Buzz Uncut: Cary Guffey

So when did you get to meet Spielberg?
There was another child they were looking at for the part so they had to compare me with the other kid, and Spielberg eventually made that decision because he felt there was chemistry between the two of us. We became fast friends. Part of how he as able to get me to respond was just how his interacted with me. It wasn’t just I turned up on set when he turned up on set, we spent some time together riding a motorcycle and doing kids stuff, so when he asked me to perform for him he was able to get the things that you see in the movie out of a four year old.

How did he coax that performance out of you on set?
The scene where I come around I find the kitchen has been raided and all the contents have been spilt on the floor, when I walked around the corner, Steven Spielberg was up on a ladder and next to him ws a gorilla with his arm around my buddy, Steven. So the look on my face is ‘What’s up with the monkey?’. And as it continued to go the monkey pulled his mask off and it was one of the guys who did my make up, so I knew this guy as well, and then you can see my smile on screen as I’m like ‘Oh, they’ve pulled a trick on me!’

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