Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix� PSP Walk-Through For all of you PSP users that own Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix� you might have noticed that the game for us is very different from the rest of the platforms. Why that is, I can�t tell you, but I can help you. I�ve written up a walk-through to help all of you players in need because I also struggled very much through the game. Well, here goes. Grimmauld Place After you�ve started a new game the first you go to is a short clip of Harry and Dudley at the park in Little Whinging. No worries here though, all you have to do watch, and once Harry performs the Patronus Charm on the Dementors, you end up at Grimmauld Place. You meet up with Sirius and are taken to Ginny. The first thing you find out is that Molly Weasley has given everyone a job, and yours is to help them. First task: learn to use Accio (X) and Depulso* (?) to move all of the furniture to the other side of the room. Save your current progress when you�ve finished and you�re off to find your friends, Ron and Hermione. Hermione is the first one you find, and her job is to fix all of the broken objects in the dining room. Second task: learn Reparo (O) to fix the broken plates, shelves and the stool. Save your current progress once again and head up the stairs to find Ron. Ron is busy trying to pack for Hogwarts, but his clothes are everywhere, your third task: learn Wingardium Leviosa** (X?) and help Ron get his clothes into his suitcase. To break the spell just press X when you�ve gotten to the place where you want to drop the object. Again, save, and you�re off to find �the others�. On your way there you can stop and press ? when you see a blue light over Kreacher and receive an insult or just continue on your way. You see Tonks tell Dumbledore to get to the meeting, and Fred and George would like you to clear the way down to the door so they can hear the meeting. Here you�ve just got to move the tables and other things that Kreacher will put in your way to stop you. Once you�ve gotten to the bottom head to the door on your left. You hear the Order talking and a short scene of the main characters and it�s off to your hearing. *To cast spells hold the button until the light at the tip of your wand grows large and then let go. **To cast spells with two or more buttons tap the first button (and tap the second one if there is one) and hold the last one until the light gets big at the tip of the wand. Hogwarts First thing to happen is a short scene of Dumbledore introducing the incredibly pink Dolores Jane Umbridge. Save your progress and meet up with Fred and George in the Entrance Courtyard. Press Select to open up the Marauder�s Map at anytime during the game and press X once you�ve found your destination and follow the footsteps there. Right now, it�s off to the Gryffindor Common Room. Walk into Hogwarts where you�ll get a short roam of the Entrance Hall, and it�s up the quite annoying Grand Staircase to the Common Room. Cho is standing in the way, after you see the Grand Staircase, press ? to talk to her until she goes away. Press ? when you get to portrait and you�ll find out that the Gryffindor Prefect doesn�t know the password to get inside. (Great, isn�t it?) Follow the footsteps to the nearest Gryffindors and learn the password to get inside, but before you can, get your wand out and get ready to scare off some Slytherins. Follow the footsteps back to the Common Room. Press ? to get inside and meet up with Hermione. (Hint: Press ? every time a blue light is shown on top of something and something will happen, and also press when a green, blue, red, or yellow orb is shown near a student and you�ll talk to them.) Defense Against the Dark Arts Save and wait for the game to load. Open up the Marauder�s Map and select Defense Against the Dark Arts (DADA for short) and head to class. Once you get to the third floor, Wingardium Leviosa (WL for short) the broom and get a Daily Prophet (DP for short). WL the broom in the next room and the one in the next room as well. You hear some Slytherins in the next room laughing at the DP that they�ve hung on the wall. It�s your job to take down as many as you can during the game. (Accio usually does the trick to get them down.) WL the chairs to get another DP and get the chairs out of the way. Accio the DPs on the stairs and on the Suspension Bridge. You get stopped by some Gryffindors talking about you, but once they�re done talk to them and you�re off the find Neville Longbottom, but first Accio the DP. Make your way down the stairs and just go through the halls; you�ll find him being picked on by some Slytherins. Just take your wand out and they�ll go away. Off to DADA now (finally!) and since Umbridge is the teacher it won�t be fun. Watch the short clip and see how you get your detention. Save and get the DP near the entrance to DADA off the wall! Follow the footsteps to find Fred and George and get the DPs off the walls on the way there (there�s two of them). Task: learn Protego (O) and Stupefy (?) and teach Hermione and Ron them as well. Umbridge�s Detention Off to the dreaded detention that was given to you by Umbridge. Just make your way back to the DADA classroom and start walking towards the back of the class. It is known as Umbridge�s Office. On your way there you have to duel with a Slytherin and use Protego and Stupify. Proceed up the staircase and make your way to Umbridge. Library Save your progress after the short clips it�s off to the library. But before you leave, (you can do this later if you want) Accio the board twice to receive a DP and some writing on the board and move the purple seat in front of the fireplace to get another DP (then move it somewhere else), WL the logs to receive yet another a DP and make the fire larger, Accio the small bookcase to get another DP, Accio the large bookcase and get another DP, and Depulso the books on top of the large bookcase to get another DP. Last, but not least, WL one of the tables in front of the flying Quidditch player and use ? to climb on top of it and press ? again to talk to him. WL the other table in front of the third picture from the right and press ? to talk to old man, the Seeker will fly through the portraits get his snitch, give you yours, and you will now have all of the DPs in the Gryffindor Common Room. And now it�s off to the Library. On your way there, talk to portrait (old guy with a red background), and he will tell you that in order for you to use his secret passage you�ve got to find a Ravenclaw and ask where Rowena Ravenclaw came from. Don�t worry about that right now, we�ve got to get to the library so that we can heal your hand! On the way to library, there are more DPs, one in the Entrance Courtyard (sort of hidden), one on the wall of the Viaduct Entrance, and one on the wall in the Library hallway. The Ravenclaws are blocking your way in to the Library (great, all that and you can�t even get in). No worries, talk to the Ravenclaw girl across the entrance and take homework to a friend. Follow the footsteps to her friend who�s waiting in front of Transfiguration and then make your way back to the Library. Talk to the girl again and she�ll help you get into the Library. The book that you need is high up on the top of one of the bookcases. No problem, but first WL the things that light up on the bookcases (there is one on the first bookcase, one on the one behind it, and one near the bookcase to the back). Now, to get the book, first I would like to tell you that you better believe that this book isn�t going to go without a fight. First WL the table and go to the back and WL the bookcase to the front of the Library. (Hint: put the table and the bookcase close together so you can climb from one to the other.) Accio the book and it will fly away to the bookcase behind it. (Hint: put the bookcase and table in between the second and third bookcases.) Accio the book again and it will fly to the other side of the first bookcase. (Hint: Put the table and bookcase in between the first and second bookcases.) Accio the book and it will finally fall. Follow the book out the front of the Library and use ? to get it. You�ll find out that isn�t the book you needed, and you need to go Moaning Myrtle�s Bathroom to find out just what book it is. Moaning Myrtle�s Bathroom The first thing you learn is Incendio (? O). Practice on the torches until Myrtle comes storming out of her toilet. (Now that you know Incendio, light up any torches you see.) After the short clip it�s back to the Common Room to have a conversation with the good old Godfather. No not that one you bumbling idiots, it�s Sirius Black! The next clip is of everyone at Hogsmeade. Everyone signs up for Dumbledore�s Army (DA for short) and it�s time to save. Herbology Time to find Neville. He�s off in Herbology so open up the Map and go on your way to Herbology. You may have to duel some Slytherins on the way, but no worries, you already know how to do that. In the Herbology class, Neville�s in trouble. He�s overgrown some Devil�s Snares and he needs your help to stop them from growing, but first Accio the DP off the wall. Talk to Neville and then help him burn up the Devil�s Snare (careful though, they snap at you). After it�s all burnt up, Neville takes you to the Room of Requirement (RoR for short). Enter the room, watch the clip, save and get ready for plenty of irritating complaints from Hermione about not having found all of the DA member�s yet. Finding the DA Members So we�ve got Neville into the RoR, there�s just a couple more left to find. Before you leave talk to the moving portrait. All you have to do to gain entry to their passage is find the other portrait (it�s near the Hospital Wing, but you can go there later). Ginny Weasley: Gryffindor Common Room. Talk to her and she�s going to tell you that you�ve got to go to Umbridge�s Storeroom and get Fred and George�s Doxy Venom. Off to the boy�s dormitory. Go up the stair and fetch your Invisibility Cloak Open up the Map and select Umbridge�s Office. There are Slytherins blocking the stairs to Umbridge�s Office, so since we�re invisible, just walk to the desks that have vases on the them and they�ll break. The Slytherins will move away and we�re into her office. Just walk in and to the left there is her storeroom. Hermione will Accio the Doxy Venom and you�re home free. It�s back to the Common Room, but make sure you tell the Map so you don�t get lost. Go up to the boys� dormitory and walk up to the trunk. You�ll be free of invisibility and go back down and talk to Ginny. Save. (You don�t have to go in the order I�m saying here, you can find anyone you want.) Easiest way to get to all of these places in this order is to open the Map and select Boathouse. Hannah Abbot: Grand Staircase. On the way there you can talk to a Gryffindor who has a crush on a Ravenclaw girl. You agree to help him. Hannah�s easy and is on the way to find other DA members. Talk to her and you�ll find that you have to find a secret passage. No problem, just go across the bottom of the Staircase and go down until you see a portrait with a green background. Talk to him, he�ll give you the password. Report back to Hannah and she�ll tell you that she�ll tell Justin Finch-Fletchley. Off to find more DA members. Angelina Johnson: Trophy Room. Talk to Hufflepuff students guarding the doors to the Great Hall and they should let you in. If not, go in anyways. Don� t worry about the broken plates or the two girls right now, we�ve got to find Angelina. Go straight to the back and you�ll see Dumbledore�s chair in front of the door. WL the door out of the way and walk inside. The Trophy Room is busted, so it�s up to you to fix it. The gold trophies go on the gold-rimmed stands and the silver trophies on the silver- rimmed stands. Then Reparo the glass. Once you�re done, Malfoy comes in with Filch, but don�t worry, you�re off the hook. Save and leave. Incendio the candles to get a DP and light up the Great Hall. There�s a kid being bothered by a couple of Slytherin but whatever you do, DON�T CAST SPELLS ON THEM, cast Incendio on the fireplace to scare them away. The Hufflepuff will thank you and you can leave the Great Hall. Susan Bones: Exterior Walkway. Before going outside talk to the Hufflepuff standing in the corner. He�s missing five wizard cards, so we�re going to find them. In the Entrance Courtyard there is yet another student being bothered by Slytherins. You can duel these. Just take your wand out and start casting. Incendio the torches too. So, back to Susan. She�s being bothered by none other than Crabbe and Goyle. Duel with them. Talk to Susan, and then save. Colin Creevey: Exterior Walkway. Well, good old Malfoy put his camera up on a high ledge, so it�s your job to get it. How are you going to get it, that�s a good question? A good question with a very simple answer. WL the table to the side of ledge that has the plant. Climb up, but Incendio the plant first. Then press ? and start to climb. Go to the right, and then climb up the pipe. On the left there is another ledge after you�ve climbed a bit. Go left until you�re not up against the wall anymore, and Reparo the pipe. Press ? again and start climbing the pipe. Again on the left you have to get off and Reparo the pipe. Once you�ve done that start to climb the pipe. There comes another ledge on your right. Get off the pipe and go to the right until the first time you stop climbing on the wall. Reparo the stature and climb on the wall again. When you stop climbing against the wall WL the camera down to Colin. (Hint: It�s best to put it right next to him.) Slide all the way down the pipe and then get to the wall and get down. Talk to Colin again and it�s off to the Boathouse. Lee Jordan, Fred and George Weasley: Boathouse. Find them and they�re going to ask you to put their packages into the boats, so it�s time for more climbing. Climb up the pipe and WL the covers off the boat. Fred and George will give you their packages and you�ve got to fit in the right places. Then WL the covers back on and climb back down. Talk to Fred and George and they�ll ask you to cast Reducto or Incendio on the box. Terry Boot: Clock Tower Courtyard. Save and open up the Map and select Clock Tower Courtyard, but don�t go the way you came. Walk out the righthand side of the boathouse and make your way up the stairs (they�re long so you might want some snacks). Talk to the Hufflepuff and you�ll trade a Wizard Card. Make your way inside the Entrance Courtyard, and don�t forget to Incendio the torches. When you make your way into the Fourth Floor, there�s a Gryffindor that has her hat stuck on her head. WL it off and make your way to the Clock Tower Courtyard. Before you make the turn, the moving portrait is there. Talk to it. You can now use their shortcut. If you end up going through, make your way back through and follow the footsteps. Accio the DP on the wall in front of the steps and make your way down. In the Courtyard, Depulso the middle of the fountain to get a DP and make the water come out. Talk to Terry and he�ll tell you that he heard it from Ernie who heard it from Neville that there was going to be a meeting. After you talk to him it should say that enough Ravenclaws believe you to let you in the Library now. Anthony Goldstein: Hospital Wing. Save and open up the Map and select Hospital Wing. You�ll tell Anthony, save, and before you leave cast Incendio on the heater behind Anthony, and cast Depulso on the messed up sheets to get DPs. Zacharias Smith: Library. Open up the Map and select Library. But first, walk straight down and keep going down until you see a doorway. That�s the door to get to the Dungeons, but there are some students being bothered by Slytherins. The first students you see are two in the far corner. But go to the students under the stairs. (A Hufflepuff and three Sytherins.) Duel with them and then go over to the Gryffindor, but don�t attack the Slytherin, WL the mop to scare him away, and Depulso the Knights for a DP. Then, go and search for the nearby Ravenclaw and you�ll swap another Wizard Card. Now, make your way to the First Floor and Depulso the Knight near the Hufflepuff girl being bothered by the Slytherin. On the Stone Bridge there�s another student being bothered by Slytherins, pull your wand out and duel. Continue following the footsteps and Accio the DP off the wall in the hallway and continue on. You�ll meet with Padma and Parvati who tell you to meet them at Divination later. So it�s on your way to the Library. There is a Ravenclaw standing there. He�s having trouble with the portraits. WL them to their correct places (you�ll know because they get right side up). Walk into the Library and talk to Zacharias Smith. He wants you to help him with his homework. Go into the Library and get the Monster Book of Monsters. It�s on top of the last shelf. Do the same thing you did to get the other book. Accio the book onto the floor and it will hide under one of the bookcases. There is a pair of shoes. WL them onto the floor as bait and then use the small pile of books to drop them on top of the book. (This may take a couple of tries, but don�t give up.) Once you�ve gotten it, go back to the Hospital Wing to get him the Wiggenweld Potion he wants. Once you get it, select Library on the Map and head back down there. There�s a DP on the inner wall. Before you turn, go straight into a hallway that looks colorful that�s filled with paintings. Talk to the Ravenclaw, and he�ll tell you that he needs some ingredients for his Potions homework. We�ll get to that, but right now, continue to follow the footsteps to the Library. Talk to Zacharias but you�re still not done. We have to find Nearly Headless Nick, and find out when he died, so follow the footsteps and they�ll lead you straight to him. So you find out he died in 1492, and talk to the kid standing at the corner before you leave. It�s time to head back to Library for the last time to help Zacharias. Ok, you�ve finally gotten the chance to tell him about the meeting. Save, and open the Map and select Transfiguration Courtyard. Dean Thomas: Transfiguration Courtyard. Before talking to Dean, help the students in need. For the four students you�re going to duel, and then for the other two students Accio the pipe over their heads. Also, Accio the thing in the center to a DP. Now go over to Dean. He needs help finding the five talking gargoyles of Hogwarts. Well there are all over Hogwarts, and they are (1) Transfiguration, (2) outside the DADA classroom, (3) Fourth Floor where you found the DP, (4) the steps near where Colin was, and (5) outside of the Viaduct Entrance. So first, let�s get to Transfiguration. Open the Map and head on over there. You� ll meet Michael Corner and there�s another DA member down. Save and look for the Gargoyle behind the cage. Right now you can�t do anything about the student being bothered by the Slytherins because you don�t know Reducto yet, so just open the Map and select DADA. Once you talk to him, select Floor 4 from the map and make your way there. At the bottom of the staircase a fellow Gryffindor is being bothered. Accio the rug and scare the Slytherin away. Duel with the Slytherins bothering the other Gryffindor out on the Suspension Bridge and continue on your way to Floor 4. WL the swords and shield to get a DP and make your way up the stairs. WL the broom and get another DP. At the bottom of the stairs talk to the Gryffindor student and get another Wizard Card (three down, two to go). Go to the fourth floor and go down the hallway and past the students (before the end of the hallway) there�s a part of the wall that seems to go in a bit. Go through it and go to your left and talk to the other gargoyle. Open the Map and select Exterior Walkway. Go back to where you helped Colin and head for the stairs. Duel the Slytherins and make your way up the stairs to talk to gargoyle. Select Potions to get the fifth and final gargoyle. On the way there, talk to the Ravenclaw to get one more Wizard Card. Talk to the gargoyle and make your way to the Potions classroom. Accio the DP off the wall and talk to Ernie. Ernie Macmillan: Potions. So we have to find five Moly Plants, and a Mandrake. So first let�s open up the Map and select Transfiguration Courtyard so we can tell Dean where all of the gargoyles are, and collect our first two Moly Plants. Help the Ravenclaw in trouble by dueling with the Slytherins and continue on to the Transfiguration Courtyard. Talk to the Ravenclaw standing at the corner, and you�ll out that he needs some things from the Potions Storeroom. Just continue on after talking to him. Get the two Moly Plants on the sides of the Courtyard and talk to Dean. Save and open the Map and select Herbology. Duel with the Slytherins and go into the room where Neville had to burn his Devil�s Snare. Go to end of the room and pull the Mandrake root out, well you faint, so you have to go to other end of the room and get earmuffs, then go back and the Mandrake root. Now go to the Map and select the RoR, you�re going to go learn Reducto first. Go up the stairs in the Clocktower and Accio the bells to get DPs and make them ring. Talk to the portrait that�s guarding a secret passage. To gain his passage you have to WL the bookcase in front of the other portrait, and you�ll go through, so go right back through the portrait. Walk into the Prefect�s Bathroom and Accio the four pipes to get a DP. Leave and continue on to the RoR. Don�t worry about the students right now, just go and talk to Ginny to learn Reducto (?). You�ll practice on some dummies and there you go. You now know Reducto. Padma and Parvarti Patil: Divination Staircase. Open the map and select Divination Staircase. Talk to them and then save. Open the Map and select Hagrid�s Hut. Duel some Slytherins on the way there and continue down the path to Hagrid�s Hut. There are three Moly Plants here. One on the path, one near the pumpkins, and one next to Hargrid�s Hut. Reparo the windows and the chimney on Hagrid�s Hut to get DP�s and also WL the axe to get another DP. WL the small pumpkin onto the Slytherin�s head and help the Gryffindor girl. Cho Chang: Owlery. Open the Map and select Owlery. So you head into the Owlery and meet up with Cho. Your job is to catch her owl. First just walk up the stairs, and she�ll fly away again. Climb up the stairs again and the first time a ? shows up, press ? so you can climb against the wall. Cho�s owl will fly away again, so go back to the left and go up the stairs again. Another ? will show up, but before you start climbing against the wall you have to Reparo the pile of stuff in your way. So cast Reparo and then start climbing on the wall again. The owl will fly away again, so go back to left and this time just climb up the stairs until you can�t anymore. Reparo the broken stacks and climb up them to catch the owl. The owl flies to the middle of the room and you�re done. You tell her to go the DA meeting with Marietta. Make your way outside and then save. Open the Map and select Potions. It�s time to finally go give Ernie what he needed. Save. Don�t worry about Luna for now, because you don�t need to find her right now. Just open the Map and select the RoR. The First DA Meeting So, you�ve made it to your first meeting and Hermione, Neville, Ernie, Angelina, Colin and Cho want to learn something. Let�s just go around the room. Hermione. Just face her and press ?. She�ll tell you that she wants to learn Confundus (?). Just press ? again and teach it to her. Save and go to Hermione again. She now suggests Stupefy Duo (??). Teach it, save, and move on to the next person. Neville. Walk up to Neville and talk to him, when he�s finished talking, DO NOT MOVE JUST PRESS ?. Neville wants to learn Protego, but you want to teach him Protego Duo (OO), so teach it to him, and once you�re done, save. Zacharias. Walk up to Zacharias and talk to him, when he�s finished talking, it�s the same deal as Neville, don�t move, just press ?. You teach Ernie and the others Rictusempra (???). Save and move on to the next person. Angelina. Walk up to Angelina and talk to her. She wants to learn Finite Incatatem, but skip her for now. You have to each Colin. Colin. Walk up to Colin and talk to him. He wants to learn something �fun�. So teach him Petrificus Totalus (??). Save and return to Angelina. Angelina. Walk up to Angelina and press ? to talk to her again, when she�s finished talking, press ?. Teach her Finite Incantatem (OOO). Press ? again, and you�ll teach them Finite Incantatem. Save and move on. Cho. You can�t teach Cho until you� ve taught all of the others, so teach them all first in any order you�d like and then go to Cho at the end. Walk up to Cho and press ? to talk to her. She wants to learn �something fun�. �Fun� is Levicorpus (?? ?), so press ? again to tell Hermione you want to teach Cho that spell. Save once again and it�ll go straight to the clip of Harry and Cho kissing, followed by Harry seeing/attacking Arthur Weasley. Finding Professor McGonagall Just walk out of the Gryffindor Common Room and you�ll walk right into her. Follow the footsteps and you�ll end up at Dumbledore�s Office. You�ll watch a short clip of Dumbledore talking to the portraits. Occlumency You�re going to be Professor Snape in this one. All you do is press the buttons as they appear. You�ll see another short clip of Snape going into Harry�s mind, and then Hermione telling you that Hagrid�s back. He takes you to see Grawp. Save and you�ll go to another clip of Umbridge destroying the wall of the RoR. Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle show up, save and then you�re left to fight them for yourself. It�s easy. Just don�t stop casting. At the end Umbridge shows up, and rewards Slytherin with 50 points. Cho apologizes for telling them and Dumbledore says he started Dumbledore�s Army and leaves. The Daily Prophet shows the �Mass Breakout from Azkaban� and Umbridge being made the Head of Hogwarts. Save. Another clip and it�s off the Hagrid�s Hut. You�ll find that they�re �guarding� Hagrid�s hut, so you�re going to duel with Draco, Crabbe and Goyle. Follow the footsteps to the Stone Circle. Hermione and Ron leave you alone, and it�s time to save. You take on the journey by yourself for a while. Sending Howlers Head to the Owlery, there you�ll meet Colin, and he�ll tell you that Fred and George are sending �chocolates� to the Inquisitorial Squad, but then you find out that they�re actually Howlers. Go to the front door to find out that it�s locked. You can�t cast any spells on it, so just go to side of the Owlery and begin to climb the side. Once inside, Colin passes you the boxes of the Howlers. Put them in their places and them move on to the next floor. (Hint: The space where it needs to go lights up.) You place the first two and then the third box explodes, after that, continue on. There are five total on the ground floor (counting the one that broke) so when you�re finished walk up the stairs and do the same for three more boxes. When you�re finished Colin says that Filch is coming. No problem, go all the way up the stairs and go into the little room in the back. Reparo the bench and walk up to it. You�ll end up in the window and climb down the pipes. Sabotaging the Clock Save and head to the Clock Tower. There you�ll meet with Dean and he� s going to tell you that he wants to mess up the clock to screw up Umbridge�s lesson. So remove all of the cogs off the clock and put the large gold cog on the bottom so that Draco, and Goyle see you. They�ll leave and it�s time to put the cogs in the places where they�ll mess up. First place the small silver cog at the highest one possible, then place dark silver cog at the bottom right, place the large golden cog next to it at the bottom left, and place the large silver cog on the open left space. Dean says it was a great idea and then you can save. Sabotaging the Speakers Floor 1: Follow the footsteps to Floor 1 and you�ll meet up with Padma and Parvati Patil. They are going to ask you to sabotage the speakers to shut up Umbridge. To sabotage this speaker, WL the trunk over by the black stand. Climb the trunk and sabotage the speaker. Come down off the trunk and head to the Library. Library: The second speaker you have to sabotage is in the library. On the way there, go into the Charms classroom and Accio the board twice to get a DP and writing on the board. WL the first pile of books to the right of the board to get another DP, point your wand at the chair, to get another DP, and WL the other pile of books to get another DP. To sabotage this speaker WL the bookcase and push it up against the wall, then WL the table and put it against that. Climb onto the table to climb onto the bookcase to then climb up onto the larger bookcase. Go to end and sabotage the second speaker. Paved Courtyard: Open your map and select Paved Courtyard. The third speaker is in the Exterior Walkway, even though the diamond is at the Paved Courtyard. You have to climb the vine and then sabotage. Time to sabotage the next one. Suspension Bridge: This one is a little tricky to find. First, open the map and select the DADA. It� s going to lead you up the stairs and through the hallway where you had to first find Neville. Instead of going up the stairs towards the class (this is where you met the group of students that told you to find Neville) go down the stairs and through the door and then you�ll see Patil and Parvati. So this speaker is high, and the only way to get is to do some more climbing. To get the speaker, go out the side of the bridge near the door you just came from, and climb up against the side of the bridge and at the end there are some boards. Walk on the boards and to the left around the tower and then up the pipe. Climb right around the wall and sabotage the speaker. Go back the way you came and move on to the last speaker. Herbology: Check the Map and make sure Herbology is selected. Then follow the footsteps to the class, and to the last speaker. First talk to Padma and Parvati and then go down the stairs and cast Incendio on the Devil�s Snare. After casting Incendio on one Devil�s Snare, the Inquisitorial Squad comes in, and it� s time for another duel. (Hint: Don�t stand too close to the Devil�s Snare, they�ll snap at you. If you can, get the Inquisitorial Squad to stand near it so they can�t cast spells.) When the duel is over continue to burn up the Devil�s Snare and then WL the trunk from the top of the stairs to under the speaker. Fred and George�s Portable Swamps If you open the Map up you see that the Clock Tower Courtyard is selected. It�s time to open up the Portable Swamps (PS for short) in all of the courtyards, so head on over to the Clock Tower Courtyard. Save on your way there. Clock Tower Courtyard: Here you will meet with Luna Lovegood. She�s going to tell you that Fred and George have put PSs in all of the courtyards and you have to go around setting them all off. Ron shows up and �helps� you along with Luna. To get the PS, WL the rock over to the short broken-type wall that has the plant growing on it. So climb onto to the rock and then the wall. Pull your wand out and WL the stone bench so that it creates a bridge-type thing between the small wall and the larger one. Walk across the bridge, climb up to the wall and WL the PS down to the middle of courtyard. Climb back down and place it in the middle. Follow Ron and Luna away from the PS. Pull your wand out and cast Reducto on it, and watch a swamp form in the middle of the Clock Tower Courtyard. Paved Courtyard: Now you�ve got to head to the Paved Courtyard. Follow the footsteps and Ron and Harry see that the PS is, guess where, the roof! So to get it, go to the stairs where the gargoyle was, climb up the pipe and get off on the first ledge to your left. Climb up the wood at the end and get off on the first ledge to your left again, climb up the other pipe and then get off on the roof. Walk away down to end and WL the PS to the ground. Make your way back down to the ground and WL the PS into the middle of the courtyard. Follow Ron to a safe distance and then pull your wand out and cast Reducto on the PS and watch another swamp unfold. Transfiguration Courtyard: Time to head to the Transfiguration Courtyard to set off the final PS. You meet up with Ginny and she says that she�s also been trying to set of PSs for Fred and George but she can�t get the last because Malfoy took it. Duel with the Slytherins and then you can set off the PS. Follow Ginny and Ron away from the PS and then cast Reducto and watch the last swamp take over. Save. Occlumency II Another Occlumency lesson. Do the same as last time and then watch a short clip of Fred and George leaving Hogwarts, and then another of Voldemort torturing Sirius, and them trying to get to Sirius. Then Umbridge catches and gets captured in the forest by Grawp and the Centaurs. Then Hermione suggests finding the others to come up with a way to get to London. Save and walk down the hill and duel with Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle. Then follow Luna down the path and it cuts to the scene where everyone is riding on a Thestral to London. Save and get ready to walk through the Ministry. Ministry of Magic Walk to end of the hall and cast Depulso on the door with Hermione and Ron. It takes a couple of tries but the door eventually opens. When you get into the room with prophecies there are some rolling on the floor, follow them and you�ll get to the aisle with your prophecy in it. The screen will go black and it will show you grabbing your Prophecy. Professor Trelawney will show up spirit-like and start to tell the Prophecy. You�ll get interrupted by none other than a couple of Death Eaters. You will do as Harry instructs you to do. Run, and run away from the Death Eaters. Just go back the way you came with a couple of extra turns here and there and you�ll end up at another door. Cast Depulso on it, save and you�ll end up fighting Voldemort�s followers. The Battle: Order of the Phoenix vs. Death Eaters You�ll be playing as Sirius, and when you defeat Bellatrix you won�t even get to see her fall, she just kills you. Save after you see Sirius die and get ready for the next fight. You�ll see a short clip of Harry, Bellatrix, Voldemort and Dumbledore. The Battle: Dumbledore vs. Voldemort Now you�ll be playing as Dumbledore. Duel with Voldemort just like you have been doing before. Save. When you�re done saving, you�ll be playing as Voldemort, trying to get into Harry�s mind. A short clip of Fudge realizing that Voldemort really is back and the Daily Prophet says he�s back and Dumbledore tells you that one of you has got die. Save and the credits will on the screen. Well, that�s it. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix � Video Game is over, and from now on when you play it�ll be on an Endless Day. You don�t have to do anything, just find any DPs you�ve might have missed and duel with any passing Slytherins. Also you can go to Multiplayer on the beginning Menu and duel with anyone you� d like as anyone you�d like. I hope I helped and enjoy the game.</p>