Charlize Theron chats Hancock

You’re never quite sure what to expect when a star sits down with the likes of MTV to discuss her latest film, but thankfully for the channel, it appears that Charlize Theron is a game, filth-mouthed talker.

Doing the rounds for her new film Sleepwalking, which premiered at Sundance, she also got asked about Hancock, the Will Smith-as-lazy-superhero that she co-stars in this summer. “I just recently saw it. It's really an original film,” she tells the site. Peter Berg really did something that I haven't seen before, so I'm very excited to be a part of it. I love it. It kind of flips off the whole idea of genre. You couldn't categorize it into any genre.”

You might also want to check out her admission that she nearly got the lead in Showgirls, her cascade of comedy swearing and her hilarious summation of fellow Hancock (and former Arrested Development thesp) Jason Bateman’s talent level… Don’t worry if you’re sensitive to naughty words, though: MTV has blanked them all out. W----rs.

Source: ( MTV )