump over the wall and onto that container and look down on its south side. There next to it is the pigeon on a metal plate welded to the side of that container. ===Flying Rat 186=== (42 AY) Go back down from the ramp, then take the road on ground level to the east. Now take the first road north follow it to the west and take the first road south again. this is an on ramp (a rather long one) that goes south, then west and ultimately north. Look on the map. When you are in the western most part of this onramp, that goes straight north stop the car just before it goes to the northeast. Turn to the south and look over the left (eastern) wall. You will see some containers and the pigeon is sitting on the lower one there. You can shoot it from here easy. ===Flying Rat 187=== (39 AY) Turn around and go back down. turn right, follow the street. Now turn left before you hit the big street you came from. So you go on to a street that goes at an angle to the northeast, the game calls it Tinderbox Ave. Take the second road to the left. the road goes north and straight ahead is the side of a warehouse. Get out of the car before you are too close to the intersection and look at the roof (the lower tier) of it. On the right is a post with lights on it, just behind it and to the left is this pigeon (south side of the roof, where you should stand now). If you stand too close, you won’t be able to see the roof properly. ===Flying Rat 188=== (40 AY) From here go east on the street just south of the warehouse. you go through a gate and are on another street. Look to your left (northeast) and locate the Sprunk bottle sign on the eastern side of the road. Across it on the western side is street light with an electrical box behind it. the pigeon is sitting on top of that. ===Flying Rat 189=== (44 AY) Just to the south here is the Honkers strip club. Go to the north side and on the northwest corner of it is the entrance with a canopy over it. The pigeon sits in the middle of that canopy on the western most edge. ===Flying Rat 190=== (45 AY) Go east on the street north of the club, turn right to the south and at the next road left to the east. Before the road curves up north here, here is a diner to your right with a sign saying logger on top of it facing north. Look up to the bridge to the southeast from here, standing on the sidewalk north of the diner. Look at the support just a bit to the left or just behind the diner sign, that is closer to you. Aim at the point where the metal connects to the stone work. The pigeon sits there to the right of the main pillar on the steel bar to the south. ===Flying Rat 191=== (47 AY) Use the bridge that goes to the southern area here (it's to the west of the last pigeon) and stop in the middle of the bridge. The pigeon sits on the east side on one of the railing posts. ===Flying Rat 192=== (48 AY) Cross the bridge, drive to the right towards the southwest. Now you come to a traffic light, then stop right after it on the right side. The pigeon is here, northwest of the road on the ground level between the trees. ===Flying Rat 193=== (53 AY) This one is tricky to describe its location. It sits on a beam that is at ground level inside a demolished building. There only is about hip height walls left of it. that building is in the western most area, where you only see a solid area on the map. To the west of it is a shape that resembles a ship. It is directly to the west of the slightly darker road going around a building there. ===Flying Rat 194=== (54 AY) Go from the last pigeon south. the pigeon is in the corner where the shoreline comes from the west and goes on to the south. You can walk up at that corner to the wall and climb on top of the shore wall. The pigeon sits there on the ledge to the water. ===Flying Rat 195=== (55 AY) Head back to the east. Look where the freeway comes to the southern area here and gets thicker in the south. go to the east side of that thicker part, here is a ramp up. Go up the ramp and then stop. Ahead of you is a divider with a hole in it. The pigeon sits on the north side on the rail of this divider. ===Flying Rat 196=== (56 AY) Go back down the ramp. To the south of here on the map you see some dots that represent tanks. Go to the south of those tanks. Stand on the road, between the middle two tanks. Look north. There is a walkway painted yellow above and just below it (further back) a pipe running west to east. The pigeon sits pretty straight from you now, on top of that pipe. If you can’t spot it easy, get on those walkways ahead of you to have a better view. ===Flying Rat 197=== (52 AY) Follow the road just north of the last pigeon to the east. It ends in a parking lot in the southeast corner of the island. Now park here and walk up the stairs to the east. Follow the water front to the north. To your right you will see a boat half sunken, once you are heading north. The pigeon is next to the cabin on the eastern side. You have to take the shot from the south or the north to make it. ===Flying Rat 198=== (51 AY) To your west is the prison. To the north of it is an area with containers. Look on the map. There are four round shapes that form a T on the left side just above the prison. Now to the east of that is in intersection, with no road going to the southeast. Stand at the north corner here and look south. There is a warehouse there. The pigeon sits on the top most point of it, about in the middle. You can snipe it from here (less chance of cops hearing it) or climb the building by going up the dumpsters on the northwest side. ===Flying Rat 199=== (49 AY) Take the road north of the last pigeon and drive west. Before the road curves south, there is an alley going diagonally northwest. In the middle of that alley, to the right, is a wall with barbwire on it. This one sits on that wall. ===Flying Rat 200=== (50 AY) Just below the pigeon before, on the west side of the wall, on ground level. You got them all now. You should go and save so you don't have to see another pigeon ever again.</p>