Cary Elwes checks into Psych 9

You’d think that, after so many films with people meeting a nasty end in abandoned hospitals, we’d all learn to stay well away. But nope – otherwise there wouldn’t be any more films in which people meet a nasty end…

The latest fools to step foot in a recently-closed and very spooky hospital are Cary Elwes (Saw) and Sara Foster (The Big Bounce), who have signed up to Psych 9. The film will see Foster as an unstable young woman who takes a job sorting patient records as a hospital is shut down. Working alone at night – because that’s sensible – she’s scared silly by a set of strange events that eventually lead to her uncovering a murder.

Andrew Shortell is writing and producing, with Michael Biehn and Gabriel Mann also set to shortly report for duty in Prague.