Cable teams up with his younger self as Fabian Nicieza returns to the character

Cable #1
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One of Cable's defining creators returns to the character he helped popularize this January as writer Fabian Nicieza brings Nathan Summers into the battle to save Krakoa with a newly relaunched solo title.

Nicieza was one of the writers who first defined Cable's personality and mission as the longtime writer of X-Force, which originally centered on Cable leading a paramilitary mutant strike force against threats the core X-Men wouldn't or couldn't handle. 

Though Cable was created by Louise Simonson and Rob Liefeld, Nicieza is almost as synonymous with the hero thanks to his work on X-Force, at first alongside Liefeld himself and then years later on the cult favorite Cable/Deadpool ongoing title, which combined make him the writer to have written the most comics starring Cable.

Now, Nicieza is back on Cable alongside artist Scot Eaton for a new four-issue limited series that pits him against a new threat known as the Neocracy that will team the adult Cable up with his time-displaced teen counterpart.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

"THE FUTURE MUST NOT COME TO PASS! All the signs are here: The Neocracy is coming – and with it comes not only the end of mutantkind, but all of humankind as well!" reads Marvel's official announcement. "As if rescuing Young Nate from the ongoing threat of Orchis weren't enough, can Cable root out this growing threat and decimate it before the Neocracy has a chance to take hold. But is he already too late to change the future?"

Young Cable originally came to the present day when his adult self was killed in action - kind of normal, everyday stuff for a guy who is a cyborg son of a clone from the future.

"It's always fun to write Cable and challenge him with a big physical and emotional conflict," Nicieza says in a statement included with the announcement. "In order to stop the Neocracy before it becomes a revolution of evolution, Cable needs the help (and annoyance) of Young Cable! Indeed, hijinks ensue and Chiclet guns will be fired!"

Cable #1 goes on sale January 17 with a cover by Whilce Portacio, seen above.

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