Making money at San Diego Comic-Con - 12 exclusives worth a fortune on eBay

Step 1: Get In. Step 2: ??? Step 3: PROFIT

Ah, San Diego Comic-Con. Amidst the panels, signings, and cosplayers, there's a wealth of collectibles to throw your wallet at. Some of us want to take these treasures home and display them proudly in the most prominent places in our homes, yet other have more... capitalist intentions. See, most of the stuff that sells out quickly is immediately turned around and sold online for a huge markup. Can't make SDCC but really want the rare item? Hope you have the cash!

Sadly, by the time you read this, SDCC will be coming to a close, meaning you've missed your chance at grabbing them yourself. A lot of these items are high-quality busts or limited edition figures that will be never be available elsewhere. If you wanted to make some quick and decent money, the turnaround game would have been a perfect option. But now you're on the other side of the table, and if you want to get these, you're going to have to spend a small fortune. Use this as a cautionary tale of opportunities missed, and take a look at these twelve examples of big money from this year's show, and be ready to plan your way to profit in 2014.

Magic the Gathering Planeswalker Card Set

Original price: $65 Closing price on eBay: $248.50

This limited edition set of five cards introduces an unique black-on-black art style, different from the art found in the core Magic 2014 set of cards. We're a little shocked at the price tag: $65 for five cards is steep enough, but to be able to turn it around for nearly FOUR TIMES that amount is simply marvelous. Kudos to whoever was able to work that magic.

Mega Man 25th Anniversary Statue

Original price: $100 Current price on eBay:$279.99 Buy It Now

The statue of Classic Mega Man first unveiled at PAX East 2013 finally became available at San Diego Comic-Con, and Mega Man-starved collector's are all over it. Capcom had said there will only be so many available per day, so technically this one is still available. We're not sure we'd have the gumption to re-sell this gem; we would just turn on the base and stare at it in a darkened room until we get a new Mega Man game.

Power Rangers Legacy Power Morpher Green and White Ranger Edition

Original price: $100 Current price on eBay: $350

This one hits us right in the childhood. A gold-plated classic Power Morpher, just like from the original Power Rangers, AND it comes with the coins for both of Tommy's colors? Our wallets are lucky we didn't see this on the SDCC show floor, or else we've have bought them all. Of course, if we REALLY needed it, we could pay 3.5x the floor price on eBay. Which, truth be told, we'd consider.

Boba Fett Figure with Han Solo in Carbonite

Original price: $49.99 Current price on eBay: $199.99

We're not sure what's driving the price up for this item: Boba Fett, Han Solo in carbonite, or the two of them together in the exclusive SDCC package. Obviously Fett is the main event here, as he's a fully mobile 6" figurine with multiple guns and his backpack missile. Seeing Han in carbonite, though...we can't help but love it. It's a nice touch, worthy of $50 on its own, we think. Is the duo worth $200, though? eBay thinks so.

G.I. Joe/Transformers Epic Conclusion Pack

Original price: $100 Current price on eBay: $229.99

NOW we're getting some bang for our buck. The full pack contains the G.I. Joe Skystriker Jet decaled to look like the Autobot Jetfire, the G.I. Joe V.A.M.P. Ground Transport made to look like Hound, Snake Eyes, Baroness with robotic panther Ravage on a chain leash, and a figurine based off of the Decepticon Bludgeon. That's a ton of stuff for $100; heck, we'd argue it's a ton of stuff for $229. This is a treasure trove of fun compared to the five pieces of cardboard in the Magic set, and it's less expensive! Whoever listed this on eBay can probably make a little more, so get on that!

Marvel Thunderbolts Figurine 5-Pack

Original price:$90 Current price on eBay: $169.99

The Thunderbolts are no strangers to Marvel fans, but this is the first time they've gotten the Marvel Legends treatment. Luke Cage, Ghost, Crossbones, Moonstone, and Judith Chamber all join the ranks of the 6" figurine set via this exclusive package. Those collecting the Legends set would obviously pay the $90 on the floor, and I don't think $169 is too much of a stretch either. We feel like the lister is playing it safe at that number, which will certainly work for the eventual buyer.

Resident Evil Zombie Dog 8" Statue

Original price: $60 Current price on eBay: $149.80

With a face only Wesker could love, the Zombie Dog that made us crap our pants by bursting through a window gets the statue treatment. We're really sad this is a Comic-Con exclusive, because we would have easily paid the 60 clams to put that in the GR office, perhaps right near the window. Who wouldn't want to remember this day this lovable canine jumped into our hearts? Of course, without being at SDCC, expect to pay at least double for the opportunity to scare your friends.

"Magnitude" Admiral Ackbar 8" Mini Bust

Original price: $175 Current price on eBay: $400

An 8-inch Admiral Ackbar statue dressed in an admiral's uniform might not seem like it's worth $175 to some of you, but you are wrong and we're sorry that you are wrong. Part of the lofty price tag can be blamed on only 500 of these existing in the world, but we'd pay that money even if millions were made. We're half-tempted to shell out $400 for it via eBay's "Buy It Now" we love it so much. It's not a trap; we can certainly handle prices of that magnitude for such a cool looking bust.

Boba Fett 6" Mini Bust

Original price: $150 Current price on eBay: $235

The second in our Gentle Giant mini bust three-pack, Boba Fett might not make us swoon like the Ackbar bust, but we're certainly digging its badassery. The bust comes with an interchangeable left arm so we can pose Fett however we want: shooting a pistol, holding a rifle, firing his arm missile, etc. $150 on the show floor was pretty steep, but fortunately for bounty hunter fans it has yet to double in price on the secondary market. Another safe seller, we think, because Boba could be gang busters if given the chance.

The Walking Dead Michonne 9.5" Mini Bust

Original price: $80 Current price on eBay: $175

We're trying really hard not to get jazzed at this Michonne bust. Maybe it's the withdrawal we feel from the show being over, or the fact that Michonne's silent-yet-deadly persona is awesome, but this thing is begging to be loved by all of us. The only thing we'd argue is missing is her armless pet zombies, but that would only drive the price up further, so it's not a huge loss. Michonne has been able to reach double her price tag on the Internet marketplace, so only the most hardened Michonne fans need apply. Like us.

Pan's Labyrinth Faun Statue

Original price: $400 Current price on eBay: $650

We're not sure how large this statue is, but there's more than enough information to explain the hefty price tag: hand-painted polystone, limited run of 250, and a matching certificate of authenticity will do it. To be honest, we thought that maybe the price could be a little higher, considering how limited the run is, but we're sure those looking for the statue are content that the price has yet to double for those not in attendance. This proves that even the big money items on the show floor can be turned around for a profit, so long as the demand exists.

Money money money money.....MONEY!

Now that our wallets are weeping and our wishes are fleeting, we're sure there's a few SDCC exclusives out there that are re-selling for higher than we'd possibly imagine. If you see one, let us know in the comments. We want to know just how insane this re-selling market can get.

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