Catch new Cricket 07 shots

Wednesday 1 November 2006
Coming at you with more spin than Monty Panesar's left-handed doosra, EA has released the first screens from its forthcoming PS2 and PC belter Cricket 07.

So with Freddie Flintoff on promotional duties and on the box, Cricket 07 will appear with all the timing of one of his hook shots on 24 November 2006. Which, if the sound of leather-on-shin pad has drowned out the thud of leather-on-willow in your ears, just happens to be the day after the Ashes begins. And, on current form, that should leave enough time for England to collapse before the box even hit the shelves.

Above: The PS2 version allows you to uses both sticks to control your feet and shot selection

But there is more to this game than merely simulating another disaster Down Under because, along with the full five day game, you will be able to play Limited Overs matches and indulge in the free-scoring anarchy of Twenty20 or endure a full season of county cricket in England or Australia.

Now, after the straight delivery, here comes the spin: "We are delighted to work with Andrew Flintoff for a second consecutive year," said Justin Forrest from developer EA Canada. "Not only is he a world class cricketer, he's also a big videogames player making him a fabulous ambassador for our game". Indeed. We'll see if Canadians really know what cricket is all about very soon.