Can all TV adverts be like this, please? Burger chain makes awesome OutRun homage in commercial

Ready for a dull advertisement pitch? Right, get this: Two guys decide it's time to go and buy milkshakes from their local drive-through. They drive there... and get served milkshakes! *Tumbleweed* That's it. No, really, that's the plot. Not likely to win any awards, is it? Ah, but there's a twist - the whole thing is drawn in the style of 1986 coin-op classic OutRun. And that's where it gets a bit special. Observe:

The synthesised MIDI soundtrack is an aural feast, the pixel art is big and chunky and even the perspective of the road outside the 2D diner is brilliantly unrealistic. Then there's the course map, the music select screen... even the wink from the blonde waitress is a perfect nod to '80s arcade idealism.

Above: Here's the advert on the left, echoing OutRun's famous music select screen

Above: Sure, it's at night and they're skipping stages, but still - wonderfully observed

We don't even have Sonic Burgers in the UK, but now I wish we did. Now that's great advertising.

Source: Kotaku (opens in new tab)

Justin Towell

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