Celebrate the 80s and the return of Retro Gamer in stores with issue 208

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Good news everyone, Retro Gamer magazine is finally out of lockdown and will be in stores from 11 June.

It’s been a difficult time for magazines these past few months and Retro Gamer has been no exception, so we’re delighted that readers will now be able to easily get hold of their favourite retro gaming mag again.

We’ve got a belter of an issue lined up, too, as we’re celebrating all the aspects that made the 80s such a great time for gaming. Our huge 14-page feature looks at everything, including the exciting hardware of the time, the arms race that was happening in your local arcades, the classic characters that were created and the many great film and TV licences we all looked forward to receiving on Christmas Day.

In addition to our gigantic 80s feature we also go behind the scenes of the Destruction Derby series, examine the legacy of PC mega-hit, Myst and speak to the creators of the quirky 16-bit platformer, Plok. Issue 208 also reveals how the GameCube hit, Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem was created and how talented coders crammed an entire grand prix into a ZX Spectrum with Formula One. We also interview the creator of the Atari 2600 game Spider-Man and find out if the Evercade is worth your hard-earned cash.

Look out for issue 208 from 11 June and thanks for keeping us company during lockdown. Stay safe everyone.

Retro Gamer Team

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