Call of Duty: Modern Warfare trailer reveals takedowns, terrorism, and the return of Captain Price

The reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is here, complete with an October 25 release date. Give it a look below, then get ready to go dark in this franchise reboot from Infinity Ward and Activision.

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"The rules have changed," says the familiar voice of Captain Price. "There's a fine line between right and wrong." What follows is a textbook takedown by Price and his Bravo 6 team on "execute authority." The visual fidelity looks fantastic, considering this is all in-game footage, and we get a glimpse at what look like some key story scenes from the campaign. Be warned, as there's a particular harrowing bit featuring a terrorist blasting shots into the windshield of a presumably occupied car. 

Returning to the Modern Warfare franchise that catapulted the Call of Duty series into a new echelon of success looks like a promising move. Between Black Ops 4 and WW2, we've gotten our fill of the future and past battlefields for now, so it'll be interesting to return to present day. You can expect plenty of desert warfare, urban combat, and devastating airstrikes like the ones briefly shown in the trailer. Who knows - we might even get a redone version of the nuke-dropping scene from the original Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

We've gotten the chance to play three levels from the single-player campaign. Be sure to check that footage out below once your pulse has settled down from all the night vision running and gunning in the trailer.

Watch our 20 minute breakdown of three single player levels from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare below:

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