Can you unlock the Mines of Moria?

Is LotRO's first full expansion Mines of Moria causing your +5 girdle of endurance to burst in anticipation? Then take websiteUnlocktheminesofmoria.comin a passionate embrace.

The site, billed as an "innovative new social gaming web site," has now fully launched and things kick off with the first of a number of planned minigames called King Under the Mountain, a strategy effort in which you can play against other fans. All mini-games are inspired by Tolkien's works.

On top of that, Turbine and Codemasters promise the site will feature up-to-date info on the Mines of Moria expansion and hidden content that can be unlocked if you can really be arsed.

"The Unlock the Mines of Moria campaign is part of an innovative launch strategy that offers players an interactive social gaming destination where they can individually and collectively delve into the first major expansion to The Lord of the Rings Online," said Jim Crowley, president and CEO of Turbine, Inc.

"Whether you are new to the world of Middle-earth or a long time member of our community, we invite everyone to explore and share the wonders of Moria."

The Mines of Moria expansion is slated for release this autumn and introduces new classes, raises the level cap and the ability to forge customisable weapons that increase in power as you level up. We're keen to see how Turbine goes about recreating this classic location in its MMO.

Courtesy of CVG.

Apr 7, 2008