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Call of Duty: Roads to Victory

As far as first-person shooters go, PSP owners have been left in the cold as of late. But all is not lost; Activision and Amaze Entertainment are bringing up the rear with an exclusive installment of its uber-reputable Call of Duty series, Roads to Victory, to make you recall a time when supporting the war effort was the bee’s knees.

So why have developers been shying away from portable first-person shooters while happily cranking them out on consoles at a rate of nearly two per day? The controls, silly. So far, Call of Duty: RTV has pulled off an adequate control scheme simply by substituting the missing analog stick for the symbol buttons on the PSP’s right side (Quit bitching - it worked years ago in GoldenEye ) used in conjunction with the analog nub and the R button to fire. It takes some getting used to, sure, but give it a little time and you’ll be capping krauts with the best of ‘em.