Captain Marvel #7 shows what happens when you sever the Nega-Bands from the Negative Zone

Captain Marvel #7 interior art
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Captain Marvel may have met her match in current arch-foe The Undone, who has had her eyes on Carol Danvers' Nega-Bands, a pair of ancient Kree Weapons with a connection to the Negative Zone. But what happens when the Nega-Bands are severed from their link to the Negative Zone?

That's what's at stake in next week's Captain Marvel #7, in which Genis-Vell manages to break the connection between the Nega-Bands and the Negative Zone, stranding Yuna Yang there as she can no longer switch places with Carol when the bands are clanged together.

We've got an early look at the issue, by writer Alyssa Wong, artist Jan Bazaldua, color artist Bryan Valenza, and letterer Ariana Maher in which Carol learns of the fate of the Nega-Bands, and comes face-to-face with Genis-Vell, who has his own agenda.

Here's the gallery of pages:

Marvel's synopsis for the new issue reads:

"THE UNDONE IS DONE WITH WAITING FOR THE NEGA-BANDS! Her herald, the Omen, has so far failed to kill Captain Marvel or her pesky civilian tagalong, Yuna Yang - and the Undone's patience is up. Carol can take out just about any Earthly threat, but the Undone isn't from Earth, and the Captain has never faced an entity on this scale. With Yuna and the Bands affecting her powers, is this finally the moment when Carol is knocked down…and doesn't get back up?"

Genis-Vell is of course the son of Carol's mentor Mar-Vell, and the former bearer of the Captain Marvel name. He once wielded the Quantum Bands, a similar weapon to the Nega-Bands.

Find out what happens in the rest of the issue when Captain Marvel #7 goes on sale April 17.

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