Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's Zombies mode is an '80s trip with David Hasselhoff and Pee-Wee Herman

Call of Duty's Zombies mode has always been the place where the series has stretched out its legs and gotten more than a bit weird. Infinite Warfare looks like it's going to be no exception, and this time, the series is taking a trip to the neon-drenched 1980s for some undead-slaying fun with Zombies in Spaceland. 

You'll play as four '80s movie tropes, voiced by Seth Green (Robot Chicken), Ike Barinholtz (Suicide Squad), Jay Pharoah (Saturday Night Live), and Sasheer Zamata (Inside Amy Schumer), who find themselves transported into a schlocky B-horror flick directed by Willard Wyler (played by Paul Reubens - aka Pee-Wee Herman). Along the way, they'll mow down legions of breakdancing corpses and seek out the help of a DJ played and portrayed by the Knight Rider himself, David Hasselhoff - all set to a soundtrack full of classic 80s tunes.

Following up Jeff Goldblum's inspired performance in Black Ops 3's zombies mode seems like a tall order, but Zombies in Spaceland is hoping to push the bounds of silliness even further. Look for it when Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 4. 

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David Roberts
David Roberts lives in Everett, WA with his wife and two kids. He once had to sell his full copy of EarthBound (complete with box and guide) to some dude in Austria for rent money. And no, he doesn't have an amiibo 'problem', thank you very much.