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Capcom taking requests for upcoming PSN re-release

Capcom wants you to tell it which PS1 classic it should release on PlayStation Network, and the company is now taking requests via its Japanese Capcom_retro twitter feed. The title with the most requests will see a release on PSN in Japan - if we're lucky, Capcom will be generous enough to release the same game in the West as well.

To make your request, tell Capcom what you want using the hash tag #cpga2011 in a tweet. Mega Man titles seem to be popular at the moment. Just remember that the Blue Bomber goes by the name Rockman (ロックマン) in Japan, and the Mega Man Legends series is the Rockman DASH (ロックマンDASH) series, if you feel inclined to request some 3D Mega Man.

Jan 5, 2010