____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ The Godfather; Game FAQ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ First of all, to start, I would like to thank all those who helped me create this FAQ, most especially ‘’GameFAQS.com’’, and all their staff and operators, for helping me to publish this FAQ on their site. I would also like to give a special thanks to my cousin for helping me create this, and for encouraging me along the way. But the biggest thanks of all, of course, go to Mario Puzo for first writing this magnificent trilogy, and to Electronic Arts for making it into a game for the PS2. This FAQ is dedicated to all the fun of playing The Godfather on the PS2. Thanks. _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Below are all the sites that are permitted to use this FAQ on their site: www.GameFAQS.com www.cheatplanet.com www.cheatcc.com www.cheatheaven.com If any other sites would like permission to place this FAQ on their site page, then feel free to email this address; hashaziz@hotmail.com. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now, on to the FAQ. First of all, please note that this FAQ is merely a weapons/boss guide to The Godfather game, and not an actual walkthrough. In the future, however, I look forward to publishing a walkthrough for this game. But, until then, just read and enjoy! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Families: The Corleone Family The main family in the game, and also the family that you serve throughout playing the whole game. Controlled by Don Vito Corleone, the Corleone family starts off in the game as the lowest of all families, with only a few businesses of their own here and there, but soon start to make a dramatic comeback as you slowly complete missions for the Don. The Tattaglia Family Controlled by Bruno Tattaglia, the Tattaglia family is no doubt the easiest to defeat in the game. However, don’t be fooled by their petty appearance; the Tattaglias control the whole of Little Italy, and come great in their numbers. The Tattaglias are probably the most widespread of the four families, and their reputation is quite high, despite being the easiest family out of all five in the game. The Cuneo Family Controlled by Don Attilio Cuneo, the Cuneo family is the second-weakest family in the game, but still comes with incredible numbers, and can easily take out most of its enemies. In the film, Cuneo is murdered, unlike the novel, in which he is one of the few dons who aims to create peace between all the families. In the game and film, Don Vito and Don Cuneo are seen hugging each other and shaking hands in the meeting between all the five families. The Stracci Family Controlled by Don Anthony Stracci, the Stracci family are known for being the slyest out of all the families. They were also involved in the plot to assassinate Sonny Corleone, Don Vito Corleone’s hot-headed son, by the time he had reached the tollbooth, along with the Tattaglia family and the Cuneo family. The Stracci are also quite hard to beat in the game too, with their ferocious tactics and sizable numbers. The Barzini Family Controlled by Don Emilio Barzini, the Barzini family is no doubt the toughest family out of all four to beat in the game. It was Barzini who, in the very beginning of the game, kills Aldo (the character you play as in the game)’s father, causing the player to seek revenge at the very end of the game. However, Don Corleone respected Barzini enough to invite him to his own daughter‘s wedding, shown at the beginning of both the film and game. _____________________________________________________________________ So that’s it, all of the five families in the game. Now let’s move on to the execution styles. Throughout the whole of the game, there are a few ‘’execution styles’’ that you will have to crack to complete the game. Basically these are just execution finishers which you have to perform on a mobster only once to crack them. Here is a list of all the execution styles in the game and how to beat them. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Code Controls: R3 (right analog stick) L3 (left analog stick) X (Blue X button on controller) T (Green Triangle button on controller) O (Red Circle button on controller) S (Pink Square button on controller) Execution Styles: 1. ‘’Blackhand Grapple’’ Execution To do this execution you will need to grab a mobster by holding down the R1 and L1 buttons at the same time. With these two buttons held down, you must then beat the mobster senseless with your bare hands. Throughout the whole time, you must keep hold of the mobster, and only punch him once you’re grabbing him, else you will just end up messing the whole thing up. 2. ‘’Blackhand’’ Execution This execution is the same as the ‘’Blackhand Grapple’’ execution, except instead, you must beat the mobster up by just pressing L1 and the right analog stick. Be sure you don’t punch the mobster whilst you’re grabbing him, though, and be sure you use just your hands to kill him. 3. ‘’Bombs Away’’ Execution Plant a dynamite anywhere by pressing R1. An easy way to do this is to go to the upstairs racket in Emilio the Butcher’s shop, plant the dynamite on the safe near the stairs by pressing R1, then running back downstairs. Once the dynamite goes off, go back upstairs, and if the civilians were close enough to the dynamite the execution style should have been done. At the same time, be sure to collect the money from the safe. 4. ‘’Cocktail Hour’’ Execution With a Molotov cocktail equipped, press the L1 button to aim at a nearby mobster (make sure you’re not too nearby, or else you’ll get fried, too), then the R1 button to release the cocktail and set the mobster on fire. For this execution to be done properly, the mobster must be killed by the cocktail, hence the reason for being close to the mobster to do it in the first place. 5. ‘’Grand Slam’’ Execution: Simply beat a mobster senseless with a baseball bat (these are found in your safehouse). That’s all there is to it. 6. ‘’Over Cooked’’ Execution: First, grab a mobster by holding R1 and L1 down at the same time, then, with both buttons held, drag the mobster over to the oven at the back of the bakery shop in Little Italy, and hold him over the oven by holding the L3 button up. To chuck the mobster in, quickly click the L3 button down then up. You will need to do this quickly for it to work. 7. ‘’Face Off’’ Execution: First of all, use any one-handed gun (a pistol or a snub-nose will do), and use it to shoot the mobster’s knees, in order to make him kneel down onto the floor. Now, take out any two-handed gun (a Tommy gun, preferably), go as close as you can to the mobster’s face (he must be kneeling down), and press the R1 button to finish the execution off. 8. ‘’Hats Off’’ Execution: The procedure of this execution is the same as the ‘’Face Off’’ Execution, except instead, when you are close to the mobster’s face, just before you press R1, make your magnum (or any other handgun) is equipped as you press it. If you use a two-handed gun, such as the Tommy gun, it will not work, and all you will have done is repeated the ‘’Face Off’ Execution. 9. ‘’Last Gasp’’ Execution To complete this execution you will need to strangle your opponent alive. To do this, hold down the left and right analog sticks (L3 and R3), whilst at the same time grabbing the mobster, by pressing and holding down the L1 and R1 buttons. When doing this execution, I sometimes just can’t help feeling like I can’t breathe… Hmmm…. 10. ‘’Hard Head’’ Execution The easiest way to do this execution is to first beat the living sense out of the targeted mobster, and then leaving only a little bit of life left. Then, grab the mobster by pressing and holding down R1 and L1 at the same time, and drag him over to a low object (for example, a shop counter or something), smashing his head once or twice on it (by flicking the left analog stick in the direction of the low object) until he’s dead. And that’s it. 11. ‘’Road Rage’’ Execution This is basically one of the most simple out of all the execution styles. Simply run over a rival mobster whilst in a car or any other type of vehicle. 12. ‘’Silent Assassin’’ Execution Take out your Garrote Wire (acquired in the ‘’Horseplay’’ mission) and sneak up on the rival mobster. Press R1 and R2 at the same time whilst behind the rival mobster. Keep these two buttons held until the mobster’s life is completely drained. 13. ‘’Watch Your Step’’ Execution Grab and throw a mobster off a roof, bridge, or high window, by first pressing R1 and R2 to grab, then walking over to the roof/bridge/high window and then flicking forward the L3 button (left analog stick), throwing them off the building and killing them. Note; this execution must be done from high ground, e.g. a bridge or roof. 14. ‘’Traffic Accident’’ Execution This particular execution gave me quite some trouble cracking, as it is quite tricky to complete. You will first need to get the rival mobster at low health, leaving only a tiny bit of health left (only enough that with one punch the mobster will die), then grab the mobster by holding R1 and L1, then walk forward to a moving car, but stay on the side, and do not get in the way of the car. All the while, move forward, then; when the car is moving, release the R1 and L1 buttons. This will take some time to complete, so keep practising. 15. ‘’Wallpapered’’ Execution Grab a rival mobster by pressing and holding down the R1 and L1 buttons, then walk over to the wall with the mobster facing it, then continuously flick the L3 button (left analog button) forward until the mobster is dead. For this to work, however, you must not punch or whack the mobster; you will have to smash the mobster against the wall when his health if full, until he dies. This will take a few seconds, as it is quite slow. 16. ‘’Pistol’’ Execution Use any one-handed weapon (a pistol, magnum, snub-nose, whatever, as long it is a one-handed weapon only) and go as close as possible to the rival mobster. Once near to his face, press the R1 button when prompted to execute. This execution is basically the same as the ‘’Hats Off’’ and ‘’Face Off’’ execution, except the mobster must be standing up in this execution, unlike the previous-mentioned two, where in which he must be kneeling. 17. ‘’Gut Shot’’ Execution Equip any gun (preferably one that does not shoot in bursts, like a pistol or any other handgun), and aim the crosshair at the rival mobster’s stomach until it turns red, then shoot the mobster. Note; the mobster must die from this very shot if the execution is to be completed properly. 18. ‘’Kneecapped’’ Execution For this execution to work, the rival mobster must be on low health. Then, use any one-handed gun (preferably, a magnum, as it is more powerful) and aim the crosshair at the rival mobster’s knees, until the crosshair goes red. Then pull the trigger. That’s just about all there is to it. With a pistol or any other weaker gun, you might have to fire the trigger once or twice for this to work. 19. ‘’Disarmed’’ Execution This execution is basically the same as Execution No. 18, except instead of shooting at the rival mobster’s knee, this time you must aim the crosshair at the mobster’s shoulder, then wait for the crosshair to turn red, after which you pull the trigger. Again, you might want to use a magnum for this, as it more powerful and you won’t really need to fire a second shot, unless the mobster still has some life left over. 20. ‘’Sure Shot’’ Execution One of the most simple executions in the entire game; simply use any one-handed or two-handed gun, and aim for the mobster’s head, then pull the trigger; that’s all there is to it. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Okay, now that we’ve got the executions in the bag, it’s time for the part that we’ve all been waiting anxiously for. This next section basically covers the most basic weapons throughout the game, anything that you are either given from the start, or can purchase for a few dollars from black market traders: basically all the most common weapons of the game. Please note; this weapons guide does not include weapon upgrades as there is just too much of them to count. So, here we go. Let’s start with the melee weapons. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Melee Weapons: Baseball Bat: This is the most common melee weapon available. Carried by almost every other rival mobster you can find, these are extremely powerful and good for beating the living sense out of someone. Although slightly weaker than the rest of the melee weapons in the game, this baby can still do some serious damage. Baton: Slightly stronger than the baseball bat, this weapon is used by the cops mainly. It can deliver some serious damage at times. Unfortunately, though, it does have a downside; after taking out a couple of rival mobsters with it, you ‘’lose’’ it, that is, it eventually breaks… ah, well… it was worth it just to see those Barzinis get creamed… he, he, he…. Lead Pipe: Stronger than both the baton and the baseball bat put together, this sweet son-of-a-lead can do some serious damage to your enemies. Like the baton, though, you also lose it after a while, but it still never ceases to please you seeing that priceless look on your enemies’ faces… he, he, he… I just love my job… One-Handed Weapons: 38. Snub Nose: This is the very first gun you’re given in the game during your training mission with Luca. Although its power is alright, its accuracy is good, and its reloading speed is reliable enough, making it a well good gun all round, you do sometimes tend to get bored of it. Thankfully, though, it can be replaced with a Saturday Night Special in the game. Accuracy: 6/10 Power: 4/10 Reload Speed: 3/10 Round Capacity: ---------- Pistol: As far as I can remember, this is the second gun you are given in the entire game. It is slightly better than the 38. Snub Nose, and the ammo capacity is definitely far more than the Snub Nose’s, but many people might still prefer the Snub Nose to their liking rather than the pistol. The pistol is basically just a simple gun, which many people prefer to use when the rest of their guns are out of ammo, although I don’t know why, so don’t ask me. Good gun, all round, though. Accuracy: 6/10 Power: 5/10 Reload Speed: 4/10 Round Capacity: 8 bullets per clip Magnum: The magnum is by far the most powerful handgun in the entire game. The magnum can deliver some serious shots to your enemies, but, unlike the 38. Snub Nose and the Pistol, is weak at continuous shooting as well as reloading. However, it’s far-out power makes up for any weak attributes it may have. Accuracy: 5/10 Power: 8/10 Reload Speed: 2/10 Round Capacity: 6 bullets per clip Two-Handed Weapons: Tommy Gun: Many rival mobsters will be seen carrying these babies around, and for good reason. It’s decent accuracy and almost unlimited bullet capacity is just the thing that makes this gun stand out from the rest. Its firing rate is also quite good, and its power is okay, too. For many people, this is the preferred gun when you’re planning something really big, like a warehouse or hub takeover. Accuracy: 6/10 Power: 5/10 Reload Speed: 4/10 Round Capacity: 25 bullets per clip Shotgun: Probably the most powerful out of all the basic two-handed and one-handed guns mentioned in this guide. Its extreme power is enough to send a rival mobster back flying if close enough. Unfortunately, though, its ammo or clip capacity isn’t too good. Nevertheless, though, expect to find this baby in the hands of a lot of rival mobsters. Accuracy: 2/10 Power: 9/10 Reload Speed: 2/10 Round Capacity: 2 shells per clip __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Okay, that’s all from the Basic Weapons sections. Now let’s move on to the film reels. Basically, I have just done a few of the locations of some films reels which are hidden in the game, just the ones which are harder to find than others, or the ones in which you may not expect to be hidden in a particular place, and they are. Well, you get the jist of it. Please note; I have not covered all the film reels in the game, as even I haven’t collected them all yet. Like I have already said, I have only explained the less-obvious film reel locations which I have come upon. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Film Reel Locations: Little Italy: - Just outside the Compound in Little Italy, between the tall tree and the wall - Found West on East Houston St. behind the green newspaper stand to the left - Go South on Attorney St., then East whilst on Rivington St. Enter warehouse to left (North), and pick up film reel to right (East) (Unlocks ‘’Don Sends Luca On An Errand’’ clip) - Go West on Bleecker St. and enter the opening to the hospital on your right. Look to the left as you enter the hospital gates, and pick up film reel there - Go North on Mulberry Street and into the alley on the left. Go down alley and find the film reel near the back door of this building - Go West on Prince St. and go into the alley to the right. Go up the stairs you find in this alley, and find the film reel at the top of the stairs - Go West on Broome St. and find the film reel just behind the table at the end of Broome St. - Go down Barclay St. and continue down until you reach the roundabout. Around the roundabout are located about 2-3 newspaper stands. Behind any one of these is a film reel. Midtown: - Go West on 17th St. and enter the park you see to your left. Go straight down the centre of this park and you should spot this film reel to your left near some shrubs - Go North on 4th Avenue and go into the small alley you see to your left. You will find this film reel at the end of this small alley behind a trash can. - Stand just where 25th St. and Hospital St meet. Look to the Northwest and you should see a shrub here at the corner of these streets. Behind this shrub is the film reel. (Unlocks ‘’Sonny At The Tollbooth’’ Clip) - Go West on 34th St. and after you pass about 5 buildings, you should see this film reel to your right behind a trash can near a building. Hell’s Kitchen: - Go East on 33rd St. and into the opening in the fence just to the right of the safehouse. Locate this film reel behind the trash cans somewhere here. - Go South on 7th Avenue and to your right you should see a building with six pillars at the entrance of it. Go behind the fourth pillar from the right, and locate the film reel here - Go East on 34th street and you should spot a building with a porch area at the corner of this intersection to your left. Go to the Eastern area of that porch, and locate the film reel here Brooklyn: - Found in the garage of the safehouse on Clinton Street - Found when standing just where Henry St. and Fulton St. meet, facing Southwest, behind cart and trash can fire - Found East along Furman St. behind some green shipping containers to the right (South) New Jersey: - Go North on Garden St. and into the alley you see to your right. Go around the corner of the building on the right, and find this film reel here. - Go South on Washington St. and just before you reach the tollbooths up ahead you should see a gap in the wall to your left, near the ‘’Little Italy’’ sign. Locate the film reel inside this gap. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Well, we’ve finally come to the end of this FAQ, and I’ve covered just about everything I can. I hope you enjoyed reading this FAQ and playing the game as much as I did playing it and writing it. If you spotted any mistakes in this FAQ, or want to leave feedback about it, whether positive or negative, or you just want to make a suggestion, simply email me at: hashaziz@hotmail.com. Email me at this address also if you need anymore film reel locations, in case I find a couple of more… heck, I find ‘em almost every other day! Anyway, until next time, goodbye from me, YuGiOhGuardian/TheDarkGuardian, and happy gaming! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________</p>