8 tips to help you dominate in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer

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So, you've finally jumped into the deep end of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare: multiplayer. If you're reading this article, you probably aren't pulling the best kill-to-death ratio. But, never fear. We can fix that. The competitive multiplayer has evolved quite a bit in Advanced Warfare. The increased player movement definitely affects the strategies you might have developed from the previous games. But there's always hope. You just need the right training and practice to dominate online.

I've put together a few tips to get you started: teachings that will hone your skills to a razor sharp edge and set you on the path to glory. Just follow my suggestions, and you'll start racking up the kills, capping the points, and making everyone else cry. Let's do this.

You gotta go fast

Ok, this doesn't mean that you should go full boost at all times, but the added speed does allow you to be a bit more tricky in a gunfight and score lots of points for your team. Using a super slide (crouch while sprinting) with a double jump will allow you to fly longer distances--perfect for surprise attacks. If you use combinations for power sliding, double jumping, and air boosting, you can cover an entire map in a matter of seconds.

Speed can get you on the scoreboard fast by getting you the first kills in the match, precious extra seconds to capture a point, or possession of the satellite in the Uplink mode. All you need to do is practice your boosting. If you have a long distance to travel, alternate between super slides and single-jump-forward dashes. Being quick also helps keep you alive. After all, a fast-moving target is much tougher to hit.

Always have an escape route

Having an exo suit also allows you to increase your survivability if you make proper use of your robotic enhancements. The extra speed from boosting can get you out of the line of fire incredibly fast. But if you just dash into a wide open area, you're still pretty screwed. That's why you need an escape plan.

Stick close to areas and objects that will allow you to get away from an aggressor. Dashing behind a wall or other solid object while under fire will give you enough time to heal up, reload, and come back out guns blazing. You can also equip an Exo Shield to block an incoming bullet barrage, or increase your health with an Exo Stim for the more tense moments. Surviving is the key to getting higher MP scores and winning matches. Getting more kills without dying means even more kills coming in from the Scorestreaks you earn. Back away, escape, and stay alive.

Exo abilities are your friends

If you have an exo ability taking up a space in your Pick 13 loadout, you sure as hell better use it. And I mean often. Exo abilities only refresh when you bite the bullet, so if you had an Exo Stim equipped and died without using it, that's a firefight you could have won with the extra health.

Exos are temporary boosts, so it's only natural to want to hold on to them. But more likely than not, if you're saving it for that perfect moment, you'll get killed beforehand. Abilities like Exo Stim, Hover, and Ping can be incredibly valuable in helping you survive firefights, throw off other players, and get the jump on opponents. Trust your instincts and just activate those exos.

Optimize your class for whatever mode you're playing

Just like the Boy Scouts say: Always be prepared. The same goes for futuristic military shooters. You want to be the best equipped for whatever game mode you're about to get dropped into. Take Uplink for example: You're basically playing basketball with guns, meaning you're going to want all of the perks, weapons, and Exo abilities that make you as fast and as resilient as possible.

Everyone has different play styles when it comes to the various multiplayer modes. Some like to play defensively, others are all out aggression. Find out what works for you and spend some time customizing a loadout for each mode you play. If you're prepared, you'll have a better chance at coming out on top.

Beef up your Scorestreaks

Scorestreak modules are a new addition to the Call of Duty series, and making use of them is nothing but beneficial. Many of the modules enable your Scorestreak to become a more efficient killing, spotting, scrambling machine (depending on what you choose). Some, like the Sentry option for turrets, lets you set it and forget it, allowing the Remote Turret to shoot down aggressors without your input--freeing you up to pursue your own objectives.

One of my favorite killstreak options is to put some modules on the Orbital Care Package scorestreak. The Support module keeps the score count from resetting every time you die, and the Better Odds option gives you much more devastating random killstreaks. It may take a little longer to earn the bonus, but when you do, you could be getting a Goliath or Paladin in the package. Having one of those high-level Scorestreaks per match could mean all the difference. Experiment with the modules, and choose what works best for you.

Stand still on occasion

This may seem a bit contradictory to my first few points, but standing still for a few seconds can do wonders for getting you back in the game. Say you have a nasty deathstreak going, if you try too hard chasing kills, you're likely to make mistakes and keep that streak building. Take a chill pill for a few seconds and see what happens.

Chances are as you're catching your breath, someone is going to be giving the ol' Exo boosters a test drive and land right near you wearing a "shoot me" sign around their neck. You won't be on the radar (you're standing still) and they won't know you're there. Take a few easy kills and get back on the wagon. Doing well is all about momentum, and sometimes you just need a restart.

Pinpoint enemy locations before charging in

Knowing where your enemies are makes scoring kills sooooo much easier. UAV with the Threat Detection module active works wonders as it highlights enemies through walls, in red. Easy pickings. When you're first starting out in multiplayer, I recommend having the UAV equipped and activating it early and often.

As you get more familiar with the map layouts and choke points, you might be able to get away with carrying a threat grenade to scout out rooms and capture areas before poking your head in. On capture objectives, highlighting the enemy is incredibly useful. Not only can you see where the bad guys are, so can the rest of your team. You're not just helping yourself, you're helping others. Which brings me to my next point...

Be a team player

Running out and being a lone wolf is a tough urge to fight while playing a Call of Duty match. Unless you're playing with a clan, teamwork is generally nonexistent. But just because everyone else around you isn't offering a helping hand doesn't mean that you can't. A team that works together, wins together. And no, that's not just a cheesy line, it's actually true.

If you see a teammate picking up a supply drop, cover his ass. Notice a buddy trying to cap a point alone? Follow and help out. Don't camp for a higher K/D when everyone else is trying to win objectives. Shoot down enemy Scorestreaks instead of going for kills. Taking a victory, claiming flags, and keeping away from the K/D focus will often earn you a ton of points. And you don't even have to be the fastest gun in the match.

Knowing is half the battle

And now the master becomes the student. If you have any Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer tips for the masses, feel free to impart your knowledge in the comments below. I know you have some tricks up your sleeves.

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