Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed Table of Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Story 3. Controls and On Screen Displays 4. Weapons (description and upgrading) 5. Mental Abilities & Misc Attributes 6. Mission Walk through 6.1. Harbor City 6.2. Fairfield 6.3. Fantasy-Atoll 6.4. Vietmahl 7. Energy Cell Locations 8. Contact & Copyright information 1) Introduction Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed (DAH!BWU) follows the story of Cryptosporidium 137 or Crypto, a short blue alien who was sent to Earth in the 1950's. Crypto is a Furon, a race of aliens who have lost the ability to reproduce naturally. As such, they rely on cloning for the continuation of their species. But there is a problem. The Furon DNA they use to clone themselves breaks down over time. Fortunately there is a solution. Too bad for the human race that it lies within our own brain stems as a result of some interspecies relations that occurred millennia ago before the Furons became incapable of breeding. So Crypto's mission on Earth is to collect the necessary DNA from the humans, by killing them. Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed is the third game in the series with a fourth game due out in the summer of 2008. While the games do follow each other in chronological order, DAH!BWU is best described as a side story that takes place between the second and third installments of a trilogy. As such, it isn't all that necessary to know the back story of the previous two games to understand the events of DAH!BWU. It is also unlikely that the events of this game will show up prominently in the fourth game: Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon. There are some references to events of the past games in DAH!BWU, so a familiarity with the general events of the previous two games will help you to understand a few more jokes. But you’ll have no problem understanding the events of DAH!BWU even if you have never played the past games. 2) Story Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed opens with Crypto watching television along with his holographic invasion leader, Orthopox 13 a.k.a. Pox. As the initial cut scene plays out, it is revealed that Pox has been running a side business in order to dispose of all of the dead bodies created by Crypto’s DNA capturing activities: a chain of restaurants called Big Willy’s. But Pox’s devious plan to process the corpses of Crypto’s victims and serve them as hot dogs in his chain of restaurants is threatened when an heiress who recently disappeared suddenly reappears on TV in an attempt to expose Pox’s secret. Now it is up to Crypto to stop the secret of Pox’s Big Willy from being exposed as he once again attempts to DESTROY ALL HUMANS! 3) Controls and On Screen Displays There are three modes of game play in DAH!BWU: on foot, in your flying saucer and at the controls of Big Willy. In all three modes you will have a “mini map” on the lower left corner of the screen. While the names of certain locations will be flashed on the screen from time to time as you travel around the various levels, there is no true map. The mini map is actually a simple radar system. It will always be centered on your current location with a red triangle to indicate the direction you are facing. The position of a symbol on the radar represents both the direction of that item relative to you and its distance from you. Objects in the larger inner circle are relatively close. Objects in the outer circle are significantly further away. The objects which appear on the radar include: - Blue saucer/Willy: the location of your saucer and robot - Yellow target: the next available story mission - Green target: an available landing site - Green circle: an available odd job mission - Red dots: enemy targets - Yellow stars: items of interest On Foot -Crypto’s movement is controlled by the analog stick on the nunchuk controller. -Aiming is handled by aiming the Wiimote at the screen and positioning the on screen cross hairs where you want to shoot. -The Wiimote also controls your camera angle/field of view. By moving the cross hairs to the sides, top or bottom of the screen, you can look to the left, right, up or down. -Jumping and Crypto’s jet pack are controlled by the “C” button on the nunchuk. Press it once to jump and again to activate Crypto’s jet pack. You can then control the thrust of the jet pack by holding or releasing the C button until it runs out of juice or Crypto lands again. -The “A” button brings up the current mental powers possible which will automatically change based on what you are currently aiming at. - The “B” button fires your current weapon. It is also used to cancel an attempt to activate one of your mental abilities. -The directional pad is used to switch weapons. Pressing left or right will cycle through the available weapons. Pressing down will pull up a menu with all of the available weapons listed. - The “-“ button allows you to cancel a body snatch before your host body’s energy is used up. - The “+” button pulls up the menu screen and pauses the game. When on foot, the symbol for the current weapon is displayed as well as its available ammunition represented either as a numerical counter or an energy bar. Crypto’s energy is also displayed as a large green bar. As Crypto takes damage, the bar will shrink. It does regenerate automatically, but only if you can avoid taking any further damage for a few seconds. In the Saucer -Movement of the saucer is controlled by the thumb stick. -The altitude of the saucer is controlled by the angle of the Wiimote. Pointing it down will cause it to descend. Pointing it up will cause the saucer to ascend. -You turn the saucer by rolling the Wiimote to the left or right. -Pressing the “B” button fires the saucer’s current weapon, including the abduction beam. -The “A” button will activate the targeting for the saucer’s abduction beam. It also causes the saucer to land when positioned above an unlocked landing site. -The “C” button toggles the saucer’s cloaking device which disguises the saucer as a blimp. When cloaked, the saucer can not use any of its main weapons. The abduction beam is still usable though. -The directional pad switches between the weapons when you press left or right or pulls up the weapon menu by pressing down. You can also call up the navigational system once you have more than one map available by pressing up. -The “+” button pulls up the menu screen to pause the game. While in the saucer, the onscreen display will show the saucer’s energy level as a green bar. (The amount of damage the saucer has taken can also be seen by the amount of green glowing around the saucer.) Damage to the saucer can be recovered by draining power from other objects using the abduction beam. Your current weapon will also be displayed along with its energy bar. In the case of the Sonic Boom and Quantum Disintegrator, their energy bars will turn blue when the weapon is ready to be fired. Controlling Big Willy -The thumb stick controls the movement of Big Willy -The camera view can be rotated to the left or right by rolling the Wiimote to either side. -The “B” button will trigger the current weapon. When firing the eye lasers, a cross hair will appear on screen for aiming and be controlled by the movement of the Wiimote. - Pressing both the “A” and “B” buttons will cause Willy to pick up a nearby object. (The object that will be picked up will be highlighted.) -If you pick up a human, Willy will pop off his or her head and eat it to refill part of his energy. -If you pick up another object, you may throw it by flicking the Wiimote and releasing the buttons. The object will automatically be thrown at a target which will be highlighted on the screen. You may also use the object as a weapon by holding the buttons and swinging the Wiimote like a hammer. - The “C” button will cause Willy to jump. - Weapon selection is controlled by using the directional pad. (left or right to switch or down to pull up the weapon menu) -The “-“ button will cause Crypto to get out of the Big Willy robot. - The “+” button pulls up you menu screen. While controlling Big Willy, the on screen display will show the energy level of the robot as well as the current weapon. There is no display for the energy level display for Big Willy’s weapons as they operate by draining the overall power from the robot instead. 4) Weapons Crypto’s Weapons Zap O Matic- This is Crypto’s main weapon and the only one you have initially. It fires arcs of electricity into the target. That electricity can then jump to other nearby targets, killing multiple enemies at once. It can also be used to destroy objects, but is not very effective in this regard. It also has a special use in that it can be used to charge up Big Willy’s batteries and certain other objects. Positives: -Unlimited ammo (the gun recharges automatically) -Able to target multiple enemies -Needed to recharge Big Willy and the Fantasy Atoll antenna Negatives: -Not very strong until upgraded. -Limited range -Unable to target specific enemies and only those enemies Upgrades: Iridium Arc Multiplexier -Shots jump to more targets -requires 15 kills and 3 energy cells Iridium Arc Maxiplexier -Shots will jump to maximum number of targets -requires 120 kills and 45 energy cells Gortan Shock Enhancer -Increases the damage done -requires 30 kills and 12 energy cells Shock Burst Overdriver -Provides maximum damage -requires 60 kills and 30 energy cells Anal Probe- This is the second weapon to which Crypto will have access. It fires a glowing green probe which seeks out the targeted enemy. Once struck, the probe will attack the enemy internally until the enemy’s head explodes releasing their brain to be collected for its DNA while the probe itself will automatically return to the gun to be reused. The anal probe is my preferred weapon for human targets as it will kill any them with one hit. It also neutralizes those targets immediately as a threat even if it takes a few seconds for the enemy to die. And of course, it is the only weapon which allows you to collect any DNA. Positives: -One shot, One kill -Unlimited ammo -Allows you to collect DNA Negatives: -Start with only one probe -Slow reload time while you wait for the probes to return -Does no damage to inanimate objects Upgrades: Cheek Traction Package -drains a victims health faster allowing the probe to return faster -requires 30 kills, 340 DNA and 14 energy cells Intestinal Transit Boost -maximum health drain speed -requires 90 kills, 2270 DNA, 90 energy cells and 18 data cores Rectal Packager -increases probe (ammo) count to 3 -requires 15 kills and 5 energy cells Butt Pressure Maximizer -increases probe count to 6 -requires 60 kills and 49 energy cells DNA Magnosyphon -collects victims' DNA automatically -requires 45 kills, 1170 DNA and 38 energy cells Disintegrator Ray- The Disintegrator Ray is perhaps the most versatile, well balanced weapon. It fires blasts which will completely vaporize human targets within a few hits. It is also fairly effective against vehicles like tanks, second only to the Ion Detonator. Positives: -Powerful, kill most humans in 3 shots or less -Long Range -Effective against vehicles and equipment Negatives: -Limited Ammo, requires transmogrifying objects to reload Upgrades: Positron Magazine -increases maximum ammo count to 150 -requires 50 kills and 43 energy cells Antimatter Magazine -increases maximum ammo count to 200 -requires 200 kills, 121 energy cells and 21 data cores Fission Accelerator -increases the amount of damage done -requires 25 kills and 15 energy cells Fusion Accelerator -inflicts maximum damage -requires 100 kills and 93 energy cells Ion Detonator- This is the most powerful weapon that Cyrpto can carry. When using it, Crypto will fire a small canister onto the ground toward the target. When you press the “B” button a second time, the detonator will explode damaging or destroying anything within its blast radius, including Crypto. Positives: -The most powerful handheld weapon Negatives: -Very limited ammo -Very limited range both for launching the detonator and its blast radius -Can damage Crypto as well Upgrades: Ion Containment Bubble -increases detonator capacity to 6 -requires 90 kills and 39 energy cells Ion Containment Torus -increases detonator capacity to 10 -requires 200 kills, 133 energy cells and 22 data cores Ion Disruption Magnifier -increases the blast radius and damage -requires 40 kills and 16 energy cells Increased Radial Boomology -maximizes blast radius and damage -requires 150 kills and 102 energy cells Ball Lightning Gun- This is basically an extreme version of the Zap- O-Matic. Like the ZOM, it kills by firing arcs of electricity at targets. However, the Ball Lightning gun does not emit the electricity from the gun. Instead, the gun fires a ball of electricity which floats in the air in the direct it was launched and fires electrical bolts at nearby enemies. Positives: -Unlimited ammo, once a ball of lightning has been used it returns to the gun -Multiple balls can be launched to combine their effect -Can target multiple targets -Extremely effective against groups of humans Negatives: -Limited effectiveness against inanimate objects -Cannot target specific enemies Upgrades: Palladium Arc Multiplexer -increase the number of targets that can be hit at once -requires 25 kills and 45 energy cells Palladium Arc Maxiplexer -maximizes the number of targets that can be hit at once -requires 200 kills, 105 energy cells and 19 data cores Dipolar Plasma Vortex -increases the damage done -requires 50 kills and 80 energy cells Foo Plasma Cavitator -maximizes damage done -requires 110 kills and 87 energy cells Zombie Gun- This is a fun one. The Zombie gun fires blasts which turn humans into zombies which will in turn attack other humans. The humans who are attacked by zombies can also be transformed into zombies as a result. Sadly, they do not sing Thriller and dance when hypnotized. Positives: -One shot, One Kill (well, they are undead instead of dead, but close enough) -Victims can assist in attacking other enemies Negatives: -Limited ammo. More ammunition must be transmogrified. -Zombies are not very effective in killing other humans -Zombies will attack Crypto if he is in another body -Zombies will still attack structures you are defending. Do not use it in missions to defend a location. Upgrades: Contagion Amplifier -increases the chances that the victim of a zombie will become a zombie -requires 70 kills, 3120 DNA, and 118 energy cells Pandemic Multiplier -every victim of a zombie becomes a zombie -requires 130 kills, 3600 DNA, 144 energy cells and 23 data cores Revenant Flesh Hardener -zombies are harder to kill -requires 30 kills, 1370 DNA and 47 energy cells Shrink Ray- The shrink ray is a bonus weapon which can be unlocked by completing the story missions. When fired, the shrink ray will launch a mass of energy. Whatever object that energy hits will begin to shrink in size. Positives: -Works on both humans and vehicles -Once struck, enemies no longer attack Negatives: -Limited ammo. More ammunition must be transmogrified -Only available after the game is complete Upgrades: -None Saucer Weapons Abduction Beam / Drain- This is standard issue on your saucer. By holding the “A” button, you can aim the abduction beam which is fired out from under the saucer by pressing “B”. Once the beam locks onto an object, you can release the “B” button to carry the object, even dropping it in another location. You can also press the “B” button again to either drain the energy out of an inanimate object to re energize your ship or to pull a human into your ship to automatically harvest their DNA. Positives: -Only weapon available while saucer is cloaked -Only means available of refueling your ship Negatives: -Draining is a very inefficient means to destroy enemy vehicles Upgrades: Neutrino Collapse Intensifier -drains items more quickly -requires 60 human abductions, 8 vehicles drained and 22 energy cells Death Ray- This is the basic weapon on your saucer. The death ray fires a single beam of red energy from the front of the saucer to the ground and will continue to fire until the energy gauge is empty. Positives: -Recharges quickly Negatives: -Limited strength -Small target area Upgrades: Liquid N2 Cooling -reduces the cool down period for the death ray -requires 20 kills and 4 energy cells Superfluid Heat Exhaust -minimizes the cool down period for the death ray -requires 100 kills and 42 energy cells Nuclear Blister Inducer -increases the damage done -requires 85 kills and 19 energy cells Fusion Scorcher -causes maximum damage -requires 200 kills, 114 energy cells and 20 data cores Sonic Boom- The second weapon that you will have access to for your saucer is the sonic boom weapon. This weapon fires a blast of sound energy to the ground which will damage anything in the immediate area and blow away items around the blast area. Positives: -Recharges rapidly -Reasonably powerful at the center of the blast -Can disrupt enemies in the blast radius even if they are not destroyed (particularly effective in neutralizing groups of vehicle in Veitmahl) -Watching humans who are launched by the blast is quite fun Negatives: -Limited strength outside of the center of a blast Upgrades: Martial Stacker -increases the blast radius and damage done -requires 45 kills and 34 energy cells Acousti-Form Loudification -does maximum damage with maximum blast radius -requires 75 kills and 62 energy cells Quantum Deconstructor- The Quantum Deconstructor is the most powerful weapon available for the saucer. It launches single, slow blasts of energy which expand upon impact. While it is slow, a single blast will level multiple buildings, vehicles and humans. Positives: -Powerful -Effectively destroys anything in the blast area Negatives: -Takes the longest time to recharge Upgrades: Strange Quark Spin Impeller -increases the blast radius and damage caused -requires 180 kills and 78 energy cells Charm Quark Spin Impeller -does maximum damage in maximum blast radius -requires 270 kills, 126 energy cells and 21 data cores Electro-Cone- The Electro-Cone is a new weapon. When used, an electrical charge will build up on the underside of the saucer which arcs down to the ground to strike any target under the saucer. Positives: -No aiming required -Quite efficient for destroying groups of humans on the ground Negatives: -Not as effective as the Quantum Deconstructor or Sonic Boom against vehicles -Requires the saucer to be over a target thus opening it up to more attacks and more damage Upgrades: Dry Lightning -increases damage done and blast radius -requires 40 kills and 106 energy cells Lightning Storm -does maximum damage over maximum blast radius -requires 80 kills, 32 vehicle drains, 136 energy cells and 23 data cores Energy Helicity Inductor -increase time it can be used before overheating -requires 35 kills and 107 energy cells Supercell Recursion -maximizes the time it can be used before overheating -requires 90 kills, 38 vehicle drains, 139 energy cells and 23 data cores Thermal Induction Venting -reduces the cool down period -requires 20 kills and 108 energy cells Beryllium Heatsink -minimizes the cool down period -requires 70 kills, 28 vehicle drains, 142 energy cells and 23 data cores Other Saucer Upgrades Saucer Shield Upgrades Shield Generator Beta -saucer takes more damage before being destroyed -requires 21 human abductions, 4 vehicle drains and 9 energy cells Shield Generator Gold Master -maximizes damage needed to destroy saucer -requires 71 abductions, 20 vehicle drains and 56 energy cells Saucer Cloak Upgrades Holometric Photo-Conversion -increases time the cloak can be used -requires 35 abductions, 10 vehicle drains and 23 energy cells Solido-Plasmic Persistence -maximizes time the cloak can be used -requires 81 abductions, 24 vehicle drains and 72 energy cells Regenerative Loopback -decrease the time for the shield batteries to recharge -requires 48 abductions, 14 vehicle drains and 24 energy cells Main Engine Shunt Line -minimizes the time to recharge shield batteries -requires 90 abductions, 40 vehicle drains and 117 energy cells Big Willy’s Weapons Crush- The most basic attack that Big Willy can accomplish is to simply jump on an object. When Big Willy lands, a small blast of energy is released which will damage anything in the immediate area. Positives: -Requires no energy from the batteries -This is the only built-in weapon which Big Willy can easily use while moving Negatives: -Not very powerful Upgrades: -None Regurg-A-Tron- This is Big Willy’s main weapon initially. When triggered, a portion of the energy in Big Willy’s batteries is converted to a toxic cloud which is then belched out around the robot. Positives: -Quickly kills human targets -No aiming required Negatives: -Not as effective against non-human targets -Uses energy quickly from the batteries -Destroys any humans around who could have been used to recharge the batteries Upgrades: Vom-I-Tracking Sweep -increases damage done -requires 50 kills, 230 DNA and 11 energy cells Heat Beam Eyes- He isn’t faster than a speeding bullet or able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. But Big Willy does have Superman’s heat beam eyes. When triggered, the heat beams will fire from the eyes and can be aimed by the Wiimote. Positives: -This is Big Willy’s only built in long range weapon -Uses the least battery power Negatives: -Least powerful of Big Willy’s weapons -They do use battery power when used Upgrades: Gamma Ray Implosion -increases damage done by heat beams -requires 20 kills, 666 DNA and 26 energy cells Windbreaker- Similar to the Regurge-A-Tron, the Windbreaker converts a portion of Big Willy’s battery power into a single blast centered around the robot. Positives: -More powerful and faster than the Regurge-A-Tron -Radiates evenly around the robot, allowing you to attack enemies that are behind you Negatives: -Uses a lot of battery power -Range is limited Upgrades: Methane Hyper-Compression -increases damage done -requires 100 kills, 1920 DNA and 76 energy cells Batteries- Big Willy's batteries can be powered by either the Zap-O-Matic or by eating brains. They are drained by taking damage and by using weapons. Upgrades: Bi-Lithium Ion Packs -decreases the time to recharge Big Willy -requires 20 humans eaten and 28 energy cells Antiphoton Energy Converter -minimizes the time to recharge -requires 45 humans eaten and 72 energy cells 5) Mental Abilities & Misc Attributes Some of Crypto’s most useful, and at some times, only abilities are his mental powers. They have been simplified from previous games so that there are now only four abilities. Psychokinesis: By targeting an object and pressing both the “A” and “B” buttons, Crypto can pick up objects with is mind, carry them around, slam them into other objects or throw them. Upgrades: Synaptic Stimulator -increases the size of items that can be lifted -requires 3460 weight carried, 50 destroyed vehicles and 7 energy cells Dendritic Density Augmentation -maximizes the size of items that can be lifted -requires 11540 weight carried, 75 military vehicles destroyed and 52 energy cells The remaining three mental abilities are activated by targeting a person or object and pressing “A” to display the abilities that can be used. Once you select the ability you want, a number of blue hexagon targets will appear around the item you target. For the mental ability to take affect, you must aim the Wiimote at each blue target and shoot it. The total number of targets which you must destroy to perform each ability will depend upon the strength of the person of object which you are targeting. You must also perform this action in a limited time as more blue targets will appear if you take too long. Transmogrify: If you target an inanimate object you can transform those objects into ammunition for your weapons. This is also a convenient means of destroying some larger weapons like tanks, trucks or cannons and it doesn’t require you to fully transmogrify them to neutralize them as enemies. Upgrades: Targeted Nucleosythesis -more and rarer ammo is created -requires 25 police killed and 1 energy cell Enhanced Nucleosythesis -more and rarer ammo is created -requires 100 soldiers killed and 33 energy cells Weaponized Necleosythesis -maximum and rarest ammo created -requires 100 Kluckin Crew kills, 84 energy cells and 17 data cores Hypnotize: By targeting a living target, you can hypnotize them. The exact result of the hypnosis varies. In most instances, the victim will begin dancing and ignore the little blue man who is killing everyone around them. But Hypnotize is also used when you need to force a human to perform a certain task such as driving a truck or destroying a certain target. In such cases, the victim will perform the task automatically once they have been hypnotized. Upgrades: Mesmeric Conduit -Hypnosis is more effective -requires 3:30 of body snatch time, 450 DNA and 17 energy cells Mesmeric Refluxer -Hypnosis effect is maximized -requires 25:00 of body snatch time, 2670 DNA, 111 energy cells and 20 data cores Body Snatch: The second mental ability that can be used on living targets is body snatch. This ability will allow Crypto to posses a host in order to travel around undetected. You can even body snatch animals once the ability has been unlocked. Body snatching does have several drawbacks though. First, Crypto will not have access to his weapons while possessing another body. You can still use your mental abilities, including psychokinesis, so you arenot defenseless. But doing so will alert nearby enemies who may then target you. Second, body snatching is temporary. Once you posses a host, their energy bar replaces yours and begins draining. Once their energy is gone, you will be ejected from their body and they die. Third, while you can walk around undetected once you posses another being, people that were alerted before you body snatched them will not be fooled. It is quite easy to attempt to escape by hiding in a nearby civilian only to be thrown back out immediately when they are shot. Upgrades: Furon ID Projection - Crypto can stay in a body longer - requires 25 bodies snatched and 18 energy cells Super Ego Displacement - maximizes the time Crypto can stay in a body - requires 45 body snatchings, 75 energy cells and 18 data cores Other Upgrades Crypto's Shields Super-Heterodyne Resonator -reduces damage done to Crypto -requires 120 DNA, 50 police kills and 2 energy cells Triphase Resonance Maximizer -attacks do the least amount of damage to Crypto -requires 830 DNA, 50 soldiers killed and 31 energy cells Brain Battle upgrades Kirlian Will Targeting -Crypto can win brain battles faster -requires 20 body snatchings, 1000 DNA and 36 energy cells Orgone Ego Mastery -Crypto wins most brain battles quickly -requires 50 body snatchings, 1620 DNA and 65 energy cells 6) Walkthrough (6.1) Harbor City Main missions A. Big Willy is People! This is your first mission and serves as a tutorial to the basic controls. You start off on the dock of Harbor City and are tasked with safely delivering a truckload of meat to Pox's Big Willy restaurant. Step one is to get to the truck which will be marked with a yellow beam of light over it. Upon arriving at the truck, you will be warned that there are two customs agents on their way to the truck. They will be marked just as the truck was. It's your job to go kill them. The next step is to get the truck out of there. For that you will need a driver. So use your mental abilities to target one of the dock workers and hypnotize them to be your driver. As the truck begins to roll, the mission becomes an escort mission. Pox will also unlock access to the anal probe gun. Stay out in front of the truck and kill the three guards that appear along the path as well as any other guards that appear along the way. At the gate you will have to demonstrate your ability to perform hypnosis on one of the gate guards to get out of the dock area. As the truck rounds the corner from the dock you will run straight into a police roadblock. Guess what you get to do to those humans? With the police gone, the truck will roll on to the restaurant and you'll have a chance to kill a few civilians. When the truck pulls in, the mission ends. Mission Rewards: -One Data Core -PK Hold unlocked -PK Hypnotize unlocked -Anal Probe unlocked B. Harbor City Wiener Roast You saved one truck load of meat in the first mission. But Pox eveals that there is a whole warehouse full of human meat nearby. It is your mission to use your saucer to insure that it is not discovered. Head to the saucer landing site behind the Big Willy's restaurant (marked in yellow on the map) and get in. You'll have a chance to show you understand the basic saucer controls and then it will be time to move two more crates of meat. Activate your cloaking device and position the saucer over the crates. Activate the abduction beam to grab one of the crates but be careful not to destroy it with the drain beam. Drag the crate to the roof of the restaurant and drop it off. Go back and repeat the process for the second crate. The crates are safe, but not the warehouse. When a trio of police cars arrive, the time for subtlety is over. Drop the cloak and introduce the police to your death ray. Feel free to torch the cop cars as well. But your targets are the police themselves. (If you are having a hard time hitting them, try descending a bit in your saucer.) But the troubles aren't over. More cops arrive and Pox decides that it is time to cut his loses and end the risk of the warehouse being discovered. Destroy it! Once that building is gone, Pox will tell you that there is yet more evidence at the local disco. It will have to be destroyed as well. With the evidence gone, Pox will order you to destroy yet another building to confuse the local authorities. The movie theater will have to go. And finally, as long as you are raining death from above, Pox will have you pay a visit to the local competition and destroy the Col. Kluckin's chicken restaurant. Mission Rewards: -One Data Core -PK Transmogrify unlocked -Saucer unlocked -Saucer Death Ray unlocked -Saucer Abduction Beam unlocked -Saucer Landing Zone unlocked -Disintergrator unlocked -Duke of Oil odd job unlocked C. Meat the Press Patty Wurst has had some effect as a protest erupts in front of Big Willy's restaurant. Pox wants you to infiltrate the protest. So it is time to try out your body snatching ability. Possess the near by human and head to the protest. At the protest you will learn that Patty Wurst is working with the cops. It is time to body snatch a police officer so that you can get closer to Wurst. Pox will mark one on the map. Go there and perform another body snatch. (You will have to exit the first body to perform another body snatch.) Once you have a new body, Pox will mark a spot on the map where a group of cops are talking. Head there. Once the cops have been paid off, Patty Wurst will come out of hiding and you finally have a chance to end her life. Warm up your disintergrator and bid her a less then fond farewell. But the joke is on you. The woman you killed was a double. The real Wurst is at the restaurant staging a protest. Grab another body and head back there right away. By the time you get back to the restaurant the cat will be out of the bag and you will have only one choice left. Kill all the reporters. (marked in yellow as usual) But be careful. There will be armed guards at the protest who will open fire as soon as you appear. Mission Rewards: -One Data Core -PK body snatch unlocked -Up With Furons odd job unlocked D. The Scenic Tour Pox is certain that Patty Wurst has someone behind her pulling the strings. And it is up to you to find out who that is. Snatch another body as a disguise and follow that car. You can follow her as Crypto, but she will start to get suspicious. If her suspicion meter fills completely, you'll lose her. So stay in disguise and be prepared to switch bodies as they wear out. Wurst's car will stop repeatedly to preach her anti-Big Willy's message to people around town which will give you a chance to switch bodies and catch up to her car. As you follow along, you will witness Wurst run over a cop. Soon there will be a full police chase through the harbor area. Once you have followed her back through the town once again, you'll find her hideout and discover who it is that is pulling the strings: Col. Kluckin'. Mission Rewards: -One Data Core -New Landing Zone Available -Big Willy's All Star dance Party odd job unlocked -A Little Business Matter odd job unlocked E. Protest Removement Patty Wurst is turning the people of Harbor City against Big Willy's. So now it's Crypto's job to put an end to the movement the best way he knows how, by killing people before they can join the protests. Pox will mark the location of a group of potential protesters. Find them and kill them. Once you have gotten rid of the first group, Pox will mark three more groups on your map. Hurry to each area and kill everyone with a yellow light over their head. Be careful as this will be your first real experience in wrecking some real havoc and having to get out alive. If the armed response gets to be too bad, try to hypnotize someone nearby to distract the people on the street. The disintergrator is the best choice of weapons to use at this point thanks to its range and rate of fire. Once you have wiped out all three groups of potential protesters, it will be time to head to the park and wipe out the movement for good. But there is a surprise in store for you when you arrive at the park. They were ready for you and have found a way to neutralize your weapons. You are going to need something new to win this fit. It's time to whip out your Big Willy! Head back to the restaurant and enter the robot by standing behind the statue and pressing “A” when the prompt shows up on screen. You will only have access to the Regurg-a-tron and Big Willy's physical attacks at this point. But use them to destroy everything at the protest, especially the EMP devices hidden in the giant speakers. The protest is kaput. But Wurst will escape once again. Mission Rewards: -One Data Core -Big Willy unlocked -Regurg-a-tron unlocked -Saucer Sonic Boom weapon unlocked -Ion Detonator unlocked F. Willy Unleashed This is it. It is down to Patty Wurst and her giant tank verses Crypto and the Big Willy robot. This round you will have access to Big Willy's heat rays as well. It's all out war, so don't hold anything back. Your most effective weapon is going to be to attack using cars and military vehicles as weapons. Either throw them at Patty's tank or get in close and hammer her with them. You can also use your heat rays. But they will drain your batteries. And if you run out of juice, you will be forced to get out and recharge the robot with your Zap-O-Matic. (Target the antenna on his back and keep firing until Big Willy stands up straight.) Be warned though, Patty Wurst's tank won't be your only concern. Having a robot fighting a tank and trashing the town will draw a military response pretty quickly. While they will do some damage to you, they will also provide you with additional vehicles to use a weapons against Patty's tank. Just make sure you keep the pressure up on Wurst. If you give her the chance, she will begin launching missiles at your restaurant. If it is destroyed, you lose and will have to start the mission over. Mission Rewards: -One Data Core -Fairfield map unlocked -Big Willy Heat Beam Eyes unlocked -Working the Counter skin unlocked Odd jobs A. Duke of Oil Pox needs oil for the Big Willy's fryers. And he has his sights set on a convoy of trucks with motor oil in them for just that purpose. So it's your job to use the saucer abduction beam to grab the trucks and bring them to the restaurant. Head to the saucer landing site behind the restaurant and hop in. The trucks will start at the harbor south of the restaurant and make their way north out of town. You will need to abduct all five to complete the mission. And since they will be getting progressively further away from the restaurant, the faster you abduct them, the easier it will be. Don't bother being gentle with the trucks. Snatch them and dump them at the target fast. Mission Rewards: -Two energy cells -Gas Up! odd job (Fairfield) unlocked B.Up With Furons A Furon efficiency expect has arrived and wants to test Crypto's skills. The first test is a race that will test your control of the jet pack. Fly to each of the yellow markers that appear but don't touch the ground. It isn't very difficult with the possible exception of trying to land on the roof of the guard house at the harbor entrance. Mission Rewards: -Two energy cells C. Big Willy's All Star Dance Party Pox wants to use disco music to make humans more susceptible to being conquered. To that end, he wants to hold a disco party in the park. And he needs you to provide some less than willing guests. You will need to use your psychokinesis to carry ten people and drop them into the yellow landing zone on the stage. That's it. You don't even get to kill anyone. Mission Rewards: -Two energy cells D. A Little Business Matter So what's a Furon to do when he wants to make some extra cash on the side? Why, become a paid assassin of course! Pox has a trio of hit jobs for you in this odd job. And the client has asked specifically that the marks die from an anal probe. So grab your gun and head for the wharf on the west side of town. The target will be in the south west corner and marked on your radar. But there will also be several armed guards. You can try to use hypnotize to catch them off guard, but if your probe gun has been upgraded to three probes already, I would just go in with probes blazing. Target the guards first as the intended victim won't actually fight back. The second target will be in the harbor area due south from the restaurant. As with before, target the guards first. Also, watch out for soldiers in the area as well. With two down, Pox will direct you to the final target who is in the park near Kluckin's restaurant. But as you draw near, you'll encounter some interference. Mission Rewards: -Two energy cells E. Lord of the Fries Your final odd job in Harbor City is to get some gas. Pox needs gasoline for the restaurant. And the tankers moored in the harbor are just the place to get it. You will have to fly your saucer over the marked hatch on the tanker and drain out the gas. Unfortunately, it will be a long process and the locals are not going to sit back and watch. You can ignore the threat of the humans on the deck of the tankers, but you will have to destroy the attack boats that appear. You will have to drain three tankers to complete the mission Mission Rewards: -Four energy cells -New landing zone unlocked Points of interest Tour Boat- If you head out to the Salty Doo Marina on the west side of town you will find a sign with a picture of a boat on it. You'll hear an announcement and a tour boat will appear. Hop on and take a ride around the harbor. This is one way to pick up three energy cells including the two on the lighthouse island. Alternatively, you can use the saucer's abduction beam to drag a boat to the water between the mainland and lighthouse island. Then you can just use your jet pack to get over there. Invasion signal- Once you have completed the story mode you can call in a Furon invasion force on each map. To do so, you have to find the small yellow square hidden somewhere on the map. In Harbor city, the invasion signal is hidden on the freighter moored on the west side of the harbor. On its deck you will find a series of shipping containers arranged to form a cave of sorts. Inside you will find the invasion signal (6.2) Fairfield Main missions A. Country Roads, Take Me Away You go to Fairfield to oversee the opening of the 500th Big Willy's restaurant. But no sooner do you arrive than the restaurant is robbed. A gang of women on roller skates have stolen a briefcase containing the recipe for Big Willy's secret sauce. It's your job to find them and get the briefcase back. Of course, lethal force is not just authorized. It is strongly encouraged. You'll find the group of four women at the end of the alley where the mission begins. A quick ion detonator or a few anal probes will make short work of them. Unfortunately, when you retrieve the briefcase you will get a rather explosive surprise. Thanks to the blast, your weapons and jet pack are worthless. You will need to make it back to the saucer using nothing but your mental abilities. You can make a run for it and use psychokinesis to toss any enemies aside. But I suggest body snatching a human to save your energy for the fight you'll face back at the saucer. A single body should be enough to get you through town. When you do get back to your saucer, you'll find four of Kluckin's disco girls waiting for you. You'll have no choice but to fight them in order to get access to your ship again. Use your PK hold and slam them into the ground a few times or just send them flying. But keep moving or the remaining girls will make swiss cheese out of you. Once they are gone, step into the saucer's beam to end the mission. Mission Rewards: -One data core -New landing zone unlocked -Locomotive blimp skin unlocked B. A Furon Scorned Pox isn't happy about the roller girl's attack on his restaurant and he's going to have you do something about it. You will have to body snatch a roller girl off of the street and listen in to the conversations of three groups of the girls around the city. After you listen to the second group you will have the information you need and automatically head back to the restaurant to finish the level in Big Willy. Head to the west to the farm depot and destroy it as your first target. Destroy the grain bins and kill the humans with a yellow mark over their heads. Then head over to the construction site and do the same for the humans there. The third target will be the 5 and Dime store on the other side of town. Go and destroy it too. Keep in mind, by the time you do all of this, you will have the military responding to the situation and attacking you. So plan on eating the brains of quite a few humans as you go to keep Big Willy's batteries charged. Finally, head to the gas station that serves as the roller disco girls' base and destroy it and any of them that are in the area. Mission Rewards: -One data core C. Jiggling Bombs Col. Kluckin' and Mindy Peters are not happy after Crypto destroyed the roller disco girls' hideout. And they plan on returning the favor by destroying the Big Willy restaurant. They will send roller girls armed with bombs to destroy the restaurant. You have to defend it. The best way to do it is to arm yourself with the anal probe gun and pick them off before they can reach the building. If you hit them while they still have the bomb, they will instantly explode. (It is a good idea to have the probe gun upgraded with more ammo before starting the mission.) You can also use the disintergrator, but then you will need to watch your ammo. If one of the roller girls does manage to plant a bomb, use your pk hold ability to pick it up and throw it away from the building. One other word of warning, watch your radar. They will attack the building from all sides and seem to like to approach it from a different side each time. So you will have to run around the building or fly up over it. Mission Rewards: -One data core -body snatching animals unlocked -General Mayhem odd job unlocked D. Return of the Corncob King It's time to take down the leader of the roller girls, Mindy Peters. But to do so, you will need to lure her out of hiding. What better way to do it than to use her boyfriend, the Corncob King. You'll need to find him first. So snatch a body and head to the yellow highlighted areas to listen in on some conversations. After the third conversation you will find out that the guy you are looking for is behind the pool hall. Now you need to deliver him to a phone. To do so, you can either hypnotize him or just body snatch him. One word of warning though, once you have him under your control, you will need to go to three different phones to find one that works. So if you body snatch him, don't waste time or he may die before you make it to the last one. Once you make it to the park with him, he'll lure Mindy out for you. Mission Rewards: -One data core -Ball Lightning gun unlocked E. Burn, Baby, Burn! Missions don't get much clearer than this. Destroy every building in the town except Big Willy's. You can use whatever you want. But since you are destroying buildings, that probably means either the saucer or Big Willy. I suggest using the quantum deconstructor on your saucer. It is slow to charge, so you'll have to use hit and run tactics. But it is powerful enough to destroy multiple buildings at once in the downtown area. Start there while the response level is low. Then as more enemies appear, you can work your way out to the edges of town. And keep an eye on your energy levels. If you are using the saucer, take advantage of all of the military vehicles that respond by draining them for more energy. Mission Rewards: -Fantasy Atoll map unlocked -One data core -Big Willy's Windbreaker unlocked -Saucer's Quantum Deconstructor unlocked -THQ blimp skin unlocked -The Village Hu-mans odd job unlocked (Fantasy Atoll) -Zombie Gun unlocked (requires a visit to Fantasy Atoll) Odd jobs A. General Mayhem Pox has another assassination mission for you, a trio of army officers. Only this time, he doesn't know where the targets are. You will have take a human disguise and follow an army truck until they lead you to your target. Once the truck arrives at the first destination, drop your disguise and break out your disintergrator. Once you kill the General, the truck will take off to warn the next target. There is no need for another disguise. Just follow them until they arrive at the next General's location. Along the way, you'll get a call from and old friend. Disintergrate the second General and follow the truck to the final target at the electrical plant. Once the truck arrives, the same person who interfered with your mission in Harbor City will show up and kill the final General ending your mission in failure. There are two quick notes about the mission you should know. The truck is slow enough that you can get in front of it. But if you kill the Generals before the truck officially arrives, the mission will end. Also, while you have to kill the Generals with the disintergrator, you are free to kill the other soldiers with any weapon you wish. The lightning ball gun can be particularly effective if they are bunched up in a group. Mission Rewards: -Two energy cells -Rubble Indemnity odd job unlocked (Fantasy Atoll) B. Gas Up! Pox wants gasoline to add to the Big Willy's shakes. But being as this is the seventies, it seems to be in short supply. Pox will program your saucer to drain the local gas station of it's gas, but he needs you to protect the saucer and stop anyone else from getting to the pumps in the mean time. The mission is pretty simple. Destroy any vehicle that tries to pull up to the pumps (and there's a whole line of them) while you kill the locals and police who respond to your violence with gunfire. The disintegrator is your best weapon here. Keep you finger on the trigger and keep firing. You can also use your transmogrifying ability to destroy vehicles and get extra ammo. Transmogrifying also works well if you need a break from the steady line of vehicles. Target the lead car and use transmogrify. Then destroy enough of the targets to crumple the car into a wreck, but don't destroy it. It will then serve as a temporary obstacle to the other vehicles and allow you to focus on the humans. Mission Rewards: -Two energy cells -new landing site unlocked C.Down Home Disco Hootenanny Once again, Pox wants to use disco to make the conquest of Earth easier. Only this time, Col Kluckin' has beat him to it. Kidnap Kluckin's quartet of dancers and bring them back to Big Willy's to dance for Pox. You'll have to body snatch them one by one and run back to the restaurant with them. Be careful as you perform your body snatches on them. They are close to the police station and if a cop or one of the roller girls sees you possess one of the dancers, they will shoot you while in the dancer's body and end the mission. If there are people in the area, perform hypnosis first, then snatch a dancer. Once you have all four, Kluckin' will send his goons to try to stop them and you'll have to defend them. Fortunately, the Kluckin' goons appear from the same two spots on either side of the front of the restaurant. If you position yourself at the parking lot entrance with the anal probe gun, you can pick them off one by one as they appear and long before they get close to the dancers. Mission Rewards: -Four energy cells C. Team Building It's time for a second test from Gondh, the Furon efficiency expert. This time he wants to see how well you handle the Zombie Gun. The test is simple. Use the gun to make Zombies as fast as possible. There is a time limit, they just don't bother to tell you what it is. You'll need to make 20 zombies. And since your gun only has ten shots, you can probably guess that you'll need to transmogrify some extra ammo during the test. The strategy is simple. Run through the town and if you see a human, make 'em undead. There is a counter next to your radar that will count down how many zombies you still need to make. I don't know what the maximum time limit is, but I've passed while taking as much as 3:30. So don't worry too much about the time. Mission Rewards: -Two energy cells E. Willy's Wankers Col Kluckin' has challenged Pox to a soccer match between the two restaurants. But since Crypto can't play a game on his own, you are going to need to recruit a few extra volunteers. Time to warm up the Zombie Gun. Pox will mark the players he wants one by one. When he marks one, you will have to turn that person into a zombie with the Zombie Gun and then use your PK hold ability to carry them back to the field. (You will have to drop them each time Crypto needs to jump over an obstacle like a fence or the hedge around the soccer field.) Repeat this four times to get a full time ready for the match with Kluckin'. As soon as you drop your final zombie onto the field, Kluckin's forces will arrive. But they won't be soccer players. That's fine. Crypto is well equipped for violence as well. There will only be five of Kluckin's forces and they will all come single file from the same corner. You can leave the zombies to fight them and then just take out the survivors. But I prefer to make short work of them with a few blasts from the anal probe gun as they appear on the field. Mission Rewards: -Four energy cells Points of interest On the east side of town, just south of the power station, is a corn field. In it you will find a square where the corn is missing. After completing the story missions for the entire game, this is the spot where the Furon Invasion signal will appear. Step into the glowing yellow square to call down a force of Furon soldiers who will attack the town and everyone in it. (Except you) (6.3) Fantasy Atoll Main missions A. Welcome to Fantasy Atoll Pox and Crypto came to Fantasy Atoll to find Col. Kluckin'. But to do that, they will need information from the man who runs the area, Mr. Pork. Start by body snatching a human from the cruise ship and asking the ship's crewman at the exit ramp for information. The crewman will suggest speaking to a local. So stay in human form and head down off of the ship to speak to the native that is marked on your radar. The native will direct you to another native who in turn will send you to the pirates' area: Booty Island. You'll have to drop your human disguise to cross the water and don't step in it or you will die immediately. You'll find you next target at the end of the canyon in Dead Man's Crotch. The pirates will offer to give you the information you need, but you'll have to get through their area alive to get it. They don't know who they are messing with. It's open season on pirates as you make your way up the island and across it to where the guide appears on your radar. (They seem to have developed the map level thinking you would be forced to run back down the canyon and across the whole island. But since you have a jet pack, I suggest using it to go directly to the upper portion of the island and make a run to where the guide is. As soon as you reach the guide at the end, Pork will spring an ambush on you and kill the guide. You'll have to fight through half a dozen soldiers on the bridge and avoid incoming fire from the water. When you get across to the next island, use your hypnotize and body snatch ability to get out of sight and let the alert level die down. At the same time, you can make your way to Mr. Pork's location which will be marked on your radar. If you stay in disguise, you should have no trouble walking all the way to Pork's location with no further fighting. Mission Rewards: -One data core -New landing zone unlocked -Saucer's Electro-Cone weapon unlocked -All Willy Worker mode unlocked -Team Building odd job unlocked (Fairfield) B. Fetch Quest 2: The Wrath of Pork Pox wants a new body and it's up to you to get the parts so that Mr. Pork can build it. You will need to use the abduction beam on your saucer to bring the parts that Mr. Pork requests to the area marked next to his mansion. First on the list are three boulders out of the active volcano on his island. Next you will need to bring two of the three jet engines from the “Lost” island to Mr. Pork. This is perhaps the only place where you can really fail this mission. The engines are not very strong. So if you activate the drain beam, they will be easily destroyed. So don't do that. Next up on the shopping list are two treasure chests from Dead Man's Crotch on Booty Island. Even though you are working with Pork, the cannons will fire on you if your saucer isn't cloaked, so it is best to go in with the cloak active. With the parts in hand, you will now need some technical expertise to assemble the robot. Abduct the scientist that Pork marks on your radar and bring him back to the mansion. Then, with the robot assembled, you can deliver it to the deck of the cruise ship to end the mission. Mission Rewards: -One data core C. Dinky and the Brain Mr. Pork will follow through on his promise to build Pox a new body. But as soon as the process to transfer his mind to the new robot body begins, Col. Kluckin's men begin an assault on the cruise ship. The transfer can not be stopped, so you will have to protect Pox while he completes the transfer and then moves his mind back out of it. Kluckin' will send several waves of soldiers to attack the robot directly. Kill them all. After five squads with four soldiers in each, you will receive word that gun boats are approaching. Get to the saucer and take them out. You can use any weapon, but a combination of the quantum destructor to take out the largest groups and the sonic boom to clean up the rest seems to be the fastest approach. After you take out the four boats, Pox will warn you that a bomb has been placed on the robot. Land the saucer and use your PK to remove the bomb. After five more squads of soldiers are dispatched, more boats will appear. Get the saucer and take them down. After you sink two waves of boats, the mission will end. Mission Rewards: -One data core -Radioactive Zombie mode unlocked -Leveraging Synergy odd job unlocked D. Customer Service Welcome to the most difficult mission you have faced so far. Crypto needs to restore Pox. To do so, he will first have to find his holographic projector. It is buried under the debris along the shore where you begin your mission. Use your PK or an ion detonator to clear the debris and find the projector. Once you have found the projector, you will need to head to the antenna dishes on the island to contact customer service. You may be tempted to fight your way through the army base to get there, but you can also follow the shore line away from the military base as a shortcut and avoid a lot of needless fighting. Once you arrive at the satellite dish, clear out the guards around it and use your Zap-O-Matic to recharge the dish. Once the dish is charged, a group of soldiers will appear and try to destroy it. Kill the two soldiers armed with bombs first and then wipe out the rest. You'll then have to proceed to yet another satellite dish and repeat the process. Once the second dish is set, you'll have to head to a third dish and do it all over once again. When all three are up and running, you will be able to go to the communication shack that will be marked on your radar and begin your call for support for the holographic projector. Of course, the army isn't going to let up. So you will also have to fight off waves of soldiers and attack boats to defend the communication shed until the mission ends. Defending the shack is the toughest part of the mission. You will have soldiers coming from higher up on the island as well as from the sea and the attack boats. Your first priority will be to stop the soldiers with the bombs to destroy the shack. The biggest risk to your health will come from the attack boats. So take them out as quickly as possible with your disintergrator. Your best results will probably come from using a mix of weapons. The ball lightning gun will stop the soldier in their tracks and kill an entire wave while you position yourself to deal with the next threat, but it may leave you with no ammo to deal with a second wave that approaches from another direction. I prefer to use the anal probe on the soldiers since it will put an instant stop to the soldiers with the bombs. Be aware, if you die, you won't automatically lose the mission. But it will be difficult to get back to the shack before the soldiers have a chance to destroy it. Mission Rewards: -One data core E. Requiem for a Ratpoo With Pox back to semi-normal, it's time to teach Mr. Pork a lesson. Start by flying your saucer to Mr. Pork's island and destroying his seaplane and mansion. With his means of escape cut off, Pox will then instruct you to feed the volcano in an attempt to make it erupt. You'll need to add a significant amount of material to fill it. You can grab just about anything that isn't nailed down with your abduction beam. But if you want to fill it quickly, grab a pair of boats out of the harbor and drop them in. But even with the volcano primed, it won't erupt. Time for some professional advice. Grab the scientist from in front of Pork's mansion and dangle him over the volcano until his agrees to give you information. The Professor will tell you that Pork's amulet not only protects him, it stops the volcano from erupting. You will need to get that amulet, but the only one who could get close enough to do so is Mr. Pork's valet Ratpoo. Find him on your radar and hypnotize him. He isn't going to stand still while you do it, so you'll have to do it on the run. Once he is under your control, he'll do your dirty work for you and put an end to Mr. Pork. Mission Rewards: -One data core -Grays in Black skin unlocked F. The Hate Boat You may have dropped him into a live volcano, but Mr. Pork still isn't done for. He is back with an armored ship to destroy Crypto. Your saucer's weapons won't be able to destroy the ship. Fortunately, there is a handy supply of torpedoes scattered around the island. You'll have to use them to sink Pork's boat. But there is another issue, it's hull is protected by shield generators. So you will have to take out the generators with your saucers weapons and then hit the ship with a torpedo before the shields come back on line. Use the quantum deconstructor or sonic boom to take out the generators and then grab a torpedo. Once a torpedo is dropped into the water, it will go straight ahead, hopefully hitting the target. You will have to hit all four quadrants of the Hate Boat to sink it. But keep an eye on your shield energy. Drain a boat or a torpedo if it gets low. Mission Rewards: -One data core -Vietmahl map unlocked Odd jobs A. The Village Hu-Mans Pox wants to use disco to his advantage once again. This time he wants you to assemble a band to play a concert on the cruise ship. He will mark their locations for you and you will have to use the saucer's abduction beam to carry them back to the ship. (Don't suck them into the saucer!) There are four targets in total. And if you use your cloaking device, you should be able to retrieve each with little to no armed response. You do have to deal with a time limit of five minutes though. And if any one of the dancers is killed, you will fail the mission. So be careful as you set them down. (Lower the saucer first before releasing the beam.) Once all four have been brought to the ship, you will have to lower a disco ball which Pox will provide over the stage to complete the mission. Mission Rewards: -Two energy cells -Down Home Disco Hootenanny odd job unlocked (Fairfield) B. Rubble Indemnity It's another assassination mission. This time kill three groups of tourists with the lightning ball gun to help Pox commit a little insurance fraud. As with past missions, don't use the wrong weapons and expect interference before you're done. Mission Rewards: -Two energy cells C. Leveraging Synergy Gondh the efficiency expert is back with yet another test. This time Crypto will have to get into his saucer and fly it to a landing zone which Gondh will mark on the radar. Upon landing, you will have to go to a target he will mark and destroy it. Then get back to the saucer and repeat the process. Your first target will be a golf cart parked next to Mr. Pork's mansion. The next target will be an idol on the island between the pirate area and the airplane wreck island. The final target will be a boat anchored between the airplane wreck area and Mr. Pork's island. Once it is gone, the mission will end. Mission Rewards: -Two energy cells -New landing zone is unlocked Points of interest As with the previous maps, there is a Furon invasion signal on Fantasy Atoll as well. Once all of the story missions are completed for the game, the invasion signal will appear in the cave on the outter edge of the “Lost” island. (6.4) Vietmahl Main missions A. Great Big Convoy! When you arrive in Vietmahl, you'll find that Col Kluckin' has a rather impressive base set up. If you are going to take down that base, you will have to cut off his lines of supply. Pox will supply you with the locations of several trucks headed to Kluckin's base with supplies. Get your disintegrator and ion detonators ready and take down some trucks. There are two paths which the trucks will take to get to the base, so watch your radar and don't let any trucks get past you. Mission Rewards: -One data core -New landing site unlocked -Zombie Rideshare odd job unlocked B. Shields Down It's time to raid Kluckin's base. There's a problem though. The base is protected by shields which will render all of your weapons and vehicles useless. It is time to go covert. Snatch a human body out side of the base and head inside. Head for the generator which Pox will mark on your radar. When you get there, you will have to hypnotize a human to destroy it. (Just use your regular PK hypnotize ability and they will do the rest.) Getting in and destroying the generator should be a piece of cake. Unfortunately, as soon as it goes down, they will activate the three backup generators. You are going to have to repeat the process, hypnotizing three more humans to destroy them as well. But be careful. Chances are that by they time you take out the first generator, your human body will be almost out of energy. As soon as you leave your host body or if you use any PK ability other than hypnotize, the base will be alerted and begin attacking. Once all of the generators are down, you will still have to make it to the main building in the rear of the base which houses the shield generator. It is going to be well defended. So be prepared. A couple of ion detonators will end the generator and the mission. Mission Rewards: -One data core -Zombie Jamboree mode unlocked -Give 110% odd job unlocked C. Kluckin's base was left primed for attack after your last mission. Unfortunately, Kluckin was not so easily caught off guard. With the help of Trahn, the manager of the local Big Willy's restaurant, Kluckin gets the drop on Crypto and steals his saucer and Big Willy robot. He also reveals that he isn't out to stop Pox's human meat restaurants, he wants in on the action! It's too bad that he didn't do his homework on Furon's though. Because as soon as his back is turned, Crypto uses his mental abilities to escape. Now he needs to make it back to his robot and saucer before Kluckin's men gain access to them. Body snatch the soldier who is guarding you and head for the bridge back to the village. After crossing the bridge, the first step will be to get Big Willy back. He will be ahead and slightly to the left of where you are on the bridge and heavily guarded. You can clear the guards first or just make a run for the robot and stop them once you are inside. You will have to clear some crates from behind Big Willy before you enter though. So have an ion detonator or another weapon that can handle the job handy. Once you are back in control of Willy, head back to Kluckin's base and rescue your ship. There's no need to be subtle. Smash, shoot and destroy everything that gets in your way. Pay particular attention to the blue vans which can slow Big Willy down and make him an easy target for other enemies. Once you reach the main building of Kluckin's base, kill the scientists inside and get your saucer back. Mission Rewards: -One data core -New landing zone available -The End of the Affair odd job unlocked D. Taking Flak You have your saucer back and Kluckin's base shields are still down. So now is the time to put an end to his operation. Head to his base and wipe it out. Destroy all of the buildings and any defenses that are left. The base is far from defenseless though. Once you start your attack, Kluckin will reveal that he has some serious armament in the form of energy weapon turrets. Your best tactic is going to be to stick and move. Go in and take a shot with your sonic boom or quantum deconstructor and then move out of range while your weapon recharges. There will also be additional tanks that come in over the bridge as reinforcements. That actually will work to your advantage though. If your energy gets low, grab one of these tanks and carry it out of range of the enemy weapons while you drain it for a recharge. The energy weapons will be your primary targets as they are the only weapons that can do your saucer serious damage in a hurry. Strike them one by one and then move out of range and dodge any shots they have fired. But watch out, their attacks will home in on you so keep moving. Once all of the buildings are destroyed, Pox will mark the remaining turrets. They must all be wiped out to complete the mission. Target them with quantum deconstructor blasts and then use the sonic boom cannon to take out the steady string of ground to air missile launchers that will arrive at the back of the base while you wait to recharge the QD. When the last turret is destroyed, the mission will be complete. Mission Rewards: -One data core -New landing zone unlocked -All Chicks mode unlocked -There is no “U” in Team odd job unlocked E. Kill-A-Trahn Trahn and Kluckin escaped when you took out Kluckin's base. But they won't get far. Your first step will be to fire you former manager, permanently. Stopping Trahn will be much like dealing with Gondh in the There is no “U” in Team odd job. You have to chase down Trahn and kill him before he escapes. And like Gondh, it will take a lot of damage to do him in. Only, unlike Gondh, Trahn is not completely defenseless. He will still try to lure you into areas where you'll come under attack from other humans. But he will also attack directly from time to time by stopping and tossing a crate of chickens at you. Once the crate breaks open, the chickens will home in on you until the bombs that are strapped to them explode. Either shot them first or just get off the ground using your jet pack. You won't have access to Big Willy or the saucer, so the ion detonator or disintegrator are going to be your best bets to do maximum damage. Even then, it can take as many as eight ion detonator blasts to do him in. Mission Rewards: -One data core F. Stone Cold This is it. It's time to take on Col. Kluckin. And it looks like it is going to be a giant robot fight to the death. Kluckin's robot is very strong and can take a serious beating. To do much damage, you will need to knock it down and then attack it while it is on the ground. Whenever possible, use physical attacks and strike using debris from the battlefield to conserve battery power. If you do run out of juice, Kluckin will try to hit you with an EMP pulse that will knock Big Willy and your weapons out of commission temporarily. That will leave you as a sitting duck for his attacks. There is good news though. If you die, you don't have to start over. The battle will continue, though at a different location. But Kluckin's robot will still have whatever damage you inflicted previously. This is also handy If you have already used all of the items in one battlefield location and have nothing left to throw at Kluckin. If you die, the battle will move to a new area with more stuff to use to beat him. Once he is down for the count you'll be treated to the final cut scene that ties into the start of Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon and the credits will roll. Mission Rewards: -One data core -Shrink Ray unlocked Odd jobs A. Zombie Rideshare Pox wants to try a Trojan horse maneuver on Kluckin and contaminate his meat supply with zombie flesh. There is a truck headed to Kluckin's now. It is your job to use the zombie gun to create zombies and load them onto the truck with your PK hold. As you load zombies, a meter in the upper left of the screen will fill. You will need to load enough zombies to fill the truck. Since it takes at least ten zombies to do it, conserve your ammo or you will lose precious time trying to transmogrify more ammo when you should be creating zombies. Mission Rewards: -Two energy cells -Willy's Wankers odd job unlocked (Fairfield) B. Give 110% Gondh is back with yet another test for you. This time it is a race in Big Willy. Gondh will mark a location on the map and you have to get to that spot. He will then mark another location and the cycle repeats. It isn't terribly difficult, but there are a few things to keep in mind. One, you won't have time to recharge. Make sure to eat enough people along the way to keep your battery levels up. Two, there are several markers which will appear within buildings. In these cases you will have to destroy the building to reach the marker. Try to target them with your heat beam eyes as you approach. If you can destroy the building before you arrive, you'll save time by not stopping. But your best weapon is going to be Willy's ability to crush things as he lands. This technique will allow you to keep moving while clearing debris and not using extra battery reserves. Three, many of the markers will appear behind you or at least at a ninety degree turn. So get use to turning and repositioning the camera while on the move. And finally, while Big Willy's jumping ability is not very impressive, he can make it over most of the stone walls in this area, all be it with a slight stutter. When possible, use this to your advantage to take the shortest route possible. The entire test will take you through 20 markers and run from the village, to Kluckin's base and back. But if you follow these guidelines, you shouldn't have too much trouble with it. Mission Rewards: -Two energy cells C. The End of the Affair It is time to put an end to the problem with your competitor assassin and Pox has a plan. Too bad it isn't a very good one. He has put a contract out on a local and he wants you to take the place of the target so that you can get the jump on Natalia's hired gun. Head to the river and Pox will mark the target. Body snatch them and then head back into the village to await the other hit man. Your competition will come running through the village armed with a disintegrator gun. It's now him or you. Your best weapon will be ion detonators. Four of them will end the fight quickly. (If you haven't upgraded the ion detonator to carry more ammo, see the points of interest section below.) Otherwise, you can trade disintegrator blasts, but they will only do limited damage. Once you have finished off the enemy's energy bar, the mission will end. Crypto will get a chance to clear up just who this kid is before he kills him. And Natalia will weigh in on the issue once again too. Mission Rewards: -Four energy cells D. There is no “U” in Team Gondh is back once again. But this time Pox has a surprise test for him. It turns out that Gondh is nothing more than a con man who has been running this scam on several Furon invaders on other planets. So you did all of those tests for nothing. But the good news is that it is open season on the would be con artist. You have four minutes to get him as he runs for his life. He is unarmed, so you won't have to worry about him attacking, but he will try to lead you into areas filled with human enemies that will be all to happy to take a few shots at you. As with Blasto in The End of the Affair mission, Gondh can take a lot of damage. So stick to your strongest weapons: the ion detonator and disintegrator. Of course, I did say it was open season, so feel free to call in the saucer or Big Willy and really have some fun. But remember, you only have four minutes to kill him. Mission Rewards: -Four energy cells Points of interest Just outside of the village where the Big Willy's restaurant is located there is a wall that runs along the river. Half way down this wall you will find a break in the wall where a large group of civilians and soldiers will appear. Since this group of humans will reappear every time you walk away from the site, it is the perfect place to run up your number of kills with each weapon in order to earn some upgrades. Even the limited ammo of the ion detonator won't be much of an issue when you can get 15 kills with each shot. The Furon invasion signal for Vietmahl is in the Military Encampment area of the map (in the north west). It is directly behind the brick structure at the back of the encampment. 7) ENERGY CELL LOCATIONS Harbor City (directions based on the harbor being south of Big Willy's) 1 complete the Duke of Oil mission 2 complete the Duke of Oil mission 3 complete Up with Furons mission 4 complete Up with Furons mission 5 complete A Little Business Matter mission 6 complete A Little Business Matter mission 7 complete Big Willy's All-Star Dance Party mission 8 complete Big Willy's All-Star Dance Party mission 9 complete Lord of the Fries mission 10 complete Lord of the Fries mission 11 complete Lord of the Fries mission 12 complete Lord of the Fries mission 13 at the end of the construction crane in the center of town 14 in the tree north of the statue in the park (east of the stadium) 15 on top of the Kluckin's restaurant 16 behind the backstop of the baseball field 17 above the tree in the circle east of the restaurant 18 on top of the build south of the second landing site 19 on the ground in front of Big Willy's restaurant 20 on the ground at the base of the lighthouse 21 on the small island south of the lighthouse 22 under a picnic table in the park north west of Kluckin's 23 on the roof of the diner east of the construction site 24 on the ground on the dock due south of the restaurant (initially covered) 25 on the ground on the dock due south of the restaurant (initially covered) 26 on top of the stadium 27 by the door on the west end of the stadium 28 on top of the building on the pier, west side of town 29 on the south end of the metal warehouse northeast of the harbor 30 on the front of the third freighter off of the west of the harbor 31 over the water west of the port at the front of the freighter with the landing zone (take the tour boat) 32 on the ground in the northwest corner of the harbor (within the fence) 33 on top of the northwest warehouse on the harbor 34 on the freighter with the military vehicles amongst the rocket launcher vehicles 35 on the end of the dock on the south west edge of the harbor 36 on the north end on the warehouse located south of restaurant 37 on top of the crane on the east side of the port Fairfield (based on initial saucer site being the south ) 1 complete General Mayhem mission 2 complete General Mayhem mission 3 complete Gas Up mission 4 complete Gas Up mission 5 complete Team Building mission 6 complete Team Building mission 7 complete Down Home Disco Hootenanny mission 8 complete Down Home Disco Hootenanny mission 9 complete Down Home Disco Hootenanny mission 10 complete Down Home Disco Hootenanny mission 11 complete Willy's Wankers mission 12 complete Willy's Wankers mission 13 complete Willy's Wankers mission 14 complete Willy's Wankers mission 15 in the lumber yard by two pile at the east entrance 16 on the ground at the parking lot entrance to the school 17 under the bleachers on the north side of the soccer field 18 in the second crop circle next to your initial landing site 19 in the cow pen in the south east corner of town 20 on top of a tree just south east of the barn on the east edge of the map 21 above the cars in the new car lot on the north edge 22 just outside the fenced in landing zone area in the alley 23 in the alley way behind the BBQ restaurant 24 behind the transforms on the east side of the power sub-station 25 on top of the brick building next to Fairfield Tractor parts store 26 on top of the Crazy 8's Billiards building (behind the sign) 27 on the ground behind the movie theater 28 on some hay bales next to the discount furniture store (main street) 29 on the ground by the fountain in the park 30 on top of the school 31 on the ground between three rocks along north east of the billiards hall 32 on the porch of the house in the south east corner of town 33 and on the roof of the same house 34 between the two tanks north of the gas station (west edge of town) 35 on the ground in the south east corner of the corn field with the crop circles 36 on top of the building in the junkyard 37 in the north east corner of the junkyard under the burnt up cars 38 on top of the grain silos on the west edge of town 39 on top of the fire house (north west corner of town Fantasy Atoll (based on boat being docked on the south end of the atoll) 1 complete Leveraging Synergy mission 2 complete Leveraging Synergy mission 3 complete Rubble Indemnity mission 4 complete Rubble Indemnity mission 5 complete The Village Hu-Mans mission 6 complete The Village Hu-Mans mission 7 on top of the smoke stack of the cruise ship 8 under some barrels on the right rear corner of the ship 9 on the ground behind a rock north west of the ramp up to the boat 10 on the ground on a small sand bar between the ship and volcano 11 in front of one of the huts on the pier on the island where the ship docks 12 hovering above the ground at the end of the canyon of Dead Man's Crotch 13 behind the logs along the wall of the canyon of Dead Man's Crotch 14 hidden in a treasure chest along the shore of Dead Man's Crotch 15 floating under the first suspension bridge on Dead Man's Crotch island 16 in a cave on the side of “Lost” island floating near the roof of the cave 17 behind the communications shack 18 on the ground along the outer shore of “Lost” island 19 under the raft lean-to by the plane wreckage 20 on the end of the pier of the military base 21 on the ground behind one of the huts in front of Pork's mansion 22 on top of Pork's mansion 23 on the back porch of Pork's mansion 24 against the cliff face along the shore where the ramp leads up to the golf course on Pork's island 25 on the golf course up on top of the cliffs of Pork's island 26 on the golf course up on top of the cliffs of Pork's island 27on the golf course up on top of the cliffs of Pork's island 28 along the edge of the volcano 29 along the edge of the volcano 30 hidden between four alters surrounded by idols between the volcano and golf course on Pork's island 31 on a raft floating off of Pork's island behind Pork's mansion Vietmahl (based on the village with Big Willy's being the north east corner) 1 complete Zombie Ride Share mission 2 complete Zombie Ride Share mission 3 complete Give 110% mission 4 complete Give 110% mission 5 complete The End of the Affair mission 6 complete The End of the Affair mission 7 complete The End of the Affair mission 8 complete The End of the Affair mission 9 complete There is no “U” in Team mission 10 complete There is no “U” in Team mission 11 complete There is no “U” in Team mission 12 complete There is no “U” in Team mission 13 in the chicken coop near your landing site in the village 14 in the round hut in the fishing settlement south of the village 15 on top of the statues on the wall west of the village 16 on top of the statues on the wall west of the village 17 on top of a boulder in the north west corner 18 behind a tank in the north west corner 19 on top of a tent in the military camp in the north west corner 20 on top of a pillar of a collapsed building (with a generator on it) in the north west corner 21 on the ground between two palm trees on the south side of the wall along the north edge 22 on the floor of the collapsed building just south of #21 23 in a crate on the west end of the wall north of the river 24 under some crates in the center of the wall in #23 (where the group of people reappear) 25 in a chicken coop on the south end of the village 26 on the ground on the west side of the temple in Kluckin's base 27 east of the ramp into the main building of Kluckin's base 28 next to the wall east of the main path just north of the main building in Kluckin's base 29 above the tent east of the main path through Kluckin's base 30 inside the outer wall in the north west corner of Kluckin's base 31 outside of the west wall of Kluckin's base along the south edge of the map 32 on the ground behind the buildings in the Military Encampment 33 on top of the temple in the Military Encampment 34 on the ground west of the wall between the Military Encampment and the river 35 floating above the west tower of Kluckin's base 36 floating high above the wall south of the Komeer Biege Base (in a large tree) 37 inside one of the three pillar bases around the landing site by the head of the river at the south end of the map (south east of the military encampment) 8) Contacting me and copyright information This guide is written entirely by TMNTMAN unless otherwise noted. You may use the information it contains. But if you are copying large sections, please provided the proper citation. If you have questions, you may contact the author at tmntman (at)</p>