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Written by: Daniel Acaba GameFAQS ID: Misfit119 Contact me at: eternalmisery718@yahoo.com System: Playstation 3 This FAQ Copyright 2007 Daniel Acaba List of Sites that may host this FAQ: www.ign.com www.gamefaqs.com www.gamerstemple.com www.cheatcc.com www.gamesradar.com / www.cheatplanet.com ========================================================= Index ========================================================= 1 - Update History 2 - About This FAQ 3 - Controls 4 - Classes 5 - Special Attacks 5.1 - Mage 5.2 - Scout 5.3 - Warrior 6 - Walkthrough 6.1 - The Barbarian Lands 6.2 - The Palace Docks 6.3 - City Outskirts 6.4 - The Ruined City of Adoni 6.5 - Dragon's Shade Hideout 6.6 - The Cursed Caverns 6.7 - Crystal Caverns 6.8 - Library Tower, 1st floor 6.9 - Library Tower, 2nd floor 6.10 - Library Tower, Top 6.11 - Dragon's Shade Hideout 6.12 - Sewers, West 6.13 - Sewers, East 6.14 - Silver Cathedral 6.15 - Silver Cathedral, Inner Sanctum 6.16 - Galen, Eastern District 6.17 - Steam Tunnels 6.18 - The Kiln 6.19 - Dragon's Shade Hideout 6.20 - Galen, Southern District 6.21 - Galen, Northern District 6.22 - Galen, Western District 6.23 - City Slums, North 6.24 - City Slums, East 6.25 - City Slums, South 6.26 - Grinder 6.27 - Palace Docks 6.28 - Palace of King Halaskar 6.29 - Halaskar's Throne 7 - About the Author 8 - Credits ========================================================= 1. Update History ========================================================= V. 1.0 - First uploaded 1/27/2007 - Walkthrough completed, the only thing left to finish is the special attacks. V. 1.5 - Updated 3/26/2007 - Needed to fix some things, still need to complete the special attack list. Reader input would be appreciated. ========================================================= 2. About This FAQ ========================================================= Seeing as how there are no FAQs but lots of questions being asked about this game on the GameFAQs message boards, I figured it could do for one. I beat the game once before but wasn't thinking of doing a FAQ then. So I'm trying to do it with a new game, so any help with the special abilities chart is appreciated greatly. ========================================================= 3. Controls ========================================================= D-Pad Up: Cancel Spell Assign Left/Right: Spell Assign Down: Minimap/Large map Left Analog: Movement Right Analog: Camera Control Select: Character Menu Start: Game Menu Triangle: Action Square: Light attack X: Wide Attack Circle: Jump L1: Cast Spell L2: Camera Lock (not usable in 2-player mode) R1: Block R2: Dodge (Can be aimed by using left analog stick) By holding down the L1 button a small menu comes up, showing you what button corresponds to what spell. Ex. Holding L1 and pressing X with a starting Mage casts a fireball spell. It is best to keep the camera pulled in close; otherwise it may get blocked by higher up objects, like tree branches. This is an unavoidable problem when you have two players. ========================================================= 4. Classes ========================================================= To anyone who played the original Diablo, the character selection in this game will feel pretty familiar. All the classes are much the same as they were in that classic. The bruiser who stinks at magic, the magic using pansy and the character that goes down the middle with some of her own flavor thrown in. ========== Warrior ========== "As the strongest member of the fabled Dragon's Shade, the warrior devastates opponents up close with his mighty hammer. He can also call upon the powers of lightning and earth to destroy or immobilize entire groups of enemies." The warrior is what you would basically expect from his ilk in these sorts of video games: He's big, burly and a monster in melee combat, but his magic is nowhere near as good as the Mage or even the Scout. While you can change this by customizing his equipment, runes and where you place his attribute points when he levels up. However, unless you do this, you're better off simply putting your points into his melee attack and both defenses as well as making sure that you take equipment that optimizes all of these traits, as well as increasing your hit points. All of these traits allow your warrior to take damage the way he will need to later on in the game. -------------------- Starting Statistics -------------------- Health: 200 Mana: 150 Attack Power: 55 Magic Power: 45 Melee Defense: 50 Spell Defense: 50 ========== Scout ========== "As the most agile member of the unit, she uses stealth and deception to vanquish her enemies. She has acrobatic skill with her twin blades and isn't above using poison and traps for good measure." The Scout plays the balanced character in this game. While neither her offense or magic is the most astonishing in the game, she has nicely balanced stats that allows her to be more liberal use of her special moves than the warrior. She is one of the best characters to play single player for this reason, as her fast attacks, balanced stats and decent special move selection all make her a fairly good choice for a first time adventure through the game. She is not entirely useless in a two player game however, as she can make for a good replacement magic user if neither of you wishes to play as a Mage. The Scout can very much be played however you choose, be it a knock down warrior or a fighter who uses magics more to enhance her fighting capabilities or something in the middle. She is very easy to customize however you choose. It does bear special note that the Scout is faster than the other characters. Her combo attacks, seem to go off far faster than for either the warrior or the mage. This is another advantage to playing as her. -------------------- Starting Statistics -------------------- Health: 185 Mana: 185 Attack Power: 50 Magic Power: 50 Melee Defense: 50 Spell Defense: 50 ========== Mage ========== "Masterfully using magic to control the forces of nature as well as the minds and bodies of his enemies, the mage's powers are a sight to behold. Although weaker than the rest of Dragon's Shade, the mage rarely will let his enemies get near enough to him. " Much like the warrior, the mage is basically what you would expect from others of his kind in the fantasy genre: physically weak dork who can use magic like no other. While your first instinct would be to bolster his magical offense and his MP, this might not be what you wish to do. If you're playing a one player game, it might behoove you to make sure that you do not ignore his defense. If you make that mistake, you will likely find yourself dying as it is nearly impossible for the mage to take out the hordes of enemies as they come for him. But if you are playing a two player game, then you can do this. Throw most of your points and upgrades into magical upgrades, with a little in defense so you can survive bosses, and you will be just fine. Just use the other player as a living meat shield. Take note, that the mage not only casts spells as a special attack, but that he uses certain ones as normal attacks as well. -------------------- Starting Statistics -------------------- Health: 170 Mana: 180 Attack Power: 45 Magic Power: 55 Melee Defense: 50 Spell Defense: 50 ========================================================= 5. Special Attacks ========================================================= 5.1 - Mage ========== Fireball - Creates a blistering orb of fire that explodes on contact, damaging enemies within its area. Rank 1: 10 mana, Duration: 3, Knockback: Small, Knockdown: Some targets Rank 2: 12 mana, Req. Level: 2, Damage Bonus: 10%, Duration: 3, Knockback: Medium, Knockdown: Most targets Rank 3: 14 mana, Req. Level: 3, Damage Bonus: 20%, Duration: 3, Knockback: Medium, Knockdown: Most targets Rank 4: 18 mana, Req. Level: 5, Damage Bonus: 30%, Duration: 3, Knockback: Large, Knockdown: All targets Rank 5: 20 mana, Req. Level: 8, Damage Bonus: 40%, Duration: 3, Knockback: Large, Knockdown: All targets Chain Lightening - Creates a bolt of lightening that jumps between enemies and causes them damage. Rank 1: 15 mana, Req. Level: 2, Jumps: 3 Rank 2: 18 mana, Req. Level: 3, Damage Bonus: 5%, Jumps: 4 Rank 3: 22 mana, Req. Level: 5, Damage Bonus: 10%, Jumps: 5 Rank 4: 22 mana, Req. Level: 7, Damage Bonus: 15%, Jumps: 7 Rank 5: 22 mana, Req. Level: 10, Damage Bonus: 20%, Jumps: 9 Mana Shield - Creates a shield of mana around the caster. Damage taken is converted into mana loss instead of health loss. Rank 1: 0 mana, Req. Level: 4, Damage Conversion: 50%, Duration: Until mana pool is exhausted, Toggles Rank 2: 0 mana, Req. Level: 5, Damage Conversion: 50%, Damage Reduction: 3%, Duration: Until mana pool is depleted, Toggle Rank 3: 0 mana, Req. Level: 7, Damage Conversion: 50%, Damage Reduction: 10%, Duration: Until mana pool is depleted, Toggle Rank 4: 0 mana, Req. Level: 10, Damage Conversion: 50%, Damage Reduction: 15%, Duration: Until mana pool is depleted, Toggle Rank 5: 0 mana, Req. Level: 12, Damage Conversion: 50%, Damage Reduction: 25%, Duration: Until mana pool is depleted, Toggle Ice Nova - Creates a glowing ring of ice around the caster, freezing enemies and causing them damage. Rank 1: 10 mana, Req. Level: 5, Slow Target: 50%, Duration: 1 Rank 2: 12 mana, Req. Level: 6, Damage Bonus: 10%, Slow Target: 60%, Duration: 1 Rank 3: 14 mana, Req. Level: 8, Damage Bonus: 20%, Slow Target: 70%, Duration: 1 Rank 4: 18 mana, Req. Level: 10, Damage Bonus: 30%, Slow Target: 80%, Freeze Target: 25%, Duration: 1 Rank 5: 20 mana, Req. Level: 13, Damage Bonus: 40%, Slow Target: 100%, Freeze Target: 50%, Duration: 1 Coerce - Converts an enemy to fight by your side for a short period of time. Rank 1: 15 mana, Req. Level: 9, Duration: 10, Targets: 1 Rank 2: 18 mana, Req. Level: 10, Duration: 20, Targets: 1 Rank 3: 22 mana, Req. Level: 11, Duration: 30, Targets: 2 Rank 4: 26 mana, Req. Level: 14, Duration: 45, Targets: 2 Rank 5: 30 mana, Req. Level: 17, Duration: 90, Targets: 2 Gravity Flux - Creates a pocket of anti-gravity, causing enemies to implode and take extreme damage. Rank 1: 25 mana, Req. Level: 10, Knockdown: Extreme, Vortex Rank 2: 30 mana, Req. Level: 11, Damage Bonus: 10%, Knockdown: Extreme, Vortex Rank 3: 35 mana, Req. Level: 13, Damage Bonus: 20%, Knockdown: Extreme, Vortex Rank 4: 40 mana, Req. Level: 15, Damage Bonus: 30%, Knockdown: Extreme, Vortex Rank 5: 45 mana, Req. Level: 18, Damage Bonus: 40%, Knockdown: Extreme, Vortex Flame Thrower - Creates a jet of flame that scorches enemies. Rank 1: 15 mana, Req. Level: 14, Knockback: Small, Duration: 3 Rank 2: 18 mana, Req. Level: 15, Damage Bonus: 10%, Knockback: Small, Duration: 3 Rank 3: 22 mana, Req. Level: 17, Damage Bonus: 20%, Knockback: Small, Duration: 3 Rank 4: 26 mana, Req. Level: 19, Damage Bonus: 30%, Knockback: Small, Duration: 3 Rank 5: 30 mana, Req. Level: 22, Damage Bonus: 40%, Knockback: Small, Duration: 3 Blizzard - Creates a blizzard that severely slows down and damages enemies. Rank 1: 15 mana, Req. Level: 15, Duration: 6, Slow Target: 50%, Range: 15 Rank 2: 18 mana, Req. Level: 16, Duration: 8, Slow Target: 60%, Range: 15 Rank 3: 22 mana, Req. Level: 18, Duration: 10, Slow Target: 70%, Range: 15 Rank 4: 26 mana, Req. Level: 20, Duration: 12, Slow Target: 80%, Range: 15 Rank 5: 30 mana, Req. Level: 23, Duration: 14, Slow Target: 90%, Range: 15 Telekinesis - Ultimate mastery over physical objects. Rank 1: 15 mana, Req. Level: 20, Targets: 2, Stun, Knockback: Large, Knockdown: All targets Rank 2: 18 mana, Req. Level: 21, Damage Bonus: 10%, Targets: 4, Stun, Knockback: Large, Knockdown: All targets Rank 3: 22 mana, Req. Level: 23, Damage Bonus: 20%, Targets: 6, Stun, Knockback: Large, Knockdown: All targets Rank 4: 26 mana, Req. Level: 25, Damage Bonus: 30%, Targets: 8, Stun, Knockback: Large, Knockdown: All targets Rank 5: 30 mana, Req. Level: 28, Damage Bonus: 40%, Targets: 10, Stun, Knockback: Large, Knockdown: All targets ========== 5.2 - Scout ========== Flying Blades - Creates poisonous blades that seek enemy targets. Rank 1: 8 mana, Blades: 1 Rank 2: 10 mana, Req. Level: 2, Blades: 2 Rank 3: 12 mana, Req. Level: 3, Blades: 3 Rank 4: 14 mana, Req. Level: 5, Blades: 4 Rank 5: 16 mana, Req. Level: 8, Blades: 5 Nightmares - Puts enemies to sleep while causing them damage over time. Rank 1: 15 mana, Req. Level: 2, Duration: 4 Rank 2: 18 mana, Req. Level: 3, Damage Bonus: 10%, Duration: 6 Evasion - Swirling smoke surrounds the caster, making her harder to hit. Rank 1: 3 mana, Req. Level: 4, Evade Melee: 30%, Evade Ranged: 50%, Recurring Cost, Toggle, Max Duration: 30 Deadly Strike - A focused attack that is difficult to aim, but delivers extreme damage. Rank 1: 15 mana, Req. Level: 5, Instant Kill: 4%, Knockback: Medium, Knockdown: All targets Toxic Tendrils - Envelops enemies in poisonous tendrils that immobilize and damage them. Rank 1: 15 mana, Req. Level: 9, Number of Tendrils: 2, Stun: 4, Duration: 10 Dark Mine - Creates a mine that explodes when enemies get near it. Rank 1: 12 mana, Req. Level: 10, Duration: 15, Knockback: Medium, Knockdown: All targets Dust Cloud - Creates a cloud of dust that confuses enemies. Rank 1: 15 mana, Req. Level: 14, Duration: 6 Sneak Attack - A vicious attack from the shadows. Rank 1: 20 mana, Req. Level: 15, Targets: 2, Knockback: Small, Knockdown: All targets Pillar of Shadows - Creates a large pillar of shadows that sucks enemies into its center and causes them great damage. Rank 1: 30 mana, Req. Level: 20, Targets: 4, Duration: 6, Vortex ========== 5.3 - Warrior ========== Energy Hammer - Creates energy hammers that seek enemy targets. Rank 1: 8 mana, Number of hammers: 1 Rank 2: 10 mana, Req. Level: 2, Damage Bonus: 10%, Number of hammers: 1 Rank 3: 12 mana, Req. Level: 3, Damage Bonus: 10%, Number of hammers: 2 Stunning Shout - Creates a cone of deafening sound that disorients enemies for a period of time. Rank 1: 10 mana, Req. Level: 2, Duration: 5 Rank 2: 12 mana, Req. Level: 3, Duration: 7, Knockback: Small Adrenaline - Increases the damage done by combo attacks for you and your allies. Rank 1: 3 mana, Req. Level: 4, Damage Bonus: 20%, Range: 8, Toggle, Recurring Cost, Max Duration: 30 Rank 2: 3 mana, Req. Level: 5, Damage Bonus: 30%, Range: 10, Toggle, Recurring Cost, Max Duration: 30 Thunder Clap - Creates a powerful force of lightening that causes severe damage to nearby enemies. Rank 1: 15 mana, Req. Level: 5, Targets: 4, Duration: 2, Knockdown: Most targets Absorb Pain - Prevents all damage for a short period of time. Some of the damage is then delivered to all nearby enemies. Rank 1: 15 mana, Req. Level: 9, Invulnerable, Duration: 5, Knockback: Medium, Knockdown: All targets Shockwave - Creates a wave of energy that damages all within its path. Rank 1: 15 mana, Req. Level: 10, Knockback: Small Lightning Cloud - Creates an aura around the caster that slows down enemy attacks and causes them minor damage. Rank 1: 15 mana, Req. Level: 14, Slow Target: 40%, Duration: 10 Whirlwind - A powerful spinning attack. Rank 1: 20 mana, Req. Level: 15, Duration: 1 Black Hole - Creates a black hole that sucks in enemies and then explodes causing them massive damage. Rank 1: 50 mana, Req. Level: 20, Instant Kill: 2%, Knockback: Extreme, Knockdown: All targets ========================================================= 6. Walkthrough ========================================================= A Few Notes ============= - I will not point out each and every enemy fight. Only boss fights or hard sections will be highlighted. - I will use the mini-map as a compass of sorts to give directions. There is a marker on it that points north. I will give you directions using this as a marker, so if confused as to what direction I'm talking about, just use that. - I will not point out every checkpoint, although I will occasionally mention them when I feel it is relevant. - I see no point in telling you when you should create equipment or runes at the check points, so do so at your leisure. - Destroy all wooden crates and other suspicious breakables. They all have a fair chance of containing essence, except for rocks. This allows you to power up your character a bit quicker. ************* Russel Johson writes in with this tip: You might also want to let people know they should save some essence in the last few levels to buy the Rune of Wisdom as soon as they can. You can max out at level 45 long before the last level. This way, it almost doesn't matter at all what armor you have until you get to the King Halaskar. ************* =========================== 6.1 - The Barbarian Lands =========================== Quests ========= - Barbarian Uprising Find the leader of the barbarian uprising and defeat him. - Barbarian Siege Defend the town from the barbarian invaders. You have to kill 10 barbarians. - Rescue Save the villagers from the barbarian ambush by killing the barbarian shaman. You will have to kill 3 shamans to end this. ========= When you begin playing the game, you will start off in a small town. This is going to be a short tutorial, so just follow the on-screen prompts. You can't continue until you do. Once this is done, a group of barbarians will leap over the wall, prompting quest 2, Barbarian Siege. Kill the 10 enemies however you like. After this is done, you will get a quest complete notification, but 8 more enemies will leap over the walls and you will have to beat them too. However, when you beat this group, you will get your first item drop (although I have seen glitches here, where I didn't receive it even though the game claimed I did). Likely before you pick it up, the barred doors to the city will be knocked open. You must defeat this group as well. Upon exiting the city you will meet another in-game prompt, this one teaching you to use your spells. Use it to destroy the barrels (beware these things at all times, they're killers) and defeat the enemies that survive the explosion. Now head along the road east (using the North marker on the min-map as a compass). Eventually you will come upon ANOTHER tutorial, this one showing you how to dodge, in case you haven't already picked up on it. Keep beating on the enemies and moving along the road. Eventually you will reach a fork in the road: one goes east to a yellow marker, the other goes west to a wooden fence. The fence is impassible for now, although that is the way we need to go. So for now, head to the east to the yellow marker. You will see a small cutscene that shows a girl and her guards being waylaid by some bandits. This is marked as an optional quest but it really isn't. This girl is going to need to be rescued, this is the rescue quest listed above. Simply begin to kill the barbarians and eventually you will kill the three required shamans. This is not a very hard one at all, simply make good use of your spells and your wide attacks. However, be careful of any attacks that can hurt the NPC's for now. After saving the villager, she will thank you and run off leaving a chest behind for you. Take the chest and equip the Rune of Sensing, it shows you where the enemies are located on the mini-map. This is very useful for seeing what lies ahead or what's trying to ambush you. Any of the soldiers who survived the attack will join you from this point on until they die. Now, remember that wooden fence? A horde of barbarians are going to rush on through it. Go over that way and beat them good and proper and head on through that fence they so conveniently left open for you. Once through it, you will be ambushed at the bend in the road, introducing the new, and weaker, enemies: the wolves. Smack the barbarians and their furry friends down but don't continue down the road. Look to the north and you will see a treasure chest and get the piece of armor. This will trigger an ambush that can be a bit challenging if you're not paying attention. Dodge away from the initial rush if you need to and take them at your leisure before continuing down the road. You will pass a save point and have to work through a horde of enemies, but it shouldn't be that hard. Press on until you reach the next intersection. East is where you need to go, but ignore the yellow pointer on the mini-map. Head on to the west and beat the enemies that ambush you and you will find a font of energies. You can either extract health, mana or essence from it. You can recover health or mana with essence at checkpoints, and there is one not too far back, so I suggest taking out the essence. In either case, head on back east and pass through another wooden fence. Follow the road until you reach another fork in the road. Heading to the west leads to a dead end, so ignore that. You must head south towards yet another wooden fence. However, this one has its doors closed so you must make your own way in. Avoid the axe throwers as best you can and climb the conveniently placed rocks by jumping on them carefully. Once over, clear out the enemies but pay careful attention to the ones on the walls. There are three on each side and you must use the wooden ramps to get to each group. Defeat them and the rest of the enemies before searching the camp carefully. Destroy any of the wooden crates for the essence inside of them and look for the treasure chest and a font much like the one on the road before. Take the orb of flames from the treasure chest and extract the essence from the font before continuing on the road. When you reach the end of this road, you will reach *another* fence, but this one is closed. A cutscene will start as you approach, with a horde of enemies leaping out to ambush you. However, when the odds seem woefully in the barbarians favor, the door to the fence you just finished climbing over will be bashed in by some more canon fodder, I mean guards to aide you. You will have to fight the barbarians with their help for a short while. When enough of the barbarians have been defeated, a Barbarian Champion will leap out and unimpressively kill one of the guards. He isn't that much more dangerous than the other barbarians, he can knock you down though. So be careful and block or dodge if you need to. I prefer ranged attacks while I use the guards as body shields, but to each his own. Once he is down, two guards will bust open the wooden fence in front of you, allowing you to proceed, possibly flanked by a few guards if the big guy didn't kill them all. You will likely have three of them when traveling in the next area and they will fight enemies alongside you. Just don't let them block your vision or get in your way too much. They can be a pain at times. Follow this road until you reach a small encampment. Another cutscene will be triggered when you get here. This is the main quest, Barbarian Uprising. You will have to beat this big barbarian leader, Chief Ralkor while your cronies, and his, assist you each. Try to target him and not his men. He has an attack similar to the warriors Energy Hammer, where he will raise up his maul and slam the ground. This will project a wave of blue orbs at you. These don't do that much damage, but it can add up and he will spam this attack at you. He also has a pretty wicked melee combo where he knocks you up into the air. Don't let him do this as it is a fairly damaging move, so keep your distance or hit him from behind. It may not be noble, but it saves your tail. When he is defeated, another cutscene will play. Congratulations! You have beaten the first stage. But it seems dark things are afoot. Perhaps your king can shed some light on this. =========================== 6.2 - The Palace Docks =========================== Quests ======== Escape the Palace - The King has set a trap! Gather your forces and escape the airship docks as soon as possible. Gather the Shade - Send all the Dragon's Shade soldiers back to the Airship. You must find all 8 of the soldiers. ======== There will be a fair bit of talking and cutscenes before this level actually starts, but it sheds some light as to what is going on in your homeland. This level starts with you in the middle of a courtyard, surrounded by foes. However, the leader of Dragon's Shade, Torran is with you here and he makes portions of this level where he is near you laughably easy. However, do not let yourself be surrounded. It will be near impossible to raise a block and it is hard to dodge when you are surrounded by these monsters. Beware the minotaur looking guys with the huge iron clubs. They have a charge attack where they can knock you down hard, leaving you open for others to hit. Defeat the initial wave of enemies and a cutscene will play where a large monster comes through a set of metal double doors. Note the treasure chest behind him. Once the scene is over, go and get the helmet out of it before going back to the fight. After some more fighting, a metal portcullis will be raised on one side of the courtyard with a monster charging through it. Defeat him and head into this room that he opened up. Defeat the monsters in here as well before breaking all of the racks for some equipment, essence and an orb before flipping the switch. This will open the entrance back to the airship dock and a cutscene showing your guardsmen attacking some monsters will play. This initiates a new quest. Charge through the front entrance and another cutscene will play. Once it's done, you must run around the docks, gathering up your men and using the action button to send them back to the ship. This is fairly easy to do, especially with Torran and the men helping you fight enemies. At the end of the western dock, you will find a treasure chest tucked in the back, with a rune in it. There is also one chest between pillars straight to the west of the door once you have exited the courtyard. It is possible to fail to complete this mission by not being fast enough. Eventually, the Shades will be killed by the monsters so save as many as you can as fast as you can. Then you must head to the airship as instructed. Once there, a cutscene will play and you must fight a large monster called Commander Heskal. Try to let Torran draw its melee attention as that sword it wields is HUGE. Pelt it from a distance and dodge its attacks when you must. After it is hurt enough, an unimpressive cutscene plays, showing the fight between your commander and the monster. Once it is over, cue another cutscene and it is on to the next stage. =========================== 6.3 - City Outskirts =========================== Quests ======== Split Up - Now that you have split up, you should make your way into the city and find the Dragon's Shade hideout. Sabotage - Destroy the supply carts to cripple the corrupted soldier's presence. The Grey Wolf - You must save the grey wolf from being killed by the corrupted soldiers. Do so and he will aide you in appreciation. Corrupted Captains - Destroy the King's corrupted captains to gain access to the city. ======== After the cinema is over, you will note a checkpoint to your immediate east. Start heading south through the wooded area and a new quest will be added to your log, Sabotage. The first cart you need to destroy is right in front of you in the middle of all the enemies. Continue heading south and a cutscene will play. Draw out the mini-boss, Taskmaster Daru by running away from where you encounter him. You don't want to fight him in the middle of all the enemies where you first meet him. Retreat back and he will follow. As with most bosses you want to keep your distance from him, as he has some very powerful melee attacks. What you want to do, after he is dead, is continue heading south, past the archer up on the rock. There you will find another font of energy that you can pillage for some essence. If you are seriously hurt at this point, likely due to the Taskmaster, head back to the checkpoint to refill before moving forward. Now you are going to want to head west from the font to get back to the road. Once on the road, continue following it south, through the enemies and past the checkpoint. Once you reach the dried up river, begin heading east as there is nothing any further to the south. You will pass another font that you can drain for essence as you pass the rockslide that is blocking the river. Somewhere in this area, is the second cart, however I have never found it myself. I just destroy it accidentally with ranged attacks while fighting enemies. Enter the dry river and follow it along and you will come across another quest, the Grey Wolf. Save him from being killed, it's fairly easy, and he will begin assisting you against the other enemies. Continue heading east, but beware the new spider enemies. They come in numbers and will continue to pelt you with poison for some time, so kill them quickly. After some more travel, the grey wolf will leave you to your lonesome. Just in time for an archer ambush too! Fight your way through them and destroy the third supply cart. Now climb over the rock wall and down the other side using the platforms. This small lake area has some merman/wolf hybrid looking things. They're none too hard so don't worry. Just beat on them and head south east until you find yet another font of energy. There will be a road, straight to your west. Get on it and follow it south (if you have the gold rune equipped, you will see a gold marker on your map, you can follow it to a treasure chest, but it's nothing too spectacular). At the intersection, you will find the fourth supply cart. Destroy the cart and head south, his will trigger a cutscene where the grey wolf returns to help you fight some regular wolves and then a boss wolf, the Alpha Wolf. Let the grey wolf draw the melee attacks and spam it with ranged hits from a distance, he can do some really wicked melee damage very fast. Once you have killed the big wolf, stop heading to the south and double back to the intersection. From here head west and you will find another font of energy and some corrupted soldiers to fight. Also, the grey wolf will reveal a hidden treasure chest with a fairly powerful weapon enhancement in it, this is why you want to go south first. After collecting the essence from the font, you can get to the road and follow it, which will lead you straight to the last supply cart to destroy. Once that is done, follow the path straight to the east to trigger another cutscene and get a new quest. You cannot pass the flames that lead into the city without killing the three corrupted soldier captains, so get to slaying. This won't take too long and once done the flames will be doused magically. But don't head that way just yet. Head north instead. Once you defeat the few enemies here, you will finally be able to complete the grey wolf quest. What the quest log itself doesn't tell you is that you must rescue the grey wolfs pups before she will leave you. So once they're reunited and they run off, you get a nice bit of essence for your trouble. Now you can head back and jump the logs so you can complete the level. This level was a bit tougher than the last, no? =========================== 6.4 - Ruined City of Adoni =========================== Quests ======== Bargos the Souleater - The high priest has been twisted by the King's power and now feeds on the souls of the townspeople. Destroy tombstones to stop the flow of souls. You must destroy 6 of them. Unrest - Set the souls of a hundred tortured zombies at east to remove the curse on their treasure. ======== As soon as the level starts, you are beset by a skeleton and what appears to be a dark priest. The skeletons are fairly tough as they will block your attacks and maintain their block for some time, so ignore them and focus on priests. Not only are they easier, but they can actually summon in more skeletons, defeating the entire purpose of actually killing the skeleton first. The weaker skeletons, the ones without shields, are laughably easy to kill so don't feel threatened by them. At all. Also, try to remember to kill every last zombie you see when going through the level. You need to kill a staggering 100 of them to complete that quest. The first tomb you need to shatter will be straight ahead, to the south, when the level loads up so destroy that now. However, the rest of the level is far too open for me to guide you through it properly without a map of some sort. So I will settle for informing you of the things that need to be known. There are: At least 8 fonts of energy to be found in the winding streets and buildings. At least 1 treasure chests. One of the tombs is located none too far away from the checkpoint. Look for it on the mini-map. There is a room, in what appears to be the middle of the map. It is a small area with a crevasse in the middle of it that you can get into. You can even see a sign outside indicating that it was a tavern once before. There is a treasure chest in the middle of it, but it is surrounded by lots of exploding barrels and a horde of zombies and weak skeletons. It shouldn't be too hard but you can kill yourself with the barrels if you are not careful. Prioritize fighting enemies otherwise you may find yourself with an enemy group that is too large to manage comfortably. A good order to fight them in are dark priest (floating guy) first, then skeletons and zombies while saving the shield skeletons for last. While they do a bit more damage than the normal skeletons, they are too hard to get through their block and the rest of the enemies will take free shots on you in the meanwhile. After killing the 100 zombies for the quest, Unrest, you can find the treasure chest in what appears to be a ruined church or some such. You can find it in the north-east most corner of the map. It will be surrounded by some of the very annoying, but easy, gargoyle enemies. When you finally find Bargos, the High Priest, he will be in a ruined church surrounded by skeletons, zombies and corrupted soldiers. Unlike most of the other bosses, who had killer melee attacks, Bargos is a spell caster. The best thing you can do with him, is get right into his face, ignoring his horde of summoned monsters. Use wide attacks to keep yourself from being swarmed and keep attacking him. If you have area attack spells, use them as well to keep from being overwhelmed. He will die before long and likely without all that much fuss. Once he does die, the way to the next stage will be opened. Watch the cinema to see what I mean. ============================== 6.5 - Dragon's Shade Hideout ============================== Quests ======== Locate the Hideout - Search for the ancient Dragon's Shade Hideout. ======== This level starts off fairly straightforward, so head on out. Follow the save straight along until you pass through the wooden door. You will come to a puzzle that you must solve. When you are playing this area in co-op, let one player do all the work as there is a bug that will make this very frustrating to complete. You must step on the squares in pairs to make the entire board light up. You can walk around the board, on it, over pairs you have already made with impunity, but if you step on something out of sequence, it will reset and you will have to start over. Once this is done, it will open up the boulder that was impeding your progress and a cutscene will play. After the cutscene ends, you will find yourself back in the puzzle tile room and the wooden door will open. Go this way. The super short level ends here. =========================== 6.6 - The Cursed Caves =========================== Quests ======== Escape the Caverns - Necromancers have erected magical barriers to block your progress, defeat the necromancers and their minions to progress to the Library Tower. Trapped Souls - A wall of souls has blocked your path! Free these souls by reuniting them with their bones to continue. ======== Unlike the last level, which had no fighting, this level starts off with some hectic melee versus the undead. Defeat them and pres on to the east into the caves. The enemies feel unending in this level, so destroy what you must, but don't stop moving. After a short while, you will come across a cutscene where a giant skeleton rises from the water with some smaller ones. Defeat the lot of them as this big guy isn't a boss or anything. He *does* have a pretty mean knockdown attack that will send you sprawling, so beware of that. Once this group is done, press on into the next room and you will see a glowing magical barrier. This will not go down until you fight the second giant skeleton, so approach the barrier to draw him out and then kill him. The barrier will fall allowing you to continue and more skeletons to bum-rush you. Defeat them and begin to proceed through the tunnels before you. This is another straightforward area, so just continue through them, fighting the enemies that will come at you until you reach a cutscene. Okay, so they weren't dark priests, they were necromancers. Whatever they are killed, you are going to have to kill another one before this glowing wall lets you pass. So defeat the necromancer and the giant skeleton, use the checkpoint and head along. Now you will find yourself inside of a very large cavern with a crevasse in the middle of it. Do not just fall in or you will take a nice chunk of damage before having to do a fairly tough fight. Go to the southern side of it and adjust your camera so you can see down into it. You should see raised platforms that you can fall on so as to not get yourself hurt. Once down there, another cutscene will play. Now you must fight a horde of skeletons, two giant skeletons, skeleton archers that lurk on the opposite, upper ledges of the area and a group of three necromancers. This gets tough, so I advise you to use all of your area of effect attacks to keep this crowd under control while you take out the necromancers. Take note, that once the necromancers die, the rest of the enemies go with them. Now, even though the barrier fell, ignore it. Continue to the west of the area you fought the necromancers in and look for a way to climb up and out. Once out of the pit, start heading north and kill the enemies you find. You will find yet another treasure chest with an orb of flames contained inside of it. Now you can head back to the glowing wall, and pass through where it was. You will find yourself at an intersection, with one passage going west, with a checkpoint in it, and another that goes south. After all you have gone through saving the game might be a good idea, as well as refilling your health and mana bars. So go hit the checkpoint to the west, but you will see a glowing wall. So obviously you cannot continue this way. Head back to the intersection and head south, going over the rock bridge and to the end, where there is a treasure chest. Inside is a repulser orb, which knocks enemies back. Nothing big, but once you open it, a glowing wall will seal you into this area. You will have to fight through a very large horde of enemies in this area, so ready yourself. The best way to fight this group is to put your back to the glowing wall and use the wide attack combo's to keep the horde down. This will take awhile, but it isn't too hard. *As a note, Ironclaw68 sent me the quest information for this, the Trapped Souls quest and this area makes sense now. The enemies are infinitely spawning in. To destroy them, you need to move closer to the glowing wall and destroy them there "so that their spirits will reunite with their bones" on the other side of the glowing wall. Thanks again, Ironclaw. Now head back to the checkpoint and walk up to the glowing wall. It will dissipate allowing you further entry. Walk onto the platform with the four statues surrounding it and you will be attacked by yet another deluge of the undead. Destroy them, but be careful of more giant skeletons coming to attack you out of nowhere. After destroying enough enemies, the northern door will open up, allowing you to continue forward. However, the southern door, the one you came in through, will remain sealed, so you cannot go and save your game after this fight. That sucks. Push on good warrior! Follow the cavern until you reach the dead end with the cinema that plays. Kill these three giant skeletons and watch yet, another cinema. Now head on back to the room with the four statues and go through the eastern door, which has now opened up. Head across the bridge, fighting enemies as you go, to reach the checkpoint and fill up your health and mana bars if needed. Now head around the rocks, going north and keep going that way until you see some side paths to the west you can take. These are all dead ends, but the last one has a font of energy in it to pillage for essence (it is the area to the north-west of the glowing wall. Start making your way east from the font and when you can go no further look for a way to climb into the large pit in the middle of the room. On the eastern side of the middle area you are now in, there is another font of energy. Fight the enemies as you must, but continue making your way down into the pit. Once you reach the treasure chest, an ambush ensues, with you having to fight five necromancers and all of their undead minions. Maneuver around as you must, through this somewhat confusing area until all of them are dead. Once they are dispatched, climb out of the middle area and make your way to the western part of the upper level. You will find the glowing wall once again gone. The skeletons in this area seem to constantly respawn, so push ahead and fight only the ones that you must. Eventually you will reach a font you can gain essence, health or mana from. Continue along this path dodging enemies as you must. You will find a checkpoint, and east of that YET ANOTHER glowing wall. Since that way is barred, head north along the rock bridge and be careful not to fall into the pits. In the middle of the area, a mini-boss necromancer, named Grudolf the Maleficent will attack you. He isn't hard, but the area is small and the camera stinks for it. Fight him much like you fought the boss of the last level, charge and kill. There is a chest at the end of this area, but I was never able to get it. Good luck with you trying if you should so choose. ********** Skorp gives this suggestion to get to the chest: Go to the rock on the right. Jump diagonally to the NW to the stone sticking up from the center of the blue mist (towards where the spider is/was). Jump again NW to the stone where the spider is/was (if you didn't already blast him with magic). Stroll over and get the loot. ********** Head back to the checkpoint and the glowing door is gone, head through it. Go to the north east, through the small passage and at the end, leap onto the stone pillars and make your way to the treasure chest for yet ANOTHER orb of flames. Something tells me the game devs were being super lazy here. Go back to the entrance and leap onto the other stone pillars and make your way across to the south. Walk down the corridor and huzzah! Level over. Took long enough... geeze I hate that level. =========================== 6.7 - Crystal Caverns =========================== Quests ======== Locate the Library Tower - Negotiate the Caverns and search for the entrance to the Library Tower Crystal Caverns - These crystals seem to fit perfectly upon pedestals scattered around the area. ======== As soon as this level starts, you are introduced to the new enemies; the rock monsters. These guys are annoying because they are tough, do a fair amount of damage and it's impossible to distinguish the ranged attacks from the melee attackers until they've hit you with a chucked rock. I heavily advise mages to be using the mana shield spell here as it provides a nice cushion to avoid the damage from these guys, especially if it is at level 2 or higher, where you get damage reduction. Also, when you destroy the larger ones, they sometimes break down into smaller monsters rather than dying the first time. Beware of this. Follow the passage, ignoring the pillars for now. You will eventually see an odd red glowing batch of crystals (these appear on your map too as a red mass). Go to them and pick the focusing crystal before putting it on the first pedestal you came across. This gets you the Crystal Caverns quest. Now continue along the passage until you see a cutscene showing you how to make your way to the upper level where there are archers. Climb up there and be ready to fight, not just archers, but about 3 necromancers and a horde of the undead. Kill them all and pick up another focusing crystal, before putting it on the pedestal in this room. Now you should have an idea what you need to do. You need to get this red beam of light from the crystals going somewhere. Now to figure out where. Put the second crystal in this room on the other pedestal up here and turn them until they aim the red light back the way you came. Head back to the checkpoint as you will likely need a mana refill, but also to save the game. Avoid the falling rocks as you do so, there are rock monsters inside of these and it doesn't pay to risk fighting them and dying, so run for the moment. After saving the game, stand your ground and fight the lot of them near the checkpoint, this forces them to come to you which lets you prepare to kill them however you choose (I prefer the mages Ice storm). Due to the rock slides, a cave near the beginning will have opened up where you can snatch up a focusing crystal, which should be put on the very next pedestal you see. Now go to all the crystals and keep turning them until they form a beam of red light from one crystal to the next. Eventually, this will cause the beam to shoot into the wall near the first crystal you placed, destroying it and letting you continue through the stage. But you're not done with these crystals yet. You get to do more of this in the next area. Pick up the focusing crystal from this small area and place it on the pedestal. Now turn it so that it shoots into the room ahead of you, to the south. In the cutscene that follows, you will be able to see where you're going thanks to the red beam. Head on in and make your way through it towards where the red mass is on this map. You're going to need to jump across the rock platforms and mushrooms to do this, as well as fighting off spiders and dodging thrown rocks. Once you have it, return it to the pedestal and use the mini-map to aim the red beam at the next pedestal. If you choose to, you may go back to the beginning and make your way to the rock monster instead. There is a chest behind him with a piece of armor that you can get before continuing on. In this next area, it is quite large and there are many different paths to take. So the best advice I can give is for you to explore it in its entirety and to gather all of the red focus crystals as you can before placing them on the pedestals. If you head to the extreme south, there is a boss rock monster to fight who will bust through a wall, opening another path. Also, in that same area, there is a platforming puzzle that leads to another treasure chest with a piece of armor inside of it. When you follow the path that the giant rock monster knocked open, you will find a long passage with a bunch of rock monsters in it. Near the end is a focus crystal to be picked up. Once you do this, you will have to run like hell away from a giant rolling boulder while dodging any living rock monsters and rocks that are in your way. Stick to the sides and keep using the dodge button to evade enemies and move rapidly. Once all of the crystals have been placed in the large chamber, it will open a new path for you to take. Head on into this corridor, but beware; spiders, rock monsters and undead will begin to assail you as you pass down it. Once you reach the end of the tunnel, two necromancers and a giant group of undead will attack you. Area attack spells are a must and stunning attacks are a very good idea here as well. Once the horde is dispatched, make your way to the corridor to the south. You will be walking along a narrow ledge heading to the west, with a cliff face to your south side. Be careful, especially as there are giant skeletons and several necromancers to be fought. The ledge gets even narrower the further down that you go into the tunnel. ============================== 6.8 - Library Tower, 1st floor ============================== Quests ======== The Tower Elder - Make your way to the top of the library tower. Find the Tower Elder. The Tower Guardians - Defeat Rockongo, the Guardian Golem. Rockongo is the first of three guardians that protect the Library Tower. The Four Statues - Activate the four wolf statues to deactivate the forcefields. ======== You will have to contend with iron golems in this level, but they fight almost exactly like the rock monsters so it should be familiar to you by now. They are, however, a fair bit tougher so be wary around them until you know how to kill them quickly. This first portion of the level is fairly straightforward. You must activate the beak of the black statues to lower the blue barriers. Fight your way past the blue skeletons and the golems until you reach the checkpoint. When you head towards the next statues to activate, they will both change into wolf golems. Destroy them and head forward, towards another puzzle. For each pair of the statues in front of you, one is the actual statue, the other is a wolf golem in disguise. To get through without a fight, use the left statue, then the right, then the left and lastly, another left. Once through that, there is a treasure chest to the south, as well as two of the iron golems. Beware though, once you start fighting, two wolf golems will emerge to attack you, as well as activating a trap. A laser will shoot from the northern wall, at the end of the corridor, to the southern wall, near where the chest is. It does a nice bit of damage, so avoid it by dodging ahead to move faster. When you get past that, there will be another force field blocking your way. Approach it, but don't try to click on one of them yet, an ambush of a golem and two skeletons are coming up behind you. Dispatch them and then click on the left statue to proceed. There will now be a checkpoint to the north, a passage to the north east and a second passage to the south east. Head towards the south east. Absorb the energy from the font before entering the room and going straight for the skeleton creator. Before you reach it, some golems will open up the southern wall for you so give them thanks by beating them and the skeleton generator down before going through the shattered wall. Continue along the path and trigger the statue you come across. This will start a new quest, the Four Statues, and lower one of the glowing walls. Now, to the north eastern corridor. This has a fair amount of backtracking, so be ready. You will have to contend with not just three iron golems in this room, nor just the trap but a skeleton generator as well which looks like a lava lamp without glass and has electricity crackling over it. Destroy this to stop the unending supply of skeletons that will pour from it. After that's done, now continue into the next room and charge after the skeleton creating device here before getting the one that's stashed into a corner across and a bit to the west of it. You will also see a statue near here, watch it. It is going to attack you soon along with the other statues to the east, near the glowing walls. There is nothing left to do here, so start heading back to the checkpoint, but make sure you hit the statue that was near the second skeleton maker, before heading to the eastern corridor. Destroy yet another skeleton generator in front of you before continuing on. Eventually, you will come across a room with a laser beam trap, two skeleton generators, an iron golem and two wolf golems. Defeat them, open the chest, use the checkpoint if you need it and trigger the third switch. Now double back to the southern corridor where all but one of the force field walls should be down. The trip back is tough however, as all of the skeleton generators will be up and running again in the next two rooms. To top it off, there is a bunch of iron golems running around as well, so tough through it. Destroy them all and continue on back to the south eastern corridor. Follow it through until you see the statue in the middle of the corridor. Click it and all the statues you passed will come back to life. Kill them, no easy feat, and head through the now opened force field. Dispatch the golems and the skeleton generators. Be mindful of the trap in the corridor however as it can hit you while you're moving around and fighting the enemies. It comes out of the western passage so keep your eyes open. Once all of the enemies are dead, take the western passage, where the trap laser comes from and head on, fighting off the wolf golems, until you reach yet another checkpoint. Continue on to fight yet more wolf golems and skeleton generators until you reach the end of this passage. You will have to fight some very large iron golems, some wolf golems and more skeletons with a generator, all while avoiding a laser beam in the middle of the room. Good luck! Also, take special note that this laser beam will animate the statues in this room giving you more wolf golems to fight. Finish all of the enemies and then move on through the corridor to the south. Fight past all the wolves, golems and skeleton generators until you reach yet another force field. Destroy the two wolves and golem guarding it before you flip the switch. Now move forward and flip the second switch. The game will tell you that these statues can be flipped by hitting them with thrown objects as well, so hint hint! You're going to need to step back, lift up a lightstone off the floor and toss it at the very first statue you activated. This will open up the third wall while at the same time closing the very first one that you opened up. Now pick up another lightstone, step back and throw it at the second one you activated. This will close the second force field and open the fourth. There is an infinitely spawning lightstone near the second statue, so don't worry, you have infinite tries to get it right. Now head on past the force fields, down the corridors to the east. Keep going until you see a room with a checkpoint. You will have to fight three large iron golems before you can save and continue on. There will be no surprises for a little so just kill all comers. When you see the font of energies, slow down a bit. You're about to fight the boss golem, Rockongo (quest 2). You are going to be trapped in with him by lasers and force fields, so you are confined to this one room when fighting him. He attacks by using a punching combo at first. Simply run from him and throw the lightstones at him as they do some pretty good damage. After he loses half of his health, he will start doing rolling attacks at you, so dodge it and keep throwing lightstones. They do more damage than your attacks and it's easier than wasting mana. But do not allow yourself to be hit by the rolling, it will severely damage your health. Once he's dead, open the chest he leaves behind for a nice little orb and then continue on through the southern passage. There is a font of energy, but right next to it is the exit to the level. Woohoo! ============================== 6.9 - Library Tower, 2nd floor ============================== Quests ======== The Tower Elder - Make your way to the top of the library tower. Find the Tower Elder. The Lone Wolf - Find and activate the wolf statue. The Tower Guardians - Defeat Melkator, the Guardian Mage. Melkator is the second of three guardians that protect the Library Tower. ======== This level starts off with you walking into a room that has four exits, a northern, eastern, southern and western. Before you can head those ways, you must defeat the skeletons, their generator and two mages. The mages are a real nuisance as they resist damage well, teleport around and cast fairly damaging spells. So use ranged attacks, or thrown lightstones, where possible. After they're dispatched you can head in any of the directions. As of right now east has a few enemies and then a glowing wall, so this is not the way to go. North has a winding corridor that has a horde of enemies to be dispatched and then comes to an end with a force field. You will have to pick up lightstones and throw them across the pit at the statues to continue ahead. If you throw a rock at the last statue hidden in a corner (the one you didn't need to hit to open a force field) a treasure chest appears across from it near where you are standing. After fighting through a load of more enemies, you will come across more force fields. This is like the earlier one, so pick the right, the left, the left and the left to get through it easily. Moving ahead a bit more, and passing another pair of force fields, you will see that you can head towards the yellow arrow, by going to the west. To the south there is a treasure chest, use lightstones to deactivate the two you just used to get here and the chest will be yours. Now head towards the yellow arrow. You will have to fight Malkator, the second guardian here. He is even easier than Rockongo. Simply get into his face and hack away, retreating when the going gets too tough and using ranged attacks. He's quite simple, the only snag being that he will summon in golems when he gets too hurt. He then teleports to one of the orange circles to get away from you. Simply attack the golems and let him come to you. When he hits you with his purple lightening attack, go and give it to him. This shouldn't take too long and then its quest complete. Now head to the upper level of the library you are in and gather energy from two fonts on each side of the room before going through the west entrance (on the upper level). Now follow this route and trigger the statue, which drops the force field in front of you and initiates a cutscene. Follow the path through where the force field was and you are back in the main room through the eastern entrance, huzzah! Now head to the southern entrance (where you came in from) and you will see that a wall has been blown open for you with some enemies just behind it. Go give them a welcome, but avoid the trap yet again. Continue through this area, it's very straightforward, but avoid the traps while fighting off the gobs and gobs of enemies that come your way. After a short trip through this, though it IS tough thanks to those mages, you will find the exit to this level as well. ============================== 6.10 - Library Tower, Top ============================== Quests ======== The Tower Elder - Make your way to the top of the library tower. Find the Tower Elder. The Tower Guardians - Defeat the final guardian, the Lightstone Guardian ======== This level is a circle, so it doesn't really seem to matter how you proceed. I chose to go right, so we're going to head that way. Use the checkpoint and begin clearing out enemies, returning to the checkpoint for refills as needed. This is a tough area, so be thorough and spare no magic. Once done, you will find another checkpoint. From here you can either go around the circle fully to kill all of the enemies or you can go up the stairs. From here, you will notice that skeletons continually get summoned in. Run up the stairs and you will find the Lightstone Golem. Scary lookin, isn't he? You will note that he seems to be powered by the pillars, so guess what you have to do? You actually cannot damage the pillars, so you are going to have to lead him around the room and have him destroy them with his punches and his stomps for you. All of his attacks do a lot of damage, so you're going to want to play it careful with him. However, with the loss of his armored shell he takes a lot of damage. So my advice is to stay far away from him and pelt him with ranged attacks. They take him out fairly quickly actually. After he is done, the stage is over. Watch the cutscene and its time to move further on in the game. Open the treasure chest, take the orb and enter the portal to return to your allies. ============================== 6.11 - Dragon's Shade Hideout ============================== Quests ======== None ======== This isn't a level, so much as a hub for you to travel to other levels from. ... .... ..... So use the portal already. ============================== 6.12 - Sewers, West ============================== Quests ======== Find the Silver Cathedral - Make your way through the sewers and locate the Silver Cathedral. The Barricade Door - Find a way to open the barricade door. ======== When this level starts, you are going to have to fight two of the sewer beast enemies. Dispatch them and head down the passage to the east. Follow this passage, but when you see the large metal pipe look behind it for a font of energies before moving on. Take note that the large sewer beasts seem to resist poison, ice and gravity damage, but not fire. So use that against them if you have it. After traveling this way for some time, you will pass through a metal door and a cutscene will play. Now you get the Barricade Door quest. Kill the creatures in the room and proceed out the southern door, there is nothing to be done in this room just yet. You will be in a narrow room with big pipes in the walls. Note that sewer monsters will come out of the pipes, so be ready for them. Kill them all, as well as the purple one at the end of the corridor that guards the chest and open that. Now go to the checkpoint, refill as needed and proceed on through the tunnels. There will be a sewer monster ambush in the circular room, so keep your eyes open for where they are coming from. After the circular room, kill all the sewer monsters so that the metal door will open and enter the big room. Kill the spiders and go to the northern most hub of it. You will find a font of energies, so use this and then head to the eastern hub and get the treasure chest. Now you can go south and up the stairs. Once up there, you're going to have to fight through yet another sewer beast ambush of sorts. Getting past that, now head to the south, open the chest and use the checkpoint as necessary. Now head into the western room. You are going to be drowned by sewage in this room if you don't act quickly, so move to the large metal... things and hold triangle to grab them and then drag them in front of the sewer pipes. Be careful as you will usually have to push it against the pipe, let go of it and then grab and push it into the pipe again to get it to stick. Do this to all four pipes before making sure that they are all gone off the mini-map. Once this is done, you can flip the lever in the room. This of course prompts more enemies, so dispatch them and then head on towards the eastern room. Follow this passage until you enter the Sewers, East. ============================== 6.13 - Sewers, East ============================== Quests ======== Find the Silver Cathedral - Make your way through the sewers and locate the Silver Cathedral. The Barricade Door - Find a way to open the barricade door. Four Switches - Find and activate the four switches locking the flow control room. ======== If that opening cutscene isn't ominous, I don't know what is. In either case, move into the room and destroy the enemies as they come for you. There is a treasure chest in the middle of the room, so get that once they are dead and then blow up the barrels near the pipe to blow a hole in said pipe. Jump inside and get a move on. Head through the pipe and begin following the corridors, much like you have done over and over again in the past few levels. Soon you will find yourself on a metal bridge with some noxious looking gas flowing from some broken pipes in front of you. Hop off the bridge to the south and head that way. You will soon hit a checkpoint and the stupidest puzzle in the game. You must throw barrels at the switches to trigger them. Good luck, as this is mostly luck with a bit of skill. I can't really direct you on this one. The actual goal is to hit the switches with the silver cog and avoid the red cog switches. The best way to do this is to throw one at the top right most switch (a red one) and let it hit that one. This would normally reset them all but if you angle it right, it will hit the red and THEN a silver. That silver will start moving, so then try to hit the other silver without hitting a red and that's it. However, this is easier said than done. Now double back to where you just came from, as the fumes are no longer blocking your progress. Head past that and you will see the switch you need to hit on your mini-map. When you head for it, that giant spider from the cutscene will attack. He does ALOT of damage, much like all the other bosses, so keep your distance as much as possible and ranged attack him. Once he takes some damage, he will retreat, forcing you to fight some of his spider minions. Try not to waste magic on them and kill them fast so that when he returns they will hopefully have helped you refill your health and mana. Pull the switch once the spider is dead and head on towards the east. In a large room, you will come across two switches and a treasure chest in the middle of the room. If you go for the chest, a bunch of spiders will attack you. If you go for the eastern lever, a bunch of sewer beasts will attack you. It is however safe to flick the western lever! Then head through the north passage where you will find the final level and a checkpoint. When you head into the next area, make your way east, there is nothing to the west except an enemy. After reaching the end of these tunnels, you will find yet one more lever to pull. This will open the way for you into the next room. This one is like the pillar platforming in the crystal caverns. There is a treasure chest to the western part of the room and one towards the north. But beware the series of thin metal pipes, they will break after you have stepped on them so jump on and jump right off. Keep moving and you will pass another large room and another checkpoint. To the east you will see a grate after awhile. After killing the spiders, ignite a barrel and throw it at the grating to get inside and get to the two fonts and two treasure chests. When you start to head to the west, you will be (surprise, surprise) ambushed again by a large group of spiders and sewer beasts. Try to fight the spiders first as this makes the fight a lot easier. Defeat them and head on towards the next checkpoint. You will find a metal door to open shortly past this. When you do this, you will appear in a large room with lots of sewer beasts in it. Defeat the monster in front of you and head in more until you get the bosses attention. This is Trug, the sewer beast boss. He is a pushover, so take him out like any other boss and head on out through the north door. This takes you to the Silver Cathedral and out of the sewers. ============================== 6.14 - Silver Cathedral ============================== Quests ======== Dureth's Forgotten Past - Find your way through the Silver Cathedral to reach the source of its corruption. An Unlikely Ally? - The quagtrolls here are not blindly aggressive. What relationship do they have with the King's forces? The Laughing Skeleton - Examine all of the corpses left behind by the laughing skeleton. There are 7. Fountains of Purity - There are only 2 pure fountains that remain in the Cathedral. Save them before the Necromancers corrupt them. Defiler Ambush! - The Defiler and his zombie servants have ambushed you! Fight your way through them! The Defiler - The Defiler, the one responsible for the corruption of the Cathedral's fountains, now faces you. Destroy him! Quagtrolls Under Siege - The quagtroll colony in the Cathedral is now under siege by the King's forces. If you don't help them, they'll be wiped out! ======== Time to fight some more undead and necromancers! Before you head to the door to the west, go to east. You will see a sewer beast, now we know it's called a quagtroll, run off to the north. Follow it again to get the An Unlikely Ally? quest. Now break open the barrel over here and pick up the rusted iron key. This will open the western door, so head on over to it and go through. Upon going through this door, you will get your first glimpse of the Laughing Skeleton, as well as getting the Laughing Skeleton quest. Go over to the corpse and examine it with triangle before continuing on through the passage. You will find a second corpse, but when you examine this one, a group of skeletons will ambush you. Dispatch them and continue to the north. Check the third corpse, but when you take the bend to the west, be careful. There is a large gathering of skeleton archers and warriors who are going to attack you when you get close. As you begin to dispatch them, two giant skeletons are going to come up on your rear, so make sure to not pay too much attention to the smaller archers. Head north again to reach the fourth corpse. After examining it, continue towards the next corpse to the north. As you near it, a group of archers, warriors and giant skeletons will attack you. Get rid of them and search the fifth corpse. This will summon in four skeleton archers and four skeleton warriors with shields. I advise destroying the archers first as the warriors will block attacks often. Now continue north and you will encounter two more skeleton warriors and a giant skeleton that need to be gotten rid of before you can check the sixth corpse. There is a treasure chest in the middle of the next room but as you approach it you will be attacked by four skeleton archers. When you try to approach them, these archers will fade away so you have to use ranged attacks to kill them. Kill them, get the treasure and then hit the checkpoint to the north before continuing that way. You will eventually see a pool of acid, from which four fat zombies will emerge. Kill them from a distance as they do some decent damage and then use the rocks to get over the acid without damage. Then continue on towards the north for the last corpse to examine. When you examine it, the laughing skeleton will attack you, so dodge its attack and move in close to it to make it retreat. Now follow him. You will find four more skeleton warriors in a pool of acid, so it's best to draw them to you and fight them on solid ground. Then run through the acid as quickly as possible. Open the door and you will find yourself in a one on one fight with the laughing skeleton, now known as the Corpse Puppet. The best way to defeat him is by throwing objects at him to clear out the arena and then, if he still lives, use ranged magic to finish him off. If you are lucky, you will hit him and an exploding barrel near him, rocking his world. The arrows he shoots do some impressive damage so stay quick on your feet as it is very easy to lose track of him with how he teleports all over. Once he is done, double back the way you came, but note that after you pass the acid pool, there will be two giant skeletons and some archers to contend with as well as some warriors who will spawn in when you get into the next room. Beat them and then head on back towards the acid pool the zombies emerged from. When you get here a horde of skeletons will rush through the acid after you, so get rid of them as well. Hit the checkpoint and get back to the next room, the one that had the treasure chest and teleporting zombies. A doorway in the east wall will have opened up so head on through that. You will get the Fountains of Purity quest here. Head down the stairs until you reach the large acid pool. Two necromancers will summon in a bunch of undead for you to fight, so don't disappoint them. Head to the north once that is done. Defeat the necromancer in here and the undead he will continually summon in to save the first fountain. Now head to the east. Use the debris to make your way across the first half of this acid filled area. You will then be ambushed by the Defiler and his zombies, activating the Defiler Ambush! quest. Find a ledge to stand on and defeat six zombies to end this assault. Now you can continue to the east. You will reach a checkpoint, a font of energies and a group of undead. Kill them and head for the stairs. The archers will continue to respawn until you kill the necromancer who is lurking on a ledge part way up the stairs, so go kill him. Now continue up the stairs and you will be attacked by a mass of zombies and some giant skeletons. Defeat them and continue to the south. You will find two necromancers and a bunch of bunch of skeletons. Defeat them to complete the Fountains of Purity quest. Now head to east. You will enter a grated room and a cutscene will play where a bunch of quagtrolls are about to be killed by a necromancer and their skeleton buddies on one side and a necromancer about to steal a treasure chest on the other side. Do you want to save the quagtrolls and get them as allies, or save the treasure? I chose to save the quagtrolls as that fits the earlier quest you got. Now head north and hit the checkpoint. There is only a barred door to the south so ignore it. Continue north and you will fight some more skeletons and yet one more necromancer. Defeat them to lower the glowing wall and activate the font. Keep heading north to fight the same as in the last room. Defeat them and then the skeleton warrior / giant skeleton reinforcements that arrive to get a heavy brass key. Continue along the passage and you will find a door to use the key on. Open it up and head through. Now you will get The Defiler quest. You must fight him and his zombie minions. You are best off fighting him from a distance as he has a very powerful wave attack that will do lots of damage and send you sprawling if you get close. He will throw three balls of energy, which you should dodge and then stop for a moment. This is the perfect time to hit him. Just as fair warning, the camera in this room is atrocious, so be careful. Now you will see a cutscene so start heading back to the door that was barred not too long ago. You will encounter a long series of skeletons and necromancers to fight. Now you will get a new quest as well, Quagtrolls under siege. Continue past the checkpoint towards where the door is. Once you get inside, you will now have to kill all of the warriors attacking the quagtroll colony. Those quagtrolls who don't die will assist you during this quest. There are 24 attackers to hunt down, so get to it. This is easy and the area is very straightforward, however try not to miss the font of energy tucked into a corner after you complete the quest. Now head through the door and you will find yourself inside the quagtroll colony itself. You must help the quagtrolls fight off Krieger, the Fallen. This guy is a huge undead with a yet bigger sword. Try to stay back and let the quagtrolls take the beating while you get him from a distance. His sword packs a mean wallop. Concentrate on him as when he dies, so too does the rest of them. Now watch the little cinema, pick up the armor and the rune that was dropped and then go into the secret passage that was opened up for you. ======================================== 6.15 - Silver Cathedral, Inner Sanctum ======================================== Quests ======== The Cathedral Proper - Kill the Prophet Ikehasha and end his corruption of this once sacred place. The Cathedral Proper (after killing the Prophet) - The Prophet's master has arrived, the true force behind the corruption of the cathedral. Slay this abomination! ======== This level is basically just a boss run. Hit the checkpoint and begin fighting your way through the enemies to where you saw the ritual being done in the cutscene. You MUST purchase the acid etched boots from the checkpoint as the boss is floating over acid. Equip the boots and charge in. It is best to hit the prophet and his necromancers with your most damaging ranged attack spells. Do not get close to the prophet as he has this weird attack where he fires three homing missiles and a wave of energy that knocks the crap out of you if you are close to it. So stay back and kill the lot of them. Now the prophet's master has come to fight. Now you have to ignore the smaller tentacles and hit the bigger three that have shown up on your map. Each large tentacle you defeat will damage the boss's health. So take the three of them out. Now the main body will emerge and four more tentacles will come out. You can't use the pillars to hide this time so rush a tentacle and take it out while using the pillars to block the main body from hitting you with its acid spit. It is preferable to use your melee attacks to kill each of the beasts tentacles, as you will want your mana for the main body. Simply stand right under each tentacle and it will not be able to hurt you. Now you should hit the main body with a ranged attack and then back up as its tentacles can hit you, even through the pillars (cheesy!). If you have any spells that do prolonged damage (damage for a few seconds extra after it hits the enemy) use it here. After the beast is dead, a portal will open. Search near the western wall to find a treasure chest with an orb of stun in it. Now use the portal to get out of here. Watch the cutscene that plays out in Heskel's Throne room and then go through another short interlude at the Dragon's Shade Hideout. ======================================== 6.16 - Galen, Eastern District ======================================== Quests ======== Follow Golan! - Stay by Golan and make your way to the steam tunnels. Find the District Gate - You must get the two keys to open the District Gate and escape. ======== For this level, you will have another member of the Dragon's Shade with you. I played as a mage on this level for the walkthrough, so it was Golan the warrior who accompanied me. Watch the opening cutscene and then follow your companion. The game tells you to stay with them, but they run around so erratically that I found it best to explore the upper area and hit the checkpoint and then to follow him. After fighting through a gob of enemies, you will hear a woman yelling for someone to help her. You must kill all of the enemies outside of the area before the door will open for you, so get to it. Pick up the armor she dropped and continue on. Eventually you will fight you way up a ramp and into a room where a cutscene showing four pillars lowering from the ceiling. A boss called Ostragoth will come out. Let Galen fight the necromancer and shoot him with ranged attacks. After he takes some damage he will disappear and one of the pillars will start to shoot fireballs at you. Break the pillar and he will come out again. Repeat this four times and he is a goner. Follow your partner, through the now opened portcullis and you will see a cutscene where a creature steps off a raised tile and this closes a portcullis you need to get through. Kill all of the creatures and destroy all of the barrels and crates. Now you can move the large square object onto the tile. This will open the door again and cause a checkpoint to spawn in. Use it and head through the door. You and your partner will end up in a large open area surrounded by skeletons and corrupted slavers. You will have to kill them and then climb out of the water and head towards the city you can see. You will get the quest, Find the District Gate. The first key you need is on one of the slavers so kill all of them that you see. The second will be on a boss slaver. Simply head to the eastern portion of the city, past the exploding barrels and you will see the boss. Kill him and his lackeys from a distance as he does lots of damage. You now have both of the keys and can make your escape from the city. The exit to the district is in the southern side of this area near a checkpoint so hurry on over there and get through the portcullis. You will watch a short cutscene and now you will have to fight a powerful giant skeleton boss, Bonestorm, as well as his undead cronies. Try to let your companion get into melee with Bonestorm and stand back, pelting him with ranged attacks. There's no reason to take risks in a situation like this. You will have to avoid the undead, who seem to come out of nowhere and they do so non-stop. So keep your eyes peeled for them. Now you can exit to the south through the metal portcullis and now you are done with this stage. Your partner is going to leave you after this level. ======================================== 6.17 - Steam Tunnels ======================================== Quests ======== Find the Kiln - Locate the entrance to the Kiln Pressure Locks - Turn the three valves to open the first pressure lock. There are three. Tunnel of the Dead - Escape the Tunnel of the Dead before the undead overtake you. Steam Wall - Out run the wall of steam! ======== You will now be in the steam tunnels, fun of fun. Your job here is to get into the Kiln. Take note that you can leap over the tunnel pipes and actually fall into the lava, so be very careful about that. If you hit any of the exploding barrels you are likely going to go flying into the lava. And you will do this at least a little bit. This is possibly the single worst level I have ever played in what with the instant kill, sparse checkpoints and then having all of those exploding barrels that will one shot kill you. The enemies in this level are very susceptible to ice and cold attacks so use those when possible. Lastly, the zombies can throw fireballs for some nice damage and even if you block them you are going to take some damage. Oh... avoid the steam being shot out of the pipes as that damages you too. Head to the east and you will find your first pipe valve in the middle of a large room. Continue down the passage, using dodge to help you evade the steam and keep moving until you are in a large room with a checkpoint to the east. You will have to fight a fairly large number of flame necromancers, corrupted soldiers and fire zombies in here, but there is a chest in the south most part of the room. Now use the checkpoint to the east, but don't bother going further. That is where the pressure lock you need to open is. Instead double back to the west and start heading that way. Make your way past the enemies and the steam pipes and you will see a font of energy and the second valve you need to turn. Now head just to the east and you will see the third and final valve. Now head back to where you saw the pressure valve and the checkpoint all the way to the east. In the big room where you fought the horde before, there will be about nine more zombies to contend with. When you reach the door, take the hint that the cutscene shows. The smoking zombies will blow up like exploding barrels when you get too close or they die. So you want to destroy them from a range when possible. They don't have too many hit points, so this shouldn't be too hard. In this next section, you will need to turn the valves you see to turn off the steam so you can proceed. There are four to turn, but take note that when you turn the last one, three corrupted soldiers will teleport in and an exploding zombie will shamble towards you. Kill them and then continue following the path. You will soon reach a large room with some steam vents in the middle, a cutscene will play when you get in the doorway. Say toodles to your partner. Now it is time to fight Commander Heskal and get him back for killing your leader, Torran so long ago. This room is infested with zombies who will hit you with ranged attacks and Heskal does a lot of damage with each hit, not to mention knocking you down as he does so. You are going to need to trim down on his minions before fighting him as they will confuse any ranged attacks you may attempt. He does stop after trying an attack so if you can dodge it, then is the best chance to hit him... or run away and hit him from a range, whichever. You can either head to the west and check out the dead end tunnel for treasure or you can head east to advance. Eventually, you are going east. Hit the checkpoint and look ahead. This area is absolutely infested with zombies, both the exploding ones and the regular fire ones. Use area attack spells to thin them out and rake in the experience. Now you will see more valves to turn, so turn the first one. Once you do, you will get a new quest and find yourself surrounded. It's time to flee the Tunnel of the Dead, muwaha! Ehem, anyways. Quickly make your way forward, turning valves and dispatching of enemies as you must. Get past all four valves and make your way to the end of the tunnel to end this quest. Continue forward. You will see a font of energies and a checkpoint before you. Use them and keep heading down the tunnel. You will find yourself in a room with platforms that raise and lower. Make your way across them, but take note that there is a font of energies to the eastern side. If you fall into the lava, you are dead, so be careful. Once you get across, its time for another stupid quest, Wall of Steam. You have to outrun a wall of steam, so its time to barrel forward. The steam that bursts from the pipes doesn't dissipate, so you have to leap over and through it. Keep moving and when you get to the end, click on the large door. Stage finally over! ======================================== 6.18 - The Kiln ======================================== Quests ======== Boiler Sabotage - Turn off all the valves to cause a build up of steam in the Galen Boiler which will destroy it. There are 4 to to be turned off. Water Pump - The door has been unlocked revealing a well. Destroy it by blocking the pump with something. ======== Okay, new level. But continuing with the hot stuff motif, this level is going to be annoying as well. For starters, you must platform across three large lava vents, so take your time and make sure you know its pattern before going. Bum rush the enemies on the other side and use the font of energy before continuing ahead. Head past the checkpoint and you will find yourself in a large room. Dispatch of the zombies before moving through the room. Once you head forward a cutscene will play and you will find yourself fighting the Pyromancer Overseer, a flame mage boss. Get in his face and keep hitting him so that he cannot cast spells. Ice attacks will work wonders on him and Ice Storm CAN freeze him in place, unlike against most bosses. Make short work of him. Continue down the hallway where he had erected the flame wall and make your way to the checkpoint. Soon you will make your way into a large room with three big steam vents and a boss called the Galen Guardian will attack you. He does nice knockback and damage, but he doesn't have a lot of health. Stick to a distance and he is a pushover. Once he's done, hit the valve on the west wall and then head on out through the door. Keep moving forward and you will reach a large room with four large steam vents imbedded in the floor. Some corrupted soldiers will attack you, zombies will literally pour from the vents on the floor and another Galen Guardian will attack you. Area of effect attacks are good for clearing out the zombies and corrupted soldiers and damaging ranged attacks work well for killing off the Galen Guardian. Now head east and hit the second valve before continuing north. Note that there is a font hidden right behind the valve. Continuing ahead, there is a second font of energies right next to the very next checkpoint you come across. So use them both and continue forward. The next large room you enter will have a plethora of corrupted soldiers in it along with a sludge pool in the middle. This pool doesn't damage you, but it does slow you down, making your a perfect target for the archers. Kill them all and then flip both of the valves. This will open up a doorway and give you a new quest, Water Pump. You will pass by another font of energies before arriving at a piston trap. Don't get hit by these or you are done for. Keep moving through the passages and you will end up in a large room, with a staircase, a checkpoint and an open door that leads into a small room. Defeat the enemies on the outside before going into the room and defeating the fire mages. Now pick up the metal barrel and use the drop, not throw, command to put it under the moving piston. Take the treasure that reveals itself and head on out. Water Pump quest complete. This part of the level is very straightforward. Keep moving and defeating enemies as you go, dodging the occasional traps. Eventually you will find yourself in a large room with a piston trap at the entrance, lava in some parts of the floor and lots of pipes. Be aware of the lava, and fight the zombies and fire mages, but be aware that there is a very powerful Galen guardian called Commander Akoth to deal with in here as well as another valve. Fight him like you did the other Galen Guardians. Grab his helmet when he dies, hit the valve and keep on moving. Now you will have to fight the Ashen Brute. This multi-headed fire breathing monster is a royal pain in the butt. Not only does he do a lot of damage, but if you let either of the devices on the sides of the room get over 95%, they will begin to heal him. But there is a trick to this. Let them get to 90% and then use it rapidly, just before it begins to heal him. They will actually drop some health and mana for YOU. This will help make fighting him a bit easier. Now his attacks consist of flame breathing, pincer hits with the things that are on his head and a flaming back kick. Dodge or block the fire and pincer hits but you cannot block the flaming kick. My advice is to keep moving and hit him when he begins to spit fire, but attack him only from the sides. If you stay in his face, he will catch you with his fire breath. If you go behind him he will belt you in the head with his unblockable back kick. I heavily suggest you set up a rhythm of dodging, hitting him, flicking the machine once it gets to 90% and then dodging, hitting him, hitting the other machine and then repeating this. It will not be slow, likely taking at least 20 minutes, but he will go down with some effort. When it finally dies, take a breather and then pick up the greaves it dropped. Now make your way through the door that its death opened up. You will soon find the final valve. Quest complete! ======================================== 6.19 - Dragon's Shade Hideout ======================================== Quests ======== A Dark Betrayal - Zala has betrayed you. Find and vanquish her before she can further interfere with your plans ======== Watch the opening cutscene and now you're off to pursue whichever companion has betrayed you. This is a fairly quick and straightforward level. Simply keep following the yellow arrow. Id suggest ignoring the skeleton archers as they aren't worth the trouble it takes to kill them. Once you find your betrayer, simply spam them with your most damaging attacks and don't let up. They will give up the ghost long before you will. Huzzah! Level over. ======================================== 6.20 - Galen, Southern District ======================================== Quests ======== The Wall - Find two keys to open the gate that leads to the Northern District. Infernal Totems - Destroy the infernal totems in the city. There are 20 to be destroyed. Rescue - Rescue the villagers from the King's army. ======== Hit up the checkpoint and then make your way towards the yellow arrow to the north. After the cutscene kill all of the enemies and head towards the east. You are going to have to keep fighting your way through the enemies until you reach a large room. Hit the checkpoint here and keep on fighting, heading to the north this time. Continue to the north and you will encounter Slaver Splitfang, a boss. Watch the cutscene and get the quest, Infernal Totems. Now the Slaver boss looks much like a Galen Guardian from the kiln, fights like one and can be beaten like one, so get to it. He will drop a key upon his defeat, a piece of armor, and the portcullis to the west will open. Now before leaving go to the east and use the font there as well as breaking all the barrels and crates. You will rescue a villager who is trapped behind them, this gives you the Rescue quest. Now head through the open passage to the west. Now head north and use the font before heading back south and following this path. You will see a couple of icons on your mini-map, head towards these. You will encounter Slaver Goretusk who is exactly the same as the last one. Kill him and he will drop the second key that you need that will allow you to escape to the northern district. Now watch the cutscene and then destroy the barrels in the southwestern corner to save another villager. Head north and destroy the two totems. Now make your way to the north. You must destroy the totems and enemies in this room to open the doorway into the next room, so get to it. Once they're gone, hit the checkpoint and then head to the west. You will encounter yet more enemies with some more totems. Kill them and then search the northeast most portion of the room, destroying barrels and crates. You will find another villager and a font of energies. Now head to the north to exit the area. ======================================== 6.21 - Galen, Northern District ======================================== Quests ======== Siege - Assault your way through the kings army and find your way to the western district. Infernal Totems - Destroy the infernal totems in the city. There are 20 to be destroyed. Rescue - Rescue the villagers from the King's army. ======== You will start this level with the now customary greeting of an ambush by the undead. Destroy enough of them to open the door, hit the checkpoint and prepare to do the same thing again, but this time with the corrupted soldiers. After this door is open, continue ahead, but you will be ambushed by two Galen Guardians, Hulkor and Argosh. They aren't that difficult, just don't get caught between them. Killing them opens the last door. Now run into the city proper, hit the checkpoint and use the font next to it. There will be four totems to your east in this area, so go destroy them. This will open up the gate to the north and some more enemies will come. Destroy those as well to have the gate remain open. Head to the north now. There are five totems to be found in the large room, so destroy them quickly or the sheer amount of skeletons they make, as well as the corrupted soldiers, will quickly overwhelm you. Further north you will find another trapped villager, hidden behind some more crates. Proceed to destroy all of the enemies here, this will trigger the next door to open for you. In this room, you will be bum rushed by not corrupted soldiers and undead, but a non-boss Galen Guardian will attack you. Head forward into the room itself and you will find the final two totems to be destroyed. Now open the western door and head through. There are four more totems to destroy in here, although they aren't part of the quest. Also, a horde of monsters will appear when you enter, necromancers amongst them. Get the necros, before they summon in more skeletons than you can handle, after you have destroyed the totems. Once they have all been dispatched, head to the south western wall and destroy the crates to rescue the last villager. She will drop an orb, but then you will be ambushed by a lot of corrupted soldiers. Use area attacks to get them to back off long enough to mount an offensive. Then head for the middle of the western wall for the exit to the level. ======================================== 6.22 - Galen, Western District ======================================== Quests ======== The Sprawl - Find your way through Galen to the City Slums to the North Demon Portals - Destroy the Aetheri Demon portals. You have to destroy 9 of them. ======== As soon as the level starts, watch the cutscene and then prepare to fight the priests and the demons. Once they are dispatched, head on along the passage. Keep on moving and killing until you reach the area where the camera takes on a preset, odd, angle. Grab the statue and move it onto the raised tile. Once that's done, the way ahead will open. So head out, hit the checkpoint, use the font and head to the south through the open door. The door will slam closed and you will be attacked by a pack of wolves, lead by Holfur, the giant pack alpha it would seem. Keep your distance as if one wolf hits you, then a few will likely hit you in succession. They aren't particularly hard however. Dispatch them, use the checkpoint as necessary and head south. Watch the cutscene and then head for the portal. Destroy it as quickly as possible as these demons are ridiculously hard; they have strong melee attacks, ranged attacks and they have a decent amount of health. Kill them and then search the room for a treasure chest to the south. Destroy this portal as well, but beware the two mages next to it and the demons themselves. Take out the enemies and the portal before going to the checkpoint and using the font near it. Now head on towards the east to trigger a cutscene. Now its time to fight another Galen Guardian boss, Commander Ulthgor. Fight him exactly the same as the million others. Lazy developers, bah. Kill him and he will drop a blue key. Now destroy the 2 portals. This will open the door in that area. Head on through. You will find two more portals with a bunch more mages and wolves. Destroy the portals and a boss will be revealed, Commander Rahtiz. He's another Galan Guardian, so do your thing before killing all of the enemies in the room. He will drop a red key. Now head north, but just before the doorway, head to the east and you will find a font. Now continue north. This is yet another room with portals, demons, mages and wolves. Struggle through it and destroy the portals. Only one left. Head to the west and defeat all of the wolves and archers. Now open the door on the northern wall, you use the red key for this. Head through the narrow passages until you reach an intersection. Head to the east, kill the corrupted soldiers and two non-boss Galen Guardians and grab the statue. Bring it back to the previous room and place it on the elevated tile to open the door. Head out the northern door and hit the checkpoint. There is a treasure chest inside of a doorway, straight to the north of where you came in. Now head further north and destroy the last portal. This is actually easy to destroy so long as you destroy the portal quickly. Now head along. The end of the stage is up ahead, as well as a treasure chest so grab the treasure and head on out. ======================================== 6.23 - City Slums, North ======================================== Quests ======== The City Slums - Make your way through the slums towards the Grinder. Helping the peasants along the way may prove useful. ======== After watching the cheesy little opening cutscene, charge your way ahead. You are going to be saving people all along this level, some simply to save them and others will serve a purpose. Defeat the initial enemies you come across and then barrel forward towards the checkpoint. Watch the second cutscene and then kill these enemies as well. Listen to the same thanks repeated four times and then hit the checkpoint. There is a font of energy across from the checkpoint to the west, in the middle of some walls so gather that and then move on. Head south from here to fight a horde of corrupted soldiers, a Galen guardian of the non-boss variety and to watch a humorous cutscene. After beating them make your way back to the checkpoint. Head to the north east and rescue those villagers as well, keep fighting your way to the next checkpoint. Now head south. Rescue these villagers as well and then grab the armor from the chest behind them. Now head to the east yet more and you will come across the next Galen Guardian, the Corrupted Captain. You know the routine by now. After he is gone, continue in the eastern direction. Fight through the enemies and up ahead you will see a cutscene play. Charge through the enemies to get to the firing squad and hit them with an area attack to stop their firing countdown. Then kill all the enemies to release the villagers from playing William Tell. Now head to the north and rescue those villagers there before making your way towards the next checkpoint. Continue forward to reach the City Slums, East. ======================================== 6.24 - City Slums, East ======================================== Quests ======== The City Slums - Make your way through the slums towards the Grinder. Helping the peasants along the way may prove useful. ======== Defeat the enemies in front of you and talk to the peasant to make him follow you. This is the gimmick for this level. Walk him over to the pressure plate and he will stop there automatically. Now proceed into the next section. Defeat the enemies and you will find a font of energies hidden to the north and a scared peasant. You will need to find another peasant to bring over to them. This will make them trust you more and allow them to follow you. So go find another peasant to the east, just south of the checkpoint. Kill the monsters, hit the checkpoint, grab the girlie and bring her back to the scared peasant. Now he will follow you. Get one of them on the pressure plate in this room to open the door to the east. In here, kill the enemies and get the treasure before getting the other person to stand on this pressure plate. To the south! Now as you head that way, another Galen Guardian boss, called Slavemaster Razor will attack. Fight him until a cutscene plays. Now head to the south. Defeat the enemies and go to the guy hidden in the building. He will be another scared one. So now to find a second peasant to use. Beat the enemies that spawn in and continue to the south. Kill the enemies in here to clear the way before returning to the peasant you used to open the eastern door in the last room. Grab them and head to the scared peasant. Snatch him up and go to the nearby pressure plate and leave BOTH of them on it, not just one. This will open a door through which a Galen Guardian emerges. Kill it and proceed south. Watch the cutscene and then its time to fight Mestamon, a mage boss. The corrupted soldier seem to be infinite here, so it's a good idea to use them to refill on health and mana between attacking Mestamon. He has ALOT of hit points and his spells do some wicked damage. Try and dodge them as you can. However, as you fight his corrupted soldiers, you will notice his health falls as you kill them. Great news! Get as far away from him as you can and kill the soldiers like crazy. He will die in no time flat. Open the chest, get the stuff inside and gather the two villagers. Now head back to where you left the last two. The west door will be open, so head that way. Lead you villagers to the two pressure plates and have them step on them. Now continue to the south. Kill the enemies and get the two villagers. Have one of them step on the pressure plate up on top of the ledge and the other can come with you. Head through to the west and defeat the enemies. Use the checkpoint and there is a font of energy to the extreme west. Grab the statue and use it on this pressure plate to open the next door. Defeat the enemies that try to ambush you when you head for this door and move on through. Watch the cutscene and now you have to fight the corrupted captain, yet again, with his retinue of corrupted soldiers. Get to killing. You will find a key on his corpse. Now head for the door and you will get into the City Slums, South. ======================================== 6.25 - City Slums, South ======================================== Quests ======== The City Slums - Make your way through the slums towards the Grinder. Helping the peasants along the way may prove useful. ======== In this level, you will see golden stars on your map. When you destroy them you will gather weapons from the cache, so I suggest breaking all of these that you come across or see on your map. You start with enemies' right near you, so get to killing them and breaking open the crates / weapons caches that you see. These supplies can be given to the rebel slaves that you see and this will turn them into warriors. This is good for taking the heat off of yourself from the onslaught of corrupted soldiers that will assault you. So keep on opening these crates and handing the weapons to the slaves. The enemies do NOT stop, so don't bother fighting them, just keep moving. A cutscene will play when you go too far, showing you the boss of this area. Armor up all of the slaves and fight off the enemy horde. Killing the big guy is the only way to end this fight, so do so as quickly as you can. He will drop a key. Now gather up the survivors of your posse and head through the gate to the west. Watch the cutscene and then its time to fight Slavemaster Razor again. Give out the equipment to the these three slaves and fight the big guy alongside your rag-tag posse. Beat him up enough and watch him get his butt kicked by the slave horde. Watch the touching little cutscene. Get the armor off of his corpse by where they're doing their victory dance. Now you can finally enter the damnable grinder. Took long enough, eh? ======================================== 6.26 - The Grinder ======================================== Quests ======== Priestess of Anguish - Search the Grinder and vanquish the High Priestess ======== Watch the opening cutscene for a good idea about the crud you're going to have to put up with now. Fight off the warrior women, they are very quick and very strong so watch out, and the corrupted soldiers. Now its time for another puzzle. This place, frankly, sucks. There's a bunch of instant kills in here, from laser beams to spinning blades of death. I really hate this place. And there is no easy way to go about this puzzle. The best thing I've found to do, is watch where the lasers go and move the barrel so as to keep wherever they stop nearest to you within visual range. Keep moving until you can see them and then run to safety. But of course, each time you put a pillar into its socket on one of the sides of the room, enemies will spawn in. This will drain you magic very quickly and it is very annoying. Keep at it and you will eventually get all four in their place. Now move through the room carefully and get into the next room. HIT THE CHECKPOINT so you don't have to do that last room again. Head into the next room and now you're in a circular room with more red lasers and that same puzzle. So take your time, move carefully and move this pillar over to the eastern. Now you must head to the east, through an open doorway and fight some more warrior women. Keep on heading down that passage, past the enemies and dodge the traps until you get to the bottom. Kill the enemies and put the object into its holder. Grab the treasure from the chest and head back to the previous large room with the lasers. Grab the pillar and move it to the middle holder so you can checkpoint here and then move it to the western holder. Doing this will open the western door, so head that way. This is a near exact replica of the other past, so just do as you did that way. Now head back to the main room yet again. Id suggest hitting that first checkpoint yet again. Now head for the northern door in the main circular room. Hit this checkpoint and now its time to fight the High Priestess. She is going to assume a weird spider shape and run away from you. You must pursue her, all the while fighting off her warrior women. When you hear her yell out, she is going to pummel you with arrows, so move quickly. Eventually you will corner her. Fight her with some ranged attacks or melee and she will teleport away. Now for the stupidest fight in any game ever. You have to fight her warrior women while dodging the insta-kill red lasers. This is so annoying I can't quite find the right words to describe my hatred for this area. And you are going to have to do this about a good.... five or six times. This is more a fight of luck than skill. Of course, being good at dodging things doesn't hurt in this fight. Eventually, you will corner her and beat her down... finally. ************ Russell Johnson writes in with this helpful tip: I just wanted to let you know that there is an easy way to beat the High Priestess when you are at the laser part and you have to kill the warrior girls. Just walk towards the bottom of the screen and just keep walking. You can momentarily swing to kill the warrior girls, but make sure you are just walking downward when the bottom-most laser sweeps by. This way, you don't have to dodge a thing. ************ Zoe writes in with this follow up: Just thought I'd let you know that the Grinder level battle against the Priestess can be quite an easy level to complete if the character sticks to the left wall when crossing the hall of lasers and battling the warrior women as there are small outcrops from the wall that shield areas where the lasers cannot burn, on my level of difficulty anyway. I tried Russell Johnsons method of always walking towards the bottom of the screen ie right wall and got fried... Nice FAQ though. Cheers for your help, Zoe ************ It may have come late, but it is nice to know. Thanks Russell. Stage over! Now watch the following cutscene. Blah, blah, blah, talky talky. This is heading into the final battle of the game, yay! ======================================== 6.27 - The Palace Docks ======================================== Quests ======== Break Through the First Line! - The time to confront the king is rapidly approaching! But first you must break through his first line of defense, the legion stationed at the Airship Docks. Cannon Barrage! - A rickety, but serviceable cannon is at the end of one of the docks. See if you can find some ammo for it. ======== Here it is, boys and girls! This is the home stretch. Time to get through this bad boy and show this king what for. Watch the opening cutscene and then it's time to start killing enemies. Head towards the south western side of the docks and start breaking barrels. You will begin to gather cannon ammo. Now keep on killing enemies until the pyromancers emerge from the flame jets. Now you will get the Cannon Barrage quest. Get to doing it. The actual purpose of this cannon is to help you fend off the waves of enemies that are going to be trying to overtake your position. Use it sparingly, but don't let it go to waste. Also, avoid standing straight behind it because it has sometimes backfired and sent me off the docks themselves. As the fight drags on, more and more and more monsters will be summoned in, so keep on fighting and using whatever you have at your disposal. Now is not the time to be stingy on your magic. Keep killing all the enemies as they come at you and eventually you will beat your way past them. Now make your way inside of the courtyard. In here you get to fight wave after wave of enemies. This is yet another annoyingly drawn out siege of your character. Be sparing with the magic as they do not give you ANYTHING to recharge it in here making the mage fairly useless in here if he is a straight spell caster. After enough of this hellish assault, the flame vents will begin to spew a lightning flame and a boss will emerge, called Thamuz, the Blazing. What you need to do at first, is avoid him entirely and take a wide berth from him. Now you want to go and find all of the crates that you can find in the side rooms and put them over where the flames are jetting from. If you don't block these off, he will teleport around the room whenever he takes damage and it will be nearly impossible to hurt him enough to kill him. Once they are blocked however, kill him as quickly as you can, but beware his magic's, they do some serious damage, as does walking into the flame pillars themselves. Pick up his armor that he drops and make your way to the now opened doors to the palace. Head on through to the next stage. ======================================== 6.28 - Palace of King Halaskar ======================================== Quests ======== Surge of Power - Corrupt energy streams from you. Your powers have been boosted to a fantastic level. Make your way to Halaskar's final lair and show him your power. Mini-Mage - The door is ajar. It has a small crack at the bottom, explore the rest of the palace to find some way to deal with the door. ======== Watch the cutscene, kill the baddies, use the font to the south and then use the checkpoint. Buy any equipment or runes you can, this level is a doozy. Head into the next large room and destroy all of the enemies that you come across. Exit the room out of the north western most door when you are done in here. Follow this passage until you end up in yet another large room. Fight your way to the northern end of it and get the treasure chest. Then make your way east. You will eventually run face first into a cutscene. Now you must fight a boss called Pyromancer Flamecaller. He's much like any other mage enemy you fought before so simply beat him with your best attacks and dodge his flames. Grab up the flame orb and make your way back to the first large room you were in (The second room in the level, after the initial checkpoint). Once back there, use the door that is just to the south (but not the south most of the doors) of the one you came out. Keep heading this way and you will come across a large door. Take note of it. Now head back out and this time take the south most of the doors. Follow this passage much like you did the last one, opening doors and killing enemies as you go along. There is a font along this path as well, so make good use of it. Soon you will come to a room with a treasure chest, and the oddest sight ever. There are a bunch of pint sized mages running around. However small they are they do the same damage as their larger versions, so kill them as soon as possible. Now raid the chest for the Shrink potion. Once more double back to that main room, heading for the large door with a crack in it this time. Now you will automatically use that Shrink potion you just got. Head into the next room and fight off the enemies. As you do so you will grow back to your normal size. Keep moving forward and you will find yourself in a grand hallway, infested by mages and demons. Kill them and make your way to the end of the hall, where the three demon portals are. Destroy them to stop the influx of demons. Now move the four statues onto the four pressure plates. This will open the northern and southern doors. Head for the northern one first. Make your way along the passage, fighting off the enemies, as normal until you come to a large room with a big blue spot in the center (on your mini-map). Kill all of the enemies and then move to the western most wall in the room up the small staircase. The middle of it can be broken, look to your mini-map for where this is exactly. At the end of this hallway, you will fight a mage boss, called the Demonic Summoner. He does just that. Fight him like all the other mage bosses. Once he is dead, make your way back to the room with the demon portals and the four statues. Now take the southern passage. When you reach the intersection, take the west passage and you will find yourself in a room with three demon portals. Destroy them and take the treasure from the chest before doubling back. Take the east door. Fight you way down the tunnels, through the mages and you will reach the end of this tunnel. There will be a giant Galen Guardian, named Elite Commander to fight here. He's the same one you have been fighting this whole time, but he does ALOT more damage. Run and gun to kill him. He will drop the gold key that you need to proceed. Grab the treasure from the chest and double back to the room with the four statues. Use the checkpoint and then open the door near it on the western wall. Go on through the passage and use this checkpoint as well, just to be on the safe side. Now enter the doors. Use the font just beyond the doors and then follow this passage. Moving further along, a cutscene will play where the exit door is barred by lasers. To proceed, you must destroy the demon summoning portals on each side of the room, the north and the south. Then head for the door. Now it is you versus Arch Mage Mordren. I found that using long range spells that did extra damage over time were the best way to wear him down. He will use a Blizzard spell with a radius around himself. This is only really a problem if you don't have ranged attacks. Otherwise, dodge backwards, hit him, dodge, hit, repeat until he dies. Fairly easy. Now head for the doors he emerged from and you're out of that stage. ======================================== 6.29 - Halaskar's Throne ======================================== Quests ======== The King - Defeat King Halaskar. ======== Head forward when the stage begins and the final fight will begin with the corrupted king. After the cutscene he will attack. My advice is to begin hitting him with your best damage ranged attack, while trying to dodge his attacks. It's not easy, but if you hit him quick and hard you can beat this part of the fight fairly quickly. He will summon fire and demon summoning mages as you hurt him so be ready to handle them as well. After he receives enough damage he will run off. Clear out the room you are in and chase him. You will run past a checkpoint, so use all of your essence and make sure you are full on health and mana. Also, make sure you have all of the best equipment. When you enter the room, watch the cutscene and then head down to the kings level. Run around the room and destroy the four statues quickly or he will use them to heal himself. Now you must dodge his attacks as rapidly as you can and when he stops moving, hit him with ranged attacks or the rocks that periodically fall. If you are a warrior used melee when possible. After he loses half of his health, he will fully heal and assume a demon form. Now he is stronger, faster and fires more of the poison blades. Keep up what you were doing before. Dodge rapidly and then fire off ranged attacks, or follow him around and get him with melee attacks. In both cases, wait until he stops moving to hit him. This shouldn't take too long, nor be too hard, especially after fighting that priestess. Congratulations, you've beaten Dark Kingdom! Enjoy the ending. ========================================================= 7. About the Author ========================================================= My name is Daniel Acaba, I live in New London, Connecticut and I am 24 years old. Im a huge video game fan, although I dont have the time to play as much anymore. I love writing reviews, but Im going to start trying to do more FAQs as well. So far Ive written the following FAQs: Genji: Days of the Blade - PS3 Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom - PS3 Bloodrayne 2 Boss FAQ - Xbox Sims 2 Career FAQ - PC TES IV: Oblivion - PS3 (Unfinished) Resistance: Fall of Man - PS3 Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus Boss FAQ - PS2 Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony - PSP Brave Story New Traveler - PSP Super Star Soldier - Wii Ninja Gaiden Sigma - PS3 Lair - PS3 Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army - PS2 Dawn of Mana - PS2 Two Worlds - XBox 360 / PC Conan - PS3 / XBox 360 Clive Barker's Jericho - PlayStation 3, XBox 360, PC I am currently working on: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 - PS2 Shin Megami Tensei (Aeon Genesis Translation) - SNES ========================================================= 8. Credits ========================================================= Id like to thank the following people for their input: Russel Johnson for your helpful input and strategy. Skorp for your assistance in the cursed caves with that annoying chest. Zoe for an alternate strategy with which to handle the lasers.</p>