===================================================================== Half Life 2 Episode 1 FAQ/Walkthrough By Matt 'nofxgamer' Biro ===================================================================== ===================================================================== Table of Contents ===================================================================== Version History................................HL2-1 Intro..........................................HL2-2 Overview.......................................HL2-3 Controls.......................................HL2-4 Walkthrough....................................HL2-5 --Chapter 1: Undue Alarm.....................HL2-5-A --Chapter 2: Direct Intervention.............HL2-5-B --Chapter 3: Lowlife.........................HL2-5-C --Chapter 4: Urban FLight....................HL2-5-D --Chapter 5: Exit 17.........................HL2-5-E Weapons........................................HL2-6 Enemies........................................HL2-7 Characters.....................................HL2-8 Review.........................................HL2-9 FAQ...........................................HL2-10 Credits, Thanks, And Contact Info.............HL2-11 ===================================================================== HL2-1 Version History ===================================================================== 1.2 Added some more tips from people. 1.1 Corrected a few mistakes, added some tips from people who have e-mailed me. 1.0 Finished the walkthrough and added a Weapons, Enemies, Controls, and Characters section. Enjoy. 0.60 June 11, 2006 Chapter 3: Lowlife added. 0.40 June 10, 2006 Chapter 2: Direct Intervention added. 0.20 June 4, 2006 Very first submission, chapter 1 done. ===================================================================== HL2-2 Intro ===================================================================== Well this is one of my first full walkthroughs I'm going to do, I just felt like I'd start with something short and maybe start on some other games as they come out so I'll try my best. Don't repost this without my explicit consent. I probably won't have an issue as long as you ask me but please either im me on AIM at fatmikefatty or send me an email at my_crack_habit@hotmail.com. I'll respond asap to both but please do ask first and if you do get the ok to post it, please do not alter the guide in anyway and give me the right credit. Thanks. ===================================================================== HL2-3 Overview ===================================================================== This is a full Walkthrough and I have no included also the Controls that are defaulted and some small tips with them. The Weapons including some pertinent info about them, as well as an Enemies section which goes over the enemies in detail. Thanks for reading! ===================================================================== HL2-4 Controls ===================================================================== Here are all the controls, please do note these are all the default controls and you can set them up how you like. I will also include some small tips. Move Forward - W Move Backward - S Move Left (Strafe) - A Move Right (Strafe) - D These are your basic FPS movement keys, learn them well. Sprint - Shift Jump - Space Duck - Ctrl These are very common movement techniques you will be using, so if you arenÂ’t too well with them I would suggest just hoping around and using them. Primary Attack - Mouse 1 (Left click) Secondary Attack - Mouse 2 (Right click) Reload Weapon - R Use Item - E Gravity Gun - G Flashlight - F Suit Zoom - Z These are your basic functions you will obviously want to learn, the suit zoom is nice but I've never needed it, the others I use constantly. 1 - Draw Crowbar 2 - Draw Hand Gun / .357 Magnum 3 - Draw SMG / Pulse Rifle 4 - Draw Shotgun / Crossbow 5 - Draw Grenade / RPG Last Weapon - Q You will probably be using these a lot, especially the Last Weapon button, so you can switch from your Gravity Gun to lets say...your SMG ...etc. To draw the second weapon hit the # twice. Other then that the last key you would probably use once in awhile is the Walk Key, defaulted as Alt. These are all basic controls, common with most FPS games so if you have played any before you should be quite familiar with them. The only true tip I have is that if you are making a jump that you aren't completely certain you will make, try ducking mid jump, it can help you make it onto the object you are jumping to, and definitely helps when jumping up things (to something higher then you). Again, if you aren't too confident with your controls and have just started or are in a safe area, just run around for a bit and get use to doing them with ease. ===================================================================== HL2-5 Walkthrough ===================================================================== Here we are, the story continues from the end of Half Life 2. It fades in with some debris dropping and a short speech by Dr. Breen. After that it cuts to the main scene where Half Life 2 ended, you see Alyx is frozen in time and then here some chanting. About a dozen of purple Vortigaunts warp in and continue the chanting and two move Alyx, she then wakes and then it fades to G-Man walking through a doorway and a few Vortigaunts chanting in front of him, as they pull you, Dr Gordon Freeman, away. ===================================================================== HL2-5-A Chapter 1: Undue Alarm ===================================================================== It fades in with your health at 47 and you hear Alyx and Dog but have bunches of rocks on top of you. As Dog pulls the rocks off you he notices you and pulls you from the rocks. Alyx notices that Dog has found you and starts speaking to you and then request that Dog give you the Gravity Gun. Walk forward and take the gun from Dog's hand and then listen as Alyx tells you briefly about what she remembers. As she is speaking you hear Eli Vance cut Alyx off and she heads off to relay back to him. Finally as you have control pull the few wooden blocks off the side so that the metal gate falls, making a walkway for you. Walk up, grab the med packs to refill your health and listen to what Alyx, Eli, and Dr Kliener have to say. After hearing what they have to say about the citadel and that you have to return back in to stabilize the core so that you can successfully leave the danger zone, continue forward towards the end of the downed Combine Gunship. As Dog moves it duck under to reach where Alyx is and continue on down. Jump down to the closest ledge, then head to the left and down again. Continue forward and duck under the pipes, as you do so you see some debris fall down and a small gap is created making you have to jump from ledge to ledge. It is a small jump but if you would like to be safe use your sprint (default as shift) and jump and you will definitely make it. Round the corner and duck under the pipes once again, you will face a car in front of you, use your gravity gun and use the main fire use of it to fire the car into falling off. After doing so, continue forward towards the fire and listen for some more information, and on how you will get into the citadel. During one of the scenes Dog disappears and tosses a car over, don't be afraid, it will not hurt you if you aren't quick, it should just push you aside. After having Alyx explain a little further and seeing her get in the driver side, head around to the passenger side and get in using the use button (defaulted as E). After Dog picks you up, enjoy the small scene as you land in the citadel, and then collapse the floor and go for one wild ride. Get out of the car using the use key again and now head to the left of where you get out, after the electricity shock and some debris fall, continue forward then left over the bridge. Follow the path through the hallway until you hit the loading screen. After this screen continue forward, you will be on a platform and can look around and get a true idea of how big the citadel is. After hearing Alyx comment on the drop, head to the left and drop to the floor where it is safe. Then continue on through the doorway. Continue forward and you will come into a room where there are one of the Combine gates blocking your way and in the other room you see some Stalkers, one fiddling with the computer console and another using its lasers to do some damage to something. After Alyx comments that she can't do anything with them in there she will unlock the door in the opposite corner of the door you need to get in and ask to check on the Roller Mines, believing that they may be your way to get through the door. Crawl across the ledge towards the dead stalker and go right, drop down onto the new ledge and take a look out. There will be a metal grating that is broken that you can land on, but once you land I suggest dropping down to your right because that grating will fall and will kill you if your are still on it. After dropping down, continue around the platform towards the elevator, after it comes down safely cross the elevator and continue around the other side of the platform, there will be a Combine scanner that would normally charge your suit, use it and it will charge not only your suit, but your health, and it will charge your suit at a greater rate and to 200, which is 100 higher then normal. Continue to the left and you will see the tube with the Roller Mines. Use your use button on the little goggle scanner and it will release the roller mines, you can punt the others, but make sure you grab one with your Gravity Gun and get on the elevator. After reaching the top go back to Alyx and she will explain that her dad taught her how to reset the targeting system on them to assist you but they are more unstable, meaning they will blow up eventually. After she explains that hold out the Roller Mine for her to reset it, it will turn a yellow color, after she does that toss it past the Combine security gate and into the room with the stalkers. It will roll around and kill both stalkers. After it does so Alyx will unlock the gate, you may want to wait for the roller mine to turn red and explode and then continue into the room. Once in the room continue the only open way and follow the hallway. You will come to a platform and see a dead stalker on it, continue to the left around the corner and Alyx will comment on how the soldiers are too busy trying to get out and that they may not see them. Continue on forward on the ledge and go left into the hallway. There will be some debris blocking you buy just duck under it and continue to the right. After ascending the stairs you will see a dead Combine soldier, continue right down the hallway and you will come into another hallway with a bunch of debris in your way. Just move it all out of the way with your gravity gun and continue forward. Then some electric shock will happen to the large thing over head and it becomes like a magnet, picking up everything that was under it. Then continue forward and left around the corner, down the hall and left again. Alyx will say how unstable the place is and say she doesn't want to be around much longer. Once you come to pretty much a dead end, get to the left of the small fencing and hop over it onto the ledge and continue to your right. Continue forward and a bridge will appear. You will see some Combine soldiers coming towards you, but don't fear, a vortex like thing combust and sucks them in and kills them. Here you will have to sprint across the bridge at the right time. Alyx will follow you after the vortex and make it safely as well. After crossing the bridge go right into the hallway and continue forward. Continue forward until you can make a left, do so and then hop over the small fencing and on the platform and watch as something weird gets ejected. Watch the small scene about the recording Dr. Breen had made and watch as alien like thing comes onto the screen and something comes up and you get hurt by some telekinesis type of damage. Although it looks like you get hurt, you actually do not. Once this happens continue on forward through the doorway. Continue down the hallway until there are some things on the side that pretty much put you in a 0 gravity type of suspension, this will charge your Gravity Gun, just like in Half Life 2. Now you have a Weapon that you can make some use of. Using the main fire weapon will instantly kill anything that is in close range but anything further it will not shoot out. The secondary use will pull things, even Combine soldiers, to you. It is more effective on the enemy since it is easier to attack with it. After this happens continue forward and make a right, you will come to another loading spot. After this, continue down the hall and make a left to the ledge. From here you will see some energy orbs floating around and below you grab one and shoot it into the ball socket on the left to complete the bridge. Now cross the bridge, as you do so the tower in front of you will collapse, keep on going forward and some Combine soldiers will show up. Make easy work of them with your new gravity gun and then continue forward to the end of the ledge. Take a energy ball from the beam of energy below and shoot one into the left socket, and one into the right. After doing so you will complete a second bridge. Cross the bridge and kill the Combine soldiers again. Now you will have to make another bridge using the energy balls. This time the left socket is protected so just carefully aim to ricochet it off the wall behind the shield and bounce around and end up in the socket. Then shoot the right one as normal and cross the bridge. Duck under the debris and go right. Continue down this hallway and on your left there will be a small explosion, continue to the left now and then right into the new hallway. A few Combine soldiers will come through, make quick work of them, and continue forward. Once you come out to the ledge head left, thereÂ’s a small gap to cross, jump across and continue forward. There will be a soldier on the right shooting at you, but you can't reach him so just ignore it. A Combine ship will fly over you head holding a Strider, it will crash and Alyx will comment on this. Continue left towards where the ship crashed. Continue forward and then go right, you will see a small lighted are which you can go into on your right, head in there and Alyx will unlock the door. Continue down the hall until you get the loading notification. After it loads continue through the hall. After the hall ends, you come into a room with one energy orb and a platform. Alyx comments that it may be an elevator, which it is. Take the orb and shoot it into the socket across from the elevator, this will make the elevator active. Prepare for a fun ride here. Soon after you start heading down grab a energy ball, Alyx will say "Look up, watch out!" you will see a huge piece of debris, take careful aim and shoot the ball at it, it should knock it off course. There will be 2-3 more debris like that, if these debris hit the elevator it will knock it off and cause the death of both of you so just be aware. Alyx will usually warn you before the debris comes, so just keep an open ear and eye. As the elevator progresses you come to a stop and Alyx will ask whatÂ’s wrong. ********************************************************************* Thanks to Jake S. and others for letting me know of this (I did use it, but was having more luck with the energy balls.) They advised that you can easily just repel the large debris with the Gravity Gun once they get close enough, providing a better shot on them and keeping them away from the elevator. Thanks Jake and others. ********************************************************************* Across from you, you will see a room with a ball socket, there are some computer terminals blocking the only spot in, so pull those off and shoot a ball into the socket. It will continue down then come to a stop again. Here remove the computer terminals again and shoot another ball in. After doing so you will see some red lasers come onto the ball socket and you will be lifted back up a bit and then to a stop. A Stalker comes into view and is stopping you from continuing. Kill it using the ricochet method and a energy ball, after that, power up the ball socket and continue on down. Once you stop quickly get off because some very large debris will annihilate the elevator in total. Continue forward and there will be a suit charger on the right. Charge up and then go forward. One door will open then continue to the next, the first door will close and you are now done with Chapter 1. Onto chapter 2! ===================================================================== HL2-5-B Chapter 2: Direct Intervention ===================================================================== Continue forward and take care of the Combine soldiers as you progress. Alyx will punch some keys and a window will open and you can view the core, which I must say is beautifully done. Once she mentions the control room follow her, it was on the right side of the hall. Go in and Alyx will continue to talk then bring up an elevator, you must part with Alyx for a bit, get on the elevator and go down. After getting off you will be in the reactor room and there will be two stalkers you must take out before you can complete the bridges. After taking them out, there will be one slot directly forward from you and one above you, this will complete the first bridge. Cross over and there will be one across from you on the right side, shoot the energy ball in and continue on into the small room. Use your use key here and make the bridges go towards the central platform. Continue to the center platform and climb up the stairs. After getting up cross the bridge behind you and continue along the ledge and into the room. There will be some Combine soldiers in here, after clearing them out you can fill your energy and hp up at the suit charger. Get an energy ball and shoot it into the slot and an object will arise. After it comes up the door by the suit charger will open, some Combine soldiers will come in there and from behind (where the original Combine came from) some Manhacks will come out and a soldier or two. After clearing them continue down the new hall and it will be a dead end. There will be a small oven like door on your right that you can pull off with your Gravity Gun, do so and climb in. There's no real way to avoid the energy balls, but I'd suggest just sprinting and spamming the main fire of your gun to try to avoid them as much as possible. ********************************************************************* Kristopher C. sent me an E-mail saying you can use the oven like door as a shield against the energy balls, I have tried this and it works perfectly, just hold it as a shield with your gravity gun and the energy balls will hit it and dissipate. Thanks K.C. ********************************************************************* Run down this hall and into the left hall and continue on. You will come into a room with some Combine soldiers, make easy work of them and continue on out. Now you will have to cross another bridge and get dangerously close to the core. Be careful here, sprint across the platform and the second bridge and into the new hall. In here there will be some more Combine soldiers, kill them and shoot an energy ball into the socket and an object will arise. Continue through the new hall after the door opens. Kill the Combine soldiers that come out and continue down the hall and out. From here make a carefully planed jump onto one of the small rotating platforms. Some Manhacks will come out, make easy work of them then jump onto the ledge across from where you came from, its lower so just make a small jump and continue down the hall. Kill the Combine soldiers that come out and then continue into another small way blocked by one of those oven like doors. Continue through the hall here and into one of the rooms that has the energy balls shooting out at you. Repeat what you did last time and run down into the hallway on the left and into the room. Kill the Combine soldiers then grab an energy ball from the hall and shoot it into the socket. An object will rise up but then the machine malfunctions. The shielding where the object was has disappeared, jump down and you will see three objects that hold energy balls. There will be some pipes on the ceiling and crack in the ceiling where you can see into the hall with the energy balls. Simply grab them and shoot them into the objects. Shoot two in, for the third go back to where you jumped down into this room and fire it in. It will make the floor you are on rise up and you will just need to grab a energy ball and shoot it into the first socket. Some sort of reaction will happen and your gun will lose its powers. Continue through the door that opened and you will be back where Alyx is, the core has been contained for now. Alyx will explain some info so follow her as she speaks. After seeing the video with Dr. Judith Mossman you will see some weird tri-pod creature then the video cuts out. Alyx will make a copy of this and the packet they were trying to send then an alarm will go off. Follow her as she will open a way to an elevator for you to get out. Get on the elevator and continue on down. As the elevator comes to a stop get off and continue forward, some Combine soldiers will come out but just continue on and Alyx will lock the door. There will be a small explosion and two Roller Mines will come out, grab them and let Alyx reprogram them. Some Combine soldiers will come into the other room and then come open the door. Let the Roller Mines and Alyx kill them. After they are dead continue into that room and then onto the train after Alyx brings down the shield. After getting into the train you will notice it's a Stalker train, Alyx will talk and then the train will crash. After you regain control you will see the Stalkers are going crazy and Alyx is trapped. Go over to her and help her, use the pull function of your Gravity Gun to pull the stalker off her. Next to Alyx is the door, blast it open and jump down, Alyx will follow you and then continue under the wall and proceed to Chapter 3. ===================================================================== HL2-5-C Chapter 3: Lowlife ===================================================================== As this chapter starts, Alyx will request you wait a second while she catches her breath. After she does so she will unlock the Combine gate. Continue onto the right and you will see some turrets and a lot of dead Zombies. There's a few Head Craps, but let Alyx kill them. The turrets won't hurt you because they are out of ammo. If you want to speed things up, pick up a rock or cinder block with your Gravity Gun and use that as a weapon on the Zombies. There will be a few Hoppers as well, use these to your advantage here. Continue through this area and enter the door on the right. This hall will be extremely dark and so will the following areas so be prepared to make very good use of your flashlight (default key F). After you get to the end, you get to a door that is locked because the electricity to the door is not working. Find another way in, look to your right, you will see a small energy box and a vent, venture through the vent to get into the room. In the vent you can pull across some health and a flare, the flares aren't super useful, but they do help, just pull it or pick it up with your use button (not here though) and it will ignite. Now drop into the room. Once in the room there's a single head crap, just throw something at it or hit it with your main fire of your gravity gun. Now go to the cage...WEAPONS! Finally you get some real weapons. Use your gravity gun to get the Hand Gun and the Shotgun. Acquire the rest of the supplies in this room and then go to the fence and blast off the lock with one of your guns, I'd suggest the Hand Gun. In here there will be a control panel on your left, open it and then use your use key on it to activate the electricity opening both doors. Go to the door opposite where Alyx came and blast the car out of the way so you can get out. Now if you like, for most of these fights you can just use Alyx to your advantage by shining your light on the enemy so she attacks and you do...well nothing and conserve your ammo, but it's up to you. Once in this area there will initially be two Zombies, after they die go backwards and pick up the energy charge and the Shotgun ammo. Continue on killing the Zombies as they arise. Follow the dead Ant Lions until you finally see a live one, kill it and continue forward through the only door. In here you will get some supplies and see a Zombine (Combine turned Zombie) leaned against the wall. In the room in front of you the Zombine will come alive and run towards you with a grenade, just back away from the glass wall and it will blow up allowing you in and killing itself. Walk into here and go out the right exit. Another big area again, mainly advancing forward like before, Zombines will now come towards you, these aren't too tough but they can take some bullets, use the explosive drums to your advantage, they make easy work of the Zombines. Continue forward and you will eventually see another of the electronic doors on your left. Continue past it into a small entryway and there will be the electricity box, do as before and turn it on. Go back to the electric door and go through it. Climb up the stairs and the first entry to your left will be one of the annoying Black Head Crabs. It's easier to kill these yourself since Alyx may not be in position quick enough to kill it before it attacks you. There are two more Black Head Crabs in here, kill them, grab the supplies and continue forward. In here you will learn a key function to continue in the game, how to stop the Ant Lions from spawning. You will walk in and there wonÂ’t be any in here but there will be one of their holes. Once they start spawning, or if you really want to just put the car over it now, move the car over the pit to keep them trapped. Now use the wheel to lift the gate, a Black Head Crab will come out, but if you want to just drop the gate on it and it will die, now advance on in. Continue forward and a few Head Crabs will come out and then you will come to an area with a ton of the Barnacles, just throw some light on them and barrels and Alyx will shoot them. Wait some time though because some Zombies and Zombines will come and the Barnacles will make easy work of them so itÂ’s quite efficient. After the Zombies come just kill the rest off and advance through. Some more Zombines will be in here but grab the explosives and do as much damage. Once they are dead grab the health and Shotgun shells in the cracked wall, then continue through the double doors. Advance up the stairs and into the new area. This area can be quite annoying, there are 3 Ant Lion pits as well as Zombines attacking. Your main objective is to cover the Ant Lion pits as soon as you can. Once in the room some Zombines will come alive let Alyx and the Ant Lions kill them. To conserve ammo here I just used the gravity gun to knock back and kill some of the Ant Lions, since it helps much more then wasting your ammo on a limitless enemy. First run to the broken down red car and cover one of the pits with that. Now head to second level via a small concrete ramp. There will be a car through what looks like a window or door of an area and a supply box to the left of it, go in there and knock the car out, covering a second Ant Lion pit. Now back up to the second level and glance at the car across from you behind the gate, thatÂ’s your third car. Run over to the area, then turn around and climb to the third level. Up here head back towards where the car was and drop to it. ThereÂ’s a single Zombine here and it should pull out a grenade. After it is disposed of, open the gate and cover the third pit. Once the Ant Lions are controlled, search the area for supplies since there are a lot of them and then continue to the 3rd floor and go through the gate that is near where you dropped down for the last car. Continue down the steps. If you want thereÂ’s a supply box at the very bottom, but go through the doorway into the room filled with water. Kill the Zombines as they come and use the explosives to make quick work of them. Once through continue through the door into a large room that you will love (thatÂ’s sarcasm by the way). You'll see an elevator, but of course it breaks down. Now search the area first and you may want to collect all the explosives you can near the elevator. Once you are ready follow the wire from the elevator to a door that is a barricaded. Open the door and you will find a Zombine, once it is dead go inside and turn on the electricity and head back to the elevator for some fun. A lot of Zombies, the Leapers, and Zombines and be sure to constantly check both sides and try to keep the light near Alyx since she will assist you the most. Once the elevator arrives, hop on to advance to Chapter 4. ===================================================================== HL2-5-D Chapter 4: Urban Flight ===================================================================== As this chapter starts, exit the elevator and follow Alyx, you will notice that you are finally to the city, but still are trapped here since the gate is locked and thereÂ’s no wheel to open it. Head back towards the elevator and open this gate, there will be a wheel for the gate that is locked, pick it up with your use key or Gravity Gun and put it into the slot and open the gate and head up. Up the stairs and to your left, head backwards towards the sheet metal construction, remove the metal and continue on. Some Flashers will come down and blind you, just grab them and toss them to blow them up. Continue through this alley and you will come across some Combine soldiers who will scale the walls, kill them and grab their SMGs and ammo. Continue onwards to around the right corner. The large structure will move and you can continue out, there will be some rebels fighting Ant Lions and Combine soldiers, kill off the Combines and plug up the Ant Lion holes as quick as you can. Once its all clear grab any supplies and ammo and run forward from where you came, there will be a set of blue doors with some boards in front of them, remove the boards and open the doors. As the doors open you will see some Combine soldiers setting up some of the trip-mines, if you are quick just shoot one of the mines with a gun to have it explode and kill the soldiers. Now once in here, clear any other trip-mines and then grab any trash and rocks and junk and place it on close end of the piping in the other room in here (you will see a white propane like tank with a wheel). After piling up as much trash as you can, get on the piping and sprint across and jump across near the end of the piping and you should reach the ledge. If not, try again or find more junk to pile up so that it keeps the pipe steady and not tipping. Once you have shut off the gas, continue through where the flames were, in this room there will be some Zombies, one should walk through a trip-mine killing itself, then continue on, a Roller Mine should also pop out, I just shot it aside for the time because they aren't super helpful. Once you cross and go down the stairs there should be another Roller Mine, this one though is quite useful. Grab it and have Alyx reconfigure it. Once done run out side using the Roller Mine and the cars for coverage, once close enough, toss the Roller Mine into the window and it will kill the Sniper. Once done, there are some supply crates in the area where the sniper falls down to, break them open for some grenades. Now Alyx will climb up and pick up the rifle, providing you cover fire as you take the point. After she shoots down the ladder jump up to it and continue over the wall. Once you hop over there will be a few Zombies on your right and left and a Zombine. I ran to the next wall and just let them get into Alyx's sight and let her kill them. Continue on in to the doorway on your right, there will be some supplies on the right, as well as a Black Head Crab. Advance up the stairs until you come to a hall that has some boards on the left and there is a Zombie on the floor. Again, make use of Alyx's talent and knock all the boards you can off as quickly as possible and just retreat here and pull Zombies and Zombines back and conserve ammo. Once all the Zombies/Zombines are dead continue through the hall and down the steps gather supplies as you continue on out. Once back on the street you will here a Combine soldier killing the Ant Lions on your right. He is covered by some metal so Alyx can't get a clear shot, but just grab one of the metal sheets off with your Gravity Gun off and Alyx will kill him. After he is dead, cover the Ant Lion pit with the car and continue forward towards the gate. Now the Combine gate will open and close, again Alyx can do most the work here, once it opens just go for cover around a wall while she kills them, before the Gate closes run through...I don't believe it has a set amount of times that the soldiers will come since the two times I've played it is has seemed that the first time it was shorter then the second time. Once through Alyx will head your way and some Ant Lions will come off the roofs chasing her, just assist her to the gate and she will close it and you can continue onwards. Continue through the doorway that Alyx has opened for you. Go to the left doorway and kill the Combine soldiers in here, then continue into the central room. There will be some supplies in here, as well as some Pulse Rifles you can pick up. The doors will start beeping, this is the Combine's way of blowing the doors. What I will usually do is when it gets close to blowing, toss a grenade and you should time it good enough to kill the Combine coming in. Once they are all dead fill your life and suit up and continue through the left door and into the left doorway of where you came in. You will see an explosive barrel, explode it killing the Combine in here and then continue. Finally you will come to where a dead rebel is, collect the supplies up here and drop down. After dropping down you will see some Combine soldiers fighting some Ant Lions and an Ant Lion elite. Here I preferred to use the SMG because there is a SMG ammo case in the back so you will unlimited ammo. Just pump the Ant Lion elite full of ammo until it is dead, once so quickly round the corner and cover up the two Ant Lion pits, after that is done, go back and collect any supplies you need. Once you are ready head back to Alyx, she should say something about the Combine being on the rooftops, man the gun and kill any Combine soldiers who come through the gate and that are on the roofs. Once they are dead go through the gate, there should be two more soldiers in a small ditch, but a rebel should come out and shoot a missile at them killing them, if not just kill them. Continue into the next room and you will see a lot of explosive barrels. Grab it so that you can see the Hopper. Grab the hopper and just place it aside. Then continue through the vent. In the vent you can go to your right and up the ladder and use the Gravity Gun to grab some energy packs, if you keep walking you will drop out of the vent back to where Alyx is. Get back in the vent and go left, before you continue forward and this vent will drop. Don't go out of either end because there are a ton of Trip-Mines and explosives. Instead you should be able to pop out of an exit out of the top of the vent. Hop over all the mines and into the elevator, the best way to do so is very carefully jump to the left side, crawl under the trip mine and then at the two connecting ones sprint jump over them into the elevator. The elevator will drop and be submerged, blast the top vent off so you can get out. Then clear out the bottom room, just pull a barrel into a Trip-Mine. In this room there will be a broken window with a Black Head Crab in it, kill it and jump in. Then climb into the new vent, use something to give you the height, the table or explosives drum works fine. Exit the vent and you can clear out this room to your left, it should ricochet some junk into the Barnacles giving you a clear jump to the right ledge. Continue on this ledge around to the ladder and climb up. Then you will see another vent to your right, drop down to it and enter it. Finally you will come to the end, drop the vent lid to activate the trip-mines and clear the room. Before dropping down pull up the two Hoppers closest to where you will drop, then drop down and pull up the last one. Turn on the electricity to let Alyx in, and then continue to door opposite of where Alyx came in. In here toss the explosive barrel to trip all the trip-mines and then kill the Zombie as well. There is a hopper in the corner, I would grab it and set it at the end of the stairs. Head towards the stairs and the door will do the beeping thing again, the Combine should come down and be killed by the Hopper. Once they are dead go into the room they came from. Grab the Crossbow and any other supplies in here and then find the plug for the security gate and unplug it and go through where the gate was and out onto the street. Just move forward killing any Combine that come out until it is all clear, once it is clear you should see a guy by a gate on the right side midway down the street (in a white shirt) walk towards him and Alyx should speak with him. After he asks you to follow him to safe house, do so, in the first room you can watch the speech Dr. Kliener gives, if not continue up the stairs. Eventually one of the missiles with Head Crabs in it will blast through the ceiling blocking your path, turn 180 degrees and go into the door with the wooden block blocking it. Continue forward and you will drop through the floor with multiple Zombies in it. After killing them, advance back to the stairwell and into the room where you dropped down. Avoid the busted flooring and go through the door on the left, in here will be a Zombine. Kill it and continue up, eventually you will come to a door and meet up with good ol' Barney. After speaking to Barney he will let down the bridge and give you your oh so adorable and awesome Crowbar. Cross the bridge and go across the next small walkway. Continue up the stairs and round the corner to find a couple of the Black Head Crabs, after killing them continue on and you will come to some Zombines. Once you kill them you will come to another bridge, knock the wooden block from the reel to let it fall down, then cross over and go in and to the left hall. Continuing through the hallway you will eventually come to one long hallway with a few Zombies and Combines. As you advance a Gunship will be shooting at you, so donÂ’t go into plain view stay low and near the wall. Continue advancing and eventually you will come to an end and some stairs leading into a new area, you guessed it, time to fight the gunship. ThereÂ’s a crate with rocket supplies, just get three clean shots on the gunship and you are good. Its best to wait until it starts firing at you so that you can get a clean shot on it instead of it firing at the rocket and diverting it. Once it is destroyed it will crash into the room, fill up on rockets and hop down to the door below. The door will start beeping and some Combine will come in, kill them and advance. Advancing down the hall you will come to a room, there is a Hopper behind the box, pull it up and toss it at the trip mines. Then go towards the security gate. Alyx will grab a Shotgun, then disable the gate, continue through this hall now. Its pretty straight forward, just kill any Combine and Zombies/Zombine that you come across and search the rooms for supplies. Eventually you will come to a dead end with one room on the right and one on the left, the one on the left has a Zombie in it knocking on the door. It will break the door then continue through the right room. In this hall there will be a bunch of Combine and Zombies, kill them off and watch out for a Hopper, thereÂ’s one on the left side somewhere. After this is clear, advance down the open hallway and there will be a set of double doors with a bunch of Zombies knocking on it, continue heading down though and you will come to a door where two Combine soldiers will be, kill them and then the Zombies will come out, there will be a Zombie Carrier throwing the Black Head Crabs at you, kill it and advance into this room. There will be a hole in the floor, drop down this hole. You will drop down another floor into some water, continue forward under some piping and other junk, once you surface walk up the walkway and shoot the Black Head Crab on your right then you will see a small hut like thing, inside is another Black Head Crab. Jump in here and then continue to the far left. Kill the barnacles with your Shotgun as you advance. Then you will see a blue barrel across from you, pull it with your Gravity Gun, put it under the far left walkway to keep it afloat. Then head back to the pillar, there is a switch on here, throw it. This will activate the electricity but you wonÂ’t be able to fall into the water. Sprint jump to the first ledge from the walkway. Then turn right and hop onto the pipes and then onto the small metal ledge to get into the hut like thing. Once in jump out and walk around to the now open blue door. Ascend the stairs and go out the door, Alyx will drop down and join you, now head into the room on the right of this hallway. In here will be a Zombie Carrier and a bunch of Head Crabs including the Quick ones. Dispose of them and then and be prepared for a wave of some more Zombines and Zombies. You can use the hoppers to your advantage here. Once everything is dead go to the right, in this hall there will be two turrets at the end and a bunch of hoppers. Advance slowly using the small area in the wall as protection, you cannot knock over the turrets so just advance, kill the Zombies, and eventually you will reach the end and you can pull the plug on the gate and the turrets will be deactivated. Advance now and go through the doors on the left and advance to Chapter 5. ===================================================================== HL2-5-E Chapter 5: Exit 17 ===================================================================== Once the chapter starts go in the room to your left and grab some supplies. Head on out and meet up with Barney. He will explain that they need someone to escort the groups to the train station, that person will be you. You will be taking a group of 4 each time into the train station. Follow Barney and this is where you will start, once you get the first group, head directly across from the exit where Barney is. Once inside follow the hall into the rooms with the trains. In here the first time go down the small steps, to your left under both trains, then backwards up the small steps. Once in the hall continue down until you come to another Medic rebel. ThereÂ’s a .357 Magnum here that you can grab and you will part with the group. Now the main thing will be to rinse and repeat, it gets different each time though. ********************************************************************* Tim advised me on this level during the first run, there is no combine interference, which is true. So if you need to, this is the best time to gather ammo, health, and position stuff. He advised that he was able to move some explosive barrels and loose ammo near the exit or at other convenient locations. He was able to bring enough loose rockets to kill the Strider early in the Strider fight. Be advised if done so, another one will spawn to complete some of the scripting. Thanks for the info Tim. ********************************************************************* Head back out to the main yard, some Manhacks will come out and some scanners will drop a few hoppers. Just pull the hoppers up and place them pretty much anywhere. Go back to Barney and get your second group. Once you walk back out a few Combine will scale down the large building you came out at the start of the chapter. Kill them then head into the train area. A few Combine will come from the window above, kill them and continue to Alyx. Once they reach Alyx they are safe and she will cover them and kill any Combine she gets in her sights. Head back out to the main yard once again. After coming out there should be one sniper trying to hit you, its easiest to just use the RPG and hit the window he is in. Grab the third group. Run back out and some Combine soldiers will again scale the large building. Kill them and then head into the train yard. Once you enter the train yard an elite Combine will fire a special Pulse Rifle shell at the first train knocking it down as well as the walkway on the right. You now need to ascend the walkway on the right and go around and drop down to Alyx. Some Combine soldiers should come from the ceiling landing on the top of the second train. Kill them and hop down to escort them to Alyx. After doing so head back to the main yard. There will be some soldiers out here this time and once you actually walk out a Combine Armored Car will come out and launch some missiles at you. Just shoot it with 4 RPG's and it will be destroyed. Clear any remaining Combine soldiers and grab group # 4. As you grab group #4, again some Combine will descend the rooftops. After killing them, advance into the train room. This time there is a blinking door right across from you when you enter. Kill the Combine that come out and the continue up the walkway. Once they are safe, go back to the main area and grab the very last group. There will be 5 or so Combine soldiers out here and they should release a couple of Manhacks. Kill them off and then a few should come from the large building. Once it is clear grab Barney and the last group. Again advance through the main yard killing the Combine who scale the large building. Then head into the train area, should be the same, but there should be an additional two Combine Elite on the second train, escort Barney and the last group to safety and go in and meet up with Alyx and Barney grabbing any other supplies you need. Follow Alyx into the train yard as she opens the gate and you part from Barney and then continue forward as Alyx bypasses the security gate. Alyx will say she will go ahead and start on the next train, open up the gate for her with the rusty wheel, once she passes through drop it and run for cover, a Strider will come into the area and so will some Combine soldiers. Yes you will get to kill the Strider! Once itÂ’s in the area head to your right, it should blast a whole in one of the containers, pass through it and as you round the left corner two Combine will drop behind you in the fenced in area, kill them and then continue forward into the fenced area. On the right there will be a half opened canister with one of the Head Crab missiles, go in there and out the other end going to the right once you get out. Go up the canister and into the open one on the left, an explosion will cause the two Head Crab missiles to open releasing two Black Head Crabs, kill them and continue on out. Go to your right and hop on the one canister that you walked up that was on an angle and then jump on top of another canister. From here you can see a ledge on the left, jump on it and use the walling for shielding from the Strider. If you have 3 RPG missiles hit the Strider with the missiles if you have them. Rounding the ledge safely, one Combine will come from the ceiling, kill it and continue and pick up the Hoppers and just drop them or take a shot at the Strider. Finally jump from the end of the ledge onto the floor behind a canister, move out from behind it because the Strider will push it to the wall to kill you if hide behind it, when you move out just drop on floor straight below. From here two Combine will come out, destroy the explosive barrels behind them to kill them and some more barrels will come down at you, punt them away with your Gravity Gun if they get too close. Continue forward moving fast and to the left between two train cars and then up the ladder. Finally you will get some RPG ammunition, use it to take out the Strider. It took me 6 missiles and 1 Hopper (unsure if the Hopper even damaged it, but I did get a clean shot on it). Once it is dead continue forward to the opposite end and down the ladder. Meet up with Alyx again and then hop on the train and you have beat Half Life 2 Episode 1, enjoy the ending and congratulations! Let the credits play through and it will play the Episode 2 preview (don't be fooled it should minimize and reopen and look like its doing the Valve intro, but it is the preview). ===================================================================== HL2-6 Weapons ===================================================================== Here are the listed Weapons, I will rate the damage from 1-5 as well as include a small profile, when it is acquired, the max clip size, ammo capacity and any secondary functions it has. Gravity Gun - The tool that was introduced in HL 2 that can do many things. Acquired in Chapter 1, it is mainly used for punting things and picking them up and moving them around, can be used a weapon on some things, mainly Head Crabs and Ant Lions but it does very minimal damage. Damage 1 of 5. Reconfigured Gravity Gun - In Chapter 1 your Gravity Gun gets a "boost" it will now let you use the pull and punt actions as a killing tool every hit is a 1 hit kill no matter what. Damage 5 of 5. Crowbar - The tool many love to use, you get this in Chapter 4, late in the game, but it is quite effective at killing things close range. It has a very high damage for an item that you would think wouldn't. Damage 3 of 5. Hand Gun - A standard Hand Gun, same from HL 2. You get this in Chapter 3, it is quite efficient at close range and can still do some damage at long range. Damage 2 of 5. Max Clip Size - 18, Ammo Capacity - 150. .357 Magnum - The old Smith & Wesson Magnum look alike, packs a punch for small gun. Acquired in Chapter 5, not too much time to get a lot of use out of it, but it does a ton of damage for it's size. Damage 5 of 5. Max Clip Size - 6, Ammo Capacity - 12. SMG (Sub Machine Gun) - The SMG is super common among the Combine, but I don't like it too much since it's efficiency goes down the farther the enemy is away from you, but up close it works quite nicely. Acquired in Chapter 4 really early on. It's secondary function shoots a grenade out which explodes upon impact, very nice for eliminating small groups of enemies. Damage 2 of 5. Max Clip Size - 45, Ammo Capacity - 225 Pulse Rifle - Another common gun among the Combine, it packs a punch with its firepower, from up close or even from far away it doesn't lose too much damage over distance. This is also acquired in Chapter 4, about halfway through. The secondary function is quite useful in smaller areas. It shoots an energy ball that disintegrates most enemies upon impact. Damage 4 of 5. Max Clip Size - 30, Ammo Capacity - 60. Shotgun - The Shotgun is probably the most efficient weapon since most of your combat is up close. It does a lot of damage up close, can kill most things very quickly and it is quite common so ammo is plentiful. Acquired in Chapter 3 along with the Hand Gun. It's secondary function is really nice, it does 2x the damage for 2x the ammo, which can eliminate most enemies, or bring them down to low health. Damage 3 of 5. Max Clip Size - 6, Ammo Capacity - 30. Crossbow - This is the "Sniper Rifle" of the Half Life series, and it is quite effective. It shoots out a metal arrow into the enemy, kill most enemies in one hit. It's secondary function is what makes it the Sniper Rifle weapon, allowing you to zoom in and get a good clean shot off. This is acquired in Chapter 4 about half way through or so. Damage 5 of 5. Max Clip Size - 1, Ammo Capacity - 10. Grenade - The grenade is a nice weapon to have when coming into areas with large groups since it does massive damage in the area it can wipe out groups of enemies at once. ItÂ’s secondary function can be useful when just needing a short throw, it does a light toss instead of a full throw like normal. I believe these first come up in Chapter 4 if I'm correct. Damage 4 of 5. Ammo Capacity - 5. RPG - The RPG is probably the best weapon since you can use it on most enemies killing on impact and because it can kill the enemy vehicles. A lot of times you will come across a limitless RPG crate when you will need to use it, so you can just use it on anything you need to kill. It is a controllable rocket which you control by pointing the laser. You acquire this firstly near the end of Chapter 4 Damage 5 of 5. Ammo Capacity - 3. ===================================================================== HL2-7 Enemies ===================================================================== Here is a list of the enemies from Half Life 2 Episode 1. I believe all are the same from Half Life 2 other then the Zombine and Stalker. I also listed a difficulty rating and some small tips on what you should use to kill them. -Head Crabs- Head Crab - Basic enemy in HL2 Ep. 1, one of the most familiar enemies and easiest. They hop at you to attack, very easy to kill with one shot from most weapons and 2 from the Hand Gun. Difficulty 1 of 5 Black Head Crab - Little more advanced then the Head Crab and it contains a neurotoxin that will bring your HP down drastically, your suit will recuperate the hp back up, but during the time you can be easily killed. Stronger weapons preferred on these enemies. Difficulty 2 of 5. Quick Head Crabs - Not too many of these in this game, but they are defined by their long legs, they are much harder to hit and way more annoying due to their speed. I suggest using the Shotgun or any Machine Gun on them for quick removal. Difficulty 3 of 5. -Zombies- Zombies - These are normal civilians with Head Crabs who have made their home on, well, their head. They usually are slow and don't do much damage, but they can throw barrels and objects at you, which can hurt you. No real suggestion on weapons, just use what you have on them...obviously the stronger weapons will kill them off quicker, but any weapon really does the job. Difficulty 1 of 5. Zombie Leapers - These are the more rotted down Zombies with the Quick Head Crabs on them, they are super fast and they can leap and climb. They can get annoying in packs but they aren't seen that often in HL2 Ep 1. Make quick work of them with the Shotgun. Difficulty 3 of 5. Zombie Carrier - Self explanatory, carries the Black Head Crabs and can be quite annoying because they can be thrown long distances with superb accuracy, and a lot of the time even if you blast the Zombie itself most of the Black Head Crabs still live. I suggest using Grenades on this guy, it will either kill off the Black Head Crabs on it at the same time, or at least hurt them. Difficulty 3 of 5. Zombine - The new addition to HL2 Ep. 1. Combine turned Zombie. These guys are tough, not too bright, but they do take quite an amount of bullets. A lot of the time they will pull out a grenade and run towards you, if you are trapped you can easily shoot the grenade with your Gravity Gun out of it's hand, or pull it out and toss it. Higher damaging weapons are much more effective. Difficulty 2 of 5. -Combine Soldiers- Standard Combine Soldier - These are the most common enemy in HL 2 Ep 1, black suit, white mask, have a variety of weapons and aren't all too tough. Shotgun at close range makes quick work of them, at long range I would suggest the Pulse Rifle on them or the Crossbow, for large groups Grenades and the RPG are best. Difficulty 1 of 5. Elite Combine Soldier - Identified by the all white suit, they are a little more tough and commonly use the Pulse Rifle and do have the capability of using the special on the rifle so be aware. The same killing method as the Standard Combine Soldier is suggested, it will take a bit longer, but still works none the less. Difficulty 3 of 5. -Ant Lions- Ant Lions - These are the wicked green bug creatures. They can get quite annoying because of their numbers and that they can limitlessly respawn. One on one itÂ’s probably better to use your Machine Guns or Shotgun on them, but if you come across an Ant Lion pit, cover it quickly with a car or other large object to keep them from respawning. Difficulty 3 of 5. Ant Lion Elite - These are generally larger and tougher. They can launch things at you with brute force and they constantly charge at you to hit you. A general strategy is to just pump as much ammo in it as you can, preferably the SMG or the Pulse Rifle. You can also stand near a wall and when they charge at you move, they will slam into the wall and you can get some free shots into them. Difficulty 4 of 5. -Mechanical Units- Hoppers - I wouldn't too much call these an enemy more then I would say itÂ’s your ally. These are mines that hop up when you step too close, once they have hopped up they will explode. Pull them out of the ground with your Gravity Gun and you will be able to either plant them for your own use, or toss them as an explosive. Difficulty 1 of 5. Turrets - ThereÂ’s only a few of these and they aren't too bad but they can get difficult. The most effective weapon is explosives, because you can't really destroy them other then by knocking them over, which does kill them. If you have a grenade or explosive barrel you can toss it at them, knock them over causing them to malfunction and no longer work. Difficulty 3 of 5. Scanners - I think they are only seen once or twice in Chapter 5, they fly overhead dropping Hoppers in the area. I'd actually say they can help a bit since you can pull the Hoppers up and use them to your advantage. You can't really kill them, at least I never got enough time to do so, but just beware of their Hopper dropping skills since they can drop them close to you and have them blow up soon after. Difficulty 0 of 5! Manhacks - These are the flying small mechanical units with a very sharp blade, I guess that signifies the name. Very easy to kill, just grab it with your Gravity Gun and toss it at the ground or a close wall and it should explode. If not, just repeat the process. Difficulty 1 of 5. ********************************************************************* Tondi advised me that another tip with the Manhacks is when tossing them you can hold them and toss them at a second enemy (combine soldier...etc) and take out the Manhack as well as the second enemy or at least do a nice ammount of damage without using any ammo. Thanks for the info Tondi ********************************************************************* Flashers - These don't real inflict any damage, but can be very annoying since they come in your face and flash you with a bright beam of light, temporarily blinding you which can suck if you are in the middle of a firefight. Just grab with your Gravity Gun and toss them like the Manhacks, or smack it with your Crowbar a few times. Difficulty 1 of 5. Roller Mines - These are the annoying little electrical balls that roll towards you and attempt to shock you to hurt you. In this game they have a bit more usefulness though, since you can have Alyx reprogram them and you can use them to fight for you. If you want to kill them just toss them over some buildings or way far away, they should explode. Difficulty 1 of 5. -Combine Attack Units- Gunship - This is the enemy helicopter like vehicle that flies around you and shoots its gun at you constantly. It isn't too tough, but it can be very annoying. Destroy it by shooting the RPG at it. Hit it with 3 missiles and it should be done for. Difficulty 3 of 5. Armored Car - Stationary Combine cars that launch missiles at you, not too hard and you can generally avoid the missiles. 4 missiles from your RPG should bring it down. Difficulty 2 of 5. Striders - This is probably the toughest enemy I've encountered. It's quick, has two main attacks, a pulse rifle attack and a stronger beam attack which can do heavy damage. They have a lot of health as well which makes them just as dangerous. The best way to kill these are to avoid their attacks as much as possible and pound missiles into them using your RPG, after 6 missiles or so it should collapse and die. Difficulty 5 of 5. -Other- Stalkers - These are also new to HL2 EP 1, they are basically the byproduct of what the Combine does to people who resist or are suspected of enemy activity. They are only seen in the very first two chapters but they have a weak laser beam attack from their eyes. Since at the time you have no real gun, you usually can just use an energy ball to kill them. Difficulty 1 of 5. Barnacles - Probably the easiest enemy since they don't move or really attack you other then by actually biting you when they grab you. They leave their tongues down to grab something and eat it when it is touched. A single Shotgun blast or a few bullets from most other weapons will kill them, but they are easily avoidable. Difficulty 1 of 5. ********************************************************************* Brad B. advised me that for the Barnacles if you're low on ammo, or just want to conserver you can let it catch you and then just whack it with the crowbar when you're close enough and it will kill it and drop you down. Thanks Brad B. ********************************************************************* ===================================================================== HL2-8 Characters ===================================================================== Here is a list of the Characters in the game, just the main ones. Gordon Freeman - Well this she be pretty obvious, since it's...you! Alyx Vance - Your main partner throughout this game, she is the daughter of Eli Vance, an employee who worked at Black Mesa with Gordon Freeman. Eli Vance - An employee who worked at Black Mesa with Gordon Freeman, now leads the rebels in the fight for their freedom from the Combine. Dr. Isaac Kliener - A doctor also from Black Mesa who worked with Gordon Freeman, he now works in assisting Eli and Barney in their fight to help the rebels win freedom against the Combine. Barney Calhoun - The good ol' security guard makes a return, this time he is assisting the rebels make escape from the "danger zone" of the Citadel core explosion. Dr. Breen - Only makes an appearance in a recording in the Citadel, no actual appearance is seen of him, so it is unknown if he is alive or not. Dr. Judith Mossman - Also only makes an appearing in a recording, at the time it shows the Combine finding her location, as well as the new tri-pod enemy. Unable to confirm if she is alive or not. Vortigaunts - The Vortigaunts makes multiple appearances here, now assisting Gordon Freeman in his plight to save the civilians of City 17. Dog - The lovable mechanical companion of Alyx, makes a small appearance in the first chapter, assisting you to get to the Citadel. Those are all the main characters that have any significance in Half Life 2 Episode 1. ===================================================================== HL2-9 Review ===================================================================== Well I enjoyed the game a ton. It was shorted, but expected since it is only one of the trilogy. Very much worth the hard earned $20 I spent on it. The lighting especially made a big difference in this game. If you played Half Life 2 you will see that they used some new technology with the lighting and it greatly improves the quality of the game, at least in my opinion. I found that also a great thing that was in it was the music segments. They were pretty good, but I wish they would have had more, or at least increased the length of some of them. Overall itÂ’s well worth the money, the AI does work a little better from my perspective and leaves you on a great cliffhanger for Episode 2. It sounds like, from what I interpreted from Dr Kliener's speech, that the Combines crippling hold on the people had also disabled some genetic strand that kept them from reproducing. With the citadel exploding it would erase that and they could reproduce, also from the explosion of the citadel it sounds like the Combine may be put out of business since they will have little to no communication and their shear numbers will have been depleted. Just for reference if I had to rate it 1-10 it would probably be about a 9. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. ===================================================================== HL2-10 Frequently Asked Questions // FAQ ===================================================================== Q: I get to the end of level 1, where you have to board the elevator with Alyx and there's falling debris. I don't see any debris, but I keep crashing and dieing, what is the issue? A: This is common to downloaded bootlegs of HL2 Ep 1. I've had a few questions on this and each has been with the person having a bootlegged version of the game. Just buy the game. ===================================================================== HL2-11 Credits, Thanks, and Contact Info ===================================================================== The guide is purely by me, nofxgamer, if I ever do use any material on updates from any others I will include them as well. I give thanks to Valve for making a pretty decent game and pretty quickly and thanks to my friends, music and boring nights to making create this walkthrough. Yadda yadda yadda. Thanks all for reading this and thanks in advance to any who send me some nice e-mails. And thank you to all who have sent in misc. info about certain areas. My contact info is as follows: E-Mail: my_crack_habit@hotmail.com MSN: my_crack_habit@hotmail.com AIM: fatmikefatty Feel free to contact me about anything you may like to see updated, comments, or anything else. If you are sending me an email or messaging me about something incorrect or an update or a tip, please include the name you'd like me to credit.Thanks and see you next episode! Copyright 2006 Matthew Biro All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.</p>