===================================================== 18-WHEELER: AMERICAN PRO TRUCKER FAQ (European Arcade Version) VER 1.7 by R-Jay (rjay63@hotmail.com) ===================================================== THIS GUIDE CAN BE FREELY DISTRIBUTED AS LONG IT REMAINS INTACT. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES MUST IT BE USED FOR PROFIT-MAKING PURPOSES IF YOU WISH TO USE ANY OF THE FOLLOWING, YOU MAY DO SO AS LONG AS DUE CREDIT IS GIVEN!!! The latest version of this guide can always be found at www.gamefaqs.com THIS DOCUMENT IS BEST VIEWED IN NOTEPAD OR MS-DOS EDITOR. ******** CONTENTS ******** 1.0 HISTORY 2.0 INTRODUCTION 3.0 GAME OVERVIEW 4.0 VIEWPOINTS 5.0 TRUCKERS 6.0 LIZARDTAIL 7.0 GENERAL ADVICE 8.0 COURSES 8.1 STAGE 1: New York - Key West 8.2 STAGE 2: St. Petersburg - Dallas 8.3 STAGE 3: Dallas - Las Vegas 8.4 FINAL STAGE: Las Vegas - San Francisco 8.5 Score Tally 9.0 BONUS STAGES 9.1 BONUS STAGE 1: One-Turn Parking 9.2 BONUS STAGE 2: Two-Turn Parking 9.3 BONUS STAGE 3: Reverse Parking 9.4 BONUS STAGE: Score Tally 10.0 HOW I MANAGED TO REACH $100K 11.0 QUERIES 12.0 SHOUTS ----------------------------------------------------------------- *********** 1.0 HISTORY *********** Ver 1.7 - Updated on July 9 and September 20 2000 ======================================= * Modified Nihonmaru's description in TRUCKERS section. * Expanded LEVEL OVERVIEW for Stage 2 & Final Stage. * Corrected criteria for gaining Technic B award on bonus stages. * Corrected some of Lizardtail's taunts. * New high score. Ver 1.5 - Updated between June 13 - June 15 2000 ====================================== * Finally managed to reach $100k!! Added new section HOW I MANAGED TO REACH $100K and my current high score. * Modified Nihonmaru's description in TRUCKERS SECTION. Used him and completely messed up!! Put it down to bad research and cutting corners (Shame, shame!!). * Re-aligned document. That'll teach me to use the TAB key for text files!! * Expanded GAME OVERVIEW section. * Added LEFT ROAD section for FINAL STAGE. * Added warning about trying to take the side road on the BIG HILL in the FINAL STAGE section. * Looking closer, the speed level at which you should SHIFT UP differs. Have added these shift levels to TRUCKERS section. Apologies for any confusion!!! Ver 1.0 - Created sporadically between May 20 - June 11 ============================================= I've been playing this game quite a lot, so I've decided to write an FAQ. Simple as that. **************** 2.0 INTRODUCTION **************** The main purpose of this FAQ is to provide a basic guide for completing both the races and bonus stages. It also contains general driving advice and a brief description of the game's characters. ***************** 3.0 GAME OVERVIEW ***************** The game's objective is to deliver your goods before the time limit expires. Successfully complete a stage and you'll receive a reward for delivery and proceed to the next level. However the reward gets reduced each time your load collides with other vehicles and obstacles. Along with the obligatory checkpoints, extra time can be obtained by smashing one of the many Fireball Trucks littered throughout the courses. It may be only 3 seconds, but believe me you'll need it! From stage 2 onwards, you're able to choose between two different loads: NORMAL and HARD. The NORMAL loads are lighter and shorter but offer less reward money. The HARDER loads are the opposite, long and heavy but offering higher rewards. You also have a rival called Lizardtail to compete against. Finish ahead of him in each race to access the bonus stages. Here you can gain extra parts to enhance your truck's performance. ************** 4.0 VIEWPOINTS ************** The default view is the FIRST-PERSON PERSPECTIVE (inside the cab looking out). With this view you can see what's going on behind your truck via the rear-view mirror at the top of the screen. The alternative view is the THIRD-PERSON PERSPECTIVE (behind and slightly above the truck). This view enables you to keep an eye on your load. I always prefer the default view, but I've seen plenty of players who do just as well using the alternative view. So decide which view is best for you. Stick to the same view throughout the race as changing views can be disorientating. ************ 5.0 TRUCKERS ************ ASPHALT COWBOY ============== Code Name: Texan Eagle Truck Stats: Speed (3/4) Torque (4/4) Toughness (3/4) Shift Level: 74-76 kph Description: Good speed and strength combined with superb engine power make this guy the perfect choice for beginners. STREAMLINE ========== Code Name: Moonlight Trucks Stats: Speed (4/4) Torque (3/4) Toughness (2/4) Shift Level: 76-80 kph Description: With his amazing top speed and good engine power, this 70's reject is one of the best choices for gaining high scores. However his weak truck means that crashes and collisions affect him the most severely. This character is for more experienced players who can keep impact to a minimum. LONG HORN ========= Code Name: Wild Bull Truck Stats: Speed (2/4) Torque (4/4) Toughness (4/4) Shift Level: 70-72 kph Description: With incredible engine power and strength, this guy can smash his way through just about anything. However poor top speed means you must take full advantage of any slipstream. HIGHWAY CAT =========== Code Name: Wild Rose Truck Stats: Speed (4/4) Torque (2/4) Toughness (3/4) Shift Level: 76-80 kph Description: Just like Streamline, this road queen boasts brilliant speed only her vehicle is more robust. However with weak engine power she take longer than anyone else to reach top speed. Therefore you must only slow down when it's ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL!! Another character aimed at more experienced players. NIHONMARU (BONUS CHARACTER IN ASIAN VERSION) ============================================ Code Name: Rising Sun Truck Stats: Speed (3/4) Torque (3/4) Toughness (3/4) Shift Level: 74-76 kph Description: Nihonmaru drives a 'Decorative Truck'. He differs from the others because he has unique loads for every stage. They are much lighter and shorter, making his driving style different from everyone else. They also offer lower rewards, so he isn't the best choice for gaining high scores. Still, his cool cab interior more than makes up for it! The tires on Nihonmaru's truck have considerably less traction than the other drivers. This means he'll skid a lot more during turns. To avoid crashing, reduce your speed when cornering by tapping the accelerator throughout the turn, instead of keeping your foot down. (Thanks to Darren Wong for his advice) ************** 6.0 LIZARDTAIL ************** Along with beating the clock, you've got a rival trucker called Lizardtail to compete against. From his black truck with its distinct "fire" design, Lizardtail's aim is to make your life difficult. As well as yelling insults through the cab radio, he'll ram your truck and swerve or even stop in front of you. Occasionally he'll destroy a Fireball Truck so you won't be able to get that time bonus but fortunately that's very rare. Luckily Lizardtail is a bit lacking in the brain department. So desperate is he to beat you that he's prone to making mistakes. He will race ahead of you only to collide with heavy traffic and slow right down, allowing you to race back past. Be warned though, his recovery time is second to none and before long he'll be back on your tail. You may notice that the doors on Lizardtail's truck sometimes fly open and wooden boxes will fly out. This usually happens when he's been involved in a heavy collision but don't worry, they won't slow you down. If you manage to finish ahead of Lizardtail on Stages 1-3, you'll be awarded a bonus sum of $5,000 and a chance to earn even more cash and a power-up on the bonus stages (see section 9.0 BONUS STAGES for more info). Taunts ====== Just for fun, I've listed all of Lizardtail's insults. If you can tell me exactly what he says where I've placed the question mark) it'll be appreciated!! * "I'M THE LIZARDTAIL, THE #1 TRUCKER IN THE USA, AND DON'T Y'ALL FORGET IT!!!!" (Beginning of Stage 1 only) * "YOU'RE IN MY WAY GREEN HORN, DON'T YOU RUN THAT RIG IN FRONT OF ME!!!" * "DON'T YOU EVER TRY TO PASS ME!!!" * "YOU SLOW PUNK(?)!!!" * "THERE'S A TRAFFIC JAM AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!!!" * "HEY NOT TOO BAD. HEY, MAYBE I SHOULD TAKE YOU UNDER MY WING!!!" * "YEAH THAT'S RIGHT YOU STAY BEHIND ME...AHAHAHAHAHA.......YOU'RE AN EYESORE!!!" * "HEY, YOU DRIVE LIKE AN OLD LADY!!!" * "HEY, HEY, YOU GOT A LICENCE TO DRIVE THAT TRUCK?!?!" * "HEY, YOU'RE COMING OUT 15 YEARS TOO SOON TO BE TRY TAKING ME ON!!!" * "YOU'RE NOT CUT OUT TO BE A TRUCKER, Y'ALL SHOULD FIND ANOTHER LINE OF WORK!!!" (very rare) ****************** 7.0 GENERAL ADVICE ****************** * Get used to the large steering wheel. If necessary, ask a friend to manage the gears and horn (large cabinet only) while you learn. * DON'T EVER use the reverse gear when racing. You only ever need to use it for the bonus stages (and preferably just the last one). * When you begin playing, stick to the NORMAL loads. Choose the HARD loads when you can drive competently and complete the course well enough. * If you want to select the HARD loads on stages 3 and 4, I advise you gain the Muffler (Max Speed-Up) and Engine (Power-Up) from the bonus stages. * Take care of your load, keep it away from other traffic and obstacles. Remember you won't lose money if ONLY THE CAB makes contact. * Memorise the whole of each stage especially tight corners and congestion points. * Be very careful when you drive from one side of the screen to the other. Driving diagonally puts your load at the greatest risk of big damage from oncoming traffic. * Make sure you learn how to break and turn correctly during tight corners. It will slow you down but not as much as skidding, crashing into the sides or heading off-road!! * Sound the horn once to make the traffic in front change lanes. Avoid sounding it multiple times as this can make some vehicles turn back into your path. * Learn to weave between large vehicles, especially at congestion points. * Line up behind as many large vehicles as you can to take full advantage of slip stream. * Smash into as many Fireball trucks as you can for extra time. Memorising their positions in each race is vital. * When you destroy a Fireball truck or any other small vehicle, quickly move your truck away from the wreckage to avoid any further impact. * Be wary of heavy traffic, vehicles can suddenly pull in front of you. * Watch out for Lizardtail. Memorise his driving patterns on each stage. You can stop him from getting past by cutting in front of him, but don't make contact as you'll slow down and lose money. * Try fooling Lizardtail into taking the other route from you on each stage. If he's close position your truck to go one way, and then at the last moment, quickly turn off and take the other. *********** 8.0 COURSES *********** ================================ 8.1 STAGE 1: New York - Key West ================================ Load (Nihonmaru): Nippon-Maru 2 ($10,000) Load (Other Drivers): Fuel Tanker ($12,000) Routes: 2 (SEA FRONT or CROSS COUNTRY) Comment: You should complete this course fairly easily as long as there aren't too many heavy crashes. FREEWAY ------- Once you've climbed the hill and reached the freeway, carefully weave your way past the traffic to the far-right lane. This is where you'll catch the first glimpse of Lizardtail. Once you descend onto the straight, try lining up behind one of the large vehicles for some slip stream. If you're willing to take a risk, you can collide with the parked Fireball truck on the far-left side about halfway along the straight. If you go for this time bonus, stay against the oncoming traffic to collide with the next Fireball truck coming off the flyover. The moment you collide, quickly turn back into the flow of traffic. Keep with the traffic flow pass the flyover. ** YOU CAN'T GO UP THE FLYOVER AGAINST THE ONCOMING TRAFFIC, THE GAME PUTS AN INVISIBLE SHIELD IN FRONT OF YOU, SENDING YOU CRASHING BACK INTO THE OTHER LANE!!! ** You will then need to choose your route - either turn left under the flyover towards the SEA FRONT or straight ahead (CROSS-COUNTRY). There is no real time difference between them, so the choice is yours. CROSS-COUNTRY ------------- Smash the fireball truck ahead of you. This route should be no real problem as long as you avoid the accident scene on the far right, take the bends in the road fairly early and carefully weave through the traffic. Take special care if Lizardtail has followed you as he drives all over the place, colliding with other vehicles and getting in your way. When you join the SEA FRONT road, take the corner early to stay on the main road and grab the next Fireball truck (it will also stop you ploughing into the car park). Now go to the FINAL STRETCH section. SEA FRONT --------- When you come out from under the bridge, get ready to turn and brake to stay on the road and avoid going onto the beach. The sand there slows you down significantly, but if you do end up there, grab the parked Fireball nearby. Keep near the left side of the road to smash the slow-moving/stationary Fireball Truck near where the CROSS- COUNTRY road joins from the right. Straight afterwards there SHOULD be another Fireball Truck driving past the car park. FINAL STRETCH ------------- As you come onto the freeway entrance, tap the brake and turn carefully to get past the sharp bend. You will need to weave quickly through the small traffic and get behind as many large vehicles as possible to catch the slip stream. If Lizardtail is right behind you, keep cutting in front of him to stop him from getting past. Get ready to catch the last Fireball Truck before you cross the finish line. =================================== 8.2 STAGE 2: St Petersburg - Dallas =================================== Loads (Nihonmaru): NORMAL - Nippon-Marru 2 ($10,000) HARD - Nippon-Marru 3 ($13,500) Loads (Other Drivers): NORMAL - Car Transporter ($12,500) HARD - Log Trailer ($16,000) Routes: 2 (DIRT TRACK or SUBURBS) Comment: This course is slightly tougher as you'll have to be ready to avoid flying traffic on TORNADO STRAIGHT. There are also some sharp turns to take on the SUBURB route. If you choose the Log Trailer, make sure you take the corners more carefully to avoid damaging the load against traffic and lamp posts. FREEWAY ------- Start out by keeping to the far-right lane. Lizardtail will fly out from a service station (destroying it in the process) right in front of you. Line up behind him and catch some slip stream as you go onto the bridge. Lizardtail should then slow down as traffic becomes more congested. You can do either two things: 1. As Lizardtail begins to reduce speed, move across to the middle of the road and CAREFULLY weave through the oncoming traffic to pass the congestion, then quickly get back over to the right. 2. If there is enough room, you can try squeezing your truck through the small gap between Lizardtail and the bridge on the far-right. Now you need to decide which route to take. I haven't seen any major differences in time but if you're a beginner, I suggest you turn off to the right along the DIRT ROAD. This is because you'll need to make some sharp turns if you continue towards the SUBURBS. DIRT ROAD --------- Keep to the middle of the dirt track (the light brown surface). The dark brown surface at the sides reduces your speed. Sound your horn to clear the traffic and make your way towards the Fireball Truck (you will need it). Watch out for Lizardtail as he likes to try and smash you towards the side of the road. When you smash through the wooden huts, you MAY take slight damage to your load. Keep your speed up at all times and take the bends early. As you come out onto the main road, you can quickly drive across to the other side to grab a parked Fireball Truck. Now go to the paragraph marked TORNADO STRAIGHT. SUBURBS ------- The moment you come into the suburbs, brake and turn left slightly to smash straight through the wooden houses. As you destroy the last house, brake again and turn right back onto the road towards the oil tanker that's blocking your path. Don't follow the road that bends round past the grass bank, instead go across the curb right next to the oil tanker's cab. After you pass it, quickly get back onto the tarmac, smashing the stationary Fireball Truck in the process. It does slow you down slightly, but takes a lot less time than taking that wide detour (and you get some extra time). BE VERY CAREFUL IF LIZARDTAIL HAS FOLLOWED YOU BECAUSE SOMETIMES HE WILL TURN RIGHT INTO YOU AND ATTEMPT TO FORCE YOU INTO TAKE THE LONGER ROUTE. Now after the checkpoint, get ready to break again and turn right towards the TORNADO STRAIGHT. Watch out for the lamp posts on the pavement, as these can damage your load if you don't flatten them. You can pass through the gap between the houses on the left, but I suggest you stay on the road as this route will slow you down. If you want, you can pick up the Fireball Truck on the left side, but be careful when driving back over to the right. TORNADO STRAIGHT ---------------- If you can, try lining up behind a large vehicle or Lizardtail for slip stream. When the tornado comes onto the road, keep your eye on the traffic in front of you. GET READY TO TURN SUDDENLY IF ANY HEAVY TRAFFIC GETS STOPPED OR THROWN TOWARDS YOU. Hopefully Lizardtail will either collide with some wreckage or be forced to slow down. Now as the tornado passes in front of you, the road splits. Be careful, it is possible for a large vehicle to get caught in the tornado and block the route in front of you. Take the far-right turning as this easily leads you towards the last Fireball Truck. If by any chance, a truck has been jack-knifed across the far-right road, go straight ahead up the dirt path. Avoid taking the far-left road as it's long, winding and filled with oncoming traffic. Only take the far-left road if both the other roads are blocked (very rare but it happens). If you have to take this road it's unlikely you'll finish ahead of Lizardtail. FINAL STRETCH ------------- At this point the tornado blows itself out. Now get behind any large vehicle you can and speed towards the finish line. If Lizardtail is behind you, stop him by cutting in front of him if he tries to pass. =============================== 8.3 STAGE 3: Dallas - Las Vegas =============================== Loads (Nihonmaru): NORMAL - Nippon-Marru 2 ($10,000) HARD - Nippon-Marru 3 ($13,500) Loads (Other Drivers): NORMAL - Millennium Express ($14,500) HARD - Big Rig ($18,000) Routes: 2 (DIRT TRACK or MAIN ROAD) Comment: This course is difficult because of the heavy traffic on the winding MAIN ROAD route and the large hill on the DIRT TRACK route. If you choose the Big Rig, expect SEVERE slow down when you climb hills and brake for turns. If you wish to take this load, I strongly recommend that you gain the Muffler Power-Up beforehand. DUAL CARRIAGEWAY ---------------- Start off by getting behind the first large container truck on the right to catch some slip stream. Lizardtail should then fly past along the technical dirt strip between the lanes. Get behind him and use slip stream as much as possible until you come to the first sharp turn where you will have to decide your route. Don't bother trying to grab the Fireball Truck in the oncoming traffic as the risk far outweighs the reward. Brake and drive carefully around the sharp bend to avoid the congested traffic (sound your horn to make some vehicles clear the road). You will then quickly have to make a decision whether to stay on the MAIN ROAD or take the DIRT TRACK up the hill. I suggest you stay on the main road, especially if you are carrying the HARD load because you can go much faster on tarmac even though there's heavy traffic. NOTE: If anyone can get better results by using the DIRT TRACK route, give me an e-mail. DIRT TRACK ---------- You will slow down dramatically as you head uphill, so get ready to shift your gear down. Weave your way past the large rocks rolling down the road and then once you clear the tunnel, turn sharply to pass the checkpoint. Once heading downhill, you can keep going straight and fall back down onto the MAIN ROAD. THIS WILL SLOW YOU DOWN so get on the main road as soon as possible (there is a parked Fireball truck between the wooden buildings, so make sure you pick that up). Alternatively, you can brake and turn sharply to stay on the dirt track. Make sure you pick up the parked Fireball Truck on the right-hand side just after the Checkpoint. Now go to the section marked FINAL STRETCH MAIN ROAD. ---------- Stick to the right-hand lane. Sound your horn to make traffic clear the road and carefully weave past the large vehicles. Keep the truck on the tarmac as much as possible. If you need to go off-road slightly, then try to keep the left side of the truck on the tarmac for extra speed. Try smashing into the next Fireball Truck before you reach the checkpoint as you will to take the upcoming sharp bend carefully. FINAL STRETCH ------------- As you begin to go downhill, you can drive on the far-left to grab a parked Fireball truck about halfway down if you're feeling brave (get back on the main road straight afterwards). Sound your horn to clear the traffic and keep on the tarmac as much as possible. Once the road straightens out, get behind any large vehicle you can for slip stream. Don't bother grabbing the Fireball Truck heading towards you on the opposite lanes. Instead go for the one just ahead of you before crossing the finish line. ========================================== 8.4 FINAL STAGE: Las Vegas - San Francisco ========================================== Loads (Nihonmaru ): NORMAL - Nippon-Maru 2($10,000) HARD - Nippon-Maru 3 ($13,500) Loads (Other Drivers): NORMAL - Dump Trailer ($17,000) HARD - Cable Cars ($22,000) Routes: 3 (FLYOVER, RIGHT MAIN ROAD or LEFT ROAD) Comment: Now this the big one!! Heavy traffic and sharp turns make this the most challenging course. Basically there's nearly NO ROOM FOR ERROR!!! If you choose the Cable Cars, you will need to keep your speed up at all times and only brake when ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY (ie turning). Turning in heavy traffic can be an absolute nightmare, so get ready to shift down if you crash. You REALLY NEED the Engine Power-Up from the last bonus stage to stand a chance!! FREEWAY ------- The road will be clear until Lizardtail creeps up behind you as you climb the small hill. Let him pass and immediately get in his slip stream to overtake him again. The road will then become pretty congested. Stay towards the right, sounding the horn to shift the traffic ahead of you. Try using the slip stream from the large vehicles when you can. Make sure you smash the Fireball truck(s) on the right too. You will then need to decide whether you wish to drive straight ahead up onto the FLYOVER, follow the MAIN ROAD to the right or take the LEFT ROAD. If you're a beginner, I suggest you stick to the MAIN ROAD. FLYOVER ------- Take the bends VERY CAREFULLY, especially if Lizardtail has followed you. When you see the Fireball truck, the walls of the flyover will disappear. You can drop down just after you've picked up the truck onto the left-hand road. Be warned, you'll need to brake, plus turn and hold the steering wheel to the right, to prevent yourself crashing into the wall below (remember to counter-steer left afterwards). Alternatively (and a much safer option), slow down to pick up the fireball truck and keep going until you come to the end of the flyover and drop down towards the checkpoint. Now go to the section marked TUNNEL. LEFT ROAD --------- This road has the same basic layout as the MAIN ROAD except there's less traffic. However all the traffic will be coming towards you, so be ready to weave and change lanes, especially when you see large vehicles. At the end of this road there's a sharp bend. Brake early and turn the wheel thoroughly to keep on the road towards the checkpoint. Now go to the section marked TUNNEL. MAIN ROAD --------- Keep to the right of the road (don't worry about the iron beam) and where necessary, weave in and out of the traffic carefully. Use your horn to move some of the smaller vehicles and while the road is straight, use the slip stream from the larger vehicles when you can. Towards the end of this road, there is a sharp bend to the right. Brake early and carefully and turn the steering wheel thoroughly to keep on the road towards the check point and the tunnel. TUNNEL AND SHARP CORNERS ------------------------ You will need to move very quickly and carefully to make it to the finishing line from this point. There is a lot of congestion in the tunnel so be on your guard (get ready to weave if necessary). Now after the tunnel there is a sharp turn to the right. Get to the left side of the road and then brake gently and turn, staying on the left. There is a possibility you'll collide with some oncoming traffic, but if you stay in the right-hand lanes, 9 time out of 10 you'll end up in a heavy collision anyway. Now on the small straight before the next sharp corner, move to the middle of the road. As you reach the next sharp turn, brake slightly. Now turn your truck left and when the first half of your cab hit the straight, move it through the heavy traffic across to the far right. I ALWAYS end up taking some damage here either from Lizardtail or the other heavy traffic. This section is always VERY CONGESTED, especially if Lizardtail's nearby as he seems to SLOW DOWN RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!! Note: Any extra help or advice regarding the above section would be appreciated. BIG HILL -------- Stay towards the right of the screen when you start to descend down the big hill to avoid hitting the cable cars. Use as much slip stream as possible. ** DON'T EVER GO TRY GOING DOWN THE NARROW SIDE ROAD ON THE RIGHT. THE GAME WILL PUT AN INVISIBLE SHIELD IN FRONT OF YOU, SENDING YOU CRASHING BACK DOWN THE HILL!! ** (Thanks to the guy who tried that even though he didn't know what would happen!!) Now just before you reach the bottom, turn quickly to the left and cut across the pavement onto the straight. Then quickly steer back to the right hand side. This will not only save you time but will also prevent you from having to slow down or crashing into the wall. However watch out for Lizardtail as he may try to force you into the oncoming traffic. Keep going until you reach the bridge. THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE ---------------------- Once on the bridge stay with the flow of traffic and line up in the lane right of the traffic cones. There is a Fireball vehicle which heading towards you with the oncoming traffic but I don't recommend you try colliding with it (unless you really want to). Instead, grab the two Fireball trucks directly in front of you and prevent Lizardtail from overtaking by cutting in front of him. You should then pass the finish line with ease. =============== 8.5 Score Tally =============== REWARD: How much your load is worth at the end of the race. TIME REMAINING: Each second of time remaining earns you $100. WIN BONUS: If you finish ahead of Lizardtail you earn $5000. **************** 9.0 BONUS STAGES **************** As mentioned previously, if you finish ahead of Lizardtail on Stages 1-3, you can take part in one of three bonus stages. Your aim is to park your truck in a garage (represented by a green boundary). To access all three bonus stages, you must finish ahead of Lizardtail each time. The main aim is to earn a power-up to help you complete the stages more easily. However they also represent a good opportunity to earn some extra cash and increase your score. =================================== 9.1 BONUS STAGE 1: One-Turn Parking =================================== Keep your speed at a reasonably low level throughout this bonus stage so you have full control over your truck. As you begin, steer SLIGHTLY to the left so you can take the corner more easily. JUST BEFORE you reach the turn, carefully turn right and drive the truck around the corner. The road is fairly wide so you shouldn't collide with any obstacles. Now when the truck has passed the turn and is heading slightly right, counter-steering left to straighten. Then head towards the green boundary. Watch out here because the camera angle changes to an overhead view which can be slightly disorientating. Enter slowly and SLAM on the breaks when your truck is completely inside. Don't rush in too fast as you'll hit the crates on the other side. If you're playing as Nihonmaru, you'll be able to complete this bonus stage much easier as the Nippon-Maru 2 is shorter in length than the Fuel Tanker. Power-Up -------- If you complete this bonus stage you will earn a new, louder horn that enables you to clear traffic from a longer distance. =================================== 9.2 BONUS STAGE 2: Two-Turn Parking =================================== Again try to keep your speed at a reasonably low level so you have complete control over the truck. However because this course is longer you will need to drive a bit faster during the beginning of each straight. Drive along the first straight and move your truck slightly to the right. Now just before you reach the corner, turn your truck fully left and drive it around the corner. Counter-steer right to straighten out. Then drive quickly up the straight and slow down once you're near the next corner. As you approach, move your truck slightly to the left and then just before you reach the corner, turn sharply right and drive your truck around the corner. Straighten your truck out again by counter-steering left and head carefully towards the garage and slam your brakes the moment you're completely inside the green boundary. NOTE: If you're carrying the LOG TRAILER OR BIG RIG then you will need to turn even earlier and more slowly to avoid crashing into any obstacles. Timing the turns perfectly is VERY TOUGH - you should just clip the pavement. Again, Nihonmaru should have it easy here as his loads are shorter. Just remember you will need to take the corners SLIGHTLY earlier if you are carrying the Nippon-Marru 3. Power-Up -------- Successfully complete this bonus course and you'll gain a Muffler which will increase your top speed. Although it helps no matter who you are, it's especially useful if you're playing as Long Horn as he has the lowest top speed. It's also essential if you want to try and race with the HARD loads. ================================== 9.3 BONUS STAGE 3: Reverse Parking ================================== REMEMBER TO PUT THE TRUCK INTO REVERSE GEAR FOR THIS COURSE!! IT SOUNDS PATRONISING BUT YOU WON'T BELIEVE THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN MY ARCADE WHO FORGET TO DO THIS!! Start off by accelerating and gently turning the wheel RIGHT until your load begins to line up with the inside of the garage. Now carefully counter-steer LEFT to line up your cab with the load. Drive slowly for this one as descending the hill can make your load turn off into the wall. Once you have the truck in the desired position, drive in straight line down the hill slowly, braking and steering very gently to the left and right to stop your load from buckling. If it does buckle, you can try straightening it out by shifting into low gear and driving forward. However it's very risky and more often than not the time will run out. Power-Up -------- If you successfully complete this bonus stage, you will awarded with a new, more powerful engine. Again this will help any driver, but it's especially helpful to anyone playing as Highway Cat as her engine power and acceleration is the worst of all. ============================ 9.4 BONUS STAGE: Score Tally ============================ Technique Bonus =============== A Grade ($3000) --------------- Criteria: Don't collide with a SINGLE OBJECT and park your load so THE WHOLE of your vehicle is completely inside the green boundary. B Grade ($2000) --------------- Criteria: Don't lose more than $150 destroying objects and park your load so NEARLY ALL of your truck and trailer is inside the green boundary. C Grade ($1000) --------------- Criteria: Successfully complete the bonus stage. Time Bonus =========== For each remaining second you will receive $100. Objects Demolished Fine ======================== For each object demolished, you will be fined a specific amount which is deducted from your total purse. Lamp posts cost you $150, crates $100 and barrels $50. If you just charge through a bonus stage, you can lose more than the $1,000 you'll earn so care is essential!! ********************************* 10.0 HOW I MANAGED TO REACH $100K ********************************* I managed to break the $100K score mark with Streamline and Asphalt Cowboy. My highest amount is $103,160 with Asphalt Cowboy. Here are some of the main points I remember about gaining this amount. * I completed Stage 2-4 with the HARD loads. * On Stage 1, I took the SEAFRONT route. I had about 16 seconds remaining when I finished. * On Stage 2, I took the SUBURBS route. I had about 5 seconds remaining when I finished. * On Stage 3, I took the MAIN ROAD route. I had about 4 seconds remaining when I finished. * On the Final Stage, I took the MAIN ROAD route. I had about 16 seconds remaining when I finished. Also on the first sharp turn after the TUNNEL, I turned and travelled up the left-hand lanes. Fortunately, there was no oncoming traffic to deal with. On the next turn, I quickly turned and travelled over to the right, weaving through the heavy traffic. Lizardtail was behind me so I had no heavy collisions. I believe this to be THE MOST IMPORTANT factor in gaining the high score. * I kept impact to an absolute minimum. Although I did lose reward money on every stage, the loss never exceeded $1000. * I finished ahead of Lizardtail each time. * I completed all the bonus stages and gained all three power-up's. I got a Technic A award on each one. I also remember having 16 seconds remaining on the last bonus stage. Looking at this, there still room for improvement. I'm sure someone out there has taken NO DAMAGE to any of the loads on any race. If you have, send me your tips and high scores!! ************ 11.0 QUERIES ************ * Have I made any mistakes? * About a few weeks ago, I received an e-mail from the Offical World Record holder Steve Korgman who has managed incredible $115+. He told me that to reach this score, he received a 'secret' $5,000 bonus on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th bonus stages (no, it's not the Win Bonus). He and myself have no idea how you get that bonus, it may have something to do with the routes you take. If anyone has noticed a sharp increase in their score at the end of each stage which doesn't make sense, try to remember what you did and get in contact. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated!!! * Who gets better results using the DIRT ROAD route on Stage 3? * Any good tips for negotiating the sharp turns after the tunnel on the Final Stage? * As mentioned earlier Nihonmaru is a bonus character in the Asian version. In Europe and the US, he's available from the beginning. Can anyone tell me how you access him in the Asian version? * What exactly does Lizardtail say in that taunt I've placed the question mark by? (Please refer to the LIZARDTAIL section) * If you don't succeed in completing the bonus stage, do you still lose money from the objects you destroy? (I'm about 99% certain you do)? * Does anyone know about the different settings for this game? The staff at Sega Park are rather reluctant to access the configuration menus. * What are your tips? Send them in and if they're good enough, I'll add them to this FAQ. ALL CONTRIBUTORS WILL BE CREDITED. E-mail address: rjay63@hotmail.com Please mark the subject box 18 WHEELER INFO. *********** 12.0 SHOUTS *********** * STEVE KORGMAN - Official World Record Holder at www.twingalaxies.com and that's a fact. An incredible $115+!! Think you can beat that Green Horns?? Hopefully we will find that elusive Secret Bonus!! * DARREN WONG - For your advice on using Nihonmaru and telling me what a "green horn" is. * COCONUT OF QUENDOR - Another 18 Wheeler high scorer ($102,xxx) * MR NICE 4 - You're the man, plain and simple! * BEN - Causing chaos on Soul Calibur and Marvel Vs Capcom * HARPREE - If you can't beat it, smash it! * MAC & THE STREET FIGHTER EX2 REGULARS - Peace! * RJD (Initials) - Another 18 Wheeler player ($99,320), thanks for the competition! * SEGA R&D #2 - For making this game * SEGA PARK, SOUTHAMPTON UK - For having 18-Wheeler ---------------------------------------------------------------- Sega and 18-Wheeler: American Pro Trucker are copyrights of Sega Enterprises Ltd. 18-Wheeler: American Pro Trucker (C) 1999 SEGA This FAQ (C) 2000 R-Jay (rjay63@hotmail.com) (* End of File *)</p>