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Captain Marvel alum David López returns to his creator-owned darling BlackHand & IronHead

Blackhand & Ironhead Volume 2
(Image credit: David López (Panel Syndicate))

Fresh off a victory lap on Marvel Comics' Captain Marvel, David López is returning to his creator-owned comic series BlackHand & IronHead with a second volume beginning serialization online this May.

BlackHand & IronHead is a YA comic book series about two teenage sisters - one a superhero, one a supervillain - who are forced to co-exist after their family history (and a bigger family secret) brings them together.

David López

(Image credit: David López)

"Alexia and Amy, one a heroine, the other a supervillain, meet at their father's funeral. They inherit the Foundation, which keeps the unstable superheroic universe under control," reads Panel Syndicate's description of BlackHand & IronHead. "Together they end up destroying it when they discover that it's a cover for lies and corruption. But, along the way, they have aired too much dirty laundry, and they are now the one's being persecuted. Although they should be at each other's throats, they only have on another. Have they really made the right decision?"

BlackHand & IronHead was created by David López after he made the fateful decision to break from a successful artistic career at DC and Marvel and tell his own stories.

"I started publishing comics in Spain in 1998, and I was doing quite alright, but when the chance came of working for Marvel and DC, I couldn't pass it up. Then after 15 years, something was missing. I felt the need to tell my own stories, like BlackHand & IronHead, because Amy and Alexia were already living in my notebooks," López tells Newsarama.

Blackhand & Ironhead Volume 2

(Image credit: David López (Panel Syndicate))

"There were so many things I wanted to tell readers - that you can be whatever you want, that we are all rational beings able to discern good from evil and willing to do the right thing," the writer/artist continues. 

"I felt that superhero comics were far too centered in themselves and sacred continuities, that I almost forgot that there are other cool genres, such as YA, where you can tell a sister comedy like this, where, apart from the superpowers, these girls' family is like everybody else's - full of secrets and things untold, the stories that your grandma tells you once you're old enough to know."

Originally serialized online at Panel Syndicate in 2019, the first volume of BlackHand & IronHead was collected and published by Image Comics in late 2020.

López will be joined on the second volume of BlackHand & IronHead with colorist Kike J. Diaz. The series is edited by David Muñoz and translated by Alejandro Arbona.

BlackHand & IronHead Vol. 2 begins on Panel Syndicate May 12. The first volume is available now in an English edition and a Spanish edition.

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