Championship Manager 2006 review

It's not the champ, man

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There's also a lack of sophistication in places. It only takes a couple of good performances from a player to make other managers come sniffing around, even if the player has been useless the rest of the time. Likewise, your board are largely either pleased, satisfied or disappointed with wins, draws and losses respectively, regardless of the context.

To its credit, Champ Man 06 has tried to innovate with its 3D pitch view of matches. You can use the number pad keys to switch between multiple angles, and featuring Subbuteo-like figures moving around the pitch, it does deliver some genuinely exciting action.

Flowing moves, deft free-kicks, brutal tackles, agile saves and cracking goals - they're all here. As is some very odd action on occasion, such as the freakish goals scored from outside the box at acute angles, and the truly imbecilic lack of communication between certain lower league goalies and central defenders that let strikers run onto seemingly aimless long balls. Still, these are isolated incidents. The same can't be said for bookable offences, with red and yellow cards flourished far too often.

Another innovation, building upon the speed of play that was CM 05's only distinction, is its simulated world. Even if, to keep the game fast, a player selects the minimum number of playable leagues, the engine will simulate major leagues from around the world, allowing you to dip in to inspect results and check player and team form across the globe. It's a nice feature, especially for anyone with a low-spec machine, and adds not just atmosphere but real, playable detail.

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DescriptionOn the evidence of the version shown, CM 2006 is trying hard to atone for the sins of CM5
Franchise nameChampionship Manager
UK franchise nameChampionship Manager