Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies got its very own invisibility glitch

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War newcomer Maxis was causing issues in multiplayer and Zombies mode, but the issue has now been resolved.

Yesterday on March 4, a new bundle was added to Black Ops Cold War's in-game store, featuring new Operator Maxis. However, once players had purchased this new bundle to play as the new arrival, it turned out the Operator was the subject of several issues in multiplayer and Zombies, where they were apparently invisible to other players.

Later on, developer Treyarch clarified the issue. It turns out that the Maxis outfit was actually appearing as a different Operator, Adler, in Black Ops Cold War's multiplayer mode. However in the game's Zombies mode, they were entirely invisible to other players, so no one could see the player while they were using the Maxis outfit as their chosen Operator.

This is hardly the first time something has turned invisible in a recent Call of Duty game. Earlier this year, Raven Software had to remove the Armored Royale game mode from Warzone, due to players repeatedly turning invisible. Even before that though, the battle royale game has been plagued with issues where players would turn invisible, and sneak up on other for a pretty unfair kill.

It would appear that the issue surrounding Maxis has been resolved, however. As you can see below, a tweet from Treyarch earlier today on March 5 confirmed that all issues surrounding Maxis have now been resolved, so anyone who owns Maxis as an Operator can finally play as her unhindered.

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The Maxis bundle is currently available in the Black Ops Cold War store for a grand total of 2,400 COD Points. If you're unfamiliar with the newcomer, she's a character in the game's Zombies mode, who was first introduced last month in February with the new Firebase Z Zombies map. Now though, the character has made the jump to the multiplayer mode, and you can play as her online if you shell out for the bundle.

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