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Call of Duty: Black Ops - 8 simple reasons you suck at multiplayer

Reason #2 %26ndash; You use assault rifles for everything

What would you think about a man who owned a grocery store and yet only ever ate dry rice? Sure, it keeps him sustained, but damn if it's uninteresting. So why, when you have the option to use dozens of different type of weapons, would you choose to use a bland assault rifle for every possible circumstance? What good will it do to have you guarding a point in an objective-based game with a gun that needs four bullets to bring down a target. Odds are you'll be dead before you can count that high.

How to fix it: Think critically about what you're going to be doing and experiment with new things depending upon the situation. If you're going to be defending something, you'll probably be better off with a shotgun at short range. Or maybe a sniper rifle if you've got time to set up a perch somewhere far off. If there's lot of thin cover nearby, pick up an LMG. If it's mostly tight corridors, come packing an Uzi. You'll win far more often when you're dressed for the occasion.

Worst in: Domination, Headquarters

Above: It’s okay if Lady Gaga is fixated on long assault rifle barrels. But you are no Lady Gaga

Reason #1 %26ndash; You mindlessly assault Point B

It's almost sickening to see how many people throw their lives away trying to take or retake point B in Domination. It's in the middle of the level for a reason, folks. It's supposed to be really tough to take. Points A and C are far easier to assault on most levels, yet you continue to throw yourselves at B as though it did something special.

How to fix it: Each position gives the same amount of points. Spread the love. If the enemy is focused on B, use one of the many back roads to sneak around and take A or C. Your team will get more points, and you're far more likely to be able to take the middle point once the enemy has retreated to try to regain what you just took.

Worst in: Domination

Above: See how everything is blowing up and tons of people are shooting at you? Go someplace else for a little while. Is that so hard?

Jan 7, 2011

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