Neverwinter Nights 2 Pickpocket Guide Game Version: 1.010.1116 + MotB Guide Version: 1.105 By: Jake Zahn Date: 03/17/2008 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Table of Contents -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTRO LEGAL HISTORY CREDITS ACT I ACT II ACT III MOTB INTRO CHAPTER I CHAPTER II CHAPTER III ITEM LISTING -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTRO -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This will be a simple guide detailing what you can Pickpocket and from who, it is broken down by Chapter and Area, listed in the order you visit. All these were taken directly from the Module files opened into the Toolset so there shouldn't be anything missing or any errors. If for some reason you find something I did miss; please E-Mail me at'' with "NWN2 Guide" in the subject line with whatever the item is and whomever you steal it from. If a character is not mentioned, it means they have nothing on them. It would seem the difficulty for 'Sleight of Hand' checks is always 20, and Critical Failure is impossible, so you'll never need more then 19 ranks in it (including any Dex bonuses). There also doesn't seem to be any consequence to failing. The Item 'Merchant Gold' refers to a Merchant's store of gold used for Buying Items, you can steal 20-40 GP per 'Sleight of Hand' use from this stockpile. The Item 'GP' refers to an amount of Gold, I'm not sure where the exact quantity is located within the Toolset. Any Items you steal can only be sold to a Thieves' Guild Fence. Dayne Lynneth's (in Blacklake) Special Stock inventory, the Back-Ally Warehouse Supervisor, the Weapon/Armor merchants at Port Llast, and Uncus (who moves into your Keep) all act as fences. ***EXTRA*** For a greatly enchanced Pickpocketing experience, you can use cdaulepp's random loot generator Mod. It adds randomized loot to all creatures, that just so happens to be pickpocketable. Link: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LEGAL -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any websites wishing to post this guide may do so as long as credit is given and no content is altered in any way. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HISTORY -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.0 - 11/15/06 First version Version 1.01 - 12/06/06 Various spelling corrections Version 1.02 - 12/11/06 Added Edario Correction Version 1.03 - 12/19/06 Added additional fences Version 1.10 - 11/20/07 Added a bunch of items I missed Added MotB section Version 1.101 - 11/21/07 Added another fence location Listed correct amount of Gold Rings on the Blacklake merchant Added a link for cdaulepp's Mod to the Intro Version 1.105 - 03/17/08 Added another fence location -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CREDITS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- dphagan - Noticing the Studded Leather +1 that can be stolen from Edario. Tobias Günther - Finding out that the Dwarven Merchants are fences. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ACT I -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- West Harbor Brother Merring: Cure Light Wounds Potion Georg: Short Sword Pitney Lannon: Cure Light Wounds Potion Tarmas: Merchant GP Ward Mossfield: GP Wyl Mossfield: Copper Ring Starling House Rita Starling: Amethyst Weeping Wilow Inn Commoner #1 (Female): Healer's Kit +1 Jorik: Thieves' Tools +6, Merchant GP Fort Locke Galen: Strong Tangle Trap, Merchant GP Galen's Guard #1: Alexandrite, Healer's Kit +1 Galen's Guard #2: Silver Ring Jacoby: Merchant GP Neeshka Soldier #1: Kukri +1 Neeshka Soldier #3: Healer's Kit +3 Tor Millows: Speed Potion, Merchant GP Highcliff Branson: Merchant GP Edario: Studded Leather +1, Merchant GP Grishnank: Cure Light Wounds Potion, Cure Light Wounds Potion, Cure Light Wounds Potion Docks District Repko the Weaponsmith: Blade of the Gladiator, Merchant GP Reylene: Belt of Agility +1, Liber Occultatum, Merchant GP Werth the Armorsmith: Merchant GP Sunken Flagon Citizen (Black Hair): Gold Ring Merchant District Deekin: Gloves of the Minstrel, Merchant GP Pap: Strong Sonic Trap Kit, Merchant GP Temple of Tyr Judge Oleff: Holy Water, Healer's Kit +10, Merchant GP Back Alley Warehouse Supervisor: Sharpshadow Blade, Thieves' Tools +10, The Quiet Deaths of the Brotherhood of Assassins Old Owl Well Callum: Healer's Kit +10 Karina: Cure Light Wounds Potion, Minor Spike Trap Kit, Thieves' Tools +3 Simmy: Doss Lute, Merchant GP -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ACT II -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Blacklake District Book Merchant: GP, GP, GP, Invisibility Sphere Scroll Dayne Lynneth: Chime of Opening, Magic Bag, Merchant GP Food Merchant: GP, GP, GP Misc Merchant: GP, Gold Necklace, 750 Gold Rings, Diamond Pepin Pollo: Amulet of Acid Resistance Castle Never Neverwinter Noble (Male): Bloodstone Collector's Mansion Vania: Vania's Key, Saintsblood Pearl Tavorik's Estate Lord Cyran Tavorick (Downstairs): Emerald Lord Cyran Tavorick (Upstairs): Ring of Magic Defenses Temar's Estate Larim: Ring of Regeneration Temple of Lathander Dawnbringer Natrisse: Deadly Holy Trap Kit, Merchant GP Port Llast Guard (Female, after Vigilante encounter): Copper Ring Haljal: Bleederkin, Mechant GP Nya: Ring of Hiding, Merchant GP Traveler: Cold Iron Dagger, Invisibility Potion Vigilante #1 (Female): Distilled Alcohol Yask: Thieves' Hood, Merchant GP Garrison Alaine: GP Haeromos: Healer's Kit +10 Port Llast Guard (Back): Port Llast Port Llast Guard (Left): Obsidian Port Llast Guard (Right): Bull's Strength Potion Ember Well Caverns (Upper) Glek: Trophy Skull Duskwood Lyssa: Lesser Magic Bag Crossroad Keep Master Veedle: Spirits Illefarn Ruins Riverguard Keep (Level 3) Blix: The Nomad's Ring Ghellu: Bone Ring Troll Encounter Greycloak Sergeant: Cure Serious Wounds Potion -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ACT III -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Castle Never Neverwinter Citizen (Female): Aventurine Neverwinter Citizen (Male, Grey Hair): Amethyst Neverwinter Citizen (Male, Dreadlocks): Bloodstone Merchant District Axle's Doorman: Key Bill Logan: Eaglebow, Arrows of the Vampire, Merchant GP Deekin: Thieves' Tools +10, Merchant GP Neverwinter Citizen (Docker): Aid Potion Neverwinter Citizen (Docker): Aid Potion Neverwinter Citizen (Docker): Thieves' Tools +3 Neverwinter Citizen (Watch Crowd #3): GP Neverwinter Citizen (Watch Crowd #5): GP Neverwinter Citizen (Watch Crowd #7): GP Neverwinter Citizen (Watch Crowd #8): GP Neverwinter Citizen (Watch Crowd #9): GP Priest of Tyr: Healer's Kit +6 Randolph: Bracers of Dexterity +4, Merchant GP Thief #1_1: Thieves' Tools +3 Thief #1_3: Thieves' Tools +6 Thief #2_1: Thieves' Tools +6 Thief #2_2: Thieves' Tools +3 Thief #3_2: Thieves' Tools +10 Watchman Supplier: Amethyst Ironfist Stronghold Ironfist Dwarf (Cut #6): Garnet Ironfist Dwarf (Training Room): Aventurine Revorax: Chain Shirt +5, Merchant GP -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MOTB INTRO -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have yet to actually play through the MotB campaign, so I'm not sure if the information about how Sleight of Hand works, provided in the earlier Intro section, still applies in this campaign. As above, the below listings are taken directly from the Module files. If you find any errors or oversights, please E-Mail them to me with "NWN2 Guide" in the Subject line. E-Mail: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHAPTER I -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mulsantir Sloop Inn Shelvedar Nuum: Suite Key Shadow Mulsantir Death God's Vault (Upper) Death Knight Leader: Death Knight's Key -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHAPTER II -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ashenwood Outskirts Dalenka's Dwelling Dalenka: Ring of Leeched Abjuration Caved-In Mine Bheur: Jar of Orglash Extract Sunken Temple The Skein Mad Axe-Wielding Duegar: Duegar Waraxe Thayan Academy Classrooms Master Atabe: Rod of Reversal -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHAPTER III -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Founder's Sanctum Myrkulite (Wizard/Pale Master/Cleric): Scythe +5 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ITEM LIST -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Amulet of Acid Resistance: Acid Resistance 20/- Blade of the Gladiator: Longsword +2, +1d6 Acid Damage Bleederkin: Rapier +2, Wounding [DC=14] Bone Ring: Immunity to Level/Ability Drain Bracers of Dexterity +4: Dex +4 Chime of Opening: can cast Knock (3) for 1 Charge, has 50 Charges Doss Lute: Only useable by Bard, can cast Ghostly Visage (3) 1/Day, Hold Person (3) 1/Day, and Neutralize Poison (5) 1/Day Duegar Waraxe: Dwarven Waraxe +3 Eaglebow: Shortbow +3, Search & Spot +2 Gloves of the Minstrel: Only useable by Bard, Perform +3 GP: Gold Pieces. The amounts appear to be semi-random. Jar of Orglash Extract: No clue. Seems to be a Plot Item. Lesser Magic Bag: Reduces the Weight of the contents by 40% Liber Occultatum: Thief Armor Recipe Book Magic Bag: Reduces the Weight of the contents by 60% Merchant GP: The amount of Gold a Merchant has on hand to buy items with. It varies from Merchant to Merchant but is generally in the 10k-100k range. Port Llast: Book about Port Llast Ring of Hiding: Hide +6 Ring of Leeched Abjuration: Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution -3, Immunity to Spells < Level 2, Immunity: Evocation, Spell Resistance 24, can cast Spell Mantle (13) 1/Day and Globe of Invulnerability (11) 1/Day Ring of Magic Defenses: Spellcraft +2, Spell Resistance 14, and can cast Dispel Magic (5) 1/Day Ring of Regeneration: Regeneration +4 Rod of Reversal: Can cast Dispel Magic (5) for 3 Charges and Greater Dispelling (7) for 5 Charges, has 50 Charges Saintsblood Pearl: Can cast Cure Light Wounds (2) for 1 Charge, Cure Moderate Wounds (3) for 2 Charges, Cure Serious Wounds (5) for 3 Charges, Cure Critical Wounds (7) for 4 Charges, and Restoration (7) for 5 Charges, has 50 Charges Sharpshadow Blade: Kukri +1, Hide & Move Silently +2 Spirits: Alcohol The Nomad's Ring: Bonus Spell Slots (Sorcerer) 1-4, Light 20m (Bright, Blue) The Quiet Deaths of the Brotherhood of Assassins: Posion Recipe Crafting Book Thieves' Hood: Only usable by Rogue, Immunity to Knockdown & Poison, Concentration +1, Open Locks & Search +2 Trophy Skull: Sell it...I guess. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p>