MY Sims FAQ By HarvestPrincess#1 Contents 1.People in YOUR TOWN NOT MINE 2.Tourists 3.Star level 1 4.Star level 2 5.Star level 3&4 6.Star level 5 7.Shops 8.hints ************************************************* 1. People in your town are mostly shop owners. Tim: Tim is the Grandson of the mayor. He loves to play racqueball. Helen: The Mayor of your town. She is very kind and cosidorite. She is always on the town. Ewan: The Police officer of the town. Tyler: Tyler is the tailor of the town. Warning gets depressed to easily. Ashley: Ashley is the crazy flower shop owner. Olivia: She works at the general goods store. She ios quiet and strange. Joeseph: He is the fisherman in the town. He is gruff and lonley. Sophie: She is lazy!!! She owns the furniture store but is assleep all the time in her chair. Charlie:Cake Shop owner. He comes in the 3 star level. Marie: She is the punk girl that is the highlands ranger. Foster: He is the guy who lives in the forest. He loves animals but not so comfortable around sims. He will make animal feed if you bring fish and flower. Nicki: She is the farie ladie that opens star level 3. Elizabeth:A mahor welthy sim that sells you her dogs home for 300 millon but she says you can have it for a days worth of dog food 10000. Hawk: Casino owner who runs Doge the Theif. Emma: Casino dealer who runs Tic tac trump. Tracy: Mountain ranger comes star level 4. Her mind revolves around money trust me. Martain: Some wako dude who flies a plane comes star level 5. ************************************************** 2. Tourists Tourists minds are easily minipulated. Your job is to make them happy. If your bar with the smily face fills up before the clock is done you will get paid 80$. ************************************************** 3. Star level 1 Star level 1 is just getting to know the place. you get off the boat and you find a guy in a dog suit which is tim running from you. You end up at the town hall and you walk in and it takes you from there. Helen the mayor asks you to go find her grandson tim he is around the tennis court. Then he comes back then you go back. She says to go talk to Tyler and Ewan. Tyler si depressed you cheer him up then you go to see Ewan you have to calm him down. Once your once doing that a chick named ashley comes and says she wants to be the new town florest. Helen gets worried and to go check on Ashley. You talk to her and she tells you to plant these flowers in the beds. Once your done your star level bar is raised fully helen tells you to get a good night sleep and says your home is on the east part of town. The town will look different the next day. ************************************************** 4. Star level two Ok in level two you will get a racqut ball equipt.You will meet Joeseph he will be angry if you cheer him up you will get a fishing rod and money and raise in star level. You will meet Foster,Marie,And more tourist.You will do stuf for Marie and Foster. That will raise your star level alot. Afeter your done working for Marie go back the next dayand she will have a paraglider thingy test it for her and get star points. Ok there will be a point in the game and sophie will be assleep and she will go store name what is my store name. Heres the twist YOU NAME IT HAHA. Well that will raise your star level to. Ok thats all i got for this one so on to the next one. ************************************************** 5. Star level 3&4 In star level three and four the ferry is open to the entertainment area where the casino,the club,and a place where you can see offits tyler is going to desighn in the future. There will be new desighns,furniture,and general goods. A chef dude named charlie comes in 3 and make cakes. if you give a tourist a cake it will have a huge impact on the happy will get new racqute ball equip too! its easy to get star points once you get used to it! ************************************************** 6. Star level 5 YAY In star level five theres not much so this is going to be short. Apiolet guy comes and he needs to fix his plane so that you can go sky diveing Woho thats about it except new clothing and furiture. ************************************************** 7. shops Tilor shop is run by tyler who is down alot General goods is run by olivia who is just plane old weird. Flower shop si run by Ashley she scares me who mkes you play the lai game. Furniture store is run by sophie who sleeps way to much Cake shop is run by chalie (i dont have anything to say about him he is cool). ************************************************** 8. My Hints Elizabeth right yea ok well talk to her has blonde hair red bow. She will be down so once you make her happy she will ask you if you want to buy her pets home. Has a pool, 3 rooms,and a flower bed. The lai game can be axcessed by ashley. The racquetball game can be acessed be tim. Make your own Desighn from sophie and tyler oh yea. ************************************************** The End!!!</p>