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CellFactor Revolution review

Newton has a lot to answer for


  • Sort of foreshadows PhysX card
  • Some great ideas
  • Looks pretty nice


  • Doesn't do PhysX card justice
  • Multiplayer is LAN only
  • Crap gameplay

Crushing girls to death using only your mind, giant robot suits and a rocket launcher in each hand. This shooter is the stuff dreams are made of. Manly, manly dreams. So why is it so disappointing?

Perhaps because the PhysX card this FPS was supposed to showcase hasn’t exactly set the world on fire. It simply wasn’t worth making the much-delayed CellFactor anything more than the glorified tech demo it still is.

More Info

DescriptionForeshadows the use of the PhysX card, but this shooter just can't get it done.
Release date8 May 2007 (US), (UK)