Cameron finally landing on Forbidden Planet?

James Cameron may be close to achieving his long-held dream of directing Forbidden Planet.

Cameron has been chasing the idea of directing a new take on the film since around the time of Titanic (so that’s 10 years, in case you were wondering), and now IESB reports that he is seriously considering Changeling scribe J Michael Straczynski’s new script.

Of course, even if he does nab the film, we’ll have to wait for it – he’s busy with Avatar and also has Battle Angel Alita in development.

Story details

Even more frustratingly, it sounds like Straczynski’s cooked up a cracking idea for the new movie.

Latino Review brings word that the writer has a plan for not one, but three movies, with the first being a prequel telling the story of the Bellerophon, the first ship to arrive on Altair 4.

The plot would weave extra elements into the current film’s story, adding more detail to the mysterious alien beings, the Krell. The follow-up would continue that tale, with the third re-telling the original film’s story, which finds the United Planets Cruiser C-57D arriving on Altair 4 to discover the fate of the Bellerophon’s mission.

Given Straczynski’s talent for epic storytelling – combined with the possibility that the man who made Aliens might take on his tale – we’re suddenly very, very excited for the film…

[Sources: IESB / Latino Review ]