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Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow review

Can Konami deliver another classicvania? Count on it

Boss battles are the highlight of every Castlevania game, and here they're handled in a brand new way. To deliver the death blow, you've got to trace a magic seal that pops up on the touch screen. Botch the job and the bloody, puss-spraying monster keeps coming. So even if you hand the Grim Reaper his bony butt, you%26rsquo;ve got to memorize an eight point seal to finish the job. Problem is, this tends to bust up the swordplay when all of a sudden you've got to rush for the stylus.

The new Doppelganger ability, however, brings the game's extensive customization into its own. With the push of a button you can switch your equipped weapons, armor and souls between two settings. It's a good idea to keep one decked out with power-amping souls and all the strongest weapons. Make the other your four-leaf clover, with maxed out luck and intelligence. Basically one setting is for tastefully chauffeuring demons into Hell, the other for finding rare souls and items.

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DescriptionWitness why a billion polygons a nanosecond will always take a backseat to rock solid craftsmanship.
Franchise nameCastlevania
UK franchise nameCastlevania
US censor ratingTeen
Release date4 October 2005 (US), 29 September 2005 (UK)