Begin Document---------------------------------------------------- BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD DO U. CD-ROM GAME By Jared Greene Hello, and welcome to my first ever FAQ. This game, "Beavis and Butthead Do U." is a very funny and entertaining game, but it is a little too short. So, this FAQ will just be a direct walkthrough. There are no penalties for talking to certain people or touching anything; so give everything a try (some combinations will give hilarious results). Your objective is to get eight sign-offs in order to go to a party where Beavis and Butthead hope to get with some college sluts. Please enjoy the game. _____________________________________________________________________________ AUDITORIUM Walk around and talk to everyone. Click on the spotlight aimed at the Dean and try to leave. No way out. Talk to Kimberly (she's sitting to the left of Beavis) and she'll give you some paper. Have Beavis turn the paper into a paper airplane and throw it at the Dean and he'll end the speech so you can get on with the game. LIBRARY The first mark is very easy, just head to the library once you look at your map. Walk to the left exit in the library and B&B will automatically ride the book cart and crash into the front desk, making the librarian exit the office and talk to you. She'll give you a mark if you place the books back, but that's not what B&B want to do. Go to the left again and you'll see Stewart on the computer. Open the window in the back of the room to send Stewart's papers flying everywhere, and while he's collecting them take his library card and turn off the computer. Stewart can't continue his research without the card, so try and have him take a ride on the cart. Butthead will say that Stewart made the mess with the books so the librarian will sign your sheet and have him clean up the books. DORMS Use the map to go to the dorms. In front of the building you'll see a hose to the left of the screen, pick it up. Have Beavis put the hose in the open window (laundry room). Talk to the guy in front of the building and get a blind concert ticket from him. Walk inside the building and you'll talk to the woman behind the desk and she'll sign your sheet if you successfully deliver a package. Put the package down the garbage on the left and then you'll go down to the garbage to chase the garbage truck. Once on the back move the TV to find the purple skirt (package) and grab it. They'll head back to the dorms. Enter the bathroom near the garbage drop and there'll be a plumber sawing a pipe. Open the lockers to find a towel and have Beavis take a dump. Toss him the towel since there isn't any t.p. The plumber will try and fix it. While he's in there take the saw and the soap on the wall. Exit the bathroom and enter the laundry room and put the soap in a dryer and use the hose on the dryer. Grab the red panties while you're there. Use the map to head to the music room. MUSIC Click on the clock thingy near the flute-playing girl. Keep clicking on it until she leaves. Use the saw on the lock to get the flute. Grab the music sheet from the piano. Click on the cello to break it and the music teacher will report you to the Dean. DEAN'S OFFICE The Dean will order you two to help out at the cafeteria. CAFETERIA Use the map to go to the "Sir Walter Hancock" place and enter the cafeteria behind Mr. Van Driessen. Talk to the lunchlady and she'll have B&B give food to the students. This scenario is sort of like Simon, where students will come up to you and ask for beans, meatloaf, potatoes, etc. Once you finish go to the salad bar to the right. Use pepper on the salad tray until Beavis sneezes, making the guy on the other side leave. Once he's gone you can take the tongs. Go to the agricultural place. AGRICULTURE Go into the room on the right where the bull is. Use the red panties on the bull and while it is attacking Beavis, have Butthead go and take the pitchfork on the left. Talk to the agriculture teacher and he'll tell you to get chicken eggs and milk the cow for a check. He'll give you a bucket and an egg tray. Click on the gate in front of the cow to set it free (you'll get it later). Grab the prod on the left wall of the room. Click on the chickens to get their eggs (B&B will break them so you'll have to get some other eggs). Go to the biology room. BIOLOGY Talk to the biology teacher and he'll give you a check only if you finish the human body puzzle, which would really be easy only if Beavis didn't break the heart. Luckily enough there's another heart in a jar to the left. Open the jar and get the heart, which is too slippery for Beavis to handle. Use the pitchfork to jab the heart to finish the puzzle and give it to the teacher. He'll think it's odd, but give you the check anyway. Use the flute on the snake to get the eggs. DEANS OFFICE Go back to the Dean and he'll thank you for helping in the cafeteria. Turn off the speaker on the wall and grab the golf club before leaving his office. Once outside his office, grab the microphone. TRACK Use the map to get to the track. Click on the bucket of golf balls to the right. In this little scenario just double-click the golf ball to hit it as short as possible, and the lawnmower guy will chase after it. Swing again, but this time have the meter at about the fourth light when you click again. The ball should hit the teacher, knocking off his glasses. Exit the golf ball scene and exit to the right of the screen. Talk to the track teacher and he'll tell you to jump over the bar for a check (you'll do this later). Take the glasses and go to the map. QUAD Click on the knight part of the map again and go to the Java 101 shop to the right of the screen. Once inside click on the coffee machine behind the woman to turn Beavis into Cornholio. While the woman is distracted grab the tips jar and head back outside by Van Driessen. Place the tips jar and blind concert ticket into his guitar case. Have him wear the glasses. You'll get yourself some coins. Give the sheet music to Van Driessen and he'll begin to play the song for you. DORMS Head to the dorms and look at the map by the left of the doors. Use the tongs to grab the map. Head on inside the office. Go into the laundry room and use the coins on the machine. The skirt is clean. Walk down the hall to the right and give the skirt to the girl. Talk to the woman behind the desk and she'll confirm that the skirt was delivered for another check on your sheet. Go back outside and the cow should be there (if not just go to another place and then come back). Give the peanut butter to the cow and while it is distracted use the bucket on the cow to milk it. Pick up the cow poop while you're there. You've got the milk and eggs. AGRICULTURE Go to the agriculture room and give the milk and eggs to the teacher for another check. TRACK Go the track and use the coins on the soda machine to turn Beavis into Cornholio again. Now head to the right and down to the track. Use the cattle prod on Cornholio and he'll run and jump over the bar for yet another check. DEANS/DORMS/QUAD Walk around to one of these places until there is a confused looking blonde woman. She's looking for the art room, so give her the map you got from the dorms. ART Use the map the head for the art room. Talk to the guy teacher and he'll ask you to draw the fruit bowl for a check, but Beavis will not draw that. Walk to the right and use the easel to draw the nude model. Give that paper to the art teacher and he'll give it a look, thinking it's Beavis' version of fruit and he'll give you a check. DEANS Go the office outside of the Dean's office, and to the right of the screen there is a psychologists room. Enter the room. Once inside and seated close the blinds. Give the nude picture to the psychologist and when she goes to frame it, flip the light switch to turn off the lights. She'll come back and place one of her pictures on the floor, grab it once you get the chance. Once she turns the switch back on, leave the room. COMMUNICATIONS Use the map to go to the communications room. Talk to the disc jockey and he'll tell you to put on a show without any dead air and he'll give you a check. Enter the booth and break the microphone in the room, not yours. Replace the broken microphone with yours and just wait around. Answer every call that comes in, and once there are no call (wait around for a while to be sure that no more come) go back and talk to the d.j. He'll give you a check along with the record that is on the table. To the left of the screen there is a radar, use your microphone on it. Now aim the microphone-radar at Van Driessen to get his song playing on the radio. MUSIC Click on the cello to have Beavis attempt to play the song. While he's doing that, click on the radio to the left of the screen, and you'll hear Van Driessen playing it over the radio. The music teacher will give you your final check. PARTY TIME!! GYM What a party. This isn't what B&B had in mind. Worst of all there is no escape from the teachers, so B&B have to find a way out. Talk to the old lady to get some punch. Place the punch on the record player in the middle of the screen. Once the d.j. leaves, put your record on the player. That guy punching his fists wants to challenge Beavis to tug-o-war. Have Beavis grab the rope, and once he has it, have Butthead grab the other end. The guy will open the seats, so you can go up the ladder, then click on the basketball hoop way up there. DORM Go back to the dorms and go to that skirt chick's room (she's no there). Open her desk to get some scissors. Click on her answering machine to hear her messages. Use the phone to page the chick and the phone will ring. Don't answer it and she'll leave a message. Make your own message greeter and page the chick again. Let the phone ring so you can get directions to the party. PARTY Go to the party (use the map) and talk to the fat dude drinking outside. He'll tell you to get the Dean's certificate, the knight's shield, and the mascot's mask. DEAN Go back to the Dean's office and there'll be a floor buffer. Use the buffer on the stains on the ground, and once you get to the one next to the wall, Beavis will drive the buffer up the wall. Go inside the Dean's office and notice that the certificates are messed up. Go outside and use the buffer on the wall once more. Go back inside the Dean's office. Use your certificate that you got from Van Driessen with the framed picture you got from the psychologist. Switch your certificate with the Dean's. Now you have his. QUAD Use the cow poop on the horse, and then show it the guy cleaning the horse. He'll grab the poop and leave. Use the saw on the horse to get the shield. That's 2/3. TRACK Use your scissors on the key chain, and then grab the keys from the machine door. Open up the storage room with the keys and grab the megaphone. Exit right to the field and then go the where the cheerleaders are. Give them the megaphone. Head back to where the lawnmower was and use the keys to ride it. Once you get to the field, latch the cheerleader stand to the back of the lawnmower, and go for another ride. Now you have the mascot mask, and that's 3/3! PARTY Use the map to get back to the part and give the certificate, shield, and mask to the fat guy so you can enter the house. There's nothing but drunken guys and empty beer cans. Talk to the people, then click on all of the beer cans, then B&B will start to fight. Two of the frat brothers will ask you to get some papers. FRAT HOUSE This part is pretty fun. You use the mouse to shoot at the chicks and guys before they shoot you. Some of the enemies are quicker than others, and some are more accurate. So try and notice which ones are quick to the draw and shoot them as fast as possible. You can also shoot things around the rooms. Once you get into the last room, wait until you are low on health, or if you are already low on health then shoot the chest to open it. There is a health kit inside it, shoot it to fill part of your energy. Once everyone is taken care of, you will get the papers and continue on with the party. Enjoy the ending!! _____________________________________________________________________________ Walkthrough by Jared Greene Please feel free to distribute this FAQ, for I have created it to only help people throughout this game. Please, however, give credit where credit is due. Beavis and Butt-head (tm) Do U (tm) (C)1998 MTV Networks. All rights reserved "MTV Music Television", "Beavis and Butt-head" and all related logos, titles and characters are trademarks owned and licensed for use by MTV Networks, a division of Viacom International Inc. Beavis and Butt-head created by Mike Judge. Software (C)1998 GT Interactive Software Corp. Published and Distributed by GT Interactive Software Corp. GT is a trademark of GT Interactive Software Corp. Created by The Illusions Gaming Company under license from GT Interactive Software Corp. under sublicense from MTV Networks, a division of Viacom International Inc.</p>