Catherine Zippo lighter tells world you're a grownup partial to games about men in underpants

Here's something strange: a Zippo lighter based on Atlus' cult-ready puzzler Catherine. Now, there's a lot of judgment in our society for those who feel the need to carry a lighter everywhere they go, but you won't find any of that here. Yes, cigarette-smoking has lost some of the cool cachet it held in the days of Don Draper, the French New Wave and Solid Snake; but maybe you need it for lighting pretty ladies' cigarillos, or you're a serial firebug or something. No judgment! But if you pull that thing, better ready to use it.

After all, a lighter is for sophistimicated adults –if you're going to go carrying one around with a picture of a cartoon broad on it, be ready to use it to light a fair few cigarettes, cigars, and miscellaneous Freudian tobacco-delivery mechanisms. You can be the guy who carries a lighter but doesn't smoke, and you can be the guy who carries a lighter mainly to represent for the sleeper hit of the quarter, but don't you dare be the guy who carries a lighter just cause it's collectible and doesn't even keep any fluid in it. The Catherine lighters will be available in two game-themed designs at the end of August, but you can preorder for the very sophisticated-adult-friendly price of $127 from CD Japan.

Aug 3, 2011