Football Manager 2008 - For PC FOOTBALL MANAGER 2008 - FAQ/WALKTHROUGH HOW TO BUILD A DECENT YOUNG SQUAD ------------------------------------------------------------------------- By Hey_j2 Version 1.0 24/11/07 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction -1.1 Objective 2.0 The Basics -2.1.0 The money side of things -2.2.0 Looking around -2.2.1 The filter -2.3.0 Scouting around -2.3.1 What to look for in a scouts ability -2.3.2 What to look for in a scouts knowlege -2.4.0 The Players -2.4.1 Positions and what to look for -2.4.2 Making the offer -2.4.3 Offering a contract 3.0 In the years to come -3.1.0 Training -3.1.1 How to group your players -3.1.2 Creating Scheduals 4.0 FAQ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Legal Stuff: This FAQ is copyrighted 2007 Hey_j2. Feel free to print this out for personal use. The only way to get this FAQ is to go on one of many gaming sites which I have submitted it to. DO NOT COPY THIS OR CLAIM ITS YOUR OWN you can take ideas from it but not word for word it souldnt even be similar. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- |1.0 Introduction | ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The 2007/2008 season + FM is the best in its class up to date it has a range of special features and has some of the good old calssic functions ------------------------------------------------------------------------- |1.1 Objective | ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The game itself has no objectives just play till your hearts content but the objective of this FAQ is to help you create a great yound team for your clubs stature/financial capabilities and how to nurture them into world stars ------------------------------------------------------------------------- |2.0 The Basics | |-2.1.0 The money side of things | ------------------------------------------------------------------------- To put it this way the only way to survive in the wide world of management if money if your club has no money then you cant buy players/make improvements to your club to climb up the leagues and be the No. 1 manager so lets start out with the basics of the money side of things. first you have to look at oyur transfer budget and think of a max amount you will have to pay for a player heres a list to help you (you dont have to use these): �0 - �10k = 0.5k per player/free agents �11k - �50k = �1-�5k per player �51k - �200k = �5-�8k per player �201k - �750k = �10-�25k per player �751k - �1.5mil = �50-�75k per player �1.51mil - �5mil = �100-�250k per player �5.1mil - �10mil = �400-�750k per player �11mil - �20mil = �800k-�2mil per player �20mil+ = �2mil - �5mil per player Bare in mine that you will have to get at least 12-17 players to geta decent squad but lower and all of the above do not have to be used if you think you can set a decent target yourself do it. You will also need to take in prospect your teams incomes and expendectures and the wage budget. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- |-2.2.0 Looking around | ------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are 3 main ways of looking around for players manualy (by yourself) these are: Team searching, The search bar at the top right of the screen and the player search here is a description of each type. Team searching :- Is when you know about a player and you know his team so you check that team for him and find othhers at the same time. The search bar :- you can type in a name of a club, player or compotition and it will find anything with that word in I.e if i put in gerrard it would come up with steven gerrard 27 year old liverpool midielder and paul gerrard 30 year old goalkeeper and some others this can be usefull for the above as if you know the player name and dont know his club Player search :- this has a HUGE data base of players which you can sort by different things value, postion, club, age etc ------------------------------------------------------------------------- |-2.2.1 The filter | ------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the player search there is a powerfull tool called the filter this can fine down you search and find exactly what you want. You can customize your own filter in the Filer => Customise.. section in a dropdown menu near the top of the screen this has the ability for you to look for the exact thing you want in a player and fine down the search then its up to you to surf through the findings and shortlist the players your interested in this will also send you messages on thigs related to that player like injuries, offers, bans etc. some things i recomend you put in the filter: Age - Is at most 19/20 Attributes - the main attributes for that position for more info see part 2.4.1 Value - the maximum value you are willing to pay for a player see 2.1.0 for more info ------------------------------------------------------------------------- |-2.3.0 Scouting around | | -2.3.1 what to look for in a scouts ability | ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Apart from you yourself looking for decent young talent you can send scouts out to look for talent with the same function as the filter you can set different aspetcs of a player for the scout to look for this can be usefull but mind it will take a while depending on the depth of the search and where the search is based so it might not be transfer window when he files his report now the two main attributes of a scout are: Scouting on Ability Scouting on Potential The better the attributes in these the better you results will be so send you best scouts on the motst important assignments -------------------------------------------------------------------------- |-2.3.2 what to look for in a scouts knowlege | -------------------------------------------------------------------------- A scouts knowlege is there knowlege of countrys the better the knowlege for a certain country the better the results becasue they know were too look. Also you can imporve a scouts knowlage of a country by sending them off to countrys to scout about then eventually they will imporve also bare in mind that the scouts at your club will/should have the best knowlege for the country your team plays in if not then you should look to hire new scouts with better knowlege. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- |-2.4.0 The Players | -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now the best bit of this FAQ is the players most of your players should age range from between 16-19 maybe 20 this gives them time to imporve. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- |-2.4.1 What skills to look for in a players position | -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay this part will tell you what the main attributes are for every position: Goalkeeper: Handling Reflexes Fullback/Wingback: Tackling Stamina Centerback: Tackling Heading Positioning Jumping Defensive Midfielder: Tackling Stamina Work Rate Winger: Pace Crossing Dribbling Midfielder C/L/R: Passing Crossing Pace Atacking Midfielder: Creativity Decisions Passing Forward: Finishing Pace Striker: Finishing Heading -------------------------------------------------------------------------- |-2.4.2 Making The Offer | -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Making the offer can determine two things: 1. Weather the team WANT to sell the player 2. Weather the team DONT WANT to sell the player So you need to convince them into selling you should offer: If you have the money double the players asking price only if the players value is under 3.5 Mil for all those over 3.5 Mil add on 25-30% of there value After a few negotiations if there is any try these: Add some clauses Offer a swap (Players over 23 ONLY) Or just up the inital bid. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- |-2.4.2 Offering a contract | -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Offering a contract is the MOST important thing when it comes to signing youngsters: Offer them a squad role adicuate to your scouts rating of the player Offer them the wages THEY want add some more just to convince them Offer them the signing on fee that THEY want BUT bare in mind the deal will fall through if you have insunificant transfer funds to pay the signing on fee Offer them appearance bonus, Scoring/Cleansheet bonuses and a relegation wage drop and a Promotion wage rise -------------------------------------------------------------------------- |3.0 In the years to come | -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well this bit is the next part of raising your squad to get you to the highest level. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- |-3.1.0 Training | -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Training your players in the atributes listed in -2.4.1 will help improve your players best skills but dont forget to leave some time for there others otherwise thell go down -------------------------------------------------------------------------- |-3.1.1 How to group your players | -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Group your players in there position heres how and how NOT to do it: How NOT to do it: sort into Keeper Defenders Midfielders Strikers How to do it: sort into Keepers Fullback/Wingbacks Centerbacks Defensive midfielders Midfielders L/R/C Wingers Attacking Midfielders Forwards Strikers -------------------------------------------------------------------------- |-3.1.2 Creating scheduals | -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now this is the hard part creating scheduals i will post a link to my sceduals for you to import but heres how to make your own: Create a scedual for all the sorted groups above in How TO do it not How NOT to do it remember to include some time for there supporting attributes so Eg. Take the strikers scedual for example: it should be like this: Strength: Medium Aerobic: Medium Keeping: None Tactics: Medium Ball control: Light (More towards medium) Defending: Light Attacking: Inbetween Medium and heavy Shooting: Heavy Set-Pieces: Light -------------------------------------------------------------------------- |4.0 FAQ | -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Frequently Asked Questions: Q: How do i stop young players leaving to join bigger clubs after 2 or 3 years? A: You cant becasue they want a change they want to move on youll just have to replace them after they leave. Q: Im having trouble making scheduals? A: In part -3.1.2 there is a link to a place to download all of my importable scheduals download them then import them to your game. V 1.0.0 Hey_J2 � (Later versions will be available with more info and better detail).</p>