Call of Duty Wii shots

Wednesday 12 July 2006
Following our Call of Duty 3 first-look from yesterday, we've managed to get hold of some screenshots of the Wii version of Activision's World War II shooter.

Treyarch will be tailoring the latest in the Call of Duty series to make use of Wii's motion sensing controller, but when we spoke to an Activision representative last week he wasn't too clear of just how.

Looking at the screens, however (see the images tab for more), is seems as though the remote will be used to shoot, as in Ubisoft's Red Steel, and like a steering wheel when in control of the vehicles. It's also likely to play a role in the Battle Action sequences - scripted bits of action such as hand-to-hand fighting with an enemy or trying to prise open a tank door.

Above: Check out the depth of field when using the rifle's scope