C&C 3 prepares for action

Wednesday 10 May 2006
The return of EA's classic strategy series, Command & Conquer, will be hitting PC next year in the form of Tiberium Wars, and we've got the first screenshots right here.

C&C 3 takes the RTS to the Tiberium conflict in 2047 as the self-replicating extra-terrestrial matter is slowly infecting the earth. The evil Brotherhood of NOD sees this as an opportunity to seize control of the planet, something which the GDI - a high-tech alliance of nations - wants to prevent.

The new game features the same fast-paced tactical action as before, but now the Tiberium universe has been given a visual overhaul which, combined with added strategic depth, takes the C&C series to a whole new level. Combine units to customise your force, build mobile bases to keep the enemy guessing then take your tactics online to battle against the best in the world.

Above: The Tiberium universe has never looked so sharp